Thursday, April 30, 2015



Deep and durable
friendship is a thing of past
in the sense that nowadays
deep and durable friendship has
cleared the way for
superficial and hollow friendship.
I wonder how come
deep and durable friendship has
turned superficial and hollow relationship
has come into existence
in the global village
where even distance
has shrunk so as to develop friendships.
But except for a few,
intimate friendships
have evolved into
shells where each person and
his immediate nuclear family
feel convenient and comfort inside
the shell like a tortoise.
In this fertile soil
of global village a
man or woman is always
on the move since each of them has turned
mobile every now and then.
We are all like
workers in mobile factories
and today’s friendship 
has no longevity and
a deep-rooted
friendship is a thing of the past.
With the time running fast
in the place of a friendship
another one grows.
Mobility is the hallmark of time
since the development of
information technology and
knowledge revolution
corporates compete each other
and offer lucrative remunerations
and better career prospects
for attracting efficient,
dynamic and enterprising youths
be it in our country or abroad.
With the growth and development in the
IT world and knowledge revolution

a deep-rooted relationship is ephemeral….

Tuesday, April 28, 2015



H e was a farmer.
He was an Indian farmer. 
Once up on a time
farming was lucrative to him.
And he could reap rich dividends
from farming.
That was once upon a time.
With the time flying fast life,
farming to him was
a loss making profession
he couldn’t reap rich dividends
instead it turned
out to be pain in the neck for him
with the climate playing pranks on him
like a child playing mischief on his elders,
with the government
turning away its attention from the farmers
instead extending
help to the industrialists
and businessmen.
Drought due to the
sun getting furious
for a prolonged period
floods washing away crops
money-lenders turned
protectors charging
exorbitant interests
without any corresponding
increase  of income from farming
instead declining
irrigation, electricity and fertilizers
and such other infrastructure absent
farmers couldn’t repay
the interest to money-lenders
farmers had to sell their cattle
ultimately reaching abbotairs
for cheap rates  or for nothing
the money-lenders
grabbed the properties leaving the
farmer in the lurch
he was left with no choice except
seeking salvation
by hanging, consuming poison
or jumping in front of the trains
sacrificing  himself
at the altar of those who were
supposed to turn
their saviours upsetting
the apple-cart
these are harrowing
days for the poor ones
who were
forced to catch trains
to the Maximum City,
seeking any low level of jobs or begging
for whom a roof over
their heads were a dream
the Indian farmers who
were proud of their
profession once
crawling through
the streets of the city

with begging bowls…..

Monday, April 27, 2015



Sorry for the delay.
It was not deliberate.
Such things happen sometimes.
In a city
where the streets
are broken, pot-holed
and crater filled
where the vehicles
are mushrooming day by day
without corresponding
infrastructure development
where the road accidents
are order of the day
unusual to usual delays
are part of the game.
Until a complete overhaul
of infrastructure is done
we are bound to cope up
with all obstacles and obstructions
along the way
the rhythm of life
goes awfully wrong.
The speed with which
life flies ahead
anything could happen
anytime in this ‘brave new world’.
Despite all these hazards,
no one is confined to
his/her world of loneliness
instead everyone puts up
a brave face and speeds
ahead come what may…
but longs for a

world of all facilities….. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015



Like a lightning
striking a man/woman
blessing him/her
with instant salvation,
Like an earthquake
devastating a nation
without any warning
claiming thousands of lives
irrespective of rich or poor
and destroying properties
especially historic monuments,
like a gang of
terrorists in army uniforms
with deadly weapons in possession
killing innocent persons and destroying
properties by this hydra of
innumerable tentacles reaching every nook and cranny
are shot to death by the soldiers

uncertainty is the hallmark of our times.

