Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Seated on the easy chair
on the verandah
with the darkness falling
with the darkness getting
thicker and thicker
I witnessed the green paddy fields
turning darker and darker
trees and its leaves turning
duskier and duskier
various hues of flowers in the garden
turning blacker and blacker
the water in the river
turning blacker and blacker
I have to wait for
regaining the colours
till the Sun appears in the east
the next morning.
I need sun to wipe out
the darkness around.


Refusing to heed the advices of his colleagues Anna Hazaare has once again entered the ‘Fast track’ mode at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi demanding to enact a strong Lokpal bill to counter widespread corruption plaguing our country since a long time. Almost 350 members of Team Anna too are on fast. Even refusing to listen to the advice of medical experts, Anna in spite of his failing health and hyper- tension has dared to undertake a fast unto death and has vowed to continue the fast till his demands are met. Still he has declared firmly that he is ready to die for the cause for which he has been fighting for from the day he joined the national mainstream as social activist.
He started fighting for noble causes at the very outset from his home State of Maharashtra and could succeed in his efforts to a certain extent. Maharashtra, as far as I know, is a State mired in corruption and other immoral activities like prostitution, child-trafficking, boot-legging, black-marketing, hoarding, smuggling, robbery, theft, under-world rivalry and assassinations – the number of vices prevailing there are galore and it is a matter of deep concern that all these social evils are allegedly perpetrated by the covert as well as overt support of those in power. Put it mildly, the cleansing process should have to start from the top.
Hazaare might have partially won the crusade against such evils but to wipe out these blots which have distorted the image of Maharashtra, a continuous battle, a do or die battle is essential which is likely to last for years. This is not to single out Maharashtra , such evils are prevalent in each State across the nation but the magnitude of which is somewhat in a lesser degree compared to the former. Maharashtra while producing the number of rich persons,most of them industrial tycoons and business men a few of them millionaires and even billionaires, simultaneously is a State where the poverty-stricken ones outnumber the fat-cats. The gap between the rich and poor are getting wider and wider. The poor ones dreaming of roofs over their heads almost come to millions, sanitation facilities too pathetic, scarcity of safe-drinking water too is alarming, school drop-outs and even children who have not even entered a school verandah are in thousands and to earn a living even tiny tots wander thru streets with begging bowls are common sights. Emaciated women, men and children too are millions with the govt in the saddle, whether it be of Congress-NCP alliance or Shiv Sena-BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) alliance, care too hoots for their plight.
Anna Hazaare, a Maharashtrian must be well aware of such bitter truths, should have begun his crusade from Maharashtra and try to set his home State in order first.
Perhaps he may be of the opinion that to root out evils prevailing across India his first task is to fight for a remedy – a permanent remedy, he has to start from the extreme top.
This fight for a strong Lokpal began from 2010 or so and each time the ‘master brains’ who are safely ensconced in the chairs at Mandi Bhavan  could play tricks on him and appeal to him to desist from the extreme step by handing over him written assurances. Taking their ‘hollow assurances’ for granted with a ‘V’ sign he withdrew from the struggle with a smile in his face and returned to his native place Ralegaon Sidhi in Maharashtra 2-3 three times. The govt under Sardar Man Mohan Singh even after written assurances deviated from the assurances and prepared a Lokpal Bill which is contrary to the very spirit of a Lokpal with teeth as demanded by Team Anna. If the Lokpal in its pure form is enacted it would naturally affect even the safety of the govt at the Centre starting from the very person at the top. The govt under no circumstances is likely to sign on the dotted line thus preparing the ground for its own instability.
It is heard that corruption was very much prevalent in India even before we achieved Independence and it reached its peak level with the implementation of neo-liberal reforms under the 1991 govt led by P.V.Narasimha Rao, whose finance Minister then was none other than Dr.ManMohan Singh, who is our Prime Minister now.
If the neo-liberal reforms do have its plus points, no denying that, their negative points overshadow the plus points which we witness today. Still there is hue and cry from the part of govt to initiate steps to invite multinational super market giants to invest in India which if implemented would affect the small-scale retail merchants, thus paving the way for driving them out from their little sources of earnings. Who cares?       

Monday, July 30, 2012


often build castles
of dreams built on glasses.
Such castles  of dream
are likely to get shattered
leading to despair,
frustration, even suicides.
two love-birds
were sitting on a
concrete bench in a park
facing the sea
and enjoying the sight of sun like a red circle
surrounded by ‘red ink’ spread all over
while the red-hot sun had turned
into a red disc
in the western horizon
just before taking a dip in the sea.
The love-birds after watching the
Sun going down for a dip
with gnawing pain,
as usual
apparently for no reason
both entered into a squabble
and the male-bird
in a fit of rage
held her hand with
dozens of colourful
glass bangles embellishing
both her hands
adding colour to her beauty.
On the spur of the moment
his anger grew
and with anger boiling
in his blood-stream
he pressed her hand
which was beautified
with the colourful bangles.
The bangles broke into pieces
as a result the
male bird’s inner palm too
got injured.
Seeing blood oozing profusely
from his inner palm
the female bird broke
into a wild scream, ‘oh my dear’
Forgetting the bitter moments
she got up
tore her shawl and with tears
flowing down her face  like a stream
tried to wipe away the
blood oozing out
like water springs
rising up in a well.
It was her mind
that bled for her beloved
it was the inner palm
and mind of the
male-bird that were bleeding with a guilty consciousness
haunting him.
Dreams of glass castles
are like that,
it could get shattered easily
on silly grounds.
Unfortunately, love-birds always build dream-castles
with glasses
with a foolish belief
that they won’t break
and fall into pieces ever.


