Sunday, December 15, 2013


Every morning
on my way to office
I meet him.
Every morning
on his way to office
he meets me.
Neither have I
nor has he nurtured
a desire to develop
a friendship with me.
like me
he too doesn’t have
nursed a longing for
a sentimental
relationship to work out
in these strange times
in our strange world
where intimacy has
not much of a meaning.
while I was
in the midst of intimate friends
never, ever in my wildest of dreams
had I thought
about plunging into
the city life where
a life of living
among strange fellows
awaited me.
The rapport I
did cultivate among my
village friends
no more exists
in the city
and I will have to
learn to live with
 my loneliness as
long as I tread along the
streets of the metropolis.
Intimacy, sincerity
and love are something
we can’t afford to purchase
since they are too expensive
and rare in the city.