Thursday, February 25, 2010


Swapan Das Gupta, a senior journalist widely known for his antipathy towards the Communist ideology in one of his articles in a National daily sometime back termed North Korea, the communist nation, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) “A Jurassic Park”. The honour was conferred by him on this nation for its intolerance as also the ruthless framework within which the nation is being ruled by an adamant communist ruler Kim Jong-Il. While the nation is in the grip of extreme poverty and underdevelopment in various fields it had no qualms in trying to become a nuclear power. I don’t find fault with a nation trying to be a Nuclear Weapon State but simultaneously it ought to give paramount importance to improve the infrastructure and alleviation of poverty of the millions before hand. Its big brother Peoples’ Republic of China which still claims to be a Socialist nation, for arguments’ sake let’s take this claim for granted while remaining a Nuclear Weapon State has undergone tremendous changes and is poised to be the 3rd largest economy in the immediate future.

But Kim-Jong-il, the successor of legendary Kim ll-Sung without changing with times gets along with his intolerance, belligerence, not caring much for the welfare of the nation. Taking into account his failing health he is busy preparing for a dynastic change by installing his 27 year old son Kim Jong-un as the head of the nation. It was widely reported recently about declaring a holiday to the entire nation on his son’s birthday so as to enable the subjects to celebrate the event. Remember it all happened in a Communist nation defying the basic tenet of great ideology. It is quite unheard of in a Communist nation. Though anti-communist and pro-American, the latter’s other half, South Korea has forged ahead undergoing vast developments in several fields including infrastructure developments like transport, electricity, irrigation, hospitals, schools as also industry, rise in human development index, transforming the nation into a welfare State. In this connection it is worthwhile to note here that South Korea is the 3rd largest investor in India now. South Korean President, Lee-Myung-Bak during his recent visit to India signed a number of treaties with Indian leaders for improving bilateral as well as strategic ties.

Swapan Das Gupta might be getting elated for naming him an anti-communist and also calling him a “Pro-BJP” intellectual. Be that as it may.

Now come to the point.

Being a leftist doesn’t deter me in pointing out and blaming the Indian Communists for several instances of omissions and commissions on its part. I am not a membership holder of any Communist party in India and hence I am not bound by chains or party-enforced discipline. By remaining a leftist, whenever I feel the need for casting aspersions on these parties with courage and conviction it is appropriate on my part to go on with my criticism. Introspection and self-criticism are always essential for communist parties from deviating from its proclaimed policies and ideology according to the great theoreticians like Marx and Angels. Whenever communist parties intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes for convenience sake choose to ignore these policies they are more likely to be doomed. The degeneration of a great ideology is very visible before our eyes due to factionalism, splits, mud-slinging, fight for one-upmanship, luxurious life leaving in the process neglecting the basic ideals like love, care, the fighting spirit and sincerity towards the suffering humanity.

Sometimes differences of opinions are likely to crop up among leaders, quite natural in any party but extreme care needs to be adopted for not snowballing them to personal animosities. Falling from grace from the top echelons of the party by any comrade shouldn’t be allowed to ignoring him for the rest of his life. That attitude of personal enmity is not the core tenet of a humanist philososphy if that is what Marxism preaches this ideology will have no takers.

An ideology founded on the strong foundation of progress, prosperity, harmony, equality- an egalitarian society - by its proponents if in due course is robbed of its essence for settling scores, will certainly lose its significance in the long run. Frankly speaking we are already witnessing some instances of that attitude.

Nripen Chakraborthy, the former Chief Minister of Tripura upon falling from the grace of the party had to lead his twilight years of his life in wilderness. A committed Marxist throughout his life, for certain ideological lapses he was shown the door and even after he didn’t raise a banner of revolt against his most beloved party continued to be a Marxist throughout- these days such people are very rare, they either form their own communist parties (great) try to remain in the limelight and at last breaking all precedents upon his death, the party was forced to grant him a farewell shedding all its inhibitions befitting a national leader of the party.

I happened to recall him upon watching the news reports of the alleged suicide of W.R.Varadarajan, the former Central Committee leader of Communist Party of India (Marxist). He was demoted to a lower status in the Tamil Nadu cadre of the party, after a controversial inquiry for certain alleged lapses on his part. Whether the allegations were true or false were another matter and for that matter the findings of the disciplinary committee as per the reports and his letter to the Party General Secretary Prakash Karat he had denied the allegations levelled against him and appealed to him to revoke the punishment and restore his former status. Nothing positive emerged from the part of Central Committee and due to frustration he was alleged to have committed suicide by drowning in the Porur lake in Tamil Nadu.

His decayed body was found a few days later. It is quite unfortunate and deplorable that the erstwhile comrade from the day who had disappeared from the scene was not investigated by the Party and even while the news reports of his death flashed through channels the Party General Secretary was alleged to be holding the State Council meeting of Kerala Unit of the Party. If my knowledge is correct the topmost leader didn’t take care to attend his funeral even. Varadarajan was more than once seen with Karat at some meetings held at Chennai in jovial moods.

With the punishment of a comrade by demoting him to a lower cadre in his home State, I do not know why all those glorious moments of warmth, friendship and united fight against exploitation ended in a shambles.

Before his departure, Varadarajan upholding his principles and fondling the happy moments while serving the party, wrote a letter dedicating his collection of books, laptop, all that were left in his possession to the party’s present and future generation. A noble revenge and a reminder to the party about the significance of humanistic ideals upon which Marx founded his ideology. Without the human element in our mutual relationships, no ideology is going to survive. It seems if news reports are to be believed widespread criticism and anger of majority of comrades in the party, can close the shop in Tamil Nadu.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly News RoundUp


Indo-Pak Dialogue

Maintaining that the terrorist attack carried out in a German Bakery at Pune was a deliberate ploy on the part of militants to thwart the scheduled Foreign Secretary level talks between the two nations on 25th of this month, highly placed government officials are determined to proceed along the dialogue path.

Though differences of opinion on holding talks by certain sources like the BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) and a few intellectuals, their arguments being terror and dialogue can’t co-exist. It is worthwhile to note here that some doubts and anger still linger among a few on the timing of the dialogue this much early by India taking initiative for it to materialize as Pakistan was not that enthusiastic for a negotiation across the table too soon. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Muhammed Qureshi’s arrogant claims that India had to bow down to Pakistan for an early dialogue and Pak Prime Minister Gilani’s persisting demands for holding composite dialogue on the ‘core issue’ of Jammu&Kashmir along with the threat of cross-border terrorism, it is quite obvious that India has once again succumbed to the pressure of a Super Power, I do not hesitate to name it, it is USA. The recent visit of Robert Gates, US Defence Secretary, under orders from His Excellency Barack Obama was to force India for a dialogue with Pakistan.

