Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thus spake the saint :
verdict or no verdict,
least bothered He/She,
None of His/Her business
and two hoots.
Who wins
who loses
least bothered He/She
None of His/Her business.
wars fought
all in His/Her name
none of His/Her business.
all built
paid obeisance,
flower garlands
precious ornaments
in His/Her name
least bothered He/She
None of His/Her business.
All debates,
wars fought
in His/Her name
None of His/Her business.
Look inward,
in the Kovil (sanctum) of your heart
light a lamp or a candle
thereHe/She is
listen to Her/Him
pay obeisance,
Verdict or no verdict,
winner or loser
all in the name of Him/Her
underlying all these
ulterior motives,
vested interests,
craze for unlimited power,
but who cares?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fruits of freedom,
sweeter, tastier always,
like pure water,
pure air,
the freedom.
Schooled in Switzerland
though tasted the sweet
fruits of freedom aplenty
the heir - apparent
being one among thousands
being in the midst of
faceless crowds
felt like thorns
piercing his skin,
blood oozing out.......
the bird with identity crisis,
flew back flapping his wings
to his caged land
to be caged there.
More than enough for him.
colleged in Pyongyang,
handsome young man,
crowned four-star General -
cum Supreme Head.
After all who needs
fruits of freedom
be it sweeter and tastier
or both?
An iron-hand
to stifle, to suffocate, the cries of
dissent, discontent and helplessness
always a thrill
the pleasure a beast derives,
upon the victim in its clutches,
helplessly fighting for life.
Genetic disorder
or not...?


Kim Jong II, aged 68, due to deteriorating health was mulling passing the baton of power to one of his siblings since a year or two. He, the son of Kim-II-Sung, founder leader of Democratic(?) Peoples' Republic of Korea, occupied the Supreme commander cum Head in 1973 upon the passing away of his father. After thirty seven years of uninterrupted rule, uninterrupted owing to the sole reason that dissent in any form is suppressed and silenced then and there justification being it is still a 'so-called Communist nation'. Peoples' democratic - how it dares to call it a "Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea" please don't ask, find out the answer for yourselves isolated from the world by four iron-curtains only a window is provided to big brother China to peep into and also to convey important messages if any or to get necessary advice as and when required from big-brother, a cunning brother literally, cunning in the sense that a new kind of communism is practised there evenwhile practising economic freedom and following neo-liberal economic reforms, the dissenting voices are silenced when it feels like enough is enough.
But the younger brother has neither learned any lessons nor is it interested in providing a window of opportunity to any kind of freedom inside the four walls. Rule with an iron-hand, force the subjects obey the diktats of the powerful and practise whatever directions the master orders. Reminding one of medieval times and hence one Indian journalist once sarcastically called it 'Jurassic Park'. Its co-brother South Korea despite being co-brothers like India and Pakistan - both are at loggerheads - is practising democracy, has thrown the windows and doors wide open invite other nations to invest and simultaneously invests in other nations and has entered into economic and strategic ties with them in the process turning out to be one of the emerging economies of the world, one of the prosperous nations in the world. While South Korea remains on a high growth trajectory, North Korea defying all advices and threats of sanctions by other nations was in pursuit of developing nuclear weapons without caring the basic needs of the poor across the nation. Please don't be mistaken while extolling the virtues of South Korea, as a humble observer, I am not blind to the negative aspects of that nation but on weighing pros and cons the positive aspects always emerge to be the winner.
Now come back to the impending change of guard in North Korea. It seems as in some nations a dynastic succession is going to be the order of the day there also. In the power hierarchy after the founder leader Kim-Il-Sung his son Kim-Jong-II emerged the successor, the first of its kind in any Communist nation across the world and upon his retirement his youngest sibling Kim-Jong-Un, who is in his twenties is going to be the inheritor. Reports suggest, just before the meeting of the Workers Party - this is the name of the ruling Communist Party there - the election of Kim-Jong-Un was passed on to the media. It is reported that in the run-up to the party meeting the whole country wore a festive look, it should be so, otherwise it would be something shameful to the leaders and subjects. Worth remembering here a few months ago, on the birthday of Kim-Jong-Un a public holiday was declared to all as a mark of rejoicing and celebration. His ascendancy to power was on the anvil, then no doubt. That holiday declaration across the nation was something awful to the entire world.
Kim-Jong-Un was as per custom (?) appointed a Four star General, means he is going to be the 'sun-gun' - means the supreme head of Democratic(?) Peoples' Republic of Korea. Kim-Jong-Il's four siblings including the Kim-Jong-Un were assigned various important posts, among the four, one being Kim's one and only daughter. Thus power well within the grip of a family and I fear we as well as the generation X have to witness this kind of iron-rule within the iron-curtains of a 'so-called' Communist country. If this could be called Communism how many of us would be there lenient to it?
Even the Latin American hero Fidel Castro's Cuba after half a century of its Communist rule ponders over loosening control over economy. Such a possibility is not only probable but inevitable in the days to come. Why can't North Korean rulers think for a while at least to keep up with changing times.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Phase I
Flame of revolt,
kept intact
in the inner recessess of mind
read a lot
dreamt of Spring Thunder
strove round the clock
for equality.
Marx - guide, master, philosopher,
'Das Capital'
then the Bible.
Phase 2
flame of revolution
died down,
somewhere along the way
a requieum for revolt sung
a vaccum
feeling of emptiness lasted.
Paints of Spring Thunder
painfully wiped-out.
Marx termed a spurned lover
'Das Capital'
ruthlessly thrown into ditch.
Went along with him,
pragmatic love-bird,
the one who found solace
in the lap,
the one who wanted to be
fondled always,
both Marx and she went away
in opposite directions though.
'Get lost bloody bitch'
no turning back.
theatre 'blues'
a world thus far unknown,
'Rebel' tuned out to be
the New Bible.
Gregor Samsa
metamorphising into a butterfly
destined to be
appled to salvation.
both internal
and external
flowing beard
burning cigarettes in between
the lips.
of a flying Dutch man,
Fed up at last.
Introspection followed
"who am I?"
"where I came from?"
"where I am heading to?"
"meaning any for
this existence?"
or "meaningless all?"
or "give a meaning to it?"
days of reflection,
days of fuming.
"Give a meaning
to meaninglessness"
Phase 3
Fished out a job,
warm send-off to flowing beard
glowing cigarettes
between the lips
played vansihing tricks.
gone with the wind.
'Rebel' joined
'Das Capital' in the ditch
forming a union of sorts
gypsy's metamorphosis.
Man in coats,
man up in pen,
revolving chairs,
musical chairs,
smile on the lips
played to the tunes
found a partner for life.
Sincere, hard-working
output great
appreciation galore.
laurels too.
Praise the Lord.
Bible has no substitute
Belated though, the enlightenment.


