Sunday, June 30, 2013


The capital city is abuzz with
stories of shady deals
of ruling Samaritans these days.
The capital city is abuzz
with news reports of
people falling sick in the
incessant rains lashing the city
with hospitals getting
jammed with patients
fighting for a fresh lease of life.
The capital city as usual is abuzz with
crowds and vehicles  racing
past time to make both ends meet.
The capital city begins drowsing
with the fall of night and
the children of darkness
make their appearance from their dens seeking victims
to make a living.
The capital city’s citadel, however,
stands tall like an
impenetrable fortress
with silence ruling
the roost, thanks to the
round the clock security vigil.
The capital city’s
common citizens give
vent to their impotent rage on a
regular basis
through protest marches,
slogan shouting, stone-throwing
and all sorts of
weapons in their arsenal.
The capital city, being capital city
has got a name of its own….
and we are proud to be
a part of it.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Lined upon both sides
of the street are concrete jungles.
Street is littered with
garbages dumped by
the residents of concrete jungles.
Stench emanating from
the garbages were nauseating and mind-blowing  once.
To reach the bus station
its only five minutes walk.
Holding our noses tightly
we walk the path to
the bus station both during
day and night.
In the meantime 
garbages pile up along the path
and the whole exercise
being our undoing
we are accustomed with
walking over the garbage collection,
since we don’t believe in clearing the path
keeping in mind our false prestige.
And there is no other way
left to reach the station.
Nowadays we have learnt to enjoy the stench
hence we don’t believe in
holding our noses
in other words,
stench is perfume for us….

Friday, June 28, 2013


Like a pile of embers,
remains aglow,
each day,
our hearts and soul,
remain aglow,
with the hopes of,
a bright morrow,
devoid of,
lugubrious thoughts,
and dark dreams.
Each day,
we move ahead,
along the dark tunnel of
agonizing existence expecting
light at the end of it.
Embers keep on glowing,
hopes remain bright,
and life moves ahead,
in the midst of disturbing, cacophonic days.
Still the glimmering hopes,
hold a torch to the future,
showing us the way forward,
to a shining world……

Thursday, June 27, 2013


With the onset of monsoon fury, yes, this time it was fury, no doubt, Uttarkhand, the State carved out of Uttar Pradesh falling victim, Indian citizens as a whole are mourning the deaths of thousands of lives swept away (please don't go by official figures, it needs only commonsense to realize the gravity of the situation) along with tourist resorts, temples, factories, illegally constructed along the river banks and cattles even while the rescue operations are in full swing. Thousands are still stranded, thousands displaced, thousands thought to be alive gone missing - all provide a grim picture of the situation prevailing there. 
Why such a destruction of intense magnitude have taken place is question staring in the face of everyone, each time the nature turns its fury.
Environmentalists are of the view that with hundreds of resorts - pilgrim centres nowadays are tourist resorts - built on the fragile soil along the hilly areas facing sacred rivers and number of factories built along the banks of sacred rivers following no environmental standards couldn’t withstand the fury of the torrential rains, cloudbursts, frequent landslips all came down resulting in a crumbling disaster of this magnitude.
Ministers, be it by Prime Minister, or for the same reason Chief Ministers undertaking aerial flights are not a panacea for the disaster-stricken people. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) should have forseen such an eventuality not only on the matters of climate changes and aftermaths but almost in every field like infrastructure facilities like transportation, irrigation, electrification etc. Sadly, we Indians are always a bit too late or notorious for acting on the spur of the moments. As long as this mindset stays put Indian citizens are left to the whims and fancies of Nature and God. These are times when Indian Godmen and Godwomen are appearing on facebooks sitting in faraway nations enjoying all materialistic benefits and undertaking meditations or teaching meditation to worshippers. Let us meditate with them. All will be fine, no doubt.                  


US demand to extradite Edward Snowden from the Russian soil has been rejected by Vladimir Putin, Russian President, echoing an absolute ‘NO’.
Julian Assange, the international whistle-blower of Wikileaks cocooned in the Equadorian Embassy in Britain and whose security is taken for granted is certain about Edward Snowden’s whereabouts and that Snowden is very much safe wherever he is but the safe haven of Mr.Snowden and one of the assistants of Mr.Assange are secrets which he keeps close to his chest. Poor Bradly Mannings. While revealing the secret cables, which US thought with audacity that they couldn’t be divulged to anybody by anyone, experienced a shock when millions of secret cables collections and classified documents relating to various countries fell into the hands of the International whistle blower Wiki Leaks founded by Julian Assange might not have had the nightmare awaiting him at the hands of FBI sleuths stretching upto date and after.
But Mr.Snowden is of a different stuff and before emplaning to Hong Kong, he kept all secrets to himself, very much aware of the punishment which would have caught up with him.
All secrets, which the US’s Secret Intelligent Establishments seized from the internet agencies were made public inviting the wrath of US. The Big Brother must have felt naked before the entire world. An infuriated China whose secrets constituted a huge chunk reacted angrily to the demand of US to force Hong Kong to extradite Mr.Snowden by refusing the demand outright.
The hubris with which US moved ahead in keeping all its secrets and the same hubris with which it moved ahead on the question of a more secure US, than other nations got a rude shock thru Brad Mannings, Edward Snowden and the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack leading to its demolition. 
Where could be Snowden. Whether he has already flown to Cuba, on his way to Equador where he is supposed to seek asylum, where he is supposed to be granted asylum, none knows for sure now. Anyhow US ‘s efforts to get him extradited could fall on deaf ears.