America is always concerned with its selfish-motives and the rulers at the helm there know for certain only after engaging Pakistani troops at North-West frontiers to tackle Taliban militants holed up on the Afghan border -their final assault on the Al-Quaeda – Taliban militants to ‘succeed’ the first step they need is withdrawal of Pak troops along the Line of Actual Control (LOC) with India.

Telangana Cauldron

A simmering Telangana as also Andhra Pradesh as a whole is grabbing the headlines these days for the wrong reasons. Soon after the constitution of Justice B.N.Sri Krishna committee which include four members besides Justice Sri Krishna Pro-Telangana activists took up cudgels against the centre as also against the State government. Yesterday students of Osmania University in spite of heavy police-bandobust turned violent, angrily tried to break the police cordon which virtually laid a siege on the city of Hyderabad where the assembly was in session. The assembly after concluding urgent business adjourned to bring down the intensity of violence. After pitched street battles by students against police the city was about to return to normality, then a youth Yadagiri, who was working as a cashier in a cafe entered University campus doused himself with kerosene and set himself ablaze. He sustained 85 percent injuries and is fighting for his life in a hospital. All for the cause of a Telangana State.

Workers in the Un-organized sector
Mukul Sharma, the noted human rights activist has penned a thought provoking article on the plight of employees in the unorganized sector. It is mind-boggling. Whether this article be an eye-opener to any good Samaritan in the corridors of power remains to be seen. Trade union leaders should take the initiative to bring them under the unions’ umbrella so as to enable them to fight for their deserving entitlements.

Shibu Soren’s Gesture

To the great relief of his family members a revenue official Prasant Kumar Layek who was kidnapped by Maoists in exchange for a few incarcerated Maoists got a new lease of life when the Shibu Soren government agreed to release them to save a man’s life thus bringing them cheer and moments of relief to his family members. Shibu Soren’s gesture will be remembered in the years to come.

BJP chalking out a new political strategy

BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) at its National Executive Council meeting which lasted for three days at Indore concluded on a delightful note. Nitin Gadkari was formally elected the President of the principal opposition by delegates from various States. Gadkari, the Sangh Parivar prodigy came out with a strategy, a populist one, it is true all parties in India harp on the populist strategy ( old wine in new bottle, so to say) like fighting for the Dalits, Muslims and middle-class and also the development mantra. However not surprisingly, the Mandir (Temple) issue is still reverberating in his mind but along with it to pacify the Muslim community, Mosque issue is also paramount in his mind. A peaceful co-existence of Mandir and Mosque, yes a nice popular idea. How far his attractive ideas go down the major vote-bank - the masses is million-dollar question. The six-year rule and the India shining slogan are still etched in the Indian psyche. Any how all the best Nitin Gadkari. Let the BJP cycle move along with uniform speed. New Delhi is however far away.

SC Verdict on CBI taking up cases

By a historic verdict, the Supreme Court has given consent to the High Courts to refer certain cases to entrust the CBI to investigate, If the HCs find it imperative without the permission of state governments.

Amir Khan relents atlast

Amir Khan’s angry walk-out from the 10 member copy right panel after a heated argument with noted lyricist Javed Aktar and news of his subsequent resignation had attained ‘national significance’. Anyhow thanks to the tireless efforts and cajoling by Minister of Human Resources & Development Kapil Sibal, the star has agreed to withdraw his resignation. The celebrity might be in a cheerful mood. Thank God.

Budget Session

An all party meeting was held in New Delhi in response to the invitation of Loksabha Speaker Meira Kumar ahead of the commencement of Budget Session of Parliament on Monday. The session is likely to be stormy for various reasons. Mounting price rise of essential commodities, Maoist threat gaining momentum, law and order situation, fake encounter death in Kashmir and subsequent arrest of a BSF personnel, the upcoming Foreign Secretary Level talks between India and Pakistan at New Delhi on 25th of this month- no dearth of serious issues for a pandemonium. Presentation of the Railway Budget by Mamta Banerji on February 24 followed by the presentation of General Budget by the Finance Minister the incorrigible Pranab Kumar Mukherjee are also awaited with bated breath. The budget session is likely to conclude on May 7.

Amitabh Bachan’s fury

Megastar (Big B) Amitabh Bachan is furious, losing his composure on going through a rumour spread by a tabloid - Mumbai Mirror – on the health of his daughter-in-law Aiswarya Rai Bachan. The tabloid had reportedly published a news item about Aiswarya’s desire to conceive but didn’t materialize due to Stomach Tuberculosis Mr.Bachan naturally got angry and has reportedly demanded an apology for spreading such falsehoods. Rumour-mills work overtime and it is the bane of our times. The tabloids everywhere spread rumours for massive circulation to amass huge amounts of money. Princess Diana’s tragic fate and the constant shadowing of her movements by the paparazzis still haunt the whole world.


Tin Oo freed

After a prolonged period of house arrest the octogenarian leader of NLD (National League for Democracy) has been freed. He was a confident of Aung-San-Syuuki, the Myanmar opposition leader who is now in her 14th year of house arrest. Freedom from the military yoke still eludes Myanmar.

Japan 2nd Largest Economy

Thanks to its energy efficient car industry Pro-greenery approach, Japan has retained prestigious position as the 2nd largest economy in the world.

Sherry Rehman’s article

Pakistan’s former Minister of Information & Broadcasting and the leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party in one of her articles published in a National daily has stressed the need for the dialogue process to continue even if there is no positive outcome except ‘chai, samosas and gritty charm’. According to her, dialogue has its own significance. Yes, ‘chai, samosas and gritty charm’, listen Mrs Nirupama Rao.

Alexander Haigh is dead

Former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haigh is dead. The four-star military General was 89 when he breathed last. He had worked under Richard Nixon, Ford and Ronald Reagen.

Mossad strikes again

Mossad, the Israeli Spy Agency has struck again. This time its agents using fake passports of foreign-born Israeli nationals cold-bloodedly assassinated a Hamas leader Mahmoud-Ah-Magbough in a hotel room, where the latter was staying alone. A diplomatic war has broken out between UK and Israel on the issue of using fake passports purported to have been issued by the British government.

Dutch Cabinet falls

On the question of Afghanistan, the Dutch government had to step down due to squabbling among the allies in the government. It was reportedly over the issue of the deadline regarding the withdrawal of Dutch troops beyond August 2010.


Binayak Sen’s appeal to Maoists

Dr.Binayak Sen who was imprisoned for more than one year while doing service at Chattisgarh over his alleged connection with Maoists and freed after incessant pressure by international community and intellectuals at a meeting held at Thrissur under the auspices of PUCL (Peoples’ Union for Civil Liberties) has appealed to Maoists to shun the path of violence.

