Sunday, March 31, 2013


Ideology is an alien
word to us.
So are ideals.
ideas are part and
parcel of our existence and growth.
These are times we are
busy engaged in 
weighing the pros and cons
of taking appropriate decisions.
You know,
we are fast nearing
another bridge in our march ahead 
a cardinal milestone
which would assist us in crossing that
bridge scenting the fragrance of victory.
Whenever we
are heading to that bridge
which under normal
circumstances approach only once in five years.
Vast political chessboard is
getting ready for the
ultimate political grandmasters,
kings, queens, rooks, knights
bishops and pawns
are about to take their
positions in the battle-ground
in a short while from now.
In the political chess-board
rules, and regulations
but do not have any salient places.
On the vast political chess board
there are no permanent foes and friends
victory is what matters
when the chips are down.
As of now, we are on
the search for greener pastures
like the animals grazing the grass fields
we take pride in
our oft-repeated stand
of sitting on the fence on the look out for
which way the winds blow.
We know in the end we are the most
valued-ones or put it mildly
the king-makers.
Chairs in the corridors of
power are our ideals, better call it objectives
if at all you are particular that
we must have ideals.
Let the D-Day come.
Let the battle-lines be drawn…   

Friday, March 29, 2013


The fifth BRICS Summit (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) of five nations was concluded in Durban, South Africa yesterday on a cordial note. The Summit lasted for two days – from 26 March to 27 March. Dilma Rousuff, Brazilian President, Vladimir Putin, Russian President, ManMohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, Xi-Jinping, Chinese President and Jacob Zuma South African President representing five nations respectively deliberated upon many important issues and the most important among them was the establishment of a BRICS development bank with the intention of catering to the needs of these five nations at a moment IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank (International Bank for Rural Development) situated at Washington – remember, a comity of Western countries – go backwards in their promises and responsibilities of partially neglecting the five emerging developing countries, a comity of non-Western countries. To set up a bank for the development of BRICS countries was very much on the agenda even before this summit but it came up for serious discussions  and deliberations in the just concluded  summit. However it has not yet developed into a concrete form even in this summit. Anyhow, the summit leaders made it into a certainty and it is almost obvious that the BRICS bank would be formed in the near future itself.  Furthermore, a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) was decided to be set up soon so as to enable the member countries avail themselves of it whenever they or either of them need it badly for the primary purpose of infrastructure development and for which, US $ 100 Billion has been earmarked. The Summit leaders collectively demanded the restructuring of IMF and World Bank in the changed world economic order in order to have more say in the running of these two institutions as they are incidentally under the control of European Union and US. Now that, these emerging developing countries (BRICS) are on a fast growth track, it is worthwhile to recall here the simple truth that 40 percent of world population constitutes the BRICS countries. Moreover with the passage of each day the BRICS countries are in a position to asserting themselves as a result of high growth trajectory, they can very well stand on their feet and engage in bargaining for more powers in the running of financial institutions like IMF and World Bank. These leaders are supposed to meet again in St.Petersburg on the sidelines of G20 Summit scheduled to be held within a few months from now.
Apart from financial matters, the leaders touched upon the nuclear enrichment programme engaged in by Iran and took the opportunity to point out that only thru negotiations could a solution be found rather than slapping punitive measures. Simmering Syria also came up for hot discussions and the leaders deliberated on taking suitable measures to find a way out to bring the bloodshed going on for the last two years without break between govt forces led by Dr.Bashar Al Assad and Free Syrian Army led by rebels in which claimed the lives of approximately one lakh people and millions displaced and as much disappeared. As an emerging force, BRICS could do a lot to bring the two warring factions across the table and arrive at an amicable settlement to the satisfaction of both factions. BRICS nations’ stand that the Arab league and NATO forces plan to militarily intervene in Syria which won’t contribute to permanent peace, rather it would help in aggravating the already burning situation across that country. Since BRICS countries do have an independent stand the Arab League and NATO led by US and European nations will not be able to ignore the suggestions of BRICS countries which have emerged as a force to reckon with.  Whole world is looking for collective of peace-loving nations to play a mediatory role with like-minded mediators to sort out a formula which could bring the turmoil under control and gradually contribute their mite to bring the situation into normality. Otherwise, the Civil war in Syria is feared to go on for years which will result only in the brutal death of millions and heavy destruction of properties.
Another contentious issue threatening the peace is the volatile situation is Afghanistan where Taliban is on a murder and destruction spree since more than one decade. US, in the wake of the bombarding of twin towers of World Trade Centre in 2001 bombarded Afghanistan and ousted the Taliban regime from power with the sole aim of fishing out Osama Bin Laden, the all in all of Al-Quaeda then , ie. ‘dead or alive’ who was suspected to be the mastermind behind the 11/9 WTC bombardment reducing it into a heap of rubble which made a mess of that nation. After ten years of war, Osama Bin Laden was fished out and murdered by a drone attack as a result of somebody tipping the American leaders that he was safely enconsced in the garrison town of Abottabad, Pakistan with his three wives and children.
With the citizens of US, losing their patience protesting against the prolonged war US President Barack Obama announced his decision that US forces were about to withdraw from Afghanistan  by the end of 2014. After the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, that nation is once again poised to plunge into anarchy with the dreaded Taliban militants in all probability gaining power and dark ages are once again supposed to return, if peace-loving countries  like BRICS especially India were to take determined steps at the earliest.
Another topic which came up for hot discussion was international terrorism from which no country is free. The sooner this menace were to be wiped off  the better, the summit noted if and when the nuclear weapons were to be possessed by this hydra called terrorism the dire consequences are beyond the imagination of mankind. Climate change and Global warming too were there on the agenda and all countries representing BRICS especially China which is the single largest emitter of green house gas, the aftermaths are terrible. BRICS leaders discussed the issue in detail and with all seriousness the ways and means to bring the grim situation under control.
Though the term BRICS was coined by the John O’ Neil of Goldman Sachs who could foresee the emerging developing countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa coming together, the formation as predicted by him was a milestone in the international arena.                  


