Monday, September 23, 2013


Storing her tears in the
jar of miseries
she often longs for a day
she could laugh heartily
like in her childhood days.
Weaving smiles she gifts warm 
smiles when she happens to
be in the company of those
dear to her
keeping all her needles of pains
piercing her heart at bay
and keeps with her these artificial smiles.
In the dead of nights
remaining sleepless and  restless
she lies beside her son
deep in sound sleep
with her eyes gone moist
recounting the short span
of delightful days
in her life.
Others must be thinking
often feeling jealous of
her how much happy she is.
They know not
fame and wealth alone do not
lift a famous danseuse
to the heights of eternal
glory and cheer.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


After locking the windows and doors
giving the temporary ownership
of our house 
to the thick, solid, frozen darkness
with bowed heads we
slowly moved to the taxi
waiting outside.
Like a lover turning back waving his
hands to his dear with
a lump in his throat
we too waved our hands
toward the house with tears
flowing down our faces.
The house stood like an orphan
deserted by his loved ones.
After a prolonged journey
to the distant city
we knew not when would
we return to the deserted house
open the doors and windows
evacuate the darkness
to let warm winds and
bright light at least for a while,
only to wave our
hands toward the
orphaned house once in a while
till we become permanent
city dwellers.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Since eras we are
waiting for our reunion.
Though I know where you are
though you know where I am
the invisible wall separating us
plays the stumbling block
holding our buds of
blooms from blossoming.
Still we keep aflame
dreams with our wide, shining eyes.
Sadly we know not
the D-day of our
ultimate reunion.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Behind the smoke screen of
many a dark evil, a number of
pretexts, lies and hypocrisies play their shadow play.
The dark clouds of smoke-screens 
make a disappearing act
with the sun of truths
piercing them.
The occasional plays of
dark clouds of smoke-screens and
emergence of the sun of truths continue their games
and play their roles without intervals.
Life is a painting in dark
and bright colors on a wider
canvas on which the entire
picture of good and bad reflects….

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Though you are no longer
on the face of the earth
your number is very much alive
in my cell-phone.
The very thought of deleting
your number from it is
beyond my imagination, dear friend.
Like two friends after spending
hours together
one day you walked out of
my life without bidding bye
though you were well aware of
the bitter truth that
even a remote possibility
of reunion here on
this earth existed not.
Dear friend, even just a
few minutes ago
while ‘browsing’ through the
I came across your number
looked at it recounting
our pleasant, cheerful talks
over our cell-phones four hours.
No, how can I wipe out
your name from my memories?

Monday, September 16, 2013


I can let you free as long as I like
of course with your reins firmly in my hand.
I can let you free as long as I like
with your reins firmly in my hand
and let you wander thru unknown
lands and forests like
a horse roaming through
unknown lands and forests.
I can let you free as long as I like
with your reins firmly in my hand and
I can’t let you pull on like a life-convict
in my prison for an
unlimited period or for ever.
I can’t ever think of letting
you free for ever without
your reins firmly in my hand
since I am certain that
you will turn a Frankenstein Monster
the moment I let you free….