Mullaperiyar issue hots up

After Supreme Court’s ruling for the formation of five-member committee to look into the safety issue relating to the Mullaperiyar dam, M.Karunanidhi, Tamil Nadu CM has announced his government’s decision not to send the representative as suggested by the court.

Athirappilly Project

The demand by Kerala government to accord sanction to the Athirappilly hydro-electric project has been rejected by the Union Environment Ministry citing the harmful consequences to the environment.


Reputed Malayalam author M.Mukudan was awarded the Habi Valappad Award. The award was presented to him by M.P.Veerendra Kumar.

Poonthanam Day Celebration

Poonthanam day celebrations were held at Guruvayoor this year also. Poonthanam Award was conferred on noted scholar V.Sankunny Kuttan by Revenue Minister K.P.Rajendran.

Rare honour for V.S.Naipaul

The portrait of Nobel Prize winner, V.S.Naipaul was unveiled at the London Art Gallery. It was the first time a contemporary person was being honored this way. The honour was mainly bestowed upon the erstwhile reputed personalities. His portrait was drawn in his Wiltshire Gardens , London where he is residing from 1950s, his favourite place while sitting with a contemplative mood as if in meditation.

The Passsing away of Dick Francis

Dick Francis, famous writer who penned 42 thriller novels, passed away at his Carribean home at Grand Cayman. He was 85.


Railway Budget is scheduled to be presented on February 24 by Railway Minister Mamta Banerji. Whether Kerala is going to be blessed this time remains to be seen.

General Budget is on 26th of this month. Prime Minster’ Principal Economic Adviser has unveiled some proposals such as partial withdrawal of stimulus packages. While the service sector and industry sector have shown appreciable improvement, the progress on Agriculture front as usual is far below expectations.

It is hoped that farm sector and food security most probably would get significant attention. It would be a good thing if Finance Minister could allocate a part of funds to the social sector while allocating funds to infrastructure development.


Soon after regaining the No.1 position in the World Test Ranking, today in the One Day match against South Africa India has won by 1 run. Cheer up India.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


It all happened on expected lines. Wastage of time, money and man power or human potential. Yes, I am referring to the Copenhagen Summit on climate change from December 7 – 19, 2009 held at the Danish Capital of Copenhagen. A gathering of the World leaders and eco-friendly representatives from across the Globe to chalk out a strategy to contain the menace of Global Warming which has emerged as an existential crisis before the whole world.

While this summit was going on with cautious optimism, hopes, arguments, anxiety, sometimes despair and fear among the most vulnerable nations like Maldives, Nepal and the least developed nations - they are umpteen - a group of anti-global warming activists with the patronage of the worst culprits, the anti-global warming firms most of them from the developed countries who keep no concerns about the future generation whose future they are cooking for their momentary gratification. To fill and expand their coffers. The so-called intellectuals including geologists were actually holding on to the coat tails of these corporate giants nursing dreams of amassing incentives in the form of huge bonuses and career prospects without an iota of conscience.

Now they can pop up the champagne bottles and splash on each other with exhilaration. Let them rejoice, but the mute question is how long. How long they can continue to deceive the easily vulnerable common citizens who fall easily in their traps listening to their disinformation campaigns through blogs, websites and media remain to be seen. Among those who will be among the list to perish include the super power - no amount of funds will be coming to their rescue from going under when things take a dangerous turn. I mean the rising sea levels, increasing temperature, receding glaciers, droughts, floods, hurricanes, the disappearance of bio-diversity, such whole lot. The ultimate sufferers are the mankind as a whole. Extinction won’t be selective.

Much before the Copenhagen Summit was going to be held from December 7 - 19, 2009, in a sense we were all hoping against hopes as it is inherent in human nature. Nobody was sure or optimistic about a durable solution. But all kept hopes for something positive to emerge out of the impasse. Because it was and is the question of human existence and prosperity.

When all hopes were about to be dashed to the ground, the most shrewd and diplomatic with his muscle flexing before other nations especially the developing and most under-developed nations a President in the form of Barack Obama emerged from nowhere forcefully presented a face-saving device not legally binding ‘accept this or get lost’ (Pity he has to hide his helplessness).

As already mentioned it was a face-saving one just to display before the world to prove its might and also make others feel that something positive had emerged in the end.

Barring the leaders of BASIC countries who take pride in calling themselves ‘emerging economies’ yes I am mentioning here India, Brazil, South Africa and China bowed down before the pressure exerted by the ‘Super Power’ the under-developed nations inspite of their precarious existence kept their self-respect intact and walked out of the summit loudly declaring it a charade and deception.

UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki-Moon, who was instrumental in holding the summit under the auspices of UNFCC (United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change) had to surrender before the pressure of this Super Power, was forced to make a shameful speech before the whole world by praising the face-saving formula. He had to otherwise would also have lost his prestige as the head of the UN.

Now UN Climate Chief Yvo Boer unable to face the criticism levelled against him for failing to take necessary steps to check the greenhouse gas emissions to the much expected level tendered his resignation and has decided to work for an international firm as a climate change expert. How is it possible to blame him for his lapses and if another gentleman was in his place, the outcome would not have been different. The developed nations are pulling in different directions as most of them are indifferent to the rising global warming most probably due to the non-cooperation and unwillingness on the part of the corporate giants of the respective countries and also from some political forces on whose co-operation their policies depend.

For instance, during Clinton era the Kyoto Summit held at Tokyo in 1997 attended by nations around the world taking into the enormity of this global menace, Kyoto protocol came into existence and unfortunately the bill was thwarted in the US Congress. A step in the right direction in embryo aborted.

The demands from various quarters not to do away with the Kyoto Protocol though still reverberate in the atmosphere no chance of it getting implemented is seen especially after a name-sake formula was accepted at Copenhagen.

Obama’s efforts on the matter of containing greenhouse gas emissions are seeming to be sincere. He took a few initiatives to contain the emissions to a certain extent. His initiatives have also proved in vain with the back-tracking of three prominent energy firms in USA, BP America, Catterpillar which makes heavy equipment and the Concophilips-America’s 3rd largest oil company citing Mr.Obama’s efforts ‘to cast his climate and energy agenda as a pro-business, job creation plan’ thus upsetting his green energy agenda.

Some experts suggest a Carbon Tax from the firms to bring down the emissions to an appreciable level. His aims are in the direction of setting up nuclear reactors to shift the focus from depending upon energy from coal firms.

While discussions, debates, seminars and arguments continue with all seriousness across the nations, the threat of global warming is looming large on the horizon.

Stop talking about holding more seminars forming committees and prolonging the whole process and it is high time those responsible took durable solution or else face extinction from the face of the earth.

