Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Where I stand with
my head bowed down
where I am humility
where I stand listening
to advices and admonitions
keeping no malice
where I stand
obedience personified
where I stand
prepared to listen to
harsh and scathing criticisms
and equally hard
where I stand ready
to go ahead on the
dotted lines as directed
where I stand with
love and respect
all through the life
where I stand
ready to wipe-out the
tears trickling down
that face,
it is before you
before you only,
my friend, philosopher, guide.


Julian Assange, founder of media organisation WikiLeaks, has come to be synonymous with one of the greatest whistle blowers the world has witnessed. Assange turned out to be an international celebrity ever since the leaks of classified diplomatic cables from various embassies of nations across the world to the headquarters, ie America. As internationally acclaimed journalist Nik Gowing said a few days before while addressing media community at Trivandrum, India, ‘these days on a fine morning one person finds himself elevated to the position of journalist with the fast developments in the field of technology’.
True, Julian Assange has carved his own niche through his website WikiLeaks which spilled out secret classified cables before the entire world to the shock and surprise of nations around the world and it could pave ways for many countries engaging in a diplomatic war with USA as its diplomats transferred to their mother country, ie America about each host nation’s so far concealed secrets. A nation, one and only Super Power on earth, US is seen absolutely shaken by the spilling of top secrets kept in its embassies across the nations the world over especially Afghanistan later touching upon various nations around the world. WikiLeaks leaked more than 95000 classified cables relating to Afghanistan alone and second set of diplomatic cables numbering about 250000 released last week. One of the most earth-shaking revelations was US authorities’ instructions to its diplomats at UN to spy on UN officials which could stir a hornest’s nest. Pakistan, even India, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s and other Arab nations’ compulsions and pressures on US to wage a war against Iran which is a Shia dominated one on the hot issue of Iran’s nuclear programmes. The rulers and dignitaries like Angela Merkel, Col.Muammar Gaddafi, one unnamed figure at Royal Palace of Britain, Hamid Karzai all figure in the list. Col.Muammar Gaddafi being always accompanied by a nurse, an Ukranian Blonde during his foreign jaunts and a distateful comment on Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and it goes on like this: She never takes risk and is rarely creative. Ahmedi Nejad is likened to Hitler and Hamid Karzai is termed ‘paranoid’. Hilary tapes have termed India,Brazil, Japan, Germany as self-appointed permanent seat demanders at UN Security Council. Let’s expect more to spill over about India sooner rather than later. WikiLeaks has transferred the details to international publications in various countries – Guardian of Great Britain, New York Times, USA, Der Spiegel, Germany, Le Monde, France and Le Pais, Spain. In the coming days extracts of the leaked classified documents could be expected.
Assange’s Wiikileaks first shocked the world sometime back by leaking 95000 secret documents almost all of them related to Afghanistan. British military’s inhuman activities while dealing with the Taliban prisoners, the ruthless punishments meted out to those against US’s pressure in Afghanistan all brought to the fore in the first set of documents.
Julian Assange finds himself safe in Sweden and as there is no extradition treaty signed by US and Sweden, it is against international conventions and norms to capture him by force. All protection being extended to this Australian, he is going on with his spilling game. Evenwhile leaking 95000 secret diplomatic documents he had publicly made it clear that more would follow sooner and keeping up his promise the man has kept his word. What all are going to follow is anybody’s guess, who else are going to be followed is anybody’s guess, who else are going to be affected remains to be seen.
When the first set of leaks were brought before the public relating US-British activities in Afghanistan, US got enraged besides being shocked, termed WikiLeaks activities a crime and went on with the arguments that such sensitive matters being kept by any country be it US, Germany, Britain et al should remain untouched.
The not to taken aback Julian Assange was determined, still determined and even now a tip of the ice-berg is seen others swept under carpet.
As America has turned out to be the prime target, it is natural that such leaks are not to their taste and reports suggest US President Barack Obama is not at all pleased and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remark that it is really unfortunate. But the WikiLeaks game goes on and how far it is set to go on – all beyond predictions as of now.
WikiLeaks charge that a plot to hack its network had come to its notice and we can very well surmise that vested interests in other words , those who fear the worst are after it. Naturally not only the particular site even its founder Julian Assange’s life too seems to be in danger. He must be knowing it very well and it is worth noting that whistle blowers everywhere are in danger.
We have seen it in India since decades back recently such incidents show an alarming rise and many who fall victims to such wily ruthless plots of business tycoons are highly educated professionals and a part of the media world.
Pakistan all-weather friend of US possessing nuclear weapons as per the WikiLeaks secrets continues to remain a nightmare to US and the former’s bonhomie with another all-weather friend China which is its neighbour too, gives US many a sleepless night. China’s phenomenal growth in almost all fields continues to remain a threat to US as it is set to overtake US in the not too distant future the reason being America ever since 2008 global meltdown still continues to lick wounds and incumbent President’s efforts to lift the badly hit economy from dire-straits are met with stiff resistance from the opposition Republican which at present is in a stronger position with it gaining a majority in the Congress.

Monday, November 29, 2010


In my youthful days
in the village
I used to sleep
all through the day.
Except when Amma
woke me up
during the lunch time,
I got drowned
deep in slumber.
With the serpent of
darkness eclipsing the daylight
I woke up,
took a cold bath
in the rivulet just
infront of my home,
came back refreshed,
by that time
stars and moon
started shining up in the sky
and they
got reflected on the baseline of
transparent waters of the rivulet
devoured me the
beautiful star-struck,
moon-struck, landscape,
draped in the moonlight,
then entered my room,
and switched on the light.
Until the supper
got ready I sat
on the cowdung pasted verandah
watching the moving shadows
heading to the temple
with oil-wick lamps
flickering all around
a visual treat literally.
I would start reading,
I read a lot those days,
a giant book-shelf
with books arranged
a treasure-trove of life.
Life in its various
facets – tears, joys, agony,
separations, reunions,
nostalgia, abnormalities
as well as peculiarities
even eccentricities as well as madness
all living together like
the vast world we live in.
I stayed awoke
throughout the night
while the world around
caught in the web of sleep,
in the light of the
table-lamp, I read and wrote a lot.
took glassful of black-tea
from the flask
sometimes sat idle
for hours
listening to the
musical silence,
crickets chirping,
nightingales singing,
kind of eerie silence
sometimes I felt.
Time moved fast
without me knowing,
only when Amma reminded
from my creative pursuits
as the morning approached
nearer and nearer
to caress and embrace me
and with birds in droves
flew past their nests
flapping their wings
chirping, singing
the blowing of conch shell
from the temple nearby
after the daily chores
after the breakfast
I jumped to my bed
for the marathon sleep
of the day.
after years in my
beloved village,
I find myself in the
faraway city
a roaring city like a tiger
day-in and day-out
no respite whatsoever,
my day time in the office
continuation of the
previous day’s chore
all mechanical, monotonous
adding to my existential angst.
Night in the city
an extension of the day
the same roaring tiger throughout,
the hustle and bustle.
Recall me my
youthful days in the
comparing me my not-so
youthful days in the
city with inertia
and anger combined.
The city which
turned my life upside down
the city which
upset my
sleeping pattern.
The musical silence,
the nightingale singing,
cock crowing
heralding the arrival of dawn,
crows crowing,
crickets chirping,
the eerie silence
birds in droves,
flying past,
flapping wings,
speaking their language,
all, my treasures of yesterday.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Corporate billionaire
flew down to the
temple city from afar
to meet the God in person
offered oblations aplenty
and prayed for nothing else,
but peace of mind,
and a piece of the Almighty’s mind.
The Minister flew down
from Delhi,
to the temple city
to meet the God in person
cutting short his hectic
schedule of the day
as elections are round
the corner
prayed and prostrated
before God
offered oblations bountiful
a prelude to
whirlwind election campaign
in the offing
seeking blessings
for a grand victory
at the hustings,
a chair at the helm.
Money, security,
luxuries all
enough and more
but money is power
he knows
hence more, more, more
prayed he too to God
for a piece of His mind.
Corporate billionaire, the politician
all accorded a warm
upon their very arrival,
at the temple premises
surrounded by security
Z+ ofcourse and
for security sake
for convenient sake
the laymen,
though devoted and dedicated they
forced to sit on the margins,
they can wait
ofcourse in serpentine queues
sweating, whispering
prayers – Rama, rama
Krishna, krishna
for hours at a stretch.
The ones who never
go to meet the God in
The ones who are not
allowed entry,
be they pure, dedicated,
lined at both sides
of the way to temple
with begging bowls
they see God
in those who pass by
praying, praying,
and praying…..
for one or two
pieces of coins thrown
at them.


