Friday, October 31, 2014


With the suspension
of three members of staff
from the institution
the officers and
manager were in a jubilant mood.
‘The trouble-makers
are out’ – one officer  mused
after the remaining members of staff
left the office
with dark, clouded faces.
After the suspension of
three members of staff
all hell broke loose
contrary to the
expectations of higher-ups.
If the slogan shoutings were
outside the office until then
it was slogan shouting inside
disturbing the very
peace of the authorities
who held a party
on the very day the
three members of staff
were thrown out
and the ultimate victory
went to the
employees with the

management signing on the dotted line.    

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Countless babies are born
and countless babies die per day
with happiness and sorrow
mingling with each other
across our land.
common men and
poverty-stricken people die
across our land each day
with gnawing pain, tears 
and relief mingling with each other
and photos and
reports in nutshells 
being printed filling
a full page or two newspapers.
Once in a while we happen to come
across the photos
along with reports in a nutshell
and are either flabberghasted
or feel indifferent.
i often wonder how many familiar faces are
omitted by the newspaper
for no fault of theirs.
Such informations
pay visit to us from
somebody whom we
come across after a long spell in our life,

along the way. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The gift of
a new dawn is
a precious, priceless jewel to
both of us.
The gift of a
smile is sweeter
and immemorable to us.
The gift of a ‘kiss of love’
is ecstasy  to  us
and if it is a first kiss in our life
the memory of which would remain eternal.
The gift of a warm and long hug by
both is something which
lifts our sagging spirits.
And the gift of a
sunset overwhelms us
with its charming, colourful 
appearance beyond our imagination
which though painful is
a magnificient  scenery
before he goes down

the horizon for the day.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Steps and Missteps 

Though not all steps are
But missteps are
Hence you should have to
start from the beginning.

Thoughts and Meditation 

Thoughts must not
get distorted and wander along
through unchartered territories.
They should
move along a straight line.
Meditation is
the only remedy for
the thoughts to walk ahead
along a straight line
in order not to get them distorted.
Otherwise learn to live with it.

Realties and Fantasies

Realties are realties.
Fantasies are fantasies.
Still both are inter-related.
When realties and
fantasies play together
a beautiful invaluable an creation
come into being.                