Friday, April 24, 2015



Enroute to the city
it was the first time
he was meeting
her after their divorce.
Time went on
like snail’s pace 
without both of them
talking to each other
though they looked
asquint every now and then
suggesting their desire to talk to each other.
As always it was he
who broke the silence.
‘After we got separated
we are meeting the
first time.
Let’s share
our days in between’- curiosity overpowered him
she kept mum occasionally
smiling to the outside
world without answering.
‘What about you? –
she looked askance at him
without shedding the mocking smile.
‘I got married last year’-
he answered hanging his head.
he couldn’t face her
for a few minutes.
‘I remain unmarried
uptill now and don’t
want to have another
marital relationship not because
I loved you so much
but because I have to
look after our children’
-she cast that smiling
glance though with pain.
 He tried to recall the
faces of their children
the two pretty blooms
and remained silent for
a few minutes.
The feeling of guilt
was something he couldn’t bear.
Until they parted
bidding goodbye
they couldn’t talk to
each other and
stepping down the train
moved in opposite directions. 
Even in their life
together they were poles apart.
He was literally weeping  on recalling
the faces of their children
and earnestly yearned for seeing
them once in a while.
To his shock he couldn’t
ask her where she and
her children were
pulling their days together.
The lost opportunity was unlikely
to return again….
which would torment him

throughout his life…. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015



His grandpa
who is in the sunset of life
is a key for him
to open the door of
good, old, glorious days of life.
On listening to the gone days 
from his grandpa
which he is unaware of in that old world
his wonder knew no boundaries.
The verdant world around
the rivers which were full to the brim
which were crystal clear
showing the fish
pebbles slowly moving ahead with the flow
water snakes
and organisms aplenty,  
the colourful world of  
flowers  like lotus, rose,
jasmine, marigold etc etc
which could enthrall
and enchant everyone
he feels a sense of
loss to which there’s
no way to return.
The roads which were devoid of
pot-holes  and craters
both sides of which
were lined up with trees
providing shade to the passerby
he often wonders and
a sense of nostalgia overwhelms him
though he was  not
the product of those days which
his grandpa enjoys.
On spending
life in the current world,
the new generation knows not the
bygone days
who have no idea of such a world
and none to instill the knowledge
of such a glorious world
spend an entirely different life
which is no way related
to these days where
everyone is for himself/herself

where selfishness and greed rule the roost.   

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



There are days of mirth
when he is with us.
How deep is our delight
no one knows except
I and his father.
His presence wipes away
or banish the gloom and
sorrow enveloping us.
Each time he brings with
him a bundle of stories
to lift our sagging spirits.
With each day nearing us,
our happiness gradually
comes down an down.
On reading our sadness
he tries to make us
happy cracking jokes
by suppressing his sullen mood.
But no, we hide his jokes and
like him we too pretend
to enjoy his jokes and mischief.
And on the day of departure
to the faraway city we try
in vain to hold our moist eyes.
The only relief being
our expectations of his next arrival
on completion of each semester.
On reaching the house
three of us make merry and our home
drowns in the sea of pleasure.
Often we shudder running down our bodies
when we ponder about the fateful day
he flies down to a foreign university abroad
to continue his higher studies.
Even now we can’t 
imagine the emptiness filling  
our minds after he departs

to his institution abroad. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015



She doesn’t want freedom. 
Freedom to her is a
heavy burden and threat to her.
She is safe in this cage
where she is provided with all necessities
like food, water and everything.
She knows not what is fear
since her enemies like cats, dogs
and snakes can't approach her to the cage
to prey on her
specially built for her
and suspended from above.
In a world where freedom
is a threat to every living being
which is polluted with atmosphere
acute shortage of pure water
severe dearth of victims and trees to rest
effluents pumped into the rivers
from riverside chemical factories
killing innumerable organisms
and hundreds of thousands of deaths
of innocent beings in the wars
and millions of displaced refugees
she always feels like
spending her days in paradise
from where she is able to
watch the outside world.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015



If asked which is
the golden period in my life
I don’t have an
iota of reluctance
to tell anyone that
such a period is
rare in my life.
In the recesses of my mind
the level of bitter days
far outweighs the golden days.
Compared to my days
both sweeter and bitter
there are many a humanbeing
who has not tasted the nectar
of golden fruit of
comfort, serenity and harmony or
delight in one’s life.
Golden days
throughout one’s life
are something
absent either in a
rich man’s/woman’s life or
a man/woman at the lower
strata of society in equal measure.
Wherever there are hills,

there are valleys, no doubt.