God is a sumptuous feast
to a man/woman
starving for food for days together.
God is an oasis for a
man/woman trapped in a desert
melting under the burning sun
God is a beaming smile of
fragrant red rose to a forlorn lover
craving for the proximity
of his/her beloved.
God is love and care
sympathy and empathy
and a savior for a patient struggling for life.
God appears as a helicopter
to the hilly areas ravaged by
floods, cloudbursts and landslides
to lift up and rescue all
got stranded, be them
the Godmen or Godwomen.
Umpteen are his manifestations
Boundless is the love and care of
that omnipotent, omnipresent power.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Inside the air-conditioned restaurant
in the dim privacy of the cabin  
sitting across a table
over a cup of hot tea
she was lamenting about
the thin line dividing us
getting thicker and thicker
wider and wider
with the fall of each day
at a moment we dream about
a world where thin lines get blurred  
be it relationship between man and man
man and woman
nation and nation
instead of them turning thicker and thicker
wider and wider
for which I couldn’t give
her a satisfying answer and kept mum
for minutes.
later deflecting the issue…..
which made her eyes tearful
and face falling under a pall of gloom
like a flower turning pale
with the fall of darkness……   

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Like wild elephants
entering a sugar-cane plantation
and making a mess of everything
the forces of darkness
sneaked into the vast, sprawling garden
of flowers of freedom
in the solid darkness
from across the other side of fence
plucking and uprooting the pretty blooms and thick
growth of plants
leaving all of us in tears and agony.
In a world  
where the forces of evil run rampant
upsetting the very fabric
of a harmonious existence
no amount of better counsel,
appeals and appeasement
would suffice to
keep the forces of darkness
from the very World Map.

Monday, June 24, 2013


It is a treat to watch
a child crying for the
moon and twinkling stars
up above in the sky.
It is a treat to watch
a child playing pranks on
his/her parents, friends or
It is a treat to watch
a child falling in love
with a child of the opposite
sex and planting soft kisses 
on his/her cheeks.
The scenario undergoes vast
and inexplicable changes
when a youth, a middle-aged or an aged cries for
the moon and twinkling
stars up above the sky
or playing cruel jokes
on his/her parents, siblings
or friends and for that matter
anyone, anywhere, anytime.
It is a treat to watch
a young man falling in love
with a blonde or
vice-versa and sharing
their future dreams while walking along the sea-shore
enjoying the sea breeze or spending their intimate moments in a park
but it turns to be something
rash when he/she slaps
his/her forced love over the other.
It makes one feel sad,
sorry or exasperated
when undrawn boundaries
are crossed caring  two hoots
for them be he/she, a king/queen
and for that matter anybody.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


News from the North
are disquieting and disconcerting
mind-boggling and blood-chilling.
Torrential rains, floods, landslips,
two weeks in a row.
Communication lines snapped,
electric lines cut,
North is literally in the dark.
News from the North
disquieting and disconcerting,
mind-boggling and blood-chilling
people being washed away,
lands, monuments and temples
and pilgrims too washed away,
heavy downpours continue
Thousands stranded with
no help forthcoming in
the torrential rains
and frequent landslides none knows for sure
how many waiting to be lost
how many left starving,
how many are diseased
without proper care available, no idea.
It is ‘Tsunami’ – somebody calls
it is ‘apocalypse’ some others name it
 ‘deluge’ some call.
Be that as it may
news from the North are
disquieting and disconcerting
discomfortable and disheartening
mind-boggling and blood-chilling
with no hopes left……………………..  

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Generations to generations
like in a relay race
we’ve entrusted ourselves
with the task of
piling up the fallen leaves of this
giant umbrella like tree called life
and setting them
ablaze each morning.
The more we pile up and burn them
the more fall by the next  morning
and we continue with
the self-entrusted task 
of piling them up and burning them.
We expect no rewards
no remuneration, no thanks
and despite all those
this task has become
a part of our life or destiny.
The leaves go on sprouting
it is a non-stop process
like the job entrusted
to us by ourselves.
The ashes of yesterday
never appear today 
since they fly past lands to lands
that too a never-ending cycle.   


The reports of millions of Brazilians spilling over to the streets to protest against the decision to spend billions of dollars to build a giant stadium for the upcoming World Cup Football 2014 and 2016 Olympics at a time the country can’t afford to look after the immediate needs of common citizens makes disturbing reading. At present Confederation Soccer Cup tournament is going on in full steam amidst protests by the Brazilians. Last week’s bus price hike is the immediate trigger for the protests to break out. The news is surprising  as well as embarrasing. On Friday the news of this Latin American country witnessing one million protestors rising in revolt against the govt ruled by the former revolutionary turned President Dilma Rousuff makes disturbing reading. Ms.Rousuff, whose popularity took a steep dip on account of the recent hike in  bus charges triggered the rebellion. The Brazilians poured into the streets in various cities in revolt. These reports are music to the ears of Brazilian Opposition and pro-US nations. Ms.Rousuff, the chosen successor of Lula De Silva, in whose period Brazil was ahead on the economic front and pro-poor measures. And owing to the same reasons Brazilians were basking in glory savouring peace and progress on various fronts.
His faith in Ms.Dilma Rousuff was solid –rock and due to the same reason, Ms.Rousuff was chosen his successor to lead the nation from the front. In the beginning and until recently, Brazilians were tasting calm and peace.
And that satisfaction has cleared the way for the majority of Brazilians turning against the alleged anti-poor ostentatious policies of the Brazilian govt.
The immediate spark which led to the conflagration was the recent steep-hike in bus prices which is unbearable to millions of Brazilians on account of the govt spending huge funds to Confederation soccer  cup matches and the 2014 World Cup football tournament and 2016 Olympics which was mentioned earlier.. Though Brazilians are crazy football lovers  squeezing the common man by imposing heavy taxes are not to their liking.
Ms.Rousuff’s govt at the outset took the large-scale protests silly and didn’t heed the demands of the protesters later had to cow down as millions are pouring to the streets against the govt’s obstinate decision to stick by its policy. Ms.Rousuff has herself taken the initiative to invite the leaders of the protesters to chalk out a solution to mollify the seemingly fuming protesters. Perhaps, Lula De Silva himself might intervene to find out a durable solution who is looked upon with love and respect by majority of Brazilians.


