Saturday, April 30, 2011


Stop thee guys plundering
the nation leaving the
economy into a shambles.
Stop thee guys extracting
the essence of common man
to satisfy your ulterior motives.
Stop thee guys your
double-speak of
integrity on the one
hand and corruption on
the other.
Mind you guys the
nation is rotting
because of your wayward
handling of the affairs
of the state.
Stop thee guys
for once and for
all the ruthless game of
suppression of the revolting masses.
Feed thee guys the
and make them happy
and bring cheers to their
Remember thee our nation
needs the blood, sweat
and tears of the masses to guide it
along the path of prosperity.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Upon watching the
stars - the shining
jewels in the sky,
human-beings on earth
aspire to turn into stars -
the bejeweled ones on earth
while a few win
not so fortunate ones lose
in the game.
The winners turn actors
and actresses
and steal the lime-light
shine in the tinsel world
in their prime times
they go oblivious
of the ephemeral nature
of their stardom.
Each star does have
an expiry date
each turns dim
each turns dwarf
as time ticks fast
in their place new
aspirants occupy stardom
the old ones vanish
into the wilderness.
All winners do think of
eternal fame
but no, each does
have an expiry date
like human-beings themselves.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The land turning barren
like infertile womb of a lady
the soil getting poisoned
by insecticide rains,
the vegetables turning
consuming them resulting
in entering the blood-streams of
poor land-holders
ultimately forcing them
turning diseased
mental and physical retardation,
infertility, cancer
children born with physical
and mental deformities
brain and nerve damages
but a non-chalant govt
continues the ruthless game of
spraying torrential rains of
no amount of protests
sufficient to force them
stop the cruel game
as they are least bothered
with the plight of the masses
but concerned with
the profitability of the
insecticide lobbies.
A land already turned

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My sweet advice together with
sweet apple juice
makes my son delighted.
He asks for more and
I give him more.
My sweet advice to him
to complete all home-work
pushes him to the room
instead of doing home-works
he plays video-games
in the computer wasting time.
A truant he never
learns lessons and homeworks.
Naturally I get angry,
I take out the canes
one by one
cane him right and left.
He is a pastmaster in
crying at the top
of his noice inviting the attention
of neighbours
but when I am angry
I forget everything and
continue to thrash him
till he bleeds.
Thus goes on my
apple and stick policy unabetted.


My sweet advice together with
sweet apple juice
makes my son delighted.
He asks for more and
I give him more.
My sweet advice to him
to complete all home-work
pushes him to the room
instead of doing home-works
he plays video-games
in the computer wasting time.
A truant he never
learns lessons and homeworks.
Naturally I get angry,
I take out the canes
one by one
cane him right and left.
He is a pastmaster in
crying at the top
of his noice inviting the attention
of neighbours
but when I am angry
I forget everything and
continue to thrash him
till he bleeds.
Thus goes on my
apple and stick policy unabetted.


Mani Shankar Aiyer, Congress MP to Rajya Sabha, yesterday in his characteristic outspoken way took on Team Anna Hazare for leading a movement against corruption which has reached gargantuan proportions in India. Mr.Aiyer’s anger, please note, is not against rampant corruption in India due to the rotten political system being followed by political parties since decades. Though Indian citizens were/are angered over the way, the politicians drag the system to the verge of abyss, they couldn’t find a savior to group them under a single umbrella, hence gritting their teeth, they kept mum for a long time waiting for someone to emerge out of the clouds one day.
All political parties including the ruling ones kept on harping about the system turning rotten and that something should have to be done immediately to stem the rot and like devils preaching scriptures, they went on preaching and took vows to root out the evil of corruption once and for all but virtually did nothing. Instead they too became part of the system and kept on blinking their eyes when their colleagues in a competitive spirit piled up lakhs, crores, millions and billions. We need not conduct a prolonged research to be kept abreast of these facts, the number of our MPs having millions and billions in their pockets are naked examples.
During recent times the skeletons that tumbled out of the cupboards are umpteen for instance, the 2GSpectrum scam which drained the exchequer of Rs. 1,760000 lakh crores, Common Wealth Games 2010 scam involving Rs. 70000 crore, Adarsh Housing Society scam involving millions a host of similar scams and scandals while 70 percent of Indians are still finding it difficult to keep both ends meet. Each family subsists on US $ 2 a day we can very well imagine an average family’s plight. Corporate-middle agent - politician nexus brought about the gargantuan losses to the exchequer and with each day passing along these lines it is not surprising that an Anna Hazare a social activist cum Gandhian emerged on the scene from Ralegaon, Ahmednagar Maharashtra.
With the inspiration drawn from several social activists like Karnataka Lokayukta, Santosh Hegde, Magsaysay award winner Aravind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi IPS, Supreme Court lawyers Shanti Bushan and his son Prashant Bushan and thousands of citizens, Hazare started a fast unto death against the ruling establishment and demanded the government to institute a council involving representatives from govt and civil society members. The rest is history. It is not worth repeating here as it was already written elsewhere.
During Hazare’s fast a few politicians like Om Prakash Chautala, Ajit Singh, Uma Bharti etc tried to reach Hazare to offer support(really funny) but the citizens present chanted ‘go back, go’ slogans against these leaders and they had to return empty handed.
Where were our politicians, when the nation was rotting with corruption of their own species, Mr.Mani Shanker Aiyer? Where you? You could have taken up cudgels against corruption in your capacity as a politician and an MP. Neither you nor any of the khadi-clad Gandhians and for that matter even communist leaders except waxing eloquent about the pervading corruption didn’t come out to the fore.
And now demanding Team Hazare to join politics and castigating them for not becoming part of the political establishment even going to the extent of Team Hazare circumventing democracy to put it mildly is ridiculous.
If the team keeps away from politicians it is because it is very well aware of Indian political parties. It is absolutely due to their connivance and also apathy that we witness a rotten India. Let the team proceed they are not here to upset the democratic system they are learned men and women and hence need not worry.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