It seems like Bilawal Bhutto, leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) is, stepping  into the foot-steps of Zulfiker Ali Bhutto who once announced ‘one thousand years of jihad’ against India for annexing Jammu & Kashmir with Pakistan. The same Bhutto came to India and met the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and held a meeting at Simla which is widely known as Simla Agreement. Just before deposing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto due to ‘alleged disorder’ in the country under the leadership of Zia-Ul-Haq who proclaimed himself as the defacto leader of Pakistan who met with an air crash while flying aboard an airplane which to a section of Pakistanis believe that it was a case of sabotage. Bhutto did a favour to him and declared him a four star General superseding senior military officers. Still the General had no moral prick to arrest Bhutto and imprison him and Supreme court issued a verdict sentencing him to death. A famous work called ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’, a comic novel by a Pakistan journalist Muhammed Hanif secured instant fame. General Zia entered and implemented Islamic tenets in the constitution which made Pakistan an Islamic State. The laws were ruthlessly implemented by announcing Sharia laws which came into practice under which punishments were carried out to those who were alleged to have committed blasphemy which were equivalent to the punishments meted out in the Middle Ages. Mr.Bhutto was made to suffer in isolated cell for a long period and later put on trial and was sentenced to death in spite of pressures not to kill Mr.Bhutto by countries around the world especially those nations which were under democratic rule. After suffering harshly inside the isolated cell Mr.Zulfikar-Ali-Bhutto was led to the gallows and thus came to the end of an era.
His wife Nusrat Bhutto and daughter Benazir Bhutto who later married Asif-Ali-Sardari, former President of Pakistan under the banner of Pakistan Peoples’ Party. With PPP winning a comfortable victory and the new dawn of democracy shone once again but had to pay a heavy cost, ie the fateful and her violent death by the so-called ones owing allegiance to Redt General Pervez Musharraf who pumped bullets on her while she was on a whirl-wind tour of Pakistan to canvas votes in the elections. Mrs Bhutto had a premonition that murderous elements were after her and apprehended death. It was a pre-planned and pre-meditated handy work of those owing allegiance to Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, it is alleged by a cross-section of Pakistanis.
With the victory of Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), the Retd General Pervez Musharraf’s term as the self-declared President of Pakistan came to an end and the ‘courageous’ man fled Pakistan with his family and sought asylum in London and repeated his assertions that he would fly to his home country and join politics. Until he flew to London and Dubai All Pakistan Muslim League, the political party which he had founded was to some extent in a state of hibernation. The man however flew back to Pakistan after a prolonged period mustering courage and arrogance and on the moment he stepped down on the soil of Pakistan from the airplane he was arrested and put on house arrest. Citing many reasons, the govt under Nawaz Sherif, leader of Pakistan Muslim League (PML) filed cases against him and as of now Musharraf is in a catch-22 situation.
Bilawal Bhutto, the UK educated handsome youth on completion of his studies whose sole aim is to assume leadership of Pakistan Peoples’ Party and to make known his intention to capitalize on the situation prevailing in Pakistan, he declared in London that he was ready to fight against India to capture the Jammu and Kashmir at any cost. And to sideline other parties of Pakistan he along with his followers declared to hold ‘one million march’ to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of David Camaron,  Prime Minister of Britain.
The other day while leading the march to President’s official residence, he was heckled, booed and empty plastic  bottles by those belonging to various political parties of Pakistan since they were not invited to join the march alleging that he was cashing in on the situation single-handedly. Britain had however made it clear that the issue has to be solved between the two countries in a cordial atmosphere and PPP’s plea to Britain to play a third party rule was rejected.
The announcement of one million Pakistani’s march by Bilawal was nothing but a ploy to let the world come to know that he has going to be playing a pro-active role in Pakistan politics.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Driving down the
straight road in a strange city
he saw her walking ahead
without looking left or right.
But for the crowds
he could have applied the brakes
and come to a halt
or call her at the top of his voice
due to the hustle and bustle of the city.   
After completing their
studies in the same
college and in the same classes,
for years together
they parted ways with
hopes and assurances
of meeting again someday, somewhere
in future.
But contrary to their
expectations, contacts
between got snapped at an unknown junction
in their life.
If he could
find her in a village
along the way he could
not only have fished her out
and shared their feelings past, present and future
and that would have
been a pleasant and refreshing experience.
But in a city it
is almost impossible these days
maintaining friendships for long
is nothing but wishful thinking.
After the car reached
in the outskirts of the city
where crowds are virtually absent
he parked the car on the street-side and
he sat with his drooping head
for a long time, drowsed
for sometime with thoughts
travelling down memory lane.
He switched on the
ignition key with the sadness
of having lost a golden opportunity,
a rare opportunity.
Life craves for many
invaluable things but gets
back a miniscule of
what we wish, hope and pray….

Sunday, October 26, 2014


watching a drunken brawl
between two friends
inside a bar
I was sitting alone
in a corner of the
bar in the dim light listening to wild music.
With anxious eyes and
drum-beating heart
when the brawl went out of control
I called one of
the waiters clad in white with a turban
and asked him to call
the security to throw them out
since they were getting on his nerves
and let peace prevail
inside the air-conditioned bar frowning.
The security advised them to cool down
which both were not
in the mood to oblige.
at about the same time
I saw both of them
coming  out of the bar
joining hands
and laughing aloud
showing no sign of enmity
and in its  place 
intimacy was reigning supreme
between the two.
I laughed to myself
thinking about the
role being played by liquor.
Strange are the ways of liquor …

