Friday, May 31, 2013


Islands of loneliness we are
islands of loneliness we remain
unlike you, human beings, on earth think
we are not neighbours, even.
But to you, watching us
from deep down
it might seem we are close neighbours
living adjacent to each other
always living in peace, love and harmony.
But you know truth is stranger than fiction
and you might be feeling envious of us
and feeling pity and sad on yourselves
crossing swords against each other
blood spilling over to
the streets and warzones non-stop.
We, up above are lonely islands
each living far away from
each other, each living apart from each other
since times beyond remembrance.
Distances always enamour you
enamour everyone
tempt you all
sorry, tempt us all, compelling us
cry for something beyond our reach.
You haven’t cared to listen to our deep sighs
of loneliness and tears we shed while you lay
under the thick cover of darkness
unlike the showering burning kisses of the Sun
upon you all.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Like a hilarious mountaineer
engaging in his first
mountain expedition
clearing all obstacles along his path
one day on a hilarious mood
I commenced climbing up
a top ladder with umpteen rungs
dreaming the sole aim of
reaching atop the top-most rung
on my way atop
neither did I care to turn
back, nor did I wish to
turn back
my one and only aim
being the topmost rung of the ladder.
Upon reaching the topmost rung only
did the enlightenment dawn on me like a
bolt from the blue
that never could I continue to
be at the top as long as I wish
that I too would have
to step down the rungs of the ladder
and be like an ordinary
mortal on earth one day
I would have to melt into the crowds……

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There was a time
her very presence was
electrifying to me.
There was a time
her cool, tender touch could
make my hair rise with
a rush of emotions  
overwhelming me.
There was a time
her nectar dripping lips could drown me
in the ocean of
joy and delight.
There was a time
her cool breath
on the back of my neck
could create ripples
in the reservoir of my mind.
There was a time
my heart and soul craved to
melt into her.
That electrifying presence
that tender touch
that nectar dripping lips
that cool and warm breath
that overwhelming desire
to melt into one,
all stories of yesterday
now replaced by
a sense of vacuum…..

Monday, May 27, 2013


With the springs of love
fastly getting dried up
the world is evolving
into an uninhabitable place
with mankind turning into a huge factory of
manufactured love
often at exorbitant prices
that too in small doses
in these times of
manufactured truths
manufactured morals
manufactured ethics
manufactured tears
there is no reason for
surprise, amusement or alarm.
It is the hallmark of our times.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Reclining comfortably in her chair
wearing a beaming smile
she was watching her
kid, with her instinctive motherly care and affection.
Sitting alone in the portico
looking outside humming a tuneless tune
meaningless to the elders and to himself.
Talking to himself or to nobody
which was meaningless or with a
meaning known to him only
indecipherable too it was.
At times, gifting smiles to
the strangers passing down the road,   
she tried in vain to recollect her childhood memories
while she too was a kid
with her eyes full of tears
she recalled her parents
who were no longer by her side
who must  have nurturing
memories of her childhood.
She threw her eyes to the chick
sitting outside humming a tuneless tune
or talking to himself
she saw her childhood through him
with her eyes to the brim…   

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Sunrises and Sunsets
sweet and delightful though
have no takers here.
Fountains of love and
harmony are found nowhere here.
Curses of identity-crisis
rule the roost here.
Fragrance of camaraderie and bonhomie
is just a polished word here
deafening roars of mechanised beasts
frighten no one here
since they are part and
parcel of existence here.
Train of life screeches past
all hurdles ahead
in the process knocks down
lives and lives, hopes and hopes,
dreams and dreams
ruthlessly cold-bloodedly
where life is a barren land
like that in a vast desert…………

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


These are times of
melting glaciers of arrogance
broad smiles reflecting familiarity
boundless treasures of humility
unlimited politeness
abundant promises
of bringing heaven to earth
 ‘sincere’ welfare seekers
platitudes abound.
These are times of folded palms
friendship, sympathies and empathies.
These are wonderful times
sorry, wonderfools’ times.
Nothing surprising
elections are a stone’s throw away…..
With begging bowls they come
not for donations but for invaluable votes.
Don’t be amazed
if they prostrate before us…..

