Wednesday, July 31, 2013


City remained gagged today
Citizen remained gagged today
it was a deceptive silence
an eery silence enveloped the city………
The hustle and bustle
beat a hasty retreat
shops remained shut
vehicles kept off the roads
offices and temples of learning remained closed.
Commuters got stranded
at the bus stations,
railway stations,
cursing their fate
unexpected it was
everything unexpected
city dwellers dared not
to come out of their shells
fearing the response
of the frightening faces organizers of
the lightning strike.
City was silent today
it was a deceptive silence
an eery silence
a city sitting over a time-bomb
which could explode
anytime, any moment, any second……..

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Look at the absurdity
of forcing two warring nations  
to the negotiating table
at gun point to find
a durable solution for
the core issues between both since decades.
Look at the absurdity of
the forces of darkness
hunting down hundreds of 
Malala Yousuf Sais to stifle
their cries for enlightenment and freedom…
Look at the absurdity of
a democracy celebrating
the birth of a royal prince
to his Royal parents
in all its pageantry
spending millions and millions of pound sterling
while on another corner of the world
millions are perishing day by day
minutes by minutes, seconds by seconds
for want of food, diseases and deprivation 
with none coming to rescue  them
from the clutches of
hunger, malnutrition and displacement.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Endowed with the boon of masculinity and charm
casting an inviting, fascinating smile
he beckoned her.
She held herself for a while
felt like all her confidence oozing out of her .
Her heart-beats like drum-beats
her whole body trembling and perspiring
with beads of sweat trickling down her cheeks and forehead
she moved with cautious, anxious steps in his direction
mustering courage and confidence
like a fire-fly to fire.
With she nearing and nearing him
he could see her glowing eyes
trembling lips
her breasts heaving high.
His elevated exalted feeling
his immense desire to
hold her in his arms
all he craved for
with her approaching him .
His confidence abound
his eyes sparkling
his courage inspiring
he held her close to his chest…….
she wondered with a tinge
of shyness and sadness
her lack of confidence in herself
infront of a man……  

Sunday, July 28, 2013


‘We fed you with sweet milk and butter
we showered rains of love up on you
we gave you care and protection
we provided you the elixir of education 
we taught you the dos and don’ts
we saw you growing taller
and taller like a coconut tree
rather like a full bloom
what all you needed  once
we provided you it
it is time you fend for yourself
otherwise earn to stand on your feet.’
-          One day my parents
called me by their side
and advised me.
They were two calm, serene
lakes speaking out
yet ripples coursed
through my spine in
quick succession
disbelieving my eyes and ears
for a few seconds
for a few seconds only….
Like an obedient child,
I could come to grip
with my parents advice
within minutes
and I started learning to tread
paths to the future alone
with gratitudes galore
towards my parents……

Saturday, July 27, 2013


In broad daylight
we often see his dark figure.
In thick darkness
we see his luminous figure
who is he actually?
He still remains an enigma to us…..
who is he actually?
We go on asking ourselves
and grope for an answer……
Is he a devil?
Is he god?
Is he both devil and god the same time.
He always evades our
repeated enquires
and remains silent…..

Friday, July 26, 2013


Familiarity need not breed contempt
Familiarity need not breed intimacy
Familiarity could co-exist with strangeness.
Otherwise he would
have turned my friend already.
Each morning
on my way to the office
I used to see the man
riding his bike from the
opposite direction.
Serious and stone-faced
he would pass by me each day
without even caring to notice me.
I too didn’t care to think about him
and saw no reason why should I.
On a holiday morning
free from the daily morning chores
while I was deep in slumber
the incessant cries of
the calling-bell woke me up.
With blood rushing to my face
for forcing me out of a
deep, sound sleep,
I rushed to the door
and found the man gifting
me a broad, sweet smile.
Something and embarrassing his
unexpected visit and smile,
I returned him a warm smile  
with curiosity glinting in my eyes.
Forgetting my anger
I extended him an
invitation into the drawing hall
and with a  ‘please be
seated’ gesture I invited him to the visitor’s sofa
close to the wall.
Both shook hands and introduced each other
and a friendship thus born
for the time-being at least,
yes, at least…
‘Dear friend, you might
be knowing this is election time
and pleasure to
let you know that I am
a candidate from this constituency.
‘Please be kind enough to cast
your family’s invaluable votes to myself
and see that I win hands down
from here’.
The reason behind the sudden
melting of the ice of strangeness
and stone-face struck me
and gifted him a broad smile.
‘Sure, my friend, our votes
are for you, for you only’, I assured him.
Within days the D-Day knocked
on our doors and the votes cast.
My friend unfortunately 
came third and that was
the end of our friendship.
Even today morning on my way to office
I saw him riding his bike
from the opposite direction
stone-faced he was
strange looking he was
and I found myself burst out
Familiarity need not breed contempt
Familiarity need not breed intimacy
Familiarity could co-exist with strangeness.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