colourful and colourless
are invisible during 
broad daylight and dead darkness.
unlike the material objects
on earth
like plants and flowers
trees, hills and mountains
rivers, streams, seas and oceans
living beings and insects
are dusky in the thick of night.
Thoughts are
always immaterial
hence we could decide
whether they should be
colourful or colourless
during day and night.
their inflows and outflows
develop in our minds,
without following order, shape or pattern .
always enter our heads
in a fluid, volatile,  vague state.
undergo a churning process in our minds
and gradually follow an
orderly manner like an embryo
evolves into baby
all the process goes on
in our minds
which when penned or
penciled, painted , designed, constructed or
sculpted etc
evolve into beautiful creations
in the end.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Adjacent flat is silent
reminding one of the
‘silence of the graveyard’.
It was the flat where
a ‘made for each other couple’
lived till the other day.
After spending months
as lovers they entered
into wed-lock just
two years ago.
Their glorious days
were those days when
the ‘two found’ only
the positive aspects in
each other’s life.
Outsiders were jealous
of them,
but not all outsiders, however.
Both of them were like
iron ores getting
attracted to a magnet.
Detached outsiders like
the saints of yore
they were the ones who
went thru the dark tunnel of life
they smiled at the two inseparables
better call them con-joined twins
getting drunk
with the wine of love, love and
and love only
 both preferred to name it eternal love.
Thus went on their days
and both developed
wings of fancy
flew together along
the sky of intimate love.
On an auspicious day
he tied the nuptial knot
around her neck
both started living
together purchasing a
flat in the suburbs.
For about five to
six months they moved
along like two eternal lovers
rather than as husband and wife.
In the first few
months they even lamented the delay
in getting married
talking to themselves ‘we should
have married earlier
how nice  and charming is our life.
With the time ticking by
days to months
months to year
the positive aspects gradually
gave way to negative aspects
occasional squabblings
to frequent squabblings,
war of words spilling
over the flat to
the neighbouring flats
each night was inaugurated with the
opening of a can of worms
the talks of divorce were overheard
this, the Lover’s Paradise turned into
an Aliens’ Hell’.
One day both decided to part ways
once and for all
and got legally separated.
The adjacent flat
is silent today
like the silence of the graveyard
with the lady living
alone in the flat.
Don’t know the whereabouts
of the man.
The graveyard silence
in the adjacent flat
is heart-aching though…

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Keep your eyes wide open and ears
glued to the walls whenever you
yearn to enjoy the
proximity of your village
while resting, standing
or moving along the  streets drowned
in the wild orchestra staged in the metro 24X7
where you pull on…
Keep your ears glued to
the walls of your room
and listen to the
chirping of the birds early in the morning
the ecstatic feeling you experience while in the village.
Keep your eyes wide open
while speeding down
the fast moving city
and concentrate your eyes
on the beautiful sunrise and sunset and
feel the proximity of
your village where you are
blessed with ample time.
Keep your ears close
to the walls and listen to
the music of silence even
while you are in the
congested city drowned
in its incessant roars
like that of a beast.
While walking down the
crowded metro have you
felt loneliness embracing
you like the one you
undergo while in your
village where the ambience is
always calm and peaceful.
I am sure you must have….

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Love is  all-embracing, all-pervasive
and omnipresent
Love is something which comes
from within.
As long as love is all-embracing, all-pervasive
and omnipresent
without the spring of love in us
neither can we pardon, sympathise,
remain patient, teach, guide
nor help you.
why should we beg love
from anyone?                 


General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, former President of Pakistan has arrived in his land after a four year self-imposed exile. Though four years have gone, since he is out of power, the man has not changed a bit. Neither physically nor psychologically. Now that he is 69, he has arrived in Pakistan not to spend his rest of the life withdrawing from all the hullaballoo and quagmire which the nation is witnessing now but to plunge into Pakistan politics, in order to give a face-lift to the country, in other words to be part of the power structure by heading, the nation once more, if possible. This time with the general elections scheduled to be held on May 11, he too will be contestant under the symbol of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), the party founded by him about which many of us were not aware of until he arrived in his country. The authoritarian streak which is running in his blood-stream is very much there, now that he is nearing the sunset of his life, this trait in his character is there to stay.
Though a grand reception was organized by his followers (he too have followers there) upon his arrival and a rally organized by them, the rally was reportedly cancelled by the Sindh govt apprehending law and order situation might turn for the worse. In the event of such a situation it would be unpredictable how the consequent developments would be especially when Tehreek-E-Taliban, Pakistan  had already threatened to gun him down upon him landing in Pakistani soil. Even otherwise each of us is aware of the piquant situation prevailing in Pakistan with a number of militant outfits like Tehreek-E-Taliban, Lashkar-E-Taiba, Lashkar-E-Jhanvi, Hizbul Mujahidin and a number of such dreaded outfits threatening the already ruined democratic and social fabric, militant elements are on the prowl through the streets of Pakistan against which the mighty security forces is no match. On a daily basis, these militant outfits choose to hit the soft targets killing hundreds of innocent citizens as they please, with the govt forces witnessing like mute spectators..
Then who is to be squarely blamed for the mushrooming of militants, it is the former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharaf himself and none else.
During his tenure , he never failed to extend all kinds of encouragement ranging from arranging funds and logistical equipments to the militants to facilitate their infiltration from across the border to Jammu & Kashmir of India to play havoc with the peaceful situation there by killing innocents by throwing  grenades, bombs and triggering their guns. Ex-President fondly called them ‘freedom fighters’ who are fighting in Kashmir for the lofty cause of annexing Jammu & Kashmir with Pakistan. Throughout his career both as the military head and as the President, he always harped on the ‘core issue’ of Kashmir and derived pleasure by gifting ‘sleepless nights, to the Kashmiris, J&K government and the Central govt.
Now that after he was forced out of power mainly due to his dictatorial tendencies and was forced to leave the country along with his family first to Dubai and later to London he has returned to the land where he ruled for ten to eleven years after obtaining anticipatory bails on various counts fearing arrest on his arrival.
General(Retd) Pervez Musharaf is an extremely sad man today on witnessing the ‘plight of his nation, a nation neck deep in corruption indulged in by those in power,large-scale poverty, massive unemployment and prowling militants, he feels like his heart breaking down.
He conveniently forgets that the Pakistan he witnesses today is the aftermath of his dictatorial rule for more than a decade. For instance the dreaded militants whose God father he was for years whom he encouraged once to sneak into J&K of India have now turned inwards, an implosion in other words, massive corruption, large-scale, poverty, unemployment – all were very much there during his rule and, power shortage was at its peak, put it simply, out of 24 hours, for18 hours , the country had to go without power. Large-scale and small-scale protest marches were led by the civilians across Pakistan demanding more power supply. Within a span of four years, if h thinks people would forget all that hardships they underwent he is mistaken and shedding crocodile tears is of no use. It won’t fetch votes.
Anyhow as the citizen of Pakistan he does have the right to contest in the ensuing elections and win or lose, at the hustings. As a neighbouring nation it is our discretion to wish him or curse him – Musharaf the Architect of Kargil.……

