Monday, April 26, 2010


We must be thankful to Lalit Modi. The IPL czar was digging up his own “grave” in a sense. His intention while tweeting was allegedly to drag Shashi Tharoor and his lady friend Sunanda Pushkar who is based in Dubai, allegedly to deprive Kerala an IPL slot and make way for another business honcho Adani into the picture and help him to shift the venue to Gujarat. Lalit Modi unfortunately was opening up the Pandora’s Box and in the process he fell into the ditch he had dug up to push Tharoor into it and consequently Tharoor lost the ‘coveted’ post of Minister of State for External Affairs. Along with his resignation came out many a skeleton out of the IPL closest about which up till then we had only some inkling.

Now with the entry of Income Tax Sleuths and Enforcement Directorate raids which still continue obviously at the instance of Central Government. Now we are witnessing the amusing scenes of big guns, film personalities, corporate honchos and political leaders running hither and thither for cover. The outcry for the resignation of IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi and if he refused to quit sack him forthwith rouse from different quarters. The adamant Modi was in no mood to quit. He was suspended from IPL last night by Shashank Manohar, the Head of BCCI..

The inner plays behind the curtains are being revealed before the public, the tales of millions of unaccounted black-money being white-washed getting wider publicity. A murky world being exposed to the horror and anger of common man and avid cricket lovers. The ugly truths that keep pouring out are that with cricket being made a scape goat, it was a murky story of crores of rupees changing hands through match-fixing. And now it has bee made public that the betting and match-fixing had its genesis since IPL II tournament played in South Africa. The said tournament which ought to have been played in India was shifted to South Africa at the last minute after a tug of war between an adamant Home Minister Chidambaram and the determined Czar of IPL Lalit Modi over the issue of security cover to the participating teams. It was a difficult time for India with the incessant threats of terrorists and Chidambaram was not willing to spare security forces for providing security cover to IPL teams at a difficult juncture. An old story, so no need to go further.

Modi as an astute entrepreneur is a man of innovative ideas and hence he was instrumental in introducing ‘strategic time-outs’ for helping commercial firms by providing more time to advertise their products and to add colour and charm to the matches introduced the participation of cheer-girls by each team. ‘Great’ is the only apt word to describe it. Frankly speaking as a spectator I was not at all charmed by the so-called charm from the scantly dressed beautiful girls instead I felt pity on them as they were brought to the occasion as puppets with strings in the hands of somebody sitting somewhere. I thought about inorder to earn a living these girls were in fact pretending to be cheerful by dancing in front of the spectators.

The National TV news channel sensing a rich harvest from the great circus going on with adventures and comics plunged into the picture and round the clock telecasting of news reports and interviews setting aside the burning issues the nation faces like the ‘mounting food’ inflation, like hike in fuel prices, detailed reports and analysis of Prime Minister ManMohan Singh’s visit to USA to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit at Washington and the meetings of IBSA(India, Brazil and South Africa) and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) at Brasilia of Brazil reaping rich harvests. The debates on IPL imbroglio nevertheless goes on with spirit and vigour and one newspaper reported it is NDTV 24X7 which comes first in the race with CNN-IBN close behind. This is not at all intended to cast aspersions on the National news TV news channels. On coming to learn about something sensational all of them selectively forget the stories they were following till then, which are of national significance, no follow-up of the stories taken into account. The magnitude of criticism leveled against such channels by media watchers across the spectrum doesn’t in anyway teaches these channels to rectify their wrongs not because they are not aware of it only because of their obsession with TRP ratings. It is time to change otherwise it will be too late.


Tomorrow, the 27th April. A Bharat Bandh under the umbrella of almost all opposition parties is likely or unlikely to paralyze normal life in the country. This is in protest against the galloping price rise of food items and essential commodities and the steep hike in fuel prices. To register the protest of the masses, this bandh has become an inevitability. If a bandh is warranted, due to the anti-people politics of the Govt, there is no other way out.

Some questions are bound to arise, have already arisen from certain quarters. Cultural icons, a section of writers, artists, erstwhile revolutionaries who have evolved into mature ones, some have chosen social activities like empowerment of women and children-a commendable job indeed-a section of citizens, technocrats, entrepreneurs – the list abound citing various reasons for their objections to bandhs or hartals.

Such reservations and protests against hartals - here in Kerala it is hartal instead of Bandh, both one and same - are to, a certain extent, yes, to a certain extent only, are, justifiable. Fed up with frequent hartals which adversely affect the normal life of the public one conscientious citizen filed a public interest litigation before the Honorable High Court of Kerala appealing to ban bandhs. The intelligent and cunning political leaders of Kerala soon after the High Court banned bandhs in Kerala renamed it by another name – Hartal. But on taking into account the overall picture, a hartal or bandh is an outlet to register protest against the anti-people policies of higher authorities whoever they are.

Kerala people, majority of them are against hartals. Who is to blame for it? Doubtlessl;y, I would say doubtlessly and categorically, it is on account of political parties and leaders, no one an exception. Frequnet hartals declared, all of a sudden, by political parties , to protest against some group or another political party (some of them are regional hartals) to register protest on account of murders resulting from political rivalry and subsequent clashes, or against the Govt of the day for minor issues add to misery of a vast spectrum of people ranging from commuters waiting for buses or trains getting stranded at bus stations and railway stations finding no way to reach their destinations, tourists left in the cold also stranded at airports, resorts, railway stations, bus stations, squeezed to the maximum by greedy autorickshaw drivers and cabbies harvesting a huge bonanza, affecting the tourism sector adversely and the image of the land getting clouded abroad, regular office-goers, nursery going kids and students badly affecting their studies.

Those who call for frequent hartals, here underline frequent, don’t know or the pretend to be ignorant about the way some vested interests bent upon capitalizing on such miseries to satisfy their ulterior motives and for finding justification for their unjust acts.

One national daily The New Indian Express has taken up the initiative to invite the opinions of a wide cross-section of the society to enlighten the common man about the hardships to which they are subjected to on hartal days.

Though a regular reader of the reputed newspaper, without any malice towards them, I am tempted to write something.

Right from the days of veteran Newspaper baron, Ramnath Goenka, Indian Express allegedly continues to follow a tradition of anti-employee stance, for instance an All India strike of Bank Employees often castigated by it alleging luxurious life styles of Bank employees drawing “huge pay-packs” oh my god, and in spite of it demanding more pay, more perks, more service amenities, in fact, have to slug it out to get their demands settled. I was a bank-employee, though opted out of service more than three years ago and hence I know for sure the ‘weight’ of the ‘huge pay-packs’ they are referring to. They are requested to kindly inquire about and compare the salaries drawn by an IT employee and a bank employee. Recently, believe me if you can, I came to know from a UP school teacher that he draws a fairly large amount as his monthly salary. Besides, The New Indian Express, many outsider customers included speaks about the virtues of a glamorous profession like banking and the ‘huge pay-packets’ drawn by a bank employee. The fact that since a well-dressed bank-employee riding his motorcycle or car every morning to the bank doesn’t mean that he leads a glamorous life of pomp and pageantry. Whatever they have achieved up till now, and even after it is on account of their frequent demands, protests, collective bargaining and occasional strikes.

During my occasional trips to Ernakulam, I could see red-banners raised by The New Indian Express employees and temporary sheds built by them to escape from the searing Sun, their slogans demanding the owners of The New Indian Express ‘Meet our demands’, ‘Do justice to us’, what came off it, I don’t know.

Ramnath Goenka, it is heard, was adept in breaking the strike of Express employees resorting to iron-fist rules ranging from transfers, suspensions and dismissals. Never did he bow down to their pressures and protests.

Sometimes to achieve our aims we should have to adopt various measures like strikes and bandhs, sometimes even fast unto death. Even Mahatma Gandhi adopted such steps to achieve the demands.

One week ago BSNL employees across the country went on an indefinite strike demanding settlement of various issues. Only then the Govt. bowed down and settled the problem at least for the time being.

Misutilization of this path, hartal, I mean frequent hartals in the long run is likely to rebound and hence the crusaders are on the upbeat.

Anyhow from a citizen’s point of view, tomorrow’s Bharat Bandh is an inevitability.