The fight between the forces loyal to the opposition Syrian National Council and forces under the Govt of Bashar-Al-Assad has entered a crucial phase with the former poised to close in to the power centre led by the former. The battle is now centred around Aleppo, the business capital of Syria while the Syrian militia loyal to Dr.Assad have engaged in finishing off the rivals and the rivals with equal might have engaged in a battle for gaining full control of Aleppo. It is said that like Benghazhi, the next important city after Tripoli in Libya. Aleppo is the second important city of Syria which plays a strategic role and hence an allout fight is on for the Aleppo and as a result within two days gap almost 168 personnel have lost their lives. The only setback that the Opposition encounter compared to the stock of ammunition and fighter jets which are directed against it is that, the latter suffers from shortage of fighter jets, bombs and other ammunition. However the Opposition is determined to fight to the hilt thereby forcing Assad to surrender eventually. The Leader of the Opposition Abdel Basset Sayda has appealed to the friendly Arab countries to rush them arms supplies at the earliest. He was reportedly appealing from Abu Dhabi. With Russia and China staunchly extending all help to Dr. Assad’s govt - they have already vetoed three resolutions introduced in the UN Security Council against Syria by USA. The Arab countries are mulling a solution outside the UN framework. Allied forces led by USA, France, Britain and Germany are also behind the Arab countries offering financial as well as logistical support. The Syrian Opposition has, in the meantime, asserted that like new Yemenese dispensation had forgiven Ali-Abdullah-Saleh, the Opposition leader has vowed not to pardon Dr.Assad, in the event of him offering to resign from the post on condition of granting apology to him by the yet to be born govt. Opposition’s attitude shows the intensity of enmity and hatred that they keep against Dr. Assad.
As per an appeal by Crown Prince Abdul Aziz-Al-Said who is the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister to Turkey, both are bitter enemies of Syria to allow the Turkish province of Adana to serve as the nerve-centre for the Arab countries to launch a fierce battle against Syria. And Recip-Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey has reportedly agreed to the appeal of Saudi Arabia.
Furthermore another report emanating from West Asia point towards the infiltration of Al-Quaida militants to Syria armed with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) to effect maximum destruction of Syrian forces. The infiltration of this terrorist outfit to Syria will certainly lead to a chain of terror attacks against forces loyal to Bashar-Al-Assad.
Meanwhile an American observer Robert Mod was quoted as saying that even if Assad is ousted after relentless attacks by the Opposition, a stable govt coming to power in Syria is unlikely as bitter fight for one-upmanship will result among the latter leading to a free for all situation.
Going by the ongoing hurried talks on both sides it is feared that UN is getting irrelevant with both sides poised to fight it out outside the UN Framework. If that is likely to happen it will lead to an unfortunate state affecting all nations across the globe.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Walking down the memory lane,
your face come first
rushing past all other
whenever your face appears before me
I recall the first day
when you and I met
in the temple premises
at the side of Matunga road
bustling with the vehicles
and the loud shouts of
street vendors.
Whenever I think of you
the first things that comes to my mind
your god given curls
falling to the forehead
which dance when a breeze is blown
and your wide eyes.
You always came with
your mother
still you dared to
gift me sly glances
and a broad smile.  
You always came clad in
churidars, all cute and attractive
like you.
Walking behind your mother
an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna
whispering hymns
it was easy for you
to play trick on her
and have a word or
two with me while
walking through the dingy
corridors of the temple.
In front of each idol
sculpted on the walls
lighted with oil lamps in front
both of us folded our
hands across the chest and bowed
before each God.
In between we found time
to whisper
some sweet nothings in
each other’s ears.
We were pastmasters in
that art of making fool
of other devotees.
Mother as always spent
more time in front of each
idol of God
and that was a blessing to
both of us.
During ‘Deeparadhana’ (worship of lamps)
when the doors of
Sanctum Sanctorum was
we stood in queue
one queue for males
other for females.
Your eyes played tricks,
my eyes played tricks
in the light of oil-wick lamps.
In the midst of devotees
chanting hymns, chiming bells
we stood until
the door of Sanctum Sanctorum
opened for devotees
to see Lord Krishna eyefull.
An ever smiling Lord Krishna
dressed in golden attire
illuminating gold ornaments around his
neck and also flower garlands
with lamps lit around him
and in the front
he seemed to blink at us
and before parting for the day
both of us with gestures meaning
‘see you tomorrow’
we bid adieu each day.
Now that we are far away
from each other
we communicate
and recall the old golden days
and the rare gift we shared each other…..



It was in the 1980’s that I reached Mumbai (then Bombay). Fortunately or unfortunately my first days in the Maximum City began in a small, dingy room with a door in front and a window which was always kept opened in the back. The room was not at all spacious for the five room-mates to pull on their life. Except for an old table, virtually nothing valuable was not in the room. In a city like Mumbai an accommodation is a dream for an ordinary person which is very difficult to materialize. An copper wire tied up at both ends of the wall at one side of the room served our purpose of hanging our clothes.
Though my first days in the room was somewhat horrible, in due course I got accustomed with the life there. We room-mates slept on the mat spread along the broken cement floor of the room.
All of us were bachelors and free-birds and all enjoyed the bachelor life in the city which is very fond of bachelors whether males or females. Each had certain secret affair which remained secret till they divulged it to the room-mates. A few kept their secrets to themselves.
I still vividly recall one incident, the hero of which was none other than David.
On every Wednesdays David played a vanishing trick under the pretext of over-time work in his firm. Nothing was there to disbelieve him as many companies in Bombay used to direct their employees to work overnight. 
That Sunday, I was alone in the room. Albeit in sleep, I could hear the foot-steps of somebody outside and woke up in irritation. Outside the room I saw a lady in her late 40’s peeping inside. ‘Who are you’ – while opening the door I enquired curtly.
‘My name is Meenakshi…Coming from Chembur…David is here? She was dressed in an old saree, and a ragged blouse which too seemed an old one.
‘David went out early in the morning to visit a relative’ – I told her. Actually I didn’t have any idea where David had gone early in the morning. I had overheard one of our room-mates talking about a girl working as a typist clerk at a firm in Marine Lines. Whether true or false, I was not sure’.
In the meantime I was wondering: ‘who is the lady? I haven’t heard about David talking about such a lady. What connection is there in between them’?
‘You are David’s’?- I inquired
The lady cringed for a moment. Her face turned pale and she appeared to be very nervous. Something fishy. I told myself.
‘I know David since a long time. Once in a week he used to visit me at Chembur. For the last two weeks I haven’t heard anything about him. I don’t know why? Whether he is sick or somethinglike that’? – she was inquiring with her eyes going wide and I saw a question mark on her face.
‘Each Wedenesday evening he used to come to Chembur and spent the night in my room’ – she heaved a sigh.
‘You are alone there’?
-          Actually I wanted to know whether she was married, living there with family.
The lady hung her face. No reply came out of her for a few minutes. I was getting somewhat interested. A curiosity shone in my eyes. David’s Wednesday overtime work was a lie. A naked lie. Naughty idiot.
‘Husband left me and ran away with a lady in the neighbourhood. Now I am alone’ – her eyes welled up.
Whether she was lying to me or not, I was not certain.
For a few minutes I remained speechless. An uneasy silence seemed unbearable.
I wanted to send her back and meet him in the morning at his company.
‘He is expected late into the night. Until then waiting here to meet him is risky. This is Bombay, you know….’
As soon as she left I got inside and had a hearty laugh which lasted for some moments. Whenever I thought about him, I couldn’t control my laugh. Even after thirty years, I used to think about the life in Mumbai, especially of bachelors’ coming from the outside States, especially Kerala.
Whenever my mind travels back to Mumbai I recall my life with the other four room-mates and the Wednesday overtime of David especially.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Ten days have elapsed since the violence started in the North East State of Assam. So far around 50 persons have been killed in the violent clashes raging on there. Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Bongaigon are the regions affected most.
As of now, no one is sure about whether the ongoing clashes are ethnic violence, communal violence or the crimes perpetrated by hooligans which threatened the law and order situation prevailing there. Even media personalities are not certain about the nature of violence spreading there.
However it is reported that the murder of two muslim youths belonging to ABMSU ( All Bodoland Minority Students' Union ) which acted as the spark leading to a towering inferno affecting the whole of Assam. As a reprisal to the killings four Bodo youths belonging to NDFB (National Democratic Front of Bodoland) all hell broke loose and a blood-bath resulted across the sensitive areas of Assam. It was the genesis for the conflagration which engulfed the State within no time. Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has reportedly blamed the Centre for delaying deployment of Army personnel which is partially true. But the blame game doesn’t absolve him from the violence spreading on a large scale. If the State was more vigilant in tackling the violent clashes the number of calamities and massive destruction of properties could have been avoided. He too kept a low profile in the beginning and only when the issue went out of control the Assam police entered the scene to quell violence. The State govt requisitioned the intervention of Army personnel to douse the flames of calamity affected State.
Almost 2 lakh people have already fled their homes and sought refuge in the camps set up outside the calamity affected areas. Centre has reportedly sent food items, teams of medical experts and nurses with adequate supplies of medicines to the refugee camps to prevent the outbreak of diseases.
One of the factors behind the violence is reportedly the long standing rivalry between the Bodos and Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants who have made Assam their permanent abode. And a section of the media accuses the Gogoi govt for providing citizenship to these immigrants eyeing the election times, in other words the State govt was playing a vote-bank politics.
Bodos couldn’t tolerate the flow of immigrants from Bangladesh as their deserving benefits were cornered by the immigrants, the latter in the eyes of Bodos are outsiders who came to Assam to rob the State off the resources of indigenous citizens.Though a border is reportedly existing between the two countries it is said to be a porous one through which the immigrants could easily sneak into the Indian territory from across the border. Border Security as of now has been reportedly tightened to prevent the flow of immigrants from the other side of the border.
Prime Minister ManMohan Singh paid a visit to the riot hit areas today to overlook and assess the situation in person. UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi too accompanied him. Prime Minister Dr.Singh has a soft corner for the State of Assam since he is elected as a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam from the very outset of his term as PM. His soft and sensitive heart must be aching from the very moment the reports of the calamity spread across Assam especially the Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa and Bongaigon areas reached his ears. He has sanctioned Rs. 300 crores as relief package to the citizens of Assam from Prime Minister’s relief fund. While expressing his deep agony and sorrow over the situation prevailing in the calamity affected States he has chosen the occasion to warn the perpetrators of the ongoing violence with severe punishment if they are bent upon upsetting the law and order situation. He appealed to the citizens to have patience and further pleaded with them to remain calm. Dr.Singh warned the trouble-makers the severe punishment awaiting the culprits in the event of them indulging in violent activities.
Let’s hope PM’s visit would act as a soothing balm to the citizens of Assam and an alert State govt would take earnest efforts to bring the situation into normality with army personnel keeping vigilance 24X7.   

