Monday, August 31, 2015



Road to freedom is
narrow, crater-filled,
broken and shattered.
Road to freedom is
a long-winding path
and each one should have
to march  ahead bare-footed.
Road to freedom, like life
has its ups and downs
and the long march makes
all tired, exhausted and
bruised with blood oozing out.
Road to freedom always
demands will, determination and courage
to face all odds including
seemingly insurmountable obstructions.
Obstructions are the rival soldiers
out to force the freedom fighters
put a halt to their onward march.
the ultimate victory is
that of freedom fighters
since they are determined to enter
Road to Freedom………..            



She came late in the night-alone.
Janet auntie was drowned in deep sleep. Repeated knocks on the door startled her and awoke her.
She switched on the light in the room and the one outside. The fan was revolving with break-neck speed. Frowning, she walked towards the door to unlock it.
‘Who is it knocking the door in the thick of the night?’ – she was asking herself.
‘Tell me who is outside?’
And she never forgot to throw her eyes through  the peeping-hole.
‘It’s me auntie, Smitha’.
Janet auntie had already seen her while eyeing through the peeping-hole.
Smitha was clad in tight blue jeans and glimmering yellow T-shirt. Smitha was carrying a back-pack. Smitha was in a pair of polished black shoes. She was wearing neither ear-rings nor any ornaments around her neck.
Janet auntie was actually flabbergasted. She hurriedly opened the door and with her frowning glance let Smitha in.
‘What the hell have you done? Coming alone from afar. How dare you?’
‘Sorry Auntie……I was not alone. My friend Annie was with me till the last stop and she went to her uncle’s flat at East Fort….’ – Janet auntie’s eyes travelled from top to bottom and smelt something fishy.
‘And you came by?’
‘Train. After getting down at the station, I caught a pre-paid taxi. And here I am now.’ – Smitha gave Janet Auntie a sweet but sly smile. Her lips were red and somewhat swollen.
‘When you started from home?’
Auntie was about to grill her and Smitha could hear her heart beating fast. Her heart-beats were like drum-beats.
‘You could have informed me?’ – Janet Auntie’s voice was sad and complaining.
‘Actually I wanted to play pranks on you. To have a pleasant surprise for you……….’- Smitha thru’ her a mischievous smile. Janet Auntie sensed Smitha was hiding something from her – a secret which Smitha was not willing to divulge.
‘Had your supper?’
‘Yeah Auntie. From the train.’ – Smitha responded in a low tone.
‘No I don’t believe you. Come.’ Change your clothes, wear the nightie and have something’ – Janet auntie compelled her.
Smitha was actually not hungry. She did have a sumptuous feast with Ashwin from the lodge cum hotel. And  Ashwin is very much in the city. He did accompany Smitha upto the front of Janet Auntie’s villa and after dropping her there he returned to the same lodge.
Auntie’s compulsion drove her to have something but with reluctance.
‘You must be too tired. It is 1pm now. Go to sleep. Auntie pointed towards the adjacent room. She helped Smitha unroll a new bed sheet and also provided her with a blanket.
Janet Auntie switched off the light in the room. Smitha too switched off the light in her room.
Janet Auntie lay awake, she couldn’t sleep. How could she sleep? She was thinking about Smitha.
‘Smitha is hiding something from me, no doubt. She is a not a type who can travel all the way from home to this city alone? From her childhood days she never dared to travel alone. Even to the church which was not far away from home. Even while in her school and college days the story was the same. And now she claims she has travelled all the way from her far away home with her friend ‘one’ Annie. Actually who gave her company up to the station, rather up to the front of her villa? Somebody must be there.
No doubt. Let me enquire Joyce without Smitha knowing about it.
Meanwhile Smitha too couldn’t sleep a bit. She was sleeping with Ashwin after making love twice or thrice today. What she was thinking about was about him, Ashwin, the ‘bull’ in the true sense of that term.
‘Whole body is aching. Still feeling tired. His sharp nails pierced her skin here and there drawing pictures of blood and her sensitive body parts bruised, felt a burning sensation. And lips too remain sore and swollen.  Whether Auntie might have noticed it? I fear she is suspicious. Then no doubt all hell would break loose. Ashwin you are responsible for all this. If something untoward happens, you prank? I have dedicated myself to you at the altar of love.’
After convincing herself that Smitha has fallen asleep, in the wee hours of the morning Janet Auntie after slowly opening the door and stepped out, dialed to Joyce keeping her ear glued to the cell phone…..with her hand shivering and heart pounding…………..