No politician does have
a magic-wand to
ward off the evils of corruption, poverty
famine, unemployment
from the face of the earth.
But friends,
all politicians do have
the unseen magic-wands
of perpetuating the
social evils of
poverty, malnourishment
hunger and unemployment
flourishing on the face of the
If a magic-wand were
with somebody on the
face of this land
that could exorcise
the social evils and
miseries, wars, natural disasters etc
and if he were generous
in his approach to society
there would be equality,
peace and harmony
among the mankind forever.
Let’s all pray for
an incarnation with a
magic wand
to wipe out each one’s tears
for ever.


Shocking and blood-chilling news of mass caesarian has been reported from a Govt Taluk Hospital at Cherthala, Alappuzha of Kerala, Southern tip of India, known for cent percent literacy, on the 19th and 20th of April 2011. Caesarian on a mass scale, ,mind you almost 20 in two days all premature were performed with the lust for money and also to avail of leave on account of Easter holidays. Caesarians are conducted only in emergency cases but here the case is different. Those who are admitted to a govt hospital are generally from poor and lower middle-class families and they are usually at the whims and fancies of the hospital authorities. The surroundings are unhygienic but the ones admitted to the hospital have to suffer the consequences. The typical govt hospital of Kerala is without basic facilities and hence the patients are often compelled to occupy spaces on the floor even those with serious illness. If the doctor has to attend to a patient he/she has to be bribed otherwise the patients’ condition is bound to turn for the worse.
The victims of mass caesarian were forced to share single beds and the new borns are often kept on the floor. Imagine the plight of the poor, mothers and their new born babies in such a pathetic condition.
Doctors are to be bribed and they have no qualms in demanding their pound of flesh from poor man and woman, who are hailing from the lowest strata of society, mostly labourers and poverty, malnourishment and unemployment are their lot and their plight continues to be the same under different govts. As far as a politician is concerned these ones are vote-banks only. The hi-tech hospitals also resort to caesarian operations to extract money from those admitted there and that is an entirely different case.
In a State widely applauded for cent percent literacy female infanticide is the order of the day and the parents need not be blamed taking in view the plight of the girl children in the society. Hence a girl child is a nightmare to a couple at the lowest ladder of the society. The govt is least bothered over such pitiful conditions.
No wonder that in a hospital where mass caesarian are conducted within the stipulated period the cruel practice of female infanticide is a common thing.
Govt has ordered the Vigilance Commission to order an enquiry but would that help in putting an end to such practices for ever? The past instances are not that inspiring.

Friday, April 22, 2011


While on the one side the spade work of Jan Lok Pal Bill is about to be started with five cabinet ministers on one side and five civil society members on the other side, debates, arguments, viewpoints are increasing day by day by the intellectuals as well as social activists-cum-political leaders. It’s quite natural that while a new welcome venture is about to be begun, different viewpoints naturally arise and they are presented before the citizens for their benefit as they are the ultimate beneficiaries. And that was the sole reason behind the citizens, flocking to Jantar Mantar, where the social activist cum Gandhian Anna Hazare started fats unto death against the rampant corruption under the very nose of the government at the Centre. Anna was not alone to jump to the fast, about one hundred and fifty youth went on a fast unto death as a show of solidarity. The Magsasay Award winner Aravind Kejriwal, lawyer Shanti Bhushan and his son Prashant Bhushan, Karnataka Loka Yukta Head Santosh Hegde, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, Arya Sanad Leader Swamy Agnivesh a host of prominent social activists congregated at the venue.
The menace of corruption is spreading from top to bottom across the nation and the citizens who were mute spectators were in fact angry and restless and each citizen prayed for someone to take the plunge since years and at last a 72 year old Gandhian Anna Hazare from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra came all the way from there to Delhi and declared his decision of the historical decision of plunging into a fast unto death until the govt of India bowed down to his pressure thru’ Satyagraha. The govt as usual found it something unacceptable and remained defiant.
Hazare was not that easily taken aback, with much vigour and strength that he drew from the thousands of supporters at Jantar Mantar and across the nation went on with his mission and after five days of fast the govt cowed down and invited him and his colleagues for a full-fledged discussion to chalk out a future course of action. And as per the decision all unanimously arrived at the drafting of a Bill scheduled to be introduced in the Monsoon session of parliament and get it enacted.
This discussion though was a welcome gesture it drew the attention of a number of social activists, politicians and intellectuals and observers and each discussed it threadbare and are coming out with their opinions and differences.
Hazare’s apolitical approach is not much liked by a group of persons particularly politically inclined ones as the fight against corruption should begin from the bottom level, means from the local panchayat level. As famous Historian K.N.Panicker noted, the social aspect is to be given primary importance and for that politics is also essential. Former director C.V.Narasimhan, Central Bureau of Investigation too has pointed out the need for fighting corruption from the panchayat level and hence State Lok Pals across each State are to be formed and discussions, deliberations and decisions need to be taken.
Before finalizing a draft of Jan Lok Pal Bill, all pros and cons need be weighed and put into practice. As a learned person has said, what is of paramount importance is steps to prevent corruption rather than punishing who are committing corrupt practices.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


