Saturday, October 31, 2015



Throw out the
garbage of evil thoughts 
piled up in the corner of your mind.
Scrub the floor, corners and walls
and turn it bright like sunshine.
Let the winds of fresh thoughts blow in
and fill your mind with them.
Though it is a tedious task
in this age and times
when evils are on the prowl
try, try and try to ward off them
and create wonders

thus exhort the great souls…..

Wednesday, October 28, 2015



Sitting by the side
of a calm and quiet pond
the transparency of
which could reflect
the blue sky up above
with no ripples whatsoever
to upset the calm and silent waters.  
I was enquiring myself
the sum total of my existence
on the face of the earth.
With no answer forthcoming
with despair and gloom in my eyes and face
I left the spot.
Wish I possessed
a device to measure the sum total of
my existence.
I am seated at a secluded place
where peace and tranquility reign  supreme.
But no my  inner self intervened
and whispered in my ears :
It is too early to
calculate the sum total of my existence
since it is not in my  domain
but in the hands of posterity
and that I should have
to traverse a long path
so as to enable the coming generation

to measure the sum total of my existence………

Saturday, October 17, 2015



Despised and hated by majority
loved, feared and respected by minority
the malevolent dictator is always at the
mercy of a silent majority
which ‘he is unwilling to acknowledge
simply because of his loyal forces
and the so-called minority
who are the obedient dogs
always wagging their
tails before their master.
But when the silent majority
reach the bottom line of their patience
they turn eloquent
gather under one umbrella
and fight against the loyal militia
until the eloquent majority
arrive at the door of victory
and dethrone the dictator.
The boot-lickers of the ruthless rascal
flee for their life leaving their master in the lurch
who by that time will be chained
and imprisoned and brought before justice.
At last freedom knocks on the door of the nation
which was under the iron grip of
a merciless ruler
 and a new era is born.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Bereft of ideas
he wandered around 
sometimes hitting his head
sometimes hitting the wind
or gritting teeth.
Despite all his attempts
thinking even from different angles
though aware of the subject
ideas blessed him not.
Someone in him whispered in his ears
thus he felt
to pen a beautiful poem.
First came to his mind
a sprawling beautiful garden
full of a variety of pretty flowers
and their fragrance
spreading all around in the cool breeze
of the morning with dew drops
dripping from the petals of flowers
and the beetles kissing
and sucking the honey from their lips.
The next moment
someone in him reminded
of several poems he had penned
touching the garden,
beautiful flowers,
and fragrance.
He dropped the thought 
of garden,
flowers and the fragrance
blowing all around in the cool breeze
of the misty morning.
Then his imagination took wings
and the picture of two
lovers came to his mind,
their exchange of glances,
smiles, each of them planting kisses
with their passions rising high
and the first love-making
which lifted them to heaven.
But the next moment
someone in him reminded
‘you have already
penned the stories of
lovers and love-birds’.
Pondering over a new theme
he roamed around
and the picture of a vast desert
under fire-spitting sun entered his mind 
with only  one person
walking aimlessly
and with thirst, tired and
exhausted he was
for want of a water-spring.
With no one around
to plead for at least 
mouthful of water
to wet his dry lips and dry mouth
and empty stomach to regain
the vigour and strength.
No god blessed him
and he felt unconscious
in the  searing heat.
On thinking of the new theme
he said to himself :
‘in these times
mankind’s life on
the earth as a whole
is somewhat like
living in a desert
with love, peace, harmony
and all virtues
disappearing somewhere.’  
The someone in him
went silent………
A sign of approval…?   