Sunday, August 30, 2015



Grow up and up, my dear
coconut plant.
Grow taller and taller,
my dear coconut plant.
Bear coconuts aplenty 
in the years to come
thereby impart a meaning
to this meaningless, absurd and nauseating life.
Don’t  be like a barren lady
or a simmering desert
under a burning sun.

Saturday, August 29, 2015



Haven’t you noticed
birds smoothly fly ahead in the sky
keeping order in the early morning
before dawn from their nests?
Haven’t you watched them
flying back to their nests keeping order
just before sunset
like flypast of aircrafts
on Republic days and such other occasions…..
How come men, women and children’s
thoughts always go topsy-turvy  
in the inner skies of their mind
howsoever hard they try
in the humdrum of daily existence?
We will have to learn to
keep a pattern of the movements  of

our thoughts as also our daily chores…..

Friday, August 28, 2015



Our land ought to be
in festive mood on this Onam day celebrations.
we are in a restive mood.
The sparks of dreams, sorry, our
dreams have died down
since our pockets remain empty
thanks to  the callous indifference
of the powers  that be glued to their chairs
in the air-conditioned cabins.
After slogging it out throughout the day
shedding sweat and tears profusely
our employers throw at us peanuts as our remuneration.
With peanuts in our hands,
if and when we approach the vendors
of grocery and the shops
the owners cock-a-snook at us
leaving us high and dry.
While the haves make it a memorable event
we the have-nots remain restless
with our empty stomachs
on the occasion of our harvest festival……

Thursday, August 27, 2015



Like a turbulent sea
suddenly turning calm
Like a fast running
train blaring horns 
all of a sudden and
held upon the tracks
causing the precarious bogies about
to run off the tracks.
Like a bird flying in
the sky flapping wings
effortlessly all of a
sudden gets stuck in the sky.
Like burning tubes
getting fused
within split seconds after installing
on the walls 
each man’s/woman’s
breaths coming
to an abrupt  stop
life on earth is
always ephemeral
like an unknown force

blowing out a flame mercilessly, untimely….

Saturday, August 22, 2015



Fed up, tired and exhausted
on listening to
the oft-repeated chantings of global warming
turning the Earth into
an unlivable, accursed, unaccustomed
planet in the not too distant future.
Fed up, tired and exhausted
on hearing the talks
and breast-beatings of
green house gas emissions
tearing apart the ozone layer  on a
day to day basis.
Fed up, tired and exhausted on listening
to the ear-splitting disputes, discussions, debates
 and deliberations going on among the so-called
intellectuals and political leaders of various
nations that too on a regular
basis since everything
evolving into much sound and fury signifying nothing.
Fed up, tired and exhausted on
throwing mud against one nation to the other
squarely putting blame on each other
as to the real culprits involved
in sky-rocketing levels of
green house gas emissions
portending the death knell of Earth.
Between Kyoto Summit, Japan 1997
and Paris 2015 is a long distance
but nothing substantial
or fruitful has emerged so far
prompting the Earth to

take a plunge from the Suicide Point…..

