Tuesday, June 30, 2015



When they were alive
they were made for each other.
Both did have a sense
of safety while they were together.
Many a couple 
nursed a feeling
of envy towards them.
Time never waits.
And when they got aged
first to go to heaven was she.
Her heart-broken husband
 felt like an orphan
abandoned by his parents
in a vast desert where deadly heat
thrust needles of fire
into his skin.
Everyday, every minute, 
every second her picture
loomed large in front of  him.
And the shock, the void he felt
must have been the reason
behind his death within a short period.
Or his sweetheart
must have
appeared  before him
and beckoned him to join her
in the heaven.
Now that they have
evolved into stars
appearing in  the blue sky.
Whether they are
together now and
enjoying their
life in the  heaven nobody knows.
How can we know
their whereabouts
far away in heaven?

Monday, June 29, 2015



Organiser is one
who organizes the
party or organization.
He is always the
backbone of the party or organization.
A man with personal magnetism
A man with years of  experience
he works from the
grass roots level from
day to night across the nation
mobilizes the masses
and make them aware of
current precarious  situation the nation faces
itself in and other predicaments
like  bribery,  corruption, rape, unemployment ,
mal-nutrition, honour killings   and
a host of  other issues
and injects a wide spectrum
of citizens  the spirit of revolt
against the mandarins  
in the corridors of power
and exhorts the citizens to fight for equality.
In the event of  the  party comes out victorious
there are numerous
leaders who nurture Prime Ministerial ambitions.
The chief organizer is never an aspirant for
the prestigious seat of Prime Minister
Who made the victory possible than others.
Those at the helm of affairs of the party,

-  the main a decision makers after
 debates, deliberations and discussions
choose the   one to be elected from among a few
and their decision is final.
Others should have to toe
the line of leadership
otherwise face expulsion……


Sunday, June 28, 2015



Extinct species are aplenty
other species awaiting extinction
in the wings are umpteen.
But the unwanted
species which should have
extinct already are
rocketing and mushrooming
instead cause damage,
loss and sufferings threatening the
very existence of human beings and biodiversity.
Among such venomous species
include sycophants who
cling to the coat-tails of rulers
and other such people
especially those considered to be
powerful and arrogant
the sycophants in order to fulfill their ulterior motives
and if and when
such rulers or leaders
loss their power and influence
don’t have any qualms in
ditching their one time rulers or leaders
and join the new ones who come to
power with the sole
purpose of fulfilling their vested interests.
I wish such sycophants
were shown the door
with a warning not
to enter the corridors of power again….
These species are only one among

thousands on earth…….

Saturday, June 27, 2015



There were women of substance
who broke the ceiling and brought
fame,  appreciation and glory
to their respective countries.
Besides them coming
Indira Nooyi, Christina Legarde,
Arundhati  Bhatacharya,
Chanda Kochar, Kiran Majumdar Sha,
Kiran Bedi, Medha Patkar,
Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy
who arethe glittetring
stars of the business social activists
and writers
who broke the ceiling
and for whom
rest is something alien.
But there are skinny, illiterate,
malnourished women
who can’t even dream about growing
and going up
thanks to the indifferent
selfish and greedy leaders
across the world.
These often  starve and  
suffer from their husbands
who are drunkards.
They are molested,
stalked, raped even in brought day light
and even murdered 
by  anti-social elements
and they fell prey
to cholrea, diahorrea, dengue
and succumb to death
who number approximately 800 millions
across the globe.
Whenever we think
about those  poor
hungry, illiterate diseased ones  
we heave deep sighs.
Why should we ponder about
when  our beloved rulers
who are bent upon developing

smart cities by expropriating. 