Monday, May 20, 2013


Know not why
the empty concrete chair
on the sea-shore
still leaves my heart aching for two love-birds
whom I used to watch every morning
leaning over the balcony of my flat at the sea-face
savouring the exquisite infinite blue of the sea
engrossing in the cool and warm embrace  of sea-breeze.
From the very day I started residing in the flat
I began watching them sharing sweet dreams
touching, feeling each other’s lips
pinching each other cracking jokes
and after spending sweet, honeyed moments
each holding other’s hand
bidding bye to the Mother Sea for the day.
Where they flew in from
where they flew away
I know not.
Deep in the very depth of my heart
I only wished them a
bright, colourful, delightful future.
To my shock and embarrassment one day
I saw their permanent seat  
empty for the first time
as I wished to see them together everyday
on the sea-shore
hence keeping a flame of hope in my heart
I waited for them daily morning.
It was an infinite wait……
they never flew into the sea shore from
that very day I missed them
whither they flew away I know not
yet my heart aches for the two love-birds
why I know not
might be human nature….

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Like a hen protecting her
chicks under her wings
from the preying hawks
the mother was sleeping
with her three year-old innocence
on the pot-holed verandah of the
street-side dilapidated building
in the thick of night
covering the kid with her arms
unaware of the sex-starved monster on the prowl
closing in on her kid.
The monster approached the
child slowly, silently, stealthily
and lifted up the sleeping innocence
and vanished in the darkness within no time.
On waking up from her sleep
In the midst of a nightmare
with shock-waves running down her  spine
she cried aloud for her missing kid.
Like a woman gone insane
she ran hither and thither frantically
looking for her kid
beating her emaciated chest with all her force .
 the three-year old innocence
was writhing in pain in a pool of blood  
screaming for her mothers proximity  
somewhere behind the thick bushes.
Neither the loud cries of the
mother nor the screams of the child
crushed under the
heavy weight of the
sex-starved monster
fell on deaf-years…

Friday, May 17, 2013


His shooting glance
like a pointed arrow
pierced her heart
sending a tsunami of
emotions deep on her face and wide eyes.
She like a sea gone violent,
went mad after him
compelling her to
dance violently, drunk with love.
Defiling the flowers of
otherwise musical silence of deep nights
she goes on moaning
for a glimpse of her invisible lover……………..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Time is a frozen lake
in the sylvan settings
along which life
walks on silently, smoothly
peacefully, sometimes monotonously.
Time is a fast flowing polluted river
where life swims along
moving with the current like floating logs.
Now in this age of
rape of earth and  corporate revelry
the thin line dividing lakes and muddied rivers
is fastly getting blurred………………..

Monday, May 13, 2013


Walking down the Life-Lane
his arm around her
cracking sweet jokes
there were moments
she lapsed into memory lane.
Though he could read her
tormenting memories of unrequited love 
he never tried to compel her
to share with him her disturbing thoughts
instead took care to lift her from
her disturbing thoughts by
recalling some pleasant moments
both shared in the course of their honeymoon and after….
In the frozen silence of
thick darkness lying  glued to her
there were moments
he too lapsed into memory lane
while she was immersed
in pleasant, peaceful sleep
his mind often flew faraway
where his first love was lying nursing her sweet
moments with him in his mid twenties…..
turning his eyes moist. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Watching tear-jerkers
makes her cry like a child
tears flooding down her eyes
often getting  identified
with agonies, pains and dilemmas
being undergone by a
character in serials and films.
Watching a devotional film or serial
with the appearance of 
a god or goddess, on the screen
being enacted by an actor
in glittering costumes and ornaments
often with a halo around his/her head
keeping her eyes half-closed
she gets up from the
chair with folded palms
and offers prayers before the screen God or Goddess.
Watching an action-thriller
makes her grit the teeth
and clench her fists
identifying herself with the hero or heroine
who reduces the villain to
a heap of pulp after a long fight.
Forgetting her identity
with clenched fists,
she hits the wind
or someone seated beside her.
Watching full time comedy scenes
in serials and films
often drives her to
burst out laughing incessantly
the entire length of
the film forgetting the surroundings.
Watching art films
which drag on like a snail’s progress
forces her slump into the chair
fall asleep like a baby.
With time for News bulletins approaching
she turns off the
TV and relaxes
comfortably throwing her
eyes to the outside world…………...   


