Saturday, August 31, 2013


In those days
in the thick, cloudy nights
lying sleepless on his bed
the frightening thoughts
of demons of death breaking open the doors
and taking away his soul
haunted the old man always
with shivers running down his body.
He in a feeble voice 
wanted his wife, the old woman always  by his
side, to scare away the demon of death closing
in on him.
The devoted wife that she was
weaved a cover of protection
over him every moment.
But no amount of protection was
sufficient to drive away
his blood-chilling nightmares day in and day out.
The foot steps of demon of death
continued to reverberate around him.
He alone could hear the fiery
dance steps and roars of the blood-thirsty demon dancing outside.
Albeit all precautions under thunder showers
the demon of death broke into his room and
took away his soul…….

Friday, August 30, 2013


I still recall the day you made that 
the vanishing appearance from 
my life forty years ago.
Like a bird flying to
unknown lands, you disappeared 
from my life for good.
Like a man walking away leaving his
wife in a desert
you left me alone in that strange city that day.
Like a loving husband
planting kisses on his wife’s forehead
on that very morning you profusely  
showered kisses on my forehead
and sped away to your working place by your
two-wheeler to your far away office on that fateful day.
You were always sharp and punctual
and I was certain you would be
by my side at the exact time,
After waiting for hours together
leaving me sleepless the entire night
you didn’t come to my shock and sorrow.
In the wee hours of the morning I did lodge
complaint at the nearest police station
and they promptly
formed search teams to the nook and corner of the city
all of them came back empty-handed
to my shock and despair.
In a strange city
far away from my home
clouds of uncertainty loomed
large over my future
upon losing all my hopes
I was left with no option
but to leave the city
and catch a train to my home in the southern peninsula.
Now that after forty years
in the sunset of my life with a spark
of hope in my mind
I still continue to wait for you…..

Thursday, August 29, 2013


He was old, dark-complexioned
and of medium height.
He was bald, with flowing
long and snow white-beard and white moustache.
His eyes were always
protruded which reminded one of an exorcist.
No wonder
he evoked fear in the
eyes of the children at first sight
but he could easily endear himself
to them by his loving and
affectionate behaviour.
Clad in white with pocket full of
mouth watering sweets
he walked across the village
and distributed sweets
to the children, hugged them
though he was not Santa.
At the sight of children
he never forgot to wave his hands at them
and if they failed to reciprocate
it filled his eyes with tears.
He did go on with his merry go round
until he fell ill one day
with age catching up.
The children along with their parents
visited him everyday
treated him with care and affection
until he had a peaceful end.
The children felt deserted
by their sweet loving grandpa
rest of the days…..


He was old, dark-complexioned
and of medium height.
He was bald, with flowing
long and snow white-beard and white moustache.
His eyes were always
protruded which reminded one of an exorcist.
No wonder
he evoked fear in the
eyes of the children at first sight
but he could easily endear himself
to them by his loving and
affectionate behaviour.
Clad in white with pocket full of
mouth watering sweets
he walked across the village
and distributed sweets
to the children, hugged them
though he was not Santa.
At the sight of children
he never forgot to wave his hands at them
and if they failed to reciprocate
it filled his eyes with tears.
He did go on with his merry go round
until he fell ill one day
with age catching up.
The children along with their parents
visited him everyday
treated him with care and affection
until he had a peaceful end.
The children felt deserted
by their sweet loving grandpa
rest of the days…..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Will my beloved, beautiful garden of hopes blossom
again after that painful episode of that day?
Will a warm smile glint in my lips after that
shameful and painful incident on
that twilight moments of that accursed day?
Will my intimate confidence visit me again after
after those moments of painful deflowering?
Will my lover shower thousand kisses on my
lips and cheeks and lock me in his arms after those
demons robbed off my invaluable treasure of purity?
Will the society look
upon me with the same
eyes they looked upon me earlier after that
dark moments  in my life?
Sure, I must come to my old form to forge ahead in this society
but will that immemorable incident continue to haunt me
in the dark and deep silence of the coming nights?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Saturdays and Sundays are
days for celebration to
her and the children.
After spending six days of
tedious working hours in the office
and covering long distances
he reaches home to the
delight of her and children.
Upon meeting him she turns
a full-blown flower like
a lotus at the sight of Sun in the sky.
On Sundays they go out for
cinemas, shopping malls
and go on a purchasing spree.
With the Sunday sun dipping
in the western horizon
her face turns pale like
the lotus flower and children
lose their steam, enthusiasm and vibrancy.
All spend a disturbing night
and before sun makes his
appearance in the east,
he says bye to her
and kids assuring them of
getting united the coming Saturday evening.
She hides her tears
behind a faint smile
and children turn tearful
with tears streaming
down their faces.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Barring occasional squabbling
we moved along the same wave-lengths.
Barring occasional separations
all our reunions were
delightful and memorable.
Barring occasional intervals
we did go on merry tours
to beautiful landscapes, resorts
monuments and temples
and spent ecstatic days and nights.
And now
how come this curse of
boredom an aloofness
sneaked into our life like a snake from nowhere
making our life a nightmare
of sorts….?