Friday, July 27, 2012


In my childhood days
during rainy seasons
our village skies turned
cloudy and dusky
with the thick
darkness swallowing the
entire village like
a python swallowing its
A heavy downpour was
the result
which was often incessant
lasting for weeks.
The morning sun
the starry moonlit nights
playing truant for weeks
we longed for the
rains to stop
dark clouds to fade away and
for the sky to turn blue
as in the summer season.
When I started demanding
the appearance of the Sun
moon and stars
my grandpa 
would shout to a
person ‘hey anonymous
let us have our
sun, moon and stars back
restore our blue sky’
I could neither see
anonymous nor his/her voice
whether grandpa
had ever seen him/her
whether he had heard
his/her  voice,
I know not.
Anonymous responded to
my grandpa’s pleas within seconds
by stopping rains
by wiping out the clouds
and darkness like a student
erasing the words written by a pencil
turning  the sky bright and blue.
With the sun during the day
starry, moonlit nights
in the night
with brimming joy and delight
I jumped up, up, up and down, down, down clapping my hands.
Grandpa later left to
his heavenly abode
with him ended the magic of
During rainy seasons
lasting for weeks
I followed into the food-steps
of Grandpa and shouted
‘hey anonymous, anonymous
let’s have our sun back
bestow upon us
moon-lit, star-lit nights’.
No response
was forthcoming.
Who was this anonymous
to where he/she vanished
still a mystery…
naughty Grandpa
naughty anonymous…..     


After a prolonged civil war lasting for decades between the North and South of Sudan in which millions of Sudanese perished which many feared it to be a perennial conflict, agreed for a ceasefire under the mediation of peace-loving statesmen to the relief of everybody. It was due to the untiring efforts of mediators of international standing that the cease-fire agreement arrived at. The peace formula arrived at was to hold a referendum whether the largest nation of African continent had to be split into two nations, the North Sudan and South Sudan. Accordingly under the keen observation of mediators and whole world the referendum was held in 2011 and predictably more than 90% who cast their votes favoured division of the largest country of North Africa into two nations - Sudan and South Sudan.
Omar Al Bashir who was ruling the whole country - a ruler against whom a warrant was served by the ICC (International Criminal Court) based in Hague to stand trial for his war crimes holding him responsible for the ruthless killing of 2-4 lakhs of Darfur victims which too lasted for a long period.Bashir defied the warrant with contempt as he has the support of many African nations against the ICC decision. The warrant is still in force and as long as it is in force he should have to tread a dangerous path. Darfur was in the news for several years, as it was a bloody civil war in which, as already mentioned lakhs and lakhs were slaughtered and many had to flee who set up refugee camps in the neighbouring nations.
Let’s come back to the referendum held and its result favouring a division of Sudan into two North Sudan and South Sudan. The catalyst for the citizens of Southern part of Sudan demanding and fighting for a country of themselves was that Northern Sudan exploited the oil-rich Southern part draining the wealth of people of Southern part of Sudan. Poverty, unemployment and slave-like existence for decades angered the people of South and after the last drop of patience got dried up, they rose in revolt against North which was mercilessly suppressed by the forces loyal to Omar-Al-Bashir. In spite of long lasting atrocities perpetrated against the people of South their unquenchable thirst for freedom couldn’t be suppressed and they didn’t cow down before the autocratic ruler Omar-Al-Bashir and his forces. The fiercer the repression, the more determined were the Southerners and resultantly fight between the two sides continued unabated. The world watched with agony sorrow and indignation, the pathetic sight of people falling prey to the attacks which was going on. Actually it was like fire-flies being swallowed by fire which spread across both sides of Sudan.
International pressure mounted on Omar-Al-Bashir to put an end to the genocide, but the authoritarian ruler was bent upon finishing off the rebels and vowed to continue the battle.
Pressure continued to mount on him from across the whole world, the mediators of international standing impressed upon Omar repeatedly the consequences of the fight raging on and he finally agreed for a referendum to be held and thus a cease-fire agreement came into force.
After 90% of the citizens opted for a division of the country the spadework for other formalities began all under the careful watch of mediators finally on 9th July 2011 South Sudan came into existence. South Sudan took membership in UN as the 193rd country in the comity of nations.
Unfortunately the coming into existence of South Sudan was not the end of the issue. Though a government was formed under Salva Kiir, with Juba as the Capital the oil rich South Sudan was looked upon with jealousy by the North because scarcity of oil adversely affected the economy of North Sudan. They had to fabricate one reason or other to continue the enmity between the two nations and that enmity centred on border-security.
North Sudan eyed the abundant oil-rich part of South Sudan as a result of which a showdown became inevitable and both reached on the verge of war. After a lull the storm once a again started blowing vigorously.
South Sudan which is on a development trajectory wants to avoid a fight and it has of late extended an olive branch by promising to write - $4.9 billion – ‘both for over the oil payments before independence and for oil confiscated after independence by Sudan’. South Sudan offered a compensation package of $ 3.2 billion to help plug its rival’s gaping budget deficit and higher oil export fees in order to revive the stalled talks. But Sudan sticks to its stand reaching an agreement on border security first before discussing any oil or financial deal for which South Sudan has not yet agreed. That which threatens both countries is UN Security Council’s warning of slapping sanctions on both countries if the contentious issues are not settled before August 2.
The stand-off continues with North demanding settlement of dispute over the territory.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


