Wednesday, December 31, 2014



An eventful year
has bid goodbye
paving the way for
the dawn of another New year.
The eventful year was
like any other New year
and this New year
is no doubt different.
On looking back we are
supposed to recall the
by-gone years
and even a nostalgia
is far far away from us
since each year is like
another year
all eventful
as also fateful years.
we do not have anything
to be cheerful and
we need not be prophets
to forecast 
another developments
whether it is good or bad.
Still, we the onlookers
nurse and nurture our dreams
closer to our bosom.
Anyhow for namesake we
await the approach

of heart-warming developments…

Monday, December 29, 2014



Held up on the tracks of life
I am waiting for the
red signal turn green
for the train of life
proceeds ahead to reach
my destination in the
peak hours of the morning.
The boss would remind me,
once in a while its okay
but whenever I evolve into a chronic absentee
as punishment I will have to
suffer loss of leave.
The gentleman or for that matter
the gentle lady who is
seated conveniently in the chair
in the air-conditioned cabin
need not find out
the reason for one
to reach the office.
I often wonder
the gentleman or for that
gentle woman doesn’t seems like
experiencing the hazards
of travelling if and when purchasing ticket for the
first class compartment
early in the morning by
catching the train or own car
arrive at the office.
On the whole a
commuting start from
faraway station and often
I have lost counting how
many red and green signals
are to be obeyed for the
train of life to reach
the destination…

Saturday, December 27, 2014



Drawing lessons from
the well of knowledge
I keep on drinking
the elixir of knowledge.
My quest for
drinking knowledge is
incredible and inexplicable.
The depth of the well of
knowledge, is so deep that
I often draw lessons
from the well of knowledge
and more and more lessons
keep the well of knowledge
and information and remain vigilant.
Even under the blazing Sun
which lasts for a long time
the well of knowledge
prevents the drying up
never ever as long as

the world exists. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014



With no malice
towards each other
he/she parted ways after spending
as husband and wife for almost ten years
like a river
in the course of time
keeps flowing in two directions.
Though it was a divorce
both he/she
didn’t keep ill-feelings
towards each other.
Neither she nor he
continued to live without
falling into any other love-affairs.
After the divorce
she began to live with her parents
and despite their constant
persuasions she didn’t
want anybody tie a nuptial knot.
She practised
as an IT consultant
in a faraway IT hub in a metro.
On getting fed up with her job
she wanted to join the tinsel world
during her leisure moments
she derived satisfaction
by creating masks
some pretty, some frightening and horrible.
Nobody knew what prompted
her to indulge in
going on with her hobby of making masks

even after she grew up as a young lady….

Sunday, December 21, 2014



When I saw you in the morning
you were happy and pleasant
keeping your head held high
like a man/woman who is elated
excited and fearless.
When I saw you in the noon,
you were bowing down
unable to hold your head high
and was looking sad and painful
which also made me sad and gloomy.
When I opened the gate after my office hours
and on my way home I was certain
that you wouldn’t be
at your place and your petals
already fallen down on the soil under
your pensive mother plant.
Our life too does have a closer

similarity like the fallen flowers….

Friday, December 19, 2014


Days are running fast
like a horse without 
anyone to rein in aiming
the end of the endless  road.
Whether anyone among us has
accomplished the mission of
surpassing the obstructions 
and obfuscations, we are totally confused.
Nobody, anyone among us
has never ever reached our goal, thus it seems.
Still hoping against hopes
we run fast
and the endless road runs faster and faster
and to accomplish our long-cherished
dream of reaching the
end of the road like
the mountaineers
conquering the summit,
and emerging victorious
is a herculean task
to run along the road faster and faster.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Rays of hope are like
the warm rays of the
morning Sun.
While the rays of hope
are warm, serene and refreshing.
With time ticking by rays of Sun get
hotter and hotter
forcing the human-beings
sweat, leaves and flowers of trees
getting faded and plain lands
turn into deserts.
And time continues to keep on ticking
faster and faster
the rays of sun once again
turn warm, serene and refreshing
the flow of warm rays, serene and tranquil.
The only exception being rays of hope
make us continue to

exist as long as we exist on the face of the earth. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