As part of the widespread recession across Europe, Britain as well as the adjacent nation of Ireland are seeking ways out to wriggle out of the web of recession. Brian Cowen, Irish Prime Minister belonging to Fianna Fail party in order to tide over the recession did approach the European nations and International Monetary Fund and as a result of the beleaguered govt’s rescue efforts invited the wrath of people across that nation. The sudden bubble burst naturally resulted in spending cuts as also massive retrenchment of employees, even affecting the incentives paid to unemployed educated youth coming to round about more than 1-2 lakhs. Those who are employed face the heat as a result of the reduction in monthly salaries forcing them to adjust their daily lives accordingly - with reduced monthly incomes.
The European communities offer of 100 billion euros (85 billion pound sterling) plus the 7 billion pound sterling offer of Britain - weathering the opposition of British people at a time that country too is in the grip of recession - to help Ireland tide over the crisis is on the anvil.
The demands arising from various quarters for the resignation of the incumbent govt ruled by Fianna Fail party including its own constituent Green Party and the Opposition Sin Feinn are mounting up with the passing of each day.
Ireland’s is not a new phenomenon, the whole Europe is in the grip of an economic disaster. We witnessed the violence and demands for the resignation of Prime Minister George Pappandreau in Greece as a follow-up of the austerity measures initiated by him in the form of 20 percentage cut in monthly salaries of the irate employed youth, the reforms affecting pensioners in order to meet the tough conditions imposed by IMF in the capacity of the donor as also the 27 member of European community.
Pappandreau had to bow down to the demands of the authorities of IMF and European community very much aware of the dire consequences that lay ahead back home. His immediate concern being the lifting of the badly affected Greek economy from the deep ditch it had found itself in even by initiating austerity measures. Mass protests, rallies and strikes resulted for days together and the embers of discontent and disillusionment still keep on burning in the heap of ashes of an economy in a shambles.
The contagion still spreads throughout European nations, for instance we witnessed in France on a large-scale in the form of protest rallies and strikes by skilled and unskilled employees including engineers, doctors, post-office employees, software professionals, teachers, railway employees, transport sector, factory workers – a whole lot of them demanding the French govt under Nicholas Sarkozy to reverse the austerity measures forthwith otherwise be prepared for the worst in the coming days. Even students joined the bandwagon to express solidarity with the striking, protesting employees. An adamant, stubborn Nicholas Sarkozy still remaining tough, the situation in France still is at a flashpoint. A bout of protests and strikes could be expected in the coming days, France even now sits on a fuming volcano ready to erupt anytime.
Similar is the case in Spain, a strike which turned violent was witnessed and now according to media reports Britain too has found itself in a soup. The new Tory govt headed by David Cameroon is in the grip of an imminent threat from the masses consequent to massive spending cuts on the academic front with steep hike in tuition fees affecting academic community adversely. The students as well as teachers are up in arms against the Cameroon-Nick Clegg nexus as the new measures are certain to affect the field of higher studies. The newly initiated measure according to govt at the helm is part of austerity measures. A strange justification for enacting the new measure put forward by the govt is that huge spending cuts on the academic front will naturally get neutralised by the steep hike in the tuition fees. Many students are certain to feel discouraged to continue higher-studies in British Universities and the measure is sure to rebound on the govt. Such unwelcome measures were initiated way back in 1990 by the Tory govt under the Iron Lady Margarret Thatcher and even after mounting protests and strikes across Britain she declined to backtrack from the reforms initiated by her and the consequence as expected by many led to her downfall.
Now in 2010, twenty years after a new ‘Avatar’ in the form of David Cameroon has come back with such a measure amidst growing anger and discontent and if the situation is set to aggravate, David Cameroon can very well follow in the foot-steps of his former leader.
The 2008 meltdown in US and a partial bail-out by pumping in US $ 789 billion into the system could not help the country in a big way and even now its aftershocks are very much existing and even the other day two more banks in US crashed. The entire European community too in the grip of economic turmoil are still in search of joint efforts to tide over the crisis.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Each human-being
arrives on earth
like an incarnation
with missions to
But for Time, in the guise of
a damsel’s
fond remembrance
of a friend would have
faded out or deleted out of my
album of re-collections.
And the task would
have been exacting
to trace her out later.
The damsel’s fond remembrance
to me is like
adding sugar and flavours
to a crystal-glass full
sweet golden mango-fruit juice.
Thanks a lot to the damsel
one of her missions
stands accomplished for
the time-being,
if not for eternity.


Prakash Karat, General Secretary, Communist Marxist Party of India (Marxist) in an interview with Eric Hobsbwam, the Marxist historian, held sometime back reportedly did attribute to Indian Communists’ failure to penetrate the Hindi belt and spread its influence in North India to the caste-ridden society prevailing there. Even today the Communist parties hold on to this view and provide us with the examples of casteist parties wielding power in UP and certain other States. Thus we are made to believe and the Marxist historians abroad as well.
North India compared to South India on the aspects of education, health, poverty, infrastructure, various factors worth pointing out is poorly placed and as far as the Communist parties are concerned, North India is a caste-ridden society and hence castes like Brahmins, Yadava, Kurmis, Chamars, Muslims hold sway over politics and leaders of these castes by forming political parties contest elections and reach the power citadels relegating the National parties like Indian National Congress, Communist Party of India (CPI), Communist Party of India (Marxist), host of left entities which claim to be national and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The fact that Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party, the former in particular held power in the North Indian States of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa et al for several years, even decades, at a stretch is conveniently forgotten. Though Indian National Congress ruled since gaining Independence the plight of the poor continued to be in a dismal state and it couldn’t come up to the expectations of the masses and the Communist parties could not capitalize on the GOP’s failure the people began to think on the lines of castes and political parties formed on casteist basis to serve their interests. Where the casteist parties cornered majority of seats either they ruled single-handed or formed alliances with the badly mauled national parties and formed governments. Thus gradually the National party like Indian National Congress Party’s strength in Parliament too became weak but with the consolation of emerging as the largest single party – still without majority to rule alone by forming alliance with the casteist parties or with the outside support of national parties like Communist parties formed govts in each elections. Thus an era of coalition politics came into being and as BJP leader Arun Jaitely last week said the most responsible at the helm be it Dr. ManMohan Singh or his own leader former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee turned out to be prisoners of coalition politics, put it aptly constraints of coalition politics.
I started writing about Prakash Karat’s lamentations about a caste-ridden society in the Hindi-belt and Communist party’s inability to penetrate deeper into the caste-ridden societies there to spread its ideology and thus widen their base even in the first decade of 21st century. A sad commentary on the state of affairs of Communist movement in India and the most unfortunate point is that the Communist leaders still not learning any lessons from the lapses on their part.
Now that with the coming into power of Nitish Kumar, leader of JD(U) into power ofcourse in alliance with BJP in Bihar, India’s worst caste-ridden State as also known as poorest of poor States in the Hindi-belt for the second consecutive term, no anti-incumbency factor worth pointing out whatsoever. His main poll plank was development, development, development and nothing else. What he concentrated during the first term was also to strive his best for the development of Bihar and initiate steps in that direction like infrastructure development and bettering law and order situation. Bihar’s infamous pot-holed roads got repaired and promptly maintained, criminals imprisoned without fear or favour and without caring who belongs to which caste one might be a Kurmi, one a Chamar, one a Paswan, one a Yadav, one a Brahmin, one a Muslim, no matter Mr.Kumar saw Bihar as a whole entity and did introduce welfare measures to better the lot of downtrodden – women and children, education, health-care, pure drinking water – a whole lot of measures thus endearing the masses to the ruling JD(U).
While remaining a part of NDA (National Democratic Alliance) Nitish Kumar took special care to keep communal politics at bay, even Narendra Modi, BJP leader and its mascot and the incumbent Chief Minister of Gujarat not welcomed, in fact not allowed to campaign in Bihar Mr.Kumar could keep up his image of a true, secular politician.
His alliance, this time surpassed the earlier record of 143 seats in the Assembly, its total strength being 243, increased its strength to a historic 206 seats cornering four-fifths of the Assembly seats. Such a massive mandate was a pleasant surprise to many including the exit poll pundits who had predicted a clear majority to JD(U)-NDA alliance and Mr.Nitish Kumar himself pleasantly surprised. His bĂȘte noire Lalu Prasad Yadav who nurtured ‘great expectations’ this time, Rahul Gandhi’s Indian National Congress and the Communist Party of India all tasted massive defeat at the hustings.
Mr.Karat’s reading that caste-ridden society in the Northern sector was the main factor obstructing the growth of Communist parties there has proved wrong for all to see and learn.
Indian society, be it South or North, East or West, what is the need of the hour is development and for that Communist parties should have to start from the scratch. As long as Communist parties continue to blame caste-ridden politics as the main obstacle towards its growth, Indian Communist parties will have to satisfy with its state of stunted growth.

Friday, November 26, 2010


While both of us
were kids
with joy and pleasure
both of us used to
wait for the arrival
of our beloved Pappa.
With our equally
beloved Amma
we sat waiting
long hours as
Pappa always arrived
late into the night,
traversing long distances.
Ambience pervading
with joy, merry, delight and harmony
we made our home
a heaven on earth.
As the seconds, minutes
and hours ticked past
both of us
sandwiched with Amma
in between.
Our patience knew
no bounds
our wide eyes always
glowing with the
impending arrival of
our beloved Pappa
after hours of continuous duty.
Pappa came by car
driving himself
both of us ran to the
Amma watched all
with her face beaming with smile
waiting at the portico.
Alighting from the car
he lifted us both
we sat pretty
close to each side of his chest
like two pretty dolls.
He showered
kisses aplenty on our cheeks
whispered sweet nothings
planted a kiss on
mother’s cheek too.
Pappa would sit on
a sofa close to
the wall in the
drawing room.
Pappa blessed us
with love in the form of
sweets and fruits.
Days went on thus,
one day, one fine
morning on a special day
one youth lean, fair, clean-shaven
sporting a thick moustache
came to the home
from nowhere
calm, pleasant and poised
he was,
a total stranger to
both of us.
Beamed he a smile
at us
a broad pleasing smile it was
fascinating too.
Amma knew him very much
her beaming smile
her happiness, expressions
all eloquent.
Introduced she to Pappa
Both shook hands
The youth sat beside him
Amma introduced him
to both of us too.
Three of them talked
and talked.
The social etiquette
observed in letter and spirit.
Both of us kids,
dressed in shining scintillating
colourful frocks
about to go out
with Pappa and Amma
to attend a glittering function
at a party hosted by one
of Pappa’s friends
away from our home.
As the talks went on
getting bored both of us
went outside playing.
What all transpired
that day between Pappa and Amma
after the stranger was gone
the wordy duel between them
for the first time
in their life
the reasons still unknown.
Why Amma cried and cried
also a mystery.
Who was that stranger
why Pappa and
Amma entered into
a wordy duel
why Amma cried
all still unknown
albeit the quarrel
lasted one or two days.
Both of us
at two parts of
the world now
the face of the youth
occasionally comes
before my face
though uninvited.