Summits after summits, fiascos after fiascos, all solutions getting elusive all of us should feel ashamed of ourselves.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A lady tennis player more loyal than the King

The other day while watching news bulletin on a reputed TV news channel, I happened to see a virtual non-entity in the American politics or for that matter in the world political scenario making a statement in the course of an interview denouncing India- World’s largest democracy- a worst place in the world. On watching the scene I was neither aghast appalled nor puzzled. I felt it quite funny as it was from the mouth of a court jester just to make others laugh to their heart’s content otherwise one most loyal than the king. I wonder this lady except known across the world as one who is good in a tennis court with a racket in her hand playing the game of tennis winning a few grandslams making her feeling supreme with a halo around her head- a sort of godly feeling - would not have dared to make such a deplorable, irresponsible statement before the entire world. This black beauty’s statement would have forced Abraham Lincoln widely remembered and adored by a whole generation as the greatest leader who devoted and dedicated his entire life to abolish slavery in USA thus enabling the blacks who were despised and tortured for a long time by the whites hung his head in shame and sorrow and sympathy towards this black beauty.

I doubt even India’s traditional rival and neighbouring nation Pakistan widely decried across the world as the ‘epicentre of terrorism’ appreciate or acknowledge such a foolish statement made by a foolish lady. Yes I do admit India is not free from violence. Militant threats hang over the country like the proverbial ‘sword of Democles’. Intermittent terror or communal attacks take place once in a while mostly from across the border. Attempts to infiltrate from across the border by terror elements under the cover of darkness and protection provided by the Pak Army men along the Line of Actual Control continue unabated.

If the 26/11 carnage by terror elements from across the border instigated by the leaders of Lashkar-e-Taiba like Hafiz Zayeed to terrorize and also aiming the economic nerve centre of India ie. Mumbai, had taken place in Israel, USA’s prodigy, imagine what would have been the consequences. Even for the attack of a lesser magnitude by Hamas, the militant Palestinian organization, the whole of Palestine would have come under a fierce bombardment causing massive destruction to property and deaths of thousands.

But India is not Israel and ManMohan Singh is not Benjamin Netanyahu. The former is a ‘dove’ and the latter a ‘hawk’ widely known across the world. India’s patience, maximum tolerance and love of peace, recognized from time immemorial and Indian rulers from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi to name a few always stood for peace and the present one at the helm stands for peace despite his penchant for looking toward the West for guidance especially in the economic and civilian-nuclear co-operation ignoring the long term adverse consequences to the nation. It is a mystery why our Prime Minister prefers to be subservient to the ‘most developed nation’ or the self-proclaimed super power. In this context, however, that is beside the point.

Our Minister of State for External Affairs, the ebullient, charming Shashi Tharoor like our PM- they are said to be on good terms- who were in US for a long period, Mr.Tharoor holding the post of UN Under Secretary General, though had contested against the incumbent UN Secretary General Ban-ki-Moon for the prestigious post was reported to have said the other day, the essence of his statement being, though US didn’t suffer a major terror threat after the 9/11 attack which led to the wiping out of the twin towers of World Trade Centre internally various incidents of violence and killings are a daily phenomenon. The ‘gun culture’ of USA is notorious one the characteristics of a typical permissive society of a capitalist country. (The present one at the helm in the Oval office knows better about this ‘gun culture’.) Even all of us watched with shock news of cold-blooded gunning down of an Indian Professor and two researchers by a colleague, her name is Amy Bishop at the University of Alabama. This is not an isolated incident in US such incidents of ‘gun culture’ continue to happen there for reasons ranging from depression vendetta, drug abuse, drunkenness and series of other matters. Can our black beauty deny by touching her heart with her hands these stark truths.

The lady is advised to have a look beyond her myopic outlook and abjure her prejudices by flipping through the pages of the history of her predecessors -her great great grandfathers and her great great grandmothers- who were under the yoke of slavery for centuries.

Terror threats are a Global phenomenon, the only difference being the magnitude of terror varies from country to country while a few countries suffer most others suffer such threats of lesser intensity. While going through the tragic happenings going on in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and a few African nations a shudder runs down our spine. It reminds one of a dialogue by a character in a Shakesperean tragedy- “As flies are to wanton boys they kill us for fun”. Here the refrain is about terrorists.

No religion preaches violence and every religion stand for the good of mankind. Terrorists have no religion, no love, they don’t want peace in this world while innocent civilians around the world pray for peace and peace only. A world devoid of war crimes, calamities- they always pray for Universal Harmony.

As long as the blame games continue our hopes for such a peaceful tranquil ambience will remain a mirage.

If our tennis lady is firm in her convictions her leader Barack Obama must provide her with all chances of contesting on a democratic platform to contest for the prestigious position by making way for her if not now at least in 2012. The GOP (Republican Party) has already come up with a ‘powerful, erudite political commentator’ contestant in the form of Sarah Palin.

Barack Obama can write fairly well and in the World of Letters he will prove to be a great success- both in fiction and non-fiction.
I take this opportunity to offer best wishes and also congratulations to the most powerful grandslam champion of ladies the indomitable Serena Williams and if God permits she can sit pretty well in the White House. Whether God will listen to her prayers, if she is actually desirous of holding the prestigious position why not she be an American President if not in the short run at least in the long run.
Serena, don’t let your grandslam victories get to your head at least in the future.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekly News RoundUp



The nation has been jolted once again by a suspected terrorist attack this time at Pune. At about 7.15 PM an explosion of severe intensity in the German Bakery at the Koregaon park near Osho Ashram mostly frequented by foreign tourists led to the gruesome death of 9 people, most of them charred beyond recognition. More than 30 persons have been mortally wounded. The death toll is feared to mount. The identity and whereabouts of the criminals are yet to be established. Whether the unfortunate incident is designed to upset scheduled Indo-Pak talks in Delhi on 25th remains a mute question.

The scheduled talks, if it were to happen is unlikely to yield positive results on account of Pakistan’s insistence for a composite dialogue, the “core issue” being Kashmir.

CMs’ Conference at the Capital

In their address to Chief Ministers, Prime Minister and Home Minister have urged them to fill the more than 39400 posts of security men into various States and provide them with modern training with modern equipments. At a moment of mounting troubles in the States by fissiparous elements, their advice to the States gains significance. Their statements that centre alone cannot contain the increasing violence across the country, their request for co-operation by States is at the apt moment.

Reservation of Jobs to OBCs

The West Bengal Government’s announcement of 10% reservation to OBCs may not prove fruitful. Such an announcement by Andhra Pradesh Government earlier was quashed by Andhra High Court recently. Before proceeding along these announcements, the legal aspects of such decisions ought to be taken to avoid embarrassments later.