In her cradle of love
the little baby lay and thru’ up her
hands and legs into the air.
In her cradle of fondness
the little baby knew the
pleasure of fondling.
In her cradle of lullabies
the little baby experienced
the pleasure of peaceful
In her cradle of
warm, sweet kisses and
loving touch the little
baby knew the meaning of
In her constant presence
the little baby knew the
meaning of safety.
With her hard-earned money
she went on a
purchasing spree of variety
of attractive frocks for
the little baby.
Without she being aware
step by step the little baby
grew and learned to
stand on her legs
learned to run, learned
to play pranks for
her to enjoy and
laugh forgetting the
miseries of life.
And one day in her
absence the little baby
left her never ever
to return again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Olive-green uniform,
long beard, imposing appearance,
that is Fidel Castro.
Fidel bid adieu handing
over the mantle to his
brother Raul.
Fidel remains a legend throughout
loved and respected by his
ever since he took up the
mantle defeating the autocratic
regime of Batista.
1959 to 2006, 47 years
in a row the colossus
towered over the entire
establishing Socialism
inviting the
appreciation and applause of
the entire Cubans.
They remained dedicated to
him always, his very sight in
public clad in his trademark
Olive-green suit, sporting a
long beard and tight fist
of confidence.
Yankee was always
after him who wanted to
taste his blood and
each time he escaped
with a whisker.
Despite handing
over the mantle of
Cuban Communist Party Secretary
he still remains the
Superpower or the power
behind the throne
a towering presence
His olive-green uniform
long beard and imposing
presence still etched in
the minds of each Cuban
what else a legend

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Neither can I measure
my knowledge
nor can I measure my
Neither can you fathom
the depth of your knowledge
nor can you fathom
the depth of your ignorance
and for that matter
Still some hubristically
claim to be
at the top of the knowledge pyramid,
giving food for laughter.
‘Theory of Relativity’
I don’ know for sure
but know one thing for sure
that everything is relative.
Honesty is the best policy.
All must have heard
about the dictum.
Each person is imperfect
so is the world.


