Sunday, January 31, 2010



Basic Block Meeting
Brazil, South Africa, China and India – the emerging economies- decided on 30th January to inform the UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), the steps taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A unanimous decision was also taken on contacting the G-77 countries. This was the second ministerial level meeting, this time held in New Delhi. It is gratifying to note the sincere and tireless efforts put in by these nations after the Copenhagen Accord of last month. Hope better sense would prevail among the developed countries like US and other European nations. In the Copenhagen meeting in spite of repeated appeals by the developed countries, US refused to toe the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 held in Tokyo, Japan. It is quite unfortunate and deplorable that worst emitter of Greenhouse gas emissions still compel the developing nations who are far behind the culprit, ie; USA in the matter of global warming to adopt legally-binding measures. Pity on USA’s double-speak.

The Visit of South Korean Head
The South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak visited India on 24/1/2010 to extend strategic and bilateral ties with India. Business and strategic ties signed and it is worthwhile to note here South Korea, a fast developing East Asian country is the third largest investor in India. At a moment when South-East Asian nations on a high growth trajectory, Lee Myung-bak’s visit assumes added significance. Both countries signed a number of treaties thus paving the way for a far wider and brighter relationship further.

Retention of Bernanke and Obama’s Capitol Hill Address

After hectic campaign by US President Barack Obama- he held a one to one meeting with the senators, Ben Bernanke - the Federal Reserve Chairman, who was feared to be on his way out after his first term got a second lease of life as Federal Reserve Chairman. He was widely condemned for the mass employment plaguing the nation. Now Bernanke can sit pretty for another four years.
In his State of the Union Address at Capitol Hill, an agitated and assertive Obama has announced his plans of slashing tax breaks to those firms which move jobs abroad. Simultaneously encouraging the firms which do business within the boundaries with tax breaks. His marathon speech lasted 69 minutes and is determined to make America No.1 and give no scope for another country to overtake. A true patriot. Let his dream remain not a pipe dream. All the best Obamaji.

Sri Lanka Elections – Mahinda at the Helm again

Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lankan President who got locked in a Presidential contest against his one time Defence Head (Retired) Lieutnant General Sarath Foneska, has emerged victorious with a thumping margin of 17.73 percent. In the aftermath of his widely acclaimed fight against LTTE finally leading to their near decimation he had advanced the polls by two years. His gamble paid off.

The Plight of Haitians Continues
Haitians who were devastated by an earthquake are still undergoing enormous hardships. Hunger, lack of shelter, disease are rampant even now despite help rushed to the country by nations across the globe and NGOs. Imagine the plight of a hapless nation got reduced into a heap of rubble. Hope nations as well as NGOs would step-up efforts to mitigate the suffering of hapless millions.

Meeting on Afghanistan In London

Hamid Karzai, Afghan President who is incidentally in London to attend an international meeting on the developments in his country begun on 28/01/2010 has extended an olive branch to Taliban militants for cordial talks across the table. Taliban militants are yet to respond. The result of the London meeting is being watched by nations around the world.

40TH World Economic Forum Meeting at Davos
World Economic Forum attended by 30 Presidents and Prime Ministers and 2500 industrialists and businessmen around the world commenced on 27/01/2010. This is the 40th meeting. It assumes significance in the backdrop of global meltdown, massive unemployment in USA, heated debate on regulation of banks and other financial institutions amidst raging controversy still going on among the members on following market economy. The debate over the downsizing of banking institutions also gains momentum. Await.


PMO has apologized to the nation for the inadvertent display of a photograph of Pakistan Air Force Chief along with the photographs of Indian dignitaries on National Girl Child Day.

M.K.Narayanan has assumed charge as West Bengal Governor. The former National Security Adviser, who was reportedly not in good terms with Home Minister P.Chidambaram is replaced by former Foreign Secretary Sivsankar Menon.

The Hindu’s Rural Affairs Editor, P.Sainath’s article-Farm Suicides -12 year saga is a must reading by all Indians. It reflects the perennial problems, helplessness, poverty and mounting debts of our farmers which lead them to the path of suicide. Mind numbing and outrageous- those in the corridors of power have no time to alleviate the problems of 60-70 percent farmers, who are the food providers of our country. Modern Neros- to put it mildly.