Friday, June 26, 2015



Scams and scandals,
corruption and bribery,
theft and heist,
terror and violence,
deaths of hundreds of thousands,
squeeze the nation,
like  a bunch of cane sticks are crushed
and take out juice.
Subsequently draining
the exchequer worth
several lakhs of crores of rupees
under the very noses of authorities
the so-called ones
with ‘unshakable’ principles
all tarnish the very image of the nation.
Be the rulers belong to
different parties
the story is the same.
Each day one after another
newer and newer  reports
invite our attention without full-stops
like the flowing down of water
down mountains.
Media – radio, TV,
internet (social networking sites)
but sad to say
the newer ones erase and the new ones
relegate the reports behind.
The newer ones follow
and the very painful thing is that
the culprits escape
unharmed  thru the
loopholes of legal network.
the courts examine
all the evidences where
truth is only a
scape-goat and justice and injustice matter
where eminent lawyers
hold the key to a favourable verdict 
to the defendent or respondent…
And we glance askance
at each other where

our anger and frustration reflect…… 

Thursday, June 25, 2015



Once upon a time
not  centuries back
two or three decades ago,
a person on superannuation
or in connection with
a transfer of one or two to three
members of staff to
other branches either
near or faraway branches
of our institution
unity of minds was
our motto.
Hence we felt
a pang of gnawing
pain on pondering
about those who
were set to leave us
and the days we were celebrating 
on special occasions
in which everybody
took part which means men and lady staffs.
When a staff was about to go for good
our institution was abuzz  with joy and cheers
hiding our pain and angst behind
the purdha of separation.
But with the flowing of time,
the unity of minds became an old story 
and the new members of staff cared not
to mind other staff.
And each one for himself/herself policy.
They are oblivious of the policy
followed by their predecessors.
And when a person
attain superannuation
and set to leave the institution
for good
none cares to give him/herself
and the man will walk out
without turning back
when the clock strikes 5pm without
bidding farewell to anyone….
Think about the bygone days
and compare those
days with the present…..     



On 21 June, the International day of yoga 192 nations including India across the world was reportedly observed amidst much fanfare. No doubt it is good to practice yoga under the guidance of a yoga guru by every person across the globe irrespective of caste, creed or religion. But no nation should slap the practising of yoga compulsarily by everyone. There are a number of citizens who are not willing to practice yoga as their religion do not allow the right to practice the yoga.
It was India which had taken the initiative to observe yoga by all nations across the world following a spirited speech by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to observe a day - the International day of yoga and accordingly United Nations fixed 21st June.
Following the decision, it is reported, India observed yoga at Rajpath which was led by Prime Minister Mr.Modi where approximately 37500 citizens took part in Delhi and across each state across the nation observed yoga.
One regional language newspaper reported ‘India led, World bowed.’
It was nothing but exaggeration since across the nations only a few including India celebrated yoga. Countries especially Muslim countries evaded from observing yoga as practicing the latter was against the Islamic laws.
India’s decision was suspect by the Islamic nations since Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is ruling the nation is systematically saffronising the nation. Though there is substance in their allegations the citizens across the Muslim nations should have learnt that there are umpteen positives in observing yoga.
Before advocating a day to practice yoga every year Narendra Modi in his speech at UN ought to have ensured the growth, development and prosperity across the nation. There are two Indias in one sense. That of those who are top of the ladder meaning rich and upper middle class where life is sort of merry-making. Another India about which I just mentioned those at the bottom of the ladder, I mean the poverty-stricken, famine-stricken and malnutrition-stricken citizens who dream about at least one square meal each day who are unable to make both ends meet. Even after seven decades since independence are suffering, generation after generation there are no tangible attempts for lifting them from the abyss of poverty, famine, malnutrition, lack of women empowerment, lack of education , lack of healthcare and rooflessness, sanitation facilities and lack of pure drinking water to pull on their lives who have not even heard about yoga and its celebrations. While majority of Indian citizens, millions and millions of them, are being crucified at the altar of our social fabric for no fault of their’s.
Which force pulls back the authorities from doing something for the poor and tries to uplift them by each Government?

Learn, practice and observe yoga everyday with empty stomachs must be or may be the message of ruling party or their alliances to those at the bottom ladder…….