His name is Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee (AICC). He is past his 40s and always surrounded by sycophants, respected and feared by them as they have many things to gain and nothing to lose by prostrating before the respected young man.
Usually clad in white pyjama and kurtha, he is the embodiment of ‘simplicity and humility’ so it seems. He sports suit, coat and tie only when he flies abroad like our Home Minister Harward educated Palaniyappan Chidambaram who sports suit, coat and tie only when he goes abroad. Think of a Congressman soon a picture of simplicity flashes across our mind.
Rahul Gandhi as you know belongs to the Gandhi dynasty previously Nehru dynasty. He is the son of Congress President Sonia Gandhi who is incidentally UPA Chairperson as well as Chairperson National Advisory Council. Mr.Gandhi is the grandson of Pandit Jawahar Nehru India’ first Prime Minister and great statesman cum scholar still remembered and respected by the citizens the world over.
Nehru was a great freedom fighter was imprisoned several times, suffered immense hardships in life and his prison years were in a way a blessing in disguise. He could write a lot, ‘Glimpses of World History’ (the collection of letters he wrote to daughter Indira Gandhi), Discovery of India and his Autobiography. The great man had a flair for writing, the felicity with which he penned his works had a poetic element in them.
After Nehru, Indira occupied the saddle, in between Lal Bahadur Shastri was in power for a short term and the third one to occupy power from Gandhi dynasty at Indraprastha was Rajiv Gandhi and he remained throughout his life a pure gentleman whatever be his drawbacks, he kept aloft his gentlemanly attitude and dignity throughout his life. The heir apparent is naturally Rahul Gandhi and hence the rush of sycophants towards him like moths to fire.
He came to politics after his 30’s till then he was abroad doing his studies. Like his mother Sonia Gandhi, he too was disinterested in entering politics and was literally forced into the world of politics. But overnight he found himself catapulted to the top level, that made him the ‘yuvaraja’ (youth king) of Indian politics. While other youth across India were struggling from their student days they couldn’t reach the position Rahul Gandhi reached one fine morning. At present he is the AICC General Secretary and that post seems to have entered his head.
Perhaps this arrogant thought must have prompted him in taking on a nonagenarian like Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer for the little crime of shooting a letter to him accusing him of his lack of interest in trying to solve the myriad problems confronting the nation.
Justice Krishna Iyer is now 97 years old, in the twilight of life, who might have been flabberghasted on reading Rahul Gandhi’s reply to his letter. What all Justice Iyer wrote to the chap was worth reading and if the latter was kind enough to go thru the lines he wouldn’t have dared to pen such an arrogant letter.
Rahul Gandhi accuses Justice Iyer of writing letters to men at the top echelons of power without doing practically nothing sort of periodic release of emotions.
In his letter Rahul Gandhi reportedly is pointing out that he is not after power and he doesn’t want to b a hero. That he spends a good part of his waking hours to fight the rotten system prevailing across the country.
Laughble. The system went rot, too rot while Congress – his party was in power, still in power and the alleged scamsters like former CJI K.G.Balakrishnan and Suresh Kalmadi are running scot-free. The former DMK Minister Andimuthu Raja is cooling his heels, he was imprisoned not because of the effort of UPA govt but due to the consistent pressure of opposition parties.
Justice Iyer sarcastically commented about Rahul Gandhi visitng Kochi and the traffic getting blocked, his each visit a menace t the traffic.
Justice Iyer advised him to go through the autobiography of Pandit Nehru and learn about patriotism, socialism and secularism and reminded him that our country is now in the clutches of communalism.
No wonder Justice Iyer’s letter must have bruised Rahul’s ego and that prompted him shoot off an angry letter to Justice Iyer.
Justice Iyer replied regretting his writing to him the inner tone of sarcasm is however very much evident in the reply.

Monday, April 18, 2011


BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit held last week at Chinese resort of Sanya was a grand success. It was the first of its kind. India was represented by Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh, Brazil represented by President Dilma Rousuf, Russia by President Dmitry Medvedev, China represented by President Hu Jintao and South Africa represented by President Jacob Zuma. BRICS nations in an atmosphere of cordiality discussed and deliberated upon various issues international as also bilateral. BRICS countries as a whole consist of 300 crore of the total world population but barring Russia and China the other three nations, India, Brazil and South Africa in spite of repeated appeals and demands haven’t got admitted as permanent members of UN Security Council. Three nations, all aspirants to be members of UN Security Council since a long time are emerging economic powers and they have the legitimate right to be the members of prestigious council.
Naturally this important issue was raked up in the summit along with similar important issues.
All the five countries unanimously protested against the tendency of protectionism as also transact mutual trade with each nation’s local currencies instead of US dollars.
Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh mainly dwelt upon economic issues and with respect to its relationship with the neighbouring country of China, bilateral relations too came up especially border issues. Each committed to go on with talks on solving border issues in phases, and on the economic front, please note China is the largest country in the world having already invested US $65 billion in India and in the talks that ensued between Dr.Singh and Chinese President Hu Jintao decided to increase the amount to US $100 billion by 2015.
The summit drew attention to the developments in West Asian and North African countries. Barring South Africa, all other nations went on expected lines on the issue of NATO and French and British countries interfering in the internal affairs of Libya by condemning Libyan leader Muammar Qaddhafi. Qaddhafi actually invited such an interference and hence he deserved the repercussions by his autocratic style of functioning, the carnage he committed on the revolting civilians is an entirely different matter about which the BRICS nations are keeping mum. True, intervention in another nation’s internal matter is not correct, but under exceptional circumstances such interference should have to be welcomed.
Economy, climate change and terrorism all came in for elaborate talks at the Sanya Summit since mankind is confronted with all these paramount issues and hence discussions and deliberations on all the aforesaid issues and future course of action chalked out.
The next round of BRICS Summit is to be held in India and through talks, more and more talks in an atmosphere of cordiality is the need of the hour.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


One day,
I took out a leaf
out of my friend’s life
without him being aware of it.
Upon finding it missing
he is mad after the unknown
who took away the leaf
out of his life.
One day,
I plucked a leaf
out of the life of
a great man
who is no more.
His ghost is after me
since then, forcing me
to flee away for life.
It is better
not to pluck a leaf or
leaves from anyone’s life
as each person has a
life of his own.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sharp conflicts in their
created a wide chasm.
Between an overbearing he
and an equally daredevil
Gossip mills in their neighbourhood
worked overtime
about the wordy duels
breaking out in the
apartment frequently.
Each sought greener
one couldn’t control the
one didn’t want to
control the either.
Days on end he went
away to somewhere else,
must be spending days
with some other woman
days on end she too
went away somewhere must
be with a new guy
But in the end after
intervals each had to return
not to patch up differences
but the apartment belonged
to both.
Expect the both be there
till the moment the
apartment is disposed off
until then both can’t say
farewell forever
as the proceeds had to be
equally shared.
Money, not love
is the ultimate deciding factor