Padma awards declared as usual, deserving and not deserving included, that also as usual. The conferment of Padmabushan to controversial NewYork based hotelier Sang Singh Chatwal has stirred a hornest nest and the anger and protest likely to gain momentum with the moving of RTI applications by noted journalists Vir Sanghvi and Pritish Nandy.

Diamond Jubilee celebrations of our Election commission conducted. Speaking on the occasion President Pratibha Patil stressed the need for more independent conduct of elections and Congress President Sonia Gandhi dwelt upon excluding the corrupt and criminal elements from contesting polls. It is time for all parties to engage in a soul-searching exercise and try their maximum to make election process more transparent and popular.

India’s 60th Republic Day was celebrated with much fanfare around the country. On the eve of the Republic Day, President in her customary address to the nation reminded all about the terror threat from across the border and also mounting terror threats across our nation by inside elements, the need for infrastructure development and a second Green Revolution for the augmentation of food and essential communities. At a moment when mounting food inflation stares in our face like an ugly, frightening creature, President’s call has a special significance.

Defence Minister A.K.Antony’s determination to Court martial Military Secretary Lieutnant General Avadesh Prakash was ordered by Army Chief Deepak Kapoor. Lt. Gen Avadesh Prakash is reportedly involved in the now infamous Sukhna Land Scam. Antony’s integrity and his intolerance to corruption and nepotism have never been questioned. Here also his writ has prevailed.


In spite of Karunakaran’s repeated demands to KPCC (Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee) and Congress High Command, his son K.Muraleedharan still finds himself in the political wilderness after a high level KPCC meeting convened by Pradesh Congress Committee President Ramesh Chennithala resolved by an overwhelming majority to delay Muraleedharan’s admission to congress. Muraleedharan with unlimited patience is willing to wait. Nice of him.

Munnar encroachments have once more come to the fore. Chief Minister V.S.Achuthanandan is determined to evict all the encroachers. Reportedly the greatest encroacher Tata Group which allegedly keep 17439 acres of land are the prime target. The other day a sub-committtee of ministers visited Munnar and subsequently LDF convened a meeting and decided to evict the encroachers.


RBI’s (Reserve Bank of India) monetary policy has been announced. This time the Central Bank has decided to hike the CRR by 75 basis points, thus raising the CRR to 5.75. It is estimated to absorb an excess liquidity of Rs36000/ crore from the banking system. Its prominent aim being reining in mounting inflation. The Repo and Reverse Repo rate remain the same for the time being. Credit interest rates are unlikely to escalate in the immediate future, a welcome relief to borrowers. Bank rate remains 6%. At present food inflation remains the main concern of the Central Bank.


Serena Williams of USA has lifted Aussie crown by defeating Justin Henin. Her 12th Grand Slam and moving ahead with confidence. She accepted the crown from none other than legendary Billie-Jean-King.

The legendary Swiss Roger Federer in a never say die battle against a determined and formidable Andy Murray of England has lifted his historic 16th Grand Slam title.


Howard Zinn, the Boston University Professor of History, well-known around the world for his widely acclaimed book- The Peoples’s History of America- is no more.


J.D.Salinger, known for his epoch-making novel – The Catcher and the Rye – is dead. With this single novel he could amass millions of dollars and instant popularity among readers world-wide which embarrassed him withdrew into his privacy and led a cocooned existence.

Scottish writer, World famous detective novelist, Ian Rankin is in India. There was an elaborate interview by Prakash Karat, CPI(M) General Secretary with him- who is an avid favourite of Ian Rankin- with the Edinburg based writer. Sadly I am not at all a fan of detective writers and hence not in a position to talk or write about them. Bear with me Ian Rankin and Com.Karat.


Full moon of 2010 raised my spirits as also millions of others. A rare celestial spectacle.

Joke of the Year : BJP President Nitin Gadkari has compared Narendra Modi to Mahatma Gandhi, as per media reports.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Barack Obama completed one year as President on 20 January 2010. The day on which he completed his one year term should have been an occasion for celebration. But the day stored for him a shock in the form of an unexpected defeat of the Democratic party candidate Martha Clokley in the Senate election for Massachussets State which was held by veteran democrat Edward Kennedy for 50 years.

Obama’s dream on the Health Care Insurance bill is now in a limbo, so to say due to lack of majority in the US Senate. His party was one seat short for majority in the Senate. But the victory of Scot Brown, the Republican candidate has delayed his dream of passing the bill at the earliest.