Like a blooming flower
Crushed and torn to pieces
Like a sapling nipped in the bud
Like lamp’s light blown away
Like a human life crushed under
A heavy nailed boot
Like a helpless journalist hostage
Begging for life
being beheaded by a terrorist
Like a girl child in a desert
Chased and gang raped to death
Like an eagle flying round in the sky
with prying eyes on citing its victim
flys down with in split seconds
snatches its prey and shoots high into the sky
Like a revolutionary being blind-folded
His hands tied in the back and shot dead in cold-blood
by a law-enforcer
Like a bomb exploding in the
face of a pedestrian
Like a suicide bomber
Ramming his vehicle into a crowd and
triggering an explosion
With mangled body parts strewn around
Like the God Almighty smiling
At the rich and mocking the poor,
The world is an upset apple-cart.

Friday, April 23, 2010


“You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will are in fact no more than the behaviour of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules”. – Francis Crick, Nobel Laureate

He was her eternal lover
Since his child hood days
He came to her daily,
Both chatted for long hours
No one could notice them chatting,
The language of love only
Known to both of them.
Kind of silent communication of inner secrets, feelings.
He grew up
Both played pranks,
Laughed at each other,
Her vast expanse
Like the vast expanse of blue-sky.
In the moon-lit nights
Sitting on the beach
Sometimes kicking the sand dunes
He witnessed the
Glittering blue sky coming down
And stars and moon showering
Kisses on her
Enjoying their reflections
He was envious though
But he knew
That relationship began
Since the birth of universe
She was his lover
Possessive both of them
One day he inquired:
Dear, why these fluctuating
Sometimes as calm and serene as
A pond adjacent to his home
With the blooming
Lotus flowers and its
Green leaves
Sometimes you, like a fairy
Like a gyrating dancer,
with her disheveled hair moving violently
like Devi’s thandava,
Restless and angry,
Were you a jilted-lover in your previous birth…..
That made her laugh
And with a motherly affection replied:
I have no birth, deaths
And hence no rebirths
I was here, I am here
I will be here, my dear
A sigh of relief from him,
One day, under a
Cloudy sky with
Moon and stars hidden
Behind the clouds,
He sat at the beach for long hours,
Looking gloomy
Occasional lightnings,
And roars of thunder
“Dear you are very late today
Now it will rain heavily
Can’t you see?”
Go, hurry, home
No response came out from him,
She went sad, very sad,
The next day he
Went to a distant city,
He didn’t go to meet her
She expected him for long long hours,
Her moods changed,
Wings of waves,
Like wings of fury,
Like wings of fire,
Lashed her head repeatedly
On the scattered rocks.
Storms, thunder showers
like a jilted lover went mad,
With the wings of fury
Moving skywards menacingly
Uprooting the trees,
Houses, monuments, lives,
Her fury knew no bounds,
Her cries reverberated around,
He in the crowded, congested city
While moving along the streets through the crowds,
Felt drops of
Water pouring down
To his feet from above like
Tear drops
He knew it were her tear drops
And rushed back to meet her and
Calm her………….

Thursday, April 22, 2010


A gang is a bunch of criminals and they are ‘omnipresent’, be it in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bombay and for that matter anywhere in India. Not only India, gangs are widespread in almost all nations the world over and in some countries they are known as mafias. On thinking about mafias in comes to my mind ‘The God Father’- a renowned novel authored by famous writer Maria Puzo which was a best-seller widely read the world over. ‘God Father’ was made into a film by Francis D Cappola and the role of God Father was enacted by the Oscar Winner Marlan Branto. The character Don Corlorne was made immemorable by Branto. I do not want to go into it now.

A gang don’t owe allegiance to anybody and if someone nurses any vendetta or vengeance towards someone or another group of criminals, read, another gang hired by some vested interests or business groups like money lenders who charge cut-throat interest rates for the money they have lent to toiling farmers or small-scale businessmen who make default promise to pay the gangsters the contract amount they demand, bargaining is possible of course, to settle scores. Sometimes they are referred as “contract killers” after the promised deed is done as per their terms and conditions. The gruesome act is done in cold-bold, sometimes in the dead of night or in broad-daylight. Whichever way, whatever way the crime is to be committed, the gang will be ready to execute it in an “impressive” and copy book precision. They need not be provided with lethal weapons as they are already in possession of them, swords, guns, bombs, grenades, daggers, cycle-chains, double-edged weapons, the only thing they demand is the promised reward. Backtracking from the promise is something they can’t tolerate and they won’t tolerate and will certainly be turned out to be a boomerang. A “rebound phenomena” would of course turn into a catastrophe causing much blood-spilt. The gang, a bunch of criminals, are healthy, sturdy, and ones without the capability to ponder over the consequences, hence like a group of wild animals in the jungles always preying for its victims. Animals on prowl like the modern day terrorists as they are also on prowl across the nations to strike at an opportune moment killing thousands.

Certain new-generation banks and modern day shylocks who charge exorbitant rates of interests from the borrowers always pay, protects, even lawyers are hired to argue the cases of the gang members to take on those who make default of payments. Default is always default, not keeping promise is something not to be digested, hence on instructions from the afore-said entities, the gang first approach the defaulters with admonitions, warnings of dire consequences if the amount is not paid back in time with penal interest. The hapless customer may not be able to stick to the dead-line, the loan amount falls overdue, then the hydra baring it tentacles appears on the scene and squeeze the poor borrower makes him suffocate sometimes forces him, to end his life and if he is in possession of immovable properties availed of as a loanee takes them away forcibly after the usual assaults and torture.

The approach of the bank representative with a broad smile and the generous offering of a loan, the countless plus points of borrowing from the bank, warm shake-hands, literally traps the borrower and without nursing a suspicion put his signature on the dotted lines. The poor fellow doesn’t know then he is signing his death-warrant. Even SupremeCourt had taken strong exceptions towards the new generation banks, thus they are fondly referred to and the contemporary shylocks for hiring gangs to take on the poor borrowers several times and warned them of stringent action if they are bent upon treading these lines further.

Sometime back - approximately six months back- a police inspector while riding his bike down a street of Tamil Nadu was blocked by a gang in broad-daylight and without any queries or explanations callously hacked him, right and left. The helpless police inspector writhing in pain while lying in a pool of blood was literally wailing and calling for help of the spectators, who were watching the gruesome scene nonchalantly with nobody to come to his aid. The cynicism of a generation filled in me- a common citizen of India- shock and rage while I was watching the death cry of a young human being from afar. The entire scenes were captured by an anonymous person in his mobile camera, thanks to his presence of mind, we all came to know about the callous indifference of a generation.

Sorry the most condemnable incident was that two Ministers (are they human beings?) who came down the street in their cars, of course with escorts remember, they are the representatives of entire subjects of a State even didn’t think it apt to come out of their cosy seats. They reclined comfortably in their cars and they must have felt impatience because of their upset time-schedules as they have to attend to myriad problems of the citizens and after their impatience reached its bottom-line came out into the Sun and watched the Sub-Inspector weeping for help. He was literally beseeching them to save his life but to no avail.

The gang men after committing the deed left the scene in a huff in their bikes and all must have been stunned including the gangsters, when everyone came to know with shock and pain that the police sub-inspector was absolutely innocent and it was a case of mistaken identity. Actually they were hired by their employers to aim another police-inspector and luckily that person was on a pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

The innocent police sub-inspector after writhing in pain with blood splashed over his body was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, which came one hour later and he left for his heavenly abode within minutes.

When will our world wake up to the fact that all human lives are precious and to be taken care of? Only a wishful thinking, I know for certain…

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Media’s Soliloquies

Many Avatars I have
Treasure house,
Pandora’s box,
Can of worms
I can make you sad,
Make you cry,
Like a child,
Sometimes I turn serious,
Force you to think for hours,
Sometimes a comedian,
Make you laugh,
With my comic mannerisms,
Play mischiefs
Open up a can of worms,
or a pandora’s box
Mutual mud-slinging
Please, please don’t
Shower me with curses;
I am innocent like
A little child
An enlightener and entertainer simultaneously
A tool in
The hands of
Elite to be precise,
Being abused by paedophiles
Or like a helpless lady,
Being gang-raped and thrown down the drains,
Defiled or crushed like
A beautiful flower
By demons
It’s my plight, my lot
No let-up in sight,
Used and misutilized,
Wish a savior were to
Rescue me from the clutches of savages

Monday, April 19, 2010


Brinda Karat and Arundhati Roy though both are pro-poor, Arundhati has many pluses compared to Brinda Karat since Arundhati not being bonded or restricted within the confines of a political party. Brinda Karat should have to tread the path which her party CPI (M) has drawn for its card-members. Added to this Mrs Karat one of the Polit Bureau members of the party holds a responsible important post in the women’s wing of the CPI (M) All India Democratic Women’s Association(AIDWA). Nowadays she has become more pro-active - this doesn’t mean that she was not that pro-active - in taking trips to various states of the nation, if one day in Andhra Pradesh to take up the cause of tribal women and children, the recent vaccination deaths of some tribal children taken without the consent of the childrens’ parents, one day in the interior parts of Tamil Nadu like Tirunelveli where lots undergo suffering due to poverty, one day to West Bengal, her party’s citadel peripatetic we could say thus taking all efforts to draw the attention of the authorities concerned and some issues which need immediate attention of the Central Ministers by presenting the poor lots’ hardships in Parliament.