Friday, April 15, 2011


Imagine Gandhi,
the half-naked Fakir
the apostle of non-violence
training guns on a
crowd of peaceful protestors.
Imagine Gandhi,
the apostle of integrity
who made no compromises
with honesty
in the garb of
a bureaucrat
entering into shady
deals with business tycoons
and amassing a huge
heap of currencies.
Imagine Gandhi
who swore by truth
donning the role of
a pathological liar
in every sphere of life.
Imagine Gandhi
the apostle of peace
in camouflage
in the position of
defence Minister
exhorting his soldiers
to take on the enemy
by the country’s soldiers
and piling up sophisticated
weapons in his armory.
Imagine Gandhi
the greatest democrat ever
turning a dictator
a malevolent dictator
letting loose a reign
of repression and terror committing
genocide in own country.
Imagine Gandhi
resurrecting from his grave
one of these days
and witnessing the khadi-clad
‘Gandhians’ plundering his
what would be his reaction?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In the days of yore
division of labour
was the order of
the day.
Four categories, each
allotted different jobs.
Category one
held the duty of clerics,
and them the most respected
in the society.
In came category two
who evolved into warriors
and were the protectors
of the country as a whole
and most courageous
and adventurous lot they.
Third category turned
served society by supplying
all that people wanted
ofcourse for a price.
The last and most
wretched were untouchables
their duties confined
to serving the other
three categories for a living.
Time never stands still
thus we feel
and as the time
moved ahead, ticked past
the divisions blurred,
divisions mingled,
untouchable turned touchable
he became cleric,
he became businessman,
he became warrior,
he became Head of the nation,
and people called it progress.
Yes, progress it is
no doubt actually
rejoicing time it.
Believe it or not
but that old division
of labour
that old four categories
still prevalent in certain
North Indian remote rural corners.
What must be the reason?
Lack of education
what else?
Who is the culprit?
Those who hold the reins of
who else other than them?


Ivory Coast has finally been saved from the ruthless rule of a despondent ruler Laurent Gbago by the citizens and French and NATO troops. Gbago who had lost the elections held on was clinging to power with the connivance of his army men and he let loose ruthless suppression of people owing allegiance to the winner in the elections Ansanne Outtara from the very day citizens started revolting against Gbago. In the rebellion that followed Gbago’s forces massacred hundreds of people. It was kind of ethnic clashes which the entire world watched.
Finally after the mighty revolt of the citizens with the intervention of French and NATO troops Laurent Gbago ran for cover and found a safe haven in a military bunker. But that was of no use, he was finally spotted and captured bringing an end to months of bloodshed.
Till then the would-be ruler Ansanne Outtara who was forced to suffer under Laurent Gbago finally sensed victory and captured power and occupied the saddle at the capital city Abidjan.
With Outtara occupying the saddle of President of Ivory Coast and Gbago being put behind bars, the entire Ivory Coast tasted calmness.
Now that Outtara is in power he has made his position clear. With respect to his attitude towards a subdued Gbago. Outtara declared that he wouldn’t adopt a stand of vendetta against Gbago.
He has declared his intention of setting up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) like that of South Africa set up by its first President Nelson Mandela under which all who were responsible for bringing Ivory Coast to such a pass will be made accountable.
The recent developments in the Middle East and North African nations (MENA) – the revolt against the dictators and their expulsion must surely have served as catalyst for the citizens of Ivory Coast the courage to adhere to rise in revolt against the arrogant despot Laurent Gbago and continue the revolt till he was thrown out of power.
Anyhow the dictator wreaked havoc by gunning to death hundreds and hundreds of revolters and dump them in deep wells and bushes and faraway places. The Dioula tribe owing allegiance to Gbago massacred more than four hundred people who were steadfast behind Ansanne Outtara. The officials of UN Human Rights Council while on their search for the enormity of massacre could sense the stench of death emanating from the deep wells and nearby places.
It is heartening that with the overthrow of Laurent Gbago and assumption of power by a democrat Ansanne Outtara, the chain of massacres have ended and Ivory Coast is back to normality after months of turmoil.
Ivory Coast is a rich country with a robust infrastructure anyhow as one expert on the nation has written the European Nations should continue to help ‘jumpstart economy and extend humanitarian relief’.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Fed up with the autocratic rule
missiles of allegations
launched against corrupt
and callous
despondent rulers
of our nation
by a big chunk
of citizens suffering
since decades.
Not taken aback by the
chains of protest and
the fiddling Neroes went
ahead with their business.
The undaunted mighty power
of citizens
like a spear
at last pierced the
degenerated societal animals
and brought
the nation to a standstill
and forced the fiddling Neroes
bathed in blood appealed the citizens
to have mercy on them
the supreme power atlast
handed over to the citizens
on a platter.