On a starry night
a star
in the guise of a handsome prince
visited her in her dream
and woke her up.
Sharing  nectar-dripping kisses, caresses, embraces
and exchanging sweet whispers
he entered her slowly
bestowing her both pain and ecstasy
Drowned in the realm of ecstasy
she pleaded with him
to lift her up to his ethereal world
his permanent abode
to be with him always.
Heaving tearful sighs
he pleaded with her to be patient
and that one day
he would come to her from
his ethereal abode
to lift her up one day.
Ever since that day
she awaits for her forlorn  lover to
come to her to take her away with him…..


Behind the façade of
beaming smiles
she did conceal a nagging pain.
Behind the nagging pain
she did keep a reason
which she cared not to
disclose to anyone.
What all saw was
a young, pretty, vivacious lady
always in smiles
who was eveyone’s envy and pride
who mistook her smiles
for what she was…
Now, what all we know,
behind the façade of smiles
the nagging pain
there was a reason
behind her putting and end to her life-story
by flying out of the 15th  storey of her flat
like a bird flying effortlessly
on that fateful morning……

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Like a bird trying hard
to break open its cage
flapping its wings against
the cage
and trying in vain to
fly away to freedom
unable to withstand
the dictatorship of darkness
often yearns to seek an asylum
where the Sun of freedom never sets…
Both the man and the bird
continue to struggle their
way to freedom since ages
often ending in finding themselves
where they are….

Monday, July 22, 2013


Like a variety of flowers
in a sprawling garden
life is a  vast landscape of diversities.
Like relationships change
so do the seasons.
Friends need not be friends always
enemies need not be enemies always.
Friends can turn enemies sometimes.
enemies can turn friends sometimes.
Like morning clears way for dusk
dusk clears way for morning.
In this world of changing relationships
and changing seasons – winter, autumn, summer, spring
nothing remains static
and that is the beauty of life, existence.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Heralding a new dawn
a dove
a harbinger of love and peace
with olive leaves between its beaks
flies in from somewhere and perch on the shoulders
of mankind
on your shoulder
on my shoulder
on everyone’s shoulder.
Dreams aside
will it be possible in the
midst of this chaotic world?
I don’t think so….
Still we
continue to hope against hopes
one day surmounting
all obstacles on our way atop
we could hoist the flag of love and peace
atop the world…..
atop the world.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Gods and devils,
it seems,
ever since the,
genesis of Mother Earth,
are on a pact,
to force the living beings,
dance to their tunes or,
make them play around as they wish.
What logic exists,
in enacting these kind of,
theatre of the absurd,
on the surface of the earth right before,
everyone’s eyes?
No amount of clarifications,
would suffice to,
explain the glaring,
blood-chilling, absurd, meaningless,
goings-on happening around us, friends…..

Friday, July 19, 2013


Traversing long distances,
you come to me,
once in a while.
Share with me your,
moments of sorrow and pain,
share with me your joys and pleasure,
within a short span,
you spend with me,
unload your mammoth,
collection of memories with,
me here and your, 
city of your birth,
your each visit to me,
adds to my pleasure and joy,
and your each departure,
my moments of agonies and separation,
come to me my child,
into the lap of your,
foster mother,
and spend at least,
a short span,
to recollect the days,
you enjoyed,
my love and care,
bread and milk,
which I gave you,
in abundance.
And provide me the,
opportunity to recount,
with elation and,
exhilaration the,
days I fondled you,
in the cradle of my lap.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