Sunday, October 11, 2015



I awaited the doctor
seated in a chair
in the portico of his house.
I was the first to come
and my token No.1 
and I was here since an hour.
Unfortunately the doctor was not ‘IN’
when would he turn up, no idea.
Whether he along with
his family had gone
our for shopping
or on a long distance journey, no idea.
I pressed the calling
but no answer was forthcoming.
I started from home early
to meet and consult him at the earliest.
Seconds and minutes ticked by
patients one after another began to arrive
and each took up a token thrust  on the spike
in numerical order.
Evening Sun appeared in the
Western horizon
intensity of his anger slowly mellowed
and he covered the earth with his golden silk.
Those who came first got seats
remaining ones stood like statues
some others walked to and fro along the
courtyard of his house.
Impatience was writ large
on everyone’s face.
None knew the doctor’s contact number
and all were helpless.
Darkness descended on the earth
street lights opened their eyes
patients one by one
began returning to their residence.
Me too emptied the chair
and walked out in despair.
By the time
the doctor reached
home it was late
and after changing dress

the doctor began awaiting the patients….

Thursday, October 8, 2015


A beautifully woven fabric
shining since decades
is being gradually torn asunder.
Brave and independent
voices being stifled and silenced.
Fear psychosis across the nation
like an epidemic is being affecting
countless of citizens
irrespective of writers,
artists, intellectuals
and common citizens.
Tolerance, patience
unity and serenity are being
driven to the brink of the abyss.
Elimination of poverty
of millions being spoken aloud in words
but not in deeds both here and abroad.
And the world is watching
and is gradually coming to grip with
story of the river of freedom
being  getting dried…..

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



A dove with olive-branches 
between its beaks
was flying from afar.
A hawk perching on
the branch of a tree
was watching the dove stealthily.
It was an accidental coincidence that
the dove espied the hawk
while flying nearer and nearer.
He with olive branches
between his beaks
was calm, quiet and fearless
flew closer and closer to the hawk
and perched beside him.
He looked askance at the hawk
meaning ‘why are you
sitting here’?
‘That is none of your
business’ was the angry
and curt response of the hawk.
The dove returned him a beaming smile.
The hawk was wondering
how come the dove
dares to sit near him 
and look askance at him.
He forcefully snatched
an olive branch from the dove
and took it between his beaks.
Within a split-second 
the hawk, like in a magic
metamorphosed into a dove
turned  peaceful, calm and quiet.
Both of them became friends
and both ‘messengers of peace’ flew away
to spread the message of
peace and harmony…across the world…..   
This is my wishful thinking

Sunday, October 4, 2015



It was a low-key marriage
----a story of elopement.
It was a love-affair between both,
 she hailing  from a rich family
and he a lower middle-class youth,
her parents, siblings  
and close relatives
opposed tooth and nail to the relationship.
Albeit their opposition
she stuck to her decision like a rock
and ran away with him
in the thick of one night.
They fled to a faraway place
and got married in front of a temple
exchanging garlands.
She was empty-handed
he had some money with  him
and took a house for rent.
‘Scaling heights is
everyone’s dream 
but remember my dear
life has its highs and lows
like mountains and valleys.
Hence while aiming high
bow down
and see the plight of poor ones
at the lower strata of society
dreaming for at least two
square meals a day’ – he
was telling her choking with emotion
on their first night  
at their rented home
at a strange village.
She planted kisses
dime a dozen on
his forehead and her cheeks

eyes gone teary…… 

Friday, October 2, 2015



We are overlapping shadows
then, now and in future.
From childhood to teenage
from teenage to youth,
and now  adulthood. 
While we were children,
while we were teenagers,
while we were youth,
we intermingled, continue to intermingle
and will certainly intermingle irrespective of genders.
Now we have got separated
and are in different cities across our nation
and abroad
working in different institutions.
at least once, twice, thrice a year
majority of us meet and intermingle
share our pains, sorrow and joy
like chemical solutions interacting in a lab.
Once countless of us had love affairs,
in the college campuses and outside.
A few materialized and borne fruits
unfortunately several of them couldn’t blossom
and had to part ways.
Lovers among us,
however experienced that sublime feeling of ecstasy.
Even while eking out a living afar
we are overlapping shadows.
Human beings as a whole
are overlapping shadows
in this ever changing
world, to be precise……..