With the forces of US and NATO almost withdrawing from Afghanistan, many of us apprehend Taliban militants are poised to get ready for another round of wreaking havoc in the war-torn country, until capturing power there. The hydra has already begun to bare its tentacles by murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. The people across the hapless country have already begun to experience nightmares. For them another round of Taliban rule means the return of the Sharia law which could commit murders, mayhem and destroy properties worth millions of dollars. The Shariat law will lay hands on anyone who are found to be their enemies and after summary trials are punished by hanging them before the public or stoning them or whipping them be it he/she especially the women who are considered as the violators of the ruthless Sharia law. Even for any issue which the laws of Shariat apply those who commit anything which are not to the liking of Taliban which is waiting in their wings to capture power. The worst sufferers are the women of Afghanistan who will be forced to confine themselves indoors which deprive their ambition of continuing their education. Furthermore they will have to wear burqua and are not allowed to even cast a smile at a man, leave alone speaking to a familiar person whom she sees since years. A woman accused of adultery is awarded the blood-chilling acts of stoning to death or hanging in public or whipped ruthlessly and parade her down the streets for terrorizing the public.
With US declaring war on Taliban and with an iron hand overthrowing the Taliban government in 2001 on the grave issue of demolishing the two towers of World Trade Centre in 9/11/2001 allegedly by Al-Quaeda elements, the militant outfit led by Osama Bin Laden, the citizens of Afghanistan heaved a sigh of life escaping fear psychosis. Osama was killed in a US drone attack at Abottabad in Pakistan where he was living in a house with his family.
On completion of US mission of killing Osama Bin Laden, US developed cold feet and Barack Obama declared his intention of withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. US’s soldiers have been flown to their land keeping 13000 of their soldiers in Afghanistan and NATO has already decided to shift 140000 of their soldiers to its respective allies keeping only 10800 of their soldiers in Afghanistan for providing training to Afghan forces.
Taliban meanwhile have made it clear that they are determined to fight until the withdrawal of last foreign soldier from their soil.
Indians who work on building up the infrastructure in Afghanistan – irrigation, education, health care, construction works by both skilled and unskilled Indians have to be protected by the Afghan govt headed by Ashraf Ghani and Abdulla Abdulla and in case Taliban captures power and occupy the saddle. Taliban’s ire will be ventilated against the Indians and it would be better with the assumption of power by Taliban (a possibility). Indian workers are brought to India. It is a naked truth that India have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in various fields like rich mineral sources and besides that India has helped Afghanistan by way of grants to that country while Hamid Karzai was holding the reins of power.
Taliban like Al-Quaeda is a ruthless militant outfit which have no qualms to forget Indian help since India is considered one of their prominent enemies.

With the withdrawal of US and NATO forces Taliban elements will roam free across Afghanistan and commit horrible crimes which are beyond our imagination. The country as a whole will be pushed to a ditch from which that nation will have no escape.           

Thursday, December 11, 2014


We the human beings are
imperfect, so is the world
perfection is something
beyond our reach
like the stars glimmering and blinking
in the sky.
Among us human beings
a miniscule of us
strive and aspire to be
perfect which is next 
to impossible.
Majority among us are not
foolish enough to attain perfection.
If and when the stars
in the sky were in our
reach we would have
aimed at something unattainable.
On the issue of perfection
we always dream about
reaching it
and never ever
we would be
able to realize

our dream….


The door bell rang
in the dead of night.
‘The door is not locked
from inside, please come in’ – she invited him.
A shudder ran down
his body.
He was shivering with fear.
‘Come inside, why this
hesitation?’ – she invited him.
‘How dare she keeps the
door open?’ – he was
asking himself.
It was thick darkness inside.
He couldn’t see anything inside.
With cautious steps he
entered the room.
‘Could you switch on
the light? I can’t see you
or anything inside’. – he pleaded.
‘Why not? With pleasure
of course’ – she answered.
Next moment, light filled the room.
He looked around.
There was nobody in the room.
And there was no furniture.
The room had virtually nothing
inside the room.
‘Where are you? I can’t
see you?’ – with thumping
heart and trembling
voice he was asking.
There was no answer forthcoming.
All of a sudden the
light went out and
thick darkness spread inside.
Summoning courage he wanted to run away.
But the door was locked from outside.
He found himself between
the devil and deep sea.
He wanted to cry aloud

but no voice came out of him.   

Saturday, December 6, 2014


The feeling of being an alien is
like a pestering insect nagging me.
The only relief being, like I, some others
too are thinking on these lines.
In an era when human beings
are evolving into monsters
(Pardon me Charles Darwin
this is a kind of reverse evolution)
whose prayers to God
are being favourably answered
whose offerings and oblations
are kindly accepted by God Almighty
and He showers blessings
profusely over the devils
and the heart-wrenching
prayers and offerings 
are willy-nilly acknowledged by God
whose reluctance to shower blessings
over the genuine devotees is nothing but painful.
It is no wonder people
like me and others of my ilk
feel like being aliens

around the world…..

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Even in this modern age
friendship between
a boy and girl
or a youth and a lass
during walk the talk
is often mistaken for
immoral relationship
by the self-proclaimed
moral police in our land.
They are being chased
and warned
or heckled and thrashed
and even go to the
extent of beating them up
to pulp and murdered
by these ‘moral police’.
These so-called custodians
of values and ethics
never feel like
inquiring them about their
whereabouts and relationship
before taking the plunge
to indulge in beating
and lynching the
friends or brethren.
These slaves of medieval age
instead of imbibing the
true message of these times
stoop too low to the
standard of the children of
medieval age.
When will their narrow-mindedness bid
adieu to them or will
they continue to exist as such?