With the 2014 drawing closer and closer and with the D-Day for the last American military personal to leave Afghanistan, US, as a first step in the right direction has handed over the whole responsibility to Afghan Military personnel.
But US’s initiative to hold a trilateral meet with Taliban forces which have opened an office in the Qatari Capital  of Doha naming it the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and unfurling of Taliban flag, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s ire turned against US and has backed out of the trilateral talks.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was the former Afghan govt before Afghanistan govt under Hamid Karzai was formed. An angry Mr.Karzai has made it clear that his dispensation is not at all willing to accept the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan since his govt do not want his nation to be mentioned an Islamic nation.
It is amusing as well as interesting that in the 9/11 bombardment of the twin towers of World Trade Centre, allegedly by the Al-Quaeda elements which was nurtured and nourished by the Taliban Afghanistan govt was named Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
The American wrath fell on the then govt of Taliban which resulted in the bombardment and total destruction of Afghanistan killing millions and millions, displacing as many citizens and missing as many. In the mean time the Taliban govt was overthrown by US and NATO-led forces paving the way for Hamid Karzai to take over power in the capacity of President. Now after 12 years, US along with NATO forces are in a hurry to leave Afghanistan and before that entire exercise is to be completed, it wants a trilateral meeting at the Doha office of Taliban with Mr.Karzai as the third partner. An angry Mr.,Karzai is not at all willing to hold talks with an organization which has shown the audacity  to name the office at Doha, The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with a Taliban flag..
With Mr.Karzai backing out of the talks at Doha, US leaders may not sit idle and is possible that it is poised to veering around Mr.Karzai to the negotiating table which is unlikely to succeed. In the meanwhile Russia seems to have plunged into the issue.    

Friday, June 21, 2013


Looking happy and composed,
he sat in the chair,
looking sad and depressed,
she sat in the adjacent chair.
Well-attired he was,
clumsily dressed she was,
he was in his early fifties,
and grey haired,
and she was in her teens.
She was drowsing all along,
he was looking around,
the drawing room packed to capacity.
He saw others,
throwing their glances at his daughter,
with eyes full of compassion and sorrow. 
He felt a lump in his throat,
yet he tried his best,
to look composed and happy,
as if nothing serious had happened.
His efforts to,
cheer her up went in vein,
yet she tried to gift,
him a pale sleepy smile before,
lapsing into her depressing thoughts.
Waiting for their turn,
both sat silent and moody.
Any moment they would,
be called to meet the Doctor,
what must be her problem,,
the traumatic looks of the girl in her teens,
each one must have been,
asking to himself/herself.
In these horrendous times ,
in a city where safe existence has no guarantee,
where anything could happen to anyone anytime,
only he and she knew,
the gravity of the situation in her life till ,
her pains are presented,
before the Doctor sitting inside.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Foot-steps make her shudder
Each foot-step forces her eyes go wide
driving her to look around in panic
after that fateful
incident of that night on which
she was ripped apart by
that red-eyed beast with long sharp nails.
Under the heavy weight of the burly beast
she resisted with all her strength
left in her
which made him
burst into a maniac’s laughter.
She was like a
flower with soft petals
which could be crushed easily.
Her feeble cries
for help got sunk deep for a while
with the rushing vehicles blaring
horns to and fro down the road.
Some passersby who spotted
her lying writhing in pain, calling feebly for help
rushed her to a hospital immediately
and got her treated.  
But the deep scar left by
that fateful incident
still refuses to fade away.
Foot-steps continue to shudder her
each foot-step
forces her eyes go wide
with fear and panic
driving her to look
around like a girl gone out of her sense.  



While, on the one hand Monsoon has let loose a torrent of destruction causing loss of lives and property across the nation from its very outset mostly in North India especially Uttarkhand, on the other hand, a political churning is in full swing on the national political scenario as a prelude to the upcoming 16th General Elections which is less than a year away.
Emerging political equations will reveal the shape of things to come and like spectators sitting in the ringside-seats watching a circus ,we the citizens undergo a variety of emotions.
The political churning of sorts is not a sudden or unexpected development, as we are fairly aware of the fact that with the approaching General Elections, the political scenario is poised for a change. And that time has come, that is even while the whole nation is shivering with fever on the one hand, election- fever has gripped the nation with the political barometer showing signs of upswing of the mercury level.
The churning gathered momentum with the holding of National Executive meeting of the main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at Panaji, Goa mainly to elect its Election Committee Manger or Chairman. The meeting was just a formality as Mr.Narendra Modi of Gujarat fame was already deemed to be the appropriate person to lead from the forefront in the coming General Elections mkuch to the chagrin of Lal Kishan Advani who was sidelined in the entire exercise, which was unbecoming of the top-rung as well as second-rung leaders, Narendra Modi was catapulted to the post of election committee chairman. It was not surprising that Mr.Advani would not remain a mute spectator before the entire exercise and let loose his protest by resigning from the posts of BJP’s Parlimentary party leader and two other equally important posts.
With him tendering his resignation from three important posts, the entire party couldn’t laugh away the issue because of Advani’s potential as the architect of the party. The entire top brass went into a huddle and decided to mollify a fuming Advani. Though unrelenting for a while with the stern direction of Mohan Bhagawat, Sar Sangha Chalak of the Sangh Parivar to withdraw forthwith his resignation from the three key posts Advani evolved into a obedient boy and withdrew his resignation albeit reluctantly. Sangh Parivar’s hold on BJP is a well-known fact and whenever the leaders of BJP deviated from its directions, the whole wrath fell over them. Advani too was once an RSS man and even in his mid-eighties he has not dared to throw away that Khaki knicker and white shirt, like his predecessor Atal Bihari Vajpayee who was a clever but cunning politician like late P.V.Narasimha Rao, though he was Congress man. Mr.Rao’s allegedly covert support to the demolition of Babri Masjid in December 6, 1992 was not a top secret. No amount of explanations would suffice to label him a clean Congress man with secular credentials.
With Advani’s fate sealed, Janata Dal (U), a key partner in the NDA rose in revolt which had turned a sulking partner from the very day rumours about Narendra Modi taking up the mantle of BJP election committee Chairman. Close on the heels of Narendra Modi getting appointed as the mascot of BJP, Janata Dal(U) held a hurriedly summoned meeting in which it formally declared its disassociation from NDA.
With Janata Dal(U) leaving NDA, the leftists and regional parties plunged seriously into forming a third front to take on both United Progressive Alliance and the now limping ‘NDA’. 
The emergence of Mamata Banerji, Chief Minister of West Bengal calling for a Federal Front of regional parties are not to the liking of certain parties even otherwise it is unlikely to be materialized.
With Left Front talking to the leaders of JD(U), Biju Janata Dal(BJD) led by Naveen Patnaik, Telugu Desom Party of Chandra Babu Naidu, Janata Dal(S) of Dev Gowda and like-minded parties could form a cohesive force to take on both UPA (United Progressive Alliance) which is neck-deep in corruption, scams and scandals and National  Defence Alliance (NDA) which too is the other side of the coin – I mean, the UPA and the so-called NDA - a hung parliament is a possibility if not a probability. If things go well on the expected lines this is a God-send opportunity for the Third Front to play a prominent role in the forming of a new-look govt with entirely different policy approaches at the Centre. And if the Indian citizen has not been able to learn any lesson even now he/she is not at all going to learn anything in future too.
Apart from rampant corruption, scams and scandals, life of an average Indian citizen has fallen into a quagmire of extreme poverty, rampant unemployment, snowballing of prices of essential commodities helpless women and children (majority of Indian women are a disempowered lot), a new breed of rich –crorepatis, millionaires and billionaires is emerging on the other side with free flow of funds exclusively flowing to their coffers it is time we need to introspect and act accordingly.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