Obama had started facing the heat after the initial euphoria subsided soon after his ascendancy in the White House.

He occupied the Oval office at a difficult time in the history of America. His Predecessor had done all could do to destabilize the economy during his eight year tenure by leaving the economy to the whims and fancies of market forces. Wielding absolute power in his hands- the President of USA is supposed to be the most powerful Head of State in the world – whatever harm he could do internally was replicated externally by declaring wars, in Iraq on the false accusations of keeping Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and in Afghanistan to capture the Al-Quaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri dead or alive. Wreacking total destruction of life and property (most of the victims were innocent civilians) but Osama Bin Laden and his Deputy still remain elusive. His successor with a vow to flush out the Al-Quaeda leaders continues the war with renewed vigour simultaneously hoping for an exit before 2011, still the situation in Afghanistan is fast deteriorating.

On 28th January, a meeting to discuss Afghanistan involving major and minor players is scheduled to be held in London.

We were speaking about Obama’s completion of one year in office. On analyzing the defeat in the Senate election, we can very well come to the conclusion that it was the aftermath of growing discontent among the public due to massive unemployment, economic recession and industrial bail-outs on a large scale. The most powerful man of America finds himself powerless ruler. His hope and dream of lifting the fledgelling economy from the deep pitch remain unfulfilled. His ambitious programmes to save the economic situation are being undermined by his powerful opponent, the Grand Old Party of America, who still remain the apostles of market economy with the government remaining mute spectator. A powerful regulatory mechanism still remains a pipe-dream. Any how Obama shows indomitable spirit and determination to assert himself by imposing financial taxes to regain the stimulus already extended to the banks. He is, as per the reports emanating from USA girding up his loins for a fight against the opponents to rescue the tax-payer from whom a stimulus was provided to the financial institutions. How far he is going to succeed in this mission remains to be seen.

Winner of Nobel Prize who during his globe-trotting outshined and fascinated all world leaders and audiences by his powerful oratory skill and frequent appeals for peace and tranquility, however, while accepting the Nobel Prize for peace had to justify his war in Afghanistan with a controversial statement “peace through war”, ie. to bring peace across the Globe sometimes we have to fight wars.

The implementation of US $789 billion bail-out to rescue the failed financial institutions remains insufficient and another bail-out not on the anvil due to staunch opposition from his opponents and his own economic pundits, the unemployment situation is bound to aggravate. Barack Obama on completion of his one year term is really in trouble. Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor who incidentally is now in the garb of a political commentator for the Fox news also (praise the lord) might be nursing a broad smile. As long as she is on the other side to contest against Obama in 2012 he can also keep a wider smile. Ambitions like music knows no boundaries- both keep on smiling.
Robert Gates in India.
American Defence Secretary, Robert Gates visit knowingly or unknowingly coincided with the visit of Malaysian Head Najib-Bin-Abdul Razaak, for a five day visit to India. At a time when South East countries are slowly, gradually distancing themselves from USA, still claiming to be the one and only Super Power, Najib-Bin-Abdul Razaak’s visit to India has great significance. Mr.Razaak is a strong advocate of a multi-polar world. Close on the heels of the visit of Yukio Hatoyama, the Prime Minister of Japan visiting India one month ago who is also thinking on these lines, Razaak’s visit has an added significance.
At a moment like this USA’s new found love for India
has to be very much appreciated. Mr.Gates had the courtesy of warning about threat from across the border and 26/11 model Mumbai carnage likely to occur anywhere in India and in a whispering tone, the growing and ‘dangerous’ influence of China was conveyed along with the promise of extending help in difficult times was really ‘heartening’. India’s role in the infrastructure development of Afghanistan and providing training to the Afghan police were also profusely appreciated. Incidentally India is an invitee to the meeting on Afghanistan to be held in London on 28th January 2010. Read between the lines…

Friday, January 15, 2010


The world is weeping.
Haiti is weeping.
Curses come crumbling down on poor hapless, helpless Haitians as if in a Greek tragedy.
A ruthless dictatorship, incessant political turmoil, frequent natural disasters, and now a violent convulsion in the dead of night.
An impoverished, poverty-stricken, hunger-driven lot caught trapped under the bursting edifices.
Were they sleeping?
Could they sleep with their empty stomachs,
like burning furnaces or staring at the ceiling, fearing another calamity in which form was about to befall on them.
Or were they shaking violently in their disturbing sleeps with nightmares approaching them one after another menacingly. Why this poorest of the Jamaican nations left hapless with rulers, nature and all other supernatural powers casting angry faces on them.
What sins they committed?
Haiti is weeping like a baby left alone in an unknown land by its mother, leaving it to the mercy of none.