Notwithstanding all these i.e. her pro-active social activities she can’t say with her hands on her chest she is not bound by the party’s diktats. She is constrained to or for that matter another party members to adhere to certain policies and programmes which the party collectively takes. A communist party is a cadre-based party, intolerance of groupism, strict discipline and adherence to certain principles as enshrined in the constitution of party have to be followed in letter and spirit. Otherwise show-cause notices seeking explanations and if the explanations are not to the satisfaction of the supreme authority reprimands, suspension or expulsions with immediate effect will be the outcome. Hence many things which demand debate and differences of opinion are swept under the carpet for the sake of unity of the party. For instance, if a member has no right to express his opinion about a controversial contemporary decision taken by the party except in the party forum and if he dares to deviate from the party’s line he will be taken to task. Forging alliances with certain parties may not be to the satisfaction of certain members but being a member he has to abide by the majority decision and if is bent upon violating or not obliging the decision, show him the door is the established practice of the party. Otherwise before the expulsion notice is served upon him; he can voluntarily go out and can chalk out the future course of action. Such instances are countless and hence the formation of several splinter parties. Only a few opt out of public life and keep aloof for the rest of their lives and such persons are very rare as majority prefer to remain in the lime-light, crass parliamentarism being more sweet to such comrades. A minister-ship is not that bad but something tasteful and worth to be devoured and an easy route to ‘fame, glory and prosperity’.

Arundathi Roy, writer and social activist do not keep any affiliations to any party and hence a free bird. Quite outspoken and brave to take up any challenge that comes her way, championing the cause of the deprived sections of the society. Right from her childhood days and through her first book, “The God of Small Things” which brought her Booker Prize, fame, glory and wide acclaim the world over, her empathy with the deprived lot started to pour in abundance. “God of Small Things” set in Aymanam, a quite village in Kottayam district of Central Travancore, through which the famous Meenachil river flows quietly its both sides covered with thick Mangroves and coconut trees. Though based on a Christian family her depiction of Velutha, a sturdy Paravan youth (fisherman) and the brutal police assault and torture due to the machinations of certain vested interests of the village. The poignant description of the ruthless assault on Velutha by the police men is thus goes on in the book and I quote here : “His skull was fractured in three places. His nose and both his cheek bones were smashed, leaving his face pulpy, undefined. The blow to his mouth had split open his upper lip and broken six teeth, three of which were embedded in his lower lip, hideously inverting his beautiful smile. Four of his ribs were splintered, one had pierced his left lung, which was what made him bleed from his mouth. The blood on his breath bright red. Fresh, Frothy. His lower intestine was ruptured and haemorrhaged, the blood collected in his abdominal cavity. His spine was damaged in two places, the concussion had paralysed his right arm and resulted in a loss of control over his bladder and rectum. Both his knee caps were shattered.” Really mind-boggling and blood-chilling description…

One comrade K.N.M Pillai a communist party leader known all over the village even plays a dubious role and Arundhati’s portrayal of the utter hypocrisy, mannerisms, hollow, worthless talks of suffering mankind, the inevitability of revolution, his histrionics, in short, the various games politicians play. In fact, Arundhati through the novel fearlessly tears apart the masks of such “species” who are on the rise unfortunately in contemporary times.

Due to her outspoken nature and fearless writing she has detractors abound, even an erudite, reputed editor of a national daily sometime back wrote derisively describing her as ‘One Book Wonder’ as she didn’t pen another novel after that. His anger knew no bounds as Arundhati through her essays, interviews and speeches minced no words in castigating and ruffling feathers of many an elite group. Her essays, interviews, and speeches are compiled, edited and published in book forms which also won her international acclaim.

Her recent visit to the Maoist infested states - the red corridor - and her interaction with tribals and those who lead them from the forefront and an elaborate story of the plight of the tribals which they undergo since decades has been published recently. The shocking stories of them being exploited by corporate miners and their resistance against exploiters, brutal forces torturing them mercilessly all vividly described. An essential real-life story to be gone through.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Terrace, a Mini-stadium
Four protective walls
Flower pots beneath
Colorful fragrant flowers,
Thick greenery all around,
Morning sun casting warm rays,
Occasional flying kisses of cool winds
Brisk walk from one end to the other
An half an hour “Odyssey”
Glimpses of houses around,
Mariam hurrying to well with pots
Drawing water with full force,
The post-mistress has to rush to bus stop to catch the bus,
Duty is duty, Duty is worship
Mariam knows punctuality is the motto of Indians
At the other side Chirutha
Lashing and washing the dirty linen
Chathu, her husband ignites
The Engine of the bike
With hooting sirens he speeds past to the road ahead
Shop has to be opened,
Business must go on, he knows
Markose, the driver at the other end busy
With his truck washing and cleaning,
Martha, his wife washing utensils,
A few feet away a sawmill roaring,
In the din drown the
Full-throated shouts of the laborers
A bane of our times
And the shape of things to come.
A warning of sorts
In the tranquil serene village
Neethu, the new neighbour
Throwing mischievous smiles
While moving from one room to another
A pleasurable sight.
Occasional look at the watch
How soon, half an hour gone!
I must improve the duration of the walk,
Thus decide for the day
And step down the stairs sweating.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The Preamble of our constitution states India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic. Sovereign? True. Democratic? True. Secular? True. Socialist? No. I can very well imagine Dr. Man Mohan Singh and his team sharing a hearty laugh.

People’s Democratic Republic of China still claims itself to be a Socialist nation albeit with a clause – in keeping with changed political and global realities.

Chairman Mao-Ze-Dong, who was the founder leader of Peoples Democratic Republic of China is now only a historical relic. While the Comrade was at the helm, China couldn’t move ahead on a developmental path. Prosperity out of reach with millions impoverished and also shackled. An iron curtain blocked outside world from out of its reach. Today’s close ally U.S could not go anywhere near China and the magnitude of the enmity between the two knew no bounds. Individual freedom and freedom of speech and expression suppressed and the dissenting voices curtailed and many who stood up to the authoritarian tendencies kept behind bars or silenced forever.

Mao gone, then appeared a new avatar (incarnation) Deng Ziao Ping, a comrade upon taking up the mantle deviated from the path of Mao and preferred an open global approach to take the country to the developmental path. The erstwhile enemy USA found a new friend in China and vice-versa. U.S took pains to advocate for China’s permanent membership in the U.N Security Council and succeeded in its efforts. Strategic, economic, educational, industrial ties took a hopeful turn and in the global arena the new found bonhomie between the two nations was watched by others with incredulous eyes. The role, the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger with his “Ping-Pong” diplomacy played is of historical importance.

Deng more than a leader with socialist views, though China still swears by it is another matter- was a man of pragmatism. For the overall progress of the country he summed up his theory with these famous words “Be the cat black or white it should be able to catch the mouse”.

Those who followed Deng chose to follow him, still follows him. See for instance incumbent President Hu Jintao’s influence in America is more than that of Gordon Brown, the PM of USA’s “has been ally” Britain. See, how equations turn upside down.

Though economic freedom is a reality in China, the demands for political freedom still far from the reach of the citizens. Dissenting voices are still silenced, the demand for more democratic freedom still falls on deaf ears and we still recall the horrible memories of 1989 Tian-Man-Square carnage which was a wild cry for more democracy. Those who were imprisoned and are still imprisoned still languish in jails. The very sight of huge tanks rolling over the challenging young students is still stamped upon the psyche of citizens across the world who watched it with helplessness and also mounting rage.

The same was the case with the erstwhile Soviet Union, about which we are very much aware of. Glassnost, Peristroika,Gorbachev,Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin were historic inevilability.

Primarily this article is not meant to dwell more upon changed scenario in China, the erstwhile Soviet Union or for that matter any other so-called socialist nations. Anyhow, let me go into the gamut of both socialism and capitalism.