Nicholas Sarkozy, it seems, is bent upon gaining 'popularity', the wrong way. Some rulers like that. Rather than attending to the welfare of their subjects and yearning for their love and appreciation, these rulers feed on their discontent, hatred and anger.
Last time I touched upon his ruthless torture and deportment of millions of Romas without any pangs of conscience.
Meanwhile he was also nursing and nurturing a most unpopular decision which was bound to affect millions and millions of French citizens. Under the pretext of saving the economy a double whammy was in store for them. Sarkozy along with his colleagues especially his Labour Minister Eric Woerth were preparing to plunge into a 'new venture' on the front of pension reforms. In the run-up to its introduction to the lower house of Parliament, millions estimtaed to be 2 million citizens took to the streets, organised protests, chanted slogans, called the bloke choice epithets and announced their decision to proceed along organising more and more protests and strikes, more vigorously several weeks ago. Amidst protests by Socialists and Communist leaders it has since been passed in the lower house. The decision to raise the retirement age was widely opposed across France, but the pension reforms bill is poised to be introduced in the Senate shortly amidst warnings of protests and strikes.
On October 2, the opposition leaders have given notice of organising more a vigorous protest rallies and on October 12, a nation-wide strike.
But Sarkozy, very notorious among French citizens for his stupidity and arrogance is obsessed with it, some people always prefer to be perverts, otherwise a ruler whose popularity shows downward curve would not have adopted unpopular measures inviting the wrath of his subjects.
What all the developed nation called France awaits for, what all repercussions, this nation has to undergo in the coming days is anybody's guess.
While Jacques Chirac, his predecessor was at the helm of affairs and Dominique De Villeppin the Prime Minister Sarkozy was the Interior Minister then, then too he was the most unpopular one, his xenophobic policies the reason then that time his ire turned against the Black-African emigrants living on the outskirts of life all of them poor and doing informal works to make both ends meet were forced to flee and as they had no other refuge came back that is another story but that action also provoked angry reactions world-wide.
Sorry, the pertinent point I was about to write about was not about this Sarkozy then too on unpopular decision was taken by the then Prime Minister Dominique De Villeppin blessed by Jacques Chirac, the then President enacting a policy of giving employment to the youth aged below 26 with a probation period of 2 years - could be called contract labour - actually the law was worse than that ie. at government's discretion an employee could be thrown out of job whenever the authorites deemed fit even before he completed the probation period.
The entire France rose up in protest and millions of French citizens took to the streets shaking the very foundation of the govt, initially adamant though, under peoples' relentless pressure the govt had to bow down to the demands of the citizens and the draconian law repealed.
Similarly if the employees cutting acorss institutions - Factories, railways, roads, schools, colleges, post-office, universities - are determined to force the Sarkozy govt repeal the law, the victory would be certainly of the suffering masses - be it Sarkozy, Louis XVI, Mary Antoinnette, even Hitler or Mussolini.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yesterday, Teresa Lewis (41)a woman convict hailing from the state of Virginia U.S was executed amidst massive protests by anti-capital punishment activists of USA. The woman, Teresa Lewis was executed by administering lethal injection into her blood stream. She was convicted for murdering her husband and step son. Though she had submitted an appeal against the sentence in the highets court of the land, the Supreme Court of USA, her plea was rejected by the 'learned, civilized' judges. The execution of a lady convict was first of its kind in the southern State since 1912. World's greatest democracy is supposed to be most civilized. And if such a thought is prevalent amongst us we are terribly mistaken. How a nation that round the clock brags about its rich heritage and civilizatoin still treads the laws of Medieval times.
Yes, civilized it is, other wise it would not have followed the practice of administering lethal injection into a convict's bloodstream when so many inhuman ways of implementing death sentences are available.
Unlike Taliban of Afghanistan, pity them they are not in power now, U.S didn't follow Shariat laws, Summary Trials, quick sentencing and executing the sentences then and there before the entire public ranging from whip-lashing, stoning to death, death by hanging, shooting point blank in cold-blood for a variety of crimes. No reprieve for filing appeals and no mercy whatsoever by the higher-ups, all done in quick, sharp precision for the onlookers to watch their heart beats like drumbeats adrenal glands working overtime setting off ripples in each one's mind. Obey us, follow us or else.........
Compared to Taliban and those who follow and practice Shariat laws in letter and spirit, I hate to name those nations, look how far civilized U.S is? No whiplashing, no stoning to death, no public hanging, no point blank shooting - such uncivilized ways of executing a death sentence is anathema to Uncle Sam teaching and inculcating a lesson of committing any act wicked or not the most civilized way.
The abolitionists one by one came down heavily on the execution of the sentence calling it "legal homicide" and "legal lynching". Who cares especially in a great democracy?
The campaign for wiping out this inhuman practice gained momentum despite the spread of education, moral and ethical values in society. Unfortunately culture, civilization or heritage never matter to a few nations, India no exception, when it comes to the heart of the matter.
"An eye for an eye" kind of principle still prevails, the logic behind such an attitude still puzzling and alarming, with the perpetuation of capital punishment the crimes in the society seem to be not at all coming down, still crime graph across the world is on upswing. That points to some other factors- societal, financial, psychological, educational - to a certain extent -, illiteracy, rampant poverty, unemployment, communalism, religious fanaticism, amassment of massive wealth by a minority,-reasons vary. Without delving deeper into such problems which need the urgent attention of the authorities, thus leading to amicable solutions sentencing to death a few convicts, the most influential ones utilizing the loop-holes in the law always -entirely different matter- I wonder whether the criminal activities anywhere, everywhere ever have a chance to go down.
Many nations especially European nations have already done away with death penalty terming it quite barbaric reminding of the practices followed in Medieval times.
But this is 21st century. We are forging ahead in almost all fields and correspondingly the laws of lands need to undergo tremendous innovative changes.
A moratorium of executing capital punishment till 2015 was adopted by a group of nations, a few years ago so as to weigh the pros and cons of adopting an attitude acceptible to all of them and that resolution is still in force. By opposing capital punishment from the face of earth, one doesnot think in terms of doing away with all punishments. Without imposing, capital punishment convicts could undergo harrowing times behind bars depending upon the seriousness of their crimes. It would or might pave the way for them to reflect upon their horrible deeds they committed, follwed by remorse or repentence, and a mentality to atone for their sins, giving them a chance upon completion of their sentence to lead normal existence among others in the society.

Friday, September 24, 2010


A human creation,
though fed with superhuman intelligence
adept in learning
everything under the sun,
beyond the sun
by rote
only one thing essential
a platform
and someone to switch-on and off
the tall talks,
lengthy talks, breathless talks,
swaggering walks,
over-confident looks notwithstanding
emotions quite alien to him
though human creation
sadness, joys, ecstasies all
mistake not the loud
confident handshakes
arrogant style of talking
going to the extend of
hurting tender human sentiments
thus deriving sadistic pleasure,
all fed into his system.
Questions his own
answers his own
no need to sweat it out
giving the candidate's brain restlessness.
Everything answer correct
testimonials several
indefatigable, he remains
on one condition
pose no questions
keep silent
spontaneous flow follows
don't worry
the showbiz goes on
juggernaut rolls on...
either here or there
anywhere, everywhere.
Feel proud of him.


Sitting alone
here on the river banks
the smooth, deceptive
over the river surface
unmindful of the strong,
violent undercurrents
my mind
travels backwards,
at least for a few moments.
Remembering me
that day which sent
a chilling sensation
down my spine
the moment I lost
my sense
eyes wide open.
She was as usual,
with the spirit of one
crossing the English
her swimming prowess
not at all was in doubt
swimming across the river
upsetting my calculations,
expectations and confidence
reaching midway
fatigue seemed to be getting hold of her
like a python whirling around her body
hands and legs drained-off
their strengths
she was slowly drowning
caught in the swirls
with her two hands
desperately extended upwards
her struggle for
catching hold of the last straw
from the jaws of death
they were also bit by bit
going down
as if somebody was
pulling her down,
helpless for
a moment I stood
she moving away and away
with the strong flow
the chilling sensation
that went down my spine
still replicates
on recalling the moments.
With no further
got transformed into a
sped me like an arrow
driving a wedge in waters
and reached me for her
and caught sight of her
floating hairs
with the might of
hitherto unknown Power
clutched her hair
with an iron hand
dragged her towards the river banks,
her entire consciousness
already drained away.
Know me not
after years
sitting somewhere
in her moments of solitude
whether she recalls
that horrifying day
her teenage companion's face
know me not
those days when we
were one and the same...
'recalling me still dear
that fateful day...'
her soothing words
from afar like
cool breeze caressing me
embracing me...reverberated
making my eyes

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Seize the day...sorry this is not about Nobel laureate ,Saul Bellow's novel or anything related with his works or life.
But seize the day, because it matters.
' This is not my game. This is not your game. This is the game of the whole country. We should avail every opportunity. Be positive' - These are the precious words of Shiela Dixit, Delhi Chief Minister, to the countrymen on the issue of the Grand Gala event, yes sir, the Common Wealth Games scheduled to commence on Oct 3 and winding up on the 14th of the same month.
Whether there is the possibility of CWG beginning on Oct 3 remains a mute question even at this late hour.
The nation won over Canada for the right to host the prestigious game to be held in India - alarm not - in the year 2003. Our country wanted it needed it to display before the world our might and 'organisational ability' to the stature of other emerging Asian nations especially China, thus painting a picture of itself as a powerful emerging nation. And if the painting though on the halfway mark seems to be emerging as a 'surrealist' one, thanks to the great Spanish painter Salvador Dali.
Michael Fennell, President, Common Wealth Games Federation way back in 2007 took umbrage at the organizing officials of India for adopting a lukewarm approach instead of proceeding on a war-footing to finish the works in time. No, the officials paid no heed to his words, they played complacence and nurtured sort of hubris expressing their over-confidence in successful completion of all works and put in place all arrangements before the dead-line. The rights of holding the Common Wealth Games snatched from Canada as already pointed out these 'so-called' gentlemen and the government agencies sat on it keeping their cool. Each and everyone across the world is sure about given the rights, Canada would have expedited it successfully even before the dead-line set by the Common Wealth Games Federation. Our neighbouring nation China organised and celebrated the 29th spectacular olympics to the world-wide appreciation and acclaim and for piling-up laurels. They began the spade works for the successful conduct of the games to the envy of all, right after winning the draw of lots.
They could very well prove before the entire world how they could execute every step in quick precision to the satisfaction of all and their organisational capability was very much evident during the prestigious event beginning from the very opening ceremony till the closing ceremony exhilarating to all citizens watched the world over.
Here even at this eleventh hour the govt agencies and the organising officials are running helter-kelter and the labourers literally sweating it out keeping mischievous smiles in their lips - we Indian citizens have a rare virtue of smiling at ourselves be it out of sarcasm or delight - to meet the dead-line set by the big baboos.
Shiela Dixit's words and I quote her " When so much preparation is needed there will be problems, and there are problems but they are not insurmountable." Quite funny listening to her by this time all problems should have been solved and still she harps on problems still waiting to be completed.
While the works are going on with 'sportsman spirit' ofcourse, one by one ill-omens continue to haunt not only the responsible ones but the sports-lovers of the entire country by way of foot-bridge connecting Jawaharlal Nehru stadium collapsing grievously injuring more than 25 labourers, the only relief being the victims are not the officials sir, the false-ceiling of weight-lifting arena caving in not entirely but nine 2x2ft tiles only and on the security front security lapse already manifesting by a few unkown anti-social elements resorting to fire near Jama Masjid and to top it all more and more athlets from more and more Common Wealth nations fearing for their life withdrawing from flyingto India. Other nations mulling withdrawals citing legitimate reasons. Add to all these, President of Common Wealth Games, Mike Hooper on an inspection of the games village found the entire area filthy, unhygienic and littered with excrements here and there, taking strong exception set a dead-line of 24 hours to stem the rot and luckily the authorities as usual playing it cool and talking about it after all is not an 'elephantine matter', simple task matters of minutes or even seconds.
Allegations of mass corruption on all fronts of the game to the tune of thousands and thousands of crores by the organising committee officials already came out into the open with two officials already sacked the 'master-brain' still untouched and untouched he will continue to remain, impervious to all kinds of scandals and scams as reported by the media. Read between the lines, please. Tax-payers pockets to the tune of Rs 30000 crores already emptied out, it is reported.
Situation in such a chilling condition our respected Congress leader and Chief Minister of the Delhi counsels was 'to be positive' and seize the opportunity.
Bonanza - not opportunity - is the most apt word in this context, don't be mistaken please, is awaiting in case of the game held as per schedule...Stellar World champions already opted out of the Games and still opting out, it seems our athlets are very well on the road to amassing gold medals to our pride and delight. Thank God.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


They said,
some weeping,
some in tears,
some bursting out
ventilating their
anger, disillusionment
and frustration
writ large on their faces.
'Their inheritance
of losses' -
'Awaiting you we were,
knew we you would
come to us,
displaying 'pangs' of
guilty conscience
we made you come to us
we forced you come to us
how much
genuine you are
on speaking
about us as your' inseparable
if so
why you set out
to throw it into your
'frying pan' ?
is it that much,
tastier to you
why you itch for
triggering your guns,
and massacring
our budding youth,
kids, men and women
what for our women and
girl-children strip-naked
raped and throw their
life-less bodies into rivers
and gutters
why our unemployed eductated youth
roam through streets
some remaining indoors
wailing about their fate
sort of cocooned existence
with no hopes
appearing their way
and some stand up in arms,
the so-called protectors
since decades,
haunt us,
throwing us into
how long we were pooling
our tears
and spilt blood,
here we hand it over to you
in a platter
to show you.
Why this jungle law
for us only.
For heaven's sake
'feel our pain'
even at this eleventh hour.