Tomorrow is election day
whirlwind campaign tours
deafening slogans, mutual
mudslingings, all came to
Today is calm and quiet
thank God.
Whether to exercise my franchise or not
to whom should I cast my
vote if at all I go for voting.
A decision not yet taken.
All candidates came
with folded hands, begged
didn’t say not to anyone
I being tender-hearted
but the nagging question,
that pestering insects continues
to torment me
since all candidates are
the same species.
The winners in the election
go with the wind,
none takes care to visit
at least one to the
constituency after victory at the hustings.
Plight of the consistency is quite pathetic
Quite pathetic
crater-filled narrow streets
mounting vehicles blaring
horns and speeding fast
accidents a daily
Mountains of garbage on both
sides of the street
the stench intolerable, nauseating
pedestrians cover their noises
tourists easily, quickly fed up
mosquitoes having nice
time, sucking the blood of
making life insufferable.
Still many go to cast their
votes, queue up under the
summer sun, for hours
their thirst to cast votes
incomprehensible and incredible.
Many are approached by
crorepathis are they,
millionaires are they,
billionaires are they
and purchase votes
for cash,
‘cash for votes syndrome’
we people call it.
Whether to vote or not
to vote
Better spend your valuable time
with your family
‘valuable votes are something
unheard of these days,
Tomorrow is election day.


Nineteen months are left for US Presidential elections. But the incumbent President Barack Obama has already made his position clear that he will make an attempt for a second term as President.
Going by the trends, his popularity rating has risen up from a low of 30 percent to 50 percent with him beginning making compromises with Republican Party on various matters. Without their co-operation it will be difficult for him to conduct the affairs of the State at least till the next Presidential election. In the meanwhile unemployment could be brought down to 8.8 percentage. Health-care covering 34 million citizens could be enacted. He was on a collision path with G.O.P on the matter of budget cuts till recently. The Republican party insisted on budget cuts which would according to a vast number of economists would lead USA facing a second recession a repeat the 1930s. Budget cuts according to a section of Americans would affect unemployment scenario and the medi-care facility badly which would affect to 34 million citizens young and old alike. But the Republicans were adamant and they wanted 73 billion dollars cut which would dry up the pay-cheques of 8 lakh employees. The government was on the verge of a shut down, anyhow through the tireless efforts of both Republican and Democratic parties after marathon talks reached a bi-partisan by which 38 billion dollars was decided to be cut down . They did have their own logics and now we witness an atmosphere of co-operation.
On the question Guantanamo Bay, Obama had to succumb to the pressure of Republicans. The earlier decision conducting trials of 9/11 culprits Republicans wanted Obama not to subject them to trial under Federal Court, New York particularly under pressure from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but it should be a military trial to be conducted at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The fate of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh and others would have to be conducted there. Obama’s acquiescence with the demand of Republicans is said to be total betrayal of his proclaimed path.
Cave into the pressure of Republicans is nothing but his cunning way of eyeing the 2012 elections. He had to make many compromises on various matters for the sake of cementing his position earlier also.
Way back from Senate elections of November 2010 after his party was reduced to a minority he became a ‘lame-duck’ President and the only avenue left for him is to make as many compromises with the Republican party of America.
To contest the Presidential election 2012 Republican party has a pack of aspirants and in the long run who is going to win the toss is anybody’s guess. One thing is going to be a tough fight in the ensuing elections. Hilary Clinton who was supposed to contest in 2012 for the prestigious seat has already decided not to nter the fray which is self-explanatory.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Misty night.
Azure sky bejeweled with
moon and stars
gazing rejoicingly down.
Both of them walked down
the straight tarred street.
Already past their 40s,
both had actually nothing
to talk about
nothing to share.
Young couples hand in hands
were walking past them
talking sweet matters
cracking jokes and
giggling often.
For the sake of talking
each talked,
for the sake of cracking
jokes cracked cheap
and for the sake of laughing
they laughed
everything hollow and mechanical.
Cool winds embraced them
but that was not enough
to rejuvenate their sagging spirits.
Before reaching the
point they aimed at
both got fed up
with the whole business
and returned to their
without talking anything,
without even smiling
both wearing stony looks.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Others mistook us for twins
our resemblance too astounding
our age difference only
but one
that nobody knew except
parents and relatives.
We were two naughty cats
at home
played pranks often,
Mom often ‘cane-charging’
We but cried not
silently wiped away our pain
howsoever excruciating it
Outside home we were
two silent cats
mingled with nobody
we heard others whispering
‘see two alley cats’.
Both wore the same dress,
Both wore specks,
Both joined the same class,
Both good at studies,
Hence darlings of teachers.
From kindergarten to school,
School to college
We grew with time
each attained puberty
each became sensuous and
intellectual beauties
the cynosure of all eyes.
While in college
a classmate
he was handsome
trapped my sister by his histrionics
continuously ‘preying’ her.
I warned her of the
lurking dangers behind
such a relationship
but a soft-hearted she
had already fallen for
the guy.
However reluctantly, yes
reluctantly I became her
but my heart pounded like drum-beatings
on thinking about the secret.
One day the secret spilled-over
don’t know how
reached the ears of
My fear proved true,
the matter reached the
ears of parents
and all hell broke loose.
Mom took out the
canes from her collections
locked her inside a room
ruthlessly, yes ruthlessly
caned her till she
Unbearable it was
I too felt the pain
entered my room
lay on the bed
and pressed my face on
the pillow wept, wept
and wept silently.
But my sister had the
last laugh,
Pappa and Mom caved in
before her rock-like love
and succumbed to
her silent pressure.
Despite younger than me
albeit by one year
it was my sister who
first tied the nuptial
the local people, the
gossip-mongers flashing
the news of her selecting
a life-partner from
a lower caste.
It was not a happy
Pappa and Mom kept
their pain and agony to
the house bore a
grave-yard silence.
Soon after they
married me off to a youth of
their choice.
I didn’t say ‘no’,
I am such a type
after the marriage
both of us flew abroad
where he was employed.
My sister,
quite unfortunate she was
wrote to me, phoned
me occasionally
about her all calculations
that going awry
about her drunkard, womanizer husband
who had no qualms to
act as a pimp for his wife
about he raining
blows on her each day
demanding dowry, more
dowry more, more dowry.
I saw tears in her
I saw tears in her
weeping voice
her tears were mine too
but both sitting miles apart
under the control of
two men
kind of chained feeling.
Once upon a time
we were two silent cats
others mistook us for twins.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Immeasurable are the distances,
Innumerable are the obstacles
obstructions and obfuscations.
Rivers , streams, forests, hills
mountains, forests, deserts
oceans all are to be
covered to reach the
How long it would take
to reach the other end
of life.
Whether it is possible
or to cut short the journey
midway voluntarily or by fate
all beyond our control.
Still we continue the journey
continue we must
come what may
whether the destination point
is reachable or not.