Socialism is a system based upon the state ownership of the transport, electricity, irrigation, education et al. Precisely the overall infrastructure and equitable distribution of wealth to the satisfaction, prosperity and happiness of all.

Economic self-interest and profit motive both inherent in human beings find no place in a socialist system. All the needs are attended to by the state and competitive spirit is out of question in a socialist system.

On the contrary capitalism is a system based upon the private ownership of the means of production and hence self-interest, profit motive and competitive spirit are the guiding forces.

Both systems have ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, both merits and demerits, about which we are conversant with.

For instance, the self-interest, profit motive and competitive spirit drive people to be greedy and at the same time make each desirous of improving his/her living conditions, huge bank balances so as to create conducive circumstances for his/her children siblings or parents to make their lives self-sufficient. But, most often self interest has no limits and the competition among the citizens for more savings and luxuries lead to unfair methods, means to earn by hook or crook. And those who trail far behind in the mad race stumble, even fall along the way. The concentration of wealth in the hands of a few creates a new class and those with less fall in another class or category, leading to clashes. Furthermore moral values and ethics gradually go under leading to sexual anarchy, drug abuse, free sex, all characteristics of a permissive capitalist society. Hence, the repeated demands for regulatory mechanism by certain economic pundits, social-scientists and independent thinkers rather than opening up the whole sectors.

Socialism also has its own demerits. Most important one being with the concentration of all powers in the ruling elite in course of time, the ruling elite itself with the all out support of the army and security forces turn out to be a class of its own paving for authoritarianism and totalitarianism and the declared objective of a socialist system of bettering the lives of all citizens loses its direction. Suppression of those who rise against a powerful ruling combine with an iron fist forces the citizens to live under perpetual fear. A humane and compassionate approach vanishes in thin air. Those who dreamt of world of liberty, equality, fraternity and prosperity are relegated into oblivion. Thus an exact opposite result will be the outcome in the end.

Some people who still believe in capitalism hopefully and who are recognized as world’s biggest billionaires keep a benign approach to the suffering humanity. One among them is this year’s world’s 2nd biggest billionaire Bill Gates.

Melinda, wife of Microsoft founder and mentor Bill Gates the former is the co-founder of Melinda Bill Gates Foundation was in India two weeks ago. She in the course of a journey to U.P to learn about the problems of starving women and children and to make them aware of the indispensability of breast feeding their children from day one of each baby’s birth instead of waiting for three days to keep the baby free from diseases and for imparting further knowledge to them met UP Chief Minister Mayawati and discussed the modalities of donating US $ 55 Million for the cause of the impoverished and to sign MoUs gave a lengthy interview to N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief of Hindu.

She dwelt up to the details of the foundation now with a capital of US $ 53.5 including the contribution of another philanthropist billionaire Warren Buffet, Berkshire Gift of US $ 22.5 billion to extend help to the HIV/AIDS treatment, anti-poverty programmes, women-empowerment, education to the have-nots across the world, especially the hapless ones of African and Asian countries.
She in answer to question of N.Ram explained her and her husband’s massive interest in science, technology and bio-technology which could also lead to the betterment of poor, ailing people world wide.

Soon after her engagement with Bill Gates, the first and foremost thing they did was to fly to African countries to see and study poverty-stricken, starving Africans and it was a touching and heartening sight to witness the perishing African brethren.

They continue their mission with all sincerity and dedication and here the dividing line between socialism and capitalism gets blurred.

Negative points overcloud plus points under capitalism, I know, But…………

Whichever ‘ISM’, left or right, a humane, compassionate approach is the need of the times.

As Raskolnikov the protagonist of “Crime and Punishment” of Fyodor Dostoevsky told a poor girl named Sonia “I didn’t bow down to you, I bowed down in front of the entire suffering humanity”

Such an approach alone could save the teeming millions across the world.


Like a blossoming red rose

Its fragrance spread all around

Its petals as soft as you

Dear, I wish you were

With me always

Sitting alone here at the sea-shore

Scribbling your name in the sand umpteen times

With every visitor gone

In the late hours of night with cool breeze caressing me

With stars twinkling with mischievous eyes

And the full-moon shining brightly

Up above,

I sit here dreaming about you,

I wish you were with me.

I am sure a day will come,

When you will be mine

I will shower you with warm kisses,

On your cherry lips

You seem like beckoning me from afar,

I will hold you in my arms,

And will fly across the seas- both of us

Like free love-birds.

My thoughts go mad after you,

I keep my eyes shut

So as to keep you from going out,

But I feel like you fluttering around me

Like a butterfly, my eternal love

Naughty chubby little girl…

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Media, political commentators, political parties and citizens across the spectrum are unanimous in their views about the way with which Government of India (P) Ltd

under its chief executive Dr. ManMohan Singh – he is a renowned economist, a world bank product conduct its business nowadays. Barring 206 MPs the opposition parties, Bharatiya Janata Party, Samajavadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Janata Dal (U), Telugu Desam Party, Lok Janasakthi Party, mind you, in India it is a tedious task to prepare a list of our parties, near impossible so to speak and left parties. Barring CPI (M), CPI, Forward Block, Revolutionary Socialist Party - the Left Block - Telugu Desam Party, Janata Dal (U) to name a few, other parties though not in power, in fact during the formation of the UPA 2 Government denied them the comforts of power, the cosy seats they aspired for to taste the sweetness of power, without showing much bitterness or reservations, they knew their day would come and hence decided to extend support from outside.

With Left Front decimated in the 15th General Election, though not totally wiped out the UPA 2 formation heaved a deep sigh of relief in fact, the former was a perennial nuisance, or a thorn in the flesh, UPA 2 with much confidence and hubris with lightening speed decided to open up the doors to multination corporations in the fields of industry, trade, agriculture, strategic ties, education, banking on the whole the infrastructure as no one was there to block their neo-liberal path. The “party” goes on with full vigor and strength perhaps, UPA 2 must be fearing such golden chance would evade them in future.

Left who could successfully flex their muscles and twist the UPA 1 Govt as the former with 61 MPs could upset many an apple-cart, found themselves in the wilderness with a reduced strength of only 16 Members of Parliament in the 15th General elections and they ended in the wilderness. It was their own undoing and they had to pay dearly. The congress or any other party had nothing to do with Left Front’s decline, in fact the way with which they conducted governance in their powerful citadels of West Bengal and Kerala - the little state of Tripura alone remained an exception - the undue speed West Bengal Chief Minister took to bring in industrial development in the state, the red carpet spread to corporates welcomed Ratan Tata and a few multinationals without even arriving at a consensus by holding discussions with those who mattered most and forcible evacuation of farmers who are the backbone of the State. By handing over Singur and Nandigram on a platter adopting violent, belligerent approach and the blood bath that ensued made the well-wishers, leftist intellectuals including cultural icons, artists, writers, film personalities, social activists like Mrinal Sen and Aparna Sen turned against the Government and joined hands with the hapless farmers and share-croppers in taking up cudgels against Buddha’s Govt. The Left Front which ruled the country which enjoyed immense popularity and satisfaction of the majority for 32 years at a stretch beginning Jyoti Basu from 1977 found itself in the dock. The Trinamool Congress, under the present Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee who is a staunch opponent of the Left Govt cashed in on the opportunity and she alongside Congress fought the 15th General Elections campaigned with all might humbled the Left Front for the first time in 32 years. The assembly elections scheduled for 2011 is fast approaching and Left Block will have to sweat it out for another term. Emerging trend however points towards a not-so-happy outcome for the Left Front.

Internal wranglings in the CPI (M) unit in Kerala which has its genesis since years, one of the factors for the poor performance of the Left in Kerala. Even after the intervention of the Polit Bureau the divisions are still apparent. Moreover the lack of cohesion in the alliance during the seat allocation and a section of Janata Dal (S) switching over to the opposite camp, the reason being denial of a prestigious seat covert operations among the alliance partners to settle scores, all were factors for the disgraceful performance of the Left Front in the 15th General Elections. Kerala also will go to Assembly Polls in 2011, lack of cohesion among the alliance partners and internal wranglings still going on point toward a not so happy outcome.