Saturday, April 18, 2015



When I was told not to
be talkative or garrulous,
I followed his words.
When I was ordered to
go out and canvas as many
customers as possible
I couldn’t follow his
words but gave me
two to three days to
canvas customers.
I, like the order on
day one, couldn’t follow
his orders under the
summer sun, on days two
and three and I returned
A visibly angry
manager asked me to
get out and get lost.
I glanced at him with
pity followed by a broad smile
‘Thank you sir
you will be remembered
in the years to come
and if possible come out
from your revolving chair
and roam thru the
streets and canvas customers.
The replies will be
music to your ears……’
I stormed out of the door
with as much speed as possible
walked down the
streets and reached my house.
‘Why are you, early
today’ – father
and mother frowned at me.
‘I am not fit for begging.
Don’t ask me
anything more please.’
And  I entered my room
threw myself on the bed

with my eyes moist……

Friday, April 17, 2015



Notwithstanding his power,
vigour and strength
we never hesitate to
take on him and 
enter into a fight with him.
Notwithstanding a thorny
rose plant we are not
afraid of plucking
the beautiful, attractive,
fragrant rose flowers.
Notwithstanding a dictator
equipped with bombs,
chemical weapons and
sophisticated weapons
the citizens never backtracks   
instead put up a brave face
and fight to the hilt these days.
A cactus plant though
is hated by many
it has its own beauty
and once in a while
it gifts us beautiful flowers
and tempts us to pluck
them even if its
thorns in all probability
hurt one with blood drops
making appearance with a slight pain
in our fingers.
Citizens across the
world often turn
cynical witnessing a
chain of blood-chilling
incidents and we
expect at any moment
we too may turn victims to the
machinations of a heartless

soulless world….. 



Very often I do have the
fortune or misfortune
of watching serpentine
queues of demonstrations holding
different colours of flags shouting slogans
at the top of their voices.
In the very beginning I couldn’t
bear these demonstrations
due to the traffic jams
holding the vehicles to a standstill.
Even the footpaths are
crowded with evening-walkers getting
stranded along the path
cursing the demonstrations
and the law-enforcers for their apathy
to control the  processions.
Gradually watching the
demonstrations became my
hobby though fast flowing
time causes many a problem.
On noticing the demonstrations
one day to my surprise
and embarrassment, I did
have the fortune or misfortune
to notice that a number of
demonstrators participating
in the long serpentine
queues are people coming
from a particular area
who participate in the
different demonstrations are
one and the same.
To my wonder I mulled
the psychology behind it
and came to the conclusion
that money and liquor

posses magical powers. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015



The cats at the top of
the pyramid are growing
more and more fatter.
The lean and skinny mice
at the bottom of the pyramid
are becoming more and more
hungry and are starving to death.
The gap continues to be
wider and wide which is alarming.
The crorepathis though
less in number corner millions
and millions draining the exchequer.
The poor at the bottom
of the pyramid
wake up in the early morning
find themselves 
in a piquant situation
for scarcity of sanitation facilities 
lack of pure drinking water
with nothing over their heads
and a few spend their nights 
on the street sides
or railway platforms
wake up with fire in their bellies.
They walk along the streets
with begging bowls
pleading with each human being
coming their way
to earn something to
make both ends meet.
But with the approach
of elections each five year
the leaders of umpteen
parties across the
land approach them hanging their heads
before each poor man or
woman  and promise to
make earth a heaven
and with artificial smiles,
keeping devils inside,
pay hundreds and hundreds of rupees
and ensure their votes.
The poor take their promises for granded
approach the polling booths
on the scheduled day
stand in the queue under the blazing sun
dreaming of a spring
cast their votes and return 
with their begging bowls
stretching their hands and beg.
Forgetting their previous elections
and the promises and platitudes
by the candidates
of previous years by the poor ones
fall into the trap as always.
Each govt still
boasts about the wonderful
growth trajectory

ensconced in their air-conditioned cabins. 

Monday, April 13, 2015



From day one
I haven’t tasted
the honey of friendship
since I arrived in this city.
Now that three years
have flown away
and still
I haven’t acclimatized
myself with my immediate surroundings.
In this city
and I feel like an
orphan left alone in a vast desert
under the  fire-spitting Sun.
as someone said
with flow of time I might feel
accustomed with the
loneliness I experienced
in this city.
In the beginning
I did have a mistaken
notion that indulging
in friendships are
not that difficult
in this city
and I am mistaken.
Even in a cosmopolitan city
where I spent a long time
the number of friendships and intimacies  
were innumerable and overwhelming.
Now I know not where
they are since after 
getting separated
I don’t have any contact
with anyone.
I think they are
scattered in various corners
of the city with their families
or must have flown down abroad
to have better living conditions
for the well-being of
 all in their families in their native lands.