Dogs hunting dead bodies, robbers greedily stealing away whatever valuable is left, victims with broken limbs, blood-stained faces crying for help from the piled-up rubble.
Mothers frantically, beating their chests with sobs,
searching their children caught under the debris.
Brothers seeking their kith and kin.
Lovers in search of their beloved ones.
All end up in despair.
Their hunger for love, compassion still insatiable, yes it is touching, mind-numbing and simultaneously heart-warming, their passion for life like a resurrection. World is weeping, putting aside enmities, sorrows and dangers, Each nation rushes with food, blankets, life-saving drugs, funds and rescue teams to lift the last one left amidst the heap, breathing new life into them with the balm of love and kindness.
Yes, Man is great. Always he is great like an oasis in a desert.

He cares for his fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and innocent children reminding us of red rose petals.

Let the tree of love, care and passion bloom across the world.
And let silver lining of hope, which in course of time left us, turn up again in this moment of tragedy,god permits, for ever.

Monday, January 11, 2010


World Communist Movement, of late, shows signs of revival across the world after its decline began from the 70’s and near total collapse after the disintegration of Soviet Union, followed by other European Communist countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary. Marxism as claimed by certain modern day intellectuals as well as politicians elsewhere is not an outdated ideology. It has a humane compassionate approach to the suffering millions- the have-nots- in Marxian parlance. Then why it had begun to come down in the world political horizon is a mute question. As an eyewitness to the decline and fall of Marxism I think it is not the fault of Marxist ideology, but the schisms in the power hierarchy in the communist governments, iron-fist of the ruling class with the ample support provided by ruthless military frameworks bureaucratic stranglehold and corruption, in short a parallel government or to be more precise, government within a government. The downtrodden felt it unendurable due to the inhuman approach of the ruling elite who after coming to grip with total control of the nation shed their humane approach, which is the basic tenet of Marxist ideology. There is a patience to human tolerance and when a spark of protest gradually evolves into wild-fire, the rebels as well as the next generation rulers begin to think different and they aspire for more individual freedom, freedom of speech and with Gorbachev coming to power in Soviet Union, Glassnost and Peristroika launched by him became hot subjects of discussion and it was quite natural that a new era dawned on the world political horizon. With it came the disintegration of the Soviet Empire, the conglomeration of various States opted for their freedom and achieved it. To blame the Marxist philosophy for this state of affairs simply put is utter nonsense and similarly to find fault with it terming it as an outdated ideology by certain quarters is also not correct. But the total blame rests upon the erstwhile iron-fisted communist rulers. The biggest beneficiary was Capitalism after the near total collapse of socialist countries, the capitalists tried their level best to cash-in on it. Corporate greed, wealth accumulating in the hands of a few eventually affecting the suffering humanity. They found themselves left in the lurch and as far as capitalist nations are concerned, they don’t care much for the latter, yes they care a bit only when the elections are round the corner throwing peanuts to the poor. And in a country like India it is quite easy for the ruling alliance to garner their votes promising to bring heaven to the earth during election times. Even these politicians stoop to the level of beggars requesting the valuable votes of the electorate even by prostrating before them.The poor have no other alternative as those who are supposed to fight for them, I mean the communist parties, since its inception in 1921-then there was only one and now it has got splintered into many incredible it may seem is in its nascent stage. Convening Polit-bureau occasionally and passing resolutions attacking the government for its wrong policies ranging from steep rise in prices of essential commodities making the lives of common man horrible, discrimination of women and children and to the lop-sided pro-imperialist policies won’t be of much consequence. Even the glamorous politician Amar Singhji the SP (Samajwadi Party) General Secretary who a few days before quit all his posts in the party while remaining a trusted friend of fat cats like Anil Ambani, Amitabh Bachan and such corporate honchos ( nothing wrong with befriending those glamorous ones) even while he is not well and is recuperating after a kidney transplantation, once in a while finds time to write for those at the bottom of the ladder and their predicaments by listing out the sky-high prices of various food items of common man. ( now rumour mills are working overtime about his impending entry to Nationalist Congress Party of Sharad Pawar, our Food&Agriculture Minister who is actually to be blamed for the shooting up of the prices of essential commodities.)