I was writing about the arrogant, belligerent ways of the UPA 2 Government and the speed with which it conducts its business even without due consultation with its own allies the opposition parties though a group of fence sitters are keeping a guessing game, find themselves united under one umbrella has decided to fight against the authoritarian tendencies of UPA 2 on pressing matters of mounting price-rise of food items and essential commodities, fuel price hike, the issue of nuclear damage liability bill, 100 % FDI investment in Education, Banking sector, Super Market chains like Wal-Mart, through backdoor, defence sector besides mounting terror threats, in short the mortgage of nation to Imperialists otherwise why fear America on our foreign policy related matters, why buckle under their pressure without caring for the interests and aspirations of the country, why the nation is still lagging far behind in providing adequate dwellings, drinking water, sanitary facilities, nutritious food, at least two square meals a day to the impoverished, why 77 per cent of citizens still earning Rs.20 a day why can’t those living under BPL not wholly taken into account by accepting the Suresh Tendulkar report alone, (I do not know what criteria the gentle man adopted to compute the total number of BPL families of our nation) and why India occupies 132nd position the World Human Development Index?

Exploitation (the root cause of mounting Maoist threats along the difficult terrains of the forests of our various States is due to the massive money churning businesses of corporate giants depriving the tribals of their livelihoods since decades if not centuries. Only with the betterment of their living conditions the problem could be solved.), swindling, corruption, money-laundering, immoral trafficking, child abuse, haves becoming more and more rich and have-nots find themselves in the ditch – Interesting, as one news caster of a news channel said, perhaps unawares, while talking to a female journalist at Bangalore who was reporting the details of violent communal clashes going on there with all seriousness. (Though I know their names I do not want to reveal it the reason being envy. They might become celebrities overnight.)

The other day there was a news report in the media that more than 100 MPs in our Rajya Saba are crorepathis.

A public limited firm called Govt of India, admirably, unabashedly conducting a thriving business.

Let us watch and enjoy the scenes sitting in the ring-side seats. Have a hearty laugh. That is the only way out for us.

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Nuclear Summit at Washington

Prime Minister Dr.ManMohanSingh is in America on a four day visit. His visit on the eve of a Nuclear summit scheduled to commence tomorrow attended by 47 nations assumes significance at a moment the whole world is caught in the race for stock-piling more and more nuclear war-heads. The summit is primarily intended to reduce the stock-pile of nuclear weapons in the possession of various nations and to take urgent steps to prevent the terrorists from acquiring ‘dirty weapons’ as the terrorists will have no qualms in wreaking destruction at any part of the world and to warn the participating nuclear weapon states to provide maximum security to their nuclear sites thus protecting them from the reach of the hard-core militants.

To the consternation and shock of the participating countries including the host USA under whose leadership the nuclear summit is hosted Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu’s last minute withdrawal from the summit has turned out to be a dangerous portend. Israel always nurses apprehensions of attacks from the Arab community, the latter’s anger and belligerent attitude on the simmering issue of Palestinian is widely known across the world. A kind of existential threat, mutual suspicion lingering since 1948 must have been the reason behind the last minute back-out from the much-hyped summit. Major responsibility for this existential threat lies with Israel itself as intermittent bombardments, ruthless carnage of Palestinians and building settlements in West Bank and Gaza strip ignoring the warnings of its long term friends USA, Britain and a few Western nations.

Heartening indeed to note here that an ardent desire to slash Nuclear stock-piles in the armory of world’s two largest nuclear weapon possessors US and Russia- 95 percent of the lethal weapons are in their kitty- is seen.

Last week’s START-I (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) held in Prague in the august presence of US President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the signing of a treaty to slash the atomic weapons by third is certainly a welcome sign. Yes, it is only a short step forward but that is not at all enough. Each country has certain roles to play in slashing the lethal nuclear war-heads and to enable them to refrain from acquiring such weapons, threat of sanctions and war is not a solution as such threats ultimately lead to the intensification of the fear-psychosis that is inherent in the psyche of developing nations and they are thus constrained to proceed on manufacturing nuclear weapons. Powerful nations must instead adopt a soft approach to these nations, invite them to talks and erase the apprehensions. Thus better sense would prevail upon them and that would ultimately lead them to refrain from the path of manufacturing killer weapons.

At this juncture close on the heels of Nulcear summit in USA in India a minor lapse in a Delhi super market led to the leaking of Cobalt-60 made many persons fall sick with symptoms of dizziness, nausea, rashes, dehydration. Cobalt-60 is mainly used to detect cancer. It was of less intensity and suppose major incidents were to happen somewhere what would have been the plight of innocent citizens.

While writing about the Nuclear Summit I just recalled the incident and set me thinking.

Hope better counsel would prevail over the nations especially nuclear-power nations to rescue the whole world from a nuclear holocaust.

Democratic Reforms in Pakistan

It is a welcome step. An all-party delegation, all unanimous in their views, tabled a report in National Assembly thus paving the way for the passage of 18th Amendment bill which would be an appreciatory step in future. Pakistan President Asif Ali Sardari will be divested of his privilege to dissolve the Parliament without the recommendation of cabinet. This privilege was introduced by none other than the former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf to perpetuate his hold on power. Now that Asif Sardari’s privilege to dissolve the Parliament to be taken away from him, the cabinet under Muhammed Yusuf Raza Gilani must recommend the dissolution of the Parliament, if warranted, to the President and then only the latter be enabled to proceed on these lines. The ushering in of a powerful democracy means the Army’s wings also getting clipped. Furthermore Indian democracy has a lot to cheer about - the co-existence of two neighbouring democracies in the long run may prove beneficial to both.

Taliban still haunting U.S.

Taliban launched another fierce attack on U.S Mission in Afghanistan and a suicide bombing at Peshawar led to the death of over 40 activists of the National Awami Party while holding a rally there inflicting heavy casualties on both sides. Four terrorists were reportedly killed in the encounter with security forces.

U.K to go to polls on May 6

United Kingdom is set to go to polls on May 6. The much awaited elections to be watched across the world for the last one year by international observers drawing near with popularity ratings of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative leader David Cameroon amidst twists and turns, the results might spring up some surprises. From the penultimate days of the reign of Tony Blair who was forced to step down on the Iraq muddle The New Labour Party’s popularity was steeply declining. With the elevation of the then Chancellor of Exchequer to prestigious post of Prime Minister, note here it was the fulfillment of his long cherished dream- Gordon Brown’s popularity graph was on a downward curve. An upbeat David Cameroon if nurtured dreams of entering 10 Downing Street with his popularity rate at its peak it was quite natural. The British electorate was also pretty sure about Mr.Cameroon and his wife Samantha (she might have felt like the first lady of the nation) getting enthroned in PM’s saddle in the near future.

Now much water flowed down Thames since then the results are anybody’s guess. A hung parliament is predicted by some observers. But observers can also go wrong that is the way politics move on. Another contender Nick Clegg of Liberal Democratic Party this time with the Harry Potter fame Daniel Radcliffe to his help though not cherishing the prestigious post at least might be able to play king maker. The Green Party under Caroline Lucas is hopeful of improving the Party’s prospects. Await till the counting date.

S.M.Krishna’s China visit

Much need not be expected from the visit of Foreign Minister S.M.Krishn’a visit to China. Here also ‘chai, samosas and gritty charm’. Tall talks on improving mutual relations, improving strategic, economic, educational, business, industrial ties, with all issues of contention still swept under the carpet, whether Pakistan must be watching with the wily ways of its traditional friend China, amusingly, interestingly and what not? Anyhow the news of pact on hotline between the two nations is a welcome one. Camaraderie Bonhomie, all abound

Rajapakse feels humbled

The formidable victory of SriLankan President Mahindra Rajapakse’s UFPA alliance (United Freedom Peoples’ Alliance) and his National Freedom Party in the Parliament elections finds him on a cheerful, humble mood for the enormous trust and love showered upon him close on the heels of his 18 per cent majority victory in the Presidential elections against his immediate opponent Retd (General) Sarath Fonseka on Feb 26.

Emergency declared in Thailand

Thailand PM, Abhijit Vejjajiva in the face of mounting attacks against his Govt by Pro-Thaksin citizens declared emergency in the country. He still refuses to budge and is not willing to step down. The stand-off still continues.

Indian student wins Gates award

Indian student Aditi Malik emerged one among the victorious students instituted by Melinda Gates foundation in the field of Social relations.7000 students from various nations had contested and only 80 emerged successful, and the Indian student Aditi Malik is one among them. Aditi Malik is student of human rights and she is going to join Cambridge courtesy Gates Foundation to go on with her studies coming autumn. A proud glorious moment for India and our congrats in abundance. Aditi hails from Delhi.