Sunday, August 25, 2013


He is my foe. I know it
I am his foe. He knows it.
whenever we meet
we always care to exchange
broad smiles,
broad smiles reflecting innocence
we sit across a table
to discuss organisational matters over two cups of tea
under the envelope of cordiality.
we never forget to
gain an edge over the other
we are grandmasters in
the game of political chess, you know
each knows when to move
pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, queen and
give a check to each other’s king.
We sit together,
dine and wine together,
we pose for photo sessions
displaying wide smiles
to show the outside world
that we are united…
who is the first to breath last
he or me
we, either he or me
needs no glycerine
to express each other’s pain….
since tears could flow down like waterfalls.
The fun is that
under the deceptive calm
of unity and bonhomie
people know the
strong undercurrent of
enmity and game for one upmanship…  

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Unlike you
in my childhood days
I was under the well-deserved attention
well-deserved love and care
of my parents, grandpa and grandma,
uncles, aunties and siblings
what not
even our neighbourhood.
All rained profuse love and affection on me.
I took bath in the glory of
everyone’s love, care and attention.
But you know
time never stands still
time keeps on flowing like a river
rather like an airplane
I had to witness the demises
of my grandpa and grandma
whose love was fathomless
I had to witness
uncles, aunties and siblings
crossing swords
our neighbourhood was no different
I remained a mute witness to the rivalry
and separation one by one
over the  hot issue of wealth and property
all I had to see with my own eyes.
And now
I am like you
feelings lonely and neglected
feel like I’m in a desert
the only difference being
you are quite young and
I’m much older
I keep the scent of nostalgia with me,
but for you nostalgic is an alien word….
You have never been thru nostalgic days….
Time never stands still
Time keeps on flowing like a river
rather flying  like an  airplane
we’ve to learn to live with the flight of time…..    


