Wednesday, December 31, 2014



An eventful year
has bid goodbye
paving the way for
the dawn of another New year.
The eventful year was
like any other New year
and this New year
is no doubt different.
On looking back we are
supposed to recall the
by-gone years
and even a nostalgia
is far far away from us
since each year is like
another year
all eventful
as also fateful years.
we do not have anything
to be cheerful and
we need not be prophets
to forecast 
another developments
whether it is good or bad.
Still, we the onlookers
nurse and nurture our dreams
closer to our bosom.
Anyhow for namesake we
await the approach

of heart-warming developments…

Monday, December 29, 2014



Held up on the tracks of life
I am waiting for the
red signal turn green
for the train of life
proceeds ahead to reach
my destination in the
peak hours of the morning.
The boss would remind me,
once in a while its okay
but whenever I evolve into a chronic absentee
as punishment I will have to
suffer loss of leave.
The gentleman or for that matter
the gentle lady who is
seated conveniently in the chair
in the air-conditioned cabin
need not find out
the reason for one
to reach the office.
I often wonder
the gentleman or for that
gentle woman doesn’t seems like
experiencing the hazards
of travelling if and when purchasing ticket for the
first class compartment
early in the morning by
catching the train or own car
arrive at the office.
On the whole a
commuting start from
faraway station and often
I have lost counting how
many red and green signals
are to be obeyed for the
train of life to reach
the destination…

Saturday, December 27, 2014



Drawing lessons from
the well of knowledge
I keep on drinking
the elixir of knowledge.
My quest for
drinking knowledge is
incredible and inexplicable.
The depth of the well of
knowledge, is so deep that
I often draw lessons
from the well of knowledge
and more and more lessons
keep the well of knowledge
and information and remain vigilant.
Even under the blazing Sun
which lasts for a long time
the well of knowledge
prevents the drying up
never ever as long as

the world exists. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014



With no malice
towards each other
he/she parted ways after spending
as husband and wife for almost ten years
like a river
in the course of time
keeps flowing in two directions.
Though it was a divorce
both he/she
didn’t keep ill-feelings
towards each other.
Neither she nor he
continued to live without
falling into any other love-affairs.
After the divorce
she began to live with her parents
and despite their constant
persuasions she didn’t
want anybody tie a nuptial knot.
She practised
as an IT consultant
in a faraway IT hub in a metro.
On getting fed up with her job
she wanted to join the tinsel world
during her leisure moments
she derived satisfaction
by creating masks
some pretty, some frightening and horrible.
Nobody knew what prompted
her to indulge in
going on with her hobby of making masks

even after she grew up as a young lady….

Sunday, December 21, 2014



When I saw you in the morning
you were happy and pleasant
keeping your head held high
like a man/woman who is elated
excited and fearless.
When I saw you in the noon,
you were bowing down
unable to hold your head high
and was looking sad and painful
which also made me sad and gloomy.
When I opened the gate after my office hours
and on my way home I was certain
that you wouldn’t be
at your place and your petals
already fallen down on the soil under
your pensive mother plant.
Our life too does have a closer

similarity like the fallen flowers….

Friday, December 19, 2014


Days are running fast
like a horse without 
anyone to rein in aiming
the end of the endless  road.
Whether anyone among us has
accomplished the mission of
surpassing the obstructions 
and obfuscations, we are totally confused.
Nobody, anyone among us
has never ever reached our goal, thus it seems.
Still hoping against hopes
we run fast
and the endless road runs faster and faster
and to accomplish our long-cherished
dream of reaching the
end of the road like
the mountaineers
conquering the summit,
and emerging victorious
is a herculean task
to run along the road faster and faster.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Rays of hope are like
the warm rays of the
morning Sun.
While the rays of hope
are warm, serene and refreshing.
With time ticking by rays of Sun get
hotter and hotter
forcing the human-beings
sweat, leaves and flowers of trees
getting faded and plain lands
turn into deserts.
And time continues to keep on ticking
faster and faster
the rays of sun once again
turn warm, serene and refreshing
the flow of warm rays, serene and tranquil.
The only exception being rays of hope
make us continue to

exist as long as we exist on the face of the earth. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


