Sunday, August 31, 2014


In the peak hours
of the morning
Church gate railway station is
a reservoir in spate.
Commuters from all walks of life
get down at the station
and are in a hurry
to flow like water
to the outside world.
For the convenience of the commuters
in other words for
the out flowing commuters
there are three exits
left, right and centre.
Ticket examiners in black and white
reminding one of penguins of Antartica
with their sharp piercing eyes
can be seen at three exits
for nabbing the ticket less commuters
and forcing them to remit the charges with fines
failing which they are brought to justice.
An oracle’s melodious
voice can be heard
from somewhere upstairs
informing the commuters
of the timing of arrival and departure
of local trains.
Indicators exhibiting times and destinations
continue to glimmer in yellow lights all through the day.
That which baffles always me
is the undue hurry of the
commuters hailing from various suburbs
rush into the compartments risking their lives
and rush out of the trains
at their destination points
walking and running to their workplaces
while agreeing to the fact that
the city is overcrowded
what benefits each of them
to walk or run all through the way
to reach their working places?
Seems like the citizens of the suburbs
are unnecessarily creating chaos

by rushing to their destinations.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


In the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai
genuine lovers are
rare and invaluable
barring a few.
Affairs among young men and ladies
which last two or three months are common
after which each one among them seeks
affairs with another young lass and handsome youth
while genuine lovers
show declining trend
affairs among the youth
are showing an upward trend in the city.
In the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai
the number of genuine couples are rare
like exorbitant commodities
as they too are displaying downward trend.
in the place of genuine couples
two opposite sexes fall in love
believe in live-in relationships
no tying of nuptial knots
no temples or churches,
no auspicious moments
no registration and no witnesses
knowing fairly well that
within a  short-span
at the most six months
they would get fed up with living together.
Most of them get
separated after genuine handshakes
in an atmosphere of camaraderie
with only a few entering into a wedded life.
The majority who get separated
go in search of greener pastures
fish out others
who too are on the hunt
for the company of somebody
again take decisions to
enter live-in relationships
that too for a short period.
In the overcrowded and congested
cosmopolitan city of Mumbai
and for that matter any metros
familiarity is an alien word
except a few who know each other
not fully but partially.
Feels like alienation
is the hallmark of the
city of Mumbai and other metros.
In the cosmopolitan
city of Mumbai
homosexuals, lesbians,
heterosexuals, transgenders, paedophiles,
call girls, prostitutes(male and female)
and eunuchs are dime a dozen.
Still love Mumbai
like I love Kerala

genuine love ofcourse….   

Friday, August 29, 2014


Old age homes are mushrooming across the nook and cranny of Kerala, which is popularly known as God’s Own Country the world over. With age catching up and diseases spreading  among them they become helpless and naturally turn out to be a burden to their children who are grown up, educated and have entered the mainstream of life with well-paid jobs either in India or abroad, get  married and become parents, the latter without even a moral prick dump their parents in the so-called old age homes where many a old one spends his/her twilight of their life and the aged ones are helpless and disillusioned and to escape from boredom and painful memories, mingle with each other and share their feelings of their sombre existence with deep sighs. Sometimes forgetting the surroundings they go to the extent of shedding tears recalling the ingratitude of their children whom they fed with love, affection and care and whom they sent to schools and colleges and tried their level best spending huge amounts to find jobs for them. With their children getting married and in due course become parents, their parents gradually become a burden to them and mull day in and day out about disposing their parents in old age homes. They don’t have any reluctance to make payments to the authorities of the old-age homes to cater to the needs of their parents. These sons and daughters often pretend to forget their parents who raised them to greater levels and provided them with love, affection and care are left in the lurch with the sunset of their life hovering over their parents. These are not the cases of old people in distress. Let’s for a moment think about those parents who are harassed, tortured and thrown them out of their houses and leave them in the premises of temples, churches or street sides wherever they like.
This is the case of old age parents of Kerala, the so-called God’s Own Country.
Let’s ponder over the wretched way the old cattle are dealt with while they were young and were beneficial to the man like cows, buffalos and goats which produce milk, the young ox are used to plough the fields or to pull carts especially bullock-carts and goats etc on entering old age and turn helpless, skinny and sick these animals are left at the abattoir.
This is the case of trees like mango trees, jack fruit trees, guava, cashew trees or rubber plants. These trees upon ageing turn less productive and they too turn out to be the victims of the tree-cutter.
We have already mentioned the aged men and women, aged animals and aged trees.
In this period of murky politics across India too the aged political leaders who deserve respect and reverence who even in their old age are blessed with vigour, strength and high spirits are shown the door by the  middle-aged political leaders and allocate the posts of the aged leaders mentioned earlier to familiar faces.
Take for instance the recent dropping of  L.K.Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi from the BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) from the all powerful Parliamentary Board by Party President Amit Sha after holding consultation with Narendra Modi, Prime Minister.
L.K.Advani, who was instrumental in building up the party from scratch and enabled and ensured the  growth and victory of the party which later headed the National Defence Alliance govt from 1998-2004 which was led by A.B.Vajpayee who is incidentally ill.
Likewise Murli Manohar Joshi, who held the post of BJP President first and Human Resources Development Minister, later has also been thrown out.