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Those were happy days.
He had parents, siblings,
uncles, aunties close
and beloved relatives in
the immediate neighbourhood.
Along with the passage of time
he grew up like a
coconut plant growing up
into a coconut tree with coconuts aplenty
and his near and dear ones
including him went in different directions.
Several of his elders
bid adieu and left to Heaven.
With them departing from all,
now none is left behind
in the village where he
was born and brought up.
Those days of nostalgia too have
‘gone with the wind’.
He knew in the bottom of his heart
with the wheel turning a full circle
he finds himself in
this part of the world
with his wife and children.
This is not only his
story but the stories of
many a people are like this.
we are all ‘creatures of circumstances’
and have

no let-up from them…

Friday, November 28, 2014


Memories are like one’s
while some children
right from the kindergarten days
are studious
others often play truant.
Rewarding the studious
children and whiplashing
the truant ones are of no use.
Studious ones in the
course of their life
turn civil servants, scientists, professors,
doctors or engineers et al
the truant ones in the
course of their life
evolve into politicians
ministers, rulers or law-enforcers
who occupy positions of power
and rule the once studious
hard-working, dynamic and enterprising ones
holding the reins and command the
first category and
direct them to follow their diktats.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The day on which
you visited my home
together with your parents
and a few close relatives
I was all joy and happiness.
Only after you went
with your near and dear
I felt something missing within me.
While I was groping
along the dark alleys of my mind   
the light I saw at the end of tunnel
I knew you have stolen my heart.
In the night
after slumping into the bed and lay
your face started playing
hide and seek game
robbing away with my heart.
You came from nowhere in the thick of night
and entered my bed-room stealthily
and lay by my side you asked me :
‘you are still sleepless?’.
I couldn’t find words
to explain my predicament
since I  was drowned in the pond of overjoy.
Hugging me planting kisses galore
down my forehead
lips, cheeks, hillocks and my valleys
you were emotions unlimited
you lay by my side until
I fell asleep
deep sleep it was.
In the morning when
I woke up from
slumber you were not by my side.
My delight vanished and
I plunged into the abyss
of melancholy.
I awaited patiently until
the darkness got thickened.
But you didn’t turn up 
leaving me in tears
and I felt like my
senses going haywire…..
I was still certain you
would come to me one day……

Monday, November 24, 2014


Always living in the past is foolishness.
It is like swimming
against the river of fluid.
Even  a great
swimming champion can’t move far
and it is dangerous.
Getting drowned in the
river of fluid is common.
The more one tries, the
less one can move ahead
before he/she reaches
the finishing line.
Let bygones be bygones,
I would advise.
Future is always unpredictable 
and uncertain.
Hence weaving a dream net
is always impossible and immaterial.
True, to set an eye
in the future is good
but you may not be able to
reach your goal.
Always try to
live in the present
this moment, this second,
this minute
you could taste the
sweetness of the present.
Your imagination won’t
wander thru the forests
and it would remain  in
the present only and
that would make you
cheerful and delightful.
Be you a rich man or
a poor man living in
the present is of primary importance.
Never try to rewind,
never try to forward wind
but for something important

some thing important….

Friday, November 21, 2014


One day the new landlord
along with his labourers 
came by lorry from elsewhere
followed by the JCBs.
First and foremost they
removed the gate
after which four tall 
compound walls demolished.
The huge pretty house
in the middle of the property
was brought down
and ensured that
not even a  single
remnant of the destroyed
structure was left behind.
The owner who was watching  
the entire structure
saw to it that the work was in progress.
as per his instructions
labourers uprooted the trees and plants
in the already drought-hit garden.
The land was leveled
as directed by him and
by evening thy returned
They came back next day morning
and took up the thread of the work
they left behind yesterday.
What happened to the
occupants of the house
along with the
former landlord, his wife
three girls  and their young brother.
A emptiness left in his mind
and memories of his love-affair
with the young, cute, attractive girl of
the house for a long duration entwined him.
Whither went the enigmatic girl
was the nagging question
tormenting his mind, her face  
without being able to
erase from his mind.
His old, golden memories
of the past flowed like
a ‘stream of consciousness’.
In the meanwhile
he was asking himself
what would be the plan
of the new owner in
future who  had taken up
the mantle handed over

to him by the former landlord?   

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Riding the crest of popular wave
he was voted to power
with a thumping   majority.
From the very day
the party elected him
as Prime Ministerial candidate
he plunged into the fray
six months before the
elections were scheduled.
He went on a whirlwind
tour of election campaign
across the country
and conquered the minds
of majority of electorate
with his oratorial skill.
The D-day approached
within six months
during which time he had
delivered rousing speeches and
upsetting everyone’s expectations
his party  emerged victorious hands down.
While he was on a
whirlwind tour around the nation
highlighting the plight
of poor people
and vowing to lift them 
above poverty line
he could capture the hearts
of suffering millions.
Upon assuming the charge of Prime Minister
within two –three months
contrary to the expectations
of the poor
he and his party sided
with the industrialists
and businessmen  
caring two hoots for
the dark plight of poor people.
The gap between the rich
and poor got wider and wider
and the sinister game continues
leaving the poor
and middle-class in the lurch.
All parties while taking
the plunge into the
election arena
always swear by the welfare of them
by ameliorating
the pathetic conditions of the suffering millions.

He and his party are no different.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Allow me to come out of the
shell of the star
in which I spend my lonely days
to come out and stand on my legs,
take a prolonged sighs of relief
and look down on the
vast sprawling Mother Earth
who gave birth to me
and jump with joy
and exhilaration
when I find out my residence 
among thousands of
residences belonging to various guys.
I can very well stand
erect and look upon
them - my wife and children
while they take a
walk down the courtyard
in the moonlight
looking around cracking
jokes, playing pranks
and occasionally looking up
they happen to see me
watching with delight
from the sky.
The amount of joy and pleasure
they enjoy
singing, dancing and jumping up frequently
are immeasurable.
Such are the feelings
I too enjoy
when I feel assured
that they still recount
the love and fondness I proffered on them 
all still etched on the soft
walls of petals of a red rose
I get elated.
Watching them sharing happy moments
for hours together until I
return to the star
with agony and sorrow enveloping us
is unbearable.