her Alma-Mater,
later a teacher, in the end its Supremo,
it is a sweet pain and indescribable pleasure,
for her to visit that school on Sundays,
spending sometime there,
recalling her days as a student, then as a teacher,
later as its Head
walking along the verandahs, corridors and classrooms
heaving deep sighs intermittently.
Memories of those yesteryears,
caress and embrace her,
chokes her with the inexplicable emotions forcing her
to burst into laughters and occasional cries of joy.
Walking along the verandahs,
corridors and classes,  simultaneously she would evolve
into a student, teacher and Supremo,
and now a nobody or everybody,
spending lonely moments in her home,
just outside the four tall compound walls of the school.
On walking down the sprawling stadium 
just in front of the school
the memories of the days she played,
different games with her colleagues,
flash past her eyes brimming with tears, 
coursing down her face.
With the Sunday bidding,
bye with the promise of,
staging a comeback after six  days,
the school awakes from ‘her’ sleep,
and evolves into a hive of activities of,
students and teachers which reaches her ears,
like the joyous waves of the sea lashing
the shores non-stop.
Even in the sunset of her life
these waves of joy make her a student
a teacher and the Supremo simultaneously.
‘Happy to be in the
neighbourhood of my
Alma Mater’ 
‘Happy to be in the
neighbourhood of a good part of my life’
 – she would whisper to herself.
‘Lively and Lovely simultaneously
to be my Alma-Mater’.    

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Thinking of the all encomposing
love and fury of Nature and God,
I lay, both alarmed and relieved simultaneously.
Thinking of these strange times
with the bottom level of
patience and love getting
dried up among mankind
it seems God and Nature too
have shed their all encomposing approach
of blessing and punishing
for which they are worshipped by the entire mankind now.
Thinking of the drying up of the qualities of virtues
expected of this species called mankind
Nature and God too have evolved into
all encomposing fury
in the forms of massive floods and rains of Sun….
turning the life a hell on earth…..

Monday, June 17, 2013


When memories, painful, piercing and gnawing
continue to haunt us
giving us sleepless nights
and chains of nightmares
we wish,
if memories were like
leaves or faded petals of flowers
falling on earth
which in due course of time
turn one with the soil
bestowing us with hopes of a new dawn.
when memories are
cheerful, delightful and rejoicing
our wishful thinking
of fallen leaves
and faded petals
turning one with soil
melt into thin air
bestowing us with 
enlightenment of our life
as a collage of
haunting, painful and piercing memories
cheerful, rejoicing, delightful memories
and not so sad, not so happy yesterdays.
erasing the past events
on the whole is unthinkable.
Let haunting and gnawing
memories exist in harmony with
cheerful, delightful, rejoicing memories…….

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Longing for his glimpse
she went there again and again
throwing here wide eyes around
she stood rooted there for sometime
ignoring the inquiring eyes
of  odd men and women she moved out
stepping down the crowded streets of the city
she walked along
throwing herself into the
bed and tried in vain to have a deep sleep.
Finding no solace
she turned around and
around in the bed
for hours on end throwing
up her hands  in despair
dreaming for the unending, ultimate sleep..
he was nobody to her
she was nobody to him