Fruits of boredom
sweeter and tastier
to me
believe thee or not
the ones who whine about
calling it, blaming it,
colourless, meaningless,
all black and white.
Experience it availing a leave one day,
while away your time,
inside your locked room of solitude,
laughing or
Ensure an empty mind
throughout the day
thus freeing yourself
from the clutches
of a mechanical existence.
Thus, get bored to death,
for the sake of boredom.
It is a subliminal experience....
try it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our concern and attention often turn to Pakistan which since the last 63 years continues to remain a thorn in our flesh. It is quite sad and unfortunate that a nation which was once an integral part of India is often termed not only by us but by the nations around the world as the traditional enemy of India due to the inherent enemity and suspicion between the two countries, the bone of contention as always the 'core issue' of Jammu and Kashmir. But on thinking deeply into the rivalry I don't think even if Kashmir is ceded to Pakistan the latter will certainly turn to other matters it could be anything as it is always obsessed with the concern of keeping an identity of its own. In other words this dispute and related matters are not going to solve the problems it needs something at least some something imaginary to keep the matters alive. Hence the thought and belief that secession of Kashmir from India and its annexation with Pakistan certainly won't solve the problems, like festering wounds it will continue to haunt our nation, dialogues or no dialogues. It is heard that one hundred and fifty rounds of dialogues already taken place and dialogues are bound to continue in future also.
Besides all these a threat which Pakistan never visualized even in the wildest of dreams that was its own making to take on India is boomeranging on it. Yes I meant terrorism and nothingels the terror elements who directed their ire against India have vented its own creators as well as India. These terror elements now threaten the very existence of that nation and is the sole reason behind, a few believe or are concerned with its very disintergration in the not too distant future.
At the very outset I wrote about Pakistan, the other two or three little countries bordering us often get ignored by us. To call it neglect is partially true the reason being we don't face any threat from them over any 'core issues' is the naked truth. The one nation a quite and peaceful one which is the jealousy of all is Bhutan. Former King Jigme Sigme WangChuk a benevolent dictator who was always there to take care of the needs of his subjects was instrumental in leading it into a nation of peace, happiness and prosperity. Being a member of SAARC nations and also on good terms with India King Jigme Sigme WangChuk visited India and frequently met with our leaders in an atmosphere of camarderie and walked away with generous assistance from India which to a great extent helped him to build the nation. As a gratitude towards India many educated Indians were invited to the country and got them employed as teachers and professionals in several fields.
Besides all these the benevolent Monarch paved the way for democracy in Bhutan and abstained from power and handed the post of titular head over to Jigme Kesar Nangyal, his son - a foreign educated handsome youth and currently he is the King of Bhutan and his position is equivalent to Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. Both are equally loved and respected by their respective countrymen irrespective of party loyalties.
Bhutan never provided any sort of asylum to India's enemies from across the border and its forces always remain on the vigil and capture those who sneak into their territory and then and there extradite such elements into India.
But in Nepal the situation there still continues to be volatile and is without a governement at the helm due to the ongoing squabbles among the political parties. King Birendra unlike the King of Bhutan was a ruthless King who ruled with an iron hand, suppressed the protesters and those, here I mean, mainly the Maoists under Prachanda alias Pushpa Kamal Dahal on a relentless struggle to oust him from power. United strength of people led by anti-monarchists at last succeeded in ousting him and now licking wounds he remains a common citizen like anymone. The malevolent Ex-dictator still has loyalists among some political parties there hence given a chance a grim possibility of him usurping power with their help.
With the ascendancy of a coalition govt under Prachanda after a legitimate election victory, his problems began to mount with coalition parties pulling in different directions and also due to differences with President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav over the removal of the then military head, he stepped down from the post of PM. Furthermore his govt was not on good terms with India as a result of his policy of befriending China. India had maintained a warm and cordial relation with Nepal while the late Girija Prasad Koirala was in power and with the emergence of Maoists the 'bonhomie' somewhat ended. It is reported that China has established a road connectivity with Nepal of late, that is also not to the liking of UPA 2 govt of India.
With the installaion of Hasina Wajed govt in Bangladesh, daughter of Banga Bandhu Mujibur Rehman Bangladesh is quite calm and peaceful. From the very beginning ever since Mujibur Rehman was in power he and later his daughter always kept warm relations with India still keeping it alive and kicking and both nations have signed various treaties which are of immense benefit to both.
Soon after the signing of the exradition treaty the terror elements both of ULFA and Pak fished out of their havens and extradited to India as a warm gesture of friendship. Begum Khalida Zia, during her tenure as PM of that country always kept an attitude of enemity towards India and her administration was mired in corruption and criminal activities.
Now comes the other neighbouring nation Sri Lanka. With the wiping of LTTE and its leader Veluppillai Prabhakaran Sri Lanka like Bangladesh is comparatively calm and quiet except for minor skirmishes. Years of turmoil anyhow ended under Mahinda Rajapaksa's rule of Sri Lanka.
Our big nation the largest democracy owing to variety of problems stil continues to be in doldrums, a sad truth worth pondering upon.

Monday, September 20, 2010


the food we eat,
water we drink,
the fruits,
vegetables -
we purchase,
even the breast-milk -
a mother feeds her new-born baby,
even the life-saving,
drugs no exception,
poisoned or polluted.
Neither do we,
desisit from,
eating food, fruits and vegetables,
drinking water,
nor the mother who breast-feeds,
her new-born baby,
come what may.
when devil turns preacher,
from atop the mountain
of wealth,
when man turns beast
when 'he' metamorphoses
into 'it'
just cast 'it' away
into a garbage heap,
and no turning back.
Dehumanization, after all is on the upswing
around the world and
no escape whatsoever.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Something worth dreaming about. Worth chersihing, worth relishing. But it seems impossible, improbable to materialise even in the distant future.
Keeping desires or hopes for a better tomorrow than the present one is always good, worth emulating. Flames of hope everyone must keep close to his/her mind. Whenever these flames or sparks die down one mulls ending his/her life sometimes reel under depression or frustrations often taking refuge in mental asylums.
Tomorrow, Monday 20th September, the second Summit to be attended by more than 140 nations across the world under the auspices of United Nations begins to discuss and to find out solutions for the biggest threat the world faces as part of the Millenium Development Goals in NewYork, USA. Adherents of divergent views and outlooks including nations like US and Iran who are at loggerheads on nuclear issue converge there. Yes, poverty transcends national barriers and hence it always remains topic of discussions across the nations. It remains a perennial headache to almost all of them including developed, developing and least developed nations in the face of various threats in the form of terrorism, wars, ehtnic clashes, conflicts, communalism, xenophobia, all are one in striving to lessen the number of poverty-stricken citizens in their respective countries. In addition to it many other poverty related subjects like malnutrition, particularly affecting under five year old, health, education, empowerment of women - all are believed to come up for heated discussions among the participants.
In 2009 the number of poverty-stricken people around the world was estimated to be 1.2 billion. A minor decrease of 1.2 percent brought down the numbers to 924 million as per FAO (Food & Agricultural Organization) reports, owing to good monsoons, resulting in bumber harvest around the world in 2010. But in 2011 the numbers once again are feared to go up due to a massive drought in Russia, a massive flood in Pakistan devastating a large area under cultivation. Lack of good monsoon, massive droughts, devastating floods across the world the climate continues to remain volatile hence apprehensions always haunt all especially agriculturists like the proverbial sword of Democles. Nature ventilates its fury depending upon its whims and fancies causing large-scale destruction as a result of exploiting it since decades by vested interests ignoring the shape of things to come or all that waiting to be in the wings. Ecological plunder is a bane of our times causing unexpected floods, droughts, rising sea-levels threatening the very existence of countries like Mauritius and if we are threatened with such hardships sit and ponder over the fate awaiting Generation X. Besides all these facts keeping a deaf ear to the cries for disaster management adds to the woes. Poverty and climate change are always inter-related.
Heated discussions and also debates are certain to surface in the course of the summit especially at a moment the US, world's most developed country and the European community remaining in the grip of recession and the developing nations and least developed nations demanding generous international aid and other aid agencies. Ban-Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General will have a tough time persuading all parties to reach a consensus on the most sensitive matters like poverty and nuclear issue and I don't know whether under pressure from the big brother US, he is going to be forced to discover or arrive at a face-saving device like the one he arrived at the historic Copenhagen - Denmark Summit 2009 which was a 'historic failure'. The only difference being the Copenhagen summit was on Climate Change and on the present one relating to poverty. Is it possbile to halve the number of poverty-stricken by 2015. Let's dream so. Let's hope so.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


My blood-relations,
a few friends
left earth
at different points of time
to join their heavenly abode.
In the garden of heaven ,
all are together
happy and delighted,
celebrations rent the air
what for a sense of
separation, pain, loneliness,
gnawing the tender petals,
of my mind flower each second
each minute, each day?


a straight, black ribbon.
Matchboxes of flats
lined up side by side,
silent and peaceful
the area.
Vendors of fish, groceries,
come pushing their carts
in the mornings
shouting atop their voice,
inviting everyone's attention
tearing apart fabric of
the eerie calmness and
peace in the colony.
Each flat an Island,
looks of
strangeness flashing
across each occupant's face
on seeing the one
the next door.
No familiarities, hence no smiles
no exchange of pleasantries,
each for himslef/herself
the tooting of private vehicles,
like a conch-shell blowing
from a distant temple
the occasional sirens of trains
from afar
each goes out in the
comes back before twilight,
tea, bath
doors kept closed,
and all line-up before TV sets,
News, music, dance, serials,
No eavesdropping whatsoever
and no voyeurism,
Thank God.