Former DGP of Haryana

S.P.S Rathore, former DGP of Haryana who is undergoing trial in a court for molesting a teenager, Ruchika in 1990, who later committed suicide was stabbed in the face by Utsav Sharma, a student of National Design Institute of Ahmedabad, while Mr.Rathore was emerging out of a court after hearing. Utsav Sharma was soon overpowered by security men and put behind bars who has since been released on bail.

Moratorium on Bt.Brinjal

Union Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh after bowing to enormous pressure by more than 8000 farmers around the nation announced a temporary moratorium on Bt.Brinjal on Tuesday to the relief of farmers and environmentalists. A welcome news indeed and a shock to the multinational Monsanto-Mahyco.

Chidambaram’s Appeal to Maoists

Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram has appealed to Maoists to desist from the violent path and invited them for talks to find solutions for their grievances. At a meeting in Kolkata attended by Chief Ministers of Naxalite infested States like West Bengal, Orissa, Chattisgarh and CMs’ representatives from Bihar and Jharkhand attended the meeting. Shibu Soren, Chief Minister of Jharkhand who was reported ailing and Nitish Kumar, Chief Minster of Bihar who was busy with some other preoccupations didn’t attend. Along with the appeals all of them discussed how to combat the menace with the mobilisation of security men and modern weapons. Without attending to the social and economic disparities this threat is likely to aggravate. The foremost step is to diagnose the disease and prescribe the cure and treating disease symptoms won’t be of much benefit.

Nagaland Talks

Union Home Secretary G.K.Pillai has announced the Government’s plans to hold further talks with Isak Muivah, General Secretary of National Socialist Union of Nagalim (NSU-IM) in April. Even after talks dating back to years by various governments the problems in the North-East still remain and the April talks would yield any positive results is a question mark before the nation.

India-Turkey Talks

India-Turkey talks to combat terrorism has been agreed upon during the ongoing visit of Abdullah Gul, Turkish President. This is a major breakthrough as Turkey is a prominent member of OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries).

Release of ‘My Name Is Khan’

Sharukh Khan starrer ‘My Name Is Khan’ has been released. Much to the delight of film fans and much to the disappointment and disillusionment of Shiv Sainiks amidst tight security the film is running in packed houses. Bollywood amidst wide applause of fans is in a mood of exhilaration and ecstasy. Regional chauvinism has once again backtracked, close on the heels of its disappointment over Rahul Gandhi’s visit. If the political will of the government is there to stay no chance possible for proponents of the ‘sons of the soil’. Bal Thackeray and his kid Udhav keep on gritting teeth in their den.

On Gorkhaland

Gorkha activists’ dream of a separate State seems to be dashed to the ground. According to Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee nothing except autonomy for them is going to be granted. Whether they are bent upon intensifying their struggle for a separate State is to be seen. While Bimal Gurung and Roshan Giri are for a separate State Buddhadeb prefers to be in touch with Subash Gheising, the moderate former leader who is the beter noire of Mr.Gurung and Giri.

Mughal Gardens opened to Public

Sprawling Mughal Gardens, the embellished, magnificent, colorful world of a variety of blooming flowers have been opened to the public this time also. Mrs. Pratibha Patil was seen in colourful dress matching the enchanting colours of the flowers tending tulips in the gardens. The rare opportunity of strolling along the gardens enjoying the beauty and fragrance of this dream world is a visual feast to the eyes of the public. Rare moments of ecstasy- a sort of inebriation…


Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Parliament has been dissolved. A certain victory for the ruling party seems assured and hence the untimely dissolution.

Sarath Fonseka , the former (Retd) General is still in detention. Anyhow Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lankan President has assured the opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe who called on him demanding the release of General Fonseka, if proven not guilty General will be released soon. The trial proceedings, he is reported to have promised Ranil Wickramasinghe will be completed soon.


East Coast of USA has been reported to be covered with thick snow and the people are reported digging up the snow to remove the debris. Two persons were reportedly killed in the blizzard which blew along the coast with a speed of 60 miles per hour.

Operation Musparak in Afghanistan

With the surge of 30,000 troops as announced by Barack Obama the first major assault on Taliban stronghold in the Southern Afghanistan has begun. Operation Musparak (meaning- together), is the beginning of a series of major onslaughts on Taliban by US, British and NATO forces before making an exit route in 2011.

Milan Toofan- New Pak-Taliban Leader

Milan Toofan, the hard-core terrorist has assumed the role of the new leader of Pak-Taliban after the reported killing of Hakimullah Mehsud, the former leader. Milan Toofan is reported to be a cold-blooded terrorist without any qualms ‘to kill the humans like chickens’. He is believed to be one among the terrorists behind the assassination of former Pak Premier Benazir Bhutto.

Ukraine Elections

Victor Yanukovich, a pro-Russian politician has been elected the new President of Ukraine. He defeated Yulia Tymoshenko, the lady PM by a margin of 48.4% votes. He is close to Russia. The former President Victor Yushchenko was a pro-American. He assumed the role of President in the aftermath of the historic- ‘Orange Revolution’. Barack Obama has another reason to worry about and Dimitry Medvedev & Vladimir Putin have a lot to rejoice.

World’s Tallest Tower

To the deep disappointment of visitors the observation tower in 124th floor of World’s tallest building Burge Khalifa has been closed. The visitors were denied access due to electrical problems. The 160 storeyed building was completed spending 1.5 billion dollars.

Laura Chinchilla

Costa Rica, the Latin American nation has got a new President. Laura Chinchilla is a social-conservative but is believed to be pro-poor. Latin American nations have got the rare credit of five women heads of States. Women could be on an upbeat mood.

Iran’s Victory Rally

Iran’s 31st anniversary after the historic revolution in 1979 overthrowing the then ruler Shah Reza Pehlavi was celebrated with much fanfare. The massive victory rally comprising lakhs and lakhs of citizens have been addressed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad. In the course of his address to the gathering he declared Iran to be a ‘nuclear power’- much to the chagrin of US and other European nations.


I am afraid Malayalam tinsel world is caught in a jinx. Beginning from Lohita Das, then Rajan.P.Dev, Murali, last week it was Cochin Haneefa, a versatile film personalilty. This week it was the noted lyricist Gireesh Puthenchery who penned melodious memorable songs for 400 films. More than 1500 lyrics are there to his credit. The most unfortunate thing is his departure from the scene is in the prime of his life.

Dr.K.N.Raj, Economist of International repute, Dr.K.N.Raj who carved a niche for himself in the field of economics, passed away on 10.02.2010. A student of London School of Economics and a classmate of K.R.Narayan India’s former president both disciples of Harold Lasky was one of the prominent architects of our First five year plan and also an adviser of Pandit Nehru. He served as Vice-Chancellor of Delhi School of Economics and on getting fed up with the goings on at the University, without any hesitation relinquished the post and left to his State, Kerala. He founded the Centre of Development Studies at Thiruvanathapuram. Our present Finance Minister Dr.T.M.Thomas Isaac was his student there. An economist who made no compromises on his ideals, principles and also one who stood by his honesty and integrity.