Monday, March 25, 2013


Listening to the turbulent sea in him
she lay beside her better-half.
she wished to share his
pain and sorrow
he has never cared to open
his heart to his better-half
at any moment in their life so far.
Never did she dare to
ask him to pour out his feelings
which he keep within him.
Never ever in her life  did  she
notice his eyes go moist.
Never ever in her
life did she notice a smile
blooming in his lips.
Never ever did she
notice pain or gloom enveloping him
like a sky overcast with dark clouds.
When arrows of criticism
and personal attacks are
thrust deep into him with blood
oozing from the wounds.
Never ever did she
notice his face turning
pleasant whenever
recognitions, applauses and greetings
 come his way.
Never ever did she see
changing expressions  
reflecting on his face, whenever words like
a smooth flowing stream spread
on the white sheet in front of him.
For her he
is a Gordian knot
unable to untie the knot
the application of
deep and rapt attention and concentration.
Still she knew deep
inside his heart
he is a turbulent
sea while awake and asleep.   

Sunday, March 24, 2013


When the moment of
separation becomes inevitable and
painful with the approach of the ending of our courses
in our schools and colleges
in order to get a deep
relief and joy from the inevitability
kind of escape from the gnawing pain and bitter memories
we seek an outlet to perpetuate
our intimacies with
friends and love-birds
with tears in our eyes,
we depend on autographs
scribbling something sweet and memorable
a few words of
vibrant love and affection
the promise of meeting
at any of the junctions in life
accidentally, quite accidentally
in the future,  by our classmates
and close-friends
wishing all good wishes
throughout life.
Passing autographs from one to another
for keeping their priceless words of love
and wishes
to keep them  like an invaluable treasure in our
personal collections
to go thru them when
even memories of our schools and college life
engulf us, conquer us
the delight, elation and
painfully sweet memories
with which we are showered with blessings
galore are inexplicable.
whenever I watch
a cricket match, football match or
for that matter
any match, or a get together
of tinsel stars under starry nights,
the ones who go gaga
after cricket players, football players
or film stars in scintillating dresses 
get their autographs signed
the cavalier manner each
celebrity signs each autograph 
without even  gifting
a glance at the ones 
who stretch out his/her autograph
literally, everything looks too mechanical
I feel pain and
angry not only toward
the one begging a signature
in his/her autograph but also towards the celebrities.
Like love and affection
at least a warm
smile or having one or two words of
love with one who
begs to get his/her
autograph signed
is something despicable
I feel.                  


Our Minister of Trade and Industries, Anand Sharma, from the very outset, he took over the industries portfolio always liked to play to the tunes of Prime Minister, Dr.ManMohan Singh. Mr.Sharma is like a court jester who is more loyal than the king and he finds delight in it. The gentleman though soft-spoken and mild-mannered since he assumed his new avatar, perhaps even before that, is one of the foremost champions of neo-liberal reforms which since 2009 has exposed itself its dark sides in the form of scams and scandals which drained the exchequer of crores and crores of rupees. The opacity with which the deals were implemented amounting to billions and billions of dollars is known across the nation as a whole. While initiating neo-liberal reforms the most significant steps which need be taken into account are the feasibility and transparency of the deals signed with foreign countries so as not in any way cause loss to the exchequer.
When it comes to the defence deals with other nations like Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom and USA, the most cardinal steps need to be observed are the exclusion of middle agents who are pastmasters in the art of pocketing a sizeable chunk of money,thus depriving the nation of large funds.
Even after so many instances of middle men siphoning off large amounts to the tune of millions and millions of dollars as commission the govt has so far not taken vital steps to stop this dirty practice.
Recently the story of massive fraud came into light by which a former Air Marshal and his three relatives including a few other persons reportedly got away with millions of money in a deal with an Italian based defence firm. Fin Meccanica’s Augusta Westland helicopters numbering about twelve and it is reported that only three Augusta Westland helicopters have been delivered to India and the rest nine numbers are to be delivered in due course.
Our defence Ministry is handled by the ‘principled uncorrupt gentleman’ in the Indian National Congress. Yes, he is none other than A.K.Antony, under whom the murky deal with the Italian firm was signed without keeping him aware of it, allegedly by the bureaucrats in his Ministry. On coming to know about it he was reportedly shocked and without second thoughts he ordered the cancellation of the contract with Fin Meccanica.
It is relevant at a moment like this, not signing deals with other countries barring exceptional cases is to take vital steps to manufacture indigenously developed weapons. Our nation is blessed with skilled-manpower and the wherewithal to develop weapons indigenously which would benefit us a lot in the long run.
But Anand Sharma, the esteemed ‘Industries Minister is not yet convinced. He is still immersed in the make believe world of neo-liberal reforms which he sees as the panacea for leading our defence sector to self-sufficiency.
Day before yesterday, in a letter addressed to his Master Dr. ManMohan Singh he was reported to have recommended to raise 26 percent to 74 percent FDI (Foreign Direct Investmet) in the Defence sector. What would be the result in the event of raising 26 percent to 74  percent  FDI in the Defence Sector is inexplicable. Even without adhering to much needed transparency in FDIs especially in a sensitive sector like Defence Sector is to put it simply is a Himalayan blunder, it is worth remembering that India unlike US and Britain is still a developing country. While we do have tremendous potential to develop and manufacture indigenous weapons, why invite massive investments from other nations?