Inside the shrine of my love
installed I a deity one day
and locked it from inside
both of us spent our days
pledging immortal,
eternal love
Upsetting all my calculations
played she a vanishing trick
leaving me alone
and forelorn one day.
How come she did it
baffling me all through
lock remaining untouched.
My gloom knew no limits,
my tears no one saw,
my sadness and agony my own.
In came at frequent intervals,
two more deities
got installed themselves
the lock remaining untouched
knew me not how
they gained entry
puzzling me all along.
The same vanishing tricks
both played
but cool and poised I remained.
Unlocked me the door
for ever.
Undergoing unbearable pain
and agony
like needles thrust into my body.
Sanctum of love
always precious to me
like an invaluable treasure
disturbing its serene ambience,
sorry I can't disclose the
heaviness in my heart.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Amir Khan, versatile actor, producer cum director is the pride of Bollywood. Through his various films he has carved a niche for himself and of late he is thinking on the lines of producing films in other Indian languages also. His 'Three Idiots' walked away with the award for the most popular film by National Film jury headed by Ramesh Sippy for 2009. Kudos a galore to him.
There is a popular saying 'All that glitter is not gold'. Sorry, I am not deviating from the subject about which I am going to write about. But I have to mention it here, as the subject is in one way or other connected or related with that adage and I shall come to it later .
Nowadays, thank God, I am lucky to watch Amir Khan daily in TV channels. The handsome man still looking quite young, seems to be a mellowed chap being chosen as brand Ambassador to endorse a sensitive and significant matter concerning all of us for conveying the message of imparting a sense of responsibility and advice of treating and entertaining foreign tourists by our broadmindedness by extending a helping hand, need for a good and pleasant behaviour thus producing a defining, refining pleasant image among them. Body languages of brand ambassadors differ while endorsing various products, particularly at a moment market forces reign supreme across our land and the world as a whole.
Worthwhile here to mention here the controversy over the selection of Amir Khan as our Ambassador to spread the messages of 'Athidi Devo Bhava' (Treat your guest as God) and the Incredible India. Politics played its dirty trick on the controversial matter. Amir Khan being a close relative of Dr. Najma Heptullah, BJP leader and former Chairperson of Rajya Sabha - she was a Congress woman then - his selection sowed seeds of discontent and anger among a section of Congress leaders who are in the saddle at present. But luckily Amir being the blue-eyed boy of Ambika Soni, Information and Broadcasting Minister stuck to her decision to appoint the versatile actor to don the role of India's Tourist Ambassador.
With all love and affection towards him, he like many other shining stars of the tinsel world, Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, cares two hoots for principles and integrity shines in countless roles as brand ambassadors of various products in the market only for the sake of money. Greed for money is unlimited- human nature? While continuing to keep thickened purses stacked with money the Super stars in the celluloid world get 'addicted' to it like confirmed drunkards. Donning the roles of principled good samaritans in films when it comes to real life the basic instincts lay bare the tentacles of selfishness, greed, avarice, lust, arrogance and what not.
Let it be so. At on the outset I dwelt on the saying ' All that glitter is not gold'. What compelled me to mention is nothing but the concealing the real picture of India before the public across the spectrum. Remote corners of our country already wearing a pathetic picture with famine, drought, starvation, lack of clean drinking water, sanitation facilities at a bare minimum, suicides among farmers a daily phenomenon and even our cosmopolitan cities are no exception. Even New Delhi while remaining, our capital city, carries a shameful image. As we come closer and closer to Nizamuddin and New Delhi Central stations we can very well witness a wide area of slums with skinny children, men and women holed up in their tents and outside, stealings and robberies, women being whisked away, raped and shot dead, accidents under the very nose of our rulers as per the reports streaming in. As the Common Wealth Games coming nearer and nearer, the slumwallahs are made to flee, their dwellings demolished by JCBs without providing them alternative accomodation as a part of beautification of the city and it is heard that fly-overs a dime a dozen have already been built to conceal the dirt from the foreigners and media community landing from abroad to take part and report the games.
Mumbai even while remaining my fond and affectionate city the memories associated with it are lush green in my mind, still whenever a chance to visit the city - where I spent a few years - enthusiastically I get ready to catch the train to the 'hallowed' city and make merry go round watch, enjoy the tremendous changes brought about by time as also feel sad on watching the harrowing section of Mumbaites who struggle each day to make both ends meet - those sleeping in the railway platforms, beggars, leppers, street-children in muddied torn clothes, emaciated men and women living on the street sides, hundreds of them defecating in between the railway tracks, no sanitation facilities whatsoever, the migration spree from other States, tourists from abroad covering their noses talking to themsleves watching the 'wretched lot', 'nasty bloody', 'illegally begotten products of bitches' while walking along the pavements and I remaining a silent witness to all such sights. Still Mumbai to me is like my home State and always remains a fonded dream.
Amir Khan, brand Ambassador of our Incredible India is very much aware of these stark living truths he must be witnessing such sights daily while driving down the roads and I am quite baffled when his eulogies of our land come pouring out of his mouth, why can't he take it as a mission to better the living conditions of at least a section of this so-called 'wretched lot' before playing the role of India's Tourist Ambassador?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Raining all the way,
powerful winds lashing,
all the way,
pot-holed narrow roads,
all the way,
dancing vehicles plying,
a pendulum,
moving left,
and right,
The foreign tourist,
inside the autorickshaw,
a dancing spring-doll,
strong winds bring in,
waters for a free bath,
inside the vehicle,
pedestrians of Delhi,
walking along knee-deep water ,
some with umbrellas,
some without,
winds and rains play,
spoil-sport blowing,
away the light roofs,
over their heads covering them from downpour,
'Oh God what's this'?-
the exclaiming tourist,
'This is what is'-
with in a second came the response
'what you mean'?- embarassment flashing
in tourist's eyes,
'Incredible Indian waters, sir' - driver
pointed his fingers to the rising reservoir Delhi
both burst out laughing,
'funny chap you'- tourist couldn't
supress his laughter,
'sorry sir, one of the clowns of Delhi'
making merry,
all the way,
with the tourist,
enjoying the ride.