Mahashivarathri with all religious fervour was celebrated across the state. Millions of devotees offered their oblations to their beloved departed souls and prayed for their eternal shanthi and Moksha.


7.2 per cent GDP Growth in the second half of 2009-10 is predicted by our Finance Minister, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee. As a prelude to budget presentation in the last week of this month he is busy with his budget preparations. The plan of withdrawal of stimulus package has sent ripples across the corporate world. And their demand for tinkering with corporate taxes may not be considered. These are all speculations. Nobody knows for sure. The hike in fuel prices is a possibility before the presentation of the budget itself.

Obama against outsourcing

Obama’s ire against American firms outsourcing jobs to India knows no bounds these days. In the long run the former Republican President Richard Nixon’s type antipathy towards India cannot be ruled out. A frustrated President is likely to adopt some extreme measures. The man is sandwiched between Pakistan his new found friend doling out billions of dollars and Hamid Karzai’s Afghanistan.

Federal Bank Employees Union Conference

FBEU (Federal Bank Employees Union) conference begins at Kottayam on 15th. AIBEA leader C.H.Venkatachalam will light inauguration lamp.

Valentine’s Day

I don’t know whether anyone in his/her hand has/had with a beaming smile reflecting love, warmth, care and affection greeted with a red rose to each other in his/her life, particularly on a Valentine’s day. About me? Sorry don’t ask. It is a secret.
Happy dreamy Valentine’s day to all.


India has once again showed its ‘greatness’ in a Cricket Test match against South Africa doling out its No.1 position in the world test rankings and has safely come back to its No.2 position after a brief spell. Kudos to them.

Winter Olympics
Winter Olympics has begun on a tragic note with the untimely death of a Georgian Athlete at Vancouver in Canada. A Malayali sports personality is also participating in the Winter Olympics. Let us offer our best wishes to him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


To be an ardent patriot is a good thing. To be an apostle of Universal brotherhood is great.

To hope for and to work for reaching the No.1 position in the comity of nations is ambition of any good ruler. Be it the so-called most developed nations like USA, Britain, France or Germany, be it the one at the bottom-line like the unfortunate Jamaican nation Haiti devastated by an earthquake recently or a poverty-stricken African country to aspire for being a powerful nation is not a crime. To be a powerful nation is not the monopoly of any nation.

It becomes a crime or a shameful thing when USA or for that matter any other developed country prefers to address itself a super power with excessive pride while it finds it intolerable to allow any other nation to be like it. I don’t know on which criteria it still thinks on such lines as internally and externally it is fast losing its ground in the first-half of the 21st country. Barack Obama is still inclined to dictate terms to other nations.

Scaring other nations with the threat of sanctions who try to be powerful by becoming nuclear powers with clenched fist is to put it in mild terms is immaterial in the contemporary times. It is not the prerogative of a few nations like USA, France, Britain, Russia or of developing nations like India, China, Pakistan or Israel to be nuclear powers in these turbulent times. A nation is forced to think on becoming a nuclear power when it apprehends threat to its security from an enemy country or countries. After all who don’t want to be peaceful except a few anti-social terror outfits like Al-Quaeda, Lashkar-E-Taiba, Hisbul-Mujahideen or Pak-Taliban who derive some sort of ecstasy when a nation’s social fabric is torn apart. To fight them and uproot them once and for all is a ruler’s primary responsibility. As I had already noted to be an apostle of Universal brotherhood is great.

While keeping Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in their arsenal, the nations which go angry and hysterical deserve contempt. To have a nuclear arsenal is not the prerogative of any country. Speaking from a position of strength, directing or dictating terms to the less powerful nations who aspire to reach positions of strength by augmenting their defence capability by donning the roles of nuclear powers is simply laughable. The ideal path for those dictating terms is to set an example by announcing publicly and implementing with utmost sincerity and dedication a resolve to dismantle their nuclear arsenal before the entire world. It is not at all an impossible task. One must have the generosity and intense desire to proceed on those lines. The billion-dollar question is whether anyone among them will be ready for such a warm gesture. Then all of us can witness the ‘tamasha’ and have a hearty laugh.

Iran’s determination to move ahead with enrichment of Uranium of a higher level of 20% of its own is actually the angry reaction of a West Asian nation against the unwarranted provocation of USA and its Allies. Their scare-mongering, intimidating tactics like setting up military bases in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and parading of warships in the Gulf to display its military might before the world and constant threats by USA President Barack Obama “to obey us or to be ready for dire consequences” angered Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad, his Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini and others among the ruling elite. Soon after hearing the ultimatum from the West instead of getting scared Ahmadi Nejad took it as a challenge and ordered his Atomic Chief to forge ahead with preparations for enrichment of Uranium. USA and its allies should have remembered that gone are the days of glory and they ought to change with the times.

Iran is not Iraq. While Saddam Hussein was reigning supreme in Iraq- recall he had a cosy relationship with USA those days declared a war against Iran. Though caught unawares Iran under the leadership of its spiritual leader went on the offensive and fought a fierce battle against Iraq. Even after Saddam’s eventual defeat a determined Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini fought an eight year long war (September 1980 to August 1988). Saddam had to sweat it out to wriggle out of the deep pit he himself had dug in.

The war which broke out in Iraq by the Americans and its allies after prolonged bombardment resulting in massacre of millions, devastation of properties, the wiping out of whole Mesopotamian civilization along the Euphrates-Tigris rivers eventually and after a summary trial before a puppet court led to the hanging of Saddam Hussein- all still indelibly imprinted in the bruised psyche of the Iraqi people. A simmering Iraq to become part of history will take time thanks to George Bush and his successor Barack Obama.

Similar is the case with Afghanistan. The war still rages on. Millions flee for refuge. Taliban seems to gain upper hand even after repeated onslaughts by the troops of USA and its allies. The allies are getting fed up and are hoping for an exit route. Obama also mulling an exit strategy most probably by 2011 after a final assault.

Still the man needs further bitter lessons. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan- the list abounds. And now targeting Iran. A ‘water loo’ there also is a foregone conclusion. It is time for introspection for all Americans. To rewind to the roots flip through the pages of its history, the liberation struggle (1775 – 1783) for its freedom from the erstwhile colonial power, The Boston Tea Party (1773), the great sacrifices of the nation’s forefathers, then a fast forward to the thirst for freedom, self-respect and self-reliance of each nation across the world. The Statue of Liberty must serve as a reminder to Mr. Barack Obama and his fellow Americans.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly News Round Up


Tony Blair, former PM of Britain during his deposition before Chilcot Commission on Iraq despite vociferous protests by anti-war demonstrators in its premises stuck to his earlier position of justifying the war declared on Iraq in 2003 jointly by USA under George W Bush, NATO countries and a few Gulf nations. The war was declared on false accusations of Iraq under Saddam Hussein possessing WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Jr. Bush’s ‘most loyal servant’ of those times still follows “His master’s voice”. Such war criminals are always a blot on the Global face. Let’s feel ashamed of him and his master.