Saturday, March 23, 2013


He came late into the night
she was in deep slumber 
her child was sleeping beside her.
Her one hand
like a protective covering
was around the child.
Repeated knocks on the door
lifted her up from the
deep sea of sleep.
“It’s he” – with a beaming
smile she woke up from
the bed,
switched on the light
and moved towards the door.
Since she knew he wouldn’t
ring the calling bell
with no fear or apprehension
wearing the ornament of the same smile
she opened the door anxiously
and curiosity shining in her eyes
and she was not mistaken.
She knew he was always
like an unexpected rain
or a cool wind while the
hot summer is at its peak.
Even though
she was a little peeved
deep down in her heart
she couldn’t help nursing that feeling.
“Naughty Boy” – she
she smiled to herself.
On glancing at her
he never forgot to
gift his usual smile to her
which he had kept
with him like a pretty flower
exclusively for her only.
She knew that the pretty bloom of love was always
for her.
His face was like a fading leaf
tired and tense.
He walked towards their little child
sleeping with a flash of innocent smile on her lips
he wished to bend over her
and plant a warm smile on her face.
She went to the kitchen
and switched on the micro-wave oven.
True, because of his unpredictability
anticipating his arrival at any time
she had always prepared
tasty dishes for him.
After changing clothes
he went to the bathroom
and had a lavish shower bath.
In the meanwhile
she had prepared supper for him.
While sitting by his side
watching mischievously at him like a mother
watching her son eating food
she inquired :
“You are always unpredictable
you could have informed me in advance  
always you want to give me a
pleasant surprise” – it was
sort of an admonishment.
He returned only a pale smile to her.
“A hectic day in office
A sudden impulse
to meet you and child
A long journey”-  
….but he never
opened his heart to her.
“I wish I could” –
he answered tiredly.
He was that same fading leaf
“Then why”? – with a
smile she frowned.
“A faraway city knows not the faraway village
and the faraway village knows
not the faraway city” – he spoke in a pale voice.
but with that smile.
She couldn’t make out
what he meant.
He didn’t try to
explain it to her also……

Friday, March 22, 2013


Death, like the sword of
Democles is always
hanging over heads 
uncertainty is the
hallmark of our generation
perhaps, even the next generation.
Though we are the children of  
a war-torn country 
with frequent massive explosions
erupting here and there
we always see death face to face in its 
fierceness and ferocity every now and then.
Please don’t nurse the
mistaken notion that we
don’t keep beautiful
and colourful dreams, tall ambitions
hopes of a  peaceful tomorrow
otherwise a new dawn
permanent roofs over our heads
schools and colleges
an ambience of democracy
like a sky filled with
stars twinkling in harmony
an atmosphere free from fear
of death and mayhem
free from fear
and uncertainty
to open our hearts and minds
like you people who
have tasted the sweet fruits of peace
and prosperity
please do remember in your prayers for
an early end to our sufferings
a life of calm, serene
and tranquil existence
so as to enable
us lead a fearless life
accidentally or by  a Grand Design
in the course of time
we happened to born
at this corner of the world
where peace and prosperity
don’t have a breathing space.
Still we keep cute and
colourful dreams,
flames of ambitions and hopes in our eyes
the heralding of a promising morn.
We can only love our nation
we won’t be able to
shower curses on it
for the predicament
we have found ourselves in….
our country is our mother….   

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Soon after him being elected as President for the second time, Barrack Obama is on a good-will tour in Israel, US’s closest friend since the nation of Israel was formed in 1948. Obama’s two day visit, however need not be given undue importance as it is no more than good-will tour. In other words, nothing worth noticing is going to be held concerning Israel-Palestine conflict dating back to decades. This is Obama’s first visit to Israel after being elected as US President.
On Friday, after his two day visit to Israel, US President is scheduled to visit Ramallah where he will have a cordial meeting with Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas and soon after he will fly back to US.
Just one or two weeks before Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister cobbled together a govt after week-long hectic parleys with various political parties. In the election which was held recently, contrary to expectations Likud Party of which Mr.Netanyahu is the leader fared badly but that didn’t force him to beating a retreat from trying a hand to form an alliance with the help of a few other parties and in his efforts he could succeed in forming a govt. Most important parties which are included in the coalition are former Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman’s  Yisrael Beiteinu, Yesh Atid of Yeir Lapid, The Jewish Home of Naftali Bennet and Labour Party of Shelly Yachomovich.
The first dignitary after Mr.Netanyahu was sworn in as Prime Minister is Barack Obama and therefore the latter’s visit assumes significance though nothing concrete is expected from the talks between the two dignitaries. Anyhow US President’s visit to Israel at a critical moment like this helped boosting the confidence of Israeli leaders. Most of the Arab countries in the Middle East are baying for the blood of Israel in the backdrop of Iran reportedly developing a nuclear weapon primarily to target Israel, whom Iran and its allies consider a perennial threat to their existence. Besides being accorded a red carpet welcome, besides holding friendly talks with Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr.Obama was given a warm welcome by Shimon Perez, President of Israel and with whom also Obama held cordial talks. Israeli leaders took the opportunity to extol the virtues of US’s all out support to Israel in its moments of crisis and expressed gratitude towards Obama and the US govt in general .In the recently held election in US for the post of President though it is a well-known truth that Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition govt preferred Mitt Romney, the Republican Party candidate to Barack Obama, the Democratic Party candidate to be the President of US since Republicans are ahead of Democratic infighting for the cause of Israel and it is always the Republican Party leaders who are in the vanguard for prevailing upon the Democratic Party govt to stand with Israel thru thick and thin. It is relevant to recall here that Barack Obama didn’t hide his disappointment when Israeli forces launched a bloody attack on Hamaz-controlled Gaza strip on one occasion. He stressed the importance of holding negotiations between the leaders of two nations across the table and chalk out a formula to cease hostilities between the traditional allies while was serving his first term as President of US.
Anyhow this could be a harbinger towards more and more visits and more and more talks in the coming days between the God father US and it’s all-weather little friend Israel.                                    


