Friday, July 31, 2015



When will the dusky blankets of
gloomy days be torn away from my life?
When will the dark clouds
of despair and needling pain
vanish from my life
clearing the path for
the rise of a bright dawn
to wake me up and cheer me up
to my heart’s content?
When will the spring
bloom before me making
me elated and delighted
and lift me to the top of
the world and enliven
my sagging spirits   to
disappear from my life
and let me drink the 
elixir of life?
Will my life blossom
in the garden of hopes and the
scent of blooms spread
across the land conveying
the message of my
thrill and enormous,
inexplicable pleasure to all?
And will I meet my
estranged love-bird fly
to me, kiss me , caress me
and embrace me and
live together for the
rest of our life?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015



His remaining sparks
of hope melted into thin air.
The flame of life, died down.
His dream of a fresh lease of life
flew away to an unknown territory.
On hearing the news of
his mercy petition, rejected –
which was the last straw-
whether his heart missed 
one or two beats was known only to him.
Resigned to his fate
he sat on the bare floor
hiding his head between his folded legs
like an ostrich.
In the meanwhile the
hangman’s noose was getting ready for him.
After a prolonged spell of uncertainty
he slept quietly
till the wee hours of the morning.
He was  seeing before him
the  last crucial moments
of him walking to the gallows.
Whether he deserved a capital punishment
was the question flashed before the eyes of
several human rights activists
and several citizens  across the nation
who struggled tirelessly
for his escape from the gallows…..
The clock  was ticking
fast or so it seemed………..


Tuesday, July 28, 2015



We walk along the
corridors of the castle
of life each day.
While we are on the
move, we meet several  
persons some familiar ones
and many others  strangers.
If by chance, we meet
familiar faces, we gift broad smiles
of familiarity to them
and they never fail to
return the same in equal measure. 
In these days and age 
we are always in a hurry
no matter whatever be the reasons.
We never care to mingle 
with them and exchange pleasantries with them.
Each day according to
our will and pleasure
we choose different  corridors, still
we continue  to meet the
familiar faces as well  as the strange ones.
Corridors aplenty,  walkers aplenty 
every second, every minute, every hour
to be precise throughout 24X7 like an ever  flowing river.
This is the sum total of life but
with the passage of time
faces change, continue to change
and there is no escape

from that reality……  

Monday, July 27, 2015



Her residence is a
poem sculpted in granite and marble.
A visual treat to
the onlookers which
for ever lingers before their eyes.
The gate itself is 
a grand spectacle
with two stuffed lions about
to roar which instill fears in
the minds of passersby
mistaking them alive about to
pounce on the former.
All, thanks to her husband abroad. 
 Her wardrobe is a
world of colourful sarees
costly, attractive and 
scintillating which are
exquisite, enchanting, enthralling blondes 
smile at her when
ever she finds time to
open the wardrobe and
watches and passes her
fingers over each of them
with boundless pride,
all, thanks to her husband
holding a lucrative profession abroad.
She has kept her shining and precious
gold ornaments and invaluable diamonds
costing more than a crore rupees
in the safe custody lockers
of a reputed bank in the city
and a huge bank balance
which too amounting crores in the form
of savings bank and fixed deposits
all, thanks to her husband
holding a lucrative profession abroad.
Two sons both in their teens
study in prestigious, reputed public schools
at Ooty,
a marvelous landscape which
too is a visual feast
to the tourists frequenting and
elites in the society
all, thanks to her loving husband who holds
a lucrative profession abroad.
Three ultramodern
expensive cars wait in
the porch always at her service.
All, thanks to her
loving husband who holds
a lucrative profession
abroad and both though
so far yet so near contact thru
frequent cell phone calls.
She with her maid-servant lives together
but not that peacefully and happily.
Her past is a
chain of nightmares which haunt
her forcing her to sob silently
with tears wetting her
pillows and all her nights are sleepless.
Her unforgettable
days poverty and hunger
the old dilapidated house
where her poor parents and
her starving siblings
not two or three
but more than ten of them
the days she and her
siblings dreamt for at least a pair of sarees,
shirts and trousers
at least a single ornament
to her and her sisters
and those fateful days school authorities
denied them permission to
enter the classes for not
paying the fees and for not wearing uniforms
with none coming forward to
extend helping hands
all make her weep uncontrollably but suppressing them.
Her siblings still pull on faraway places
facing unlimited sufferings and hardships
but they out of false pride
never stretches their hands infront of her for help
like beggars
for her love relationship and subsequent marriage
with a pariah (lower caste).   