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Whether Mr.L.K.Advani bows to the wishes of the mediators or the dictates of Sangh Parivar in the end, whether the scar effected on him by the painful decision of the present leadership of Bharatiya Janata Party, his inability to come to terms with the shock and pain is unlikely to leave him till the very end of his life. Whether he cherished the dream of contesting to the chair of Prime Ministership in 2014 or whether it was because of his premonition that in the event of Narendra Modi coming to power it would cause the ultimate disintegration of the party, the fact is he is bitterly against Mr.Modi coming to power.
It is often shocking and embarrassing that Mr.Advani whose contributions to the party as the architect of it can never be forgotten. Party’s second -rung leaders trying to wipe out his contributions as the senior-most leader of the party once and instead running gaga after Mr.Modi is, put it mildly a curse as well as a black humour.
The generation next might not be aware of what all are the reasons behind Advani’s greatness, are naturally euphoric over the next Prime Ministerial candidature of Mr.Modi in 2014 which is only a few months away from now. They should have been enlightened by the elder leaders over who Advani is which they never cared to do so for reasons best known to them.
On what basis, the second-rung as well as the new generation leaders are going euphoric over the ultimate selection of Mr.Modi by the Parliamentary Board whose ability to cause social and communal polarization which could prove disastrous to the party in the long run, if not in the short run is best known to the secular parties. Whether he could bring Hindus and Muslims under one umbrella with the stigma of 2002 Gujarat Massacre sticking to him even after a lapse of 11 years is something worth worrying about. One embarrassing truth that lingers in the minds of laymen as well as political observers is Mr.Modi has not cared to offer any apology to the affected community.
It is claimed that he could change the sad face of Gujarat for the better by initiating several measures across the State hiding a bitter truth from many that poverty is widespread centered around rural areas especially the interior Saurashtra. The ones  who have benefitted most are business and industrial tycoons. He should have begun from bottom-up which he did not like his ‘big counterpart’ sitting in the saddle at Delhi, none other than Sardar ManMohan Singh. Consequently none has succeeded in lowering the poverty graph.
BJP choosing Mr.Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate of 2014 which is only months away from now without taking into account his damage potential as an adept master in instigating communal and social polarization is known both to, the now ailing Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister and Mr.Advani who is in the sunset of his life.
That must be the reason behind Mr.Advani’s reluctance to wave green signal to the party in proceeding with Mr.Modi as the head of NDA. With Mr.Modi at the head it is an open question lingering in the minds of many including common citizens as well as political experts that how many coalition partners are willing to swim with BJP.
The only silver lining is that the United Progressive Alliance is also in a bad shape without an efficient leader to lead from the front. Will Rahul Gandhi come up to the expectations with him always backtracking from responsibilities whenever such situations warrant?
Moreover, with the incumbent govt moving in the wrong track especially with - related to its economic policies, the fate of the country hangs in balance…..       


With her eyes closed
her palms folded across her chest
she stood before the
Goddess of Music
eulogizing her
in her mellifluous voice everyday.
The Goddess of music
sitting on a white
lotus flower with halo around her head
in the middle of  the pond
with full of white lotus flowers
around her in the pond
playing her Veena  
on listening to her ethereal music
blessed Her devotee profusely
by raising both Her hands on a fine morning
thus made Her devotee’s ethereal
music eternal….

Friday, September 13, 2013


Every morning
we come to you
enjoy your infinite beauty
and your serene, tranquil ambience.
Every morning
we come to you
and get locked in your cool, warm ambience 
which lifts our spirits up to the sky
and make our moments exhilarating.
Every morning
we come to you
spend long moments with you
and with deep pain and agony
bid bye to you
with the promise of meeting you
the next morning.
Every evening
visitors in droves come to you
to witness the orange-red Sun
being swallowed by you gradually
to witness your fiery, frightening face
the violent cries of the
waves rocking the shores
the reckless winds blowing through your nostrils
as if to scare away the visitors
who are bathed in the frothing
yellow light sneaking into
the sea-shore from the
sodium-vapour lamps enveloping the city.
We do wonder
why your fierce, frightening face
why the strong winds blowing
through your nostrils
why violent waves rocking
the sea-shores
are more inebriating and
enchanting for the evening

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Each passing moment was
like heavy burden over
their shoulders
patience was like a fire-test
for each of them
memories of their murdered
daughter flashed past their
eyes glimmering, more and more glimmering
tears like water falls
were flowing down their 
eyes on recalling the
fateful day their beloved
was raped and killed
their prolonged waits
for the day of the verdict
was about to end that day
and their hearts beating
like trumpets for the crucial moment
but on listening to
the postponement of
the verdict for another day sunk them
in grief and despair….