This is more than about Irom Chanu  Sharmila whose fast unto death demanding the repeal of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) has entered the twelfth year, from the North North-East State of Manipur, which is in force across the North-Eastern States and Jammu & Kashmir.
Giving the armed forces a blank cheque to commit whatever they deem fit in the name maintaining law and order, they often launch terrorizing steps like arresting and incarcerating innocent citizens, blood-chilling assaults on both men and women  irrespective of children, young men and women even elders not exempted,  perpetrate large-scale rapes and sexual abuses, gun down innocents, suppress even peaceful protest marches by the civilians forcing them to be confined to their dwellings, to put it bluntly establishing a reign of terror.
In the year 2000 when ten such innocent persons were brutally gunned down, the whole Manipur erupted in protests and Irom Chanu Sharmila then in her twenties went on a fast unto death demanding the repeal of the draconian AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) which gave the armed forces the license to maintain rule of law by adopting even worst types of inhuman acts over the citizens.
Now that eleven years have gone and this is the twelfth year since Irom Sharmila went on a fast unto death. Yet the Central govt has not even come forward to settle the issue amicably by holding talks with the leaders who have come to the front and extend moral support to Ms. Sharmila. She is still on forced nasal feeding fearing the dire consequences in the event of her death while on fast.
The whole story is known not only across India but the entire world especially among human rights activists.
Jeevan Reddy Commission which was appointed to probe the feasibility of continuing with this draconian measure which came into force in 1958, had already presented the report to the Central govt which recommended the repeal of this draconian Act at the earliest.  As I had already pointed out in one of my blogs, the Commission’s report has found its place in a shelf which has already gathered dust and is at the mercy of termites. Justice J.S.Verma Commission which was constituted recently in the wake of large-scale protests across the nation over the issue of the deadly sexual assault on a 23-year old physiotherapist student of All India Institute of Medical Sciences perpetrated by six thugs on a moving bus in Delhi, to suggest measures to rein in increasing number of rapes and murders of women across the nation, presented the report in record time which recommended punitary measures against those who commit rapes and stressed the need for bringing the armed forces in the ambit of the law who commit such atrocities be brought under the Civil Court instead holding them on trial in Military Courts. The Commission report was showered with applauses by the entire citizens declaring that Verma has done a laudable job, that too within a short span. But the govt thought otherwise instead of implementing the measures in it true letter and spirit and decided to declare an ordinance against the menace of rapes dropping the Commission’s recommendation of bringing the armed forces in the ambit of law. The bill for protection of women against sexual abuses was enacted in Parliament and got it passed yesterday by dropping certain cardinal recommendations of JS Verma Commission.
If there is one Irom Sharmila in the North-East to take up cudgels against AFSPA, in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, the Chief Miniister Dr.Omar Abdullah has come forward demanding repeal of this cruel Act, at least from certain provinces of his State. Even Dr.Abdullah’s request was turned down by the Central govt of which his party National Conference is a partner. He even broke down in the Assembly while discussing the murder of an innocent youth in a province by the Armed forces.
That which concerns and alarms me is that the Human Rights Activists like Arundhati Roy, Brinda Karat, Subhashini Ali, Annie Raja, Aruna Roy, Teesta Setalvad – all women activists have not so far cared to not even paying a visit to the lady on fast-unto-death since the last 12 years in Manipur. These gentle ladies, who keep not only sympathiy but also empathy to the causes of burning problems affecting the country by keeping aloof from Irom Chanu Sharmila are committing a great disservices not only towards Sharmila but towards the whole nation. Irom Chanu Sharmila too is a woman like them who is fighting for a great cause.
One important and relevant thing which I forgot to point out here is that AFSPA has not in anyway contributed to maintain law and order in the North-East and J&K, rather the slapping of this act on these parts of India has only helped in aggravating the situation. As an American writer who too was incidentally a woman writer ‘defiance not obedience is an answer of an average American to prohibition’. Her well-known quote is applicable to India as well, though in a different context.


Metro is a melting pot
under the searing mid noon-sun.
Spending at least thirty minutes
leaning over
the balcony of the
flat on the tenth floor of this
multi-storeyed building
with eyes hovering over
the vast sea of
sky-rocketing concrete structures,
a few of them factories
with dark clouds of smoke
billowing out of
the dusky chimneys
the madding crowd
and roaring vehicles
are something nauseating to me.
With a tense and cloudy mind
I go inside the flat
and slump into my bed.
In my moments of solitude
my mind dives deep into the
sea of memories
where I find my
native village wrapped around
with transparent and verdant clothes
the swift flowing river
down my ancestral home
I see myself swimming
along the river with
my childhood friends in a spirit of sportsmanship.
That old mango tree
in the premises of home
in its flowering season
gradually evolve into
little and then
a bit more large-sized
green mangoes,
green mangoes gradually
ripening and
developing into mouth-watering sweet fruits
for which I and my
childhood friends
waiting anxiously for  winds to flow
from elsewhere
which occasionally blow
and shake the  branches
resulting in the mango-fruits falling
in ones, twos and severally
followed by our competition
running after the mango fruits
to collect them
and our little, little squabbles.
Green, paddy fields
houses with tiled roofs partially-visible  behind
coconut trees, areca nut trees, plantain and vegetable gardens.
The temple in the neighbourhood
and two old giant-sized peepal trees
infront of and on both sides of
the temple,
the get-together
of youths sitting
on the round platforms built
around the peepal trees
in the twilight sun
spreading its vast
transparent golden cloth across the land
cracking wits
the evening pilgrims
who visit the temple
to offer oblations before the God
standing before
the deity with folded palms.
A long-winding path
in front of the temple
on both sides of which
flowers of various colours
stick out
inviting everyone’s attraction
and the path opening to
a tarred road running
south to the north like a dark serpent
and houses, tea shops
provisional stores
and cigarettes and pan vendors
on both sides of the
road and…and……and……………….
Lo and behold
now in the midst of concrete structures
listening to the ear-splitting
nauseating noises of a
the last several years.
Now that my village
also has turned into a city
and all the greenery gone
the only alternative left to me
is diving deep into the sea of
my memories… once in a while.       

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Keep the doors and windows
always closed.
Let the thick, frozen
darkness fill the rooms
and allow the smell of
the past prevail in
the atmosphere.
Let not the memories of the
gone days escape from them.
Keep the floors of the
rooms unswept
let the cobwebs and spider-webs of the 
past ‘decorate’ the
nooks and crannies of
the rooms.
Let the excreta of
the cats, mice, lizards and
other insects spread on the floors.
Allow the ancient wooden
furniture remain as such.
All remains
of the past be there
for the posterity.
Thus spake the elder generation who are
no longer with us…
……………………………..Keep the doors and
windows of all rooms
be kept opened.
Let fresh air flow
in and banish the remains of the past
from the rooms
keep the rooms
free from the nauseating odour of the past
sweep away the dust, excreta of
the mice, lizards and other insects
from the rooms,
remove the cobwebs  and spider- webs.
from the nooks and corners
of the rooms and
keep the walls fresh and clean.
Let not the memories,
sighs and sobs of  at any cost
the gone generations 
stick to the  rooms which have
built their unseen  nests at any cost.
Allow the present be
prevailed, in all rooms
and make merry. 
Thus speak the  
current generation in unison.
By keeping the
doors and windows 
by allowing the fresh
air flowing  to the rooms
thru the doors and windows
keeping them afresh and clean
let the time cycle pedal along without halt.
Because time never likes
to have stops anywhere.
Thus speak the gen-next in unison.