Friday, July 24, 2015



Like an elephant
trampling a person to death
some developing nations reeling
under the onslaught of debt crisis
they desperately trying
to escape from the
clutches of being paupers
seize the stick of austerity measures
reluctantly and with heart-ache
bowing to the demands of
international shylocks and big sharks
like IMF, World Bank
and developed nations
and borrow huge amounts  to tide over
the crisis keeping in
their minds future bleak scenario
staring at them like wild animals.
Nowadays each ordinary
family slap austerity measures to pull on
tightening belts by the family members….
Debt-trap is like a
gordian knot which
we ordinary human beings
desperately try to unknot……

without scenting victory at all…….  

Thursday, July 23, 2015



If I am the Sun
of my little family
my wife, children
and grand daughter
are my satellites
like the moon
circumambulating Earth
and She in turn
travelling around the Sun.
I too was a satellite,
my father who was the Sun of
our family around whom
like I, my mother and
my siblings were
travelling around.
and from generation
to generation Suns 
and satellites go on changing,
changing, changing
would remain eternally bright…..

Tuesday, July 21, 2015



Unrequitted love
manifests un upward
trend looking like
rockets shooting
upwards penetrating the sky. 
Dedicated love has
turned out to be a
cheap commodity in
the market of life in this age
of mushrooming live –in relationships.
True, dedicated love
continues to be here
on the very face of
this earth like an invaluable jewel
but very rare.
Pragmatism has taken
over in every kind of
love relationships and other
spheres  of life.
Not let up friends(?)
from this vicious circle
in this age youths
and others decide, either this or that

as long as it is of pomp and pageantry………

Sunday, July 19, 2015



A nauseating smell of a
dead rat pervaded the atmosphere
across the nook and cranny
of the country.
The tyrant sensed a certain defeat
at the hands of the raging soldiers of
the rival nation to conquer him,
and annex his nation to their country.
He went out of his palace incognito
ditching his consorts, children, loyalists
and took flight to an erstwhile friendly
nation, unfortunately for him
that nation denied permission to land the
plane in that country .
A visibly shaken, shocked and panicky tyrant was
at a loss to land the plane elsewhere.
It flew around and around until it 
ran out of fuel
and ultimately nosedived
into a desert and consigned to flames.
The victorious neighbouring
nation entered the palace
and upon  watching the
tyrant’s helpless and frightened
consorts, children and loyalists who were
bowing down before  the soldiers

who were granted amnesty and asylum……

Friday, July 17, 2015



Her thoughts are like broken
pieces of her colourful, beautiful glass bangles
or like broken chains
each intermittently and remotely linked  with the other.
Always she ponders over arranging them in order
but to her deep regret, gnawing pain and sadness
her thoughts like monkeys jump from one
branch of a tree to another and from there
to another branch
in short to all branches, which ever branches
the monkeys like, without rest
she hangs her head
in despair, gloom and pain.
Sometimes with a
smile blooming in her lips
she remembers the story of a man
who in a desperate bid to
concentrate his mind at a fixed point 
approached a sage seeking guidance.
The sage with a detached smile in his lips
and with calm, tranquil and
serene face reminding
one of a transparent pond full of blue water
without ripples reflecting the clear and blue sky
advised him :
‘whenever you sit in meditation
at a secluded corner
free from all noises and other disturbances 
never allow a monkey to
intrude into your mind’.
Obliging the saint he
bowed down before him, went away
and sat at an isolated place
free from all hustle and bustle
and commenced his meditation.
To his disappointment, needling pain and sorrow
what he always saw in his inner eyes was
a monkey unwilling to leave him…..
She often sees the
face of  frustrated man and asks herself :
‘I am like that hapless man…..

Any lesson……?’