Pakistan went to polls yesterday amidst threats of widespread violence, murders and kidnappings across the country by the militant outfit Tehrek-E-Taliban. The voters defied the threats and exercised their franchise with unprecedented enthusiasm. On completion of polling, counting of votes began to the 272-member Pakistan National Assembly. It was the first time in the history of Pakistan, a National election was held under a civilian dispensation. As expected by the political experts and observers Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) led by Nawaz Sherif, established a comfortable lead over the other two main rivals Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) led by Asif Ali Sardari and cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan’s Tehreek-E-Insaf with both of them locked in a neck-to-neck race for the second position in the National Assembly.
Anti-incumbency factor contributed a lot to Pakistan Peoples Party’s poor performance in the elections. Ranging from wide-spread violence let loose by militant outfits, rampant corruption, frequent black-outs, unemployment, sense of insecurity – a number of reasons are cited for the exit of the Pakistan People’s Party led govt from power. His govt’s open confrontation with the judiciary too played a significant role in its defeat at the hands of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) led by Nawaz Sherif.
For Nawaz Sherif it is a god-send opportunity to lift the nation from the morass it finds itself in by initiating several measures and the most important one being forceful handling of the hardcore militant units with an iron fist and establish a peaceful law and order situation across the nation. Most of us are aware of the sad fact that it is easier said than done. Anyhow by leading a people –friendly govt and with courage and determination he could bring a qualitative change in the long run if not soon. While Retd (General) Pervez Musharraf was in the saddle, he instead of rooting out the menace, covertly contributed to their growth by providing funds and logistical equipments. The authoritarian President of Pakistan’s motive was to bring India to its knees raking up the ‘core-issue’ of Jammu & Kashmir. General Musharaf instead of rooting out the menace from the soil of Pakistan actually nurtured the militant outfits by helping them sneak into India from across the border under the cover of darkness and extolled them as “freedom fighters”. In the course of time Musharraf found himself in a catch-22 position when the same militant outfits evolved into Frankenstein monsters and turned against him. The Pakistan Peoples Party which came into power had to inherit his legacy found itself in a piquant situation with the militants ruling the roost. Now the Ex-General after years of self-imposed exile in London and Dubai finds himself imprisoned under the orders of the Court with which he did have a policy of confrontation.
The first and formost thing towards the betterment of his country Nawaz Sherif need to have to strive hard to root out the evil of hard-core militant outfits otherwise he too will have to follow in the footsteps of Pakistan Peoples’ Party govt. Radical steps should have to be ushered in, the earlier, the better.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Carrying a tumultuous sea inside
did he fly into India.
Neither did he come
in search of Absolute Truth
nor did he wish to take a
dip in the sacred Ganges
to wash off his sins.
Neither did he wish to
get drowned in sensual pleasures
nor did have the intention
of undertaking a research on any subject,
Neither did cultivate an
everlasting friendship with anyone
nor did he want to cement a relationship
with anyone.
He did undertake travels
across the vast land of diversities
he did visit famous and infamous landmarks.
Ever since his prime days
he wishes to be peripatetic.
He goes on flying from
land to land, nations to nations
around the world non-stop
carrying the tumultuous sea inside. 
He flies incognito like a free bird….     

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Her Sun ripped apart
the dark clouds of
despair and gloom
and illuminated her path ahead
blessed her with the boon of
a new vision of a
world of harmony
after a long spell
in the darkness…..

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Disunited and disjointed
they remain
disliked and discriminated
they remain
desolate and discontented
they remain
deprived and despised
they remain.
They are an accursed lot
they are a condemned lot
left in the lurch
their entire life…..

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Seeking pleasure and pain
the same time
I come to you every morning.
Seeking your cool,
warm breaths and embraces
I come to you every morning.
Seeking your serene,
tranquil presence
I come to you every morning
‘cause your serene
tranquil presence
cools my heart and mind
my otherwise strained nerves and tension
in the city of monotonous existence.
Seeking the proximity of my mother
full of care and affection
unlimited patience
who is faraway from me
keeping deep down in the
inner recessess of her heart
her hidden sorrows and pains
needling her
like you keeping  deep down,
I come to you to share your delight and pain every morning.      