He unburdened himself
by dumping the heavy
weight over his
shoulders on the floor
and heaved
a deep sigh of relief.
He quit his present
job when a
reputed institution
lured him with a new assignment
which offered
better career prospects
and a lucrative salary
and other facilities.
He bid adieu to
his co-workers and
friends to accept
the new assignment
which served as
a magnet to him.
He left the rented
house he was residing
since a longtime
to a spacious bungalow
to spend his days which is
provided with all
amenities, thanks to
his new institution.
For him work was
a challenge once
proximity of his
co-workers a source of
energy and strength
the more the work-load,
the more delighted he
was once upon a time.
Now that he feels relaxed
the pressure of yester years
a thing of the past
the offer of a 
lucrative assignment came
his way
promising better
career prospects
lucrative salary plus perks
the royal style of living
impressed him like anything.
And in the office  
not much work came his way
only to sign some papers
prepared by his subordinates
ample time for relaxation
no wonder
he feels like
he is in paradise.
One thing  that misses
him badly is the
proximity of his
one thing he
apprehends is
whether boredom
like a haunting nightmare
would follow him shortly.
With nothing to do
except signing papers
whether this paradise
might turn into
a hell in due course?
He mulls…..      


‘Comrade’ Panchen Lama has broken his silence at last. Buddhist Monks, one after another, have adopted the path of self-immolation to protest against Chinese hegemony over Tibet and also for autonomy to Tibet which China outrightly reject claiming it to be an integral part of China. Panchen Lama is the China- backed Lama and hence he owes his allegiance to China. The eleventh Lama appointed by Dalai Lama was not acceptable to China and his whereabouts are unknown soon after he was appointed by Dalai Lama, the Supreme leader recognized the world over. As far as China is concerned  Dalai Lama is a ‘traitor’ unreliable ‘Buddhist Monk’ whom China hates. And due to that very reason he is not recognized by China and he is a hated figure in China and finds time to tarnish his image before the world whenever a chance arises.
The senior Lama in the evening of his life, he is 77 now, who is spending his days in India since 1950s. One of the reasons behind China declaring an impromptu war against India violating the principles of ‘Panch Sheel Agreement’ which was signed in 1954 at Bandung by the then Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and Chow-an-lai, the then Chinese Premier.By giving political asylum to Dalai Lama by India was seen as a treachery on the part of India and China decided to wreak vengeance on India by declaring war against India. An ill-prepared India was shaken and shocked beyond anything when a till then friendly country which was in good terms with India attacked India without serving any warning. As far as India was concerned it was a humiliating war in which thousands of Indian soldiers lost their lives. India’s arsenal was practically empty and India’s defence – preparedness was in a shambles as India believed in peaceful co-existence with neighbouring countries. India actually couldn’t offer any resistance against the mighty Chinese forces which ended in a humiliating defeat. This is part of history known to all and therefore I need not dwell upon the whole story.
Buddhist monks of Tibet and China belong to two categories. The first category which are only a minority owe allegiance to China and willingly accept Chinese occupation of China and believe firmly that Tibet is an integral part of Peoples’ Republic of China. But the majority category are absolutely against China occupying Tibet who are loyal supporters of Dalai Lama. China and its rulers are anathema to them and they vent their anger whenever Chinese leaders visit India and arrange protests, wave black flags and shout slogans violating even security arrangements.
One year ago when Chinese President Hu Jintao flew to India to participate in the BRIC summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China) the Tibetan students in India ventilated their anger and protests against him and shouted slogans which rent the air, demanding him to ‘go-back’ for the illegal occupation of their land – Tibet. They want freedom from Chinese occupation and due to a stubborn China not willing to pull back they are indignant and frustrated lot. These anger and frustrations have prompted the Tibetan monks to adopt the extreme step of immolating themselves to invite the attention of the whole world to their plight. So far about forty four of them have set ablaze to themselves and courted martyrdom.
Dalai Lama was witnessing with severe agony at this practice of self-immolations still watching with pain the ongoing immolation. Lama who as the supreme spiritual head of Tibetan Monks pleaded with them to desist from such extreme steps.
Dalai Lama has pleaded with China while, remaining part of China, Tibetans must be provided with autonomy at least, for which the ‘Communist’ regime is not prepared for. China not at all recognizes him as the Buddhist-Spiritual head – China hates him, detests him and brands him as a traitor.
So far as China is concerned their ‘appointee’ Panchen Lama is the true spiritual head of Tibetan monks as he extends support to China and believes in the Chinese version of Tibet. Panchen Lama is considered by some as the second most important Lama after Dalai Lama who is settled in China.
But when the Buddhist monks embarked on a self-immolation drive against Chinese rule of Tibet he responded to it with silence. As a Buddhist monk he too must have felt pain despite his allegiance to Chinese rule and that might have compelled him to keep mum on the issue. That was why in an interview given to The Hindu on the eve of 77th birth anniversary he made remarks about Panchen Lama that the latter is more wiser than the Chinese rulers.
At last Panchen Lama has broken silence, and has voiced his opinion about the Buddhist monks who set fire on themselves as not men of religion. He maintained that the basic responsibility for a religious person was to ‘help people, do good deeds, and promote harmony and social developments thru religious preaching ‘. He expressed confidence by saying, his words I quote ‘I am confident to let Tibetan Buddhism play a more active role in promoting social harmony and China’s development’. His preaching was on the occasion of his visit to Lhasa’s famous Jokhang temple on Tuesday. He advised Tibetans to work for social stability which is of great importance. Only thru social stability Tibetans could flourish and therefore he further advised them to strive for it. His visit to Tibet was at the behest of Chinese leadership and what all he said there was what the Chinese leaders asked him to preach.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I was here before
you were born
I will be here long after
you are dead
I am free from birth
I am free from death
birth and death are
not meant for me.
I have witnessed many flowers
a large variety of flowers
spreading fragrance all around
blooming in my sprawling,
beautiful garden
I have witnessed
many flowers getting faded
and withering away
when ever a flower bud
opens its eyes
a beaming smile conquers me
when a flower fades
and wither away in the
sunset of its life
my eyes turn moist
experiences a lump in the throat
I am destined to
witness all
both birth and death
alas, from this eternal existence
I have no escape
welcoming the fresh
bidding adieu to the
withering blooms
which I am entrusted with.
Sometimes, I do feel I have
births galore
sometimes, I do feel I have
deaths galore
the blooming flowers
and withering flowers
remind me of births and deaths.
a flower has bloomed in the garden just now
let me for a split-second
keep a beaming smile.
Ephemeral is my delight
Ephemeral is my sorrow.  
An eternal smile is
not my destiny.               