Who blinked first? South or North? A billion dollar question. Whoever blinked first on Tuesday,2 Marines and 2 Civilians of South Korea killed in the North Korean artillery fire. Situation still remains volatile, the nations across the globe watching with shock and Ban-Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General appealing for calm to both Koreas.
Tuesday’s attack was triggered by South Korea’s military exercise in the Yellow Sea, which was not to the taste of North Korea especially due to the provocation by South Korea while the military exercise was in full swing by crossing the disputed waters according to media reports. At the very outset North Korea had wanted South Korea not to engage in military exercise but South Korea was defiant. That must have boiled the blood of North Koreans which culminated in the firing and eventual killings.
US, South Korea’s all-weather friend is also enraged, natural, has warned North Korea to stop the ‘game’ and USS Washington, its aircraft carrier has already proceeded towards the Korean waters certainly an intimidating tactics on the part of USA. As North Korea’s big-brother China incidentally its neighbour, protector and provider of aid that North Korea badly needs is very much in the picture watching the developments in the area, North Koreans are unlikely to buckle under US pressure tactics. US knows for sure that only China is better placed to prevail upon North Korea and that has prompted US Asst. Secretary of State, P.J. Crowley to advise China to interfere in the matter to avoid a showdown.
Be it North Korea and South Korea, be it India and Pakistan, be it Israel and Palestine like the Biblical characters Abel and Kayen each finds pleasure in squabbling with the other ultimately leading to spilling of blood. Since Biblical period or even before it the case is same, reasons however remaining elusive. Even in Hindu Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, such characters are countless and it is a tedious task to dwell upon such characters and the historical background.
Today - 26/11/10 - incidentally happens to be the second anniversary of the bloody carnage perpetrated by ten Pak militants belonging to the dreaded terrorist outfit, Lashkar-E-Taiba (LeT) of the neighbouring brother country Pakistan at the very heart of Mumbai – South Mumbai – gunned down 166 innocents belonging to not only India, but citizens belonging to US and Israel. Terrorists never care who is who and with beastly pleasure attack anyone and everyone whom they come across killing and maiming hundreds and hundreds. Details of the blood-chilling carnage need not be repeated as it is firmly imprinted on the psyche of Indians as well as citizens belonging to nations around the world.
Two years already elapsed, India repeatedly cried for taking action against those Pakistani militants who are very much there and roam free and demanded the rulers of that country to bring those wretched elements be brought to justice but nothing substantial so far not initiated by the Pak government. We provided that nation with dossiers after dossiers establishing the bitter truth beyond doubt so far the machinery concerned has not even taken care to look into them.
It is really a pity that our ruling elite know for sure that such positive steps won’t be taken by that nation and that its Intelligence Agency – Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) – was very much involved in the conspiracy and that LeT is the blue-eyed boy of it and knowing all these our rulers join our citizens in observing the anniversary at different locations in the city. Part of a ritual in short.
Muhammed Ajmal Kasab, the lone assassin, like a VVIP spends his days in a cell literally a fortress –inside the Arthur Jail with full security cover and video-conferencing facilities and also provided with maximum health-care costing the exchequer Rs 2 crore per month.
Sorry for the deviation. While penning about India – Pak rivalry, North Korea – South Korea conflagration, Israel-Palestine imbroglio, a diversion of sorts happened.
Though the Korean imbroglio continues unsolved, the situation is unlikely to aggravate with China, US, UN and peace-loving nations around the world raring to involve in a fire-fighting exercise to cool down the tempers on both sides. In case the problem is set to aggravate the whole world is bound to pay for it.
Since the 1953 Armistice Agreement this is the first of a case between the two Koreas barring a few occasional skirmishes a cold-war continued to exist between both. That too is natural since the Democratic(?) Repulbic of Korea still swears by communism and the Republic of Korea following neo-liberal reforms. A new leader Kim-Jong-Un is set to occupy the saddle soon in North Korea and Lee-Myung-Bak still sitting pretty as the Head of South Korea – owing to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and piling up of weaponry spending billions of dollars the downtrodden continue to starve and South Korea through infrastructure development, Foreign Direct Investment and neo-liberal reforms (one might have two opinions about it) follows a high growth trajectory. If that country too treads the path of military exercises so as to intimidate the rival country it will only help to intensify the confrontation. But the basic reason being mutual suspicion and fear which drive each to uppe the ante.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A long, broad bridge
connecting past
present and future
erected by none other
Time, the most powerful and great
invisible and invincible
ever since the beginning
of Universe.
Past, the abode of
love, lust, greed, anger
power, power struggles
battles, wars
revolution, blood
joys and tears
a collage of
events - in short
in the capacity of
groom the present
and the present
imbibing all lessons from
the past
continues to move ahead
rush ahead, leaps ahead
like a muddied, flooded
rivers gush forth
like rolling juggernauts
like daily inflows of
crowds to the metros
in lakhs and lakhs
into the future.
The smooth flow of time
already a thing of past
now in leaps and
now all with
lightning speeds.


Festivals brought all,
flocks together
each wingled its ways with
mates and chicks
to the big nest afar
to meet their old parent mates
spending the twilight
of their lives
under their wings the progenies grew
learnt to prey upon victims
mastering everything
got separated
each flew afar
to start own lives,
in the little nests each built
all away at distant trees across
the world.
Festivals brought all together
the big nest till then
silent and gloomy
turned vibrant with life.
parents, with feathers
withering away
winging out turning difficult
as the days
passed by
once the happiest lot
upon the arrivals
of festivals
and get-togethers
turned indifferent
and detached
proximity of the
progenies making
no difference.
Festivals came and went
festivals still come and go
the big nest
and its occupants
turned remains of
thus ending the
get-togethers and celebrations.


In the history of Indian Parliament, whenever demands to announce JPC(Joint Parliamentary Committee) probe had arisen by the Opposition, the governments of the day either under one pretext or another raised its reservations often leading to standstills in Parliament, for consecutive days except on one ocassion when the formation of a JPC couldn’t hurt both, it is learnt. But when it could bruise the ruling party’s image on completion of the probe they know for certain that it would affect them adversely - the culprit can very well sense the shape of things to come – the ruling elite stays adamant, come what may, often leading to the ultimate – the adjournment of the session sine die. In such a situation, the intensity of the demands voiced by the united oppositions demands weaken gradually often ending into a whimper. In the meanwhile if some other issue comes up opposition very well jump on it and forget the old story howsoever epoch-making it was forgetting its potentialities of driving the government into a catch-22 situation. The new issue, a hot issue that also, all issues are hot in our country as the ones involved in such issues are also hot ones – the govt could heave a sigh of relief for the moment.
Ever since the UPA 2 govt occupied the saddle unlike the UPA I or compared to the UPA I scams and scandal one after another in the forms of Common Wealth Games-2010 draining the exchequer to the tune of Rs. 70, 000 Crores, Adarsh Housing Society scam, Mumbai, which was a case of nepotism and favouritism, 2G Spectrum scam, actually it should have been named first as the spectrum scam arose at the very outset of the UPA II govt costing the exchequer a whopping sum of Rs 1.76 lakh crore and now it has come to the fore that in the infamous scam a middle agent Nira Radia enacted her role superbly in fact the lady deserves two Oscars for the best actress, on behalf of the corporates - fat cats all of them – and she reportedly using her clout with our journalist gods and goddesses and these elements reportedly using their clout with those at the higher echelons of power even in the making of Ministers who to reperesent which party in the Ministry, which portfolio should have to be alloted to him or her to satiate the interests of the coporate tycoons. All under the very nose of the govt led by Dr.ManMohan Singh. Though the demands were raised to enquire into the huge loss to the exchequer owing to 2G Spectrum issue there was not much response forthcoming from the most responsible lot except the tape-recorded statement – ‘whoever is responsible will be brought to book’. Something amusing and laughable as we had started hearing this tape-recorded version of a great person since the beginning of UPA 1 – 2004-2009.
During those times, the contexts varied from one situation to another, but most of them came out whenever terrorists struck across India. Now the context is entirely different.
UPA-2 govt for about one year exuded too much self-confidence and complacency, often adopted a hubristic attitude to each issue or demand raised by the opposition, followed its own policies and programmes caring two hoots for the opposition’s demands gradually started facing the heat with the numbers and intensities of corruption mounting up and reaching the door-steps of Highest Court of land. The Court coming to grips with the seriousness of most of the scams started taking strong exceptions to the indifference and criminal negligence of the govt.