Thursday, July 16, 2015



Awaiting you at Dadar
I spent the whole night
sitting and dozing somewhere
walking along from one end of the
platform to the other end
through the milling crowd
who had already come
and who kept on pouring into the platform 
like incessant rain
some with their luggages
some waiting to
receive their dear ones
who travel all  the way from Kerala,
and with the train blaring horn
from far away distance
with the anxious relatives 
and friends with their  eyes  shining,
hearts thumping and with many a joy
and news to share
hugging each other
lifting up each other with
rivers of tears of delight flowing down
each other’s faces
and lights shining
up above to display them
in front of the world.
Porters who were sitting
in the corners and playing cards
wake up and run helter-skelter
to have a good day
and cabbies waiting outside for good
rides expecting somebody to call them
for journeys, if possible long distance ones,
God willing.
Though I wandered looking for you
from compartment to compartment
till the last traveler went out
I couldn’t locate you and with sadness
I caught a taxi to the flat and
to my utter surprise and pleasure
you were there awaiting me outside the flat …..
you mischievous pretty girl..
‘Am I enjoying a dream’ – I asked myself
with my eyes gone wide
and you rushing to hug me, hug me, hug me
and trying to lift me up
to the world of ecstasy……  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015



Those were not the days of cell phones.
Those were not the days of internet and 
e-mails pregnant with life-less words. 
Those were the days of
lively, throbbing words
inside inlands or postal covers.
On the day of her departure to the
distant city to take up  her new assignment
her eyes welling up and
the lump in her throat
blocking her not to bare her feelings.
With a smile, though a painful one
which he hid behind the veil of pleasantness
he consoled her.
‘Cry not my daughter
I wish always I wish
you were my own daughter
do write to me and
share with me your joys and sorrow
here I am free to share
with you and console you
whenever  you feel like missing me badly
here I am always anxious to learn
about your moments of joy and delight and
thereby overwhelm me and get me elated.
You always wished
to call me your friend, philosopher  and guide,
even your mentor.
Do I deserve such compliments
and if you are so particular, eyes
you can call me that way
and let me call you
my daughter, my own beloved daughter.
Once in a year or two, whenever
 I get an opportunity to
pass thru your beloved city, you know
by that time you would get accustomed with
the city, part of the city which does
have a rare virtue to endear anyone
who spends mere two weeks of sojourn
 with her and gets attracted to her lullaby,
care and affection.
You know, once upon a time I too was
in her lap and was close to her bosom.
Write to me, my daughter
write to me, whenever
you fell free to share

with me your joys and sorrows….. ‘

Tuesday, July 14, 2015



Everything was as usual.
With embers of anger
and frustration raging within her
she woke up from deep
slumber with a sudden jerk
on hearing  the roar of calling bell
reminding that of a lion.
She walked towards the
door without switching on the light 
unlocked the door gritting her teeth
and went towards the bed with drowsy eyes
and slumped into it,
lapsed once again into  deep sleep.
Wobbling, he switched on the light
and locked the door from inside
and without undressing fell into
the sofa after switching off the light.
Everything was as usual.
Mechanical, to be precise……
Like diluting a
concentrated dark solution
thick darkness will gradually fall
and the sun will rise

but for them life is as usual……

Monday, July 13, 2015



Reports of war between
two countries,
reports of war between
a group of nations
against another group of nations
even if millions and millions perish,
millions and millions flee for life
and seek refuge
in any comparatively
peaceful nations and set up
tents in constant fear  
properties worth millions crash down
ear-splitting explosions
as results frequent bombings
fire-spitting machine guns,
explosions after explosions
tragic scenes of innocence getting
stifled for no fault of  those ‘red-roses’
occur/occurs in some parts of the world
ultimately gaining nothing….
Reports of rulers still visiting
other nations signing either defence contracts
worth billions and billions of dollars
while millions are starving 
millions of hapless girls and mothers
raped and murdered
prices sky-rocket
millions of roofless beings
millions without sanitation facilities
greenery disappearing from the face of earth
terrorist hydra spreading
tentacles and squeeze the
essence of innocents
wars were here
wars are here
wars will be here
and we are here to

fall victims…. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015



The freedom fighters
were on the look out for the
ruthless, wretched autocrat
who ruled the country
for more than three
decades with an iron-fist
depriving the masses of
the basic necessities
of life like hunger, famine, malnourishment et al
resulting in starvation deaths of
lakhs and lakhs and as a result
their patience reached its nadir.
They gathered under
one umbrella and
decided to take up
cudgels against him and his loyalists.
The arrogant dictator ordered his loyalist
militia to butcher the masses enmasse.
The militia tried to suppress the
masses with all their might.
machine guns and
other sophisticated weapons,
and lakhs of armed forces killed
and maimed millions of freedom fighters mercilessly.
With grit and determination the latter
with their  lethal weapons launched
fierce  attacks and killed the armed
forces, loyalists and
 near and dear ones
of the dictator and
without taking at least
a second’s rest went on
the rampage with the sole aim of demolishing
the fortress where the
autocrat was wining and
dining with his confidents
enjoying the dancing of scantly clad
attractive and lascivious danseuses
who inebriated them.
At last after heavy
shelling and bombings
the masses demolished the fortress.
The autocrat stealthily
ran away for life
with some of his sycophants and consorts 
and the  remaining ones were murdered.
Finding no safe haven to
hide, the dictator at last took refuge
inside a tunnel.
After angry and determined search
for the ‘man-eater’ the
fighters located him and
pulled him out
beat him up, kicked him
dealt continuous blows on him
and dragged him down the
dilapidated streets until he
was bathed in blood and
finally pushed into the hell.
They celebrated his murder by dancing
along the streets and bursting fire-crackers
for days together.
The rise of a
new sun heralded the