Thursday, August 20, 2015



On the eve of the protest day
the leaders addressed their followers
and exhorted them to vent their anger
and frustration towards the authorities
and demand the reddressal
of their long standing
just causes at the earliest
otherwise face the consequences
in the ensuing days.
The loyal followers who got ‘inebriated’
by the fire-spitting speeches of
their fire-brand leaders
took a vow then and there
raised the slogans to the very top of their voices
throwing fists into the air
and shouted slogans against
those in the corridors of power.
Very next day they gathered
under one umbrella
and as a prelude to the strike
demanded the authorities
to find immediate solution
to their genuine demands.
They marched ahead braving
lathis, grenades, water-canons,
tear gas shells defying probibitory  orders
unafraid of lathi-charges,
tear gas shells, water canons and grenades
freely, lavishly employed by the law-enforcers
resulting in injuries, serious injuries to many
like broken heads and limbs bleeding profusely
lay scattered, shattered on the roads with
with others rushing in to take the injured
to the hospital followed by leaders
who appeared from nowhere
and crossed ‘swords’ with the law-enforcers
in invited anger and righteous indignation
and warned the latter of dire consequences
in the coming days and veiled threats to those entrenched
reclining comfortably in their cushioned seats
in the air-conditioned cabins.
Grievances and demands
but remained unresolved and unresolved
they remain…..  

Tuesday, August 18, 2015



She was in a desperate hurry
to unbundle her pack of woes
to an invincible power
with magical solutions
as a first step in the
right direction
she visited several temples
where Gods and Godesses
were worshipped and along 
with the large numbers of pilgrims
offered oblations to them
and prayed fervently for the
dawn of a new spring in her life.
But she never hated
the man with whom she had
inexplicable emotional attachment and affinity
dreamt of sharing her delightful life with him.
Though she frequented temples after temples
offered prayers after prayers
oblations after oblations
her fervent pleas to Gods and Goddesses went unheeded.
It was her close friend
who told her about a
God-man who performed miracles
in the lives of countless numbers of 
men, women, children, ladies and youths
who as a last resort flocked to have a darshan
of Him to bless them with  magical powers
to ward off all evils, incurable maladies,
recapture failed love-affairs
and blessings to bear pretty blooms of
love and care in everybody’s life.
Keeping her hopes aflame she went to his ashram
several times where tens of hundreds
gathered to have a darshan of Him
seeking his invaluable blessings for a better morrow.
At last after an array of visits
she too had the fortune to have a darshan
of the handsome, young Godman
with long black hair,
and flowing black beard with a halo around his head.
His bewitching smile
and sharp, penetrating
looks lifted her to an unknown world
and in front of him
she sat cross-legged.
She poured out her list of grievances needling her
which he listened looking into her eyes. 
After listening to all her woes,
He led her inside
and made her sit on a bed,
and someone from inside
brought a glass full of
juice, offered her and vanished.
‘This is elixir of miracles.
Have it’  -  He told her.
Like an obedient child
she drank the sweet ‘elixir’
and within seconds she
lost her last drop of consciousness.
After a deep sleep
she regained her consciousness
and felt her body seriously
aching and burning sensation
in her private parts.
The needling pain she
experienced in various parts of her body
was difficult to explain……
The story of a rape
unfolded before her
and with shock and fright in her eyes
she wanted to cry aloud,
but no……she couldn’t………….

Monday, August 17, 2015



Until the afternoon
Sun was in his ‘true colours’
spreading warm light across the land.
In came the evening slowly, gradually
and along with it to my
embarrassment and sadness
dark clouds started weaving
a blanket in the sky
hiding the sun from my eyes.
Darkness spread across the land
and the evening looked like
the approach of night
untimely approach of night.
Along with it frequent
golden lines of  lightning appeared in
the sky followed by thundershowers
reminding me of ear-splitting explosions
in the battle-fields.
My dream of evening walk
along the terrace
got dimmer and dimmer
and closing the doors
I started walking to and fro
in the hall of my residence
with gloom in my eyes.
Thru the windows I could
see the golden lines of
lightning appearing
and disappearing in split-seconds
and the unrelenting thunder showers
often forcing me  to shut my ears with my palms
to escape from the
spell-binding explosions
piercing my tympanic membranes.
What all I missed
were the  beautiful
landscapes around me near and afar
as also the flats, the pedestrians
and vehicles flowing down the road.
Awaiting to enjoy the
verdant landscapes,
pedestrians and vehicles near and afar next day
went down to my private room, my private world. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015