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Iran went to polls amidst unprecedented security covers for the election of new President in the place of Ahmedi Nejad, the outgoing President after four years of rule, ie from 2009, is bowing out of office paving the way for the incoming President. Mr. Nejad was in the saddle for the second time. His relationship with Iranian Religious Supremo Ayatollah Ali Khomeni, though rosy in the beginning later turned sour on a slew of issues. His nominee and close relative must have been disqualified from contesting the elections by the Guardian Council which comes under the direct control of Ayatollah Ali Khomeni, the religious Supremo could be linked with this bitter relationship.
In the elections held on Friday a huge chunk of electorate marched to the polling booths to elect the new President. Almost 50 million exercised their franchise which is reported by media agencies. In an election contested by six candidate except one, who is a centrist and who does have the generous support of reformists like Muhammad Khatamei and Ali Akbar Rafsanjani. The other five candidates are conservative owing allegiance to the religious Supremo especially Ali Akbar  Velayati and Sayed Jalili who was incidentally Iran’s top nuclear negotiator with the P5 + 1 nations.
US is maintaining a close watch on the situation developing in the backdrop of elections for a new President in Iran. Iran which remained defiant on the issue of nuclear enrichment during Ahmedi Nejad’s rule is unlikely to soften its stance on the latter issue, despite biting sanctions slapped upon it by the US led P5 + 1 nations.
US’s apprehension of Iran manufacturing nuclear weapons may not die down or disappear after Ahmedi Nejad. Decades of enmity, to be specific, since 1979 revolution Iran is likely to continue unabated as long as a pro-Western dispensation is poised to rule the country. With the coming to an end of Sha Muhammed Reza Pahlavi who was a dictator as well as a US lackey, Iran is unlikely to be under a pro-US regime.
So be it. If any of the contestants on Friday’s elections fail to win 50 percent margin in the first round of counting a second round will have to be held on June 21, 2013. Of late the Reformist backed centric Hassan Raouhani has been decalred the winner thus avoiding a run-off on June 21.
While this is election time in Iran, Turkey witnesses another grim scenario. Recep Tayyip Erdogan who came to power on a popular wave is struggling hard to suppress a turmoil raging across the country ever since he emerged as the third President in a row, turned to Islamisation of Turkey.
The man who since 2003 after winning three consecutive wins, of late, has bared out dictatorial tendencies. In the beginning his economic reforms gave the country a face-lift which brought him laurels from across the masses and nations the world over showed signs of decline with him turning to be an incorrigible Islamist which includes banning of alcohol, citizens kissing in public and curtailing the rights of women confining them to the four walls of their homes.
His measures opened a can of worms resulting in months long rebellion which the people term Turkish Spring.
Their claim of Turkish Spring has been castigated by Mr.Erdogan by declaring that spring had already bloomed and what Turkey witnesses is nothing but a rebellion to oust him from power or to force him mend his ways.
As Lord Acton said, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
Turkey now bears testimony to this dictum.     


We always try to tear away
the thick envelope of darkness
trying to swallow this
beautiful, magnificent world
only to find the next moment this envelope
of darkness like a whale  
trying to swallow this
beautiful, magnificent world.
The more we try, the quicker it approaches us
but we keep ourselves ever vigilant
and tear away
this dark thick envelope
so as to enable all of us to remain under
‘one thousand, splendid suns’ 
Forces of evil are here to stay
so are forces of light,
both engaged in relentless
round-the-clock struggle showing no
signs of end of the story.

Friday, June 14, 2013


City flourishes, city nourishes
both simultaneously
city ascends, city descends
both simultaneously.
Be it in summer,
Be it in winter
Be it in monsoon
Be it in autumn
city flourishing, city ascending.
City’s incarnations abound
city’s manifestations abound 
even while flourishing and nourishing
even while ascending and descending
city remains sick
wraps itself around with thick woollen blanket
seeks refuge from the severity of trembling fever.
Clinics  mushroom, hospitals mushroom,
multi-specialty hospitals mushroom
diagnostic centres mushroom
drug houses mushroom
and all reap a rich harvest
thanks to the sick
thanks to the environs.
Doctors go on minting money
that too thanks to the
sick, thanks to the agents of
diseases circulating through the veins of sick.
But city continues to flourish,
city continues to nourish tasting the fruits of
diseases of suffering thousands.  

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Whenever someone close to me
shares his/her dreams about
developing wings
shivers run down my spine
and you might be wondering
I had a friend who was a
colleague of mine
many years senior to me
while working together in an institution.
Beings, colleagues and intimate friends
it was our pleasure to share
our feelings, some agonizing, some rejoicing.
He being  tongue in cheek
it was a pleasurable, joyous
experience to spend time
with him as many time as I could.
In the course of time
he being far senior to me
had to bid farewell to all colleagues
on reaching superannuation.
He being my intimate friend
even after the painful farewell
continued the friendship
thru frequent calls over phone
either by him or by me…
Days passed, weeks passed
months passed, years passed
and river of time  continued to flow  
through unknown lands
our frequent calls
turned rare
the warmth but remained intact.
One day, after a long pause,
I made a call to him
he was his usual self
in a cheerful, merry mood,
shared with me thoughts
past and present.
Memories never fade away
you know
at least in our case it was quite true.
Before switching off the mobile
he told apparently
with no emotions
about him developing wings.
I couldn’t make head or tail of it
still not inquired what
he meant by it.
On a pleasant note
the our talks came to
an end that day.
Now after a long spell
when I saw him
in the obituary column
in the inner page of a newspaper
a shudder went down my body
and I remained spell bound
for a long time
unable to move or talk.
Memories never fade away.
Memories never fade away
at least in our
prolong friendship….

