Friday, September 30, 2011


Much has been spoken
Much more has to be spoken
Much has been written
Much more has to be written
Much distance travelled
Much more has to be travelled
Much has been seen
Much more needs to be seen
Much has been heard
Much more has to be heard
My ambitions are soaring
my longings have
no boundaries.
I know my limitations
are umpteen.
That doesn’t mean that
my aspirations need to
be limited.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Memories smile with
tears in eyes
scent of love smiles
with tears in eyes
first smile
the first touch
first kiss
first breath
first pain of pleasure
bring tears in
her eyes
keep your eyes close to
the ground
and listen to the
winds bearing sobs of
a jilted lover and
his tear drops
all getting mixed up
with river water
which carries the mission of
flowing with delights and agonies of all
to the lap of Mother Sea.


We built a memorial for
in remembrance of your
services to our Alma-Mater
to perpetuate your name.
Deep down in the hearts of
we can’t bear
the flowers of your memories
gradually fading from the midst
we wish your name to
shine for ever
for generations to come
even after we are gone.
We won’t allow
the flame of
the lamp
you lit
from dying down
with a whimper.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


He came wobbling along
late into the night
as usual
dealt heavy blows
on the door
instead of pressing
the door bell .
Somebody opened the door wide
no hello
no good evening
no hai
passed between the two.
The somebody led him to
the bed as usual
he fell flat on
the bed
started sleeping without
the pungent odour
of the liquor
pervaded the ambience
his snore polluted
the silence in the
The somebody disappeared in the
after bolting the
door from inside.
The somebody awoke in
the wee hours of
the morning daily as usual
cooked breakfast and placed
it on the table
for him as usual
and left the room early in the morning
keeping the door closed
from outside
but without locking.
He woke up late
in the morning as usual
completed his routine as usual
had his breakfast as usual
dressed up as usual
and went out in style as usual.
Nothing seemed to have passed between
the somebody and him
each day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Business in a dull shape
debts mounting up
borrowal of funds
for running a flourishing
business meets a sad end.
Investing funds in business
tantamount to adding
a tablespoon of salt
in the sea.
Ever since the multinational
retail giant opened
shop next door
his small scale business
started declining.
Either to rise up like
the multinational giant
to compete
which is immaterial
or to call it a day.
Better jump to the
open mouth of big fish.
Let it swallow down its throat.
Survival of the fittest
is the after all prevalent truth.


Since decades Afghanistan has been caught in the web of wars, terror attacks and ethnic clashes. Peace and normality remained a mirage in that hapless nation. Innumerable assassinations and terror strikes remain the order of the day. After the withdrawal of the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1989, Taliban regained control of Afghanistan leading to an array of mind-chilling killing and destruction of historical monuments which were not only the pride of Afghanistan but the entire world. Taliban’s dogmatic approach adhering to Shariat laws, forced people tremble with shock and fear, women forced to be indoors always denying them education and employment. Shariat laws adopted punishments reminding one of medeival times like beheading, hanging in public, stoning to death that also in public amputations, whip lashing etc sending shock waves down the spines of the common citizens. Taliban rule of Afghanistan will remain a blot in the history of that tragic nation.
Taliban rule came to an end in the backdrop of 9/11 – the suicide bombings of the twin towers of World Trade Centre in US which resulted in the outrage of US govt and citizens that led to a declaration of war on Afghanistan. US suspected the hands of Al-Quaida elements under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden who was provided asylum on the outskirts of Afghanistan by Taliban. America was determined to wreak vengeance on the Al-Quaida elements and in 2001 the very year WTC was reduced to rubble on Afghanistan. The ferocious attacks killed lakhs and lakhs of people. Taliban elements and civilian including properties worth crores destroyed and even after continuous wars under George Walker Bush and Barack Obama lasting more than ten years, the destructive forces couldn’t be destroyed. Resistance fed them with power and strength true, ‘the Taliban government’ brought down true, which was replaced by Hamid Karzai who has not yet been able to contain mounting violence, the suicide bombings and assassinations continued unabated. Even Kandahar Governor and Hamid Karzai’s half-brother Ahmed Vali Karzai fell victim to suicide bombings by Taliban elements which was a hard blow to Mr.Karzai.
After locating Osama Bin Laden at Abottabad in Pakistan and killing him on the spot in the wee hours of night and dumping his body in an ocean US lost interest in continuing the fight and mulled withdrawing its forces from the war scene. Due to the unprecedented economic slow down and because of the Presidential election scheduled to be held in 2012 in which Barack Obama is the Democratic party candidate US thought in terms of withdrawing its forces. Likewise other Western nations one by one due to internal pressures started withdrawing from the scene.
US Government took initiative in Afghan govt holding peace talks with the so-called ‘Soft-Taliban’ thus driving a wedge between hard and soft Talibans. In the meanwhile Hamid Karzai too took initiative in holding talks with soft elements of Taliban for which the former President of Afghanistan Burhamudheen Rabbani appeared on the scene.
Meanwhile with multinational International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) making arrangements for massive withdrawal Taliban elements intensified their attacks on various targets especially their hated enemy Americans. On Sep 13 US embassy was targeted by suicide bombers killed a few and destroyed a part of the embassy.
Later on Sep 19, two self-proclaimed Taliban envoys with one hiding a bomb inside his turban gained access to Burhamuddeen Rabbani and in the guise of holding peace talks exploded killing him on the spot. With Rabbani the head of HPC (High Peace Council) downed a prime link between the govt and Taliban got snapped.
Now with the impending withdrawal of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) the accursed country is in for a civil war which could bring about unforeseen consequences. The suspected culprits behind Rabbani’s assassination the Pakistan based Jalaludheen Haqqani network with the prodding of ISI (Inter Service Intelligence), the Pak spy agency are bent upon wreaking maximum havoc in the neighbouring country. The helpless hapless citizens of the accursed country are the worst sufferers in the dams to come. What about Hamid Karzai’s future in a turbulent atmosphere? Beyond imagination