Great expectations are okay
but never expect the plants of all expectations would
fructify and bless us with sweet fruits.
There’s no use in
behaving like petulant children crying aloud.
Great expectations are good signals
but don’t expect such expectations would
display positive signals.
Exceptions are/were always  the kingmakers
be it on yesterday, today and tomorrow
since exceptions always reign supreme
it is the law of the nature.
 Ever heard about exceptions
going  awry plunging you into the very depth
of frustration, pain and despair?
Expectations are always expectations
and exceptions always exceptions.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015



One of the perennial problems Mumbai, the financial capital of our nation faces is the nearly dilapidated, multi-storied buildings which are about to collapse like a pack of cards at any time especially with the onset of monsoon accompanied by storms. These buildings date back to more than one or two centuries.
A number of Mumbai citizens who have no way out occupy these buildings are aware of the dangers lurking behind, seek refuge in these buildings.
Each year nearly ten such multi-storied buildings fall down killing numerous innocent citizens who consist besides Maharashtrians, migrants from different parts of the country seeking jobs to earn a living. Besides those who lose lives, countless are maimed for life who pull on their lives begging others who throw peanuts to their stretched hands. Life as far as the occupants of these buildings across the suburbs are like living in hell. Those who commute by trains, buses, taxis and other vehicles can very well watch these buildings and those poor people living in them and can ponder over their plight and heave deep sighs.
Naturally an average citizen’s ire is pointed towards the governments led by various parties and its allies. The authorities  don’t have  an iota of regret or remorse left for the people who spend their lives in such buildings resigned to their fate. One might be forced to call it destiny and nothing else. Most politicians in Maharashtra are concerned with the pleasing the corporate lobby and are at the latters’ feet always in addition to pocket money amounting to crores through corrupt practices by hook or crook.
They always derive sadistic pleasure or develop indifference on watching the sufferings or hardships of the have-nots.
When a nearly dilapidated building collapses and a number of occupants die the authorities in their typical style express shock and shed crocodile tears and assure compensation to the kith and kin of those who lose their lives and the those who are maimed or injured but rarely such assurances never materialize. After all of what use in case they keep their assurances after valuable lives are lost or a number of occupants are disabled for life.
The cardinal step should have been initiating measures to prevent such tragedies well in advance and for that if need be demolish such buildings after rehabilitating the occupants to safer places for which the government  should bear the entire expenditure whatsoever  huge it might be. And they should not forget to bring to justice the owners of such buildings who were bound to initiate the preventive measures. There are many so-called present day owners who are building multi-storied buildings without required licences encroaching govt’s lands bribing the officials. These buildings are built in such haphazard ways that such buildings would crash down any time, any moment. These are the stories of present day structures, not the centuries old buildings about to crumble down most of them when the climate is adverse.
Mumbaites, I mean here the poor and lower middle class people are always living on the edge……As I have already mentioned it is nothing but destiny………   

Friday, August 14, 2015



Down the flotsam and jetsam of the city 
on a fiery sunny day
wandering along the
streets of the cosmopolitan city  
I was praying earnestly
for a secluded, serene, calm and tranquil corner
of the city which is ‘far from the madding crowd’
where silence, peace, coolness reigned supreme
in order to release the red hot lava
flowing down the volcano of my fretting and fuming mind
since more than an hour.
To my surprise and embarrassment
some unseen force led me to this Hall of Silence
to the music of silence.
In the pin drop silence
where almost hundred
people had assembled and meditated 
I too joined them and took my seat in one 
of the concrete chairs and started meditating.
How long I sat there, no idea 
But I experienced the comfort of peace,
tranquility and serenity.
From that day onwards
I ensured that I should be there
whenever I get an
opportunity to be there seeking an outlet

from the rough and tumble of the city………  

Thursday, August 13, 2015



‘Please don’t peep
into my private world
where I share  secret moments 
with my better-half.
And for that matter
please don’t throw your glances
through the peep-hole
into anybody’s privacy.
Privacy to me and you,
all and sundry
is something precious like
an exorbitant, exquisite jewel or something
priceless or invaluable.
Hence think about your
attitude towards an intruder
if and when he/she
espies your private moments with somebody 
or your secret talks being conveyed
thru’ your cell phone or land phone.
Will you digest such
ugly acts , such distressing or disgusting acts?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