Monday, May 6, 2013


US Secretary of State, John Kerry was visibly happy when Israel agreed to have negotiations with Palestine Authority Chairman Muhammad Abbas to find a lasting solution to the more than six decades of conflict between the two countries. With 22 member Arab League extending all support  John Kerry could prevail upon Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu to sit across the negotiating table to chalk out a peace plan by swapping lands between the former and Palestine Authority.  
The genesis of Israel-Palestine conflict dates back to 1948, to be exact sixty five years.  Both were on a collision course since then and with the passing of time the intensity of the rivalry instead of cooling down got aggravated and frequent wars and occasional skirmishes between the both rivals were the sad results.
Their rivalry grew intense not because any mediatory efforts were forthcoming from any quarters. Earnest efforts from the part of dignitaries like Jimmy Carter, former US President, at Camp David, US and from United Nations had no takers on either side. When it came to the crux of the matter both Israel and Palestine were found crossing swords against each other as a result of which scores of Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis had to pay dearly with their lives resulting the perennial conflicts. In 1967, Palestine with the support of nations like Egypt, Jordan and Syria fought a fierce battle against Israel which lasted for six days resulting in Israeli annexation of a major chunk of enemies’ territories like West Bank, Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula.
It was a major setback for not only the Palestine but the entire Middle-East countries. In the course of time countries like Egypt and Jordan became friendly with Israel under US pressure is a historical fact.
While Palestine Liberation Army Chairman,Yasser Arafat was alive, he by forming the Fatab Movement which was not to the liking of a major group of extreme Palestine elements who wanted total decimation of Israel from the picture clinched a deal with Israel with Yitshak Rabin, the leader of ruling Likud partry mediated by Jimmy Carter, former US President.  Yitshak Rabin whose modest approach towards Palestinian cause resulted in his murder by a disillusioned Israeli assassin is also a part of history. 
The extremist Palestinians formed separate group called Hamas by choosing their base at Gaza strip which was/is absolutely against the Fatah Movement now being led Muhammed Abbas who rules the West Bank.
In the elections held in West Bank and Gaza while Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah emerged victorious and at Gaza Hamas group led by Khalid Mishael emerged the ultimate winner with a thumping majority where Ismail Haniyeh is in the saddle as Prime Minister.
It is not known John Kerry while planning to plunge into the venture of brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine led by Mahmoud Abbas whether Hamas was taken into confidence. On going through the reports emerging before the world is any indication we have to arrive at a sorry fact that Hamas was not taken into confidence. Hamas, it is learnt that, still sticks to its oft repeated stand that nothing short of wiping out Israel from the picture would do. Its leader and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has angrily come out with a statement that any kind of softening the stand is immaterial and has not hidden his ire at certain Arab countries - a veiled attack on 22 member Arab League countries.
If that be the case, how is it possible for John Kerry to come out with a negotiated settlement between Palestine and Israel? 
In the meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu too has made his intention clear that any kind of negotiation will be put to a nation-wide referendum only after that a settlement if any, would have to be arrived at.
It seems that perennial enmity between the two nations is there to stay. There is no sign of silver-lining emerging in the horizon.             


Like a child fondling her/his dolls
it is my pastime fondling
my memories whenever I feel
lonely and bored to death.
During such moments
to wriggle out of the
clutches of boredom
I turn the keys of the
dolls of my memories
with which I often
identify myself with.
Laughing dolls, weeping dolls
singing dolls, dancing dolls
the list is endless.
In the spacious hall of my mind
memories get piled up keeping no order.
‘Remembrance of things past’
is like an elixir in my moments of monotony.
Memories often play hide and seek game
throwing me a challenge of
“catch me if you can”.
My dolls of memories
are a treasure trove to me,
the more they pile up
the more delighted I am
even though a big chunk of them
makes me feel like
crying or agonizing.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


It is in you
it is in me 
it is in everyone
it could be colourless,
or it could be of any colour simultaneously
blue, green, red, yellow, rose,
black or white, or black and white or
full of colours like in a rainbow,
for that matter any colour you or I like to choose
it could be tasteful,
sweet, bitter, sour,
and for that matter any taste you or I like to choose
it could be of any odour or odourless
like that of the
rose, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lilac,
and for that matter anything you or I like to choose
it could transcend boundaries
it could jump hurdles with or without wings
it could swim across
rivers, lakes, seas or oceans
it could reach continents, stars
and moon within no time .
and for that matter you or I like to choose
to be more apt.
It is in you
it is in me
it is in everyone.
Here I mean, we the human-beings.