Today July 25 – the deadline set by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to the incumbent Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to write to the Swiss Authorities asking them to take action against Asif Ali Sardari, the Pakistan President with regard to the graft charges leveled against him(of late, it is learnt that Pakistan Supreme Court has extended the deadline for another two weeks) . Former Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani was disqualified for not paying heed to the direction of Pak Supreme Court on the aforesaid sensitive issue. Before the Supreme Court jury headed by Iftikar Muhammad Chaudhary, the Chief Justice, Mr.Gilani explained the reasons for not writing to the Swiss Authorities by stating that President Sardari enjoys immunity over the sensitive issue which the Supreme Court couldn’t agree with. The court slapped contempt of court charges against Mr.Gilani and was later disqualified him and as a result the government led by Mr.Gilani had to bow out of office. Upon his resignation from the post of PM as a result of the Supreme Court verdict Pakistan Peoples’ Party chose Raja Pervaiz Ashraf who was the Minister of Water and Power  in the cabinet led by Mr.Gilani, was elevated to the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan. It was a foregone conclusion that the Pak Supreme Court would turn its attention on the new PM Mr Ashraf over the same issue as soon as he took charge as PM. The court served a notice on Mr.Ashraf also directing him to write to the Swiss Authorities to take action against Pak President Asif Ali Sardari  related to the graft charges raised against him. Sticking to the same argument regarding Mr.Sardari enjoying immunity for the charges leveled against him, the incumbent Prime Minister defied the Supreme Court directive to write to the Swiss authorities citing the NRO ordinance during the tenure of General Parvez Musharraf. The deadline set by the Supreme Court ends today (reportedly extended by two weeks by the Court) and it is almost certain that the court will move against Mr.Pervaiz Ashraf and will be charged with contempt of court proceedings.
The ongoing tug of war between the Executive and Judiciary has landed the ruling dispensation in a soup. With the Executive on one side and Judiciary-Army nexus on the other, Pakistan seems to be heading towards a military rule which is not something new to the citizens of Pakistan.
Judiciary and the Executive are not at all willing to reach a meeting ground and how long this absurd drama is about to continue, nobody knows.
Pakistan though ruled by a civilian govt it is under the remote control of the army which is likely to usurp power anytime it deems appropriate. Moreover the Pak citizens do have a propensity to be ruled by army and for that they have many reasons to cite.
Law and order situation at its worst, corruption ruling the roost, power shortage for more than 8-10 hours a day, terrorists on the prowl, the people of Pakistan experience no peace and sense of security with the govt remaining a mute spectators and as a result citizens lean towards army rule is natural.
True. During the iron-fisted rule of (Retd) General Pervez Musharraf Pakistanis longed for a democratic rule and they fought for it and succeeded in ousting him from the post of President and cleared the way for a democratically elected govt under Pakistan Peoples’ Party which emerged victorious at the hustings. The Pakistanis were overjoyed and turned euphoric. For them it was the fulfillment or realization of a long cherished dream. Unfortunately their expectations proved in vain soon, due to the misrule of PPP govt which led to turbulence and turmoil across the country. Now Pakistan is a nation of disillusioned, disenchanted, frustrated people who are fed up with the ruling regime of Pakistan Peoples’ Party . Whichever govt is at the helm one essential thing the masses expect and desire is a good government which is capable of maintaining a safe atmosphere free from fear, free from poverty, malnourishment and unemployment, shortage of power and water, sanitation facilities – in short a people-friendly govt. They are aware of the greatness of a democratic govt under which freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to move from one place to another, freedom to settle-down wherever they want, freedom from fear and sense of insecurity. If such necessities of life are not forthcoming they will go to very lengths such a launching protest meetings, revolts and even engage in violent activities - with patience reaching the bottom-line, the only alternative left is to gird up the loins and fight to the hilt till the demands are met.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Close on the heels of Guwahati tragedy - I prefer to call it tragedy - the day a teenage girl was stripped and forced to run down  a street in the evening in the presence of a number of onlookers by a group of vandals and subsequent protests by political leaders and social activists across the spectrum, another incident occurred in Udaipur, Rajasthan a tribal majority village named Meena – in which the caste panchayat played a dominant role, a lady who had eloped with her lover was stripped and tied to a tree, beaten up by the village people who played moral police. Her lover was also forced to undergo what all the lady had to suffer, tied to a tree and beaten up. Today’s newspapers carry the news. The lady’s husband was also among the people who were involved in the incident to punish the lady and her paramour.
This is not intended to justify the elopement of the married lady with her paramour but the village men taking the law in to their own hands and the barbarian way they adopted to punish the lady and her paramour was something to be condemned. Be that as it may.
Here I am coming back  to the Guwahati incident about which I would like to elaborate.What made me sad and angry was the role played by the media-reporter of a local TV channel - Gaurav Niyog.  The reporter (who didn’t have a moral prick) ran-after the girl and the crowd allegedly instigated them, to chase the victim and molest her near a bar in Guwahati. The reporter covered the incident and recorded the scene hurriedly and with excitement, thus prepared a visual feast to the TV audience across the country. The media person didn’t have any compassion towards the hapless lady who was in pain and despair and he didn’t feel like interfering in the incident or report to the police thus saving her from the ignominy.
The media reporter can justify his action pointing out a fact that he is not bound to intervene in such incidents, instead his only duty is nothing but covering the incident. But he should have remembered the simple fact that he too is a human being, he too has sisters or other close relatives. Will he dare to cover the incident in his camera with the so-called detachment of a hermit to arrange a visual treat to the TV watchers. He didn’t care to think about such aspects while covering the ‘hilarious’(?) scene - for him it must have been a hilarious scene - worthy to be covered and flash it across TV channels without an iota of repentance because of the reason that the person involved is a strange girl.
Will he quote journalistic code of conduct or principles of journalism to justify his action when the victims involved are his own sisters. Could he deny it with his hands on his heart? Never. The reporter who quotes journalistic principles to justify his action and journalistic ‘ethics’ is not at all human. There were arguments, counter-arguments, discussions and writings by the intellectuals throughout the country about the role of a journalist in the Guwahati type incidents. While a number of journalists, even ace photo journalist Raghu Rai justified the reporter with the argument that he did what he was supposed to, as many were there to squarely blame for the insensitive attitude he displayed.
There was a period in India when gender equality very much prevailed in the society and women were treated on a par with men. Down the lane, instead of keeping up that healthy practice, ladies were subjugated to the levels of slaves. Lack of education facilities and unemployment are the reasons but our shrewd and cunning rulers and male-chauvinists are bent upon seeing that they are bound to be the ones who are on this earth to take care of the conjugal needs of their husbands first and look after the domestic chores. What about the fate of the 33 percent Women’s Reservation bill? – still kept under suspended animation.   