Friday, November 14, 2014


In the early hours of the morning
I woke up at 6 AM sharp as usual.
My wife had already woken up 
and after her routine chores
she entered the kitchen
and prepared a cup of
hot black coffee
and brought it to me
I woke up from the bed and she
handed over the cup of black coffee.
Like a person sipping
liquor in an air-conditioned bar
I started sipping the
sweet black coffee
enjoying each sip 
praising my beloved wife
for preparing such
a nice cup of
coffee silently.
I threw my hands
in to the air followed
by a deep sigh of relief.
I unlocked the door to the verandah
where the  day’s newspapers
one in vernacular language
and the other in English were left behind
by the newspaper boy.
Picking up the newspapers
and reclining conveniently
in my easy chair
and began leafing thru the page.
Though  the newspapers
convey the news of tragedies
be them regional, national
and international
the newspapers have
already evolved into
opium  which easily enslaves us.
‘Hello good morning’
the lottery vendor Chakkappan
unexpectedly was standing
infront of me with folded hands.
‘Sir, have you kept the
lottery ticket safely
in your possession’?
- he was asking
‘Certainly’ – I answered him.
‘Then go through the paper
and verify your ticket
with that of the newspaper’ – he implored.
I went inside within no
time and brought the
ticket and verified my number
with that of the newspaper.
Overwhelmed with joy
and pleasant surprise
I glanced again and
again at the ticket
which has won first prize.
My joy knew no bounds
and felt like jumping
again and again and called 
my wife and divulged
the happy news of winning first  prize
amounting one crore rupees.
Chackappan too was delighted
and pleaded with me to
go to the bank with the
clock at the stroke of 10AM.
As told by Chackappan
to go straight to the bank
I rushed to the bank
where I had opened an
account a year back.
I went direct to the
cabin where the manager
was seated who looked
serious and on seeing me
and my wife he frowned
at us which we didn’t care. 
I took out the ticket
from my pocket.
‘Sir I am so and so
I have won one crore that
is the first prize’ and
handed it over to him for verification.
Manager shed his arrogance
and exasperation and glanced
at us respectfully.
He asked me to sign 
on the back of the
ticket and complied with his request. 
In the meanwhile
two cups full of
Nescafe, one for me
and one for my wife
I was wondering
whenever I came to
the bank in the past
he was not even willing to
even listen to
my grievances and one day
in the past he even went
to the extent of ordering
me to get out.
‘The same idiot is
full of smiles and
praises towards us’

Money is power, you know.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014


It is rumoured that Aboobacker-Al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Caliph of Islamic State (IS) is no more as per  unconfirmed reports floating in the air about which even US is not sure. On the fateful day, across the rough terrains of Mosul, a large gathering of Islamic State militants assembled to chalk out future strategies about how to respond to the massive bombardments by the forces loyal to US and its allies and also to condole the killings of hundreds of thousands of civilians and militia who courted martyrdom who dedicated their service to protect the Islamic State (IS) which was formed by the annexation of parts of Syria and Iraq.
US which has already declared an offer of $10 million to whoever points out the whereabouts of Mr.Baghdadi who is more popular than Aymen-Al-Zavahiri who occupies No:1 position in Al-Quaeda after the assassination of Osama-Bin-Laden by the forces of US at Abottabad in Pakistan who was residing comfortably with his wives, children and  grand children in a spacious house. Who pointed his finger at him and passed on the hot news to US is still a mystery. And now after more than one year news emanating from US points towards a different story. That the man who was supposed to have pumped bullets on Osama-Bin-Laden and ensured his ‘death’ was not Rob O’Neill who we were told to believe but by who did the job is still unknown. Mr Laden, it was reported, was later carried away by the US and thrown out into an ocean which too is a mystery since US has not revealed to the world for reasons best known to it.
Now that new versions of the story has come about – all contradictory whether Laden was actually killed and if he was assassinated who was the ‘hero’ who performed, no one knows anything for sure.
So be it. Now that US has shifted its mission to Iraq for tackling the menace of the Islamic State led by Aboobacker-Ali-Baghdadi and his forces. Whether Baghdadi succumbed to the injuries after the massive bombardment of Mosul where assembled a number of Islamic State militants, whether he was very much present in the large gathering, whether he has been injured in the attack all are distant possibilities. Being the unquestioned leader of IS who must have had a protective wall provided by his followers, it is not that easy to finish him off.
With even Pentagon is keeping its fingers crossed how could we the outsiders reach a conclusion of his death?
The billion dollar question remaining unanswered is how long the war is poised to last, whether US will be lucky to emerge successful in its crusade against the destruction of Islamic State (IS) which if allowed to grow tall, it is US which is bound to suffer the worst of its kind in the end, US is unlikely to spoil an opportunity.
It is something funny on recalling that the former Nobel Laureate for peace, Mr Barack Obama has been put in a piquant situation. As defence strategist Brahma Chellany points out Barack Obama has seized a rare victory of intervening in the internal affairs of seven nations. How’z that?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Shed your baggage of arrogance
in a deep pitch of unfathomed depths.
Throw away your
overbearing nature in the Arabian sea
or for that matter any sea or ocean.
Love you can, hate you can,
but never try to destroy a person
out of personal vendetta
or for nurturing a grudge
you keep with since a long period.
Never stab your friend
or well-wishers in the back
like Brutus did to
Julius Caesar forcing
him to utter ‘Ye tu Brutus’ in gnawing pain
of both of body and soul.
In this world
even in the first half of 21st century
arrogance, overbearing attitudes, destruction spree,
rampant deception etc etc
we are left  with no other option
but learn to live with all evils……

spreading across the world….. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014