Saturday, May 4, 2013


With the moon and stars
playing the roles of voyeurists 
besides occasional passers-by
with the hooting and tooting city
basking in the froth of milky light
the ‘children’ of the streets of Mumbai
for whom privacy is a luxury
which they can’t afford
for whom roofs over their heads have no place
even in their dreams
engage in shameless sex
playing ignorance and innocence
the moon, the stars playing voyeurists
the shows performed along the
street sides and railway-platforms of Mumbai
like grand item numbers
performed in an open-air auditorium.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Death, like the proverbial ‘Sword of Democles’ was hanging over him for a prolonged period of 22 years. In spite of the earnest appeals of both, Indian and Pakistan human rights activists to have mercy on a human being who was languishing in a condemned cell at Kot Lakh Pat prison in Pakistan unfortunately went in vain. Despite the daily prayers to God Almighty by, his beloved sister Dalbir Kaur, wife Sukhbir Kaur, daughters Poonam and Swapandeep whose hopeful and anxious wait, everything went infructuous. Their repeated appeals with folded palms to the Pakistani ruling ruling establishment had no takers. That Sarabjit’s tortuous and unending wait, be it for some mercy from the side of Pakistani rulers or an early ending to the trauma by blessing him with ‘salvation’, his agonizing wait was finally solved by two Pakistani prison inmates whose dastardly attacks on him with iron rods, bricks and sharpened weapons resulted in the rupture of his skull led to him getting admitted to the Jinnah Hospital at Lahore, Pakistan where he fell into a coma or even before being admitted to the hospital has resulted on an expected end.
Ever since Afzal Guru being led to the gallows, the fate of Sarabjit Singh was almost sealed. Even otherwise the sword of Democles was hanging over him. If the earnest appeals of Indian and Pakistani human rights activists who were hoping against hopes had no takers in the Pakistani ruling establishment. Justice Markandeya Katju, Press Council of India Chairman and V.R.Krishna Iyer the former Supreme Court advocate including others tried their level best by appealing to Asif Ali Sardari, Pakistan President repeatedly fell on deaf ears.
From a country like Pakistan which is in the throes of internal strife and conflicts, which is the hotbed of terrorism, it was our fault to have expected a generous gesture by the ruling establishment of Pakistan where the army, the ruling establishment and terrorist outfits are pulling in opposite directions.
If one is led to believe that the attack on Sarabjit Singh had the overt or covert support of Pakistan’s Intelligence and others’ connivance, he/she need not be blamed.
A few months ago another Indian death row convict Chamel Singh was fatally attacked inside the jail premises, by a few Pakistani death-row convicts which is a true pointer to the sense of insecurity being undergone by other Indian convicts. Without the jail authorities not being aware of the planned attacks on Indian prisoners, how come the Pakistani convicts inflict brutal attacks on Chamel Singh and Sarabjit Singh which was pre-planned and pre-meditated by the Pakistani death-row convicts who nurse blind anti-India sentimentl, on going thru the arrangements and precautions they had taken. Sarabjit’s tragic end underlines the sad fact that Indians in Pakistan are a helpless lot, be they Indian High Commission officials, journalists or for that matter anyone who nurtures a pro-India sentiment.


Keeping the doors and 
windows of her flat shut
falling flat on her bed
with her eyes and ears  shut
under the speeding fan running at its peak,
she made a futile attempt
to escape from the
ear-splitting wild music rocking the
metro 24X7.
She lamented to herself:
“Tormenting and agonizing
this city life
 – could I ever get
accustomed with this city life
“full of sound and fury
signifying anything”?
-          she inquired her husband
with fright in her eyes one day.
“You will have to learn to live with it”- he responded with a smile
“How come the citizens
enjoy this wild music
rocking and shaking the city each day?
who needs the  smoothly flowing river of  music 
of a new comer like her coming from
from s faraway village...................?
with butterflies in her stomach
she was asking herself……………………         

Thursday, May 2, 2013


With the veil of,
darkness enveloping the,
with the village,
falling into deep slumber,
with the ambience,
plunging into deadly silence,
with the owls hooting, bats flapping  wings,
with eerie music of,
crickets engulfing the entire village,
it is the place where ghosts of,
departed souls,
irrespective of age and gender,
start roaming, dancing ,
and burst out into roars of laughter,
frightening the passers-by.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It was a pleasure
enjoying the visual feast
of the German couple
strolling along the beach,
hand in hand
getting drunk with
the joy of watching
the infinite beauty of the sea
occasionally splashing the
waves rising to the sandy beach
exchanging warm kisses, once in a while
lips locking lips
caring two hoots to the hungry eyes of the voyeurists.  
It was like a romantic thriller
beautifully weaved on the celluloid
like a rich tapestry
or like a couple celebrating their honeymoon
in the backdrop of the sea.
The gathering dark clouds in the sky
clashing against each other
sending thousands of long slender golden arms
descending on the earth
followed by thunder and drizzles
went unnoticed by the hilarious love birds
or both seemed unperturbed
over the clash of clouds
followed by
ear-splitting roars of thunder.
they seemed like enjoying
the long, slender golden arms of light
embracing them.
As they strolled briskly along the beach
hand in hands
in a split-second death in the guise
of golden arms of light
struck down her German lover
claiming him instantly
with her standing spell-bound
unable to scream
unable to raise an alarm
unable to even………….
She was seen falling on her lover
tears trickling down her cheeks
planting kisses unbound over her lifeless mate
drenched in the heavy downpour
coupled with lightning and thunders
staging a death dance……………………..