Wednesday, June 24, 2015



Upon unlocking his cupboards
they found the cupboards
devoid of skeletons.
Prima Facie on
noticing the cupboards  
which remind
one of a transparent
blue sky or like an
azure lake or a pond
we can come to a
conclusion that his
mind is like a mirror
or like one’s inner palm?
It is better we immersed
ourselves in diving
deep into the very depth
of the sea of our investigation

and ascertain the facts…….. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015



In the city of
surging crowds and congestion
with innumerable vehicles
speeding fast to and fro
she was driving
her car with maximum speed.
She without losing presence of mind
her attention
seemed to be in driving and driving only
but her eyes once in a while
travelled to both sides
for watching  the surging crowds walking 
down the footpaths
that too to and fro.
Her presence of mind
was worth appreciating
upon watching a youth wearing
levis jeans and a full-sleeved cream shirt
near her office.
Her journalistic curiosity soared high
she applied sudden brake and got out of the car.
On watching the surging crowds, the moving crowds
paying no attention or sympathy
she was ashamed of the city she lived in
but the next moment
like a sage attaining
enlightenment after years of observing penance
she came to the conclusion that
all cities across the spectrum
be it her own country but
cities around the world
were like her city.  
With curiosity with her wide eyes
she reached his side
and called him whose
name she was not aware of
she with several ‘Hellos’
in her full-throated voice.
The youth opened his eyes
and angrily shouted
‘who the hell you are? You bitch’, odious wench etc
She felt like laughing
and with apprehension opened
the door of her car, and locked it and
sped to her office.
The youth once
again lapsed into sleep but she was sure
he was not drunk and the question of
why he was  lying there she was not certain
whether he was sleeping or simply
shutting his eyes.
But to her he was a mystery.
But in the evening
while coming out
from her office
she watched you  the youth
and pointed her finger towards
the fellow who seemed to be sober.
‘Dear sister I am very sorry for calling
you choicest expletives’.
Thanks ‘That’s okay  I really appreciate your vocabulary

and gave him a broad smile….. 

Monday, June 22, 2015



Marshalling all his
vigour and strength
the burly, tall police officer
with clean shaven face and thick
moustache, dealt heavy blows
one after another
over the emaciated man, 
and the former kicked
and kicked the poor man until he fell on
the floor and stamped
his boots  on him
until he vomited blood,
urinated blood and the
stool contained patches
of blood and lost his consciousness.
The sturdy police officer
stormed out with
blood-shot eyes and rough face
which could frighten anyone entering there.
The ‘principled’ officer
did have a mistaken
notion that in the society we live in
there are thefts, robbery,
underworld goons, murders,
bribery, corruption and such crimes.
But when the police
officer was caught with his pants down
while he was accepting
bribery from a man
hailing from a middle class family
by the senior officers
and the police officer was served a
suspension order pending inquiry.
Then came instances of him
accepting from various complainants
and on finding him guilty
he was served with the termination order.
With all the skeletons tumbling out
he was left with no choice.
Meanwhile the poor and innocent man
who was charged with theft was
breathing hard and
on finding him on the verge of death
the senior police officers
rushed him to the hospital……

Sunday, June 21, 2015



Numbers of puppets
are sky-rocketing
across the world.
From a President or
Prime Minister down
thugs and beggars
there are sycophants
in whose hands
Prime Ministers and Presidents are being
compelled to play.
Children love puppets
and play with ‘them’.
Suppose a situation
arises when puppets begin
to talk, sing, roar with anger,
and frighten the children
crying loudly they  throw
the puppets and
hide behind their parents.
There are people who deliberately
play into the hands of sycophants,
that is another matter.
If this trend of sycophants soars around the

world what would be our fate? I wonder.

Saturday, June 20, 2015



The sky is overcast today with
thick, dark clouds engulfing the land
which reminds one of dark smoke
enveloping the earth
like a torn blanket. 
‘It will be
raining today’ – one person
asserted like a meteorologist
‘please don’t have over-confidence
since each dark clouds once appeared
cheated us even before’ – another fellow was talking  
with caution.
After a prolonged spell of hot summer
our ire turned against the blazing sun
which made us tired and exhausted.
A lot of people fell unconscious
due to dehydration
and as many died of
sunstrokes with
corresponding rocketing of heat.
The prediction of metereologists
proved somewhat wrong 
due to the threat of El Nino phenomenon
this monsoon has
miserably failed and has caused
a damaging exercise
due to deaths of masses,
farmers since they couldn’t sow seeds
due to exorbitant rates of fertilizers
forcing them to end
their lives and cattles driven to abbotoirs,
apprehending constant threats of 
modern shylocks.
And as predicted by
the second person within half an hour.
Thick dark and torn carpet of clouds
disappeared and the  sun
with all vendetta again appeared in the sky
our dream of raining profusely
collapsed like a pack of cards.   