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


In your glance
I feel the bottomless depth of your love,
In your lap,
I feel the deep sense of safety.
In your lips
I taste the sweetness of life.
In your whispers.
I listen to the music of streams flowing
in their anklets tingling, tingling.
In you I melt
In me you melt
and experience the
sublime happiness of oneness.


Communal organizations owing allegiance to political parties like Bharatiya Janata PARTY (BJP), Samajwadi Party (SP), BahujanSmaj Party(BSP),and Bharatiya  Kisan Union(BKU) were running amok in the outskirts of Musafar Nagar city of Uttar Pradesh  aiming each others’ throat since the last two days. As an after math of which 38 persons were already dead, many more were in waiting with the volatile situation seemed like no sign of abetting in spite of army columns and paramilitary forces had entered the scene. In North Indian States communal clashes are not a new phenomenon, they occur intermittently, but they often die down with the intervention of police. After a long interval clashes of such a huge magnitude were happening again in UP. The clashes reared its ugly head on September 7 soon after a Maha Panchayat was organized  by certain political parties in the outskirts of Musafar Nagar. The flames of communal clashes with in no time enveloped the city killing at least 21 citizens on the very first day which suddenly spread like wide fire in the entire city. If no strong arm measures were forthcoming, it was certain that the situation would go out of control. The expression of shock and grief was okay from the part of those at the helm affairs, but in addition to it, they should have seen to it that the situation was brought under control at the earliest. A number of families fearing repercussions fled the area with their kith and kin leaving their belongings. If the fire of communal violence was set to swallow the entire State the concerned authorities would have been squarely blamed. Some political leaders belonging to different political parties  upon hearing  the news, were in a mad rush to reach Musafar Nagar  knowing fully well that the intervention  at such a volatile situation would set off an alarm  which could trigger the panic button. Anyhow the govt took all measures not to allow them to reach the hot-bed of communal clashes. Leaders of BJP, SP, BSP and BKU were taken into custody for whipping up communal sentiments.
It is shameful that communal clashes are still gripping India .even while we do claim to have achieved much progress since we gained independence six and half decades ago. Even otherwise but for a lot of tall talks of a fast developing country, what all are left we have to harp on?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Love birds four. All in a cage
they can’t fly afar
we have found a safe haven for them
where they find life comfortable
and worth enjoying.
They need food and water
and we provide them
like we feed our own children.
Sometimes they play,
sometimes they squabble,
sometimes they play pranks,
but they never turn violent.
It is a treat to watch them
playing and squabbling over little,  little things.
They believe in equality
they believe in harmony
they feed one by one
they drink one by one.
Their life is safe in the cage.
Every day we watch them
playing, chirping often talking to each other
in their own language.
Love-birds  are love-birds
wherever they are
what they want most is
safety from cats, dogs and snakes
since they can’t fly afar……

Monday, September 9, 2013


Clumsily dressed Chakki came to
Nair’s Hotel every morning.
Clumsily or shabbily attired
she did have sufficient funds in her hand
and was always welcome
to Nair’s hotel as an esteemed customer.
Each day
Chakki did have a lavish
delicious breakfast
and made ready payment.
What mattered was money,
money and money
and nothing else.
On a fine morning
she came as usual to Nair’s hotel
enjoyed a tasty, mouth-watering breakfast
and made her payment by
handing over an outdated lottery ticket
and extended a wide smile at Nair, the proprietor.
‘What is this?
‘Lottery ticket’……?
-A shaken Nair stared at her gritting his teeth.
‘Yes, your son gave it to me last night’ uttering these words
Chakki smiled all the way to her hut
A shell-shocked Nair
unable to face the customers in front of him
hung his head in shame.
The customers in front of him
tried in vain to suppress a big laughter.         