“This is the next struggle for our independence. Even though the British have left, only the colour of the ruler’s skin has changed, nothing else has.” – Anna Hazare
Anna Hazare renowned social activist and a true follower of Gandhian thoughts is on fast unto death since Tuesday. The respected social activist deeply pained and shocked at the extent corruption for the last decade or so finally decided enough is enough and the rampant corruption should be wiped out from the soil of India once and for all. Citizens like you and me were watching in shocking silence at the mountain of corruption the already burdened country is carrying over its shoulders. We sincerely hoped and prayed for the incarnation of a Missiha to take up cudgels against this looming menace. Now that the Missiha in the form 72 year old Anna Hazare has appeared on the scene demanding the formation of Jan Lok Pal Bill. Even before jumping into the fray he had demanded our Prime Minister to do something to erase corruption but the gentleman never cared to listen to saner counsels of Anna Hazare.
Even when he was about to start his fast unto death after all avenues of a solution failed the Prime Minister was adamant. The ‘Yes men and women’ of Mr.Singh and Sonia Gandhi like Manish Tiwari, Jayanti Natarajan and such elements accused Hazare of venturing into a ‘premature’ action and appealed to him to withdraw his fast.
Hazare’s ire and sarcasm against the group of Ministers to chart out a course of action as this group of Ministers consisted of Sharad Pawar who according to Hazare is himself a man of corruption and Kapil Sibal the Tele-communications Minister who went to the extent of justifying that in the 2G Spectrum scam our nation actually didn’t lose a single paise the truth was just the opposite, a massive loss of Rs 1,76000 lakh crore drained off the exchequer. Hazare without waiting for even a second, rejected the aforesaid group of Ministers looking into the matter.
Our Law Minister Veerappa Moily is a man with some sense of humour. He informed Hazare of the loss of the copy of draft Lok Pal Bill and requested Hazare to provide him with a new copy. A fasting Hazarika mocked at Veerappa Moily’s request and sarcastically pointed out the ‘seriousness’ the govt of India had displayed over the matter.
We witnessed a long procession of scams after scams, scandals after scandals like Anna Hazare and we can very well imagine the pain and agony he had undergone watching the scenes sitting on the side-lines. A true Gandhian like Hazare’s heart bled for the country. His voice turned into voice of the nation. Simultaneously the ‘so-called’ Gandhians in the corridors of power enjoyed power and pelf continue to enjoy, amass huge chunks of money without any qualms but preach Gandhism at the top of their voices a daily sight we all witness.
Soon after Hazare started fast at Jantar Mantar hundreds of citizens from various walks of life visit him and along with Hazare one hundred and fifty youth are on fast and to show solidarity with him citizens all over India who are fed up with a corruption-ridden govt are coming out into the streets to extent support for his noble cause.
A cross-section of our citizens for years eagerly waited for somebody to take up the mantle and that moment has reached now for another liberation struggle. As Anna Hazare compared to his movement with Jayaprakash Narayan’s movement of 1975 - his ‘Total Revolution’ and this comparison is apt and perfect.
Let the Jan Lok Pal bill be enacted under pressure from Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy, Aravind Kejriwal, Nikhil Dey, Sandip Pandey, Ms. Kiran Bedi IPS with the whole-hearted support of majority of Indians. The need of the hour is vigilance on the part of citizens, some political leaders to capitalize on Hazare’s movement tried to encroach upon the venue at Jantar Mantar like Uma Bharti, Ajith Singh, Om Prakash Chautala and they were prevented from it by Hazare’s people, a welcome step indeed. We know them. We know their history. To keep them out of such a noble venture is also the need of the hour. Otherwise this hallowed movement would be spoilt by all and sundry.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Dark God,
your black humour
is something beyond imagination
something unbearable
you follow no pattern
no rules
no minimum decency and decorum.
You, like
a suicide-bomber
or like a confirmed drunkard
in the driving seat
roll over the young
and old alike
get exploded or mow down
whoever comes your way
everything at your will and
It’s you who draw
red-lines, blood-lines
under the names of
all lives following your