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It was quiet unexpected. It was a bomb-shell. Or so it seemed. None had expected such a move from the part of a leader of national stature like Lal Kishan Advani. But for Mr.Advani at present there is not a single leader of national stature in BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party). One Jaswant Singh, One Yashwant Sinha, one Sushma Swaraj albeit very much in the party. Even Jaswant Singh, who donned the prestigious roles of Finance Minister first and External Affairs later, won’t go to the extent of claiming to be a national leader of repute. But Mr.Singh, Mr.Sinha and Ms.Swaraj all three are with the 85 year old patriarch, who after weighing all pros and cons of or so it seemed, quit his posts of BJP parliamentary board, National Executive and Election Committee Chairman had nursed the ambitions of standing as a Prime Ministerial candidate in the ensuing General Elections in 2014.
Sensing that it is the appropriate moment to galvanize all forces against a corruption-ridden scam, scam-ridden, scandal-ridden, UPA 2 with its arrogant manners for which it needs to be ‘appreciated’, BJP’s incumbent President Rajnath Singh along with second-rung leaders of the party were on a hot pursuit of building a cohesive force to fight out in the upcoming elections so as to enable it to be catapulted to power in 2014 after a spell of 10 years. While busy immersed in seeking a suitable person to lead from the front certain leaders at last found a person in the form of Narendra Modi, who seemed to be emerging a potential force to majority of BJP leaders or so it seemed an obliging Modi, who sees himself as the deserving fellow jumped to the front with enormous enthusiasm and delight at the thought of keeping himself in the saddle.
BJP leadership except senior leaders like L.K.Advani, Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and Sushma Swaraj were unanimous in projecting Mr.Narendra Modi as the new Chairman Election Committee of BJP.In the National Defence Alliance (NDA) for which there is up until now no congruous of opinions in NDA. A sulking JD(U) leader and Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar had already made his position clear his strong reservations against projecting Mr.Modi as the Prime Ministerial Candidate.
Notwithstanding Janata Dal (United)’s fierce opposition, certain Bharatiya Janata Party went ahead with determination out of hubris and arrogance come what may, Advani and his colleagues sat mute spectators enjoying the circus about which they had a premonition.
Modi’s tainted past is not yet forgiven by a minority community which witnessed and underwent mind-boggling, blood-chilling sufferings in the 2002 pogrom condemned the world over.
His political chicanery brought him laurels which he deserves not, but three consecutive election victories to the State Assembly made him feel himself as a larger than life figure. And this exalted feeling prompted him and his admirers to think that he is capable of leading country of diversity sitting in the South Block at Lutyeri’s Delhi.
But he should have remembered that Gujarat is only a part of India and India is a vast country of diversities at that and regional leader like him aiming to be the Prime Minister is like a child crying for the moon. Nursing ambitions is anybody’s right.
Lal Kishan Advani, who donned the role Deputy Prime Minister of India in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Cabinet is seeming to be the fit person to contest as Prime Ministeral candidate, though he is running in his mid 80’s. Though not a person following the Hindutva ideology, in the capacity as a citizen of India, this writer is of the opinion that projecting Advani is good for NDA as also Narendra Modi. He has still, miles to go before aspiring for the prestigious post and the formost thing expected of him shed the larger than life feeling. But within 24 hours of his resignation BJP leaders huddled together to force Mr.Advani not to resign from the post of Election Committee Chairman, Leader of the Parliamentary board, and National Executive. An unrelenting Advani stuck to his position and all thought it was enough for him, or so it seemed. But this leader of national stature meekly surrendered before the diktats of Sangh Parivar Head, Mohan Bhagavat and took back his resignation from three bodies only to see the NDA beginning to crack on the question of Narendra Modi heading the NDA alliance from the front in the future.


It’s as simple as that.
Seize the day for what it is.
Days of hare and tortoise are over
slow and steady never wins a race.
It’s as simple as that.
No obfuscations, No convolutions,
no mysteries
It’s as simple as that.
Seize the day for what it is
speed past the fastest trains
fly past the fastest space-crafts 
travel past the light years
rush ahead through the
surging crowds
and seize the day for it is.
This is not the age of
hare and tortoise stories.
Slow and steady never wins the race.
Race ahead, surge ahead, forge ahead
and grab the opportunity.
It’s as simple as that
never get tired, never, ever……….

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Flowers bloom in abundance here
green fields spread green carpets here
hills and mountains like caparisoned
elephants stand tall here
rivers flow transparently and smoothly here
streams, lakes and ponds ornament here
life is always calm, tranquil and serene here
shady trees lined on
both sides of tarred streets provide
shades to the passersby  here.
In the sylvan environs each co-exists with
the other peacefully, harmoniously
and in perfect camaraderie here
all here
believe me, here, not anywhere else
here in my dreams
dreams, dreams only in my dreams
the flame of zest for life never flickers down.
In this topsy-turvy world everything
outside the boundary lines of my dreams
is in disarray…
I hope, none would
deny me the freedom to
dream about a better morn.
No, never, no one can….
You know dreams don’t have boundaries…..

Monday, June 10, 2013


Question marks and
exclamation marks
fly past me
on pondering over
a dictator in his labyrinth
who undergoes sleepless
nights and nightmares
who refuses to step down
or decides not to
throw up his hands  
in the face of mounting
pressure and onslaughts launched against him
by his countrymen
with sophisticated arms
and ammunition closing in on him
and his fortress.
Even while shudders
run down his body by the constant pounding
and deafening explanations rock the palace
from near and afar
which factor in him forces to stick to
his post by hook or by crook
even while aware of
the tragic fate awaiting him.
Is this lust for power
‘written’ in his  genes 
or a false pride draws
him to the ultimate tragedy?
Most malevolent dictators
are leeches sucking
the blood of their own subjects
and they continue to go on
with the wily ruthless game
until the nemesis catches up with them.
While remaining
cowards they never
forget to put up brave defiant faces in public….
History bears testimony to it……   

Sunday, June 9, 2013


This is a framework
resembling a cage
in which are embedded
some dos and don’ts
or many dos and many don’ts
constituted by the mankind,
for the mankind and of the mankind.
Never dare to break open
this framework
the birds of do’s and don’ts might fly away
leaving the framework empty
and all hell would break loose
and fall on us like
ear-splitting lightnings
followed by thunder - showers.
This framework is
a magic lantern
guiding us mankind
down the smooth paths
towards universal harmony.
Our penchant  
to break open it 
is the root cause of  all the
curses and evils befalling this society.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Somewhere along the way
we met
somewhere along the way
we parted
in between our meeting
and departure
much water flowed down the Ganges
sometimes quietly, smoothly and sometimes ferociously.
Now sitting at two corners
of the globe
we long for the proximity of each other
knowing fairly well
the insurmountable obstacles separating both 
and we know
this is life
this is the bitter truth .
Let’s nurse dreams
of a passionate reunion
at least in our next life
if there is a life after death….        