On the look-out for
my friend
who went missing since an year
I have already traversed
long distance
rivers, streams, hills,
mountains, villages
and cities…..
and despite all my search
I couldn’t fish him out.
But on reaching this holy land
I had an intuition that
he must be somewhere here
immersed in meditation
and I vowed to find
him wherever he was
and with that intuition
in my mind
I spent a long duration
searching him on the
nook and cranny of the land
inquired about such a man
whose features I explained
to each man in detail
and I could get the stock reply
which was that all
of them are recalling
such a man
but none could point out
where he was…
Caressing and embracing
such a dream
I couldn’t feel like
leaving this land
and I am very much
here since a long period
often pondering about
the possibility of
someone from my village
roaming and roaming across
this land in search of myself…
I never nursed and nurtured
the hope of leaving this land

and return to my village….

Thursday, November 6, 2014


The sky was thick dark and cloudy that night
with  the moon and stars went into hiding
he was riding the bike tooting the horn to his house
where his wife and son were waiting for his arrival
with their hearts pounding
since they were apprehending danger to his life
by his enemies for quite sometime then
who had taken a vow to blow out the flame of his life.
But a fearless he roamed thru the
streets in broad day-light  
and thick and dark nights alike.
Thru the rear view mirror
he saw approximately five or six
two wheelers following him.
The fearless young man
sensed the approaching
danger about to knock him down.
Still he rode with uniform speed and
cared two hoots to who were following him.
The sky opened up unexpectedly
and a heavy downpour resulted
drenching him and those following him.
Since they were riding
their vehicles with maximum speed
and surrrounded him.
Within no time
they hacked him several
times with lethal weapons until they ensured
and confirmed his death
and disappeared from the scene. 
The mother and son were
still awaiting his arrival while he
was lying in a pool of blood

in the middle of the road. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It is often said that
the route to hell is
wide and safe
with no steep hills or
hillocks and unfathomed depths
and the route to heaven is narrow
with cracks and potholes
along the way and with occasional
hills or hillocks.
The souls of
evil and blessed ones
believing the dictum
passed over to them
by  their predecessors
rush to the so-called
heaven to which both the
blessed and accursed sinners
rush past each other.
The route to the hell
as already mentioned
doesn’t have any
takers and the path is
always deserted with
not even a single
soul choosing the
path apprehending that
it would lead to hell
and not even a
single soul blessed or accursed
knows not which route leads
to heaven and which
route leads to hell
with obfuscation ruling the roost.
In these strange times
not even a single human-being
cares not and believes not

whether heaven or hell does exist.  

Monday, November 3, 2014


Beggars never strike work,
since it is they
who are the ultimate losers.
Like the beggars
roam about the sidewalks of towns, cities and villages
when an impoverished nation
falls into a poverty-trap
it seeks assistance  to lift itself
from the clutches of hunger.
Begging after all is an art of living
like any other profession.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Another advent of
spring in our country
after a gap of three
spring  seasons of drought.
The drought hit fields
with cracks developing all around
as if in a magic have disappeared
plunging us into a sublime feeling
with our jasmine fields
full of blooms
spreading scent
have spread far and wide.
The evil spirits of
wickedness and witchcrafts
suffered by the neighbouring nations
with the scent
of jasmine blooms acting
as catalysts
have been banished and erased
many a dictator from history.
Still a few
like leeches are bent upon continuing
and sucking blood
of many persist.
Still we hope against hopes
and with cautious optimism
one day the jasmine
fields bearing jasmine blooms

would spread the world over one day…..

Friday, October 31, 2014


With the suspension
of three members of staff
from the institution
the officers and
manager were in a jubilant mood.
‘The trouble-makers
are out’ – one officer  mused
after the remaining members of staff
left the office
with dark, clouded faces.
After the suspension of
three members of staff
all hell broke loose
contrary to the
expectations of higher-ups.
If the slogan shoutings were
outside the office until then
it was slogan shouting inside
disturbing the very
peace of the authorities
who held a party
on the very day the
three members of staff
were thrown out
and the ultimate victory
went to the
employees with the

management signing on the dotted line.    

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Countless babies are born
and countless babies die per day
with happiness and sorrow
mingling with each other
across our land.
common men and
poverty-stricken people die
across our land each day
with gnawing pain, tears 
and relief mingling with each other
and photos and
reports in nutshells 
being printed filling
a full page or two newspapers.
Once in a while we happen to come
across the photos
along with reports in a nutshell
and are either flabberghasted
or feel indifferent.
i often wonder how many familiar faces are
omitted by the newspaper
for no fault of theirs.
Such informations
pay visit to us from
somebody whom we
come across after a long spell in our life,

along the way. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The gift of
a new dawn is
a precious, priceless jewel to
both of us.
The gift of a
smile is sweeter
and immemorable to us.
The gift of a ‘kiss of love’
is ecstasy  to  us
and if it is a first kiss in our life
the memory of which would remain eternal.
The gift of a warm and long hug by
both is something which
lifts our sagging spirits.
And the gift of a
sunset overwhelms us
with its charming, colourful 
appearance beyond our imagination
which though painful is
a magnificient  scenery
before he goes down

the horizon for the day.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Steps and Missteps 

Though not all steps are
But missteps are
Hence you should have to
start from the beginning.