UPA-I was comparatively free from, not wholly, only comparatively, the enormity of corruption compared to the mountain of corruption our nation faces today is only due to one reason. Then the Left front with its 61 MPs could arm-twist the govt whenever the latter went out of its way deviating from the common agenda and in the next election the same Left front forfeited its strength reducing itself into a Front of 16 MPs and th Congress and other allies gaining strength in the 2009 General Elections thanks to the LDF while it was with UPA-I from 2004-2009. What I am driving home is LDF could by exerting pressure, persuasions and arm-twisting for the then ManMohan Singh govt to initiate people-friendly schemes so as to benefit the poor across nation benefitted the UPA I in the General Elections conducted in 2009. By then LDF was deserted by UPA I and due to the schisms in the LDF both in Bengal and Kerala was badly mauled at the hustings.
UPA-II with its clout growing, charted out its own policies and programmes and moved straight ahead and all which they followed went against the interests of the masses. Peoples’ discontent and disillusionment grew, govt didn’t care, corruption also aggravated govt cared not, inspite of the objections and protests of the entire opposition. Now that we see an enlightened Sonia Gandhi with her sad comment on the rampant corruption pervading the whole country. But what she values most is loyalty and that she gets in abundance from the doctor, and that is her solace. Hence she has always thrown her weight behind the incumbant Prime Minister.
As the Chairperson of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) and in the capacity of Congress President she could very well prevail upon the govt for a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) probe into the 2G Spectrum scam and thus resolve the standstill in the Parliament. It would certainly be a feather in her cap and could wipe out the tarnished image of her Party and govt.
I very much fear a new Party arising in India a party led by a section of top-level journalists, the would be leaders I need not name here. They have already made their marks here and have resolved to leave their foot-prints in the days to come.
Another fear which continues to pester me or nagging me is B.S.Yeddyurappa’s fate whether he would be able to stick on to his Chief Ministerial post of Karnataka. Yeddyurappa is the pride of BJP, hence he might get a reprieve, as he had already said ‘in the place of Yeddyurappa’, Yeddyurappa himself would be the next CM, as per media reports.
Each Indian should not come behind another Indian all should compete for the top-most post even on the matter of corruption hence in the near future itself we would be able to overtake even US the most developed country. Jai Ho.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


How ecstatic we were yesterday.....?
in the light of oil-wick lamps
they hung us, garlands
on two strings fastened to
two ends of sculpted pillars
standing parallel to each other
at each side of the path to
sanctum sanctorum
with pilgrims standing beside us
with folded palms
their half-closed eyes
centred on the ornamented
garlanded Idol
bells chanting
hymns coinciding
ambience spiritual.
After all were gone
upon culmination
of the day's worship,
the ones who hung us
on either side,
(recall how happy we were
like Him and
the pilgrims?)
the ones who hung us
happily at the outset
ruthlessly removed us
and heaped us
in a corner,
wait for a moment
today, our younger ones
would be hung up on
either side
like us they too
would rejoice
unaware of
the consequences
in the end
to get forcibly separated
and piled-up
in a corner
upon completion
of day's ritual.
Even God not
taking care of us.
We the unrequitted products of


Dilma Rousseff, 63, the incumbent Presdient of Brazil was a militant of left-wing urban guerilla group before joining hands with former President and the architect of modern Brazil. In pursuit of her revolutionry ideals she fought relentlessly and as a result had to undergo merciless torture by the then dictatorship. Such senseless tortures and imprisonment never forced to erode her steely resolve and moved along tirelessly for the fulfillment of her orgnisation's dreams.
Luiz Inacio La De Silva from the very beginning was active in trade union activities and was a factory worker. Later he joined the Wokers Party and struggled with it through thick and thin till the attainment of his party's goals. While working as a factory worker he was caught in an accident and lost one of his fingers. Lula though not much educated, nursed broad visions of a bright future to his country, similarly his successor though a militant once chose not to be dogmatic in her approach to the problems affecting the nation after joining the Workers Party. Before getting elected to the post of President Lula had appointed her the Chief of Staff under his government in 2005.
Lula was pragmatic to the core and hence upon reaching the top post of President of Brazil never did want to tread the path of dogmatism.
Keeping his humble beginnings in mind, he started initiating market-friendly reforms but took care always to keep the socially deprived sections in the society in good humour. Needless to say the results of his reforms benefitted the social sector to a great extent still continue to benefit even after demitting office. Thus his reforms reached far and wide, the haves and have-nots in equal measure.
During his rule the findings of oil reserves in umpteen quantities turned out to be a great blessing and it provided enormous potential for the growth of the country. Brazil began to export large volumes of oil to the needy country thus earning unprecedented foreign exchange reserves. The huge income went into the speedy growth of economy ultimately resulting in the making of a prosperous Brazil.
Foreign investments in large measure across the Latin American country flourished with nations from across the world rallying to Brazil especially the Latin American nations like Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina etc.
Lula turned out to be 'Sheikh Lula' to rulers of certain countries with his nation's large-scale export of oil.
Besides all these, Brazil happens to be a member of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and the formation of BRIC paved the way for mutual co-operation in various fields - economy, trade and industry, climate change gaining importance. Like was IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) another group too played a cardinal place in cementing the relationship further. Mutual co-operation as also promotion of bilateral relations with the passing of each day became stronger and stronger and now in almost all matters of international importance they remain united.
To stand up to the challenges from the part of developed nations it is essential for emerging economies like India, Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa to stand together and more consolidated.
Now that Lula has stepped down after two terms in office, though he was at the moment of vacating the prestigious and powerful post enjoying 80 percent popluarity. He was and still is that much held in high esteem by the Brazilians and there is no need for presenting other credentials for his popular governance.
His successor Dilma Rousseff was not that popular among among the Brazilians hence even though Lula was very much with her in her campaign for the post of President she couldn't emerge winner in the first round paving the way for a run-off. In the run-off Lula's strong support elevated her to the topmost position. It was actually Lula's win, in other words all credit goes to Lula.
Dilma Rousseff, in the capacity of Brazilian President has promised and assured the Brazilians following in the footpaths of her mentor that she would strive her utmost for the future of entire Brazilians especially the socially deprived sections picking up the thread of market-friendly reforms.
Now that Luiz Inacio La De Silva has been honoured with Indira Gandhi Peace prize, instituted by India Government under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh, a recognition he deserves by all counts our nation was also honouring itself. Wish all rulers across the world were popular and pro-poor rulers like Luiz Inacio La De Silva.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


On that fine Sunday morning
(all Sundays are fine)
he went out for
his usual visit to
the city nearby.
Walked the way
under the blazing summer sun
half-an-hour walk
enough to make him
sweat profusely
his long flowing greying
dangling along both
his pepper-salt moustache
long flowing greying beard
his dress and the
whole body getting
entered he a gents'
beauty parlour
air-conditioned room
welcomed him
deposited his chappals outside
and made the entry.
dyeing, facial
all facilities available
and like Kingfishers
two smiling youths
jumped upon him
service minded they
"trim the hair
trim the beard
enough and more".
Serious he was
expressions as well as
but no
the youths not that
easily disheartened
took out one by
one their unparallelled
skills of entrapping
the new found customer
from their 'arsenal'
"you look very strange
and ugly sir,
with this long flowing
hairs, pepper-salt
and these dirty
long, flowing beards.
Ugly sir, quite ugly
but you know,
you are a charming
so handsome,
we, we can't find
words to present
before you
the picture of a
pleasing face,
hiding behind
shall we remove this
unwanted remnants
of the past
make you handsome
prince charming
to make you fascinating
before ladies - cute
Give us a chance,
at least one chance
to shape a
new 'avatar' out of you
entreating they were
tender-hearted he
bowing to their
pleasing persuasion
submitted himself
to their whims and
like a lady enjoying rape
many things done
on him
one after another
all completed
one youth displayed
the mirror from various angles
"see how
pleasant-looking and
charming you are,
enjoy yourself"
"who is this new
fellow?" - asked he
to himself silently
his eyes wide
more sad
less delighted,
yet displayed delight
to satisfy them.
Bill paid
Hefty it was
caught an autorickshaw.
reached the house
within minutes to show
his new face to his wife.
Door remained shut,
as usual,
pressed the calling
wife looked through the window
"who are you man?"
stood he aghast
unfamiliarity reflected
on her face,
her eyes too,
gone wide
shut she the door
from behind
locked it from
knocked he the door
no response came out
stood he there
flabber ghasted,
and walked out
into the street........