Monday, July 23, 2012


We recall thousands of great men and women for the great service they rendered to mankind and we respect them and even worship them and we recall as many wicked characters who had no qualms, with a shudder throughout our life. I need not quote the names of a number of great personalities that we are already familiar with.
Sunday July 22, 2012 was the first anniversary of a massacre committed by a Norwegian youth Anders Breivik, aged 32. On the faithful day which is impossible to wipe out our memory the youth cold-bloodedly murdered 77 Norwegian citizens most of them teenagers by spraying bullets who assembled at the Island of Utoeya.
To commemorate the anniversary of the blood-chilling massacre thousands of Norwegians gathered on the lawn of a building at the Island of Utoeya who were the near and dear ones of the victims who fell to the shower of bullets triggered by the wicked man and thousands assembled at the site, many of them who had a providential escape. They still recall that fateful day with shivers running down their spines.
Eskin Pederson the leader of the youth wing of the Labour Party was quoted as saying on the solemn occasion, his words I quote here “He took away some of our loveliest roses but could not stop the spring”. Heart rending, touching and poetic words can never ever be forgotten.
Norway, as we people know is a country well-known for its tranquility while a host of countries across the world are reeling under the atrocities committed by terrorists as well as the authoritarian rulers. That was why when the news of the gut-wrenching incident reached our ears from Norway we were shocked and embarrassed beyond words. If such type of incidents had been reported from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq et al, we would not have experienced such poignant rage and indignation.
He was smiling with no emotions of anger visible on his face while he was triggering the gun felling those present there.
On being caught and questioned he was remorseless and keeping a pleasant face and pleaded guilty for the shocking deed he committed. On being questioned further, as to what actually prompted him or compelled him to commit such a dastardly crime his cool response was that he wanted to prevent a ‘Muslim Invasion’ and was against the immigration laws of the Labour Party and multi-cultural society. His anger was against the Labour party Govt led by Jens Stoltenberg.
During the commemoration meeting the thousands of citizens present there offered floral tributes at the very site the innocents fell to the bullets.
Prior to the commemoration ceremony after one minute prayer  a girl who had the misfortune of seeing her boy-friend falling to the bullet sprayed by the assassin, sang two heart-rending songs.
Besides the youth leader, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and a number of govt functionaries were present at the venue to pay homage to the departed souls.
The trial of Anders Breivik, the assassin lasted for 10-weeks and he is waiting the verdict which is supposed to be on August 24, 2012.
As capital punishment is not permitted by law in Norway and certain other European nations he is likely to languish inside the four walls of the prison for the rest of his life.
Let me, as an Indian, offer my homage to the innocent ones who lost their lives who fell to an assassin’s bullets.              

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Indian politics has developed into a game of musical chairs with the ushering in of coalition govts in the place of one party rule. Coalition politics and coalition govts are here to stay with the Grand Old Party of India – Indian National Congress’s gradually declining since two decades plus. One party rule is a thing of the past and we are living in the present. As former Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao often declared during his tenure at various forums both in India and abroad ‘neo-liberal economic reforms are irreversible’ from which there is no escape. The coalition politics and coalition govts too are irreversible as also inevitable in future. Indian National Congress losing its hold on power was its own making. From the very day that party began throwing to winds its principles of good governance and value-based politics, discontent and disillusionment spread among the majority like an infectious disease creating innumerable patients and a number of them losing their lives, its decline began which led to the formation of many parties most of them regional ones and the broad national outlook evolved or shrunk into narrow outlook. Regional chauvinism was the result and each regional party gradually started to taste the fruits of power at the Centre as well as the States. They began to itch for an entry into national mainstream, learnt the art of bargaining with the single largest party which staked claim to power. Like the single largest party cajoling the regional parties to cobble up a majority, the regional parties too wanted the single largest party in other words they needed each other. As an aftermath, horse trading – a new term began playing an important role - and money started playing a bigger role. The dirty art of purchasing MPs and MLAs promising them plum posts at the national level or State level gained prominence. Thus Indian political scene plunged into a quagmire which too turned irreversible as also inevitable. Now that a generation, most of them constituting educated middle-class hailing mainly from urban areas have slowly started to fight against large-scale corruption which began spreading its tentacles across India. The stench of corruption is spreading thick and fast which is nauseating, unbearable and revolting. However, regrettably the movement against corruption has not reached anywhere due to the wrangling persisting amongst the leaders of the movement against corruption. Nothing more is needed for the middle-class getting disenchanted with the movement and that is what we witness today.
Now that UPA II govt is poised to enter its fourth year in office they need not consult astrologers about its prospects in the coming days.
2014 is the election year and therefore we can naturally expect more and more pressure tactics, arm-twisting and even desertions from its ranks. In other words the UPA govt is sitting on a powder keg as it is a coalition govt. Not only that, the economic growth is plummeting, policy paralysis already visible, inflation rate is still at a high, prices of essential commodities are sky-rocketing and as already indicated, corruption in various walks of life at its worst, discontent among the masses is growing, the govt is naturally in a Catch-22 position. Though UPA II govt is a conglomeration of various parties by various leaders all are beneficiaries of tax-payers’ money. With the tenure of the govt slowly heading into its end, arm-twisting, pressure tactics and desertions can very well be expected. Regional parties always stand for their respective States and they are likely to demand more and more - listing out various needs of their States with an indirect threat of them leaving coalition govt otherwise, as part of exerting pressure tactics and arm twisting.
Furthermore regional parties do not posses high principles as their only aim and principle are demanding more allocation of funds for their States. If that could be called principles, let’s take it for granted. Most of them are fence-sitters and depending upon in which direction the wind is blowing they lean towards the ones who promise them more. Like one Mamata Banerji throwing tantrums frequently and demanding huge package for Bengal, her State, other partners in the coalition are likely to be more and more demanding.
Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar, a shrewd, cunning and experienced politician has already started murmuring. That his party is not respected at the Centre and that govt takes policy decisions without consulting him or his party and wrote a letter to UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, hence his party is going to quit the govt and providing support from outside, is nothing but part of pressure tactics. Look at his timing. He is in need of a respectable, more respectable position in the UPA II alliance. It is nothing but blackmailing. More and more allies are likely to demand more and more benefits in the coming days.              