In the ‘Maximum City’
local trains
on a daily basis
do enjoy feasts of deaths.
The maddening crowds
crossing the rail tracks
to reach the next platforms
violating all rules
the overflowing compartments cum reservoirs
all the victims get caught between
the wheels and tracks.
The local trains do enjoy
feasts of deaths
on a daily basis.
Motormen with frozen minds
motormen with detached minds
the blinking motormen
their hands always on
the blaring horns
deafening are the sounds.
While the elongated serpents
Jump over rails
In drunken states.


He was lying in a state
of inebriation
in the blond’s lap
forgetting all his worries.
She was bending down
and showering kisses on him aplenty
caressing him smoothly, softly
which could raise his hairs
with intoxication.
He happened to notice her manicured nails
growing longer and longer
sharper and sharper
her eyes turning reddish
her face turning dark and hairy
her canine tooth and long tongue
projecting out of her mouth
all within seconds.
With a pounding heart
he tried to gather all his
strength and tried to
flee for life
but no
his strength already
deserted him and with
longer, sharper nails
she pierced his flesh,
her canine tooth and
blood oozing long tongue
tasting his blood
her hand turned already
dark and hairy like that
of a wolf
a sinking feeling
already taken possession of him
all within seconds…….


It seems with the Mohali round of diplomacy all problems between India and Pakistan have been settled. That is the magic of cricket. Actually only the spade-work for further rounds of talks has been laid out in a cordial atmosphere. The bonhomie between the two countries is really worth appreciation.
Indian Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh’s timely invite to Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and Asif Ali Sardari, Pak President and their immediate acceptance of the invite in the backdrop of an exciting semi-final paid much dividends and both premiers did discuss various matters affecting both of them. ManMohan Singh’s reference to large-scale poverty, disease and unemployment in both countries did come for talks, similarly the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear tragedy affecting Japan and the sudden development in West Asian countries.
An important matter which became amply clear was that like India, Pakistan too is badly in need of peace and prosperity ,it also wants to free itself from the clutches of terrorism and for that the two nations need to co-operate with vigour and resolve.
The Mumbai carnage of 26/11/08 did come for talks and it was natural and in order to help India to further speed up the process of bringing the culprits to book Pakistan for the first time agreed for a judicial commission to visit Pakistan and conduct an investigation. This decision was an important turning point as far as both nations are concerned.
To a question, whether there was a push from USA, on both nations to negotiate a solution both leaders made it clear that they needn’t have the intervention of a third party and let’s remember that Pakistan for the first time is not insisting the intervention of a third party for further talks on the core issue of Kashmir.
As I had already mentioned the Mohali round of cricket diplomacy to lay the spadework for further negotiations, please note Pakistan-India problems extend upto more than six decades hence several rounds of talks are needed between Foreign Secretary level, Foregin Ministerial level and Prime Ministerial level.
Now that spadework has been laid out Foreign Secretary level talks are certainly expected especially on the core issue of Kashmir.
Since the relationship between the two nations being a delicate matter since forces opposed to an improvement in relations work overtime, the two countries need be vigilant.
As Gilani after arriving in Islamabad said the talks with India was a win-win one and the same must be the response of our Prime Minister also. The same is our response.
Let an atmosphere of peace, calm and cordiality prevail in both countries and let a recurrence of enmities not arise in future especially because of India and Pakistan are two neighbouring nations.
As Pakistan had made it clear, let’s avoid a third party intervention as it clearly displays a weakness on our part.
Similarly both PMs might have had a discussion about hundreds of prisoners languishing in the jails of both countries. Let them be freed by both nations as a step in the right direction.