In this world where age alone is the criterion to measure the worth of anyone and nothing less than that getting older is something painful but natural even if Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Janardan Dwivedi (Congress) and anyone for that matter. It would be a better thing if we are aware of this universal truth.        

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hills always fascinate me.
In my childhood
in my teenage
in my youth.
The more I climbed up to the top
the more happier I felt.
The speed with which
I ran up the hill
and reached the top
and looked around
was a thrilling experience to me.
I enjoyed the beautiful landscape
all around me
including my house
at the bottom of the hill
and upon noticing my near and dear
roaming around the house
everything filled my mind
like a reservoir reaching its brim.
The more I grew up
the sooner I felt tired
conceding defeat like an army on the run
fearing its enemy country’s soldiers
go on conquering more and more land.
On my way up
mind you, when I am walking across the bridge
of my middle age
to my upper middle age
I am forced to take
rest at several places
before accomplishing my mission of reaching the top.
In case I reach the
sunset of my life
walking up the hill
always makes me shudder
what would I do
if I dream about
climbing up the hill to the top…

An uphill task, an impossible task, no doubt…. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With the Sun rising
in the east and welcomes us
caress and embraces us with his warm rays,
my Sun of delight
also rises on the eastern horizon of my mind.
With the Sun getting
eclipsed by dark clouds
my sun also gets
eclipsed by dark clouds of despair.
With the infinite, azure sky
wearing the ornaments of golden moon and stars
in the limpid blue sky,
my transparent mind is embellished with
the lights of scintillating jewels of
serenity, peace and tranquility.
With the Sun taking
a bath for the day
in western horizon of the sky where
the Sun and the Sea meet
my Sun also takes a dip
in the western horizon of
my mind of drowsiness also takes a dip
in the sea of musical silence.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


As a citizen hailing from a democratic nation, on hearing the news of execution of eight persons who masterminded historic Tiananmen Struggle in 1989 and the subsequent developments, it was natural that I was appalled and angry against the Chinese leaders. Now that 25 years have passed by the massacre is still etched on the walls of my mind.
The Tiananmen Square uprising was for the cause of democracy by the then youth of China which was mercilessly suppressed by the forces loyal to the Chinese govt under orders of the latter which was condemned by the nations owing allegiance to democracy.
After the era of Mao-Tse-Dong, under whose tenure the iron curtain stood as blockade by which the developments in China were unknown to the nations the world over. It was said that the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) ensured that no news leaked out of that nation and as a consequence how the citizens come to know about the developments going on in that country.
Deng-Sio-Ping, who was his successor, upon ascending the ‘throne’, as a first step in the right direction after demolishing the iron curtain opened up its economy for the foreign nations and appealed them to invest in China on a large scale. During Mao’s time Chinese economy was in a shambles which was made known to the world only after Deng-Sio-Ping succeeded him.
Deng, who is called the ‘architect of modern China’ was criticized by a few countries mostly authoritarian nations, for opening up the economy was learned to have responded that ‘whether the cat is black or white what matters ultimately is whether it is capable of catching the mouse’.
Thus gradually Chinese economy progressed step by step with other nations trailing behind it. Following Deng those who succeeded him like Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xin-Jing-Ping China has turned out to be the second largest economy, the first being USA.
Deng-Siao-Ping and his followers though granded economic freedom, individual freedom is still a mirage.
It was the freedom lovers who were in the vanguard to fight for the cause of individual liberty. The masterminds who mobilized the former grouped under one umbrella upon the Chinese govt rejecting their repeated demands, decided to fight head on against the govt forces at Tiananmen Square in 1989 who braved the Chinese forces and unfortunately hundreds of freedom fighters attained martyrdom after facing guns, grenades, tanks, teargas shells and such sophisticated weapons.
A number of freedom fighters were caught and imprisoned and many of them are still languishing behind bars.
Another unfortunate fact is that today’s generation – students and youth alike are unaware of the 1989 struggle and with the economic progress in full swing many who might have read about it or heard about it from their guardians and teachers are not at all interested in even discussing it.
These Gen Xt have no tears to shed for the freedom fighters who were massacred and who still languish behind the bars. 