Polish President killed in a Plane Accident

Polish President Lech Kazynski along with 96 Polish delegation met with a Plane crash on board Tu-154 killing him on the spot. All the travelers got killed. Ignoring the Russian warnings the pilot of the ill-fated plane persisted with landing at an airport in the Russian city Slovenska amidst the thick fog. The plane hit the trees and crashed. The fog and the pilot’s error must have caused the crash. Kazynski’s twin brother Jaroslaw Kazynski is also an active participant in Polish politics.

India against Sanctions on Iran

Dr.ManMohanSingh has made it known to the US authorities India’s reservations on the move of US to impose sanctions against Iran. Whether it will go down well with America and its allies remains to be seen.


Women’s Reservation Bill

The passage of Women’s Reservation Bill in the Loksabha scheduled to start on April 15 is unlikely. The Yadav troika and their allies, Trinamool Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party are up in arms to stall it from getting tabled. The euphoria after its passage in the Rajya Sabha has vanished. The culprits are among the ruling elite also as many male MPs are apprehending the loss of their right to contest in the coming elections if it is enacted. Male-chauvinists have the upper hand in the national mainstream even now.

80th Anniversary of Dandi

Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi like some brand ambassadors of our country has already evolved into a ‘brand’- A ‘brand’ to be remembered and eulogized even by our neo-liberal ruling mandarins, industrialists, business tycoons only on special occasions. Otherwise how many of us recalled him on April 6, The 80th Anniversary of Dandi March which went off without a whimper. Khadi-clad political leaders are seen everywhere and Khadi-clad business tycoons also seen roaming around the citadels of power to achieve their aims by hook or by crook. I don’t want to write or talk much about them as my pen must not get dirtied.

Chidambaram’s Apology

“The buck stops at my desk. I own full responsibility for the dastardly incident”- Chidambaram was seen opening out his heart before the media on the unfortunate massacre of 76 CRPF jawans in the forests of Chintan Malar,. Dantewada district of Chattsigarh. He had reportedly sent in his resignation letter to the Prime Minister and PM abruptly confident of our Home Minister and that is a good omen.

Shoaib-Sania Nikah

Fed up. The media reminding us of paparazis are flocking around Sania and Shoaib Malik at Jubilee Hills residence of Sania expecting scent of something to enter their nostrils. Let them tie the nuptial knot and Insha Allah happily live there after, anywhere, anytime. Our media people have more serious issues to take up and leave these minor issues into the background. Sensationalism and gossips still continue to be the curse of our media as is the practice prevalent everywhere.

Left Parties hold demonstrations

Left parties CPI(M), CPI, RSP, Forward Block under the leadership of Prakash Karat, A.B.Bardhan, Abani Roy, Debabrata Biswas led a long march along the Parliament street protesting against the galloping prices of food items and other essential commodities and also demanding the roll-back of those items. Karat, Bardhan ,Debabrata Biswas and Abani Roy courted arrest in the agitation against the UPA II govt.

FDI banned in Cigar sector

Who told our Govt is opening up all sectors for Foreign Direct Investment? The govt. care for our health seriously and hence no question of allowing FDIs in the cigarette manufacturing sector. Kudos to our Govt. After all Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Touching indeed.


Kerala State Film Awards Announced

The much expected Kerala State Film awards announced with ‘Paleri Manickyam- Oru Pathirakolapthakathinte Katha’ bagging the Best picture Award and Renjit conferred with the Best Director Award for the same film. Swetha Menon, as Chirutha bagged the best heroine award and Mamootty the best actor. Pazhassi Raja, directed by Hariharan and scripted by M.T.Vasudevan Nair got away with eight awards. Yesudas, the best male singer and Shreya Ghoshal the best female singer stole the limelight.

On the expected this year’s film awards announcement was followed by the washing the dirty linen in public with the ones who were left high and dry fuming and those who won the awards getting elated. Anyhow media celebrated the event, discussions, interviews and cross-fires as usual. Good. The show must go on.

Vaishakhan felicitated

Noted writer Vaishakhan was felicitated at Thrissur the other day by Purogamana Kala Sahithya Sanghom. His story ‘Silencer’ which was published in the Mathrubhumi Weekly bagged the Kamala Surayya Award. As a writer it was recalled by a critic his independent writing owing no leniency towards any ‘isms’. Noted social activist and cultural icon Sukumar Azhikode pointed out that Vaishkhan depicted the true life through his writings. Congratulations Vaishakhan.

Adieu to Rajesh, the brave Jawan

Rajesh, the Malayalee jawan who was one among the 76 killed in an ambush by the Maoists in the forests of Chintan Malar was given a tearful adieu at his native place of Airapuram, Mazhuvannur. He was given an adieu befitting a brave jawan who fought for his nation with full State honours in the presence of weeping relatives, friends and local people.

Thakazhy literary festival begins

Jnanapith Award winner and internationally acclaimed writer Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai was recalled at Sankara Mangalam, Thakazhy, Kuttanad and an eight day literary festival got off to a colourful start. Discussions, seminars and Kaviyarangu are included in the eight day literary festival. Before the inauguration of the festival in the presence of Katha, Thakazhi’s better-half floral tributes were offered at Smriti Mandapam where he was laid to rest.

Katha was felicitated on the occasion. G.Sudhakaran Co-operation Minister inaugurated the event and noted novelist George Onakkur delivered a lecture on the writings of Thakazhi, K.R.Meera and other dignitaries were present.


Navratilova diagnosed with breast-cancer

Martina Navratilova, the renowned tennis star who holds a record of winning eight grand slams has been diagnosed with breast-cancer. She was in tears when the news was first revealed to her. The doctors are very much hopeful of curing it completely as it is non-invasive and only one percent out of hundred succumbs to it. Let’s pray for her immediate recovery.


Tigerwoods back to his first love

After undergoing traumatic days involving his sexcapades with more than a dozen ladies which led to his wife Jane Nerdine leaving him alone, Tiger Woods was all repentance personified. He confessed to his immoral acts before the media, spent his days in a rehabilitation centre, the therapy still continues. Tiger Woods is a reformed man now. Now he has returned to his first love- Golf- with a bang and has proved his uniqueness in Golf once more. Well done Tiger Woods.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


“Shocking, Painful, Deplorable”. “We can’t be cowed down by such dastardly attacks”. “Maoists are cowards. They are heartless, soul less creatures”. “We won’t spare any efforts to crush this menace”. “Our forces are well-prepared to take on them, ready to face any eventualities”.
“We appreciate the resilient Mumbaites, their determination to face any eventuality in the face of intermittent terror strikes”. “We will equip our police, paramilitary forces’ CRPF jawans with modern training and sophisticated weaponry”. “Terrorism will be wiped out of the soil of this nation once and for all.”
These are some of the responses of our ever-vigilant rulers whenever terrorists and Maoists strike anywhere, any time at will from “time immemorial” -No this is no exaggeration, this is the truth, naked truth, the whole truth. Otherwise think for a while, how many times they mouthed such words, sometimes indignantly sometimes with determination and sometimes placatingly towards the terrorists and Maoists by extending olive branch.

Maoists are terrorists, says one raging gentleman bureaucrat in the Home Ministry. “No, Maoists area not terrorists. They are part and parcel of India. They should shun violence and enter the national mainstream. Let them come forward and sit across the table to discuss and negotiate their problems and demands. Beforehand, they should abjure violence.” “So says and invites Maoists with nice soothing words by none other than our Home Minister P.Chidambaram.”

Simultaneously, holding meetings with Home Ministry officials and the heads of police, paramilitary forces and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and orders them to prepare the spade work for going on massive offensive. Yes, the mission has already started, Operation Green Hunt in action through jungles of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra to hunt for the armed Maoists scattered in groups to launch surprise attacks planting land mines and pressure bombs along the difficult jungles about which the tribals and Maoists are very well acquainted with. The ill-equipped jawans not much acquainted with the jungle warfare of ‘red-corridor’ now the area of activities of Maoists easily fall victims of the landmine and pressure bomb explosions some meet with gruesome deaths on the spot many others badly mauled succumb to their injuries soon after some maimed for life, the ultimate losers being their kith and kin.

Compared to the army personnel, our police and CRPF jawans are low paid ,not sanctioned sufficiently leave, they are forced to be on vigil along the difficult terrains most of the time, not provided with adequate training and sophisticated weaponry most of them undergo depression and when they feel like life seeming to be unendurable take their own lives or in fits of rage occasionally after verbal altercations with their seniors when the latter turn out to be overbearing gun down them at point blank range. Imagine the magnitude of their suppressed anger and frustration towards themselves, their employers, in short their hapless helpless lives. The traumas they undergo frequently are unimaginable and those in authority keep cool without looking into their urgent needs.