They roll and roll over the mud,
day-in and daytime,
they love to hurl mud against each other,
day-in and day-out,
they love  muddied waters,
and it is their hobby troubling the waters,
they love fishing in troubled waters,
and wait for a bonanza.
Playing with mud,
day-in and day-out,
they have turned out to be a strange species,
often reluctant to come out of it,
and emerge clean.
Still they forget not to mouth transparency,
in all the dealings as well as others’.
We the citizens always preferring to be
transparent and clear
often look at this strange species,
with embarrassment and hatred.
It is, but our destiny to, 
bear with them and be under,
their control.
The biggest tamasha of the day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I recount the days
when my village was a blonde
with lascivious smiles,
raunchy looks
full breasts
smooth plains
attractive curves
thick and dark valleys
and shapely limbs.
And now I compare my
so-called village
which is neither a village
nor a city.
With the fading away of
the last lustre of
her lascivious smiles
gourging out of her raunchy eyes
ruthless incessant, crushing and digging
her smooth plains
and squeezing of the last
trace of strength from her limbs
by the hungry, greedy
sex-starved rapists of
the earth who sneaked
into our village from
outside draining the very
beauty my beloved village
which is no more now….
After additions and subtractions
multiplications and divisions
what is left is a big uncertainty………….

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


World is an air-conditioned
bar-attached five-star hotel
where the cocktail of
love and hopes
dreams and ambitions
anger and agonies
selfishness and avarice
is being served to the mankind
and getting it inebriated
and drive it to the extremes.
Leaf through the 
endless, voluminous work of life
this cocktail of
love and hopes
dreams and ambitions
anger and agonies
selfishness and avarice
is being printed and reprinted countless times.
Like it or hate it
fact is a fact
and no kind of 
whitewashing can
hide it behind from the
naked eyes of any generation.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Freedom greets her in the night,
her sunrise comes to her
with the fall of darkness
like a pall of gloom.
In the foaming yellow lemon light of,
sodium-vapour lamps, 
her preying moments start.
She slowly, stealthily,
emerges from the gully,
to the world of ‘her light’.
Her self-imposed slavery,
her self-imposed isolation,
starts with the moments,
of sunrise, ripping apart,
the fading attire darkness.
Her sunrise is he sunset.
Her sunset her sunrise….

Sunday, July 14, 2013


In the heavy downpour
walking down to the railway station
she like a ‘drenched bird’ flew in from nowhere
and took refuge under his umbrella.
Neither did he ask her
whereabouts nor did she
ask him anything.
Under the umbrella
both of them walked along
without each uttering anything to the other.
The city of Mumbai
in the monsoon season
gets drenched and evolves into a sensuous lady
bringing people closer and closer.
In the city of
thefts and heists
violence and murders
accidents and casualties
pick-pockets and under-world
how come two strange people
come together
stick together
under one umbrella
in the monsoon season?
On reaching the station
with no thanks the drenched
lady bird vanished nowhere
and he entered the platform
folding the umbrella.
This closeness is a monsoon
phenomena exclusively for Mumbai……

Saturday, July 13, 2013


roaming in the corridors of power
and safety ensconced in your cosy seats
you look down on us
with concealed mock and scorn in your eyes
we do wonder what you are.
offering sweet talks
bountiful promises
platitudes abound
but nothing come come off it
we do wonder what you are.
preaching against corruption
while indulging in it neck deep
like devils preaching scriptures
we do wonder what you are.
all said and done
we do wonder how long
you are poised to
enact this absurd drama
we do wonder what you are….  

Friday, July 12, 2013


Keep not the windows and doors
of your mind shut always
with darkness engulfing the cells of your 
mind round the clock.
Let not weave a dark blanket
out of the engulfing darkness
and wrap it around yourselves
to escape the tsunami of
events past and present.
Keep open the windows and
doors of your mind always
and let thoughts - dark or
bright – rush in and rush out.
Let not offer any resistance
to them whatsoever.
The more the resistance the
more the force from outside.
Offering resistance to the
onslaught of emotions
is set to rebound.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


It is pain and pleasure 
for him lying supine on the sandy shore
under a crystal clear
blue sky studded with
pearls of stars and pendant-sized moon
to reminisce his long love-affair
with a girl whose where-abouts
he knows not now.
First through stealthy, eloquent glances
then thru beaming smiles
exchanging bountiful emotions
thru gestures inviting her to a meeting point
regular nocturnal visits
and the inevitable melting into one
which continued on and on until
the fate played its cruel joke
of separating them once and for all.
Lying on his back on the sandy shore
listening to the musical sobs of waves
it has turned out his habit to be there
just to reminisce those days of pleasure and pain….  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Digging deeper and deeper
into the minefield of
memories, I lay,
trying to fondle the rejoicing memories
of the past, I lay,
but, my friend
tearful experiences always
overlap my rejoicing memories
wreaking havoc upsetting
the whole pattern,
enlightening me to
the simple truth of
life in all its glory and pains
which always go together.
One gaining upper hand over
the other always is simply not possible.
Since life itself is a
game of glorious uncertainties.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Mind, a tumultuous, turbulent sea,
sleeps, broken mirrors,
dreams, surrealistic,
all, seeming to be unrelated
but interrelated…….     