My wife is normal.
And I am a bit abnormal.
Being abnormal is sort of madness.
Yes, normal and abnormal
coincide in our
relationship barring a few instances.
Sometimes my friends
organize a party
despite my reluctance
fearing my wife
since she is allergic to liquors
and detests me taking liquors.
Occasionally in a
fit of inebriation
late into the night
skipping her supper
she awaits me and  
throws tantrums
beating her chest
and two rivers of tears
flowing down her face.
Even the sleeping
neighbours wake up and come out
and ring the calling bell
which forces me to open the door
who play the role of mediators
and try to pacify my wife
which is an ardous task
and go back to their flats.
Such nights are troublesome nights,
disturbing nights 
since she weeps silently
non-stop until  she lapses into slumber.
The days on which
I, along with my friends celebrate  
and reach the flat drunk after midnight
grinning and thinking about her
throwing tantrums
and awakening the
our friends of neighbouring flats
to attempt a ceasefire and succeed
in their venture
I tell myself :

‘she is like a confirmed drunkard’. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015



In this rapidly
changing world
where time travels  
per half a second
with a speed of light years  
it is not surprising that
developments, discoveries,
inventions etc happening today
that too with super speed on the one hand
and on the other hand
the hydra of terrorism,
wars, civil wars,
the threat of nuclear war
wrecking and seizing the lives of
living beings and properties
worth billions of dollars
hanging like the proverbial
sword of Democles.
By the by, in its
travel of light years
within half a second
and in it race for defeating
 our mind which can
reach any places across the world.
The moment we desire to reach
a country or countries
for instance we can reach US and
and have a chat with President
Barack Obama in the Oval office or
David Cameroon and shake
hands with him over a cup of tea and
discuss the new world order
or to Germany
and meet Chancellor
Angela Merkel and
have a lunch with her
in short everywhere
we choose to reach within no time.
True, time travels with super speed  
it can’t never ever overtake

or conquer our Mind.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Along the
terrace of the house
enjoying thick greenery around
protects us 
from the blazing summer heat
and the visual feast
of variety of flowers
with different hues
I walk.
All flats around the
area are visible while
looking from
such a height.
With the arrival of
sunset, neighbours are
seen watering their
gardens with
variety of flowers which
wilt due to the
merciless sun showering
rays of heat during daytime.
It is the just opposite atthe old house
we were residing  up till recent times
due to lack of greenery around it
the sun was ruthless towards us
inspite of the
fans revolving fast
round the clock.
mosquitoes in large
numbers enter inside
and suck our blood in the new house
though we shut and lock

our doors and windows from inside……. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015



Colours vary like characters differ.
Ranging from white,
black, red, yellow, brown,
ash, saffron, blue, green  etc.
And the tastes vary like writers  differ.
If one likes white
other one prefers black.
Every one prefers 
a colour though he/she
wears variety of colours.
Exceptions are there
and they justify the truth.
Shedding all colours
certain persons walk
carefree in the northern states of India
and we call them sanyasins
who are mostly found on the shores of river Ganges
and are devotees of certain religions.
On watching them walking carefree
we the devotes feel ashamed of them.
And we are choosy
like choosing the preferred colour
but colours they like
which is prerogative of each person.
 Even the children are no exceptions.
Variety is the hallmark
of nations across the world like a sprawling garden
bearing variety of flowers
like nation with different ethnic groups.  

Monday, June 15, 2015



Life is an art of
Wherever we are
shadows always accompany us.
They never desert us
as long as we are alive.
They are constant
companions of, we the people.
Until we breath our last along with us
our shadows too  breath their last.
Shadows lengthen
shadows shorten, it depends
when we walk shadows walk with us
and when we run
shadows run with us
when we jump
shadows too jump with us
and when we dance or act
shadows dance and act with us.
The sad truth is that we never
care to watch our
shadows who are
our intimate friends, our life-long friends.
True, life is an art of shadow-plays
and in the race for day to day survival
we forget umpteen matters
very important matters

and how can we blame ourselves?  