This is life, nothing but life…… 

Sunday, April 12, 2015



The unveiling ceremony
of the statues (yes, statues)
of  Madam Chief Minister
was solemnized at the
auspicious  moment in the 
presence of Her
loyalists one day
followed by a grand
celebration across the State.
With the euphoria over
after one week
her statues across
the State were
reduced to rubble
by her enemies under cover of darkness.
The determined Chief Minister
within no time
ordered an enquiry 
into the episode along
with the sculpting
of her statues once again
and with the
purpose of the unfortunate
incident posted policemen 24 X 7 to obstruct
her enemies from attacking
the statues again.
The enquiry went on
a war-footing to nab the  culprits
who reduced her statues to a pile of dust.
The next election brought
her govt down and as
a prelude to open a new chapter
the new govt of her opposition party ensured
her statues be
brought down at the earliest.……
And in their place
the statues of the
new Chief Minister
be erected at the earliest
with the protection of
security 24 X 7….

Saturday, April 11, 2015



A quick flowing
blue, transparent river is
a visual feast.
A quick flowing river
of memories is always
heartening and cheerful 
beyond words.
With the summer sets in
the flow of river slowly, slowly
flows along.
At last the drought sets in
the river gets dried up 
with the cracks and potholes
more and more visible.
One’s needling pain makes
him/her weep silently
with all living beings
fish, crabs, water-snakes and other organisms
struggle for existence
suffocate and  breathe their last.
Similar is the case
with the mankind
with land gets dried up
and the farmers are forced
to put an end to their life.
with the flow of memories 
gradually getting slower
and slower at last
getting dried-up with
the flow of time.
The memories shrink
in this age of persisting summer
making life more and more difficult

on the surface of earth…..  

Friday, April 10, 2015



She said: 
Your acerbic words
penetrate the tender
walls of my mind
which pain me a lot.
For heaven’s sake
put an  end to your acid tongue
which would force 
me to back out of
our long friendship 
and run away from you
to an unknown place
shutting my both ears.
Otherwise as a last choice
I would be compelled
to return to my old self
and utter my acid words
in the same  coin.
Upon recalling that
sweet, glorious days
of our emotional relationship 
I can’t stoop to such
a low level like you
since I continue to love you.
If you are bent upon
by continuing choicest epithets
and attacks me which could
prompt me to back out
from of our mutual love  of yester years
I have to clear a path of my own
which would pain and
agonize you and I simultaneously.
I hope and pray to God
better sense to
prevail upon you in the short run
and begin a new chapter in our life

instead of getting estranged. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015



A civil servant is
always at the mercy
of his political masters.
Remaining subservient
to your political masters is equivalent to
'succumb' to their decision
to chain you
until he is at
the top of you and
order you to do this or that.
Merit is not at all a
criteria in the world of bureaucracy
and politics.
If and when a
civil servant shows
signs of revolt
be prepared for
a transfer to a faraway
place which is most
inconvenient to you
or suspension or dismissal as to the situation warrants.
The only consolation
being even if one is a political heavy weight  
goes out into political oblivion
after he attains superannuation
and a civil-servant
is free to heave a sigh of relief.
But, in the place of
the one who went to the wilderness
another one is enthroned
to chain a civil servant

until he reaches the retirement age. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015



Mosquitoes are like terrorists.
Always on the look out for soft targets.
Mosquitoes draw blood from
human-beings like the 
terrorists target victimizing
the human beings by striking terror
anytime, any moment.
Once we, the human beings
were attacked
by mosquitoes by singing
thereby extending warnings
to us about their approach.
We sensed their approach and
upon listening to the music of mosquitoes
helped us ‘annihilating’ them one by one.
Nowadays, the wily
mosquitoes activate the
silencer and without
we knowing suck our blood.
With the installation of the silencer
mosquitoes enjoy feasts of human blood.
Mosquitoes and terror elements
have many things in common
and we the human beings
are always the victims.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015