Nik Gowing, the shining star of media world, the Chief Anchor of BBC, whom I fondly call my Grandpa - he is still young that is another matter - in private with a sense of humour was there in Thiruvananthapuram, the Capital of my home State of Kerala, India to attend the one week long Hay festival at Nishagnadhi Auditorium in the compound of Kanakakunnu Palace where luminaries from all walks of life, film-personalities, writers, cultural icons and media world from both India and abroad - all converged for about one week.Some of the noted dignitaries included Mani Shankar Iyer, Wlliam Darl Rymble, Sister Jesme, K.Sachithanandan, SashiTharoor, Tarun Tejpal, Paul Zacharia and the the 'Suitable Boy' Vikram Seth of 'The Suitbale Girl' - which is on the anvil.
I do have no plans to touch upon any other personalities at the moment, except Nik Gowing - BBC's pride.
My Grand Father - paternal to be specific whom I did have the rare opportunity of meeting only once in my life, thank God, the rare opportunity or blessing my siblings never did get as he had had many conncetions across the State and was always on the move. Whenever I see or recall the face of Nik Gowing my Grand Father's face comes to my mind as the former bears great resemblance to the latter.
Both luminaries in their own ways my Grand Father was a celebrated civil lawyer of those days whose main hobby was filing suits and winning them ultimately, the funny thing was that as he was a Zamindar of those times, across the State he used to sell the property to various clients then file suits against the same clients later pointing out loop-holes in the title deeds. As he was an accomplished lawyer of that time he took up his own cases and with documentary evidences proved his contentions. The charming handsome man was the heart-throb of many a pretty cute lady and he made them his life partners.
Sorry, Nik Gowing, the media personality is entirely different unlike my Grand Father nothing of such funs enjoyed by Nik Gowing and the latter's only obsession being journalism and his family life with his wife Judy and children. The day-to-day developments across the world, political, diplomatic - all which in every way are related to our world remain his forte. He views each, analyzes each and present them to the outside world through his news media BBC.
At Thiruvananthapuram in the course of his interaction with media personalities commented on the latest technological developments and challenges the media as well as the governments are about to be confronted with and the way the news reaching people that is with in split- seconds. One of the note worthy messages that he conveyed was 'Use social media responsibly and with responsibility'. For instance, he went on with the observation that it takes only two hours for a development in Antartica to reach the news centres, thanks to the innovative changes in the world of technology. His special mention of the roles of citizen journalists, and in a lighter vein his pointing to the fact that in the contemporary world, on a fine morning a man wakes up suddenly and to his great delight he finds that he is catapulted to the position of a journalist. In short everyone evolving into a journalist is the hallmark of present times.
His one observation while having friendly talks with our media personalities however made interesting reading. That each Minister of Kerala keeps five phones with them and hence they are better placed to read the pulse of the masses across our State. Judging by the number of phones a Minister keeps with himself or herself to keep in touch with the pulse of the people sadly is a new discovery by Nik Gowing at least in the case of Kerala. The stark truth is that Nik Gowing, the learned journalist ought to have undertaken a long journey throughout Kerala keeping the story of five phones by each Minister in mind. I very much doubt the renowned journalist was cracking a joke while he was enjoying funny moments with his brethren. If that be the case, he deserves applauses galore for his sense of humour.
Hats off to Nik Gowing...

Friday, November 19, 2010


Seated pleasurably in the hot-seats
in coats, suits and ties
around round tables
even in scorching summer
simultaneously missing
no chances to throw
dirt at our colonial past and its
subservience to the erstwhile
a feather in the cap
holding Lord Macaulay in reverence
a cross-section of our
plays second-fiddle
quite often.
Hypocrisy or no hypocrisy
when it come to the roost
none's business
go on casting thunders
storms and downpour
on the polluted land
of our colonial legacy
converting it into swamps and swamps
with pollutants and effluents
gradually inundating it
even our transparent
smooth flowing rivers
rivulets and streams of
rich cultural heritage and
age-old traditions
about which once
we chanted hymns,
still the mechanical chanting
going on as a ritual
forefeiting the legacy
of the past
if not all
something always left
behind to cherish
then only the present
could be relevant
and the future too.


Arun Jaitely, BJP leader and leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha made an interesting observation while the core-committee meeting of that party was underway in NewDelhi. The meeting was attended by NDA Working Chairman Lal Krishna Advani, President Nitin Gadkari, Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, former BJP President Venkaiah Naidu and former Minister for Human Resources Development Mr.Murli Manohar Joshi.
While launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh, Mr.Jaitely cast aspersions on Dr.Singh for being a prisoner of coalition politics. The context was even after repeated demands by the entire opposition to agree for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) meeting an 'obstinate' PM was not kind enough to succumb to the demands instead Dr.Singh was displaying objection to it. And that was one of the reasons for terming Dr.Singh a prisoner of coalition politics.
What Arun Jaitely told was true, cent percent true, but the point is he has no locus standi to vehemently launch an attack on Dr.Singh's stubborn attitude.
Arun Jaitely's leader and former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee besides Deputy PM and the then Home Minister, to be precise, the entire BJP were submissive to the constraints of coalition politics throughout their six year tenure. But for the arm twisting, constant pressure and threatening of secular parties in the coalition- the National Democratic Alliance consisting of around twenty parties BJP would have went on with materialising its cherished dreams of constructing a Ram Temple at the disputed site of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. The threat of the allies worked and BJP had to put its promises of building a Ram Temple on hold.
An alliance, be it under Congress or BJP, should have to work under constraints while out of power blaming the other party which is at the helm of affairs is absurd and meaningless. To work without constraints the ruling party whichever it might be should have the required numbers of its own to rule the country and chart out its own policies and programmes.
Arun Jaitely, a great legal expert and an orator has a rare knack to drive his point home but not always unless conscious of the predicament in which the party has found itself in. Why couldn't Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat go to Bihar for the election campaign for his alliance - the NDA - on behalf of BJP which is a partner of Nitish Kumar Government, leader of Janata Dal(United) who is always against Mr.Modi and the latter remains unwelcome throughout?
Dr. ManMohan Singh's UPA - 2 Govt of late has begun to taste the bitter fruits of coalition politics. Needless to blame a coalition politics, since across India majority of states are being run by coalitions. But when the spectre of corruption and other scandals start to seep into the coalitions especially ministries 'the scenario undergoes changes with the media-and the opposition always remaining vigilant to jump upon each scam or scandal. As the pressure gets mounting as the corruption charges and scandals come tumbling out of the cup-boards with documentary evidences followed by mudslinging with one trying to pass the buck facing the heat, and also with the highest court of land, Supreme Court also taking up the issues on Public Interest Litigations (PIL) mounting up or suo moto taking actions, the situation turns grave, putting the Govt on a tight spot.
For the last several months, India was witnessing scandals and scams one after another, a mounatin of them, and still the shows go on. Former minister of state for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor was the fiirst one to go, but his ouster was not in anyway connected with corruption. It was some other issue and that was a relief.
Even while Mr.Tharoor was very much there in the Govt, corruption scandal against some other gentle men were very much there not all of them ministers in the Union Cabinet A Raja who is charged with embezzlement to the tune of Rs.1.76 Lakh crore rupees-only peanuts-the largest one which Independent India witnessed up till now in the 2G Spectrum allocation issue was very much under scanner, he went on enjoying the status of Minister for Telecom Affairs and Information Technology justifying the allocation with the argument that whatever he did was in accordance with the law and also with the knowledge of Prime Minister Dr.Singh. Repeated demands for enquiries and his dismissal by the entire opposition, very much that heartening that occasionally irrespective of ideologies, these parties display a united face went unheard their voices reaching the wilderness. But the opposition persisted with their demands with more and more evidences they gathered, but no, silence was the answer. In the meanwhile Janata Party leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote a letter to PM on issue and according to him it took about one year to get a response. Dr.Swamy besides being a whistle- blower is always a nightmare to tainted politicians. One who was very much wanted by Indira Gandhi to imprison him during emergency while remaining at large, one day made a magical appearance in Rajya Sabha and made his presence felt and within seconds reportedly vanished into thin air, eluding arrest.
The Supreme Court upon getting seized of the matter enquired whether A.Raja still was continuing in the Ministry. It was something shocking to the court.
While A.Raja was very much enjoying the sweet fruits of power even while with opposition throwing tantrums both inside and outside Parliament two other gentlemen were also following his path.
The infamous goings on while the preparations for Common Wealth Games 2010-under Olympics committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi rocked the whole nation and abroad resulting in the lossof Rs.70,000/- Crore to the exchequer and the Govt dilly-dallying on taking action against him and his accomplices and his subsequent ouster from the post of Congress Parliamentary Party Secretary are still very much alive in our mind. Together with him went Ashok Chavan who was allegedly involved in the Adarsh Housing Scheme Scam-thus enabling the opposition something to marvel upon after relentless fights.
All the afore-mentioned allegations were very much in the air seeking on the spot action, Govt vacillated for too long a aperiod the reasons not at all baffling or puzzling.
Now that A.Raja too gone out, finding no let-up, Supreme Court has taken the captain himself to task. Dr.Singh was ordered to file an affidavit related to A.Raja affair yesterday and demands for his resignation from Prime Minister's post arising from certain quarters. The Govt too is seized of the grave situation with resignation one after another who awaits next in the queue is anybody's guess.
I started with Mr.Arun Jaitely's attacks on our Prime Minister ManMohan Singh for being a prisoner of coalition politics he ought to have recalled his government's constraints in the coalition politics from 1998 to 2004 under Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dreams, fascinating
ambitions, sky-high
thoughts, innovative
nerves, steely
resolve, firm.
'Iron in the soul',
fearless to the core,
loving, caring mind,
his/her precious assets.
Been through
good and bad times
been through hunger and hardships
poised, serene, tranquil
none was there to guide
philosopher, friend and guide
The blessings in life
husband, wife, children
fame and defamation
as also personal animosities
all visited later,
but no not to be cowed down
under pressure or blackmailing
all, the boon of Goddess of
the boon of sculpting of words
Words ever powerful and mighty
he/she knows for certain
the only companions
throughout, till
the moment of breathing last
will be words, words and words.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


No castles of dream they,
but castles of nightmares they,
the ones bearing
the burden of cries, sighs of
unheard souls of yore
the ugly, dingy,
dilapidated structures,
like past tenses.
True, castles of dreams
they were once,
once upon a time.
Yes, time,
like a hydra
started to whirl
around it
from day one
first unknowingly
later knowingly
engraving its marks
of silence and melancholy.
But no Istanbul of yore this city
known for its melancholic existence
but the city of dreams this.
Time like a juicer
crushed it, squeezed it
drained it, tasting the juice
and the remnants left -
these centuries old
nightmares stare
at the modern generation,
like a surrealist painting.
Fear me the existence
of the hallowed realities
in the days to come.
Remember, modern castles of
time the magician of
all times
has already cast his
eyes upon you
and he is on the go
leaving unseen signs on you
from day one.