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Syrian civil war has entered a new phase with the suicide bomb blast which claimed the lives of four top govt functionaries and the injuries suffered by more than hundred persons owing allegiance to President Bashaar-Al-Assad. It was the most severe attack by the rebels against the Assad regime so far. It is reported that the suicide bomber was one of the securities of President Assad who had defected to the side of Syrian protesters. It all happened while an emergency meeting of the top functionaries of the govt was going on nearby. A retaliation was expected anytime soon as a result of the death of four associates of Syrian President and hundreds of his supporters. The apprehension as well as prediction proved correct with the Syrian army cold-bloodedly massacred 200 rebels at a strategic place called Treshma. 200 persons being massacred was the severest of all attacks launched by Syrian army so far.
In the meanwhile US and its allies introduced a resolution against Syria which was vetoed by Syria’s close allies, Russia and China. The resolution was introduced with an aim of squeezing Syria by way of sanctions and that aim was nipped in the bud by the use of veto by Russia and China.
Along with the civil war raging across Syria which is turning out to be serious as the time progresses another war is also continuing but that is the verbal war between US and Russia. While US squarely blames Russia and China for extending support to the Dr.Assad which provides him to turn ruthless against Syrian rebels. Russia too blames US for providing support to the Free Syrian movement. Meanwhile America’s UN Ambassador Susan Rice has pointed to the possibility of solution outside the UN which could result in an Iraq like situation, many fear. It is noteworthy to recall here the 2003 war perpetrated by US, unmindful of UN diktats, against Iraq which resulted in the massacre of millions of Iraqis and the ouster of then Iraq President Saddam Hussein who went into hiding, later traced him in a cave in Tikrit, his home city by the Allied forces. He was fished out by them and handed over to the puppet govt installed by the America. Later after a summary trial he was convicted and sentenced to death. Accordingly, he was pushed to the gallows and that was that. This time in the case of Syria such an intervention might prove detrimental, with Russia and China committed to protect the Syrian govt led by Bashar Al Assad and in case of a US intervention. If such a situation develops, no doubt, a full-fledged war will be the result.
I think it was Sergi Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister who said ‘Syria is not Libya as the former is supported by ‘Syrian majority’. That is Lavrov’s version.In an election year it is doubtful and US is unlikely to intervene militarily in Syria soon as it would affect the prospects of Barrack Obama in the fight for Presidential chair.
However one thing is for sure, the Syrian imbroglio is gradually heading to a flash-point as the issue has evolved into a matter of prestige for Dr.Assad as also for the Free Syrian movement. It is better to recall here that the movement against the hegemony of Assad began as early as 2011, almost 17 years have elapsed, still a solution to the burning issue seems to be far away.
At this juncture, international pressure is the need of the hour before it is too late. Otherwise a carnage involving lakhs of innocent citizens is a grim possibility. While President Assad is glued to the Presidential chair with no hint so far forthcoming about him stepping down and equally adamant Opposition demand that he should have to abdicate or else he will be forcibly ousted from the prestigious position. A point of no return has reached now with both sides determined stick on to their stands sadly a happy ending is virtually impossible. Defections by many of his accomplices declaring support to the rebels his throne has started to shake violently. Will Assad go the Libyan way? No idea.


The hustle and bustle
of the city
speeding vehicles
hooting and tooting
speeding pedestrians
walking to and fro.
Under the blazing sun
sits a mad man
talking loudly to
himself gesticulating
charcoal black, heavy-built with disheveled
hair, flowing beard
clad in ragged clothes
torn clothes
he continued talking
to himself
loudly more loudly
as if to overcome
the roaring city, melting city
in front.
He cares none
none cares him.
The sun showers fire
on all
including the
mad man
he rests comfortably, conveniently
as if he is under the
shadow of a banyan tree.
I, a pedestrian
among hundreds
talking silently to myself
silently to myself.
The thoughts
not in order
like speeding
thoughts too jump
from one subject
to another.
What about others?
I know not.
What about myself?
I know
I am sane
while the one
talking loudly to himself
is insane.
Watch me
I am well-dressed
hair-cut stylish
clean shaven, gentle
and serious.
He clad in
torn, muddy clothes
with disheveled hair
flowing beard
resting under
the scorching sun.  
Silence is golden, as it
makes you sane.
Look, I sweat profusely
not  a single bead of sweat
visible on the mad man
yes, I am sane
he is insane.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Keralites witnessed a spate of political violence and murders with shock, indignation and apprehensions recently. We lamented over the fate of our beloved small State once endowed with magnificent landscapes, quietly flowing rivers, splashing lakes and lush greenery, a State blessed with cent percent literacy and political consciousness succumbing to gut-wrenching murders to settle scores between rival political parties we are at a loss to find out whether the humane qualities about which we were proud of for a prolonged period in the history of Kerala are getting dried up. For example, road accidents are a daily phenomenon in our State and many lose their lives and many maimed for life, many injured for a variety of reasons like rash drunken driving down the dilapidated roads, due to the negligence on the part of our rulers who are obsessed with looting as much money as possible and also for throwing mud against each other. As we are aware the number of vehicles which enter our roads are mounting day by day but unfortunately our roads are not developing accordingly to accommodate lakhs of vehicles due to the poor infrastructure facilities that too owing to the apathy of our ruling class, be it United Democratic Front or Left Democratic Front governments. I am not singling out rash and drunken drivers, even a host of innocent and careful drivers including pedestrians are getting caught up in accidents most of which occur in our urban areas where vehicular traffic is at its peak.
I am coming back to the erosion of humane qualities with which we were endowed with once.
For instance, we often read in newspapers and watch on the electronic media certain horrendous accidents. Suppose a two wheeler rider accidently is knocked down by a speeding vehicle either bus, lorry or tipper and badly hurt as a result of which he bleeds profusely the vehicles or the onlookers see him fighting for life and the other passing vehicles rushing down the streets care not to take him to hospital even if the hapless person lies for hours on the street, even onlookers care not to rush him to hospital. We people are condemned to read or watch such horrible incidents and lament about the eroding humane qualities and think about ourselves. Sometimes, yes, sometimes if we were the ones at the steering wheel of the passing vehicles or onlookers we would have done the same. ‘If we don’t somebody will’ like attitude. In the end no none will come forward until the men in khaki uniforms arrive with the ambulance.
Many interpretations are likely to come from many people. While some find time in cursing those who turned a blind eye, some will sympathise with the victim of the accident and philosophically speak about the cynicism prevailing among our generation, the lack of loving and caring qualities of today’s average citizens etc. Discussions, debates, deliberations, solutions abound among the so-called social workers including media personalities.
Have we lost all the qualities expected of a human being? Sometimes we feel like so with deep sighs. Sometimes we turn optimistic seeing light at the end of the tunnel. In other words a silver lining in the horizon.
For instance for the last one week or so we are reading about a girl child falling prey to jaundice. The disease was diagnosed belatedly. The only remedy left was a liver transplantation. Regrettably. her mother was willing to save her daughter’s life by donating a slice of her liver. The the child’s auntie came forward to halve her liver for the child and it was found to be fit.But the operation expense was estimated to be around 25 lakhs, a whopping sum which the child’s parents couldn’t afford. The whole village from which the girl child hails from got united in collecting the fund and within an hour they collected Rs 17 lakhs. The philanthropists from outside the village too donated a large sum. Thus the problem of shortage of funds solved and an emergency operation carried out which lasted about 8 hours and it proved to be successful to the delight of all. The child is now blessed with a fresh lease of life. Yes, all of us can with abundant confidence, comfort ourselves with the belief of abiding human qualities are still prevalent among our brethren. Hope is always there.             