I told myself. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Each year in the course of a long
journey down the tarred road
he used to sleep
in the shade of the
colossus of a tree
for a few hours
in the blazing sun.
One day
while sleeping under the tree
he saw a dream which
to him was nightmarish
about the disappearance of the tree
from the street side.
Within a few years
upon waking up
he was wondering
how come he happened to
see the nightmare
which to him was something appalling.
Hence, while passing
along the village
with his heart pounding
he recalled that dream.
He happened to see
and on noticing the tree
from afar
he heaved a sigh of relief.
A tired he, due to long journey
he slept under the tree
enjoying the warm breeze.
Before falling asleep
he could listen to the
rumblings of its
leaves which were music to his ears
which were like a lullaby.
After one year while
walking down the tarred road
he looked afar
and true to his nightmare
the tree had disappeared somewhere.
Unable to bear the shock and sorrow

he never came along thru the way in the future years…

Friday, October 24, 2014


Post midnight after
celebrating festivities on New year eve
heralding the dawn of New Year
with other participants huddled together
in the city’s well-known restaurant.
The Australian  lady was
returning to her room
at Oberoi Trident
along the sidewalks of Marine Drive
which lay under the
yellowish- greenlight of sodium vapour lamps.
She was silently singing a love song
which she happened  to
listen at the New Year party.
The sea was on a hilarious mood
with waves after waves
flurrying and returning
she felt it like
the sea was making merry
under the starry, moonlit sky
dancing and singing
with the merry-making infinite sea.
The rejoicing and delighted
lady  was caught from behind
by an unknown figure
with all his force 
and dragged her to 
a police chowky
who was clad in a khaki dress
and when she was about to cry aloud
the man roared with
an order to shut up.
The weeping lady pleaded with the man
not to torment her
and free her from his grip.
But no -
the man was not in a
mood to listen to her pleas.
He was in a hurry to undress her
and defile her
crush her like an
elephant crushing a rose flower.
After celebrating his New Year
he let her free
and commanded her to
go to any hell

she wanted to go….

Thursday, October 23, 2014


From dawn to dusk
I am very much with you.
In between I play
hide and seek with you all.
Before dusk engulfs you
it is my hobby playing
pranks on you.
Before I bid farewell to you
I promise and assure you
after twelve hours
with disappearance of the dusk
for waking you up
I would appear again
and welcome you all
and elevate you sky-high
and make you joyous and  ecstatic. 
The more I discharge my duties,
the more vigorous I become

and will be on duty 24X7…..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It was a fresh lease of life for more than two hundred girl children kidnapped and hidden somewhere in Nigeria for the last several months by the ultra-militant outfit Boko Haram. It is certain that the Nigerian govt had to bow down before the leaders of Boko Haram for freeing the children in return for a huge ransom by the govt. Otherwise such a gesture wouldn’t have extended towards the govt by the ruthless terror outfit which went on a killing spree of tens of thousands of lives with the sole aim of establishing an Islamic fiefdom in Nigeria.
It’s determination to form a govt of their own is still unchanged and hence we could very well accept the truth that they would run roughshod  across Nigeria killing innumerable Nigerians in future also. Likewise the kidnapping. The ruthless terror outfit nurtures a belief that girl children should be married off to the Nigerian men as per the principles of Islamic religion. How come they came out with such an absurd belief from the Holy book of Quran? According to them education is being denied to the girl child and women and it is only the prerogative of man. The first and foremost step is getting them married off and producing  as many children as possible. The Islamic women are even forbidden to come outside their houses and talk to other men since that too is against the Islamic principles. Similarly they should wear burqa 24 X 7.
Whether Nigeria is likely to fall into the hands of Boko Haram in the not too distant future? Let us leave the billion dollar question to time.
If in Nigeria it is the Boko Haram, in West Asia it is a far stronger Islamic State (IS) which was carved out of Iraq and Syria. Abubaker-Al-Bagdadi, the leader of Islamic State (IS) is in the saddle proclaiming himself the Caliph of the jihadist state. It has already claimed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, kurds and Syrians. With Islamic State moving ahead with massacring innumerable citizens, Iraq pleaded with United States to intervene and teach the IS a lesson with sophisticated weapons and on listening to the pleas of Iraq, US has already intervened, bombarded continuously over the harshest terrains of the so-called Islamic State(IS) and killed thousands of terrorists with an aim of flushing out the leaders of IS (Islamic State) who are safely embedded inside the safest havens. US which is on the look out for so-called Caliph Abubaker-Al-Bagdadi and his followers has not succeeded in tracing out them so far but with a vow to capture him at any cost along with British and Kurdish assistance. Still, he is at large like Mulla Omar of Afghanistan. The Islamic State (IS) jihadists have already beheaded four gentlemen, two of them freelance journalists and other two aid workers, in cold-blood which were captured in videos and displayed before the world citizens with the purpose of terrorizing them. The fight is going on and so far the elements of Islamic State have not shown any signs of defeat.
Today’s newspapers  carry a news item regarding the expulsion of the Pakistani militant outfit Tehreek-E-Taliban spokesman  Shahid-Al-Shahid for declaring his support to Islamic State with which Tehreek-E-Taliban doesn’t maintain good relationship. 