Anyhow a Communist party, either left or right has a basic human ideology unlike many other parties especially regional entities who aspire for power and pelf in the corridors of power and hence communist parties are bound to fight to the hilt for the liberation of have-nots from the clutches of profit driven powers.

Capitalism after its decline beginning with the global economic recession, starting in the most developed country, ie. USA in 2008 with the collapse of more than hundreds of financial institutions like sub-prime mortgage lender Lehman Brothers and banks, the shocking housing bubble burst which left a number of people homeless, and massive unemployment of millions, still the process goes on unabated and despite a beleaguered Barack Obama government after announcing a bail-out package of $789 billion as a stimulus to save the sagging economy has been mulling over announcing another stimulus package but without success due to opposition from Republicans who are still dreaming about a capitalist world. “The markets will correct itself”- the infamous economic ideology of the capitalists proved to be a damp squib. Even Allen Greenspan, Fed Reserve Chairman who was in the seat for 18 years without break of late has admitted to the failure of his policies, still some other quarters love to indulge in their make-believe world of capitalism.

The signs of a socialist revival are absolutely natural in the aftermath of the decline of capitalism. Most of the Latin American countries like Venezeula of Hugo Chavez, Bolivia of Evo Morales, Chile of Michelle Bachelet and a number of other Latin American countries had already chosen the path of socialism and to socialist parties of other countries they should serve as a catalyst in their pursuit for a socialist world. Media, intellectuals, authors on the whole a new generation are engaged in marathon discussions to re-invent the left which to them is the only option left in this morally and economically bankrupt world. Even in Kerala the southern tip of India, heated discussions about the relevance of Marxism are going on with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. An ideology based on integral humanism won’t fail ever. But it all depends upon the sincerity and integrity of those who guide it in its proper ways. The unfortunate truth is that, such leaders are a bare minimum in the political landscape.
The path chosen by Marx, Engels and Lenin is, if properly followed will certainly provide a world of equal opportunities to the entire humanity.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


George Bush Senior and his son George Walker Bush junior, both former USA Presidents, now leading a calm peaceful life in their home at Texas with family members are devout Christians. Despite their devotion to God and the “true” followers of Christianity which preached love of humanity, as the erstwhile rulers of America, both of them displayed an arrogant, hawkish attitude throughout their tenure as the supreme commanders of the State towards enemies especially Islamist nations. At the same time as the adherents of Christianity their official policies always involved an attitude of total opposition towards abortion, stem cell research and cloning, these according to their beliefs and convictions were sins. Incidentally I would like to mention Sarah Palin, who contested as Republican Vice-Presidential candidate of USA, a controversial figure, after the tenure of Bush Jr. and Vice-President Dickcheney - all Republicans - plunged into the election arena to fight against the Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden of Democratic Party. The lady exhibited all the hallmarks of a typical Republican and sad to say, a near illiterate of international affairs, she was nominated by George McCain, the Republican Presidential candidate to show in front of the world, the Republican Party’s care and attention towards the women politicians. Ms.Palin was then the Governor of Alaska married to an Eskimo and one who upholds conservative views on controversial matters like abortion, cloning and stem cell research, all anathema to Christianity and to her conservative Republican Party. And to show her attitude against abortion which is forbidden by God Almighty, one of her daughters who got impregnated, most probably by her boy friend- she was only seventeen then- didn’t go for abortion. All these which are against the preachings of Jesus Christ should not be practised as per the lady’s beliefs and convictions.

Jesus Christ as per my knowledge of that religion and for that matter all religions preach love of mankind, tolerance towards even the enemies, compassion, non-violence, peace, to be precise all virtues and spread those messages across the world. Almost all periodic festivals celebrated by different religions in different nations around the world point to a world devoid of all vices, discriminations and inequalities.