‘If I were in the place of that hapless girl, I would have bloodied his nose and reduced him to pulp’-  It was the reaction of Alique Padamsee, veteran actor and social activist, while taking part in a discussion in a national TV channel over the brutal rape of a girl student by a police man (the law keeper turned law breaker) in a police chowkee at Marine Drive, South Mumbai in 2005. Mr.Padamsee was fretting and fuming with rage. All those who took part in that discussion were agitated, angered and infuriated over the incident. Whole Mumbai rose in anger against that incident demanding harshest punishment be meted out to the police man which caught the national attention.
There was a time when Mumbai was a safe place for woman who was respected by the male community as a whole compared to Delhi, the national capital where incidents of rapes are order of the day under the very nose of ruling mandarins. 
I recall the ladies walking alone in the thick of night to their abodes free from fear and apprehension of rapes in Mumbai in the 80’s and before. No incidents of rape were reported from anywhere. Those were days the city was free from terror elements too, barring few lumpen elements.
But gradually the picture began to change with cases of rapes and violence by unruly elements grabbing headlines.
The thursday gang rape of a photo journalist from a city magazine of Mumbai by five goons in the premises of Shakti Mills, a decrepit, dilapidated structure surrounded by bushes and trees in Central Mumbai at about 6’O’clock in the evening after overpowering  her male colleague who was beaten up and tied to to a tree immediately caught the attention of the entire Mumbai. After the gang rape by five men the 22 year old lady lay there unconscious until 8’O’clock.
She was later rusheded to Jaslok hospital immediately and underwent  surgery. The doctors later declared her condition stable. If the incident reminded me of the brutal gang rape and subsequent death of a phsysiotherapy student who was brutally gang raped by five men on a running bus at Capital, Delhi which shocked and enraged the entire India few months ago,, it is not surprising.
The intern photo-journalist was on an assignment to take the pictures of chawls of Mumbai and dilapidated buildings in the city. The accused five men are reported to be from Mahalakshmy the Central Mumbai area.
Is Mumbai too going in the way of Delhi since reports are pouring in of women who are scary of travelling in the local trains and on foot late in the city. Some ladies even fearing the lumpen elements have quit their posts. In Mumbai, in many of the firms, the working hours for employees are reported to be until 8PM or more. It is a pity and shame that a city which was renowned for its safety of women is no more a safe place.
Can Mumbai regain its status as a city well-known for its safety for its women community like in the early days? Will the rulers raise to the occasion and make it a safe haven for ladies. Or will it continue to turn a deaf ear to the anger and shock gripping the city indefinitely? Wait and see……

Thursday, August 22, 2013


while taking an evening walk
down the pavement of the city
I happened to enter a
baby palace
for no apparent reason.
My glance ran about
the baby palace
filled with toys and dolls
and upon spotting a baby doll
with unbelievable eyes
my glance got fixed on
the bay doll of ineffable beauty
and felt ineffable joy
I made her my own.
She was like an angel
clad in shining white frocks with frills
and beckoning eyes
which conveyed a
mischievous smile.
Like a dad
taking care of his baby
I took extreme care of her
and upon reaching home
I placed her in a safe place
so as to enable me
to have an eye on her
every moment.
Her lively, lovely eyes
her beaming smiles
her white frocks with frills
all beyond words to express.
After a cat nap
upon looking at
her to my shock and embarrassment
I saw blood oozing out
of the corners of her eyes
I saw her breathing with
much difficulty
foam spilling out of
her mouth
I was at a loss about what to do.
Before collapsing
panting she told me in broken words -
‘I was a child of Syria
I was a child of caring and loving parents
I was a child with full of dreams of my future
and all that.
And now
I am here like this….’
She couldn’t say anymore…..