beginning of a NEW ERA……

Friday, July 10, 2015



We vividly recall the
days on which
we were part and parcel of
the capital city of Delhi.
Though Delhites
we were delighted
the very moments dark clouds
appeared on the sky.
We often anxiously waited
for blessings by the
rain god for torrential
rains to escape from  intolerable heat
and heat waves or loo lashing the city
and we used to
dance down the streets
until we were satisfied to the brim.
Citizens and vehicles
nearly submerged
across the length and breadth of the
capital city.
It was  sort of a festival for all of us
both watching the pouring rain
glancing from the balconies and those who
often swam with the current.
The same was the case
with the drivers and other travelers
inside the vehicles.
For those who were
an integral part of the capital city
even today Delhi
has not changed a bit and whenever
the city nearly
drowns in the water
and rises to the maximum height
like a reservoir in spate.
For we watching
the sight through visual media
the scent of nostalgia
compels us to visit the
city once in a while.

Thursday, July 9, 2015



Ever since they got separated
she withdrew into
her shell and kept away
from all relationships.
Ever since they got separated
she didn’t like to indulge in
romance with anyone.
Ever since they got separated
he went to US  to demonstrate
his skill in the world of sitar
thereby charming everybody
and for inviting applause by the audience
and he came across a US lady who
fell in love with him and she made him
her  life partner.
on hearing the news she felt nothing
and kept mum.
While he could forget her and marry a
white lady why couldn’t
she enter into a married life with
a person she liked?
She didn’t even think
about such a relationship. 
On hearing about him winning laurels
as a sitar maestro she felt immense
pride and hid her pleasure and delight
behind the veil of gloom.
While both were the
disciples of her father
she was always a step ahead of him
and both fell in love with each other
and got married with the blessings of her father.
Ever since they got
separated she never 
touched any musical instruments
and gave them eternal rest.
Ever since they got separated
she went on a pilgrimage to
holy places and paid obeisance
and reached the foothills of Himalayas.
While she was travelling
to North India once she met him
and his second wife  
she didn’t feel envy or frustration
but the flame of his shining face died down.
She spent her
time looking through  the window
of the train and enjoyed
the sunflower fields on both sides of the railway tracks
and peahens spreading attractive wings along the way.
When she heard about his death
in United States leaving his wife and
two daughters 
through the visual media first
and print media later
she didn’t shed  at least a few drops of
tears since detachment

had already entered her soul…..    

Tuesday, July 7, 2015



He came alone empty-handed
we were seeing him
the first time in our life.
Our hospitality seemed
touching and enthralling to him.
The innocence in his
eyes reminded a transparent
pond reflecting the transparent
clear blue sky up above.
It looked like he had
come to our home with
a determination to stay 
with us as if the home was his also.
It was a treat to us  to watch his movements.
We served him nutritious
food  in the days to come
to ensure his happiness and satisfaction.
With the leap-frogging of the
days, the aged ones breathed their last.
The occasional  deaths of  the aged persons
seized our happiness intermittently.
Like us weeping in remembrance of
our elders he too shared our sorrow
by shedding  tears down his cheeks
since he had already
become one among us.
He emerged  out in flying colours
in each examination
-until he completed higher studies.
He fell in love with a pretty lass
while he was doing higher studies
and with the blessings of elders
he tied the nuptial knot
and exchanged garlands and wedding rings
the ceremony ended on a happy note.
In their married life
his wife  delivered
two children, one a baby boy
and the other a  baby girl.
With almost all elders
bidding farewell and 
their souls flew out
to their heavenly abode 
solitude like a curse 
encroached the line
prohibiting not to cross the line
from entering the home
the silence of the graveyard overpowered
even the rare opportunities
they wished to celebrate.
Both he and she got aged
and she was the first to
bid farewell to all.
That was a severe shock to him
And even though the
children  wanted to make him happy
and cheerful
but to no avail.
Depression dragged him  graduall]y
and he too followed 
in to her foot steps 
and one day he also went

empty handed…….