Even Barack Obama, the incumbent President of USA, and who has won 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace, an orator par excellence and that quality fetched him laurels - recall his awe inspiring speeches while on a whirl wind tour of USA for campaign for his candidacy, his historic speech at Cairo which was beamed alive across all nations of the world, another epoch making speech at France and a long list of promises to his country men and to those across the world to bring about peace and security, end of disputes among nations caught the Nobel Peace Prize committee spell bound- they must have felt “here is a celestian being or an incarnation of God Almighty” born in the form of a humanbeing to bring love, peace and fraternity among all, without second thoughts decided to crown him with Nobel crown. To the chagrin of Swedish King Carl Gustav and Nobel Peace Prize committee the gentle man giving no doubts to all present in the podium and all those watched him live in TVs around the world, coined a new term “just war” for peace would continue and all who were out to upset dictats of USA would be dealt with sternly.

Now to bring about durable peace in Afghanistan, he has decided for a surge of 30000 troops more to the existing more than 140000 American troops along with allied forces to flush out the Al-Quaeda – Taliban militants safely embedded in their safe-havens along the dangerous terrains of North West Frontiers. Now his ire is directed against Iran also, as they have not buckled under pressure. Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini and the President Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad are found to be difficult nuts to crack. No amount of sanctions by USA and its powerful friendly nations are going to make Iran toe their line. On the perennial dispute between Israel and Palestine dating back to more than six decades Obama had nurtured a firm belief in bringing about a durable solution but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the hard core Lieberman, the foreign minister were nowhere in a mood to oblige him. That dream also dashed to Smiththreens and now Obama keeps mum. With helplessness the Head of supreme power, even while getting aware of the grim truth that USA’s grip on other nations is slowly getting loosened. Now with the change of guard at Japan, with the victory of Yukio Hatoyama’s Party – The Democratic Party of Japan Mr.Hatoyama has slowly distancing from USA and is in a firm pursuit for a stronger East-Asian community.

While the situation is turning to be grim, both internally and externally, came the shocking news of the capture of Nigerian youth Abdullah Mutalabh aboard a Detroit bound airlines on X’mas Day, not by intelligence agencies but by the vigilant passengers and crew, while he was stealthily making preparations for a mid-air explosion. The news shocked Obama and he like his predecessor got angry and vowed to wipe out the last remnants of terrorism from the face of this earth and till then his fight would continue unabated. Whether the Nobel Peace Prize has become a burden to him like a crown of thorns…

In one of my blogs I have mentioned about wearing a mask to pull on in this merciless, heartless, imperfect world. And those who decided against wearing a mask and faced the world straight away always ended in pitiful conditions. The story repeats again and again. Mahatma Gandhi never liked to wear a mask and led a life of honesty, integrity, love and welfare of mankind, preached and practised non-violence even against an armed enemy with composure fell to an assassin’s bullets. He never aspired for power and glory. Today, masks-worn self-proclaimed followers of Gandhian ideals revel in glory, wealth and corruption and are in a mad rush for amassing more and more. Great men like Gandhiji did exist and still exist across the world but they are only a minority. Against the might of power, wealth, violence and greediness they fought and some still fighting but to no avail.

I remember here an amusing and to some an unpleasant, unbearable incidence. On a cordial visit to India George Walker Bush , then President of USA and his entourage flanked by security guards, as is customary for a foreign dignitary took time off to offer homage and tributes at Rajghat, the final resting place of Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi. As a first step in the right direction the ‘first chance’ to offer tributes to Bapuji was his sniffer dog who paid tributes “in abundance” and came satisfied. No harm. Whether Gandhi might have turned in his grave is anybody’s guess. After the ‘defilement ceremony’ was over, the ‘great man’ of USA and his followers offered tributes and came back satisfied and gratified. India’s cringing politicians before the white man also, were ecstatic. But the true followers of Bapuji were enraged but true to Gandhian principles kept mum. (Recall our PM Manmohan Singh singing paens while on his visit to USA to His Highness George W Bush- “The Indians love you dearly”). And now it is Obama’s turn. Await.

In the beginning I was writing about the many virtues of all religions which exist for love, compassion, non-violence, peace and selflessness towards mankind- be it Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and a whole lot. Each of them preach about a Universal power. Some call the power God for some others that power is Messiah and for some it is Allah – all denotes a single power.

Religions exist for the good of mankind. Despite the preachings of Gita, Bible and Quran- it is a painful and shocking sight to witness the quarrels, wars and terrorist activities. Human Depravity???