Monday, March 18, 2013


When the nagging feeling
of being faceless in
the crowded city
began haunting him
like a blood-hound
the frustrated and
depressed young man
weighed the pros and cons of
approaching a psychiatrist
to lay bare his
mind before the gentleman
practicing somewhere in the suburb
in search of a remedy
a bit of counseling
by the Doctor
with the hope of
being blessed with
a miracle cure.
He started walking
down the crowded streets
with the intention of
consulting the reputed psychiatrist
the clinic too was
crowded with faceless patients
awaiting his/her
number to be called inside
by the Florence Nightingale clad in full white.
The young man too
got a token number
from the registration counter on paying the stipulated fees.
Since the number of
patients ahead of 
him were umpteen
the poor youth had
to wait for
his turn for about
two to three hours.
He was getting bored 
to death and was
getting impatient
as the time
was fast running out.
But he was left
with no choice
but to wait for his number
to be called by the Florence Nightingale.
She called his number at last
looking serious and tense simultaneously
contrary to his expectation
of a beaming smile by the Nightingale
he went inside.
The Doctor too was serious
and looking arrogant
was clad in
white-pants, black shirt and
a white overcoat.
He asked the youth
to be seated in the
chair in front of him.
With his heart pounding
and his eyes gone wide
his angst reflecting
his state of mind  
and lamented:
“Dr. Iam seriously worried
about feeling
faceless in this city
kind of loss of identity.
I need your invaluable help.
Dear Dr.”
The Doctor’s face
still stony and arrogant
one of his hands violently rotating
the paper-weight
over the sun mica spread on the table
infront of him and inquired:
“Anything more? – his face bore the brunt of boredom
“Nothing…Nothing more
please give me your  kind advice”
the youth glanced at him anxiously and hopefully  
with his throat going dry.
Stammering he was
he found it impossible to
express his feelings
“You are suffering
from ‘identity crisis’ man
a common mental problem facing lakhs of
citizens in this city.
I shall prescribe
some tranquilisers and
anti-depressants. Never stop it”
After paying a hefty consultation fee
with the prescription
the youth went outside in despair.
He overheard the
Nightingale calling the next number.
The youth while climbing down the stairs
tore the prescription to pieces
and threw it away
returned to his
room in anger  and frustration.
“In the city all are just numbers
no escape-route .
“This cosmopolitan
city is a giant table
full of numbers” –
He consoled himself.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Upon completion of the scheduled period of one decade in power Hu Jintao, Chinese President and Secretary of Communist Party of China, Wen Jia Bao Prime Minister stepped down from power paving the way for Xi Jing Ping for post of President General Secretary of Communist Party of China and Li-Quenkamg as Prime Minister, both top leaders of Communist Party of China took over the reins of power on 14th and 15th of March respectively. Xi-Jing-Ping had already taken over the post of Supreme Commander of Peoples’ Liberation Army after getting confirmed as the heir apparent to Hu-Jintao. Like Hu-Jintao and Wen-Jia-Bao, both Mr.Xi-Jing-Ping and Li-Quenkamg are pro-reform advocates and hence much could be expected from these two leaders in the coming days, in the capacity of President and Prime Minister. Though Hu Jintao and Wen Jia Bao could do a lot for China, though they could feel elated before abdicating power, it is worth noting that both must be nursing a bit of dissatisfaction due to the fall in GDP which is currently 7.8% of the lowest since the last thirteen years, rampant corruption plaguing the country and mounting pollution which has aggravated with the overall progress in the industrial sector. In the eyes of the world, both, Hu and Wen occupy a defining position as they could during their one decade tenure catapult the economy of China to the second place in the world after US which currently occupies the number one position. With the volatile economy of US showing a slump in its economic growth, it is just a matter of time, China overcomes US by climbing to the top of the world relegating US to the second or third place within approximately five years.
From the two pro-reformers at the helm of affairs, it is quite plausible that China would be able to make a leap in the field of economy. Prime Minister Li-Quankemg ‘s words underscore his attitude towards reforms. ‘Reform is like rowing upstream’.
Keeping such a mindset towards reforms means both leaders are poised to initiate an array of reforms in the coming decade. Even before assumption of power both had envisaged a more prosperous China, and in the efficient hands of them China’s future is likely to turn more and more brighter. While initiating steps for the progress of economy with the sincere co-operation of the entire Chinese, simultaneously these leaders should have to concentrate on improving relations with foreign countries. It is a fact that former President Hu-Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao during their tenure took all steps to get friendly with nations the world over by undertaking several visits to not only developed nations like Russia, US, European nations and they could establish cordial relations with nations across  Asian and African Continents and have made large-scale investments in various fields like business, industry, mineral resources and mines contributed a lot to the developments of Asian and African nations like India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, South Korea et al.
What all we are expecting much from the current leadership of China spreading the investment network more, efficiently, vigorously across more and countries so as to reach the benefits to more and more people. Also the enemical attitude it still continues to nurse towards certain nations like Japan, could be improved through mutual visits and dialogues thereby opening a new chapter in the betterment of relations.
Since the assumption of power by Deng-Xiao-Ping in the 1980s, the architect of modern China by opening up the nation to the entire World, China has virtually made a quantum-jump within three decades. The leap forward continues in full swing. 
One issue which I omitted to note is the internal problems like the ethnic wars between muslims and Hans community in the province of Uighur in Zinkiang district and the rising demands of Chinese citizens especially the intelligentia and youth, majority of them are students to bring in reforms so as to pave the way for a more democratic China where freedom of expression and speech are not curtailed. While elevating China to the top of the world by the Chinese leadership ,we should never forget the blood spilt at Tian-An-Men-Square in 1989, which was a determined revolt by lakhs of youth demanding more freedom to express fearlessly their opinions and also the freedom to give vent to their ire against the mounting corruption, sky-rocketing pollution and the leadership’s attitude towards those who dare to question certain anti-people measures like imprisoning the youth and intelligentia without giving them chances for fair trials. We should find time to recall the thousands who braved guns, grenades, water canons, mortars and tanks and who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom of speech and expression. If the current leadership hesitates to concede the demands of millions for a democratic  transition in China, the rulers will have to face the wrath of a more determined lot which the  former would find difficult to suppress…China’s pro-reforms leadership would take this prominent fact into consideration while proceeding along with their reforms.          