Monday, July 8, 2013


Walking down the
elongated, tarred road resembling a thick, dark sheet
under the blue starlit moonlit skies
in this misty, festive night of X’mas days
with the stars glittering
on the flats lined upon
both sides of the road.
holding each other’s hands
throwing glances at each other with lustful eyes
both wearing cultivated smiles
often marvelling at their immense ability
to conceal their true selves
playing man and wife
thus the residents of this colony think of them
they feel proud of themselves
like two tinsel stars
signed up a call sheet for an upcoming film.
None knows for sure
he is on a contract
hired to play her husband 
and she is on a contract
hired to play his wife
exclusively for this festival season
and with the festival
coming to an end
each of them is set to part ways
with none of them willing to shed a
drop of tear.
Listen to the local trains
speeding along the tracks
hooting sirens
to and fro
they’ve a lot 
to learn from that
to and fro.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


In a world
where everything is in disarray
no wonder
this nation is in disarray
like all other nations.
In a nation
where everything is in disarray
no wonder
this city is in disarray
like all other cities.
In a village where everything
is in disarray
no wonder
this village is in disarray
like all other villages.
In a village where everything
is in disarray
no wonder my village is also
in disarray
In a home where everything
is in disarray
like all other homes
no wonder everyone at
home is pulling in
different directions.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


on strolling along
the pavements to my office
from home,
and on visiting shopping malls
I often mistake mannequins
for ladies and gents.
In these days of mushrooming
mannequins sometimes
I wonder, often apprehend
whether one day
this city would turn a
city of mannequins outnumbering citizens.

Friday, July 5, 2013


With the fall of each spring
he came to her
with a treasure trove of love.
With his arrival
her spring time bloomed
her numbing thoughts disappeared
with him sharing stories after stories
all colourful and scented
while walking along
the sprawling garden tending flowers
under the moonlit sky
with his arm around
her waist with one hand.
Both of them
would stand facing each other at times
with emotions surging  would lock in embrace
lips feeling lips.
Their painful thoughts of spring
clearing way for next season
got drowned in their
hilarious days of spring.
On this very earth
where everything remains ephemeral
where time does not have a full stop
both had to come to
terms with the eventual farewell however.
With him leaving him with a heavy heart
with her bidding tearful adieu at the end of
each spring her
her wait for her Spring would begin…..

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Sometimes I do feel like
I am being driven by an
unknown force to a predetermined destination
which I often call destiny over which I have no control.
I do feel like I am the master of myself
no power on earth whatsoever
has anything to do with
my fortunes or misfortunes
gains or losses.
All said and done
with my circumstances keep on
changing every now and then,
my feelings too undergo
a churning process 
in other words
the scales do keep on
tilting to the left and right
ends either towards fortunes or misfortunes
gains or losses,
what about you?
Could we call it human nature…..?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Albeit under one roof
where father and mother
are poles apart
rather like two isolated islands
she was like an unwanted flower
left in a desert.
In a residence
where silence reigned supreme
where loneliness ruled the roost
the unwanted bloom which she was
it was natural that
to escape the eerie silence
or the numbing monotony of daily life
one day
when a vendor of flowers
approached her offering
love, care and refuge
without any second thoughts
she accompanied him
unaware of the dangers
lurking behind……….                  