Monday, September 26, 2011


One fine day
a man came to me
to measure the level of
his pleasure
using my newly invented
which I invented after
strenuous research.
Promptly I did measure
the level of his pleasure
and charged a fee.
Quite satisfied the man
and he went way in a jovial mood.
He came back
another day
sad he was
dark clouds of agony and sorrow
reflected on his face
and pleaded with me
to measure the level of
his agony and sorrow
promptly I did take the
and demanded my fee
he didn’t make the payment
instead burst into
a wild laughter
a shocking one that was
hurled sharp stones of choice-epithets
‘you know I was playing
agony and sorrow
and am quite pleasant today.
He threw away my
‘Mind you
enough is enough
no machine needed to
measure one’s emotions
unlike taking temperatures
Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar etal.
‘At last have some commonsense man’
he counselled me
and briskly made
a walk out.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sitting idle
whiling away time
I long for your proximity
though I know it
wouldn’t ever happen
even my mobile can’t
reach your ears
you are that much far
and that you can’t ever
return from your present abode
I long for your proximity
hoping that a miracle
could happen one day
that you would be with
me once again
similar to our golden
you would render your
sweet melodies in my ears
lifting me to a sublime world.
We would walk the talk
as before
under the moonlit nights
to the sea-shore
listening to the music of
the waves
enjoying musical breeze
lying flat on the beach
for hours
devouring the beauty of
twinkling stars and the
full moon in the azure sky
feeling your lips
whispering sweet
melodies close to my ears
why you left me dear
to a far away world
leaving me alone?
Now under the candle light
sitting idle
whiling away time
your memories alone my
hoping for a miracle
I await.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


His paths are riddled with
craters, thorns, and gravels
piercing his skin under his feet.
He has to tread long
distances to reach the
destination barefooted
to earn his bread and butter.
Excruciating pain
quite unbearable
made him weep for hours
and he got
disillusioned with life.
His long walks reminded one of
punishment on fire in the
or sinner thrown into the frying
literally roasting alive.
He couldn’t avoid the journey
there’re no other paths left
and his daily walks
enabled him accustom
with pain
made him impervious
to pain.
Gone are the days of
excruciating unbearable
pain now
daily sufferings
transformed into a painless

Friday, September 23, 2011


To escape the monotony
of daily existence
to escape the hustle and bustle
of city life
far away from the
maddling crowd,
I escape to the
shell of musical silence.
There’re times when
even musical silence
bores me to death
I escape to the hustle
and bustle of the city
to the madding crowd
mingle with them
and enjoy the wild music
of the ever vibrant, noisy city
and make merry.
In between the two
worlds of musical silence
and wild music
my life flows uninterrupted.
The pendulum of my existence
oscillates between the twin
worlds of musical silence
and wild music of the city.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