They have families, loving wives and children, friends and close relatives at their native places.

To long for sufficient leave, attractive salaries, to visit their homes to have nice moments with their kith and kin once or twice a year is not a crime. More recruitment, more training with modern weaponry-the Govt of the day, has to take care of.

Mumbai carnage of 26/11/2008 comes to mind, while ten gunmen hard core terrorists landed in the cosmopolitan city and occupied renowned landmarks like Taj Inter-continental, Oberoi Trident, Leopold Restaurant, Madam Cama Hospital, Chabab house and Victoria Terminus came under blood-chilling attacks by the murderers the innocents with near perfect precision, they were spraying bullets indiscriminately in cold-blood and held the city to ransom for three successive days killing more than two hundred and sixty innocent lives. Our brave jawans dared to take on them turning martyrs, remember, due to the lapses of the concerned officials in the Govt, it took more than eight hours for the NSG Commandos to land in the unfortunate city. Hemant Karkare, Sandip Unnikrishnan and such courageous jawans laid down their lives for the cause of the country. How many of us recall them except their bereaved families who were part and parcel of their lives after a lapse of about one and half years?

A number of our intellectuals, social activists and human rights activists and thinking citizens were eloquent in drawing the urgent attention of our rulers, the impending rebellion of the Maoists and the starving, exploited tribals dating back to centuries and calling upon the authorities to take a humane approach to them rather than threatening them with dire consequences by aiming guns at the hapless tribals. Instead our ruling mandarins decided to go on the offensive and by forming and helping a group of tribals- Salwa Judum - thus they are named - pitting brothers against brothers to end the Maoist threat once and for all. The consequences we are witnessing now in other words resistance fed the Maoists with more strength leading to blood baths and destruction of our infrastructure like blowing up of rail tracks, setting vehicles and trains ablaze, destruction of mobile towers along the way.

Is it too late? No idea. Renewed onslaughts may prove counter- productive.

The incidents of last few months point towards this fact. Last week in Orissa’s Koraput district, landmines blew up about eleven police personnel and yesterday more gruesome attack by the Maoists by triggering pressure bombs leading the annihilation of 76 jawans at Dantewada district of Chattisgarh, Whither our country, heading to? These kinds of revolts and rebellions could have been settled amicably by successive Governments which came up by going deeper into the problems of the tribals taking effective measures to redress their hardships which they are forced to carry over their shoulders since decades if not centuries.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly News Round Up


Women Journalists

“Vanitha Pathra Pravarthanam – Charithravum varthamanavum” (Women Journalists-History and Present”) penned by A.Krishnakumari of CPI(M) mouth-piece “Deshabhimani, published by Kerala Sahitya Academi was released by P.R.Rajan on 31st March at Trichur. At a time more and more women venture into the media world, this book ought to serve as an informative and inspiring one.

T.N.plea turned down

Tamil Nadu Govt’s plea to cancel empowered committee to look into the dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu before Supreme Court over the issue of Mullaperiyar dam was rejected by the Honourable Court. Now that their plea is rejected, they are they are bound to include their representative in the 5 member empowered committee. Justice K.T.Thomas was chosen Kerala’s representative earlier in the committee.

O.V.Vijayan’s death anniversary observed

Noted literatteur and internationally acclaimed cartoonist O.V.Vijayan’s death anniversary was observed at his native district Palghat. Cartoonists and artists from across the state gathered at Fort Maidan Palghat and they depicted Vijayan’s characters on a wider canvas. Later in the evening his admirers assembled at Tazrak the village from which Vijayan drew inspiration to pen his widely acclaimed novel “Khasakinte Ithihasam” (The Legend of Khasak) which won laurels in the literary world. Let’s offer our tributes to one of the great writers and cartoonists who brought fame and glory to Malayalam and to the entire world.

Film maker Sarath Chandran Wayanad no more

Film maker of National repute, whose documentary films were instrumental in drawing our attention to various contemporary realities met with a tragic accident while he was commuting from Thrissur to Ernakulam where his family is presently settled. Guruvayur-Chennai Express which was overcrowded led to his fall from the express train, which ended in the gruesome tragedy. One of his co-travellers Sebastian also met with the tragedy. An aspiring film maker’s life abruptly brought to an end. Let us share our sorrow with his bereaved family.

Laurie Baker honoured

The distinguished architect Laurie Baker who carved a niche in the field Architecture by his technical knowledge for building low-cost homes and buildings thus saving the middle class in a big way from going after expensive residences, which they can’t afford to. Himanshu Burt, Professor, College of Planning and Architecture Goa was the chief guest to observe the 3rd death anniversary of the renowned architect who came all the way from England to settle in Kerala years back. He made Kerala his home, loved its people and in exchange for the love and hospitality showered upon him by the Malayalees he helped them in building low-cost environment friendly homes. Himanshu Burte dwelt upon the maverick, unconventional architect of our times and eulogised his contributions to architecture.

Ishwaran, D.K.Pattammal’s husband died

Ishwaran, whio was instrumental in providing inspiration and encouragement to the legendary Carnatic Musician D.K.Pattammal left for his heavenly abode at the age of 95. He is survived by his two children.


Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat on March 27th appeared before the SC (Supreme Court) appointed SIT (Special Investigation Team) as per the summons to appear before the team. After nine and hours grilling by the SIT about which Modi admitted before the curious media that it was a tiresome exercise. He took the opportunity to cast aspersions on his detractors and a section of media for spreading disinformation and rumours and swore by his firm dedication to the constitutional authority as a law-abiding citizen. Good.

Stephen Park blaze High Power committee appointed

A massive fire occurred at the Stephen Court building at Park Street, Kolkata which led to the gruesome deaths of more than 43 persons, most of them charred beyond recognition which was unbearable sight to the eye-witnesses, with stench emanating from the wreckage. West Bengal government appointed a High Power committee to investigate the reasons that led to the unfortunate incident.

War of words continue between Congress and Bachachans

An imminent end to the war of words between the Congress and Bachachans is nowhere in sight with both parties not in any mood to stop washing the dirty linen in public. Amitabh Bachachan sharing the dais with Ashok Chavan on the occasion of Bandra-Worli road opening paved the way for further ignition of the ongoing ‘mud-slinging’. With Ashok Chavan put in the dock due to the simmering leaders of Congress turning against him and reporting the incident to the High Command and the High Command reportedly seeking explanation from Mr. Chavan, he flew to Marathi Literary Festival, Pune, one day in advance as Mr.Bachachan was also an invitee on the occasion.

Bachachan kin, Abhishek Bachachan who was reportedly chosen the brand ambassador of World Wide Earth Hour campaign was also a victim to the wrath of the Congress. It was alleged by his father that his son’s posters were removed and a recorded speech of Abhishek’s speech got deleted. For an already fuming Big B this incident was too much to bear. The clash between the two celebrity families grabbed national attention with political rivalries coming to the fore. As Neerja Chowdhary, Political Editor of “The New Indian Express” aptly termed Big B has turned out to be a football about to be kicked in different directions by Congress, BJP and SP elements with the spectators having funny times.

Nalini’s plea rejected

Nalini, one of the prime elements involved in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi must contend with her ordeal in prison since her plea for premature release was rejected by Tamil Nadu Govt. Nalini, who was sentenced to death upon intervention of Sonia Gandhi was saved from the gallows.

Sonia appointed NAC, Chairperson

Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson who quit the post of Chairperson, National Advisory Committee (NAC) in 2006 on the Office of Profit controversy is back again in the same post. Sonia will have a level playing field in various policies and programmes of the country further.

Education becomes Fundamental Right

The Right to Elementary Education came into force on April 1st. Children aged between 6-14 should undergo compulsory education in future. Finance Commission has allotted Rs.25000 crore and in 2010-11 Rs.15000 crore has been earmarked. To enable the act meaningful and fruitful a number of urgent steps need to be implemented. Poverty is the worst culprit and we are all aware that more than crores of children are forced to do child labour to earn a living for them and to their starving families. Another indispensable factor is the lack of housing facilities and due to untimely floods and droughts, people are forced to migrate to various parts of the country. Lack of nutrition, safe drinking water, proper sanitary facilities all contribute to their burden. More than 657 million people of India are living without sanitary facilities. To make the right to elementary education more effective 92 million more teachers are to be recruited and they must be provided with proper training facilities. Mid-day meal schemes to children should be strictly implemented. The govt. of the day need to take all these urgent needs seriously and move along these lines, without having a strong foundation a strong building cannot be constructed and if it is not attended to in right earnest the building is certain to collapse and it is quite natural.