In the beginning,
no invisible wall,
separated us.
Shared we,
joys, sorrows and secrets,
no inhibitions,
Remembering thee,
the day we met first,
the dress both wore,
tea you served,
the sly smiling glance you cast,
shyness glinting in your eyes,
the first words we spoke,
walking along side by side,
in the colorful garden,
scent of blooms delighting us,
with cool breeze,
from the sprawling lush green paddy fields,
caressing and embracing both,
the videographer,
covering our features,
the entire landscape,
our lip movements,
whsipering laughs, enjoying,
each other's wits,
the day of engagement,
sitting side by side,
exchanging rings,
our parents, relatives,
all guests watching,
the grand feast followed,
The day I tied,
the nuptial knot on you,
smiling mischievous Krishna,
inside the sanctum,
in the glitter of lamps,
witnessing, showering,
blessings profusely on us,
the day,
the defining moment,
both became,
man and wife,
a milestone covered,
then tears trickling,
down your cheeks,
you waving hands,
to the beloved ones,
from inside the car,
to my abode,
the moment,
the rare moment,
both looking into each,
other's eyes,
the moment,
the rare moment,
both one and same.
--------The first bloom,
in our life,
the second bloom,
after a while,
life, love and harmony combined,
a symphony.
--------------The magician of all times,
the invincible ,
invisible time,
built an invisible wall,
some point on the way,
Your joys, sorrows, secrets, your own.
My joys, sorrows, secrets, mine only,
distance of light years,
while sitting together,
shared we the,
same bed,
sans love,
and that simple mechanical transaction,
once in a while,
love lost,
harmony lost ,
actors par excellence,
we turned out to be,
infront of others,
whether are all partners,
at some point in life,
turn actors?
all these evolutions,
pranks of,
the invincible,
the great invisible,
magician called Time?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turksih Prime Minister is quite upbeat after the results of the Constitutional Referrendum came pouring out which was held on sunday. It has paved the way for loosening the military grip over Turkey though based on secualr credentials and also the Judicial Superiority, in the words of Turkish educational Minister, 'Judicial Dictatorship'. The acceptance of Constitutional Reform Package by the majority of Turkish citizens with 26 amendments has added to the personal image of Erdogan. His long-cherished dream of joining the European community is going to be materialised. Of what benefit it would bring about to Turkey still remains a question mark.
The very concept of the European community proved to be step in the wrong direction especially with it plunging into recession. The adoption of Euro as the currency by the 27 member community was a Himalayan blunder. In Kafkasque parlance a 'ludicrous bungling'. Most recent phenomenon being the recession in Greece and it is a public secret that Greek Prime Minister George Pappandreau in his marathon efforts to rescue the Greek economy, in the words of economists - the great Greek tragedy - had to fly all the way to other member countries of EU and World financial institutions like International Monetary Fund, pleading for generous help to have a breathing space in his home soil. The EU members like Germany under Angela Merkel, already reeling under recession hesitated first citing domestic, economic situation but Greece being a member of EU had to be rescued at any cost the member countries contributed their mite hesitatingly though. IMF with the attitude of a Shylock provided funds in part ofcourse with many strings attached.
Consequently Pappandreau was forced to introduce austerity measures like hiking the pension age to 65 years, reduce the pension and salary amounts, slowing down the recruitment drive to the consternation and massive protests across Greece inviting violent clashes.
During the formation of European Community Britain didn't concede to embrace Euro as its currency, instead stuck to its own currency Pound Sterling. Like all European nations, Britain too was a sufferer of recession, true, their sticking to Pound Sterling paid dividends. The Euro - adopted countries, on the other hand could not but extricate themselves that easily. Euro established itself and it was there to stay.
Talking about Turkey, in the referrendum held by Erdogan's party, Justice and Development Party (AKP) 58 percent of the electorate out of the 78 percent turnout chose to favour democracy, of course based on secularism thus enabling Turkey to join the European community.
Turkey has already established the prominence in the region being a powerful player, many countries of equal importance like the Latin American countries Brazil, Venezeula and the West Asian countries like Iran joining company with it.
Six months back, Lula Da De Silva, President of Brazil and Hugo Chavez, Venezeula President met with Erdogan in Turkey and signed an agreement on the hot issue of Iran's low enrichment of Uranium to convert into isotopes obviously with the concurrence of Iranian authorities. After signing the agreement US the proclaimed enemy of Iran went on with its decision to impose sanctions on America with the five permanent members of UN Security Council and the sanctions came into force. Russia and China initially were with Iran being the latter's friendly nations but succumbed to constant pressure of US authorities.
Turkey till a few months back, though was in good terms with Israel also that 'bonhomie' lasted not long.
A Turkish charity boat sailing to the shores of Palestine with relief supplies to distribute among the impoverished citizens at the Gaza strip, captured by Israeli commandos, and they shot dead some of the occupants of the boat including NGOs in the International waters violating all norms to the wrath of nations across the world. Similarly a few other boats were also blocked and captured by them paying no heed to the protests of nations around the world.
Erdogan upset and angered over the incident, burst out condemning Israel in no uncertain terms. Now that with the impending accession to EU community he might be nurturing ambitions of emerging more powerful in the International fora, how far he would be able to succeed remains to be seen.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My Home,
my love, my palace,
my heaven.
Here I'm safe,
here I sense the meaning of serenity,
here I derive pleasure,
I'm the Empress, The Queen
the Princess
all in one.
Here I can sing,
to the top of my voice,
to my heart's content,
here I can dance till,
I get tired -
like an enchantress,
here I can laugh aloud,
cry aloud,
here I can read,
enjoy music.
Calm and tranquil,
the ambience,
'far from the madding crowd'.
Born here,
brought-up here,
by my loving, caring,
My home is everything
to me
please, well-wisher
hate thee not,
my home,
hate thee not its tiled roof,
hate not its grimy walls,
hate not its ancient little
doors and windows.
Queen, Princess and Empress,
myself here,
my home, my palace,
I'm its proud owner,
it is my gem of a love,
it is everything to me.
Standing here,
with folded palms,
my eyes and ears reach the
adjacent temple and pray
before the
bejewelled shining idol of my beloved
flickering oil lamps all around,
occassional blowing of conch-shell,
frequent chanting of bells,
percussionist's sleight of hand,
producing rhythmic sounds,
the doves feeding grains,
fluttering around.
My Home,
My Love,
My Heaven.


Fond of me he was,
and loved me profusely
like his own kid.
I grew up for him,
I gave him blooms,
I gave him fragrance,
scent emanated from me
exclusively for him.
I gave him sweet, edible
with my seeds embedded in them,
like invaluable jewels,
hidden inside a casket.
He came near me daily,
with his better-half,
his kids,
all elated by my proximity,
me elated by their proximity,
their words of appreciation,
music to my ears,
or like a rain,
watering a desert flower.
Days of celebrations,
and intoxicated with his love,
but not lasted long.
Those happy days gone,
from our life,
like a blue sky,
getting cloudier, darker,
changing the entire,
atmosphere, grief-stricken.
Kept he aloof from me,
kept all aloof from me,
leaving me sad and forlorn,
my unrequited love,
that of ditched lover.
...........One day,
he came to me,
glanced at me,
tended me
sadness still etched in
his eyes, face,
my leaves, blooms
bowed down before him,
dew drops like tear drops
touching the ground
silent communication
told me all about
his family's,
departure to
a far away city,
and about a
strange new comer
appearing on the
Leaving me alone
one day all went
tried he not to
cast a glance at me
tried me not to
cast a glance at him.
Like a desert-flower
rooted me there,
the unrequited love of,
a ditched lover.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Who brought this part of our nation to such a pass? Who converted it into perenially bleeding State? Pakistan alone... or the State authorities? Central Authorities or all these factors combined?
To put the entire blame on Pakistan for anything or everything was always the business of authorities. Since Independence it continues to be a thorn in the flesh of India. Three wars already fought, in all they had to concede defeat, then well-trained 'so-called' freedom fighters, thus the leaders called them sneaked into our territory, many got caught while infiltrating from other side of the border, as many of them equally succeeded, let loose attacks on innocent ones, killing many, maiming many, properties destroyed giving our security forces tough times round the clock true but should we put the entire blame on those elements only, for that matter Pakistani authorities only for all the ruthless dastardly acts going on with renewed vigour and intensity? No one is going to agree with that logic anymore.
Pakistan, our neighbouring nation, our traditional enemy is since a decade or so 0is paying for their own acts by way of intense terrorist attacks on day by day basis by the terror elements once they fed and fostered to take on India. Now the Pakistani authorities caught in the web of merciless terrorist bombings, losing lives and property worth millions of dollars, hundreds of lives per day perish in suicide bombings, are in search of a miracle to wriggle out of the web. As Yusuf Raza Gilani lamented recently they are at a lose to find a way to solve their own problems, how is it possible to wreak havoc in other countries. Similarly while Pakistan dealing with hard-core terror elements adding to that country's woes, nature ventilated its fury by flooding large chunk of that country causing deaths, displacements of millions and millions of people, heavy damage to crops and valuable properties, President Asif Ali Sardari flew all the way to Sochi, Russia to attend a summit with three other nations, Russia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan to find ways for jointly fighting against terrorism and trading in narcotics. His visit abroad invited scathing criticisms by the opposition parties and the media world. The magnitude of the menace - terrorism in Pakistan is that much frightening, it is natural the Pak authorities run pillar to post to wipe out terrorism from its soil, seems to be an impossible task.
Yesterday's Indian Express carried the headline - 'As UPA fiddles, Kashmir burns' - on going through it we can very well come to grip with the gravity of the situation prevailing there.
Despite warning signals on previous occasions inviting criticism from across the spectrum and the suggestions from responsible quarters including experts on J&K, Central government took the issues not that seriously in fact they failed to read the pulse of the Kashmiri citizens despite a good Doctor, it seems he attends to special cases only, at the helm even after protests after protests, violence after violence, repression after repression, killing many, injuring many, imprisoning many.
And on saturday, the Eid day upon the call of moderate faction leader of Hurriyat Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, apparently after seeking permission from J&K govt authorities to hold a procession and in the course of the procession from Eidgah Gardens to Srinagar to protest against the previous acts of repression unleashed by the authorities, the mob broke out into a fury, went on a rampage and arson, inviting firing and lobbing of teargas shells from the security forces forcing the entire Kashmir into a towering inferno. Though not yet arrested till then, cases registered against Mirwaiz Umar Farooq the first time and JKLF (Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front) chief Yasin Malik charging them with inciting violence in the State.
This is the first time an FIR is being filed against Mirwaiz Umar Farooq since he joined the mainstream in 1990 upon the murder of his father Mirwaiz Mohammed Farooq former Hurriyat Chief. As per today's report Kashmir continues to be on the boil, today 3 people were reportedly killed and as per yesterday's reports 24 injured including 8 security guards, one person succumbed to injuries in a hospital and a few in critical situation. Omar Abdullah, as Chief Minister of the State despite being an abject failure the Central govt even after intense, constant pressures from various quarters was given a clean chit and not removed from the post.The most unfortunate portend is the anti-indian sentiment prevailing in the State after repeated violences and humilations suffered by them they view India as an alien country or an enemy country. Hence graffittis appear on roads, walls and other places. 'Go India, Go' demands.
Who brought this State to such a pass?
The Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs is scheduled to be held today to discuss the Kashmir situation, the meeting must have already taken place and deliberated upon what all are to transpire in the meeting, no idea....The sense of alienation already in the air what use it would serve is another question mark.
All the factors mentioned above however do not mean that Pakistan's task is made quite easy by the India Government and also that the Kashmiris are desirous of going to Pakistan. In fact, it seems, they want to be free from both India and Pakistan and remain an autonomous State.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