Nawaz Sherif, 63, was sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on Wednesday. President Asif Ali Sardari administered the oath of office at a ceremony which was boycotted by Pakistan Peoples’ Party leaders and Tehreek-e-Insaf led by Imran Khan, the cricketer turned politician. This is the third time Nawaz Sherif is sworn in as Prime Minister, first in 1993, then in 1997 and now 2013. It is a history of sorts.
A mountain of tasks awaits Nawaz Sherif and in the capacity as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Will he be able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable tasks one by one is the billion dollar question staring on the face of Mr.Nawaz Sherif.
First and formost task awaiting his interference is the threat posed by the hard-core extremists which are determined to go hammer and tongs going for the jugular of a country already reeling under multiple threats. This bane of militancy has not only upset the social and political equilibrium of the nation which is spilling over to the neighbouring countries of India and Afghanistan, the latter already reeling under this menace, to be precise, for the last 12 years, have not tasted the fruit of peace and harmony thanks to the war launched against the country by US after the historic bombardment of the twin towers of World Trade Centre allegedly by Al-Quaeda elements headed by the late Osama Bin Laden and Aymen Al-Zawahiri. Millions perished, properties and historical monuments destroyed - even before US unleashed the ten year old consistent onslaught by the then ruling regime of Taliban. Millions displaced, too many of them went missing. Now that Tehreek-E-Taliban, the dreaded terror-outfit operating from the soil of Pakistan have made it a hobby of sorts to effect maximum destruction, one by one with their declared objective of forcing the foreign countries, here America, India and allies of US.
Nawaz Sherif in order to wipe out the menace of terror outfits in other words to uproot these poisonous trees will have to launch a sustained battle which is easier said than done. If he is determined to fight this fissiparous elements come what may, a gradual elimination of the terrorist hydra tightening its grip around the country would be possible, no doubt.
Another crisis which badly invites his care and attention is the blackouts widespread across the nation. Reports of 20 hours black outs mean the nation is ‘groping’ in the dark and we wonder whether Pakistan citizens do have regular peaceful sleeps. True, in the midst of thunderous bomb explosions across the streets of the country perpetrated by terror elements – who are the friends of darkness – even otherwise Pakistanis might not be experiencing sound sleeps. And their quest for a dispensation which could bring about power, peace and jobs, if taken care of has landed in the lap of Nawaz Sherif the third time though not consecutively. The disheartening, disappointing and disillusioning fact is that some of the militant outfits are hand-in-gloves with the army and its intelligence wings Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). Army’s grip over the nation dates back to decades, put it mildly, from the very outset the country attained freedom in 1947, August 14.
Unemployment is at its peak and Nawaz Sherif has already come to grips with the mounting menace and let’s hope he would plunge into taking care of the problems of youth right from the outset.
Pakistan’s women, lakhs of them are still confined like caged birds are pulling on under miserable conditions. Women empowerment is a need awaiting the incumbent Prime Minister’s immediate attention.
On the external front what Prime Minister‘s attention has centered is the occasional drone attacks launched by US across the Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa Province where anti-US an ‘anti-everything’ elements have made safe havens. It is not surprising that while allocating portfolios Sherif has kept with himself the Foreign and Defence Portfolios.
Baluchistan issue is going to be a hot potato in the hands of Nawaz Sherif and the earlier he attended the issue, the better.
India awaits with handful hopes to establish a warm friendly relationship with the incumbent Prime Minister and the desire was already conveyed to him on phone by Dr.ManMohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister. The closer these two countries work together towards settling a slew of problems between each nations, the warmer the relationship would emerge. And if Nawaz Sherif too goes into the footsteps of the regimes which were voted out and ousted from power, here I mean the military situation will turn out to be one of occasional confrontions, if not ongoing skirmishes along the line of actual control.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Enlivened by the elixir of
 love she poured forth,
Enchanted by the rhythmic
steps of the blessed danseuse
her ‘anklets’(chilankas)
jingling, jingling, jingling
Enthralled by the melody of
the singing nightingales and ‘gandharvas’ on the stage
Enthused by the moonwalks of
the junior Michael Jacksons
Engrossed in the scintillating
performance of orchestra
rising from a low key to crescendo
both of us sat among the audience 
for hours on end
with the curtain descending down
marking the end of the show
and with a drunken, elevated feeling
that much intoxicated we were
wobbled along the tarred road
each’s hands covering the other’s
to our destination…
with moon and stars
lighting our way ahead
in the misty night of December…

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Though keeping a diary is not my forte
I do keep a diary detailing
every minute detail
in the inner pages of my mind.
Though not keeping a driving license
I am confident of
driving home my vehicle of argument
to its ultimate destination
jumping all obstructions on the way.
Though keeping a stony face always
in the face of love, anger, agony and sadness.
I do undergo all
tender emotions albeit keeping a stony face.
Though not given to taking stock of my
experiences and calculations
I do keep stock of all experiences
and calculations every now and then.
All said and done
I am not that what I am made out to be…
My mind is a mystery even
to myself….
What about yours’?….   

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Let me be a sprouting plant
in any of the gardens
growing on the terraces
of the concrete jungles in
this sprawling metropolis.
Let me rewind my memories
to look around
the thick verdant greenery
elevating me to a plain
of ecstasy while resting under the shade  
of the giant umbrella of the banyan tree 
of my village.
Let me heave deep sighs of nostalgia
on moving fast forward to
witness the grim reality of
the concrete structures
in the place of natural
greenery which ornamented
this vast area  once upon a time.
Instead sitting in the
present tense,
I witness a few
donning green clothes
to display solidarity with a Green Earth.
In these strange times
we need to diarise
namesake dates to
celebrate rather than
formally come to grips with
the menace of certain
abhorrent things staring at our faces….