Interpretation of Quran by various militant elements are confusing to a common man like me. What about others? We will have to inquire……            

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


War between two countries
is aggravating
killing tens of thousands
of citizens and soldiers
belonging to both neighbouring nations.
Bombardments, firings,
grenade attacks, tear gas, tanks
convert the lands to
a grave-yard.
Thousands of citizens
flee the land in their quest for life
to the border areas
and beyond with their belongings
and pitch tens reminding one
of vast areas of slums
but with no escape routes
since the enemies bombard
and trigger guns claiming
the lives of many
young, middle-aged
and old intermittently.
Still  they crave for
their lives expecting
ceasefire is about to
be declared  with
another persons or countries playing middle men.
Life, my friend in the midst
of towering inferno is precious to many

the world over…..

Monday, October 20, 2014


Janu wakes up early
in the morning
and completes her routine chores.
After awaking her
eldest daughter
who is walking along the bridge of teenage
she hurried to the
two neighbouring 
houses in the junction
before the sun appears
in the east.
She does have
a lot of works in each
of the houses owned by
two rich gentlemen.
She cleanses the house premises
first with a broom.
Then she enters the house
and takes another broom
and wipes out all rubbish things
in response to the instructions of the owner’s wife
except the bedroom
where her husband is fast asleep
along with their children.
Then cleanses the
utensils and fills the
vessels with pure drinking water.
The lady hands over a
hot black coffee in a
glass to Janu
which she sips slowly.
By this time the Sun
welcomes her
and Janu after
taking permission from
the lady goes to
the neighbouring house
and indulges in repeating
the household chores
from there too.
She gets a glassful of black coffee
together with some eatables.
On completion of her duties
she walks to her small house
covering a paddy field
and a narrow path filled
with craters and stores
reaches her small house.
Her husband wakes up
in the wee hours of the morning
and fearing him
she never inquires him where
he was heading to.
Late in the night
he blurts out
choicest expletives to no one
otherwise to himself
and arrives at the
house in an inebriated condition.
All hell breaks loose
with him repeating
his abuses not only
towards Janu and their three children
and all one by one
is forced to suffer his blows
and kicks until
the whole house and
surroundings reverberate
with their cries.
One day he didn’t come back
none knew where he went
and after one week
on enquiry it was learnt
that he fled away 
with a lady leaving
her husband and three children
Janu breathed easy 
children breathed easy
their fear  melt like ice
and continued to have good times.
The next day
Janu went to the temple
took a bath in the temple pond
and bowed before the
God thanking him for
the blessings showered
over her and her children….
And they lived happily thereafter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Waiting for his footsteps
she lay with eagerness
and enthusiasm on the bed.
With the clock striking 9PM sharp
and listening to his footsteps
she gets up, hurries to the door and
unlocks it and open the door.
With lascivious smiles
both lock in an embrace and exchanges umpteen kisses
and she rushes to switch off the light.
After a long merry making
and after both
deriving gratification
he bids farewell to her
and promises her he would
come at sharp 9PM
and always keeps his
promises and assurances to her.
After closing the
door and locks it from inside
she goes to her bed
and slumps into the bed. 
She always keeps
it a secret just like him
and both  ensure
that they would never
reveal the secret to anyone.
Thinking of him she
lapses into slumber  
till her husband