A sea of change,
in both,
elapse of time but no hurdle,
sweet mango fruits,
occasional squabblings,
soon wiping out the bitterness,
kind of 'bonhomie',
agony of separation,
all past tense,
but no,
time no hurdle.
Graying both, wrinkling both,
age- the monster gradually catching up,
mini-skirts and,
knickers past tense,
sweetness of mango fruits,
still there in the mouth,
the salt of tears,
still there on the lips.
The flowing river,
swimming across the river,
the bets,
who will be the,
ultimate winner,
in the 'swimming race'?
still live in their minds.
seated on the river-banks,
days of fishing in the river,
fisherman's early morning call -
rowing the boat,
moments of innocent pleasure,
they derived,
on seeing the sight of,
of fish out of water,
live in their hands.
Wires of time remained,
concealed from both,
distance acting as a catalyst,
features internal and external,
changed entirely.
-------------The dim lamp of,
in the dark corner of the room,
like the meaning,
between the lines,
while looking down,
from the cosy bed,
her shy glances,
covering the face,
lying over the mat spread on the floor,
between the gaps of fingers,
saw he,
the glimmer in her eyes,
the rare, painful,
ecstatic moment,
of meeting of two hearts,
like two embers of love,
melting into one.
My god,
who brought us,
here in this junction,
at this late hour,
just to remind us,
those yester years,


Amidst deafening explosions,
risking his life,
difficult mountainous terrain,
reached he,
inside the cave,
within the dead-line
set by 'The VIP',
he wanted to meet alive,
led by,
two uniforms in dark,
revolvers fastened to their waists.
The cave spacious,
furnished one,
refurbished one,
The turbaned VIP,
with flowing beard,
clad in glittering, flowing dress,
saintly, fair and handsome,
calmness flashing,
across His face,
woke up from his cosy seat,
shook hands with him,
His palm soft as sponge,
felt he,
' World's Most Wanted ' ?
Incredulous, he felt.
Seated face to face,
recorder on,
the Q&A session,
in cordial ambience,
His words so mild,
a whispering, soothing,
tone,puzzled he sat,
baffled he listened,
each query,
VIP answered,
hot tea poured,
from a flask into two tea-cups,
by a bearded cook.
Q & A session over,
within two hours,
'Thanks' glinting in his eyes,
with a 'see you again' adieu,
accompanied by,
the same dark uniforms,
revolvers fastened to each's waist,
he came out,
followed they to a,
a white man,
his eyes blind-folded,
seated on a red-hot rock,
under the sweltering sun,
two other uniforms in black,
standing, chewing something,
on each side,
revolvers fastened to their waists,
his missed a beat,
two big question marks,
protruded from his eyes,
cast he glances at,
accompanying uniforms in black.
Pale he went,
shocked he was,
rooted like a statue he stood,
four roaring laughters,
unending it seemed, reverberating,
throughout like the deafening,
explosions around.
'Shoot him point blank'-
commanded the four in unison,
handing him a revolver,
two revolvers aiming his head,
from each side,
Never he thought twice ,
turned he the revolver,
against his own head,
like a flash,
triggered the button...
once, twice, thrice...
'spare him'
pleaded he,
his tired plea fading into oblivion.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Everything has its positive and negative sides, thus say great men.
If my memory is correct (sorry sir, I am not a politician) it was the renowned US novelist - all of you must be knowing him - he is the author of the widely read, widely acclaimed renowned author of 'God Father' and a classic like 'Fortunate Pilgrim' an entirely different theme, 'Fools Die' and other works. Unlike 'God Father' a best-seller which set off ripples across the world, 'Fortunate Pilgrim' was not extensively read though according to me a great novel than the former. Caught? Yes he is none other than Mario Puzo. In one of his books, 'Godfather Papers and Other Confessions' a collection of essays, sorry if I am wrong, he has dwelt upon the the positive sides of bribery which benefit a number of middle-class employees in various departments.
Middle-class employees are not well-paid but their dreams and ambitions limitless - human nature ofcourse - in a variety of fields. If a writer's ambitions are fame and recognition in society, love of money comes secondary only, a scientist's dreams and ambitions develop 'Wings of Fire' (Courtsey A.P.J Abdul Kalam - scientist and our former President) and is always in pursuit of new discoveries, inventions, research 24X7, in short restless he is always. Fame and recognition only come second to him or her, a business man/woman nurses the dreams and ambitions of widening his/her business empire and for that matter industrial barons, media-barons, his/her ultimate goal being multiplying their profit further, invest further in business or another ventures, yearn for world-wide recognition and appreciation. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mukesh and Anil Ambanis, Lakshmi Mittal, Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Swati Piramal, Sunil Mittal, Asim Premji, N.R.Narayana Moorthy, number endless. Similarly writers of calibre or substance like V.S Naipaul, Amartya Sen, Paul Krugman, Margaret Atwood, Vikram Seth, Peter Carey, Amitva Ghosh, Hillary Mantel, Arundhati Roy, scientists like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Venkata Raman Raghavan, Har Gobind name a few. Interests of some especially business and industrial barons and ofcourse a few writers also aim at multiplying bank balances, some for fame and recognition, some on eternal search for something eluding them, here I mean scientists and philosophers.
I began this piece about the middle-class employees and as pointed out by Mario Puzo when they find it quite difficult to pull on with the meagre salaries, remember, they have to attend to the educational needs of their children, dress, books, monthly payment of fees at schools or colleges to purchase computers, travel charges, payment of huge expenses as capitation fees and monthly fees incurred by their progenies, sky-high expenses for higher education of the brlliant children of some of the parents particularly those who wish to study abroad, then the needs of their spouses, dress and ornaments in particular and furthermore to avail loans from banks for purchasing cars and consumer durables like refirgerators, washing machines, Television sets - put it simply - a whole assortment of items, once in a while a merry go round in cars go to movies most of them though with guilty conscience are tempted, yes tempted, to accept currencies offered to them by the clients to get their needs speedily done. Accepting the bribery surreptiously first with shivering hands, in due course cooly and later demanding with an iota of repentance or remorse.
Thus the little little selfish motives develop into greed for money and this greediness makes them inhuman, ruthless and they stoop to the level of animals. Their pursuit for finding justifications for their inhuman deeds begin and finding crisis of conscience always gnawing or tormenting them, go on pilgrimage to temples/churches with families across the land, offerings in money, gold valuing lakhs or crores before the God pleading him to pardon them and praying for shower of blessings, dole out alms to the beggars who are lined along both sides of the way stretching their hands with beseeching eyes. Even after the offerings to the tune of lakhs and crores to Gods and generous doling out alms to the beggars and leppers, peace of mind eludes them. It is a mirage to them.
Even after all these offerings and confession to Gods, they find it not possible to backtrack from their inhuman ways back home and go on with the 'old business'.
Helplessness to greediness, greddiness to repentance, but no escape from the tentacles of the hydra called greediness here read corruption.
Money is like an enchantress and if these gentlemen get bewitched and fascinated towards it like magnet to iron it is not at all puzzling. Now the corruption has become our way of life, it is ruling the roost, eating to the vitals of our societal values once we cherished gone topsy-turvy, social, ethical and moral values, all got undermined.
Today I happened to read a news item in an English daily. It reports with the data in possession about the Central Cabinet Ministers with crores in their possession. Except three poor Ministers, Mamata Banerji, A.K.Antony and the one andonly A.Raja all commands crores. (poor A.Raja I really appreciate his tolerance and forbearance in the face of a mountain of allegations he had to encounter , allegations levelled against him for amassing more than hundreds of crores in the allocation of 2G Spectrum and 3G Spectrum. His total savings reportedly is only 88 lakh. All others have crores in their hands as per a data reportedly made available to S.C.Agarwal upon filing an application to RTI authorities who continues to be a whistle-blower and social activist.
It is celebration times for we people as none of them are millionaires or billionaires, thank God. Let's not pay heed to the rumour mills working round the clock.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Ever since his early days,
he is after you,
always you remain,
elusive from him,
his attraction, fascination,
his love and passion,
boundless, unlimited,
towards you.
Remains he attracted to you,
to you and is always,
mad after you,
please, don't give him a,
hold on you,
always make him believe,
one day he can reach you,
but no,
let him not distract,
his attention,
throw him not into despair,
push him not to the abyss of frustration,
his obsession always with you,
within his arm's length,
you remain please,
but no, give him no grip,
not even a touch,
let his eyes,
glow throughout,
fill him with confidence,
but don't give him,
no hold,
not even a touch,
keep him at an arm's length,
and ye,
protect him from,
burning from your sunny love,
sunny embrace,
your sunny ways,
knows he well about you.
Perpetuate the glow in his eyes,
your mission always...
his dreams, ambitions,
to be in your hot,
sunny embrace,
and be part of you,
knows thee well,
but no,
give him no hold,
perpetuate the glow,
in his eyes forever,
let it be your mission...

Thursday, September 9, 2010


You, Mr.Unknown,

were an unknown plant,

planted by unknown parents

at an unknown land,

tended and watered,

by them.

In your early days,

in the prime of life,

keeping a flame,

of revolutionary spirit,

you rebelled, revolted,



for a short while.

That flame died down,

when a strong wind,

blew across the land.

In the fast flowing waters,

of the city,

you were,

a floating log,

like countless logs,

floating along,

in the fast flowing,

waters of the city,

floating along,

with the current,

at some point,

you got tied up with,

one lady Unknown,

by an unknown force,

both of you floated along,

along with scores of other logs,

happliy, sometimes painfully,

sometimes sharing the,

past and present.

Time always an unending river,

two little logs joined both,

the four of you floated,

along for a while.

Upon growing up,

one after another,

both got anchored somewhere,

on the way,

both of you continued,

the journey still continues,

through ferociously, quickly flowing,

city waters,

waters of love,

hatred, violence,

with no end in sight,

to the flow,

uncertainties all the way.