Monday, July 6, 2015



Sun had shed
his intense anger
with the slow approach of twilight.
From afar I saw my
uncle in his saffron 
robe sitting on a concrete bench
under a gulmohar tree with full of
red flowers.
He was sitting alone
as if he was expecting somebody
coming to visit him.
He had become too lean
looking like a breathing skeleton.
When he saw me approaching him
his eyes shone and tears welled up in his eyes.
I sat near him and gifted me a painful smile.
From a millionaire to a
pauper because of
his uncontrolled drinking
with his so-called
friends in the faraway city.
And he finding no other way
started disposing of his business empire.
At last he along with his family caught a train
to his native village
followed by shifting 
to his wife’s house. 
‘Auntie and children
coming to meet
you once in a
while, No?’ I enquired him.
With sarcasm writ large on his face
he told me:
‘Even if the children
wanted to see me
the ultimate authority
is she and no one else.’
The twilight sun
went down the western
horizon with the fall of darkness.
‘She has amassed a huge amount
while I was spending my  golden days
 in the faraway city,
and when I became bankrupt
 she asked me to go out of her house
since she didn’t have any  need of me.
I saw my children silently
weeping which broke my heart.
Meanwhile the disease reached its
final stage and I caught
a bus to meet  my one
and only brother who
was instrumental in
admitting me in the sanatorium.
Occasionally he comes to me
from  the faraway house and 
spent some precious moments with me.
The river of
time was flowing quickly.
‘Uncle, let’s go
inside the sanatorium
and it is too dark’
we entered it and I helped him to
lie on his bed.
I gave him some money and told :
This is for my satisfaction. Please
accept it. I shall come
to meet you at least
twice o r thrice of a month.
Tears flowed down from his eyes…..                                                                                                           
and from my eyes too as I was  walking
to the street side
to catch an auto or bus to the city
to catch the train chugging  fast
runs  thru my village.
His emaciated figure
reflected again and again
in the mirror of my mind………..

Sunday, July 5, 2015



In the suburbs of Mumbai
parks and gardens are aplenty.
One day is not enough
to count the number of
parks here in Mumbai.
With darkness slowly descending
and sodium vapour lamps opening their eyes
the greenish-yellow lights come
to life till the morning
partially unveiling the dark blankets.
Citizens flow to the parks
to spend their invaluable
time there for more than one hour.
Lovers, couples, parents,
children and people who prefer to be lonely
and aloof from others thinking about  
what they deem appropriate etc etc.
At central Matunga
there is a circular garden cum park
covered with green carpet
and tall trees here and there
bearing  different kinds of
blooms and concrete
chairs around and in the middle.
Parents visit the park with their
children on holidays
who play hide and seek game there
which bring smiles to the parents’ lips.
Friends who pay visit discussing
various subjects pertaining to matters
which to them are important.
The vehicles circumambulating without stop
except when red signals say ‘no’ disappear
until flickering of green signal which says ‘yes’.
Similar is the case about citizens who
wait to cross the road.
In this imperfect world
of  absurdities these
people visit the parks 
which are dime a dozen.
About hundred feet away
from the beautiful
circular garden cum park  
there is a sprawling park with concrete
chairs on the sides of the park.
This is a park exclusively
for lovers (need not be lovers)
who make merry
and a number of voyeurists
who take their place in
the middle of the garden from where
they enjoy the merry making of the lovers 

thereby arousing their carnal instincts.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015



Climbing up the ladder one by one
taking ample time
we reached moon
the first time in our life.
We walked and climbed the hillocks
and collected soil of
the moon and bundled it.
To our shock and surprise
we saw a man in dhoti
conducting a tea shop.
Inside we watched a
few people, both men and women sipping tea.
Aghast we whispered in each other’s ears
it is better not to
take rest  for a long time
apprehending trouble
from those people inside the tea shop.
But to our surprise we saw their
expressionless faces as if
they were not seeing us.
Anyhow we stuck to
our decision to climb up the ladder  one by one
since our ultimate aim was
reaching for the stars
glittering up in the skies.
The more we climbed up
the more was scorching heat
virtually roasting us.
Still we climbed up and up
until we  couldn’t climb up further.
The man who was in
the first ladder felt like he was
being burnt to death.
Besides him we too felt
a burning sensation
and all of us suffered
dehydration and prayed 
to God for water to quench our thirst.
We blamed ourselves
for not carrying water
before  preparing to
climb up the ladder
and should have known
about the thorns of blazing heat
being thrust into our body
as we were climbing upwards.
Someone from among
the stars shouted us
to return to Earth within no time.
It was just like an
oracle from someone up.
‘We are your forefathers
and whenever you get
aged without seeking
anyone’s permission
you would reach here’
the oracle reminded us.
On hearing the
warning we were
in a hurry to reach earth.
Unfortunately we
were far away from
the earth and we cried
and cried, prayed and prayed
for stomachfull of cold water.
We found ourselves in a state of