In this life, it is often said
there are highs and lows.
Likewise, it is often said,
there are highs and
lows in this world.
The developed nations 
are always on the
top of the mountains.
On the contrary 
the under-developed countries
are always on the
foot-hills of the mountains.
While the developed nations
possess the nuclear bombs
boasting that nuclear weapons are
their prerogative and are proud of it,
the under-developed nations
are not permitted
to assemble nuclear
weapons and even nuclear
power for peaceful purposes
or for manufacturing energy
even clandestinely.
Developed nations sitting
on the top of the mountains
with their eagle-eyes espy it
and are enraged over
the under-developed nation
which is banned from
assembling nuclear weapons
or for any other purposes,
the developed nations
impose crippling sanctions over
the under-developed nation
so as to suffocate it.
Without dismantling the
entire weapons in their kitty
how come the developed nations go on assembling
nuclear weapons dime a dozen and

 dictate terms for the under-developed nations?  

Sunday, April 5, 2015



Sometimes I feel I am
being led by the
whims and fancies of
an anonymous force.
The very thought is
repulsive and revolting to me.
I always wish
my fate is being
written by none other than myself.
That very
thought is rejuvenating
and delightful to me.
Whenever one fellow feels like
he/she is being led by an
anonymous power
he/she becomes a slave
of that anonymous power.
Slavery always erode
the will power, determination and courage
 of a man/woman.
Such an erosion
chains the mankind
and they are being chained the
rest of their life.
Remaining a slave
throughout one’s life
is equal to an animal or vegetable
which doesn’t have the
thinking facility till

it breathes its last. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015



Imagine the agonizing
thoughts, shock and fright
of workers from abroad
when a civil war breaks
out in a nation
claiming the lives
of hundreds and thousands
of citizens fall prey 
to the incessant bombings
ground offensives
between the ruling
militia and the equally
violent opposition forces.
Imagine the state of
minds of the near and dear ones of
skilled and unskilled
workers who have flown
into the shattered
nation before the
civil war broke out
to eke out a living
for him and his family abroad.
Imagine their prayers
round the clock to
the omnipotent God, their
loving God to look
after their dear ones
trapped in the civil war hit country
and save the citizens from dangers of
the war-hit nation also
at the earliest…..

Friday, April 3, 2015



Her Mother was a
fish out of water
the day on which
her father tied the
nuptial knot around her
mother’s neck and she had gone
to his house far away.
Though mother’s aunty
accompanied her
heart beats were
like  drumbeats  before
entering the bride groom’s room
with a glassful of sweet milk
where the man 
was anxiously waiting
for her amidst the jasmine fragrance.
After her mother
gave birth to a
daughter ie she
grew up after completing her education
and became a bank employee
she too was tied the nuptial knot
and wedding ring in her finger
she too became a bride.
Unlike her mother’s
heart beats like drum beats
the daughter ie the new bride
didn’t go emotional
and with brave steps,
self-confidence and a beaming smile
entered the room with
sweet, honeyed  milk
where her youthful bridegroom awaited her.
The man was her colleague
in the bank once and
later got a
transfer after being promoted.
Their’s was a love affair
and hence it was
the materialization of a dream
after waiting by both
for the arrival of the blessed moment.
I was thinking about
the difference between
the new age love
and the arranged
marriage of yester years
when love affairs were

comparatively rare…..