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


With the general elections due in less than a year mainstream political parties are busy engaged in cobbling together alliances and fronts to come face to face with for the formation of the next govt at Centre. Political parties, Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party are on the look out for allies forgetting or trying to forget the enmities at least till the General Elections are over. UPA (United Progressive Alliance) and NDA (National Defence Alliance) the two main contending alliances are the main contending alliances, this time too. On the periphery sit Left Front consisting of Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India (CPI), Forward Block and Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) which constitute the Left Front are not nursing any ambitions of capturing power at the Centre as these are still not  a  force to reckon with in the great race for power. Still they do keep dreams of forming a third front with the aim of hurting UPA and NDA at the hustings if possible cobble together a force bringing all splinter parties under one umbrella and emerge a potential force to armtwist the coming UPA govt or NDA govt - each finds possibilities of emerging winners when the chips are down.
While Indian National Congress has not so far made its stand clear as to who is set to be its Prime Ministerial candidate  Dr.ManMohan Singh, the incumbent PM or Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, Indian National Congress or another one who might be sitting in the wings - to be more apt, a dark horse, Bharatiya Janata Party, the largest party in the NDA alliance has almost made  its position clear by holding aloft its trump card Narendra Modi as the future Prime Minister in case NDA returns to power. Easier said than done.
NDA’s main constituent Janata Dal (United) has made its position amply clear that there is no question of recognizing Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India pointing towards the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 in which approximately three thousand citizens of a minority community were brutally slaughtered allegedly at the instance of Narendra Modi who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat then. Furthermore, Nitish Kumar himself finds himself a suitable candidate to be the next PM. A piquant situation has developed in NDA with the prospect of JD(U) walking out of National Defence Alliance. Though Bharatiya Janata Party holds out a brave face, a confident face., the undercurrents developing in the party cannot be ignored. 
Day before yesterday Lal Kishan Advani while addressing a large gathering in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh minced no words in praising the incumbent Chief Minister Shivaraj Singh Chauhan for converting the latter’s State into a ‘heaven on earth’ albeit lauding Narendra Modi for the administrative skills the latter displayed in changing the face of Gujarat for the better.
Advani, who is the architect of Bharatiya Janata Party which no one in his party would contest had fondled a dream of entering the ‘driving seat’ of an NDA govt. Even in his 80’s, he still secretly fondles that dream and his ‘grudge’ against Modi is not a secret. In the event of Advani emerging the front runner for Prime Ministership – mind you all hypothetical – Janata Dal (United) won’t have much of a problem.
But Modi’s kingsize ambition of becoming the Prime Minister has many takers in Bharatiya Janata Party’s National leadership.
They prefer selectively – forget the architect  of the party – whose ‘Rata Yathra’ across length and breadth of India could bring laurel’s to party and his sincere efforts to rejuvenate it from a meager strength of two members in Parliament enabled it to be the largest single party later. That is an old story. So be it.
Close on the heels of Advani’s hideous preference for Shivraj Singh Chauhan to be the more suitable national leader than Narendra Modi, BJP’s National President Rajnath Sing in a meeting at Hyderabad took the opportunity to paint Mr.Modi as the ‘most popular leader of India’. Whether the gentleman made that statement in a lighter vein? Otherwise how come he declare Modi as the ‘most popular leader of India’? The gentleman is really funny. No doubt. In fact, Modi’s sway in other States except in Gujarat is virtually negligible and the recently held elections to the Assembly in Karnataka where Congress could emerge with a comfortable majority, though many in the party had felt that Modi could create miracles there too.
Even Mr.Modi might have wondered as well elevated at the audacity displayed by Rajnath Singh.
All said and done, one shouldn’t forget the fact that both INC and BJP are unanimous in summoning an early session of Parliament to get Food Security Bill and Land Acquisition Bill passed at the earliest, our mainstream parties hearts go out for the suffering millions at the lower and lowest stratas of society with elections round the corner….Very kind of them. They have awakened from their ‘selective amnesia’. Let God Almighty shower his choices blessings as also (choicest epithets)……………..          


One day a stranger,
tall, hairy and burly he was,
made a frightening,
appearance before her,
from nowhere.
Upon glancing his,
commanding eyes,
left her speechless, numb-
and dumb-founded,
held her tender hand,
within his iron-fist,
gestured to walk along with him.
Like a lamb,
accompanying the abattoir,
resisting her,
earnest desire to raise a hue and cry,
thus inviting her neighbours’ attention,
with her throats gone dry,
eyes gone wide without drops of-
tears springing forth,
she was left with no-
option, but to walk along with the tall, hairy,
burly man with commanding
eyes holding her soft hand tightly
within his iron-fist.
The journey which began,
in the morning along the ,
roads and bridges, deserts,
steep hills, towns and,
cities, entered a dark thick forest,
with the descending of the night,
over the thick forest.
The tall, burly stranger,  
let loose his hand,
bestowing her a slight relief,
which was otherwise crushed,
thrust his commanding eyes at her,
which were shining and fearsome.
Fearless and dare-devil he was
seemed like
the dusky, thick forest was his
permanent abode,
without uttering anything to her,
melted into thick darkness,
of the forest,
leaving her rooted there,
like an orphan.
She could hear the
roars of wild beasts,
lions, leopards, tigers ,
elephants, wolves,
foxes howling,
blood-hounds barking,
owls hooting,
unending chirping of,
the crickets
the footsteps of unknown being,s
trampling down the,
leaves, branches, fruits,
which lay strewn all around,
all drove her mad with fear,
she fell down with a thud,
leaving herself to-
be trampled upon ,
and be a prey to the wild beasts….
which would certainly
prey on her……..

Monday, June 3, 2013


Truths often come out
in trickles
like skeletons tumbling 
out of the cupboard one by one.
Trickling down of truths
often ends up in floods
like a dam breaching
inundating vast areas
converting them into an infinite sea.
Once the truths gush forth
building dams to obstruct
its paths is simply not possible,
like the outburst of
pent-up emotions of a humanbeing.