US Congress is meeting today to discuss the ongoing Syrian crisis dragging on since more than two years killing more than 100000 Syrians. More than 20 lakh Syrian citizens have already fled the country to neighbouring countries fearing for their life. A malevolent dictator in the name of Bashar-Al-Assad inspite of all these developments stick on to his position like a leech drawing the blood of its victim. If he did have an iota of conscience he would have either stepped down in the face of severe opposition from his own subjects or prepared for a compromise satisfying or agreeable to all. Instead the bloodhound that he is, is on a manhunt to bring to silence the entire opposition. He seems like following in the foot-steps of his wicked father Hafeed Al Sayed who too was a brutal autocrat, to perpetuate his father’s legacy.
True, with US Congress set to meet today amidst apprehensions among a cross-section of nations about the dire consequences in the event of a US bombardment. Countries including India have warned US of the unpredictable consequences which could lead to a ‘Third World War’.
A blood-bath could be avoided if Russia and China, two permanent members of UN Security Council had taken the initiative along with US, Britain and France, the other permanent members to bring all parties concerned to sit around a table and taken a solution while Syria has turned into a burning inferno, and sadly among the five permanent members themselves, there is no meeting point, while some are against, some are determined to fight it out. Actually no nation among the five members doesn’t seem to seek a permanent solution. 
Ever since Barack Obama, US President, made his position clear to take Syria head on, come what may his Secretary of State John Kerry is on a hectic schedule to mobilize support for its massive bombardment over Syria. The immediate provocation for US to deal a hard blow to Syria was the use of chemical agent sarin over innocent citizens including 1429 children. It was a blood-chilling, mind-boggling sight ofcourse, which could arouse anger, indignation, sorrow and pain among us. Of late Kerry could bring to US fold the Arab league nations too.
With the news of US striking Syria spreading across the land the outflow of refugees must have risen in leaps and bounds. How come this ruthless ruler who is an ophthalmologist evolved into a ruthless killer of his own subjects. He is power-drunk, no doubt.
True, Syria is unlike Libya. In Libya, the population lay scattered even before the war broke out. But Syria is a thickly populated country, where, in the event of a war, death toll could arise beyond imagination. But with lakhs and lakhs deserting the land, it could be the same situation as in Libya.
Dr.Assad, an Alawite, a minority Muslim sect belonging to Shia community rules the country with an iron- fist. And now with war clouds looming large in the horizon which is about to break out anytime from now, nobody could be blamed except himself.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Loneliness my intimate friend
you are with me always.
Even while I am in my flat with my wife and kids
or while in the bustling city
in the midst of crowds
in the crowded passenger trains
in the taxis
even while I am in a Cinema.
You never cause distractions to me.
Wherever I am
even while listening to a
melodious music or watching a scintillating dance
You are very much with me
since my childhood
to be more apt
even from the very day
the plant of memories 
you too sprouted
along with it.
I know for sure
you will be with me
till the last moment.
My intimate friend
who told loneliness begets boredom …… ?