Be it Syria, Egypt, Tunisia or Libya and for that matter any nation, it is always the civilian population who bear the brunt of all riots or civil wars raging across the countries. With Egypt grabbing headlines for quite sometime now what most of us displayed was a criminal apathy in the case of Syria, Tunisia or Libya.
The demonstrations broke out in Syria in March, 2011 has as on date claimed 100000 people most of them civilians. It is reported that almost 300000 civilians are reported to have crossed the borders  as refugees and entered Iraq seeking asylum fearing loss of life. And the flow of civilians shows no signs of  stopping.
With the Bashar Govt still firmly in the saddle inspite of the determined opposition, the nation is sitting on a powder keg.
Yesterday’s news of the Bashar govt’s forces launching chemical weapon agent, deadly Sarin gas has reportedly claimed 1300, most of them women and children it was the dastardly attack ever by the forces loyal to the Bashar govt. It is learnt that the govt possess 1000kg of the nerve agent Sarin which was first launched in the world wars I and II.
What is most disturbing is the positions taken by both America and Russia which are at loggerheads on the matter of the civil war raging across Syria. If these nations could bury their false prestige and sit around a negotiating table on a cordial atmosphere in the larger interests of the helpless civilians, it would certain;y pave the way for a durable solution. As of now, Russia provides all out support for Bashar govt and US takes sides with the opposition.
The regional nations who could find a way out to end the crisis themselves are in the throes of deep trouble in the form of civil war like situation, if not civil wars. Take for example, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Libya and Tunisia. All these nations are in one form or other deeply in trouble. Thus the question of a regional solution is out of question.
UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is still very much in the picture but he too has failed in his earnest efforts to bring about Bashar govt and the adamant opposition to sit across a table, discuss threadbare the contending issue and thus find out everlasting peaceful solution. With Bashar-Al-Assad firm in his position of no stepping down and the determined opposition never willing to scale down their position ie. nothing but the abdication of Bashar Assad, Brahimi is in a bewildered state. Whether he too will go the way of Kofi Annan who tried his level best as Arab-UN envoy is the question staring at us as of now. It is near unlikely that Bashar-Al-Assad with his large pile of arms and ammunition and loyal forces by his side is still in a safe position otherwise firmly entrenched, stepping down from the saddle even in the face of organized opposition (they are not organized as of now). The end result will be the continuing bloodshed across the country resulting in the carnage of civilian men, women and children who want nothing but a peaceful atmosphere and better living conditions. The sight of innocent ones especially children falling prey to the nerve agent Sarin is blood-chilling and appalling.
Now the people wait for a Messiah to rescue them from this pitiable situation. Now that nearly three years have passed by with almost 100000 dead and still counting, it is nothing but a hopeless situation. The hope of some observers that, India as a prominent member of NAM (Non Aligned Movement) and BRIC countries could play a greater picture seems to be ill-founded in a volatile situation like this. It is true that India is acceptable to both Assad and the Syrian opposition when it comes to the core of the issue. It’s effort may prove futile.
It is hightime UN entered into the picture and deploy its forces across Syria to stop further damage, otherwise the whole process would go haywire.   

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ON THE WAY…………..

After our painful,
‘surgical’ separation years back,
I had to pass by your village today.
On touching the village limits
it was no surprising that
my heart longed for your proximity
knowing fairly well
that it was something impossible.
On reaching close to your
home on the street side
I could hear my heart-beats like drum-beats
I knew not for what.
I slowed down my car
when reached close by your home
and to my shock and despair
what awaited me was
a flat ground resembling a waste land
in the place of your home
and the favourite garden which you
nurtured like a mother breast-feeding her child
and derived motherly satisfaction.
The portico,
the terrace and the gate from
where you cast thousand
glances, eloquent
sweet and loving they were 
still indelibly imprinted
on the walls of my mind.
Even after a long span
I can’t wipe away those feelings from me.
With a sense of vacuum
filling my mind
I drove my car aimlessly.
I was coming to a conclusion that
you would never appear
before me except in my

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


He is a beetle
entering  beautiful gardens
when the sun showers
his warm rays on earth every morning.
Humming tunes he flies from one
flower to the other
rains bountiful kisses on each flower
and sucks out the nectar of love.
He never turns back on his lovers
after leaving them searching greener pastures
to get drunk with the nectar of love.
Yet his lovers upon whom
he rained bountiful love
never nurse any
bitter feelings towards him
derives supreme ecstasy
because they bloomed for him
and it was their mission
to gratify him with the nectar of love.
With the sun
bidding bye for the day
in the western horizon
flowers fade away with their
petals withering away falling on earth…..