Sunday, June 14, 2015



On that memorable night in her life
she untied her anklets
at the request of her
bridegroom with her
face wet with tears trickling down.
True, she would have to
remove her anklets in the near future
which were like her
one of her inseparable  organs with
much gnawing pain.
And that ‘time has arrived’ – she told herself.
She kept the anklets
safely in a little box
to have a nostalgic look
at whenever she was alone.
She sat beside her bride groom
her heart thumping with anxiety     
and with shyness.
Still the melodious voice, ‘jhilum jhilum’ 
like a stream flowing
with an enchanting  music 
she thought of her anklets.
He glanced at her 
with a lascivious smile
which made her cringe.
Slumping into the bed
laiden with fragrant jasmine flowers
and rose petals
he grabbed her to lie beside him
and kissing her from her
forehead, eyes, face and down to her various organs.
He switched off the
light which was very close
to him on the wall
and in the dim darkness which pervaded
the room with moonlight entering the room
thru the wide open window.
In the stealthily looking 
moon-light she felt the moon
resembling like a voyeurist.
Undressing himself and
he undressed her
caressing and embracing her
she sincerely hoped for the
closure of the windows
to block the moon from  
enjoying the sight.
For the  first time in her life
he crushed and crushed her
and entered into her and she
cried with sweet, unbearable pain.
Which is your zodiac sign? – he enquired.
‘Virgo’ – she replied in a feeble voice.
Now that I have
chased it eternally from you.
True along with the
anklets, now her most
priceless chastity too gone
making her silently cry with sweet