reaches late into the night.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


With her delivering
a girl child
her husband
who was a confirmed drunkard
got angry not only towards his wife
but towards the entire world.
The emaciated, anaemic woman
was overwhelmed with great joy
for being  evolving to be
a mother of her pretty baby.
But her husband’s anger
was directed not only
towards the woman but
to the new born baby too.
‘If that be the cause
you are also responsible for
the birth of the baby’.
The man who was drunk
beyond limits 
showered thunders over her 
until she fell unconscious.
In the meanwhile
the new born  gift
was crying loudly
to draw the attention of her mother
or somebody beside her.
After three to four months 
the man impregnated the lady once again
without taking account
of her ill-health due to
malnourishment and hard work elsewhere
and because of her fear
and hatred of the
man she took away
the child with her
and entrusted the job of looking after the baby
in the huts of her close relatives.
After a long wait
with anxiety and anguish engulfing her
she delivered the second baby
who too was a girl child.
By the time the man
reached the hut
she took away both
her babies and vanished in the darkness...


Friday, October 17, 2014


I shouldn’t have befriended you.
Even otherwise, we were familiar.
Remaining familiar
was/is sufficient and more.
In these days
in this mobile world
one is always on the run
looking for better career prospects
hence nobody remains
rooted at the same place.
Jobs vary, institutions vary
hence we keep on running
seeking better prospects
from place to place. 
One day bidding  goodbye 
leaving you alone with a heavy heart
I boarded a train to a faraway place
on getting a new career,
a better career in a
renowned institution which
offered attractive emoluments, a higher post,
better comforts and with no pre-conditions. 
One day
you would also move to
another place, another institution 
a reputed one, of course.
In our life, either you
or I could meet you once again, God willing.
Mobility is the hallmark
the world over and
unlike those old days
when our predecessors
prayed to God for not
transferring them
to another place
where they were
previously working.
Now that old days 
have departed
with the flow of time.
More and more institutions
have spread,
infrastructure developed
and invited more and more job seekers
and they are willing
to take up more and 
more  assignments which
attract better remuneration
accommodation and other facilities.
Money is power

friendship for namesake…….

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yellow is longing and
expectation – thus she believes.
Yellow does have the magnetism
which could attract 
him like iron- thus she believes.
Whenever she does have
a premonition that  
he would come beside her
in the late hours of night – thus she believes.
Sometimes her anticipation
of his arrival turns right
but not always.
She has a variety of
night gowns – yellow, red
green, blue, brown, black etc.
Sometimes, contrary to her expectations
he would appear before
her in the deep and thick
hours of night
even if she wears a
black, red, green, blue
or brown gown which
would drive her mad with inexplicable happiness. 
Still she sticks on to
her belief in yellow colour
without any basis.
It drives one to think that
her belief in yellow
is meaningless and absurd.
All colours
all different colours do have
different meanings
thus believes each human being.
It could be sometimes right
sometimes wrong.
Yet neither is disappointed 
nor disillusioned.
Right and wrong are