Thoughts and Meditation 

Thoughts must not
get distorted and wander along
through unchartered territories.
They should
move along a straight line.
Meditation is
the only remedy for
the thoughts to walk ahead
along a straight line
in order not to get them distorted.
Otherwise learn to live with it.

Realties and Fantasies

Realties are realties.
Fantasies are fantasies.
Still both are inter-related.
When realties and
fantasies play together
a beautiful invaluable an creation
come into being.                


It seems like Bilawal Bhutto, leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) is, stepping  into the foot-steps of Zulfiker Ali Bhutto who once announced ‘one thousand years of jihad’ against India for annexing Jammu & Kashmir with Pakistan. The same Bhutto came to India and met the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and held a meeting at Simla which is widely known as Simla Agreement. Just before deposing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto due to ‘alleged disorder’ in the country under the leadership of Zia-Ul-Haq who proclaimed himself as the defacto leader of Pakistan who met with an air crash while flying aboard an airplane which to a section of Pakistanis believe that it was a case of sabotage. Bhutto did a favour to him and declared him a four star General superseding senior military officers. Still the General had no moral prick to arrest Bhutto and imprison him and Supreme court issued a verdict sentencing him to death. A famous work called ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’, a comic novel by a Pakistan journalist Muhammed Hanif secured instant fame. General Zia entered and implemented Islamic tenets in the constitution which made Pakistan an Islamic State. The laws were ruthlessly implemented by announcing Sharia laws which came into practice under which punishments were carried out to those who were alleged to have committed blasphemy which were equivalent to the punishments meted out in the Middle Ages. Mr.Bhutto was made to suffer in isolated cell for a long period and later put on trial and was sentenced to death in spite of pressures not to kill Mr.Bhutto by countries around the world especially those nations which were under democratic rule. After suffering harshly inside the isolated cell Mr.Zulfikar-Ali-Bhutto was led to the gallows and thus came to the end of an era.
His wife Nusrat Bhutto and daughter Benazir Bhutto who later married Asif-Ali-Sardari, former President of Pakistan under the banner of Pakistan Peoples’ Party. With PPP winning a comfortable victory and the new dawn of democracy shone once again but had to pay a heavy cost, ie the fateful and her violent death by the so-called ones owing allegiance to Redt General Pervez Musharraf who pumped bullets on her while she was on a whirl-wind tour of Pakistan to canvas votes in the elections. Mrs Bhutto had a premonition that murderous elements were after her and apprehended death. It was a pre-planned and pre-meditated handy work of those owing allegiance to Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, it is alleged by a cross-section of Pakistanis.
With the victory of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), the Retd General Pervez Musharraf’s term as the self-declared President of Pakistan came to an end and the ‘courageous’ man fled Pakistan with his family and sought asylum in London and repeated his assertions that he would fly to his home country and join politics. Until he flew to London and Dubai All Pakistan Muslim League, the political party which he had founded was to some extent in a state of hibernation. The man however flew back to Pakistan after a prolonged period mustering courage and arrogance and on the moment he stepped down on the soil of Pakistan from the airplane he was arrested and put on house arrest. Citing many reasons, the govt under Nawaz Sherif, leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML) filed cases against him and as of now Musharraf is in a catch-22 situation.
Bilawal Bhutto, the UK educated handsome youth on completion of his studies whose sole aim is to assume leadership of Pakistan Peoples’ Party and to make known his intention to capitalize on the situation prevailing in Pakistan, he declared in London that he was ready to fight against India to capture the Jammu and Kashmir at any cost. And to sideline other parties of Pakistan he along with his followers declared to hold ‘one million march’ to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of David Camaron,  Prime Minister of Britain.
The other day while leading the march to President’s official residence, he was heckled, booed and empty plastic  bottles by those belonging to various political parties of Pakistan since they were not invited to join the march alleging that he was cashing in on the situation single-handedly. Britain had however made it clear that the issue has to be solved between the two countries in a cordial atmosphere and PPP’s plea to Britain to play a third party rule was rejected.
The announcement of one million Pakistani’s march by Bilawal was nothing but a ploy to let the world come to know that he has going to be playing a pro-active role in Pakistan politics.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Driving down the
straight road in a strange city
he saw her walking ahead
without looking left or right.
But for the crowds
he could have applied the brakes
and come to a halt
or call her at the top of his voice
due to the hustle and bustle of the city.   
After completing their
studies in the same
college and in the same classes,
for years together
they parted ways with
hopes and assurances
of meeting again someday, somewhere
in future.
But contrary to their
expectations, contacts
between got snapped at an unknown junction
in their life.
If he could
find her in a village
along the way he could
not only have fished her out
and shared their feelings past, present and future
and that would have
been a pleasant and refreshing experience.
But in a city it
is almost impossible these days
maintaining friendships for long
is nothing but wishful thinking.
After the car reached
in the outskirts of the city
where crowds are virtually absent
he parked the car on the street-side and
he sat with his drooping head
for a long time, drowsed
for sometime with thoughts
travelling down memory lane.
He switched on the
ignition key with the sadness
of having lost a golden opportunity,
a rare opportunity.
Life craves for many
invaluable things but gets
back a miniscule of
what we wish, hope and pray….