Monday, August 19, 2013


Irrepressible and charming his looks
disarming and captivating his smiles.
Though a stranger
when he held her hand in his arm
she couldn’t resist him
when he gestured her to come with him
fear or anxiety conquered her not
she felt overwhelmed and elated.
She knew not where he was taking her to
still she felt no embarrassment
she walked with him as if in a trance
trod villages and towns
lakes and rivers
covered long distances
she felt a sense of security  in his possession
at last
they reached a verdant valley
resembling a green carpet looking upto the hillock
serene and tranquil the valley was
he took her to a small house.
‘I like you, love you
hence I look you to my secluded house
in this beautiful valley
I am your life-partner for the
rest of my life’ – for the first time he was
whispering in her ear.
A sublime feeling she experienced in his words.
‘At last I am freed
I was a caged bird all these years
now that I am blessed with a protective covering
like a chick under the wings of her mother hen
she felt a top of the world feeling……

Sunday, August 18, 2013


With the dark deeds of
men at helm
get obscured by the dark
clouds of falsehoods and
with the fading away of
clouds at times
the sun of truths
emerge in the horizon and
to our shock and horror
we stand thunderstruck
at the enormity of
evil deeds of venal manipulators
hidden behind the curtains so long.
The unfortunate truth
is nothing but our
helplessness, disillusionment and frustration
to wipe out the grime of corruption
from the midst of our lives…

Saturday, August 17, 2013


with the fall of dusk
the flower vendor used to arrive
in our locality
with jasmine flowers
packed in plantain leaves
and distributed to the ladies
of course for a price.
The ladies would keep the
flowers safely under their pillows
and would wait for the approach of
sleeping time. 
They would spread the fragrant
jasmine flowers on their beds
to arouse sexual desires in their men
which acted like aphrodisiacs.
They celebrated each night
making merry
and enjoyed nice sleeps.
One day
to the despair of couples
the flower-vendor didn’t arrive
and that was a sleepless and boring nights to the couples.
It was a special day
for the flower-vendor
as it was his wedding day. 
He was making merry with his bride that night  
and nights after…..

Friday, August 16, 2013


In my teens
I recall an incident
still etched on the
walls of my mind
involving a lean, tall, dark
old man in white  
who came to my house
on bare-foot at the sunset moments in the village
pleading with my father
to give him shelter that night.
From the very first look
father was certain
that he was a man of self-respect
hailing from a well-to-do family
and with all humility
invited him inside
and provided him an easy chair
my father used to
recline in his leisure moments  everyday.
What caught my immediate attention was
his gloomy face and tired face.
We at home knew very
well he was travelling
on bare-foot the entire day. 
My father must have seen in him
his or his father
who left him in his early child-hood
which prompted him to give due respect and 
care to the old man.
In the night
with father sitting beside
him on a bench
the old man unraveled his entire story.
That he was from an
aristocratic family, from deep south
and after his wife
left him for her heavenly abode
in the prime of her life
the burden of looking after his four children
fell on his shoulders
and with all love, care and responsibility
got them educated
married them off to well-off families
but with him reaching the sunset of his life
with flow of time
he gradually turned a burden to them
which they began to
express in their behavior and deeds
by neglecting even his minimum needs
treated him like garbage
which was like a slap in his face.
The self-respect in him made him
walk out of the family
with no destination in mind.
From that very day
he traversed long distances on bare-foot
spending each night at
some households, temple premises or on the verandahs of
roadside buildings.
that day he happened to reach our house too
for spending a night at our house.
My parents provided him
food and facilities arranged for a
peaceful sleep.
In the morning
with the Sun rising over the village
he bid farewell to us
with gratitude glinting in his eyes
but still looking gloomy.
I saw my father’s eyes
brimming with tears
on seeing that my eyes
too turned tearful.
Father watched him
walking bare-footed
like a lean tree about to fall down any time
until he melted in the distance…….