Saturday, March 16, 2013


Witnesses we are
to many a thing in life.
It could be anything
might be tragedies
ranging from deaths
suicides, accidents,
which would rock our hearts and soul
diseases, poverty
which could bring
tears to our eyes.
It could be anything
might be something
which could make
us burst out laughing
forgetting everything
which drive us to
laugh and repeatedly laugh
till we bite the dust.
It could be anything
might be something
which could bring
cheers to our lips
like festivals, celebrations
auspicious ceremonies
like engagements, marriages
sweet melodies, rhythmic and scintillating
dances, poems in celluloid
scenes of lovers walking
along the beach hand  in hand
enjoying the infinite beauty of the sea,
scenes of them exchanging warm kisses
or sharing ice-creams in
illuminated, fascinating , decorated restaurants
the secrets each
whispers in one another’s ears
heart-warming sunrise
sunsets, which make us
joyous tinged
with sorrow, memories we
keep to ourselves which
could lift us to the sky with elation.
It could be anything
might be something which
would force us to the
verge of pain like agony of separation
like farewells,
frequently squabbling couples,
divorces, unrequited love, cheating, despair, elegies  
which could make our ache with sorrow
anything it could be. 
All the sum total of
our existence
from which an
escape is virtually impossible.
Human existence is a vast volume
the contents of which are
tragedies, comedies,
celebrations and separations
be it for a short term
a long term or forever.   

Friday, March 15, 2013


In my childhood days
it was my hobby
watching my shadows.
I was fond of my obedient  shadows.
When I stood like a statue
my shadow too stood rooted like the statue.
The moment  I started walked
my shadow too obeyed me.
The moment I started
 jumping up in the air  
my shadow too jumped up like me.
While I used to dance,
my shadow too danced with me.
Those were days
I was all mischiefs to my parents, grand parents ,
 uncles and aunties and my friends.
From Childhood to middle-age
There is a long bridge to cross
and from middle-age to old age
there is an extension of that bridge.
Michiefs of childhood and teenage gave way
to seriousness and maturity .
Those were the days
when I forgot my shadows
or lost interest in
looking at my shadows  
with life  getting more and more hectic and busy
where the hell do I get
a chance to watch my shadows?
one day when I was blessed with  
bit of a treasure of leisure time
to my shock and dismay
accidentally I watched my  shadows.
My childhood days
revisited me
for some minutes.
While I was standing rooted to the ground,
I saw my shadow
walking away to somewhere
with mounting embarrassment.
 I played a joke by
sitting in the chair
and noticed my shadow
instead of sitting up
started jumping up in the air.
While I made
gyrated movements
I saw my shadow sitting comfortably in the chair.
The unexpected, unpredictable
movements of shadows
my disobedient shadows
made me feel frightened.
Since then, uptill now
I never, ever tried
shadow watching.
These are days
even your shadows deceive you
I think so..                          


Nepal , since a long period was in a state of flux with political parties like United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), United Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist), Nepali Congress (NC), United  Madhesi Front of Nepal in their greed for power were on a collision course as to who should head the govt. After decades of monarchy which was not to the liking of the majority of citizens who desperately wanted a democratic Nepal, they under the leadership of mainly the banned United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and a few other political parties revolted against the ruthless rule of King Gyanendra, consequently thousands laid down their lives as a result of brutal suppression unleashed by the forces loyal to the monarchy. But Nepalese citizens’ unquenchable thirst for democracy was fulfilled as a result of their determined struggle against the monarchy since decades.
With the ouster of the ruthless monarch King Gyanendra, who unlike the then King of Bhutan, Jigme Sigme Wangchuk, who was a benevolent dictator who always cared for the welfare of the Bhutanese people was, a virtually malevolent person. The ruthless monarchs of Nepal in a way became the catalysts for the revolt. In otherwords they themselves sowed the seeds of their own destruction . Bhutan later turned out to be a democracy thanks to the initiative taken by the King himself which is quite rare in a world where the greed for power drives the dictators blind to the demands for establishing democracy.
With the ultimate ouster of the monarch, he was forced to vacate the throne after stubbornly sticking to it by exerting brute force on the citizens. Then came the general elections under independent observers.
United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) which played a dominant role in the ouster of the infamous monarch, emerged the largest party at the hustings. Nepali Congress the Grand Old Party (GOP) of Nepal led by late Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, had to concede defeat which was still nursing a soft corner for the monarchy. Pushpa Kumar Dahal Prachanda, the Chairman of the United CPN (Maoist) was elected Prime Minister of Nepal under whom a democratic govt was formed on 22 November 2005. The emergence of a democratic govt was widely acclaimed and celebrated across Nepal. The citizens of Nepal were visibly jubilant but certain other parties actually couldn’t digest a Communist Party forming a govt.
As a result of hatred and disillusionment, parties who disliked the United CPN (Maoist) prominent among them was naturally Nepali Congress followed by others with the ulterior motive of ousting the Maoist regime chalked out plans behind the scenes.
Prachanda was not allowed to run the affairs of the nation as Prime Minister since the squabbling parties pulling in different directions raked up different issues which he and his party couldn’t agree. With the then military head General Rookmangud Katawal being denied another term by the govt the President Mr.Ram Baran Yadav re-appointed the General Katawal and asked him to continue in the post.
In protest, Prachanda resigned from the post of Prime Minister and thus the Maoist rule came to an end for the time-being.
Then there was a tug of war among various parties to capture the power in Nepal.
Nepali Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala formed a govt once again that too was short-lived.
The failure to form a Constituent Assembly due to the differences persisting among the parties Nepal was virtually in the grip of anarchy.
True, Dr.Babu Ram Bhattarai of United  Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) was chosen as successor to Prachanda to lead the country amidst persisting quarrels among political parties on the question of the formation of Constituent Assembly (CA) Dr.Bhattarai was caught between the rock and devil and governance of Nepal was a tedious task.
In the meanwhile Supreme Court issued ultimatum after ultimatum setting deadlines for drafting a constitution acceptable to all and the formation of Constituent Assembly.
The issue remained unresolved for a long time and after marathon talks by different party leaders they willy-nilly agreed to appoint the Chief Justice of Nepal, Khilraj Regme appointed as the interim Prime Minister, the other day ending months of uncertainty. Under Justice Regme, Nepal is poised to gear up for a General Election in June.  A few political parties and the bar association of Nepal Supreme Court have turned against the appointment of Justice Regme. By the time a new govt is formed the constitution of Constituent Assembly should have to materialize.
With that agreement arrived at the by the political parties, Nepal awaits a new dawn.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Unto you I come
wake you up silently
caress you gently
lock you up in my embrace
guide you in proper directions
by lighting the torches of my infinite eyes
show you the entire verdant surroundings
rivers, streams, ponds
and lakes
trees, plants and
pretty, colourful blooms
temple, churches and mosques
nurseries, schools and colleges
huts, houses and multi-storeyed buildings and flats
vehicles, trains, buses
bikes and cycles
individuals and crowds in different walks of life.
I don’t have red roses to offer you
as an expression of my love
I don’t have invaluable gifts
to present you
I don’t have colourful, illuminating,
scintillating costumes  
to make you dance with joy
I don’t know songs and 
dances to enchant you
I am neither a singer
nor a dancer to enthrall you
still I don’t expect
anything from you in return for offering
little, little favours to you,
I know your attitude towards me
deep down in my burning heart
respect sometimes
love at other times
hatred occasionally
love and hate, the same time or
a love-hate relationship, to be precise
anger, despair and  emotions galore  
your attitudes keep on changing
unlike mine.
I don’t care your
changing attitudes
towards me
since I never
expect any feeling of
gratitude towards me from you
as the scriptures preach-
wait for the fruits of your action’
awaiting fruits
of one’s action brings
disappointment, disillusionment, anger
and hatred and despair
sometimes love and gratitude
hence I do
keep detachment
for my actions towards all.   