The scintillating performance
of the pretty, charming
seductive danseuse
stole my heart.
The heart rending
songs of melody kings
and queens elevated me
to a world of fantasy.
The comedian’s unforgettable jokes
and actions led me to constant
bouts of laughter causing spasmic
pushing me bite the
The soul-stirring drama
enacted by veteran actors
forced me sit
in rapt attention, till
the very end.
Upon completion of
all programmes
each one dispersed to
his /her home like birds
flying in different directions
and as I flew alone
to my distant ‘nest’
under the moon-lit, star-lit
in the misty night of December
savouring the cool-breeze.
I felt like dancing
singing, joking and acting
on the way
my mind filled with
ecstasy and rapture
and I felt like an inebriated guy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Stars need not come
down to earth
stars are already
twinkling very much here.
Waters need not shoot
up to the sky
oceans are very much
merry making there.
I need not tell you
‘I love you, darling’
you need not tell
me ‘I love you, darling’
as our mutual love
is all embracing.
You need not give me
as I squeeze it out
of your lips daily
and you squeeze it from my lips.
Imagination we need
yes, agreed
sweet dreams provide it aplenty
as dreams are sweeter than reality.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Father always makes wild appearances
and taunts me in my dreams always
his taunts and scoldings frighten me always.
His wide red eyes sent
shudders down my spine and
I would cry aloud and wake up
even in my adulthood.
But I know
in his heart of hearts
he had deep, intense love towards me
that could even surpass
his love towards my siblings.
He never displayed his love
which was always wrapped
in immense seriousness
like an edible fruit
concealed in a hard husk.
His mind I couldn’t read
while I was quite young
and that was natural.
Even after he has gone out
of my life,
everyone’s life
and left for his heavenly abode
he appears in my dreams
and repeats his taunting games
which my hyper-sensitive mind
can’t stand even
at this stage in my life.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Astride his dark horse
adjusted his cap
put on his glasses
cowboy Jackson cracked
his whip
fired the pistol into
the air
spell binding explosions reverberated
the horse raced past
streets, plains, hilly
terrains and deserts
triggered his pistol
left and right
forcing the pedestrians
and onlookers
flee helter-skelter.
Cowboy Jackson roared
on seeing the people
run away for life.
The ones who followed
after a long chase
caught up with him
knocked him down
gave him a bewitting treat
and entered him
in a mental asylum.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Like honeybees collect
honey from flowers,
like money-bees collect
money from door to door
be it visual, print
or radio
gather fresh, hot
cakes of news
from different sources
some sweeter, some bitter
some shocking and mind boggling
tear-jerkers umpteen
present before the citizens
on a platter
to taste, chew, eat and swallow
each day
how come fresh news
emanate each day
how come citizens
respond each day
as one great philosopher
said once : we can’t take
bath in the same waters

Thursday, September 15, 2011


A farmer consumed pesticide
the other day
and bid adieu to all.
Debt-ridden he was
drought-hit his harvests
shylock extracted his
pound of flesh
and went
away coolly.
Daily phenomenon it.
An young IT professional
unable to withstand
24X7 work pressure
opted for the easy route
yesterday went away for good
leaving his wife and
child in the lurch.
Daily phenomenon it.
For want of extra dowry
a lady strangulated
and set ablaze by
her husband and in-laws
that also the other day.
Daily phenomenon it.
Inability to cope up
with modern life
more and more turn
more and more end up in mental asylums
as many commit ‘harakiri’.
Daily phenomenon it.
Famine kills thousands -
making compromise
with death.
Daily phenomenon it.
Elite amass money
elite enjoy power and pelf
pomp and pageantry
loose life and loose morals
but lead them to temples
and God men seeking mental peace
and offer oblations in abundance
yet a life of harmony
still eludes them.
Daily phenomenon it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


On the tree of
birth and death are grown
the flowers and flower-buds.
Regardless of any pattern
or order
flowers and flower buds
are being plucked indiscriminately
from the tree of birth and death
by an unknown force.
Flowers and flower-buds
are but born
following a pattern or order
exceptions of course there
exceptions them.
And the tree of birth
and death
remains evergreen always
as both are an ongoing
a never-ending process.

Monday, September 12, 2011


What he always craves
for is a platform
whenever he misses it
he builds it, creates it .
To air his views,
to ventilate his grievances and anger
to spread far and wide
his multiple emotions
thus inviting thunderous
applauses as also
scathing verbal attacks
the only weapon
the sharp weapon
in his possession is not
an acerbic pen
but his sharp pointed
which could like an
improvised explosive device
rip through the
walls of the victim’s mind
and force the latter writhe in
pain and anger.