Even these youngsters if not en-bloc, a few of them have no qualms in justifying the Tiananmen Square struggle. Its something mind-boggling, blood-chilling and heart-breaking….          

Monday, August 25, 2014


Confined to my room
lying on the mattress
spread over a cot
under the speeding fan
spending my time
reading a lot,
thinking over the strange
ways of the world
civil wars, wars, genocide,
corruption, malnutrition
deaths, unemployment,
natural calamities like floods,
droughts, stifling the spirit and optimism of the mankind,  
with agony and pain piercing my heart,
seated on my chair,
I scribble a poem,
fiction or non-fiction
on the white sheets
during the nights
with the world lapsing into silence
the silence of the graveyard…….

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Scene 1 

Somewhere close to
Iraq and Syria
in a vast sprawling desert
under the burning sun,
a terrorist clad in deep dark
wearing an equally deep dark mask
ostensibly to hide his identity
standing beside him was
a flowing orange dressed journalist
with a shaven head
devoid of all hopes
resigned to his fate
his eyes reminded one of
blank dead white sheet.

Scene 2
The assassin
who must have been smiling
with a sharp sword
speaking English
with British accent
perhaps to his victim
perhaps asking to bend the journalist’s neck down.

Scene 3
With the assassin
placing the sharp
sword over the victims neck
shutting my eyes
I ran to my room
with a thudding heart
slumped into my cot
with tears streaming
down my cheeks.
With the blood-chilling act progressing
my friends watching the video
unable to withstand the cruel deed
with their eyes full to the brim
followed me to my room.

*Dedicated to James Foley

Friday, August 22, 2014


We are a group of thorny plants
bearing a variety of flowers.
We, the flowers and thorns
are the legacy left behind
by our predecessors,
since times beyond remembrance.
Upon watching the thorny
plants with variety of blooms
I often ponder over the
lives of us, the human kind.
‘Life, is not a bed of roses’ – it is often said.
Still I wonder, in course of time
‘whether a day would arrive,
with thornless plants
appear on earth with
different flowers like ornaments
providing a variety entertainment
but it is a foregone conclusion that
we,the mankind will have to
tread the path spread by
the agony and delight
viz thorns and flowers
till the very end of the world

if at all such an end is inevitable…….   

Thursday, August 21, 2014


It was neither any
onion nor a guava.
But the size and shape
were those of an
onion or guava
I was seeing such a fruit
the first time in my life.
Like that of an onion
it too was multi-layered.
Curiosity prompted me
to remove the layers one by one.
I did have a feeling that
with the removal of layers
unto the very end
there must be
an edible fruit, a sweet and juicy.
A mouth watering feeling overcame me
thanks to my salivary gland
and to my shock and embarrassment  
but for the layers
there was nothing,
nothing, nothing………
A sense of vacuum like a vast desert
melting under the sun showering fire
drained away me spirits
since all my expectations

went awry.    

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If I am correct, it was late Aldous Huxley, renowned writer and thinker, who in one of his essays had pointed out the fact that internal conflicts in a country on getting aggravated, under some pretext or another invents an issue or two to declare war on the neighbouring country, inorder to distract the attention of its civilians by injecting patriotic feelings into the blood-stream of all the conflicts-ridden country's citizens resultantly the civilian groups are poised to gather under one umbrella to take up cudgels against the victimized nation thereby forgetting the reasons for its internal conflicts.