pain with ecstasy……

Saturday, June 13, 2015


After the last batch of US soldiers flew down to his land, Taliban militants living in the harsh terrains who were hiding there are coming out in large numbers equipped with lethal weapons started striking at various places and are killing the common citizens in large numbers who wanted a peaceful ambience. The immediate aim of the militants is to dislodge the Afghan govt under Ashraf Ghani. The fear psychosis prevalent among the citizens shot up and a majority, most of them are women and children who are scared of coming out of their residents.
Evenwhile Hamid Karzai was at the helm, the militants struck terror unexpectedly, and launched occasional strikes killing hundreds of citizens. Even they dared to demolish the fortress of Mr.Karzai and others there were targeted and each time they did have providential escapes. Though the Afghan soldiers  chased them and killed some of them others ran away to hide in their safe  havens in the hilly terrain.
The erstwhile Soviet Union was the first to intervene in Afghanistan in the late 1980s   and the Soviet soldiers acted tough on the Taliban militants and Al-Quaeda which is a hard-core militant force.
Soviet Union’s intervention in Afghanistan angered US and the US badly wanted the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan and US was prepared to go to any great lengths to push Soviet forces out of Afghanistan at any cost. The US govt  befriended the Taliban militants and the hard-core Al-Quaeda which was notorious for launching terror attacks anywhere they wanted. Osama Bin Laden was the unquestioned leader of Al-Quaeda and his deputy Aymen Al-Sawahari who is a doctor hailing from Egypt.  US supported them with finance and logistical weapons.
The Soviet forces numbering about approximately one lakh had a tough time battling against militants. With the bloody game going on and both sides facing casualties Soviet Union wanted to withdraw from the scene leaving Afghanistan in a shambles.
When the US needed the support of the militants and Osama and his men turned the blue-eyed   boys of US.
It was the same elements who took the decision to launch a terror against US and on 9/11. Two to  three planes ripped the World Trade Centre 1 and 2, Newyork, the nerve centre of US, and reduced both of them into a heap of rubble.
It was the first time US became the victim of terror by the militants. A visibly angry  the then US President George W Bush delivered a fiery speech  took a  vow to eliminate the culprits responsible for the attack would be brought to justice. It was  a double whammy to the US which  was proud of being a terror-free country. US with its  wounded ego could identify the culprit behind the attack and without wasting time declared a war on Afghanistan to fish out where the wanted culprit Osama-Bin-Laden hiding somewhere in the outskirts of Afghanistan and to catch him alive or dead.
The war went on more than a decade to nab Osama at any cost.
US never in its dreams had any apprehension that its one time blue-eyed boy Osama would evolve into a Frankenstein Monster.
US forces along with the NATO forces  bombarded Afghanistan  destroyed  the properties including cultural heritages with a vengeance and snuffed out the lives of millions and millions of citizens who feared death at the hands of the US forces and NATO fled for life to other countries and pitched tents. The Red Cross and other NGOs air-dropped food  packets to fill the stomachs of the displaced people thanks to God. Otherwise Gods appeared before them in the name food-packets to let them have the food at one time a day. Due to the lack of sanitation facilities, pure drinking water and inclement weather diseases broke out which claimed the lives of a number of refugees. Aerial  attacks along with ground offences, of both US and NATO forces roamed through the streets and tough hilly terrains where the Taliban militants and Al-Quaeda militants who were suspected to be hiding in their safe havens were bombarded and in the process some of them lost lives both belonging to Taliban elements and al-Quaeda forces  by the US and NATO forces.
Thus a decade of and more period of retaliation the main suspects remained elusive.
In the meanwhile in 2008, George W Bush had to vacate the White House without fulfilling his dream of nabbing Osama-Bin-Laden. Power changed hands and Barack Obama  of the Democratic Party became President and on the question of catching Osama dead or alive he followed in the foot-steps of his predecessor.
Occasional skirmishes between the militants and forces belonging to the opposition continued and suicide-bombers  aiming Indian Embassy, Hamid Karzai’s presidential fortress and churches and mosques, crowds of people and the devotees were aimed at by blowing the suicide bombers themselves.
US and NATO forces were fed up with their killing spree and thought in terms of leaving Afghanistan without their mission coming to fruition. And without delay the initial drawdown the soldiers flew down to their destinations.
After a short span a Pakistan doctor  who was very much aware of the house where Osama-Bin-Laden and his family members were living drew the attention of US stealthily at the Abottabad in Pakistan  near a Pak army camp. US forces without any delay launched  series of drone attacks located his house and sprayed bullets on him and took away his corpse and is believed to have been thrown into an ocean- which ocean no one know’s and breathed sighs of relief for fulfilling their mission successfully.
With the new govt of Ashraf Ghani after Hamid Karsai’s term ended as President who befriended Pakistan by visiting Pakistan and discussed matters of mutual importance and discussed with Prime Minister Nawas Sherif and the very important persons at the helm of affairs returned to Afghanistan. Immediately after visiting Pakistan he visited India and expressed gratitude for generously helping Afghanistan for giving a face-lift to the war-torn country.
Both skilled and unskilled Indians are on a war-footing indulging in infrastructure development- building schools, houses, transportation facilities and the construction of new Parliament building and besides India extended financial assistance. With the withdrawal of US and NATO forces not only Indians working there but the new dispensation itself are sitting on a powder-keg at present  since the militants coming out of their safe havens with lethal weapons to target  the Indians first and the new govt under Ashraf Ghani. Govt of India which grapples with the situation there is expected to ensure the security of Indians.             


Wednesday, June 10, 2015


How come a new-born
baby senses his/her
mother from the very moment he/she 
makes his/her appearance on earth.
How come a new-born baby
feels safe the very
moment in the lap of
his/her mother or
lying beside the latter.
How come a new-born baby
gets inebriated while sucking the breasts
of her mother and the latter’s lullaby
to make the baby falls into the sleep.
How come a new-born
baby wakes up
and cries loudly to see
her mother while the latter
is busy preparing  sweet, tasty    
food for her child in
the kitchen before her
child wakes up.
With flight of time
along with the parents
the babies enter
childhood and play
mischiefs over their 
parents so as to
see their  child makes
merry-making for their enjoyment.