two sides of the same coin. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


One day a mannequin
walked away which
was placed infront of a shop.
To the surprise and fun
of the onlookers
it was walking down the path
speedily and the owner on watching it 
ordered one of his employees
to nab him from behind
and give him a few slaps
and command him to
return to where
he came back.
The mannequin responded
by dealing hard blows on the employees back
and on his face till he bled  
which were unbearable
to the employee
and he ran away for life.
Those  who watched the employee
running to the shop
weeping with excruciating pain
the mannequin continued to
walk ahead.
Following in the first
mannequin’s foot-steps
mannequins one after another
walked along the side-walks
and on inquiring tactically why
were they leaving 
from the shop sides.
They did cool down
and listed a number of complaints.
That they were standing
in front of the shop
from morning to evening 
suffering the blazing Sun 
that they were not
provided with at least
one or two glasses
of pure drinking water
that they were not
served at least a square meal each day 
that with the approach of monsoon
they were forced to
stand under the torrential rains shivering
and they were not paid monthly salary due to them
having said all
these each mannequin one
after another sped
ahead in protest
since their
patience had reached its nadir…
In these days of global
labour unrest
even the mannequins strike
work in protest against

their employers…    

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Under the moonlit, starry azure nights
she would appear on
the terrace of her house
clad in a glimmering white gown.
With her hands
folded across the chest
and long flowing hairs
she resembled an angel
who cast shining smiles
at me which elevated
me skyhigh.
While I was residing
hundred meters away
in my home
standing at the gate
I could see her
appear in her white gown
which could attract
a person standing far away.
I knew she was
throwing her eyes at me.
In order to be happy
delighted and ecstatic
I shifted to a
house close to her house which was
a rented building.
From that day onwards
we could see each other
we could smile at each other
which lifted our spirits to skyhigh.
With the approach of night
her house glowed like a palace
a marble palace in white
with the lights and surroundings switched on.
Those days were spring season of our life.
Her parents were there
and siblings were there
all in a congenial ambience.
One day like a thunder
piercing my ears
the owner of my rented house
paid a visit to me
and informed me about his decision
to sell his house
and served me a
one month notice.
That day I couldn’t sleep
sleepless I remained all
through the night
but I had to vacate 
the house at the earliest.
On informing her about
my evacuation
she too faded like a rose flower
and didn’t appear  on the terrace
from that day onwards.
Since I had to avail
of a rented house in
a far away town
I was in a hurry to
vacate the house
and shifted to a flat.
After about one month
with the hope and expectation of having a
glimpse of her
I was aghast to see
her palace like house
demolished by somebody
and on enquiry
came to learn about  a
new owner who bought the house
who demolished the house and leveled it
the reasons for which were
best known to him
whither she went?
whither her parents went?
whither her siblings went?

None had any idea whatsoever.  

Monday, October 13, 2014


When the thorns of depression
wounds the soft petals
of a man’s mind
blood oozes out of his/her mind 
either he/she approaches
a clinical psychologist
or a psychiatrist or both.
Some are after a certain period
totally cured
some cases remain 
controlled  but not
cured completely
and some cases remain
uncontrolled for ever and
he/she becomes a burden
to his/her family members. 
He/she is thrown out
of his/her home
or are dumped in a
mental asylum like a criminal
is imprisoned in a jail and
he/she is condemned 

to be there through out his/her life.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014


When you are with me
I often feel
you are far away from me.
When you are far away from me
I often feel
you are by my side.
Distance to me
is either an illusion
or kind of disharmony.
It depends.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


After reducing the
villain to a heap of pulp
the hero walked
along the path non-chalantly.
After about half an hour
a few steps away from his home
the hero sensed
somebody following him.
The villain tall, burly and muscular
along with his gang were following him
with lethal weapons in their hands
were approaching the
hero with fire of rage in their eyes
to wreak vengeance on him.
Hero unlike the villain
though skeletal was energetic
strong and courageous
was surrounded by the
villain and his gang
brandishing their weapons 
rushing towards him
and finish him off if possible.
The hero keeping his
cool came face to face with
gangsters and the villain
and within minutes settled scores with them
without any weapons
in his possession but
courage personified.
You might be wondering
how a man skeletal, tall and dare-devil
faced the sturdy, muscular
villain and his gangsters,
kicked and traded blows single-handedly
and forced them flee from the scene.
hero is always hero
and villain always a villain
the latter is
bound to bear the
kicks and blows of the former.
What you and I were
watching were the scenes

enacted in reel life not real life. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


