Thursday, October 24, 2013


With thick darkness engulfing
the village
you little golden suns
emitting golden rays
assume the roles of
golden kings
coming out of your
safe havens you spend in the
bright daylight.
It is a visual feast
watching you little
little golden kings
roaming far and wide
up and down, around
the woods and over the
vast fields
often entering the
rooms resting over
our bodies, then flying
above dancing
like angels
until time trickles
seconds after seconds
minutes after minutes
hours after hours
clearing the path for
emerging silvery sun
pervading the entire land.
You little golden kings
slowly beat a retreat to
your safe hide-outs until
the next darkness envelops the city.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


In the short hours of
the morning
the knock on the door
awoke her from deep sleep.
Reluctantly, slowly
with her frowning forehead 
with her drowsy eyes
with a lukewarm attitude  
she opened the door.
He with his brief-case hanging
from one hand
standing on unsteady legs
without caring to have a look at her
entered the room
wobbled along
threw the brief-case in a
corner of the mattress
threw himself on the mattress
without changing clothes.
The nauseating odour of the
liquor pervaded the room
which forced her to go
directly to the window and to let cool breeze flowing in.
Memories flew back
she was reflecting the yester years
when they were enjoying the honeymoon days
and with the cheerful days over
when the euphoria of honeymoon ended
he started coming late
into the night inebriated.
With tears in her eyes
she pleaded with him
not to be a slave of liquor
not to reach the house
late into the night
not to hurt her tender mind.
She shed tears
she doled out advices aplenty
she squabbled and remained without talking each other
two to three days together
she spent her days without taking food.
She sat drowsing in the
shade of table-lamp
until his arrival
yet he didn’t care
the needling pain piercing
the inner walls of her heart.
His attitude and approach
gradually created a chasm
which widened and widened
day by day.
Her heart brimming
with anger and hatred towards
the man
whom she declined to call her husband
and now
they are two isolated
islands under the same roof.
She knows very well in her 
mind that the days of
final separation are
a matter of days….

Monday, October 14, 2013


Long, long, long ago
Far, far, far away
a land fell into the
lap of a tumultuous, vast dark sea one day
with the sun, moon and
stars taking compulsory leave.
A cyclonic storm with
the speed of mythical ‘Hanuman’
penetrated the interiors of the land
wreaking havoc all its way ahead
communication and power-supply lines snapped
trees uprooted
taking away small, small, small houses and huts
coastal areas shattered
sheets of waves
one after another
rising metres high
lashed the land
torrential rains hit the land
for days together
devastating the crops
with people confined to their houses
terror running down their spines
many did succumb to the
nature’s fury despite precautions abound.
The land literally
floated in the  sea for days together
with no sign of end to
the nightmare.