Monday, June 8, 2015



He is like an angry young rebel
who vent his anger by
mouthing rains of fire on us
irrespective of rich, middle class and poor.
In the course of
our onward journey to our
unknown destinations
he virtually
burns us and beats us
snuffing out thousands of human beings.
Since a few decades
his anger knows no bounds
and literally punishes us
by he sprayses his
mouthful of choicest epithets.
Now that man inspite of the
doesn’t care
beating a retreat
from denuding
the remaining greenery
from the face of our beautiful land.
Though we cherish the
dream of going near him
we know deep in our hearts that it
is an impossible task since
approaching him means

roasting ourselves…..

Sunday, June 7, 2015



After our land-lord
told us to vacate
his house, so as to enable
to sell his property
he gave us three months
notice period to vacate.
From the next day onwards we
began to look for a
new residence which is spacious,
convenient and comfortable
to us like the one we
were living on rental basis.
Here in the city we
visited a few houses
but they were neither
spacious, convenient and
comfortable like the former.
That prompted us to
search a house a few
kilometers away from the city.
The new one we fished
out was in a semi-urban area
which was shown to us by the
land lady which was a
spacious and comfortable  though not
convenient like the
first house situated
in the heart of the city.
Anyhow, the environment
was calm, quiet and serene
which could enamour us.
Knowing that we will
have to vacate this
house too one day
which is quiet uncertain.
Like plants are uprooted and replanted
from one place to other
our existence too might be one

of certain plants……..

Saturday, June 6, 2015



Neither a doctor
nor a nurse can
read the pulse of a
democratic nation
and for that matter
any other democracies.
They often run off the
track while reading
the pulse of the nations
either a democracy
or a benevolent dictatorship.
Only the ruler who occupies  
the saddle and his sub-ordinates are
entitled to read the pulse
of the nation with speed and accuracy.
A ruler endowed with
love, compassion and generosity
is often held in high esteem by
the masses and his
name will be remembered
for years to come.
It is better not to
mention the regimes
of malevolent dictators
holding the reins of nations
never care about the suffering masses

and go down in history as barbarians……   

Friday, June 5, 2015



He was coming from the south
middle-aged, frail and
tall, clad in a shirt and dhoti.
The angry summer sun was
still venting his fury  on earth.
Tired and exhausted, he was
and on noticing a giant banyan tree
on the street-side
he walked towards it
which could provide shade to anyone
who came under it.
The man sat under the tree
gasping for breathe
after a long tedious walk
lapsed into a sleep.
The sleep went on for almost
three hours which was
more than he anticipated.
I was watching him
coming under the tree,
tired  and exhausted
and my compassion drove
me to fill a clay jar with cold water
and walked towards him.
He was so thirsty that he drank the jar full of water
and heaved a sigh of relief.
‘You need more?’ – I asked him.
The response was silence.
From where are you coming
and to where are you aiming to go?’
Silence was the answer
In this age of conveyance
facilities easily available
why did you choose
to walk under the
fire spitting sun bare-footed?
‘Must be he didn’t
have bus fare’ – I told myself.
what has gone wrong  with 
this man? – I was asking to myself.
Deaf? dumb?deaf and dumb?
Whatever be the reason
he could have expressed a thankful smile.
He didn’t express even a smile.
He gave the empty jar back
woke up and started
walking to the north.
I watched him walking
with a rejuvenated spirit without looking back

until he melted into the air…… 

Thursday, June 4, 2015



We were awaiting good days for the
last one year on
assumption of power by the new
ruler in the saddle who is the defacto leader
of the nation.
We experienced sparks of expectations
caressing and embracing us.
Each day we the citizens upon
reading the newspapers
our eyes  searched through
the pages of the papers
for something good for the
welfare of us, the masses by the
new dispensation.
With days progressing
our colourful, sweet and honeyed
dreams gradually began to disappear.
With one year approaching its last days
our colourful, sweet, honeyed
dreams lost its flavour and turned bitter  
which pushed us to the verge of
the ditch of anger and frustration.
This govt too was like any other govts
ruled by various leaders in the past
last six to seven decades
which had not taken
care of the predicament
and plight of we, the poor citizens.
Now, neither
assurances nor platitudes

of the politicians are not taken  at its face value….