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Report to the effect that US and a few European nations are seriously thinking of intervening in Civil war ravaged Syria with the intention of forcing Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad to abdicate power. The US and its allies care not what would happen in Syria in the eventuality of Dr.Assad stepping down from power giving a morale boost to the rebels who are determined to force him out of power.  Even after 2 years have almost elapsed and over 80000 killed as a result of the raging battle between the govt of Dr.Asad and the rebels, there are no signs of the civil war subsiding on the contrary inspite of marathon talks and efforts of mediators who sincerely hope to witnessing the cessation of the blood-spilling battle between the govt forces and the revolters and heralding a new dawn of peace on the horizon. 
Uptill now, unfortunately the mediators are at a loss to see light at the end of the tunnel. The incumbent govt of Dr.Asad has the all-out support of Russia , China and Iran, the two developed nations have already extended  help to, not only moral and but also financial and logistical suppot. Iran is already keeping good relations with Syria to the chagrin of Arab League which is working against Syrian govt led by Dr.Assad since a long period. Saudi Arabia, a Sunni country and Iran, the Shia majority nation are bitterly opposed to each other and consequently while Iran extends whole-hearted support to Syria , Saudi Arabia, another oil-rich country provides arms an ammunitions and financial assistance to the rebels fighting against Dr.Assad.
US’s intention of introducing a resolution in UN against Syria calling for imposing sanctions on Syria was foiled by Russia and China applying Veto.
It is relevant to note here that wherever US intervened, for example Afghanistan, Iraq and a few such nations they have been compelled to retreat from the scene by imposing puppet govt s in Iraq and Afghanistan  unable to bring a lasting solution to the problems festering such nations. US has made its intention clear to the world, its decision to withdraw from Afghanistan by 2014 making a way for Taliban to seize power from Mohammad Karzai who is literally struggling to set his house in order which without the support of US is an impossible task. Of late, Karzai’s relations with US has turned sour, true, but that won’t help him to cling to power with the exit of US and its allies withdrawing from the scene. Taliban has already emerged a formidable force in Afghanistan and its cadres are missing no opportunities to wreak havoc across the country by suicide bombings and gun-battles killing hundreds of innocent civilians day by day. The leaders of Taliban are still living in middle-ages, they have not changed with times, still adhere the obscurantist Sharia laws and believed in practicing it literally. Besides Taliban, from Pakistan a ruthless militant outfit Tehreek-E-Taliban, Pakistan, another dreaded militant outfit’s -elements are sneaking into Afghanistan from across the borders to prepare for perpetrating massive havocs there.  Pakistan rulers are nurturing the ambitions  of playing a dominant role in Afghanistan immediately after US withdrew from there and in order to make the task easy they  shower blessings in abundance on the dreaded organisation both covertly and overtly though Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is virtually playing the role of turning Pakistan a cauldron. In Pakistan, TTP elements are roaming freely along the streets and through suicide-bombings, grenade attacks and frequent bombings makes the life miserable there. Pakistan is thinking in terms of forcing Indians in Afghanistan who are there for indulging in development works. Further India has invested US$ 2bn in Afghanistan and is keeping a warm and cordial relation with the incumbent Afghan govt.
We were discussing the Syrian imbroglio. I have already mentioned that the mediators have not yet been able to arrive at a formula acceptable to both sides. With the hope of settling the issues haunting  Syria  and bring peace across the entire nation, former Secretary General Kofi Annan, was appointed as the UN-Arab League envoy who sweat it out but all his untiring efforts were of no use. With disillusionment and disappointment writ largely on his face he conceded defeat and thus his marathon mission sadly came to a sad end.
After the withdrawal of Kofi Annan from the scene Lakdhar Brahimi, and influential mediator widely known across the world as a pastmaster in the art of settling international disputes took charge. Afer studying or delving into the root of the problem, Lakdhar Brahimi plunged into the scene, held wide range of talks with Dr.Assad and the leaders of the Syrian National Council to which the rebels belong, he indulged in hectic efforts, still indulging in marathon talks with rulers of various nations who are for or against Dr.Assad govt but, unfortunately, so far his round the clock efforts are eluding solution.
In the meanwhile the blood-shed continues unabated with casualties mounting on both sides but the innocent civilians are the worst sufferers, a large number of civilians have already fled the scene leaving their belongings and are pulling on at comparatively peaceful areas even outside Syria, but under miserable conditions. 
In the ongoing battle between the govt forces and the rebels, Al-Quaida elements in large numbers have infiltrated into Syria and they have found this a great opportunity to seize power in due course. If US and at its allies are determined to interfere in Syria, the ultimate beneficiaries will be the Al-Quaida. In Iraq while US was bombarding the entire Iraq and killing millions and millions, the Al-Quaida elements stealthily crossed to Iraq and now this dreaded organization along with Sunnis of Iraq are making life virtually impossible for peace-loving citizens. In Iraq too bomb explosions targetting various land marks have become the order of the day with hundreds getting killed frequently.
The puppet govt of Nouri-Al-Maliki which is a Shia dominated one has not been able to bring stability in Iraq so far. And it seems like, a permanent solution is a distant possibility.
Likewise in Afghanistan and Iraq in the event of US intervening and fighting along with the rebels and as a result Dr.Bashar-Al-Assad is ousted, a bitter power struggle between the would be govt and Al-Quaida an escape is virtually impossible.
It is Al-Quaida which is capitalizing in all Arab countries where civil wars are going on in full swing.