between the devil and hard rock.

Friday, July 3, 2015



In the dark alleys of life
what would happen when
a person with normal vision and
a visually challenged person
are trapped?
Both the visually challenged person
and a person with normal vision
would evolve into two sides of the same coin.
What would happen
when the train of life enters a long tunnel?
When a train enters a long tunnel
the passengers hope for a light at the
end of the tunnel.
Until the train emerges out of darkness the passengers
who suffered kind of suffocation and heave a sigh of relief.
What would be the dreams of parents
whenever they mull about
the future of their children?
No doubt they would hope to
see their children building a bright future.
What would happen if their
train of life derails  by which
resulting in the collapse of their train of life?
The train would collapse and their
parents’ castle of  dreams
would crash down into a  heap of dust.
What would you feel
while on your way to
the railway station to catch the train when
a child in her shining costume
reminding one of an angel,
gifts you  a red rose and wish you:
‘Good morning uncle, today
is my birthday’
looking into her innocent eyes
and attractive smiles, caressing her chubby cheeks
you feel like you are being
elevated to a world of  indefinite delight…..
‘Many many happy returns of the day baby,’
‘thanks, my child
uncle feels elated……..’’
Her dad whom
you  are familiar with
might be glancing at you
from a distance of a few feets

with a broad smile…..  

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Everyday during my evening walk
down the narrow road
without footpath
I let my eyes wander around to the
left, right and front
to enjoy the beautiful
lush green landscape
and variety of flowers
which enchant me, enthrall me
and the cool breeze
from the west on its way
to the east caresses me,
embraces me and
plants kisses all over me lifting me to
an ethereal world.
Unlike the city which
does have footpaths
and a broad road for the
vehicles to ply in opposite directions
this rural narrow road is
full of  craters and pot-holes
thru which vehicles
move along to and fro hooting horns.
I, being a daily evening walker
those living on the street side houses
might be throwing their eyes  towards me also.
Upon looking at my eyes
wandering left, right and front
must be  apprehending an accident.
They might be shouting
at me to take care
while walking along, it seems
the narrow road full of craters
and pot-holes thru which
vehicles rush ahead blaring horns.
But I am confident
and my unusual presence  of mind
might be jumping all hurdles while walking ahead.
With the onset of sunset
after reaching the junction
I start returning to my residence.
While walking ahead
Sun evolves into a wide crimson circle about which
I always think about
‘what a glamorous visual feast to watch’
forgetting my private thoughts.
While continuing my evening walk,
a  car suddenly came to a halt
and the  man driving the
car shouted at in his full-throat voice
‘Bloody rascal, where
the hell are you glancing at
and don’t you know
how long we tooted
followed by a chain of
epithets breathlessly’.
‘Pardon me for the inconvenience
it is my fault.
Actually I was enjoying
the beautiful sunset in the western horizon.'
He was frowning at me and
without uttering a single word
turned the  ignition key and sped along.
I blushed and looked around…..

Wednesday, July 1, 2015



Like a football being
kicked and tossed around by
a group of football players
or like a cat for the
sake of fun kick and toss a
mouse around before
killing and swallowing it
he is being tossed
and kicked by his
authorities  across the
length and breadth of the nation
and get on his nerves
but suppress it.
On thinking about
his parents  and siblings
since he is the sole
breadwinner of his family
he obeys his authorities
otherwise faces the wrath of
his authorities
who might show the
door and thus dispense with his  service.
He is aware of  such instances
Charge with gross insubordination.
If he were a
descendant of a wealthy family
he would not have
continued and remained subservient  
towards the institution where he served.
But he being the sole breadwinner
of his family he allows himself
to be tossed around
till the very bottom of his patience.
Intentionally playing
into the hands of
the higher-ups though
heavy is a fun also.