Whenever we think
about moon and stars,
brightness spreads in
the unseen  recesses of our minds.
Whenever we think about nights 
naturally a black ribbon
blindfolds us forcing us to grope
in the darkness.
Whenever we mull day time
the sun rises  in the eastern horizon  of our mind.
Whenever the thought of
colours emerges before us
a garden full of
variety of beautiful blooms and their
fragrances caress and
embrace us thereby intoxicating
each and everyone.
Whenever we think about water
flowing streams, rivers, calm or violent seas
or oceans , ponds or lakes
appear  before our eyes.
The puzzle of infinity tightly holds our breaths.
And whenever the
philosophical question of identity crisis
stares at us in this city of mammoth crowds
ear-splitting noises
march before our eyes and pushes into
a world of existential dilemma and agony……        



Recip Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister is a determined man today. Though the Islamic country was keeping a low profile until three weeks back in spite of US pleas to Turkey, it was keeping low profile. The sudden urge to pound both Islamic State, the hard core militant outfit and Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) was prompted by the killing of 30   Turkish citizens by the Islamic State (IS) militants. An enraged Turkish forces are pounding both the IS and PKK, the latter according to Turkey too are terrorists despite the frequent appeals by US to desist from attacking the followers of PKK is not in a mood to stop attacking them. Besides targeting IS militants and PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) Turkey has allowed US two bases in its soil to launch offensive against the terrorists.  From the day one since it started aiming IS and PKK, Turkey continues its war since it began striking the terrorists with the sole purpose of crushing the militants once and for all.
But the IS without ‘beating a retreat’ has sharpened  and expanded its operations with much more vigour and strength in spite of  suffering heavy losses of its loyalists who too were determined to take on the enemy countries inflicting widespread losses of life of innocent citizens. In other words resistance is feeding them with strength and more power.
NATO Secretary General and former Swedish Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has called for a meeting of 28 NATO nations of which Turkey is also a member to chalk out future course of action which means Islamic State is poised to come under heavy bombardments in the coming days.
Accodring to IS expert Jessica Stern, mere bombardments are not sufficient to tackle IS forces. A number of educated youth from various nations, many of them holding high profile jobs are quitting their posts and flowing to join IS getting enarmoured by the ‘ideals’ of Islamic State thru social networking sites to fight against the enemies of the IS even by sacrificing their lives. They are provided with funds, free food and free accommodation. In order not to be taken aback by the loss of lives of many IS fighters women too volunteer to join IS and to compensate the decreasing number of fighters these women share beds with a lot of fighters and reproduce more and more children all for the cause of Islamic State.
According to the expert on IS mere aerial bombing won’t be sufficient and in addition to it more and more army men are to be deployed to fight against the IS militants.
In the meantime this terrorist hydra is spreading its tentacles across the world and more and more countries come under its attacks there by exerting their influence. Islamic State has set a deadline of 2020  by which all world should have to come under its rule and they are determined to achieve that goal.

Going by the way, we the observes of their deadly attacks in various countries whether it is possible to achieve their aim is a billion dollar question. If that be the case those who are bound to share the blame are (world’s) powerful nations. It is high time something drastic needed to be done t wipe out this menace from the face of earth on a war footing. It should be remembered that at present a number of militant outfits are ruling the roost across the world and in the not too distant future all these outfits are poised to come under the Islamic Sate militants. The result will be apocalypse and nothing else. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Winds of change always
make us wonder, anxious,
embarrass, eager and excite.
By throwing out
a government thru ballot
another party takes up the mantle
naturally it forces us to think
whether it is for good or worse.
Political leaders are chameleons
if not all, most of them are
adept in changing colours
depending upon the situation.
Hence it is better
never go by their
oratorial skills, sky-high promises and platitudes.
Unfortunately common man
reposing trust in their skills
often falls in their trap and gets betrayed.
When they sing in unison
‘happy days are here again’
take it by a table spoon full of salt
since we the people
are often taken for granted.
After getting caught in their trap
there’s no point in
shedding tears over our fate
but the sad truth is
nothing  but our penchant
to go by their words…..
Hence, we the people

 often call ourselves asses…..   