In one of my recent blogs I had launched a scathing criticism against our rulers and bureaucrats for their penchant for acting on the spur of the moment. Uptill now, when a tragedy of immense magnitude affects our nation - means our citizens - these leaders and bureaucrats sit transfixed or in modern parlance "fevi-kwiked" in their cosy seats cherishing and relishing happy moments. Many tragedies had befallen us, still befalling upon us like thunder-bolts affecting the very foundations as also the conscience of the nation.
Even on terrorist menace, communal clashes, religious fanaticism, natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, droughts, to be precise, the volatile climate cycle and the most important of all needing urgent attention, the rampant poverty, even starvation deaths, malnourishment, women's empowerment, the plight of farmers across our country, raging unemployment, lack of educational facilities,sanitation facilities, millions and millions of homeless Indians living on the street-sides and railway platforms - the nation literally is crying aloud inviting serious and immediate attention from those at the helm of affairs who round the clock with a hubristic mind proclaiming before the world the high growth trajectory pointing out high GDP rate (Gross Domestic Product) and sky-rocketing stock-market indices, their yardstick for rapid development and progress of a country. Those renowned dignitories like Koffee Annan, the former UN Secretary General, often remind these nations including India not to use the yardstick of growth in Gross Domestic Product growth only to judge the welfare of the people since GDP growth turns absurd while teeming millions still reel under poverty and starvation deaths. To finger-point this anomaly we don't need a Koffee Annan or Amartya Sen, a common citizen is more than sufficient. Even while the advises of men and women of Global stature are not taken into out, we can very well assume the reaction of a a common citizen.
The latest UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) reveals a stark and shocking truth. Out of the 169 nations selected for evaluation of Global Development Index, India occupies the 119th position. The neighbouring Sri Lanka occupies 90th position. When it comes to the question of women empowerment India comes behind Pakistan with 79th position and 82nd respectively. Still harping on the growth momentum without any qualms, put it simply is ridiculous.
Even while taking not much interest on matters seeking urgent care attention and remedies on a war footing, no meaning at all in taking up cudgels against our ruling elite, when a five-storeyed building comes crumbling down, swallowing hundreds of poor lives and injuring hundreds and hundreds of people. Poor lives are always affected badly, as the buildings they often occupy are built by irresponsible elements greasing the palms of baboos and these licenseless building owners extract huge sums of money from the labourers, leading a precarious existence there as they have nowhere to go. As a result, the nation is left with nobody worth mentioning owning up responsibility of taking up maintenance works of these kinds of dilapidated buildings.
In Mumbai, where I was fortunate to spend a few years, I did get numerous opportunities of witnessing lots and lots of multi-storeyed buildings crumbling down or collapsing like a pack of cards needing urgent repairs and maintenance inhabited by lower middle class families and labourers who were pulling on there under sub-let basis or lease agreements. These buildings had and still have ugly looks with their walls, windows and doors grimy and turned into dark-yellowish broken here and there too broken and dirty, mind you, all such buildings old, some centuries old needing perpetual care and atleast yearly repairs and maintenance but nothing of that ever happening and authorities never caring to notice them even. Ugly public toilets, water scarcity, not at all looked into by the authorities concerned. Still the poor middle class citizens and the labourers spend their lives, precarious lives with the Sword of Democles hanging over them or pretend to be oblivious of it as they have no other way out. They hold on to the the last straw till the great thunder striking those buildings forcing them to crash down followed by the pall of gloom visits them at any moment.
During my days in Mumbai I was unfortunate to learn about the collapse of such buildings, killing and maiming hundreds of occupants.
Since the terrorist threat, bomb explosions and sabotage were unheard of then nobody had got the opportunity to squarely put the blame on the militant outfits like LeT(Lashkar-E-Taiba), Jaishe-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen as they were imported to the city in later years. Otherwise the leaders could have found a villain behind such incidents thereby washing hands a la Pilathos. Most of the building collapses occur in the rainy seasons the moment nature gives vent to its fury through rains, storms and hurricanes. The century-old multi-storeyed buildings unable to withstand such forces tend to collapse turning into a heap of rubble. Disaster Management of any kind is not being taken upon in time and that contributes to the aggravation of the casualities. Disaster Manager must be put in place round the clock even before the tragedy befalls and those entrusted with the responsibilities of the proper maintenance of dilapidated buildings should be accounted for the lapses on their part. Sadly no such steps are being initiated even after unfortunate incidents visit one after another.
The other day in East Delhi at Lakshmi Nagar, a five-storeyed building inhabited by poor labourers collapsed resulting in the loss of 65 lives and injuring hundreds and hundreds of dwellers. The incident was attributed to the inundation of Yamuna river as a result the water pilfering into the weak foundation forcing the whole edifice to crash down. Had disaster management authorities come to the ill-fated site in time, the magnitude of the calamity could have been reduced, sadly such an arrangement was nowhere seen even in the vicinity.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


to me is the Spring time
of memories -
December to me
are the birds of
memories flying back and forth,
December to me,
is a cock-tail of sweet, delicious,
painful memories, emotions.
Recall me those misty
the whole city,
awashed with frothing milky light
the vast blue expanse up above
with stars mischievously
glinting with joy and the moon
casting quiet smiles
upon all the
children of God on Earth.
Recall me those days
walking along with him down a
straight tarred road
like a ribbon unrolled.
Both sides lined-up with
flats embellished with
colourful, flashing, scintillating X'mas stars
bunches of balloons, festoons,
X'mas cradles,
twinkling X'mas trees
like stars up in the sky
both he and me
wrapping shawls around
our coats
hand in hand
sharing honeyed memories and dreams
overflowing emotions
like rivers gushing forth
cracking jokes
witty he was
tongue-in-cheek he was
forcing me to
burst out laughing often
in the din of hooting
local trains
running to and fro non-stop
along parallel tracks
outside the flat walls
umpteen of the night-walkers,
love-birds like us
the middle-aged couples
the old-age love-birds
though rare just a
passing to and fro
in the piercing cold
joyous, rejoicing, such
piercing needles of cold
thrusting into our skin
all indelibly imprinted
on the tender walls of
my mind, his mind.
after years since we
got separated
both at far ends of
the world
while the world
awaits excitedly with
unlimited patience
the birth of Infant Jesus
in a cattle shed at Bethlehem
with the angels
flying to earth from
conveying the message of
the arrival of
Saviour of mankind on earth
to liberate man from sins
to purify his soul and mind
yes visualising me very much
the X'mas carolls
Santa Clause with the
accompaniment of drum-beats
all sweet things
of the past
reach to his mind
reach my mind
memories never fail us.
December to me is
the Spring time of my memories
with him
December to him is
the Spring time of his memories
with me....

Monday, November 15, 2010


Doctor went on counselling:
Think positively always,
Negative thinking
not good for mind
and body.
Keep your cool always
getting angry ultimately
affects your mind and body.
Life a mirch masala
of joys and sorrows
learn to
live with it.
Life, after all is
not a bed of roses,
Actually everything
an adjustment,
particularly marital life.
Compromises always essential
keep your cool always.
Life worth living,
negation of life
kind of escapism.
Never be depressed
never be frustrated,
struggle you must,
with self-confidence, determination
(Doctor's mobile rings repeatedly)
Doctor loses his cool
frowns he
'What the hell you want?
you bitch.
how dare you call me
during consultation time?'
'Keep your cool dear Dr.,
everything an adjustment
marital life particularly'-
patient counsels,
'Get out you rascal' - Dr. shouted.
shivering with rage
The patient ran out for his life.