With the forces of US and NATO almost withdrawing from Afghanistan, many of us apprehend Taliban militants are poised to get ready for another round of wreaking havoc in the war-torn country, until capturing power there. The hydra has already begun to bare its tentacles by murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. The people across the hapless country have already begun to experience nightmares. For them another round of Taliban rule means the return of the Sharia law which could commit murders, mayhem and destroy properties worth millions of dollars. The Shariat law will lay hands on anyone who are found to be their enemies and after summary trials are punished by hanging them before the public or stoning them or whipping them be it he/she especially the women who are considered as the violators of the ruthless Sharia law. Even for any issue which the laws of Shariat apply those who commit anything which are not to the liking of Taliban which is waiting in their wings to capture power. The worst sufferers are the women of Afghanistan who will be forced to confine themselves indoors which deprive their ambition of continuing their education. Furthermore they will have to wear burqua and are not allowed to even cast a smile at a man, leave alone speaking to a familiar person whom she sees since years. A woman accused of adultery is awarded the blood-chilling acts of stoning to death or hanging in public or whipped ruthlessly and parade her down the streets for terrorizing the public.
With US declaring war on Taliban and with an iron hand overthrowing the Taliban government in 2001 on the grave issue of demolishing the two towers of World Trade Centre in 9/11/2001 allegedly by Al-Quaeda elements, the militant outfit led by Osama Bin Laden, the citizens of Afghanistan heaved a sigh of life escaping fear psychosis. Osama was killed in a US drone attack at Abottabad in Pakistan where he was living in a house with his family.
On completion of US mission of killing Osama Bin Laden, US developed cold feet and Barack Obama declared his intention of withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. US’s soldiers have been flown to their land keeping 13000 of their soldiers in Afghanistan and NATO has already decided to shift 140000 of their soldiers to its respective allies keeping only 10800 of their soldiers in Afghanistan for providing training to Afghan forces.
Taliban meanwhile have made it clear that they are determined to fight until the withdrawal of last foreign soldier from their soil.
Indians who work on building up the infrastructure in Afghanistan – irrigation, education, health care, construction works by both skilled and unskilled Indians have to be protected by the Afghan govt headed by Ashraf Ghani and Abdulla Abdulla and in case Taliban captures power and occupy the saddle. Taliban’s ire will be ventilated against the Indians and it would be better with the assumption of power by Taliban (a possibility). Indian workers are brought to India. It is a naked truth that India have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in various fields like rich mineral sources and besides that India has helped Afghanistan by way of grants to that country while Hamid Karzai was holding the reins of power.
Taliban like Al-Quaeda is a ruthless militant outfit which have no qualms to forget Indian help since India is considered one of their prominent enemies.

With the withdrawal of US and NATO forces Taliban elements will roam free across Afghanistan and commit horrible crimes which are beyond our imagination. The country as a whole will be pushed to a ditch from which that nation will have no escape.           

Thursday, December 11, 2014


We the human beings are
imperfect, so is the world
perfection is something
beyond our reach
like the stars glimmering and blinking
in the sky.
Among us human beings
a miniscule of us
strive and aspire to be
perfect which is next 
to impossible.
Majority among us are not
foolish enough to attain perfection.
If and when the stars
in the sky were in our
reach we would have
aimed at something unattainable.
On the issue of perfection
we always dream about
reaching it
and never ever
we would be
able to realize

our dream….


The door bell rang
in the dead of night.
‘The door is not locked
from inside, please come in’ – she invited him.
A shudder ran down
his body.
He was shivering with fear.
‘Come inside, why this
hesitation?’ – she invited him.
‘How dare she keeps the
door open?’ – he was
asking himself.
It was thick darkness inside.
He couldn’t see anything inside.
With cautious steps he
entered the room.
‘Could you switch on
the light? I can’t see you
or anything inside’. – he pleaded.
‘Why not? With pleasure
of course’ – she answered.
Next moment, light filled the room.
He looked around.
There was nobody in the room.
And there was no furniture.
The room had virtually nothing
inside the room.
‘Where are you? I can’t
see you?’ – with thumping
heart and trembling
voice he was asking.
There was no answer forthcoming.
All of a sudden the
light went out and
thick darkness spread inside.
Summoning courage he wanted to run away.
But the door was locked from outside.
He found himself between
the devil and deep sea.
He wanted to cry aloud

but no voice came out of him.   

Saturday, December 6, 2014


The feeling of being an alien is
like a pestering insect nagging me.
The only relief being, like I, some others
too are thinking on these lines.
In an era when human beings
are evolving into monsters
(Pardon me Charles Darwin
this is a kind of reverse evolution)
whose prayers to God
are being favourably answered
whose offerings and oblations
are kindly accepted by God Almighty
and He showers blessings
profusely over the devils
and the heart-wrenching
prayers and offerings 
are willy-nilly acknowledged by God
whose reluctance to shower blessings
over the genuine devotees is nothing but painful.
It is no wonder people
like me and others of my ilk
feel like being aliens

around the world…..

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Even in this modern age
friendship between
a boy and girl
or a youth and a lass
during walk the talk
is often mistaken for
immoral relationship
by the self-proclaimed
moral police in our land.
They are being chased
and warned
or heckled and thrashed
and even go to the
extent of beating them up
to pulp and murdered
by these ‘moral police’.
These so-called custodians
of values and ethics
never feel like
inquiring them about their
whereabouts and relationship
before taking the plunge
to indulge in beating
and lynching the
friends or brethren.
These slaves of medieval age
instead of imbibing the
true message of these times
stoop too low to the
standard of the children of
medieval age.
When will their narrow-mindedness bid
adieu to them or will
they continue to exist as such?