The sea, it seems,

far away......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


He was born in a modest middle-class family. The school was far away from his home. He walked all the way to school covering long distance. And he studied in the dim light of a kerosene lamp. Studious he was, ambitious he was and he emerged out of school and college in flying colours. He chose teaching profession which he loved most his students were/are still respectful and worshipful towards him. Education his unquenchable thirst to go on with higher studies ultimately landed him in England, where he joined Oxforrd University, one of the prestigious institutions in the world. Upon successful completion of his higher studies with distinction he took doctorate in Economics flew to US, joined the World Bank, took up a high position there.

You must have already traced the identity of the great man, he is none other than Sardar Dr. ManMohan Singh, Prime Minister of India. From a humble beginning he climbed up the ladder to reach the topmost position of World’s largest democracy, our India, lets shower him with applauses galore.

So be it. More than the topmost position of a Prime Minister, what he always covets is teaching position.
‘My education made me what I am today’ – with smile in his lips, delight flashing across his face, speaks he elatedly.

On September 5th , Teacher’s day on the occasion of conferring awards on illustrious teachers from across the country he was giving vent to his happiness and excitement addressing a large gathering.

All for good. Congrats our respectful PM.

And all respects close to the heart let me ask you a few humble questions. Needling you with uncomfortable queries is not at all my cup of tea whatsoever.

You were born in a modest middle class family. You studied in the dim light of a kerosene lamp. Covered long distances to reach your Alma-Mater. And overcoming innumerable hurdles now you are vaulted to the highest post of land. Means, the fate of a big nation, the welfare of its citizens across the spectrum, the rein of power all lie in your hands, thus we believe.

Seven years of your rule already elapsed. Yes agree, a few positive measures you took and implemented. Thanks. Weighing the pros and cons as a citizen of India I don’t have any moral prick to mention still you are far below our expectations. Top to bottom adverse consequences of your policies are visible. Be it on various fronts like education, health, infrastructural development, price, financial, empowerment of women and welfare of children, mal-nutrition and corruption, you are a failure. It seems if anything worthwhile you were/are still interested is in the welfare of those at the top of the pyramid. Already they are blessed with enough and more, even then you are eager to turn keen ears to their needs whenever demanded by them and on the matter of majority across the spectrum you turn a deaf ear.

A min-boggling news was reported almost a year ago by a National news channel NDTV 24X7, later the matter already taken up by other channels ultimately its repercussions got reflected in Parliament with opposition parties taking up cudgels against your govt. Yes, I am coming into it. Simultaneously the serious issue was taken up by the highest court of the land and took strong exception to it.

Here I am referring to the hot issue of lakhs of metric tons of food grains rotting up in the go downs across the country. Those rotten food grains would have been a welcome relief to the millions of poor starving and perishing in our nation. Even after bringing it to the notice of your government either you or the Minister concerned our Food Minister, Sharad Pawar cared not to initiate any measures.

Then came the Supreme Court order directing the govt to distribute the food grains freely to the poor who are even deprived of one square meal a day.

The Food Minister cared not to listen and he was of the view that Supreme Courts was actually making a suggestion not passing an order. He was not willing to supply the rotting food grains freely to the deprived sections of society under the pretext of subsidies. He expressed however the generosity of selling the food grains to them at BPL rates.

Supreme Court again came out into the open and made it clear to the Food Minister and all concerned that it had passed an order not a suggestion.

In came a fuming Prime Minister taking strong exception to Supreme Court order with the point that Supreme Court shouldn’t interfere with the policy formulations of the govt, here read the Executive…
While food grains in large quant ties are rotting in our go-down, no storage facilities whatsoever, that is not the concern of the govt depriving the deserving sections of their legitimate rights, and Prime Minister is reportedly girding up his loins to harp on policy decisions. No worthwhile steps are being taken to construct safe go-downs or warehousings across the nation to prevent the food grains going rot. Even if these items day by day go on rotting with rats, birds and insects on feast, a govt is not at all willing to distribute it free to downtrodden. This hot issue is not a matter of good economics or bad economics, judicial activism or policy formulations but an issue of love, affection, compassion and empathy. As an average citizen I recall those harrowing days in my teens without a square-meal a day and was compelled to survive on black tea and vadas or tapioca. I don’t have any qualms in frankly speaking or writing about it or speaking about it. Try to experience hunger at least for a few days the good economist will come to know about the gravity of that ‘horrible’ feeling. Please shut your American obsession and the free market inclinations and come to terms with the myriad problems affecting millions of poor citizens starving under your regime.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In the hot summer morning,
when the blazing sun,
began to display,
its ‘true colors’,
Power across the land,
went out abruptly,
leaving us sweltering,
inside and outside.
No vehicles plying along,
no wind blowing,
trees stood like statues,
offices, schools, colleges,
Land in a standstill,
getting the patience,
drained away,
dialled up the power authorities,
bells kept on ringing,
but no one there to respond,
rang a friend,
and inquired,
quick flowed the answer,
‘National Strike’, “you know?.
where the hell you are?”.
“what for”? – inquired I
‘price rise, fuel hike, inflation, poverty, starvation ’,
like a parrot he went on,
‘should we protest’?.
‘But my friend,
the responsible ones at the top,
still make merry,
their life,
celebrations of power,
and pelf’,
‘can’t you witness it’- queried once more.
Heard me a ‘big-bang’,
kept on,
holding the receiver,
laughing aloud,
forgetting the hot summer,
streams of sweat keep flowing still…..…


Fed up with,
witnessing ‘living nightmares’,
he got himself blind-folded,
one day.
Tired of listening to,
the news of deaths, accidents,
violence, wars,
poured he one day hot liquid lead into his ears.
No purpose saved,
took he a vow of
prolonged, silence.
No use
pouring out his,
emotions, anger, joys,
sorrows and messages,
he put down his pen,
for good.
Love and hatred,
two sides of the same coin,
called life,
learned he,
and smiled to himself.
------ But no let-up,
not even a short interregnum,
restless he went like a violent sea,
felt like on the verge of insanity,
thin line dividing ,
sanity and insanity,
felt like getting blurred,
a slippery slope situation,
like a child fearing darkness,
wanted he to cry aloud,
tore away the cloth,
covering his eyes,
his vow of silence,
broken with a loud laughter,
cleansed the lead off his ears,
took he again,
the pen and white sheet,
and poured out his emotions,
joys, sorrows and anger,
to escape from madness.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Freedom of speech and expression is one of our fundamental rights, of course with certain obligations and it should not in anyway affect or cross the boundary lines, in other words ‘Lakshmana Rekhas’. For instance leaking out sensitive information in return for any kinds benefits to an enemy country or for that matter any nation is a crime which warrants exemplary punishment and similarly many other sensitive areas need protection.

Freedom of speech and expression is one of the hallmarks of a democracy. Noam Chomsky, one of great intellectuals of our times is an American citizen and he is a sharp critic of the imperialist or expansionist policies of US leaders. Whoever they are, through his speeches, writings or interviews either in his own country or nations abroad never does he care about airing his opinions. Likewise, the courageous, articulate and fearless lady, writer and social activist Arundhati Roy is always free to air her views and without fear or favour, launches scathing attacks against the one-upmanship of US authorities publicly in the soil of USA itself. Though of foreign origin I mean, she is an Indian and that in no way is a hurdle to her to publicly express her opinions without nursing fears of incarceration by the American rulers. When it comes to terrorism or drug-trafficking US authorities won’t have any hesitation or even second thoughts in dealing with the culprits rather ruthlessly.

Like the greatest democracy, the largest democracy ie. India is not different on the matter of freedom of speech and expression.

Here I am coming to a stark truth, of late, our cherished democratic traditions, ethics, morals and other such values are getting eroded along with the polarisation of the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ creating a widening gap or put it simply chasm.

Yes, India was a poor country in the 1960s- a poor one with a difference another stark truth, pathetic was our condition with poverty, famine and drought ruling the roost. But under the Prime Ministership of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri we could proudly uphold our democratic values, morals and ethics intact. We came under the attacks of China in 1962, Pakistan in 1965, suffered heavy casualties, in both the wars fought in the 60’s added to our list of woes. Both Panditji and Lal Bahadur Shastri still had their strong grips on democratic values, corruption and crime affected us, true, but not of the magnitude that we face today across our nation. Those two eminent leaders were treated like our father figures, we loved and respected them and were quite proud of them, unlike the leaders of present times. Famine was there, poverty was there, drought intense, our infrastructure facilities in a shambles. Even then democracy flourished in India thanks to the ability and charisma of these two leaders and sacrifices they made for the freedom of our nation from the yoke of the colonial grip that Indians were languishing for centuries. They were imprisoned for prolonged periods for launching struggles against the British forces, even Indira Gandhi, daughter of Pandit Nehru was also a participant in the struggle.

Though she began her rule on a clean State, unfortunately, she was misled by a coterie and since she cherished loyalty, the sycophants had it easy to capitalize on her weakness ultimately forcing her to slap Internal Emergency albeit for a period of 19 years in 1975 and mincing no words let me point out here the genesis of value erosion in politics begun under her rule.

We were talking about the rules of Pandit Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri. The frightening image of our poverty, famine and drought got reflected in foreign nations as well, especially in the developed countries. And that image, mostly affected the Indians doing schooling and university education and those who undertook jobs in various fields and the citizens there looked down on those people with derision and sarcasm. Those stigmatized Indians looked jealously upon their brethren of Pakistan that very much injured our peoples’ psyche. One among them, whose name I don’t want to mention here passed out of the university there came back to India took up prestigious positions as an eminent media personality often harps on those days abroad the picture of an India looked down with disdain and hatred, meanwhile the Pakistanis who were in their heights of glory and fame respected, even adored by the citizens of that nation like Benazir Bhutto, Imran Khan to name a few.