Arundathi Roy On Trial

"I had only one way- writing or madness" - Arundathi Roy
The charge-sheet against her go on thus : That she after visiting J&K to get a first-hand information about the human rights violations going on there, women being raped and tortured to death, some thrown into drains, youth mercilessly beaten-up, tortured and done to death, people fearing arrests and torture withdraw into their cocoons, the rampant unemployment among the educated youth , the sense of alienation the Kashmiris experience, leading to a united demand for 'Azadi' (Independence), okay, as an Indian citizen she is free to travel across any State she wants to visit but through her writings, speeches and social activities, allegations are being levelled against her with hurting the sense and sensibilities of the nation which are unpardonable and hence a limit is to be drawn to desist her from crossing it by those at the helm of Government and other political parties irrespective of their ideological affiliations.
She is not a politician, she never cherishes to be one, she is not a govt servant holding a position in the top echelons of power not at all her dreams or intentions, not in any way has she connived with corrupt elements and for that matter not an agent of multinational companies nor an agent of CIA, ISI or KGB, she in the true sense of that keeps a clean image unlike the ones claiming to be Mr. and Mrs Clean - the run off the mill politicians or bureaucrats of today.
She is a writer, writes fearlessly and courageously, never cares what happens next about matters of social importance which she feels like worth writing about, she speaks out frankly, courageously be it in Kashmir or Delhi even abroad. She is always on the go with matters concerning society especially matters related to the ones at the lower strata of society.
Her outspoken nature and her piercing words naturally hurt the establishment, though the VIPs and VVIPs often at the top of their voices claim to be the sons and daughters of a democratic polity and they feel badly bruised and anger rages among them especially the ones ruling our nation other political parties and a section of intellectuals.
The ones who find fault with outspoken writers and speakers often give vent to their fears about our democracy getting threatened. But these elements never talk much or are not enraged, over the real sources which are bent upon ripping apart the very national fabric of the society. See, for instance, a communal outfit like Bajrang Dal and such elements warning of dire consequences to a writer and social activist, if he or she is determined to continue with her "anti-national" actvities. Actually, who, what or which is the real enemy of a nation? A writer with the global stature like Arundathi Roy or fanatic outfits like Bajrang Dal or Sri Ram Sena? An interesting and amusing scenario like plantiff turning respondent and vice-versa. Mrs.Roy's house was ransacked by Mahila Morcha elements, the women wing of Bharatiya Janata Party, allegedly for delivering a speech against violation of human rights in Kashmir, kashmiri's alleged demand for 'Azadi' (independence) and her alleged statement that J&K is not an integral part of India. BJP demanded her imprisonment slapping charges of sedition against the writer with the scathing criticism that she is a traitor.
As psychologist and political analyst, Ashish Nandi wrote in an article published in "Outlook" magazine, nationalism and ultra nationalism gained strength both in Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party as a result of the Middle class grabbing an upperhand for the last two decades i.e, with the introduction of neo-liberal economic reforms. The middle classes according to Mr.Nandi amassed a lot of money but not the democratic values. The patriotic spirit among the middle classes upon crossing barriers nationalist and ultra nationalist sentiments began to reign supreme. Along with it the tolerance among these sections started getting eroded.
A girl child born to a Bengali Father and Keralite Mother brought up in a remote village of Aymanam of Kottayam district of Kerala, getting fed up with a frog like existence from her early days cherished dreams of fleeing her village and at the age of 18 got a train to Mumbai and fell in love with a Goan youth, they lived together for a short period and they got separated soon after, thereafter she spent her days in Delhi slum areas, her duty being cycling down the streets of Delhi carrying craps. While leading the life of a Vagabond, she met Pradeep kishen, a documentary film maker. Later she became his life-partner, and while living with him she took up reading and writing more seriously wrote two scripts, 'Electric Moon' and 'Annie gives it those ones' both of them won national recognition besides penning them she had even acted in both. She continued serious writing, penned articles and got them published in periodicals and in the meantime wrote a fiction, The God of Small Things which was epoch making and won Booker prize for it. There was no looking back since then.
A lady who saw and experienced various facets of life, later evolved into a writer and activist of global stature, she never made any compromises on her views and her fearless, frank and outspoken nature naturally gifted her with well-wishers and equal number of critics, on the verge of personal animosity.
Micro-scopic examination of her speeches and writings by legal experts on one side with prejudiced views, and on the other side a section of media community and social scientists on the hot pursuit of finding fault with her writings. What all wait Arundathi Roy is not even a matter of conjecture.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Winds of wars are
blowing crossing
boundary lines,
with the smell of
pervading everywhere
winds of peace
though blowing ocassionally
and its fragrance though blessing
sweet dreams embracing
such dreams but
like every honeyed dream
in a world
where nightmares
mar the sleeps of
each citizen
pull on we should
notwithstanding all
good or bad
fearful or exhilarating,
such is our destiny....
Let's wish for the
beautiful dreams of
doves flying with
olive branches
around the world
spreading messages of peace.


Winds of wars are
blowing crossing
boundary lines,
with the smell of
pervading everywhere
winds of peace
though blowing ocassionally
and its fragrance though blessing
sweet dreams embracing
such dreams but
like every honeyed dream
in a world
where nightmares
mar the sleeps of
each citizen
pull on we should
notwithstanding all
good or bad
fearful or exhilarating,
such is our destiny....
Let's wish for the
beautiful dreams of
doves flying with
olive branches
around the world
spreading messages of peace.


This is not a moment for getting too much overjoyed. Turning euphoric is natural though. Hence this show of excitement and celebration not only across Myanmar but the world over. Pause for a moment and reflect.
A nation ruled by a military junta notorious for its ruthless suppression of pro-democracy citizens and leaders since decades, how long that nation would learn to live with it with people holding pro-democratic rallies, protests and agitations, howsoever peaceful such agitations might be, we need not go too far to reach a conclusion.
The billion dollar question however is how long Myanmar's respected pro-democracy leader Aung Saan Suukyi, fearless and courageous, in pursuit for freedom, is willing to foresake all the happy and comfortable things in life after years of incarceration and house arrest in a country ruled by a Military Junta? Thousands had already congregated outside the prison and also infront of the headquarters of National League for Democracy (NLD), the outlawed, dissolved party led by her, upon information of her release from house-arrest after 15 years under house arrest. Since 1989 she was under house arrest and before that prolonged period she was imprisoned twice or thrice for launching pro-democracy struggles against the dictatorship.
International pro-democracy organizations besides the Govts though pressed several times for the release of the incarcerated leader the military junta didn't cow down under their pressure, and went on keeping her under house arrest and imprisonment intermittantly. Many other nations though from the roof-tops proclaim before the world their democratic traditions and lofty ideals, when it came to the heart of the matter, shrewdly cunningly stayed away - opportunists to the core they are - as they kept and continue to keep friendly relations with that country to fulfil their ulterior motives. Myanmar's neighbouring country, India, world's largest democracy, thus we are made to believe, continues to keep warm and cordial relations with it with the argument that we should not interfere in the internal affairs of any country. To prevail upon Myanmar in a friendly atmosphere keeping up the bonhomie to release a pro-democratic Nobel laureate for peace from incarnation was very much possible but kept aloof from the whole subject fearing it would anger the military junta and that might lead the estrangement of relations. Apart from that about six months back India government extended a red-carpet welcome to Myanmar dictator Than Shwe and decided to strengthen bilateral relations further, signed pacts on various fronts to the satisfaction of both, India certainly was eyeing the enormous mineral wealth of Myanmar and also was nursing the desire to sign an extradition treaty thereby the militant leaders especially of ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) and NDFB (National Democratic Front of Bodoland) safely holed up in their havens. Such pacts not in anyway need not deter a democracy like india to prevail upon Myanmar in a friendly atmosphere to have a compassionate attitude towards Aung Saan Suukyi and such an altitude would have paved the way for her release a bit early. Atleast India Govt should have had the comfortable feeling of raising the issue with its neighbouring nation. But no a nation must have the guts to rake up the issue and as long as such a thing is missing no question of such demands arising even in the future. On the demand for mineral wealth of Myanmar, another nation is also in the race for competing with India and even before India signing a pact on it China had already grabbed the opportunity. China always keeps its interest foremost in mind, 'sacrifice' is a word missing in its lexicon. Myanmar junta being very much aware of India-China competition on various fronts skilfully, cunningly plays one against the other as that country keeps its interests most vital like India and China.
Now that Suukyi is free, citizens forgetting everything throwing every bitter memory of past into the dustbins and the euphoria certainly is poised to exist for the time-being. And as long as their leader's quest for a democratic Myanmar lasts the fight for it will be relentless and she won't sit relaxed or lead a comfortable life leaving her struggle midway and her followers, together with her will continue with their mission and equally iron-fisted junta resisting Suukyi's struggle, a prediction of the outcome at the moment is something foolish. She was said to have been released unconditionally thus goes the reports that in no way means she is poised to remain free forever. Thinking on such lines is only a wishful thinking.
It is a paradox that while majority aspire for a democratic govt Myanmar is being ruled by a minority of military generals.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


The distances between
your abode and mine
remain at
distant corners of the world .
But our minds,
like con-joined twins
still inseparable.
Development in one mind,
automatically being
reflected on the other
and vice-versa.
A surgical separation
however beyond the
capacity of science.
Let's marvel upon this
god-send gift,
communication and conveyances
of messages
evading everyone
go on unabated.
Thank God, for showering
blessings profusely upon
both of us -
the inseparable souls.