In the 80’s, near Churchgate railway station, in Mumbai, to be more exact, opposite EROS theatre, every morning while coming out of the station on my way to office at Nariman Point, an insane man in his 40’s clad in torn Khaki shirt and equally torn khaki pant, his hair disheveled, I could see him crying and shouting aloud ‘khana khana’ (food, food). Whether any good Samaritan took care of him and gave him food, none knew for sure. The truth though a tragic one was that including myself no passersby were seen  paying  heed to his loud cries. His crying aloud reminded me of elephants crying in my village which reverberated across my village and for that matter any other village, when went hungry or when ruthlessly beaten up by its mahouts.
In Mumbai if somebody paid heed to the wild cries of the mad man, it was a wonder. In the crowded city where every human being in a sense is mad to rush to his working place and return in the evening he/she often forgets to look around while walking in a hurry. The thing is no different in this cosmopolitan city which could implode any moment due to the incessant inflow of job seekers.
One thing I noticed in the evening upon my return from office after 5 ‘O’ clock on my way to catch the local from Churchgate was the disappearance of the insane man from where he cried aloud like an elephant. Without any qualm I would say like others if they could remember him we never felt for him or took kind of him and that is what city life is all about.
Now that years have flown by, now that we are in the first half of 21 century poverty across the land is above 60 percent. We can’t with sincerity write anything about the rate of poverty coming down.
Street-children, beggars and slum-dwellers etc often find it difficult to have at least a square-meal a day. This doesn’t mean that 60 percent of Indians are street-children, slum-dwellers or beggars. There are millions who don’t have covers over their heads, and 750 million without sanitation facilities who are forced to defecate in the open shamelessly. You might be knowing fairly well that approximately 78 million citizens are without roofs over their heads in India.
Besides these tragic truths as per the World Development Index India ranks near 140 among the 194 countries across the world.
I am forced to write about these sad truths on going through an interview given by Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the versatile intellectual renowned the world over as the former Under Secretary General Shashi Tharoor to Manu Joseph,Editor of Open Magazine.
Dr.Tharoor is eloquent when enlightening Manu Joseph about the achievements of UPA II government. He dwells upon the MGNREA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural and Employment Guarantee Act) brought into law by the ManMohan Singh govt during his first term. Dr.Tharoor goes on claiming that the scheme could provide jobs to millions of jobless across India and thereby could wipe away poverty from million homes. He goes on to add that by opening accounts in nearby bank branches they have been provided easy access to money. In North India where the number of villages far outnumber cities, the distances between the rural areas and the banks where they are situated too far away, the beneficiaries will have to slug it out to reach the banks where the behaviour of authorities towards these poor ones are merciless. They will have to stand in long queues to get their peanuts. Dr.Shashi Tharoor seems like being ignorant of the fact. He elaborates some other landmark measures enacted  by the UPA II govt the  Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill, Pension Regulatory Bill even while both houses of Parliament were plunged into cacophony. He squarely blames the Opposition for disturbing the functioning of the Houses frequently on flimsy grounds. The gentleman seems to have forgotten the long array of scams right from 2G Spectrum Scam, Adarsh Housing Scam, Common Wealth Games scam etc etc and of late the Coalgate scam all running into lakhs of crores of rupees draining off the exchequer.
Opposition disturbing the proceedings of the Parliament is not a new phenomenon. When NDA govt under Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was in power it was the hobby of Congress and its allies to disturb the two Houses running for months. How long they continued to plunge both Houses into pandemonium over the coffin scandal accusing the then Defence Minister George Fernandes. Dr.Tharoor can easily wash away the  sins explaining he was not a political entity then. Gentleman, please don’t try to play innocence. 
When prices of essential commodities are sky-rocketing, when the prices of essential commodities and food are rising high, when fuel prices are running high causing high inflation, when under-nourishment of millions, lack of education and health facilities are rising day by day, when the ugly phenomenon of rape is staring in the face of Indian women should the Opposition sit in Parliament like disciplined students sitting in front of the teacher?

Friday, September 6, 2013


Throwing his ruthless
blood-shot eyes at the poor fellow
he drained the poor man
off his remaining strength.
Like a king cobra
spreading its fang and
spitting venom at its victim
he shot-off choicest
expletives at the emaciated bloke.
Dealing a succession of steely blows
he made the poor chap
wriggle with pain on
the floor, spitting blood.
In the end he steam-rollered his victim
until he lay unconscious.
All these third degree measures
without knowing anything about the real
culprit charged with crime.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