Neither Pakistan nor USA is not certain about the reported killing of Hakimullah Mehsud. Pak-Taliban sources have not yet confirmed or denied it. The guessing game continues.


India’s pride, one of the great composers of our times close on the heels of his winning Oscar Awards for his composing of music for “Slumdog Millionaire” has once again emerged in flying colours in winning two Grammy Awards along with Gulzar, the lyricist and Tanvi Shaw. A proud moment for us to rejoice and celebrate. Long live Rahman…Jai Ho.


After our Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao’s initiative for a foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan that nation has accepted the proposal. Salman Bashir, Pak Foreign Secretary is likely to meet Mrs Rao anytime in the coming weeks after the venue is announced. Home Minister P.Chidambaram on the side-lines of the SAARC meeting is also likely to meet his Pakistan counterpart Rehman Malik to discuss and find measures to solve the terror threat from across the border. Pak PM Yusuf Raza Gilani meanwhile has again raked up the ‘core issue’ of Jammu&Kashmir. This ‘core issue’ coined by former General (Rtd) Musharaff being harped on by his successors 24X7 might be providing some lighter moments to certain cartoonists.

Here I am reminded of an article by Rajiv Dogra, former foreign diplomat in Indian Express (Sticking to Nehruvian views) his arguments for India to speak from a position of strength to discuss with Pakistan over future relations are to be appreciated. The 1962 war launched unexpectedly by China caught our nation unawares and annexed our territory always serves as a reminder while dealing with any country. Be it China, Pakistan or even USA or Britain. Especially in these turbulent global atmosphere defence capability is of paramount importance.


Mahinda Rajapaksa who secured an overwhelming majority of votes in his electoral contest against General (Retd) Sarath Foneska is set to commence his new term from November. The President has promised no discrimination against Tamils and has assured a period of peace and prosperity and tranquility to each citizen.


India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma and British Business Secretary Lord Peter Mandelson have prepared text of the Civilian-Nuclear Deal to be signed on a convenient date in future.


Rahul Gandhi while on a tour to Bihar has made known in no uncertain terms Congress’s decision to contest coming Assembly elections without the support of any other parties. Whether his Party’s gamble will pay off is to be awaited. Nitish Kumar, the incumbent Chief Minister and the leader of Janata Dal (United) is riding on the crest of a popular wave now. However in politics anything is possible.

Chief Ministers’ Conference In Delhi

Addressing Chief Ministers of more than 30 States and heads of Union Territories Prime Minister ManMohan Singh dwelt on the alarming escalation of prices of food articles and essential commodities and suggested a slew of measures to rein in inflation. One fails to digest his statement that food inflation is gradually coming down at a time when prices of food articles are sky-rocketing. True to the characteristic style of our rulers, he missed no opportunity in blaming the State heads for not taking adequate measures to bring down the prices. Congress party’s election promises have been belied. The expectation of a good harvest, providing remunerative prices to farmers, if needed import of essential food articles, crackdown on blackmarketeers and hoarders -a host of measures so to say. True to his leaning towards neo-liberal economic policy he didn’t miss the occasion to advocate for a atmosphere by inviting multi-national giants like WalMart to open retail chains to compete with our small-scale retail market allowing Walmart to enter India will certainly result in the closure of our retail markets as they won’t be in a position to take on giants like Walmart. Even in USA some States have not yet allowed Walmart to enter their territory. A standing core-committee of Chief Ministers and Central Ministers Pranab Mukherjee and Sharad Pawar was formed to implement necessary measures to rein on food inflation. Mayawati, the UP (Uttar Pradesh) Chief Minister was conspicuous by her absence. Really great like her towering statues.

Rahul’s visit to Mumbai

In the wake of mounting threats by Shiv Sena leaders Bal Thackeray his kid Uddhav Thackeray and nephew Raj Thackeray to take on Rahul Gandhi warning him of dire consequences for advocating ‘Mumbai for all Indians’ the nation watched with bated breath the determined youthful leader’s decision to take fight to the cosmopolitan city - the news which drew the attention of all across India. Shiv Sena’s threat proved a damp squibe. Rahul visited Mumbai, addressed students, the reports indicate the students were bowled over by his charisma at Vile Parle and Ghatkoper undertook local train journeys and declared ‘Mumbai for all Indians’ and to be fearless. The VVIP was however provided with maximum security cover.

Kirit Parekh Committee

To those among us who find it difficult nowadays to make both ends meet due to spiraling food prices here is a happy heart warming news. Kirit Parekh committee has submitted its report to the Central Government suggesting steep increase in prices of fuels- a hike of Rs.100/- per gas cylinder, Rs.6/- for kerosene and such generous increases suggested for petrol and diesel. Happy days are here again…most probably the implementation before the presentation of next Central Budget could be expected.


Dealing a heavy blow to Malayalam film world, the versatile film personality Cochin Haneefa (1951-2010) left for his heavenly abode this week. Actor-director who donned various roles like villain, comedian and director proved his mettle in all the fields, he stepped into.

Expulsion of Amar Singh and Jaya Prada

Finally Amar Singh and his staunch loyalist Jaya Prada have been shown the door- to the delight of both- from Samajwadi Party (SP). Let’s wait for their next move.

Thunchan Festival begins

This year’s Thunchan festival began at Tirur on an auspicious note. The well-know Urdu poet Shams-Al-Farouqi inaugurated the festival lighting the traditional lamp. The patron of the festival, great literary figure M.T.Vasudevan Nair presided. Kamala Suraiyya aka Madhavikutty was fondly remembered on the occasion.

S.Sivaraman Former MP

S.Sivaraman, Ex-MP expelled from CPI(M) for his anti-party activities. He represented Ottapalam before S.Ajaykumar was handed over the mantle. Sivaraman is poised to join Congress.

Vayalar Ravi

Vayalar Ravi, Overseas Minister met with a car accident at Liberia while on a tour to African nations. The Minister sustained minor injuries and now he is reportedly recovering in an Ivory Coast hospital.


Barack Obama’s budget proposals have been unveiled. This year he has presented a budget of $3.83 trillion showing an overwhelming deficit of $1.56 trillion. Employment generation and taxing the wealthy are his main goals. Economic pundits hold diverse opinions relating to the hike in mounting deficit. According to Paul Krugman, the Nobel laureate, the hike in mounting deficit need not cause much alarm.