With all respect to this media personality, I am forced to point out some facts and I don’t know whether my words would prove a better pill to him.

According to him the prosperity flaunted by many of the Pakistanis of that period was a flash or let me call it a ‘big bubble’ which was not bound to go so far.

The luxury, pomp and pageantry displayed by them were actually amassed through illegal means, hence it was not bound to last and therefore the big bubble burst and the Pakistanis left high and dry. Yes, as the gentleman points out it is substance that matters.

His statement is absolutely correct, no doubt and everyone would agree with him.

But when comes to the heart of the matter, I beg to differ. Contrary to what he pointed out just before concluding his piece, India is still a poverty stricken, drought affected and flood-affected - intermittently ofcourse - and almost 800 million live below poverty line. I don’t believe he is not aware of the fact that as per the World Human Development Index, India is ranked 134th below even Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other such neighbouring countries. And on the matter of corruption as per Transparent International, India comes at the 84th place.

As political commentator Seema Mustafa recently pointed out our respected Prime Minister as per the Newsweek survey is one among the ten bold rulers in the world. And she minces no words in boldly writing that his prestigious image abroad is in no way a substitute for the poor image he holds in his home country. Seema Mustafa goes on pointing out that his ‘go-go capitalism’ has brought about the prosperity of a minority of Indians and the majority still undergo hardships and sufferings in various sectors across our nation.

The renowned media personality’s statement still holds truth. Yes, flash goes this far, it is substance that matters.

Sans substance looking abroad and witnessing the India loving gentlemen, their new found love holds not much water.

Similarly unlike he points out our democracy is more and more flourishing. Just the opposite is true. Erosion of democratic values, ethics and morals continues unabated. And if he feels doubtful please look across the nook and cranny of India.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The giant tree,
in the backyards of,
our life,
was our pride,
and delight.
watered it,
manured it,
tended it,
nurtured it,
saw it grow up, up and upwards,
before our naked eyes,
in pride and delight.
Roots spread far and wide,
tree trunk,
strong and pithy,
branches numerous,
so were leaves.
a scent,
a bewitching scent,
it emitted,
its flowers,
cute and prettier,
than red roses and lotuses,
so was the scent,
spread far and wide,
edible, too sweet,
we plucked them, ate them,
in huge measure,
inebriating too,
the fruits.
pride, happiness and delight,
turned into sorrow,
upon the changes,
we witnessed among us,
and our children,
drowsiness and numb,
affected us and
our children,
like the tentacles of,
an hydra whirling,
around, squeezing and suffocating us,
moral, ethical lines,
our sons,
dropped out of schools and colleges,
and went astray,
our daughters too.
Both our sons and daughters,
went to bed,
with anyone they,
daughters turning mothers of,
fatherless children,
sons produced,
hapless orphans,
witnessing helplessly,
in drowsiness,
we sit now,
our pride, delight and arrogance,
all melted away.
No use rooting the giant tree out,
its seeds already fallen on,
all around the ground,
and across the land,
already sprouted and,
possible it,
to root out the,
its roots spread,
far and wide?.
And we sit numb,
unable even to weep,
or to complain or protest.
All our own undoing.


The General gave them
commanded he
Only loyalty from them.
The General
provided them with
Sumptuous feasts
enchanting, sensuous beauties
to make their lives,
and luxurious.
Also provided them,
with narcotics and,
costly wines in plenty,
making their lives,
festivals of inebriation
and celebration
instead commanded he,
only their loyalty.
The General in his palace was a happy man,
like a king surrounded,
by dancing, tending,
with security-guards,
always on vigil,
around the palace,
ruled he like a,
Mughal emperor,
court dancers, danseuses,
what all he demanded,
and commanded,
from his subjects,
was loyalty.
The General like,
his predecessors,
had his eyes,
centered on an,
invaluable gem next-door,
coveted it most,
demanded it first,
then fought for it,
and each time,
withdrew biting the dust,
that much powerful,
valiant and adventurous,
were the rulers and jawans of,
the neighbouring nation.
Generals after Generals,
facing chains of,
recruited a gang of
‘valiant’, loyal,
showered them
all comforts,
luxuries of life,
money and expensive ornaments stuffed in sunny bags,
other such
sophisticated weapons,
only their loyalty.
ruthless were they,
suicidal were they,
trained ones were they,
wearing blankets-
of darkness,
to the other side,
of the border.
Succeeded some,
perished some,
upon spotted by,
the valiant jawans,
of the country next door.
Succeeded ones,
wreaked havoc, mayhem,
gunned down innocents,
triggered explosions,
properties damaged,
got caught a few of them,
others got killed,
not taken aback,
crawling from across,
the border continued,
ruthless were they,
suicidal were they,
continued to wreak havoc,
after havoc,
forcing innocents,
always caged inside,
their shells,
years of crawling,
gone futile,
fed-up naturally,
began they to backtrack,
leaving the once,
powerful General,
in a tizzy.
On the back-foot,
the dare-devils,
sensed the isolation,
of their Protector,
and shedding loyalty,
nursed they the dream,
of dethroning him,
turned they against him,
virtually wreaking havoc,
all the way,
explosions, killings,
on daily basis,
the General like an erstwhile is on the,
run now,
running naked for cover,
dreams shattered,
licking wounds,
like a lion on its back-foot.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hillary Clinton is the star here. She in her capacity as Secretary of State, USA, after tireless efforts has succeeded of course with the encouragement and authorization of US President Barack Obama in bringing about a historic meeting of two ‘enemies’. Palestine and Israel assisted by other US friendly leaders of West Asian nations, Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President and King of Jordan, Abdullah II have also arrived in Washington to join the talks. The 22 member Arab league have already extended support to the initiative and that is a welcome sign, anyhow. Hillary Clinton is quite conversant with the problems in the Middle-East (West Asia) right from the days of Bill Clinton, former US President and her husband who in his capacity as President tried his level best to bring about a rapproachment between the two warring countries in his tenure. Unsuccessful though it was, it was somewhat a step in the right direction. Hillary naturally was the first lady of US and now she as Secretary of State has picked up the threads left by her husband obviously with the blessings of Barack Obama. George Mitchell envoy to the West Asia is very much there to assist her in her capacity as facilitator of the mediation talks.

The West Asian issue snowballed into a bitter war in 1967 with Israel on the one side and the entire West Asian Muslim nations on the other side. Israel certainly had the unqualified support of it well-wisher for ever the US and the latter provided Israel with funds and logistical support in the bitter war. Israel single-handedly fought against the Muslim nations, annexed territories in their possession and inflicted heavy casualties on the other side and at last emerged victorious. The other side not only conceded defeat but also lost a big chunk of land in their possession which was annexed by Israel.

Ever since Israel came into existence in 1948 the problems between Palestine and Israel aggravated followed by frequent clashes and bombings without lull. And it still continues unabated between Israel and the hard-core faction of Palestinian forces, Hamas, unlike the Fatah party now being headed by Mahmoud Abbas who is the successor of the legendary leader, Yasser Arafat. Israel’s policy, then and now is an ‘eye for an eye’ approach. Even a stone pelting mob is being countered by firings, bombings and grenade attacks. No surprise since Israel faces an existential crisis as it is surrounded by Muslim nations.

After the 1967 war, a few West Asian Muslim nations like Egypt and Jordan got friendly with Israel to the chagrin of other West Asian countries like Iran, Syria, and Lebanon which are bitterly against US-Israel nexus. Equations never remain static and they continue to ‘waver’ this way and that way.

Now that the entire Arab League is frantically seeking a permanent solution to the perennial issue an independent Palestinian State maintaining a peaceful-coexistence like the entire peace-loving nations across the world.

A historic meeting of this much significance is after a lapse of 20 years still a few core issue remain to be settled requiring some time at least one year, according to observers, spokespersons of each nations besides others. A step by step solution to be precise. Not at all an easy task given the enormity and intensity of the issues awaiting to be settled.

Israel has not yet agreed for a moratorium on building illegal settlements at disputed territories defying even the US, its all weather friend. Worth recalling here is the visit of Joe Biden, the US Vice President to Israel and in protest against the illegal construction of settlements cutting short his visit and returning to US in a huff. Territorial problems still remain thorny issues. Jerusalem, the bone of contention between Palestine and Israel remains a big stumbling block. Besides all these important issues here comes security concerns.

Hamas, the militant faction, up in arms against Israel and Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Prime Minister in the run-up to the talks gave vent to its anger and disagreement by gunning down four Israeli citizens including a pregnant Israeli woman followed by another attack the next day. Hamas faction whom Israel call terrorists is in no mood to recognize Israel as an Independent State. Its animosity towards Fatah movement and Mahmoud Abbas is known all around after it split away from Fatah movement call the trilateral talks for peace now going on in Washington under the mediation of US as treason. It is bent upon fighting it out and I am at a loss to know with Hamas treading a dangerous defiant path whether a permanent solution is possible even within two years.
Perforce Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President who is on friendly terms with Hamas faction too would be able to soothe their nerves.

Similarly Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is regarded as a ‘hawk’ like former US President George W Bush who was a hawk ‘par excellence’ should have to climb down from his rigid approach and the captured territories be given back to the Palestinians, demolish the illegal settlements and adopt a flexible approach on the issue of Jerusalem. A policy of ‘give and take’ by the involved parties need to be taken, then only a viable settlement could be arrived.

Besides the representatives of West Asian Muslim nations, UN and other nations of concern are hopefully looking towards the meeting like all peace-loving people around the world.

NB : Of late media reports point towards the next meeting of Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas are scheduled to be conducted in Egypt most probably at the luxurious resort of Sharm-Al-Sheikh from September 14-15.