Shoaib-Sania Nikkah

Pak cricketer Shoaib Malik is slated to wed Sania Mirza, the ace tennis player (thus we say) on April 15th as per the latest reports. Gossips, rumours, controversies still abound. Sania’s engagement with Zurab Mirza, her childhood friend was solemnize with much fanfare and religious rites attended by celebrities across the spectrum. Later it dawned upon that Sania was “incompatible” with Zurab. Whose enlightenment it was, no idea. These are enlightening times after all. They got separated and in came the cricketer Shoaib like the proverbial Prince riding a horse from across seven seas in search of his Princess.


Who will form Govt in Iraq

With elections over in Iraq coming to an end now Iraq watchers are busy weighing the prospects of a Govt. about to be formed in June. Eyad Allawi whose alliance Iraquia emerging with 91 seats entertains the hopes of forming a govt. How far he is going to succeed is a mute question. The incumbent Prime Minster Noori Al Maliki whose State of Alliance has emerged second with a close 89 seats. His plea for a recounting of votes was spurned by the election authorities Iraqui National Alliance, Sadrist alliance with 70 seats might turn up king maker in the run-up to the formation of a govt. Kurdista owing allegiance to Kurds has bagged 31 seats has a vital chance to play in the formation of a govt. A National Unity govt. consisting of all alliances under Eyad Allawi seems a probability. In the world of politics only possibilities are counted.

Moscow Bombings – 38 killed

In the peak hours of 29/4, two women suicide bombers with high intensity explosives strapped around them, triggered explosions in a Moscow Metro one at Lubyan Ko killing 26 on the spot, injuring many and one at Park Turkey killing 12 and injuring many. The unexpected suicide bombings jolted Moscow sending shockwaves across Russia and the world over prompting President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowing to crsushing terrorism by giving more teeth to anti-terrorist laws. The explosions were reportedly triggered by Chechnian terrorists apparently in retaliation to Moscow launching an attack on their terrorist havens sometime back.

Bing Bang replicated

Replicating conditions preceding the Big Bang in the Large Hydron Collider beams of protons were brought to collision releasing high intensity energy, thus creating an impact of which would pave a new path to study the impact and its after effects by analysis and to find out any clue about the elusive ‘God Particle’ declared the scientists of ERN (European Nuclear Energy Research Organisation).

Rana - not to plead guilty

Tahavvur Rana, the alleged accomplice of David Coleman Headley charged with the 26/11 Mumbai carnage has decided not to plead guilty. Recall the reported decision of David Headley to plead guilty before a court of law.


Neel Chowdhary, a Post graduate in film and television studies from Warvickshire, his main pre-occupation is drama, has walked away with Metro Plus Award for his script based on Satyajit Ray’s story ‘Taramandal’ . The award was instituted by ‘The Hindu’. Mr. Chowdhary, aged 29 hails from New Delhi. Congrats to him.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


In the run-up to the U.S Presidential elections, while Barack Obama was on a whirl wind tour across the nation with promises of a new different world, friendly dispensation, assurance to rescue the nation from the worst economic recession of the 2007 with financial institutions and corporates crumbling down, the housing bubble bursts, sub prime mortgage lending crisis, throwing the whole of America into a financial turmoil, I was all praises for the great orator who could capture the attention of the whole world. His assurances to lift U.S from the deep ditch into which the previous dispensation under George Walker Bush had pushed into through his market driven, unregulated economy, Obama was optimism personified to set right the whole system. With regard to the already disturbed relations with various nations across the world, he was confident of bringing about a new world order, bringing peace and harmony to the entire humanity. Majority of us took his assurances for granted because in the history of mankind barring a minority, all universal citizens stand for, pray for, aspire for universal harmony. Our eulogies of Obama had no limits, or in other words sky was the limit. Nevertheless a few erudite international scholars and observers took his promises with a pinch of salt yet some other took his assurances with a tablespoonful of salt. Amidst the euphoria, we took them for detractors their propensity to find fault with anything or everything a gentleman president was about to venture into.

More than one year has gone by and the dust of euphoria has already settled down. Then came face to face with realities. Stark realities. The one we took as a “dove” was actually a “hawk” disguised as a “dove”.

U.S economy is still in a shambles except for some plus points here and there. Obama’s bailout of financial institutions with a nominal sum of US $ 789 billion and his latest health care and protection bill bringing 32 million more U.S citizens under insurance cover and a sum of US $ 17.5 billion to provide employment that also a pittance while taking into account the millions of unemployed who went jobless during the worst days economic recession could be seen as minor achievements while taking an overall view of the bigger picture.

Something is better than nothing.

But the apostle of peace, to some Missiah reborn to bring about universal harmony and peace finds himself in the garb of his predecessor.

High pressure tactics on other nations still continue, arm-twisting developing economies to play to its tunes still in full swing, for instance the latest reports emanating from man named Robert Blake who is holding the post of Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia about their taking strong exceptions on coming to know of India and Pakistan’s decision to enter into an agreement on extending a gas-pipeline from Iran and warning both nations with dire consequences. Please note here a defiant Mohd Ahmadinijad, President, Iran is no mood to bow to the pressures of America and its allies to stop enrichment of uranium despite the threat of ‘crippling’ sanctions. How dare India and Pakistan entering into gas-pipeline agreement with such a nation like Iran? America’s exasperation knows no bounds.

Afghanistan is still in turmoil. The very genesis of Afghan conundrum dates back to decades. First came the intervention of then Soviet Union and after the withdrawal of Soviet Union in 1989 came Taliban, it formed a Government and introduced Shariat laws, hanged its erstwhile rulers in Public after summary trial, many stoned to death that also in public, the ruthless Talibanese demolished the centuries old monuments, Buddhist statues – ‘Balmian Buddha’ a statue well known across the world as the biggest ever reduced to a heap of rubble, thus destroying a rich heritage, women beaten up, shackled and confined to loneliness in their homes, denying them the right to educations, introduced barbaric laws thus erasing the last vestige of culture and civilization. To the help of the Taliban Government, Al-Qaeda, the dreaded terrorist outfit was very much there and those former good boys of American Government, which provided them with cash and logistical support to fight against the erstwhile Soviet Union, in due course turned out to be USA’s bitter opponents who displayed the audacity and courage to bombard the twin towers of World Trade Centre in 2001 turning it into a heap of dust killing more than 3000 people. The wheel was turning a full circle.

A seething George.W.Bush vowing to bring the Al-Qaeda elements to justice, followed by a war along with its allies to capture Osama dead or alive, Afghanistan was literally turning into a towering inferno.

Osama still elusive, Ayman-Al-Zawahiri still at large, Taliban still on the rampage, a man in the garb of President-Hamid Karzai sits with an olive branch in his extending to the so-called soft Taliban elements to join him so also the former bete noire Pakistan and U.S and its NATO allies on the hunt for the hard-core elements embedded in their safe havens in the difficult terrains of NWFP (North West Frontier Province) wreaking havoc all the way with massive bombings and drone attacks.

Barack Obama last week paid a surprise visit to Afghanistan, ostensibly to boost the morale of US soldiers, identified himself with them, gave them sweet promises ranging from pay-hike education to their siblings and children back home, welfare of their families, injecting them with high doses of inspiration and killer- instinct (what else a ‘dove’ could do to his soldiers and his country) and took the same flight back to home.

The neighboring country Pakistan is burning literally. All kinds of militant elements, all hard-core - Tehreek- E- Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hisbul Mujahiddeen Jaish-e-Mohammed aiming their guns towards India and their motherland itself not Afghanistan, amply supported by the “messenger of world peace” beloved ally U.S.A with cash and kind. What more is needed?

As Hassan Suroor, the U.K correspondent of national daily The Hindu pointed out in his column The London News Letter, “USA is always pragmatic and to get its goals fulfilled it has no compunctions to befriend a country and later leave it in the lurch after its help is no more needed. A has - been ally of U.S –U.K finds itself ditched but it took 60 years to learn about it. Gordon Brown’s visit to U.S and his futile efforts at least five times to have an appointment with President Obama were turned down mercilessly. The Chinese President Hu Jintao is a man of high stature to U.S. now since China is a worthful friend at present compared to U.K.

War and Peace? No. ‘War vs Peace’? No. “War is peace?” Yes. This is the latest theory conceived by none other than 2009 Nobel Prize Winner for Peace, Barack Obama the great. After all a “Change we can believe in”, that is the “Audacity of Hope”