‘Avatar’, the science fiction- epic drama by James Cameroon and ‘The Hurt Locker’ by Kathrin Begilowe, the epic-drama of Iraq war have won nine nominations each for this year’s Oscar. Kathrin Begilowe, the ex-wife of Cameroon. While ‘Avatar’ is the most expensive film, ‘The Hurt Locker’ is a low-budget one.


India’s fight for World No.1 in Test ranking remains a million-dollar question while they have started taking on South Africa at Nagpur presently 2nd in the group. South Africa on the first and second day of the match with the brilliant batting of Jacques Kallis and Hashim Amla is on a strong wicket.

South Asian Games

India is forging ahead in the South Asian Games now going on in Dhaka. Other nations are trailing far behind.


Raj Pal Singh is finally, after much confabulations named Captain of Hockey India.


Jhumpa Lahiri, famous Indo-American Pulitzer winner has been included in USA President Barack Obama’s committee on Arts and Humanities. She won the Pulitzer award for her ‘Interpreter of Maladies’- a collection of stories. Her novel, ‘The Namesake’ was widely acclaimed around the world which also won many laurels. ‘Namesake’ later appeared on celluloid directed by none other than the versatile director Mira Nair. Her latest work is a collection of short stories “The Unaccustomed Earth”. As a short story writer Jhumpa is really unique.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Eugene Ionesco’s much discussed drama “Rhinoceros” like Samuel Becket’s “Waiting for Godot” comes to my mind when I go through the world of contemporary Indian politics. Our great nation widely appreciated around the world for its rich cultural heritage, morals, ethics and democratic credentials has literally become the arena of “Theatre of the Absurd” thanks to our narrow-minded politicians, communalists and opportunists across the country. Politicians devoid of any ideology, their unending greed for wealth, power and plum posts have become the bane of our nation. Sometimes you like me feel ashamed to be called Indians. That is our lot…

The latest ugly phenomenon - sorry not the latest - is a kind of Xenophobia.

We blame Australians for being Xenophobic for the kind of cruelties inflicted on our brethren on a daily basis. Getting mercilessly beaten-up, maimed and of late getting murdered in a barbaric way for the fault of taking flights for pursuing higher studies or for taking up odd jobs there cherishing ambitious dreams have become crimes in that so-called democratic nation.

We blame Nicolas Sarkozy, French President, for being xenophobic for imposing strict controls over ‘migratory birds’ or those permanently settled there by forcing the Muslim women not to wear burqa or the Sikhs for sporting turban, a mark of displaying their religious identity and devotion to their religion.

We blame the infamous Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Premier for being xenophobic for showing intolerance towards those ancient alien tribes who got settled there from time immemorial. He and his party shows a sort of hubris for converting a town in Italy(Rosarno) into a clean white one by cleansing it driving the ancient tribal people to nowhere.

This insanity reared its ugly head long before in our nation, yes I mean our financial capital of Mumbai in the 60’s itself. The ‘son’s of the soil’ policy coined by a communal organization called Shiv Sena under the leadership of a notorious regional chauvinist Bal Thackeray- arrogance personified- a group of vandals went on a hunting spree that time their ire and anger were directed against the South Indians the ones this communal demon mockingly termed ‘Madirasis’. They were ruthlessly beaten-up, murdered, their shops and vehicles looted and thus forcing the South Indians flee the cosmopolitan city which belongs to all Indians.

After their thirst for vengeance subsided for the time-being the city returned to normality but an uneasy calm still pervaded the atmosphere, a volcano waiting to explode anytime, anywhere in the city.

The most painful and shocking truth was the manure allegedly provided for this poisonous tree’s frightening growth by none other than a leader of Indian National Congress S.K.Patil with the sole aim of driving a wedge between the South Indians and the ‘Marathi Manoos’ for achieving some sinister political gains. V.K.Krishna Menon, a great patriot of international repute and a favourite of Pandit Nehru who was a South Indian who dared to take on a Marathi loyalist on his home turf at the hustings and defeated him. South Indians as a whole faced the wrath of a group of Marathis under the leadership of his protégé Bal Thackeray, a media-cartoonist turned politician.
The wheel has turned full circle now. The protégé turned a Frankenstein monster in the course of time by deliberately playing into the hands of various national parties - opportunists of sorts, their sole aim being reaching at the helm of affairs by hook or by crook. A cruel joke of history.

Our national parties both Indian National Congress and Bharathiya Janata Party have turned ‘Mumbai for all Indians policy holders’ overnight. This is not enlightenment. This is nothing but an eye-wash to hood-wink the people.

Turn to BJP for instance BJP’s dalliance with JD(U) will run into rough weather most probably a break-up if the Hindutva Party is not willing to severe its ties with Shiv Sainiks who turned against the Biharis in Mumbai by turning their life a hell forcing them to flee for life. Remember Assembly elections are round the corner. BJP’s eyes are entirely on the vote-bank in the State.

Same is the case with UP (Uttar Pradesh) where the BJP is in bad shape for the last few years due to its opportunistic alliances with various political elements. If they continue to have alliance with Shiv Sena the UP brethren are certain to bid good-bye to them as a number of innocent UP citizens were tortured, looted and packed up to UP which still remains festering wounds in their memories. The very name Shiv Sena is anathema to UP’s citizens.

This ‘belated enlightenment’ of BJP President and RSS baby Nitin Gadkari need not be taken at its face value.

The party leaders are nothing but political chamelons who don’t have an iota of crisis of conscience to change colours whenever the situation warrants.

The Amar Singh phenomenon

Samajwadi Party, the other day expelled Amar Singh its charismatic leader till recently and his supporter Jaya Prada the film actor-politician for anti-party activities. Mr. Singh was not in good terms with the leadership as also his supporter Jayaprada apparently not due to ideological differences as this Party and its leaders have no ideology to boast about. If they have any ideology to boast about it is nothing but their aspiration for power. Their followers are a gullible lot- easily deceived. The drama enacted in UP by Mulayam Singh and his followers by staging demonstrations, holding dharnas and courting arrests against steep hike in prices of food and essential commodities was for nothing but to keep the flock together in the wake of Amar Singh’s desertion. Even the former actress-turned politician Jaya Bachan MP none other than the better-half of Big B can’t hide her sorrow and anger due to the expulsion of Amar Singhji.

It is reported I quote her words here- “Amar Singh is part of my family and will continue to be a family member”.

Now Jaya Bachan can face the axe of Mulayamji – certainly a happy news for her.

Some more desertions are expected and we are in a way lucky to watch and enjoy the exercises in absurdity. After all laughing is good for health and long life.

In spite of aberrations here and there those moving along in the path of ideology are Leftists in India. But they remain mute spectators. With a miniscule of supporters how far is it possible for them to control a nation’s destiny?