We are two strange friends.
Strange in the sense that
neither I nor she knows
each other’s whereabouts
nor have we cared to.
In this strange city
where life flows like
a swiftly flowing river
the thin line dividing
friendships and strangeness has little significance  
and existence ephemeral.
I first met her in a
posh- restaurant while thinking over
the news of a brutal deflowering
of an young journalist by some sex-maniacs
in the sunset moments the other day.
Such events have started pouring in
getting to be the order of the day
where women could roam
in the thick of nights like free birds some time back.
The lady in her
sleeveless dark blouse, white saree
with her hair cropped sat face to face to me
and ordered a glass full of gin-lemon codial.
In the dim, cool ambience
she too must have been reflecting
on something which was better known to herself.
Though taken aback for a split second
I regained my calm,
gave a welcoming smile
to her and she returned it back.
I was coming to my last gulp of beer
and was in for ordering the second one.
she offered me a cigarette while lighting one
and taking a puff.
“The city is a roaring beast
and for escaping from the beast
we have found a shelter
here inside the AC restaurant
at least for some moments, NO?”
-She was poetic in her words.
I shook my head in agreement.
our talks went on for one or two hours
within which we did dwell on topics aplenty
if not everything under the sun
with occasional silence and deep sighs
playing spoil-sport.
Upon coming outside the restaurant
the city as usual was a roaming beast.
Wishing a big bye
each moved along in opposite directions.
We continue meet
once in a while not
knowing each other’s
Neither have we cared to……


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Lightening and whitening his dark smiles
humming and tune-in his rhythmless music
shaping and chiseling his shapeless artefacts
crafting and ornamenting the endless wordings of his stories
he gives a meaning to each movement in his life….

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


On a clear, blue starry night
a star from the skies
reached my hands
to my embarrassment and surprise.
The warmth and vibrations
I felt inside my hands
I was at a  loss to know
what to do with the star
vibrating inside my grip.
When I was about to
throw away in the
backyards of my residence
I heard as if like an oracle  ‘my child, my dear child,
I am your beloved Dad
coming all the way from the skies
where life to me is virtually suffocating
breaking away the shackles I came down
straight into your hands
to spend my days with you, dear child’ –
-the familiarity of my Dad’s voice made me
weep like a child for some moments
unable to mutter anything
yet it seemed incomprehensible and unbelievable.
My mind went back to the green days
of my early childhood
when Dad and I in the moonlit starlit nights
walked along the courtyard
looking up to the moon and twinkling stars
those were days I cried for the moon and stars
not knowing it was something beyond
the capacity of my Dad.
I was recalling the days
he rained kisses galore
on my cheeks and he was love personified.
‘Dad I will never ever
throw away into the
backyards, instead you are
going to be with me the
rest of the days’ - assured I to my Dad
whose face was inscribed in it.
What about my kith and kin Dad?
If they could also come falling into my hands
It would have made us cheerful for ever’ - I was inquiring him
‘Son, I do not know
where they are 
wherever they are they
too must be slugging out to break the chains
and come down into your hands’
‘Son, the laws of heaven are
more stringent than the
laws here on this earth.
Looking up from here I too once
felt like there all are in good spirits
but, no my son.’
On listening to his words
I was wondering the
ways of the heaven…………..

Monday, September 2, 2013


Distances proved no hindrances
to us in feeling each other,
in sensing each other.
Whenever she drowned
in her happiest moments
I too enjoyed
sublime happiness even sitting far away.
Whenever she looked in the mirror
she could see my reflection
and whenever I looked in the
mirror I saw her reflection.
In her moments of needling pain
I too felt the unbearable pain.
From the very day she turned a caged bird
our jewels of joy and happiness vanished from our life forever
pain turned out
to be our intimate, inseparable friend…
I am sure she must be recounting that
precious moment
when my arrow of love
pierced her golden heart and turned it aglow
and I still recount her precious golden moment
her arrow of love pierced my
heart and turned it aglow….  

Sunday, September 1, 2013


The inebriated,
the slum-dwellers,
and the ones who sleep,
on the pavements,
that we are,
often enjoy the honeyed dreams,
of our future,  
as the owners of sky-rocketing abodes,
beautiful wives,
energetic and beautiful children, 
expensive cars,
 security guards wherever we go,
multiplying bank balances,
celebrity status in the society,
and wining and dining with the fat cats.
We know not,
the nightmares haunting,
the real life crorepathis,
millionaires and billionaires,
of the devils on prowl,
preying upon them any moment,
and of an uncertain, 
future staring in the faces of their business empires,
and of lack of peace of mind,
those words are only hearsay to us.
Dreams often continue to
visit us  as gods to keep us going……