Sunday, October 26, 2014


watching a drunken brawl
between two friends
inside a bar
I was sitting alone
in a corner of the
bar in the dim light listening to wild music.
With anxious eyes and
drum-beating heart
when the brawl went out of control
I called one of
the waiters clad in white with a turban
and asked him to call
the security to throw them out
since they were getting on his nerves
and let peace prevail
inside the air-conditioned bar frowning.
The security advised them to cool down
which both were not
in the mood to oblige.
at about the same time
I saw both of them
coming  out of the bar
joining hands
and laughing aloud
showing no sign of enmity
and in its  place 
intimacy was reigning supreme
between the two.
I laughed to myself
thinking about the
role being played by liquor.
Strange are the ways of liquor …

I told myself. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Each year in the course of a long
journey down the tarred road
he used to sleep
in the shade of the
colossus of a tree
for a few hours
in the blazing sun.
One day
while sleeping under the tree
he saw a dream which
to him was nightmarish
about the disappearance of the tree
from the street side.
Within a few years
upon waking up
he was wondering
how come he happened to
see the nightmare
which to him was something appalling.
Hence, while passing
along the village
with his heart pounding
he recalled that dream.
He happened to see
and on noticing the tree
from afar
he heaved a sigh of relief.
A tired he, due to long journey
he slept under the tree
enjoying the warm breeze.
Before falling asleep
he could listen to the
rumblings of its
leaves which were music to his ears
which were like a lullaby.
After one year while
walking down the tarred road
he looked afar
and true to his nightmare
the tree had disappeared somewhere.
Unable to bear the shock and sorrow

he never came along thru the way in the future years…

Friday, October 24, 2014


Post midnight after
celebrating festivities on New year eve
heralding the dawn of New Year
with other participants huddled together
in the city’s well-known restaurant.
The Australian  lady was
returning to her room
at Oberoi Trident
along the sidewalks of Marine Drive
which lay under the
yellowish- greenlight of sodium vapour lamps.
She was silently singing a love song
which she happened  to
listen at the New Year party.
The sea was on a hilarious mood
with waves after waves
flurrying and returning
she felt it like
the sea was making merry
under the starry, moonlit sky
dancing and singing
with the merry-making infinite sea.
The rejoicing and delighted
lady  was caught from behind
by an unknown figure
with all his force 
and dragged her to 
a police chowky
who was clad in a khaki dress
and when she was about to cry aloud
the man roared with
an order to shut up.
The weeping lady pleaded with the man
not to torment her
and free her from his grip.
But no -
the man was not in a
mood to listen to her pleas.
He was in a hurry to undress her
and defile her
crush her like an
elephant crushing a rose flower.
After celebrating his New Year
he let her free
and commanded her to
go to any hell

she wanted to go….

Thursday, October 23, 2014


From dawn to dusk
I am very much with you.
In between I play
hide and seek with you all.
Before dusk engulfs you
it is my hobby playing
pranks on you.
Before I bid farewell to you
I promise and assure you
after twelve hours
with disappearance of the dusk
for waking you up
I would appear again
and welcome you all
and elevate you sky-high
and make you joyous and  ecstatic. 
The more I discharge my duties,
the more vigorous I become

and will be on duty 24X7…..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It was a fresh lease of life for more than two hundred girl children kidnapped and hidden somewhere in Nigeria for the last several months by the ultra-militant outfit Boko Haram. It is certain that the Nigerian govt had to bow down before the leaders of Boko Haram for freeing the children in return for a huge ransom by the govt. Otherwise such a gesture wouldn’t have extended towards the govt by the ruthless terror outfit which went on a killing spree of tens of thousands of lives with the sole aim of establishing an Islamic fiefdom in Nigeria.
It’s determination to form a govt of their own is still unchanged and hence we could very well accept the truth that they would run roughshod  across Nigeria killing innumerable Nigerians in future also. Likewise the kidnapping. The ruthless terror outfit nurtures a belief that girl children should be married off to the Nigerian men as per the principles of Islamic religion. How come they came out with such an absurd belief from the Holy book of Quran? According to them education is being denied to the girl child and women and it is only the prerogative of man. The first and foremost step is getting them married off and producing  as many children as possible. The Islamic women are even forbidden to come outside their houses and talk to other men since that too is against the Islamic principles. Similarly they should wear burqa 24 X 7.
Whether Nigeria is likely to fall into the hands of Boko Haram in the not too distant future? Let us leave the billion dollar question to time.
If in Nigeria it is the Boko Haram, in West Asia it is a far stronger Islamic State (IS) which was carved out of Iraq and Syria. Abubaker-Al-Bagdadi, the leader of Islamic State (IS) is in the saddle proclaiming himself the Caliph of the jihadist state. It has already claimed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, kurds and Syrians. With Islamic State moving ahead with massacring innumerable citizens, Iraq pleaded with United States to intervene and teach the IS a lesson with sophisticated weapons and on listening to the pleas of Iraq, US has already intervened, bombarded continuously over the harshest terrains of the so-called Islamic State(IS) and killed thousands of terrorists with an aim of flushing out the leaders of IS (Islamic State) who are safely embedded inside the safest havens. US which is on the look out for so-called Caliph Abubaker-Al-Bagdadi and his followers has not succeeded in tracing out them so far but with a vow to capture him at any cost along with British and Kurdish assistance. Still, he is at large like Mulla Omar of Afghanistan. The Islamic State (IS) jihadists have already beheaded four gentlemen, two of them freelance journalists and other two aid workers, in cold-blood which were captured in videos and displayed before the world citizens with the purpose of terrorizing them. The fight is going on and so far the elements of Islamic State have not shown any signs of defeat.
Today’s newspapers  carry a news item regarding the expulsion of the Pakistani militant outfit Tehreek-E-Taliban spokesman  Shahid-Al-Shahid for declaring his support to Islamic State with which Tehreek-E-Taliban doesn’t maintain good relationship. 