Sunday, August 9, 2015



Kamla in the sunset of her life
sits on the river bank
looking sadly at the river
which is fast drying up
due to the searing summer sun
since a few months.
Kamla whose two daughters
are seen talking to each other
just in front of their home
sometimes smiling, sometimes laughing
aloud, sometimes pondering over something  seriously
who have come on vacation from abroad
with their husbands and children to celebrate the fast approaching
approaching festival with their mother,
father already bid farewell to heaven.
Kamla, taking bath in
the twilight memorizing
her yesteryears as a child
teenager and grown up lady
when the river was pregnant
with dark green water flowing quietly
quietly, yes, but it is deceptive calm on the surface.
While the surface remained calm,
she was aware of strong and speedy under currents.
Kamla still reminisces her early days
When she learned swimming
and occasionally swam across the river
and reached the other bank
of the wide river competing with
her friends and enjoyed it.
Then the two riverbanks
were ‘embellished’ with thick mangrove forests
leaning over the river.
She still recollects those
days when fishermen
rowing their boats who
frequently produced peculiar loud voices in the mornings
for the people living
on both sides of the river to attract them
and purchase fresh fish.
Kamla, clad in her jacket
and blouse would rush to
the riverside just in front of her home
and beckoned the fishermen to come to her
rowing the boat with the fish inside it.
Those were happy, memorable
days in her life which
she never forgets till she breathes her last.
The mangrove forests are
gone, the once flowing river to the brim is fast drying up
forcing Kamla to heave repeated sighs.
Even with the onset of monsoon
that old river won’t turn up once more
she knows deep inside her heart
which pushes her into the deep pit of sadness.
Kamla, once a burly, tall and cute lady
has cleared the path for snow-white hair
and skinny body with wrinkles remaining prominent.
With the twilight vanishing
and darkness like a pall of gloom descending down
Kamla sits oblivious of
all movements going
on around her until her daughters
reaching her, awakening her
and pleading with her
to go back to the home………..

Saturday, August 8, 2015



They marched ahead unarmed
to the fortress of their master in revolt
demanding freedom from the invisible shackles
since a prolonged period and
when they  touched the nadir of their patience
the master on hearing
the news of his subjects
rising in revolt against him
in a fit of rage and fury
ordered his guards to
crush the rebellion
and they turned dogs wagging
tails and sugarcane plantations
like an elephant making a mess of everything
by ripping apart the latter.
The guards took the plunge and marched ahead
with lethal weapons
crushed the revolt
cold-bloodedly killing most
of the victims who raised
the banner of revolt
against their master.
The guards displaying ‘V’signs
celebrated and returned to the fortress of
their beloved master hilariously,
informed him of the victory of
so-called ‘enemies’.
The master with his bloodshot eyes
burst out laughing
like the roar of a lion,
congratulated his loyalists
and presented them with
precious jewels and treated
them with a sumptuous feast.
The subjects across the
land gathered under one
umbrella debated, discussed, deliberated
and took stock of the situation
and squarely blamed themselves
for raising the banner of
revolt unarmed and were
ashamed of the futility of their action.
Decided they to arm
themselves to face the loyal thugs of the master
chalked out the future course of action.
The decision resulted in
bloodshed and blood spill
over the streets of
both the thugs and the masses.
Not taken aback
from a position of
strength and confidence
they fought to the hilt
and ultimately chased away the thugs
who like dogs tucking tails
between each one’s
legs fled for life.
The master turned, panicky
and he was butchered by
the fighting brave ones
and took over the