E.V.Rama Swami Naicker, Periyar as he is fondly called, must be turning in his grave over the development now going on in the Dravidian parties across the State of Tamil Nadu especially over the development on the political front. The ideals for which he fought for and gained after bitter struggles had already come to a nought. As the days move ahead, its political leaders, especially Dravida parties - once there was only one Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) which later got split into Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), headed by a man of dignity and integrity C.N.Annadurai, further got multiplied into AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) - a section of the mother party, DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), besides MDMK, PMK, DMDK - a host of little entities to partake in the race to partake in the race to taste the fruits of power, either siding with DMK or with AIADMK, two parties always at loggerheads, not due to any ideological differences but both the products of kingsize ego. AIADMK was formed under the leadership of M.G.Ramachandran fondly called MGR, a shining star in the field of Tamil tinsel world. The feud in DMK started after the passing away of C.N.Annadurai, with M.Karunanidhi at one end and M.G.Ramachandran (MGR) at the other end needless to mention here both bitter personal enemies and after MGR's death, his right-hand throughout his life Kumari Jayalalitha took up the mantle, it is worh remembering here that she was the Propaganda Secretary of the Party and then evolved into the all in all of the AIADMK, the 'Amma' of the masses.
Though both Karunanidhi, Kalaignar as he is widely known across Thamizhagam and Jayalalitha stand firm and united on matters concerning the interests of their Home State and both during their tenures allegedly earned notoriety for various charges of commission and commission especially corruption.
Once a Congress citadel, Tamil Nadu later turned out to be the monopoly of Dravida parties and with them stealing the lime-light, regional chauvinism spread across the State and it still continues to rule the roost with the leaders of Indian National Congress helplessly watching sitting in the periphery. A great leader of the stature of K.Kamaraj didn't emerge on the scene, couldn't emerge on the scene upon the latter's death and it seems such a possibility never rising again in the coming days. Though Rahul Gandhi, the youthful leader of Indian National Congress keeps grand designs of widening the network of his national party not only in Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and has dared to take on Kumari Mayawati in UP, the Chief Minister and leader of Bahujan Samajwadi Party andNitish Kumar, the Chief Minister and leader of Janata Dal (United) his ambition being to evolve Congress into a party of yesteryears means a party capable of ruling the nation single-handed bidding goodbye to coalition politics. It is a widely accepetd truth that such a possibility has no chance of coming to fruition even in the distant future. All the command, loyalty and popularity forefeited by his own party and to regain the credibility of the past aong the masses the party takes not much interest except doling out peanuts to the masses. Platitudes abound, but that is not enough.
The failure on this front led to the mushrooming of regional outfits and such regional outfits upon gaining the faith of its supporters gradually spread their bases ultimately contesting elections and winning handsown at the hustings.
Such sights we witness in some States like Tamil Nadu as the regional outfits not nursing much national ambitions, always take pains to cater to the needs of the masses, the welfare of the masses, the prosperity of the masses by their popular friendly measures. When one outfit fails to come up to the expectations of the masses they turn to the opposite outfit who ready with its promises and assurances, grabs the opportunity and occupies the saddle.
Their only aim being the welfare of their beloved State and the masses , their MPs join hands with the ruling party at the Centre and bargain for coveted portfolios in the cabinet, introduce people-friendly measures in their respective States adopt various methods including arm-twisting of the ruling party threatening the ruling party with withdrawal of support.
These regional outfits always take care to stay cohesive, whatsoever the differences, none in those parties dares to make it public and learns to live with them. Such stands pay rich dividends to, not only the party but also certain leaders especially Ministers.
Mustering much confidence, they have reasons aplenty to remain confident and such parties have the strength to upset the apple-cart - the very stability of the central govt - some Ministers turn corrupt and pocket as much wealth as possible to the tune of crores and crores of rupees. When allegations of of corruption are levelled against them, they go on denying such allegations even on the 2G Spectrum allocation draining the exchequer to the tune of 1.76 crores by the Minister for Telecom and Information Technology, A.Raja, which the Comptroller and Auditor General's reports establishing with facts and figures along with Supreme Court's indictment, the Minister sticks on with the support extended to him by his beloved leader Kalaignar and the entire party members solidly standing behind him. He has firmly denied all the allegations levelled against him and goes on arguing that he had done nothing out of hand and whatever he did was by consulting none other than Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh landing Dr.Singh and the entire govt machinery in a quandary. The demand to vacate the portfolio would surely anger the DMK leadership and would lead to withdrawal of support to the government. The opposition remaining firm on one side to oust the fellow and on the other side the tainted one standing firm with all-out support of the party from behind the 'Men of dignity' well-known for their honesty and integrity are in a Catch-22 situation.
A.Raja, the Minister for Tele-Communications and Information Technology who is alleged to have caused Rs.1.76 crore loss to the ex-chequer would have been dismissed if a stern authority were in power but a wavering authority is still hesitating to force the allegedly tainted Minister to go out fearing instability.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Patients wait,
patients always wait
they will have to wait
they should have to wait
in serpentine queues
patients should be patient
everything priority wise,
first come first basis
Doctor comes late,
Doctor comes always late
he/she can always be late
he/she is the saviour
he/she is always right.
Doctor comes,
Florence Nightingale, the angel
always service-minded
closes the door from behind
patients anxious,
each waits for his/her turn,
Doctor prays before
God first,
each day begins with
the prayer
healing process always
requires God's blessings.
Nightingale calls each
mind you,
first come first basis
details inquired upon
BP, temperature
required check-ups
all done one by one
prescription ready,
the turn of the next one
all repeated.
Rules are rules
cannot be, shouldn't
be violated
dead-line to be kept.
Sharp 1'O' clock.
Doctor wakes up from
the hot seat
walks out
remaining ones in the queue,
stand with fingers crossed
nightingale the melody-queen
blurts out,
'today's examination over,
come the next day
Doctor gone home'
Angel too vanishes
Rules are not to be
violated however.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Deafening explosions,
one after another,
replicating a chain
of Big-Bangs,
body parts strewn all-around
blood-spilt and splashed
all around,
like red-flowers,
maimed lives thrown around
all writhing in pain
fighting for life,
wailing dear-ones all around,
parents, siblings, children,
all around,
beating chests,
the heap of life-less
with the blood-thirsty
demons dancing over them
raising hands,
displaying victory signs,
abound all around,
each day
followed by roars of
No doves, only hawks
seen flying all around.
Gods are on a pleasure trip.


One Chavan, in place of another Chavan sworn in as Chief Minister of Maharashtra today. One Deputy Chief Minister, in place of another Deputy also sworn in. Prithviraj Chavan, Minister who was serving as a Minister in Prime Minister's Office is reprtedly a man with good administrative experience, clean image and in addition to all, a Maratha renowned for reading the pulse of the entire population of that State. Hand-picked by Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, he is entrusted with the responsibility of running the affairs of the prestigious State and whether he would be able to rise upto the stature of a great administrator remains to be seen. Besides running the affairs of a State, he is confronted with the ongoing political wranglings within the alliance ruling the State, mainly between the Indian National Congress and Nationalist Congress Party of Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar, a shrewd and cunning politician that he is, could very well be a thorn in the flesh of Prithviraj Chavan while remaining outside. His men all loyal to him are already there in the cabinet and the new Deputy Chief Minister, Ajith Pawar, nephew of Sharad Pawar is a potential threat to him.
Furthermore, three communal parties, Bharatiya Janata Party, Shiva Sena and Maharashtra NavNirman Sena of Raj Thackeray, Bala Saheb Thackeray's estranged nephew are poised to emerge a perennial nuisance to the present regime. Except for Bharatiya Janata Party, which though communal is a national party and therefore not the product of regional chauvinism. But the other two, Shiv Sena and Maharashtra NavaNirman Sena (MNS) the self-styled Marathi Manoos always claim to be the appointees of none other than God himself to look after the affairs of the State - the affairs of the State here means Marathis' Affairs. Those who since centuries landed in that State and those who still flow to the State and those who have already made it their abodes, according to them are outsiders, not at all entitled to be there in Maharashtra, only Marathi Manoos the rightful heirs of the State and hence the outsiders continue to pull on there only upon the mercy of these two communal outfits. The 'sons of the soil' policy holders who had their origins in 1960's apparently born and nurtured by none other than Indian National Congress in pursuit of certain ulterior motives later turned to be a perennial head-ache to that party later and had to witness the massive violence, murders and maiming of thousands of people running business, running taxis as also skilled and unskilled employees leading peaceful and contented lives without doing any harm to anyone - like brothers and sisters mingle with each other - ultimately forcing them to flee to their native places empty-handed. These torture-business still continues and in recent years countless people from North India especially U.P., Bihar and Orissa were brutally dealt with, some got killed and had to leave to their States with the govt remaining mute but not helpless spectators as these communal outfits are being nursed and nurtured even now to cash in on the Marathas' emotional attachment to their home-State especially when elections are round the corner.
These outfits ocassionally raise their ugly,menacing heads and wreak havoc across the State. One month before Adithya Thackeray, the grandson of Bala Saheb Thackeray incidentally a final year BA History student of St.Xavier's College, Mumbai, likewise alongside his Marathi loyalist friends went on a rampage demanding withdrawal of a work 'Such a Long Journey' by Rohinton Mistry from the syllabus charging it with containing derogatory references to Marathi Manoos and made a bonfire of it in public. In fact the fellow had not even gone through it. It was all heresay and that was enough for him to take up cudgels against the University and the Vice-Chancellor was forced to withdraw it from the syllabus. Reading a paragraph from somewhere in the novel is not enough to turn the little Thackeray's wrath against it.
Prithviraj Chavan, at the time of taking charge as Chief Minister of Maharashtra is better advised to face upto these challenges with an iron-hand. And if he too goes the way of a la Vilas Rao Deshmukh and Ashok Chavan, the entire State is certainly to be doomed without much delay. What was puzzling to me was that a Chief Minister, who once reportedly advised the starving farmers of Vidarbha and with their debts upon mounting up and after reaching a point of no return end up by consuming pesticides were advised by him to practise 'Art of Living', a Chief Minister who soon after 26/11 carnage which shook the entire Mumbai as well as the entire country reportedly accompanied the bollywood film-director Ram Gopal Verma along with Ritiesh Deshmukh, Vilasrao's son in connection with making a film by Mr.Verma casting Ritiesh, to the ill-fated Taj Hotel, where hundreds were gunned down by ten LeT militants, was allegedly in hot pursuit of the prestigious post once again, I mean the Chief Ministership of Maharashtra - he is none other than Vilas Rao Deshmukh at present serving in the Central Cabinet.
The other one who resigned yesterday, Ashok Chavan, still swears he is absolutely innocent and that he had not done anything out of the way still hehas been haunted out of his post. Pity him.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Like a rudderless boat,
caught in the rough seas,
goes on floating,
Dreams, ambitions, desires,
like the rudderless boat,
caught in the rough seas,
go up and down,
the shores never in sight,
no signs of calmness,
to get anchored,
the rough violent seas,
like the rough and tumble,
of worldly-affairs,
with no signs of,
a saviour in sight.
Whither the Saints,
believed to be holed-up,
in the caves at,
the foot of Himalayas,
whether their minds,
always calm, tranquil, poised?
Is there somebody here,
to force them out of the caves,
and serve for the restless,
souls outside?
Escapism not an answer,
whatever might be the explanations.