From the very moment
living-beings are born
and race ahead down
the road of time
it is written somewhere
by somebody
the periodicity of their
existence on the surface of earth.
How far each living-being should race ahead?
Different distances are allotted to each
and is strictly followed?
While some living beings
even before moving ahead
bids goodbye to the world.
Some move ahead
only a few steps and bid farewell to all
while some cross the half-way mark
and luckily or unluckily
a few jump ahead
since they are allotted more time
on the face of the earth  
who is the ULTIMATE authority?

Could we name God, Time, Destiny or Fate?

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Like a couple
after celebrating their initial years of married life
immersed in glory, beauty and pageantry
slowly get bored with one another
and each keeps aloof from one another
like sort of an inclement weather enveloping  them
you people after suffering
unbearably hot summer days
often start praying for my arrival
to escape from the blistering heat
dreaming for the skies to get cloudy
with darkness like a torn blanket pervading the land
expect me to open up the doors of skies
for the torrential rains for days together
like the couple after enjoying
the initial years of life sticking together
getting bored with one another
I too become a burden and bane to you
and incessantly pray to God
to exile me from your land
often forgetting the undeniable fact that
you will have to
pray to me again, again, again and again

to return once again…. 

Friday, October 3, 2014


Deep down in my heart
I have a collection of secrets
which I won’t ever
divulge before anyone
and I like a journalist 
reporting breaking news 
which he/she extracts from a person
on condition of anonymity
he/she keeps it to himself/herself.
Unlike several persons
most of them celebrities,
politicians, film stars
and a few common men or women
claiming that their lives
are open books
and they don’t have
anything to hide before anybody
while there are umpteen skeletons
tumbling out of their closets.
My hitherto life is not
an open book
and I am not willing to
open it for somebody’s reference.
I do have or
did have any love affairs
unlike persons aplenty
boast about their
love relationships…. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


On the look-out for the fellow
who tempted and succeeded
in his efforts 
by providing me
with the invaluable
material comforts of life
in exchange for my soul
I have travelled a long
way to identify him
and continue to go on
with my ceaseless efforts of
finding him till I succeed in my search.
my life was blessed
with the pomp and pageantry overnight
which up till then
was in dire straits due to
hunger, poverty, lack of a roof
over my family and all the
basic necessities of life.
From the very day
he bought my soul
a moral prick thrust on me
and I was cocksure that
I was an incomplete man
in the place
of a complete man before the fellow
took away from me.
I am in constant 
search of my soul
and the man who
tempted me with the
priceless material comforts
of life in exchange for my soul
my friend, philosopher and guide.
This is my pledge to find out the
fellow one day and
will regain my soul at any cost 

until my search is accomplished.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


A man or woman
is basically alone.
Be he/she is in the midst
of a crowd
or in a crowded train
either long distant or
a suburban train
or with his/her friends
or with his/her family
husband, wife or children
or listening to melodious songs
or rock in rapt attention
or enjoying a scintillating dance
by pretty danseuses
or playing cards or
for that matter any game
or ringing up and talking
to his/her lover
friends afar, cracking
jokes with them or playing
pranks on them
or writing or reading even
when the city is roaring outside
and wherever he/she is
either sitting or lying
alone in his/her room 
or meditating inside a cave
at the foot of Himalayas
like a hermit since decades
man or woman is basically alone…
and from persisting
loneliness no escape
for him/her….

until his/her last breath…