reins of the land……

Thursday, August 6, 2015



Never ever in my
life I can say I hate you
since the spring of love towards you
ever won’t get dried up.
Never ever in my life
I can say I don’t like to see you
since in the mirror of my mind
I always see your innocence in your eyes
and dream for your charming presence by my side.
Never ever in my life
I can say I don’t like to listen to
your mellifluous  music
since it is so melodious
like that of a nightingale.
Never ever in my life
I can say I detest your dance,
since your dance is enchanting and enthralling and delighting
lifting me up to an ethereal world.
Never ever in my life
I can say I dislike your beauty
since you are the prettiest lass
I have ever seen in my life.
True, we are miles apart even while

I feel like we are so near………………………….

Tuesday, August 4, 2015



His youthful days in the city
have robbed him off the names
of flowers, plants, various
species of birds,
insects and animals
barring a few.
The names of the ones he was familiar
with during his childhood
days and teens
unfortunately are forgotten.
The surging crowds,
the speeding vehicles,
the trains blaring their
horns like tigers roaring and long hours
lost due to journeys
and round the
clock duties in which he immersed himself
to be precise, the mechanical life
spent in the mechanized ambience of
the cosmopolitan city
all took away from
him the  attractive
colours and fragrance of  various flowers,
the serene, calm and beauty of
the sylvan  surroundings
the pure air
the flowing streams which
gurgling  like girls wearing
anklets while walking
the early morning melodious music 
of nightingales,
the chirping of birds and the music of crickets
have got lost in hustle and bustle of the 
city life.
Now he in his
village sits alone
sadly and with aching heart
those invaluable gems of the days
he lost colouring his
days in the city……..
‘I have to learn from the beginning now,
sadly many invaluable things
have already vanished with the offensive of industrialization………’
-he told himself.


Monday, August 3, 2015



Looking from afar
I see dark columns of smoke billowing out of a factory
spilling over to a vast areas of sky
in the midst of dark green woods.
It seems the factory has in no way
caused ecological damage.
Perhaps I may be wrong
since, around the factory 
sprawling areas could be lying flat
denuding a number of trees.
See, I am looking from a distant hill
a very distant hill, standing over a giant rock.
Sustainable development
is the need of the hour
many argue in an age
when development has
evolved into a byword.
Unfortunately through
gradual deforestation
earlier slowly and later speedily
forests disappear in split seconds causing
environmental disaster
upsetting the climate cycle.
From a slow start the process gathers momentum
and it reaches a shocking level with no break in sight.
Instead the drivers of the modern engines of
so-called growth
apply pressure on the accelerators
resulting in crashes
……causing damage to themselves…..

Saturday, August 1, 2015



Leaning over the balcony
enjoying the golden sun
and warm breeze which filtered through the lush greenery
in the evening yesterday,
I spotted two red blooms kissing each other 
shyly and stealthily
like two lovers in the
nearby forest, yes forest.
Watching their romance
with a beaming smile
oblivious of the surroundings
scenes and talks of the
passerby  walking down the road
both of them came
across me and was seen whispering
to each other with
the shyness still unwilling to fade away.
Deciphering whispers is
something impossible
still I felt like the duo were conveying to
each other something about me.
In my make-believe world of sweet dreams
I prayed earnestly to ever merciful God
to allow them to be there
sharing love in the coming days too….
I was eager to wake up early in the morning
with thumping heart and bated breath
I waited anxiously and with
impatience, unbound impatience
for the golden sun to appear in the western horizon.
God must have decided otherwise.
To my shock and aching heart
I threw my eyes leaning over the balcony
in the absence of the golden sun
the dark cloudy sky was spreading dusky shades
over the earth
the two red blooms have disappeared.
Still without losing hope 
with  the disappearance of
dark clouds , the two lovers
would reappear in
a golden evening kissing
each other….to make me smile with unlimited pleasure………………..