Thursday, April 2, 2015


When I read about the expulsion of Yogendra Yadav, renowned political scientist, Prashant Bhushan, famous Supreme Court lawyer, Admiral (Retd) Ramdoss, I recalled an NGO who was quoted as saying ‘Arvind Kejrival has a habit of using people and later discarding them. Similarly Anna Hazaare was only a stepping stone for Arvind Kejrival in his journey to the top’. (refer the book of Rajdeep Sardesai - 2014 The Election That Changed India).
It is quite natural that an highly ambitious Arvind Kejrival took the extreme step of throwing out a number of noted leaders from responsible positions of Aam Admi Party (AAP) to tighten his grip around the party.  
Aam Admi Party was formed by Arvind Kejrival along with Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Admiral(Retd) Ramdoss and Mayank Gandhi on 24-12-2012 with the intention of wiping out corruption and related evils with the ‘broom’ as election symbol.
In the run up to the election to the Delhi Assembly Mr.Kejrival and his friends remained united and engaged in door to door campaign especially the poverty-stricken masses and those hailing from the middle-classes especially lower middle class.  Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Admi Party were the main contestants to seize power with the days nearing by, the capital city remained hot and at last the day of exercising franchise arrived.
The leaders of all three parties with thumping hearts waited for the outcome at the hustings until the votes were counted. Everything  over, Bharatiya Janata Party came first with 31 seats, Congress which was in the saddle for fifteen consecutive years under the leadership of Sheila Dixit could score only  8 seats and to everyone’s surprise the one year old Aam Admi Party came second with 28 seats. It was a hung  Assembly among the total of 70 seats. Many a political observers, intellectuals and common citizens like us looked at the Aam Admi Party and termed it as a phenomenon since it could display a sterling performance in the very first year of its existence.
In order not to allow BJP to gain power through horse-trading or something like that,  Indian National Congress with 8 seats in its kitty extended its support to AAP and thus a govt under Arvind Kejrival was elevated to power. He in his power as CM chose a few MLAs to various posts for his ministry. Aam Admi party within no time became ‘talk of the town’ and discussions, debates and writings galore with only a few nursing doubts about its future.
At the very outset, power-tariffs to each house were reduced to half and 700litres of water distributed freely to those who were suffering from acute scarcity of water bringing cheers to their lips.
Arvind Kejrival besides ambitious was a man in ‘tearing hurry’ and which proved his undoing.            
Within 49 days, he wanted to bring in a bill in the Assembly named Jan Lokpal even without ignoring the advice of his well-wishers. He stuck to his stand and introduced the bill and Indian National Congress withdrew support to his govt as they had many a skeleton in their cupboards and govt was reduced to a minority and lost its majority. He was left with no option but to quit his post and within 49 days the AAP govt collapsed.
If Mr.Kejrival was not in a hurry the picture would have been different. Later the gentleman himself apologized to the people for it. With the AAP govt collapsing like a pack of cards a number of supporters from those at the top echelons down the poor quit the party for good. They never ever believed in their wildest of dreams that the govt would fall down within such a short span of 49 days.
 As a sequel to the rule coming to an end, the President’s rule was imposed in Delhi.
After almost two years Election Commission declared election to five States including Union territory of Delhi. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi along with his right hand man Amit Shah jumped into the political arena and began the election campaign with renewed vigour but Aam Admi Party  came out with a stunning victory in Delhi.
Aam Admi Party (AAP) bagged 67 seats out of 70 seats with BJP gaining 3 seats and Congress with a big zero.  AAP’s historic win was achieved with the collective effort of the educated young supporters including the slum dwellers.
Soon after Kejrival took the oath of office and formed Ministry with a few MLAs who were sworn in as Ministers.  Leaders like Yogendra Yadav, Adv.Prashant Bhushan, Mayank Gandhi and Admiral (Redt) Ramdoss demanded  'one man, one post' arose from leaders like Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, and a few other esteemed leaders. The demand though legitimate and genuine was rejected by Mr.Kejrival. While holding the post of Chief Ministership he should  have quit the post of National Council Convener, otherwise take up the responsibility National council convener and resign from Chief Ministership which angered Mr.Kejrival. Rumblings in the party once again raised its head with Kejrival, Manish Sisodia and Ashuthosh on one side and Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Mayank Gandhi and others on the other side.
In the National Council which was exclusively called for to discuss the problem those who were supporting the Chief Minister was a majority and the other side a minority. Thus resolution was tabled and Mr.Yadav and Adv.Bharat Bhushan etc were expelled.
The party is at present sitting on a time-bomb and is likely to explode anytime soon. Mr.Kejrival’s immaturity and king-size ambitions could lead to disaster in the immediate future………       

Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Shattered are we
shattered are our dreams
like Chrystal glasses all around.
Mistaking him for our benevolent saviour
on assuming the saddle of the ruler
we celebrated his assumption of power
across our land
and our euphoria
refused to settle down
for a prolonged period.
And we remained drowned in
our happy days
our cheerful days
and we were
reluctant to come up from the
lake of delight.
But our calculations 
went wrong.
Our so-called ruler
began to display
his true-colours
his display of
iron-fist and fierce look 
and ruthless punishment.
Shattered are we
shattered are our dreams
like Chrystal glasses

all around…………….