On the first anniversary of Mohammed Morsi’s rule, Egypt underwent a historic uprising by millions of protesters demanding nothing other than the ouster of Mr.Morsi from power. It is estimated that 14 million to 20 million protesters poured into the streets, which he county has never ever experienced before in the history of Egypt which has a population of 84 million. It is also reported that approximately 500000 protester gathered at Tahrir Square alone demanding Morsi’s resignation. The Egyptian Army which was watching all developing from the side-lines has been forced to serve an ultimatum to Mr.Morsi, either to mend his ways by  holding discussions with the leaders  of protesters -  here the leaders of National Salvation Front led by Mohammed-Al-Beradai  - who was the former Chief of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association). Mr.Elberadai is totally against the archytapal lslamic laws being enacted by the incumbent dispensation.
Morsi , a product of Islamic Brotherhood is inclined to Islamic laws which are against bringing in or initiating democratic reforms.
It is to be remembered here that two years before the agitation against the autocratic rule of Hosni Mubarak who ruled Egypt with an iron-fist for more than three decades had to bow out of power after lakhs and lakhs of citizens spilled over to the streets braving guns, tear gas shells, water canons, grenades in the process shedding blood all along. In spite of unleashing massive violence, the mighty Egyptians were unrelenting and they saw to it that Hosni Mubarak was thrown out of power. During this dictatorial rule lasting more than three decades, poverty was rampant, unemployment was mounting, corruption was at its worst, women and children disempowered and repressive measures unleashed by the govt was at its peak. The ‘Jasmine Revolution’ which acted as a catalyst across the entire African continent spread through the media and social-networking sites reached the freedom craving Egyptian too.
Within no time they started feeling, that was the moment to plunge into a revolt if not a revolution against the Mr.Hosni Mubarak who had by that time stashed abroad billions of dollars squeezing his own subjects. He and his family members fearing nobody apprehending nothing were leading a life of pomp and pageantry. At last, history reduced him to be a prisoner of his own citizens putting an end to his royal style of ruling and living.
The ‘Arab Spring’ which the Egyptians and all other Africans christened in the beginning mistaking the change of guard to another spring never in their dreams had any premonition that their nation is going to plunge into the hands of another autocracy this time in the form of a hardened Islamic called Mohammed Morsi, a product of Islamic  Brotherhood.
With him bent upon initiating measures to bring back an Islamic content to his governance, inspite of large-scale anger and discontent of the citizens across the nation they were left with nothing other than repealing Islamic laws started gathering in all squares across the nation demanding his ouster nothing other than that they are not going to be satisfied. What they are badly in need of is a popular democratic govt under the banner of National Salvation Front (NSF). For a generation which underwent dictatorship for a prolonged period sensing the scent of democracy is natural and on that account they were prepared to go to any great lengths. The Army meanwhile witnessing the historic protest rallies have served an ultimatum to Mr.Morsi to mend his ways and announce early elections to the Assembly and Parliament otherwise Army’s intervention seems inevitable. Let better counsels prevail upon Mr.Morsi which are not only good for him but the entire Egyptians.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The old lady’s life
was a long wait for her life-partner who
left her one day morning after planting
a warm kiss on her forehead
while they were in their prime.
She, as usual, waited for
his arrival that day evening
believing in his promise of meeting her
at the scheduled time.
He came not and
she spent sleepless
days and nights waiting
for his arrival any time
any moment, to be with her.
Her waits though prolonged upto days, weeks,
months and years, was of no avail.
In the meantime
keeping the memories of spring season close to her chest
the greatest magician of all times,
by his sleight of hand
gradually stole her youth first by making her hair
turn silvery and developed wrinkles on her body
with dark circles appearing around her eyes later.
Despite all these
her dreams of a spring season
never made a vanishing appearance
and she never forgot to sport
vermillion on the parting of her fore-head
believing him to be alive somewhere
the very thought of him leaving the earth
for ever was unimaginable to her
and like
a newly-wed lady attired in her bridal costumes
nursing hopes of her husband’s approach
anytime, any moment she always waited in the portico
throwing her glances far far away.
Her mingling with her relatives and friends
too were like a newly-wed bride
waiting for her groom remaining
always happy, pleasant and dreamy.
Even while she fell ill due to old-age-ailment
her eyes shone wide looking around for
the appearance of her
life-partner….who still...remained elusive…..

Monday, July 1, 2013


Like in this cat and mouse game called life
where cat always enjoys an upper hand
over its victim
which literally pounces on its prey
and derives a sadistic pleasure
by tossing the prey hither and thither
before piercing its flesh
by its sharpened paws and canine teeth
and making a good, tasty feast
the fat cats in this society
always gain upper hand
over the victims at the lower rung
and virtually squeeze the very essence out of them
thus getting more and more fat 
from which we have no escape
as it is the order of the day
like it or not….