Thursday, August 15, 2013


In the small hours of Independence Day morning
Chaathu awoke from his slumber 
did his routine chores
put on his ironed-khadi attire
came out of the house
walked towards the garage
where the car was parked
unlike the National and State leaders
who hoisted the national flags
in the presence of dignitaries
in full media glare across the land
acknowledging salutes of  
marching khaki-clad forces left-right-left
to the rhythm of music bands
bugles and drums
infront of the leaders.
Chaathu hoisted the National flag
on the bonnet of his car
entered it
switched on the ignition key
drove down the highway
before the Sun opened his eyes
and raced along…
Upon spotting the highway police metres away
Chaathu with butterflies in his stomach
brought the car to an abrupt halt
opened the door and
vanished in no time like lightning.
The appalled highway police
cordoned off the car in no time
and with their prying eyes
looked inside
saw sacks of sugar
arranged layers by layers
which Chaathu was smuggling out.
For the abandoned car
and the sacks of sugar
with the National flag
hanging its head in
shame have no takers.
Whither gone patriot Chaathu?    

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


They arrived from faraway places
by trains, by buses and on foot.
Blockades, of course were there
all hurdles they jumped
reached the city one day before
with enthusiasm and vigour to the brim.
They came listening to
the exhortations of their leaders
with enthusiasm and vigour to the brim.
Their only mission:   Lay siege to the citadel of power
the nerve-centre of the law-making body
where ruling mandarins and
their cohorts lock horns with the opposition.
To stem the rot of corruption at
higher echelons they came
to fight against the
evil deeds of the ones
in saddle they came
all at the instance of
their leaders who promised
to bring heaven on earth
to herald a new dawn.
Compound wall is circular
compound wall with four gates
North, South, West and East.
The nerve centre, the law making body
too circular
where Ministers and staff are safely enconsced.
In thousands they came to lay siege to
the ruling citadel
to block the four gates
to halt the entry of
ministers and employees they came.
In anticipation of riots
police and paramilitary staff kept on vigil
eternal vigil
with lathies, tear-gas shells,grenades and guns
their mission - intimidation of the milling
crowds, unarmed crowds
ready to brave even the bullets.
All said and done
it was business as usual
for the ruling mandarins and their cohorts
with the leaders of the opposition themselves
preventing their followers
from laying siege to the
gate,  the main gate through which
the responsible mandarins were allowed to enter
Again, all said and done
to the cheer of the flocking crowds
who shouted slogans and zindabads  
that the siege had ended…
they could return from where they came from.
The flame of siege died without even a whimper at the
end of the day…
pity those milling crowds…  
thus came to an end ‘indefinite’ siege in one day…………

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Those long flowing hairs
those broad forehead with
sandal paste and bindi
those wide dreamy, magnetic eyes
that pretty face
that tall slim figure
that was you on your
25th birthday.
I still recall the moment I gifted
warm kisses on your forehead
the first time in your life
cheeks and cherry lips  
those days we celebrated
our love to the envy of
the world around us
those days you gifted me red roses
those misty December days 
we illuminated our homes
with twinkling Christmas stars
and colourful bulbs and X’mas trees
our anxious waits for the Santa
in his long flowing crimson  red dress
his flowing snow white beard his dances
heralding the birth of Infant Jesus in a cattle shed
at  Betlehem
wishing us merry Christmas.
Those were unforgettable days
still unforgettable days
after twenty five years
those are priceless treasures
to me in the years to come
or until I breath my last
I always yearn to keep
those priceless treasures
close to my heart.
I know
your long flowing hairs
may have t have turned grey
or hairs cut short upto
your shoulders
your cute face may have
lost all its charm
your dreams might have
vanished from your eyes 
dark shades may  have
taken their places in the
valleys of your eyes
you might have turned
bulky in place of your slim, cute figure
I know not
but I know one thing for sure
you may  have evolved
into a different picture
but my dear
I don’t want to
keep that changed figure in my mind
and I always wish to
fondle that priceless treasure of your twenties
in a sense, I’m lucky
to be far away from you
far, far away from you.

Monday, August 12, 2013


We are living in difficult times, my friend
we are living in difficult times.
Look around and see for yourself, my friend
everything is in chaos
my friend, everything is chaos.
Our immediate mission, my friend
is unknot the knots
and arrange everything
layer by layer, brick by brick.
Friend, like an artist giving
shape and beauty to his creations
we need to arrange everything
layer by layer, brick by brick.
Difficult and time-consuming, though
it is our mission….