Tuesday, June 2, 2015



Between his birth and death
there was a verdant
flowery, beautiful
landscape called life.
Born, in a wealthy family
consisting of his parents and siblings
he never experienced
hunger and any other
trials and tribulations.
Like any other child
he too joined a school.
After repeated failures
in each  class he became
a school drop-out
and like his father
he too evolved into
a business man in
which he proved his mettle.
After his father breathed
his last due to old age
it was his turn to run the business
since his siblings
after passing out from every institution
in flying  colours
chose to fly abroad 
and took up professions
which offered lucrative
remuneration and incentives.
Here in the land of his birth
without feeling inferior to his siblings
he ran his business
profitably and accumulated
more and more wealth
and invested in new ventures.
Like any other young man
ie. in the prime of his life
he tied the nuptial knot
from an aristocratic family
which offered enormous amount
as dowry
and he became father
of two children.
Thus with the passage
of time his business empire
turned out to be the talk
of the town.
Notorious as a miser
The more he saved,
the more greedy  and wicked like Shylock he became.
He might have had a false notion that
all the wealth in his possession
would follow  him

when he was buried in a cemetery. 

Monday, June 1, 2015


Even before Sangh Parivar took a decision to field Mr.Narendra Modi for the post of Prime Minister the latter was cherishing a dream to contest for the prestigious post since a long period. A few leaders like   L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj and a few other leaders of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) couldn’t digest the decision of the heads of Sangh Parivar.  Sar Sangh Chalak Mohan Bhagavat overruled them and ordered them to take a plunge to campaign for Mr.Modi without nursing any grudge against him. Bharatiya Janata Party, Viswa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal are the branches of Sangh Parivar and hence all are bound to obey the Sangh Parivar heads and former leaders without expressing any reservations and protests they decided to abide by the ‘mother’ organization's directive.
Soon after Modi was elected to start his campaign in right earnest Modi began to undertake whirlwind tours across breadth and length of India.
The other parties including Indian National Congress, Leftists and other fence-sitting parties had not even begun to do the homework while Mr.Modi was campaigning. The apathy and indifference of leaders of INC, Leftists and the fence-sitting regional parties played a prominent role in pushing Mr.Modi to campaign with grit and determination much more vigorously, on a confident note.
Mr.Modi’s oratorial skill and his promise of a corruption-free India as also his oft-repeated sympathy, sorry empathy is the apt word, for the common man and those at the very bottom of the ladder invited appreciation and acclaim and optimism.
The UPA-2 govt led by Dr.ManMohan Singh was in disarray and characterized by scams, scandals and corruption ranging from 2G Spectrum Scam caused 1.76 lakhs crores, the coal-gate scam which caused nearly 2 lakh crores rupees costed the draining of  the exchequer, the Common Wealth Games scam involving crores of rupees, Adarsh Housing scandal which too brought about a loss  of crores and a corruption ridden bureaucracy - all factors tainted the face of our nation which in a way confirmed the defeat of UPA-2 government at the hustings, otherwise it was a conclusion foretold.
Our economy was in a shambles and the scams, scandals and corruption could help the NDA to cash in during elections.
Now that one year has been completed by NDA government on May 26 and my apprehension as a common man is that Mr.Modi too is walking on in the foot-steps of his predecessor.
He always talks about the plight of the common man and those below the poverty line. Nothing qualitative and quantitative have been visible, frankly speaking. The poor man/woman finds it extremely difficult to make both ends meet. Modi’s slogan of ‘Good days are coming during the campaigning are nowhere seen. The chasm separating rich and poor widens as days move ahead. MGNREGA which provided jobs to thousands is being demolished. Know not why?
From the very day neo-liberalisation reforms have been introduced (since 1990s), the corporates are reaping a good harvest thanks to NDA govts and UPA govts and now under Modi govt they are more and more flourishing.
Anyhow Mr.Narendra Modi never trails behind in shedding crocodile tears for the common man and the very poor of the country.  Actually the gentleman is taking the people for a ride.
Mr. Modi, we are waiting for your report card for the first one year and neither did you care to show us report card for the first hundred days as promised. Whether your high-talks of the growth trajectory should be taken as report cards by us, the common citizens.