Thursday, July 19, 2012


There was a time when many believed that the future of India would be in the hands of Indian Communists while many well-wishers of Indian leftists dreamt of a red letter day in the  history of Indian politics ie. the Communist Parties of India holding the reins of power – a govt led by the Communist Party while as many apprehended the consequences of a Communist rule in India. They were afraid of a situation what all harm would be caused to the democratic fabric of India nurtured and developed by the Grand Old Party of India – Indian National Congress and its governments. Once upon a time, there was only a single party. Muslim league was also there but it was a marginal force. The Indian National Congress, which many believed, was the only hope of Indian citizens. As sands of time swept away from under the feet of a generation, Indian National Congress’s hold on power gradually declined not because of the fault of its supporters but because of its leaders whose principles of honesty, integrity, patriotism and a good governance were forefeited which led to the mushrooming of regional parties, and a Communist party which was about to spread its influence across India and the communal parties which did have a phenomenal growth which we had already witnessed.
A single party rule came to an end as a consequence of which the other parties, I mean mainly the regional parties, gained strength. Communist Party too maintained a steady growth especially in South India and the North East States of Bengal and Tripura. Communist Parties couldn’t make much headway in the Northern belt, in other words, the Hindi belt even though Northern States were fertile grounds for its steep growth. Caste politics across North India did affect even the Indian National Congress. It is more than enough to say that casteist politics obstructed the growth of leftist parties and INC as well. Casteism at a critical juncture like this has turned into a bane and each regional party in the Northern  States are led by casteist leaders – various castes grouped under various casteist leaders who promised heaven on earth to the masses and still they continue to promise the illiterate and poor who constitute a major percent in those States. Alarming illiteracy is the legacy left behind by the Congress misrule for almost five decades. The National Party which with much hubris declares even now the part played by it in achieving Independence. But it hides one bitter truth, a naked truth, that is, a number of its leaders turned selfish, greedy and corrupt whose only aims were robbing the country’s enormous wealth. The moment when money came to play the upper hand, India’s decline began. Now that corruption in every walk of life has flourished – we are constrained to witness with impotent rage - the absence of a responsible Opposition party to fight against the menace has emboldened the ruling party to rob off the tax-payers’ money according to their will and pleasure. When a stark truth is pointed out by a citizen there is no point in frowning upon him.
While the opposition parties like Bharathiya Janata Party and Communist parties (now the splinter communist parties remind one of amoebic growth) have turned crusaders against corruption without keeping their promises, examples galore. For instance take Karnataka for example, there a “humble man” Yeddyurappa after occupying the CM’s chair allegedly started the extortion which eventually led him to jail and later freed on bail. The contemporary India has not seen a power-monger like him, but is out of power now, so what, he is playing the role of a king-maker, means if the reins of power are not restored to him, whoever he chooses as his nominee must be appointed as the Chief Minister and if his demands are not met by the BJP leadership he threatens his party leadership with resignation along with his supporting MLAs, Ministers and followers and will form a new party. Fearing such a possibility the leaders of BJP who boast about their adherence to lofty principles and integrity – are ready to meet his demands. Thus one Sadananda Gowda came first as his nominee who was found unreliable later, he demanded the leadership to remove him from the post and suggested another nominee, a man named Jagdish Shettar, once Yeddyurappa’s bet noire now on friendly terms is in the saddle now. How is it possible for such a party, its locus standi, how come BJP dares to fight against the UPA men looting the country? Something incomprehensible.
Communist parties and other leftists are no exception. Instances are many. With the previous elections to the Assemblies and Parliament of West Bengal and Kerala, their two strongholds, now their decimation from Indian political scene is somewhat complete. Now the leftist parties have evolved into parties which have only ‘leaders’ but without supporters.
Social activist Medha Patkar during her visit to Kerala two days ago mentioned one naked truth and that truth is nothing but this: At a critical point like this in Indian politics leftists have a cardinal role to play but unfortunately a true leadership vaccum is very much obvious at national level. All of us are aware about one thing. That corruption is being extolled throughout India. That is the reason why the Indian electorate continue to elect the tainted leaders. The issue of deep rooted corruption never bothers our poor electorate. It has developed into a way of life in our country. Many even deifying it.                


The ocean is vast
The ocean is infinite
cute, attractive with
magnetic eyes.
She smiles at
everyone, you and I
whoever visits her.
Nothing surprising
we fall in love with
her at first sight
and her tempting
inviting looks overwhelm us
she is angelic, she is seductive, she is ethereal.
Nothing surprising
delving deep into her
all feel like
the same way.
She entraps us
with her cute looks
and inviting magnetic eyes
she is ethereal and seductive
the same time.
Nothing surprising
from time immemorial
many with wide, luminous
confident and thirsty eyes
jumped on her
like a lover pouncing
upon his sweetheart
with love, passion and sexcitement.
Nothing surprising
those who jumped on her
and tried to drown in her beauty
got tired without gratification
with bowed, desperate heads.
Nothing surprising
she  keeps on smiling
each one
jumps on her
and concedes defeat
returns to the
shore faintheartedly.
Dreams of each one
like melting glaciers getting evaporated
on sunny days.
Even now she
keeps on smiling with
beckoning eyes.
Nothing surprising
like our predecessors
each one of us
charmed by her sweet
challenging glances
continues to invite us to conquer
none of us sees
her brimming confidence.
Swimming across her
to the other side of
her shore which nobody knows,
their dreams
never, ever are
going to materialize
in his or her life-time.
Like a saint, philosopher,
writer or a scientist
always on their
struggling hard
day-in and day-out
with sleepless eyes
seeking the ultimate
we too lured by her
infinite beauty, charm
and challenging eyes
all feel like conquering her
from head to toe
with uncontrollable passion,
love and excitement
return disillusioned with unfulfilled dreams.
The mission will continue by all
but for getting lost.
Yet the mission continues….

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Memorials were built
for the dead
still being built for
the dead
in memory of
the indelible imprints
they left on earth
during  their life-time.
Descendants who
worship them, respect
them, love them,
to cherish their memories
build memorials for
Schools are born
auditoriums are born
libraries and study centres
are born,
Gardens are born
with full of
variety of flowers
which spread scent
all around
roads are named after
statues are created for them
even temples and museums
are created for them
to cherish their memories.
Times have changed
we are  living in strange
Nowadays memorials are
built for the living
by the living themselves
for posterity
to remember them, to recall them.
They know well
memorials won’t be built
for them
after they are gone
they know well
their unworthiness
they know well
the wicked things
they commit during
their existence on
this earth
still they build
memorials for themselves with the
tainted wealth
they amass.
No one will be
there to love them
worship them, respect
still memorials
arise  in
the nook and cranny
of the land
what for?
They dare not introspect. 
We the ordinary
never think of
never dream of
creating memorials
for ourselves
anyone seen
even a single memorial
for the common man,
anywhere on earth
Lucky to be a common man.
Lucky to be the offsprings of ordinary parents.