Sunday, August 11, 2013


The dark melancholic lane is lined up
on both sides with
dilapidated buildings inhabited
by several occupants.
The old dilapidated
buildings are about to
cave in anytime, though.
But this truth never
deters the inhabitants
from vacating the buildings
since they don’t buy
the fact that they never
can escape the clutches of certain death.
A storm, a hurricane or for no apparent reason
could knock down
the buildings reducing
them to heaps of rubble
and that they could be caught underneath.
Like it or not
death could visit a
billionaire as well as a
pedestrian walking down the pavement……

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The birds kept on flapping
their wing against the
inner recesses of the king’s fortress
condemning him to sleepless nights.
The only option left to him was
to unlock doors of freedom to
them to breath the scent of freedom.
The birds fluttered around him for a while
as if in gratitude to the king
and spreading the fragrance of
freedom flew into the
open world where they
celebrated their hard-won treasure
singing and dancing rhythmically.
The king who was on the brink of
insanity like a tumuluous sea
gone mad with violent waves rocking its shores
at last had the taste of peace.    

Friday, August 9, 2013


It was a magnificent fortress
a poem sculpted in marble, once
where life throbbed round the clock
where angels and demons trod along.
The garden in front
was beautiful and fascinating with
colourful blooms.
With the passage of time
the fortress turned empty and silent
where even ghosts feared to tread…
The garden infront turned flowerless
and thorny with none
available to take care
of the fortress as well as the garden….
the fortress has
not even any claimants…..

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I know you would come to me
one day
I know you would leave
me any day
For your arrivals and departure
you never keep any time-frame
Dreams and desires
need not materialize
I cherished dreams once, yes  
I fondled desires once, yes
I knew it is neither your fault
nor mine
it is something beyond my control
to prevail upon you
to be with me all time.
dreams or desires not materialize
I wish they could…
I need not be desperate
as I am totally dedicated to you…
totally devoted to you
upon bidding farewell to me each time
I always read your pain
and remorse from your face
it explain everything…..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


His strength lies in her weakness
Her strength lies in his weakness
Their art of living
is a combination of both
strength and weakness
Their art of love-making is no less different.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Friend or foe
I knew nothing about him. 
With fire in his eyes
he aimed his pistol
at me at close-range.
‘Shut your eyes’ – he ordered.
I shut my eyes.
‘Hold your tongue’- he shouted
I held my tongue.
‘Stand still’- he commanded
I stood like a statue.
I heard my heart pounding.
With fear lurking behind
my closed eyes.
I waited for my last moments
A few seconds
just a few seconds.
A rush of thunders
pierced my ear-drums.
With a shudder
with fright in my eyes
I opened them slowly, fearfully.
With disbelieving eyes
I saw him lying in a pool of blood…..
his skull ripped apart______.
Friend or foe
I knew not anything about him.
Yes, I am still alive……

Monday, August 5, 2013


Life in all its glory 
is pain to him,
Life in all its pain
is glory to her,
pain and glory combined
is ecstasy to both
when each delves
into the other both feel it
For them supreme ecstasy is
what they search for……
‘cause supreme ecstasy
to them is salvation________.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


this road of life
was soft and smooth
lined up on both sides
by verdant trees of love and shade
through which we
trod along hands in hands.
Those were days we
enjoyed the sweet breeze,
fragrance of the flowers
and fruits with our
hearts full to the brim.
this road of life
has turned crater-filled
along which we tread
along a tediously
dangerously, haphazard path 
with the old trees of love and shade 
seen nowhere
which are replaced by
lines of concrete demons of hatred,
indifference and mutual suspicion.   
Fortunately or unfortunately
being a man who is a
witness of both what is left is to sit
with my tongue tied
looking forward to the uncertain future……...  

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Imagine a night
the stars up above
instead of casting their
twinkling smiles on us
spitting fires on earth
reducing everything here
on our earth to a massive heap of ashes
like the scorching sun
raining fires on earth
on summer days……
Going by the way the world
moves ahead these days
the albatross of such thoughts
hangs around our necks…..