Interpretation of Quran by various militant elements are confusing to a common man like me. What about others? We will have to inquire……            

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


War between two countries
is aggravating
killing tens of thousands
of citizens and soldiers
belonging to both neighbouring nations.
Bombardments, firings,
grenade attacks, tear gas, tanks
convert the lands to
a grave-yard.
Thousands of citizens
flee the land in their quest for life
to the border areas
and beyond with their belongings
and pitch tens reminding one
of vast areas of slums
but with no escape routes
since the enemies bombard
and trigger guns claiming
the lives of many
young, middle-aged
and old intermittently.
Still  they crave for
their lives expecting
ceasefire is about to
be declared  with
another persons or countries playing middle men.
Life, my friend in the midst
of towering inferno is precious to many

the world over…..

Monday, October 20, 2014


Janu wakes up early
in the morning
and completes her routine chores.
After awaking her
eldest daughter
who is walking along the bridge of teenage
she hurried to the
two neighbouring 
houses in the junction
before the sun appears
in the east.
She does have
a lot of works in each
of the houses owned by
two rich gentlemen.
She cleanses the house premises
first with a broom.
Then she enters the house
and takes another broom
and wipes out all rubbish things
in response to the instructions of the owner’s wife
except the bedroom
where her husband is fast asleep
along with their children.
Then cleanses the
utensils and fills the
vessels with pure drinking water.
The lady hands over a
hot black coffee in a
glass to Janu
which she sips slowly.
By this time the Sun
welcomes her
and Janu after
taking permission from
the lady goes to
the neighbouring house
and indulges in repeating
the household chores
from there too.
She gets a glassful of black coffee
together with some eatables.
On completion of her duties
she walks to her small house
covering a paddy field
and a narrow path filled
with craters and stores
reaches her small house.
Her husband wakes up
in the wee hours of the morning
and fearing him
she never inquires him where
he was heading to.
Late in the night
he blurts out
choicest expletives to no one
otherwise to himself
and arrives at the
house in an inebriated condition.
All hell breaks loose
with him repeating
his abuses not only
towards Janu and their three children
and all one by one
is forced to suffer his blows
and kicks until
the whole house and
surroundings reverberate
with their cries.
One day he didn’t come back
none knew where he went
and after one week
on enquiry it was learnt
that he fled away 
with a lady leaving
her husband and three children
Janu breathed easy 
children breathed easy
their fear  melt like ice
and continued to have good times.
The next day
Janu went to the temple
took a bath in the temple pond
and bowed before the
God thanking him for
the blessings showered
over her and her children….
And they lived happily thereafter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Waiting for his footsteps
she lay with eagerness
and enthusiasm on the bed.
With the clock striking 9PM sharp
and listening to his footsteps
she gets up, hurries to the door and
unlocks it and open the door.
With lascivious smiles
both lock in an embrace and exchanges umpteen kisses
and she rushes to switch off the light.
After a long merry making
and after both
deriving gratification
he bids farewell to her
and promises her he would
come at sharp 9PM
and always keeps his
promises and assurances to her.
After closing the
door and locks it from inside
she goes to her bed
and slumps into the bed. 
She always keeps
it a secret just like him
and both  ensure
that they would never
reveal the secret to anyone.
Thinking of him she
lapses into slumber  
till her husband

reaches late into the night.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


With her delivering
a girl child
her husband
who was a confirmed drunkard
got angry not only towards his wife
but towards the entire world.
The emaciated, anaemic woman
was overwhelmed with great joy
for being  evolving to be
a mother of her pretty baby.
But her husband’s anger
was directed not only
towards the woman but
to the new born baby too.
‘If that be the cause
you are also responsible for
the birth of the baby’.
The man who was drunk
beyond limits 
showered thunders over her 
until she fell unconscious.
In the meanwhile
the new born  gift
was crying loudly
to draw the attention of her mother
or somebody beside her.
After three to four months 
the man impregnated the lady once again
without taking account
of her ill-health due to
malnourishment and hard work elsewhere
and because of her fear
and hatred of the
man she took away
the child with her
and entrusted the job of looking after the baby
in the huts of her close relatives.
After a long wait
with anxiety and anguish engulfing her
she delivered the second baby
who too was a girl child.
By the time the man
reached the hut
she took away both
her babies and vanished in the darkness...