Friday, August 2, 2013


In the crystal-clear gurgling streams of love
we took divine dip everyday once
washing away all our sins and emerged pure.
In those days
never did we anticipate that
one day the gurgling streams of love
would get dried up
with the passage of time.
we find ourselves in a
heartless, soulless world
with all streams already
gone dried-up.
Now we all feel ourselves
condemned sinners
with gurgling streams of love
absent from our dreams even……

Thursday, August 1, 2013


After long agonizing separation
he for the first time
entered her dreams
like a prisoner
breaking of the jail.
The unexpected meeting
rather a reunion
albeit in their dreams
their eyes brimmed
with tears of joy and pain.
Thru eloquent glances
each conveyed emotions
abound, past and present
since their separation.
Gifting warm kisses on
her forehead, cheeks and lips
his eyes still in tears
vanished from her
dreams to nowhere
with her breaking out
into uncontrollable sobs….
On hearing her sobs
her better-half
woke up from his slumber
and shook her from sleep
inquired her whether
she saw a nightmare….
Nothing….Nothing….Nothing… she answered between sobs
He held her close to him
and in a tone of love and care
whispered in her ears
not to sob like a
child and be calm.


Zimbabwe went to polls yesterday amid wide speculation that the President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF was set to rig the elections on a massive scale. Morgan Tswangirai, the Prime Minister and leader of MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) has already expressed apprehension on the outcome of results due to massive rigging. In the 2008 elections, it was MDU which emerged victorious but Robert Mugabe, 89, President of Zimbabwe declined to accept the defeat and decided to stick to Presidency though Tswangirai and his followers who constituted a majority went on a protest which shook Zimbabwe for a prolonged period against Mugabe’s decision to order for a run-off which was not acceptable to Morgan Tswangirai and his party. In order to find a way out of the precarious situation leaders of certain African countries played mediators and after consistent efforts it was decided that Mugabe continue as President and Tswangirai as Prime Minister.
Now that after a lapse of five years, since 2008, a hastily - called election was declared, amidst wide-spread demands by the citizens of Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans demand a regime change since the Zimbabwean economy is in a shambles. Reports pouring from Zimbabwe present a dismal picture of the economy. It is reported that from 1998-2005 economy contracted by 40% and inflation rate has sky-rocketed upto 231 million per unit, with the value of country’s currency nearing big zero. No development forthcoming, unemployment at its peak, people reeling under massive poverty and malnutrition, Zimbabwe finds itself in a ‘ditch’.
Mugabe who became President of Zimbabwe in 1980 on attainment of freedom from Whites was then respected and revered as a savior of the country. He was seen as most apt leader of Zimbabwe. With his firm grip on Zimbabwe as President, this black leader once the beloved rule bared his authoritarian streak mistaking himself to be ruler of the nation throughout his life. 
Now that more than a democrat, he has evolved into an absolute autocrat with an iron fist over his country.
While the urban Zimbabwe holds a massive sway in favour of Tswangirai, through land reforms Mugabe’s ZANU-PF is rumoured as having hold on entire Zimbabwe.  
Robert Mugabe’s argument that Morgan Tswangirai and his party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), are agents of imperialists is laughable. He goes on asserting that he will never allow his nation to be in the hands of imperialism and ‘imperialist agents’ like Tswangirai.
With the Zimbabwean currency losing its value steeply, it is true Tswangirai aims at dollarize the economy not because he is an imperialist agent. He aspires to lift the economy from the deep ditch Zimbabwe finds itself, by giving a facelift to the impoverished nation. It is a billion dollar question whether a change of regime is possible or Mugabe goes on playing with his oft-repeated arguments. All feel like this old man is not ready to change with time. A massive obstacle in the form of Robert Mugabe seems to be blocking the onward march of Tswangirai and massive majority aspiring for a change for good.