Narendra Modi, before assuming the Prime Ministership of the nation took an unprecedented step of inviting the leaders of SAARC nations to take part on the august occasion of his swearing in ceremony which surprised and alarmed many a citizen of India. Former diplomats, intellectuals, international observers and citizens across the spectrum while welcoming and appreciating his historic stand but with a rider that the neighbouring nation of Pakistan with which India keeps a love and hate relationship upon partition of United India from which Pakistan was born in 1948.
The world witnessed four wars between the two nations, the bone of contention being the Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan still sticks to the position that Jammu and Kashmir belongs to it and continues to assert that unless and until J&K becomes its property it is determined to fight for J&K to the hilt.
Though it couldn’t win any of the four wars it has not backtracked from its stand on the ‘core issue’ of Pakistan.
After four defeats at a stretch, Pakistan came to the conclusion that taking straight on India is an ardous and herculean task, it started encouraging militants to infiltrate into the disputed territory of J&K from across the border and by providing the hard-core militants financial assistance and also arming them with sophisticated weapons. By the army providing them support under cover of darkness the militants belonging to Lashkar-E-Taiba, Hisbul Mujahideen, Jaish-E-Mohammed, Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan and a number of fringe groups infiltrated to J&K and which played havoc killing hundreds of civilians and destroying properties worth huge amounts.
In Pakistan, at present a democratic government under Nawaz Sherif whose party Pakistan Muslim League is in the saddle. Before Sherif, another government led by Asif Ali Sardari belonging to Pakistan People’s Party was holding the reins. But for namesake.
Frankly speaking, the so-called democratic govts were and are being run by the army and the militant outfits, Pakistan Peoples’ Party then and Pakistan Muslim League now, are under the remote control of the army and Inter Service Intelligence.
Upon the invitation of Mr.Narendra Modi to attend his swearing in ceremony Nawaz Sherif had reported to have reached a consensus by meeting the army head General Raheel Shariff and ISI (Inter Service Intelligences) head Lieutenant General Zaheerul Islam to clear their misconceptions and misunderstandings.
After the swearing in ceremony, Mr.Modi and Mr.Sherif discussed various issues relating to bilateral relations. The bonhomie between the two was but short-lived. They had reached an understanding that the foreign secretaries of both nations would be meeting at Islamabad shortly and after discussions and deliberations the meeting was scheduled to be held on August 25.
In the meanwhile, Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit and separatist leaders of J&K – Sayed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Omar Farooq to the annoyance of the govt of India decided to meet and discuss the issues pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir, which prompted the govt of India to cancel the meeting between Foreign Secretary level talks at Islamabad on August 25 forthwith.
Adding fuel to the fire since the last ten to eleven days Pak soldiers fired at Indian soldiers without provocation and the firing continues with India retaliating in the same coin.
In Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf led by former cricketer Imran Khan and a so-called priest Musheerul Khadri’s organization are holding a march to Islamabad demanding the resignation of Nawaz Sherif alleging that the elections held in 2013 in which Nawaz Sherif won a landslide victory was allegedly rigged.

That must be the cardinal reason behind the deliberate provocation of Pakistani soldiers to continue engaging in intermittent firing from across the border. Perhaps the govt of Pakistan may willy-nilly aiming another war against India fearing a military coup in order to divert the attention of the citizens owing allegiance to Imran Khan and Musheerul Khadri and join forces with Nawaz Sherif’s govt. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Words to me are
invaluable, priceless jewels.
Upon leafing through the books
I often have to
keep a dictionary beside me
which as far as I am concerned
is a basement of priceless jewels.
But for a few
each word carries
different meanings.
All words which according to me
continue to be jewels
and hence such words as
nasty, dirty, grimy, nausea etal.
Are jewels to me
precious jewels like life
which is a bundle of
exquisite, magnificent, ludicrous, grime and dirt .
Life is like a dictionary with
a collection of different words
with different facets

in other words multifaceted….

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Heart pounding
adrenalin flowing
She was waiting
with bated breath
for the arrival of Her kids
from the nook and cranny of Kerala
since the last one month.
Barring a few
who are on assignments abroad
Her kids arrived
before the clock struck 4PM.
Parking their cars and bikes
horizontally and vertically
on the sprawling ground
all alighted one by one
everyone glancing around to have
a first-hand experience
of the changes She underwent
with the flow of times
after a prolonged gap.
Marveled and elated
at the developments undergone by Her
with exclamation and joy
reflecting on their faces
each of them moved
ahead to the verandah
corridors and empty class rooms
the verdant hill behind  
heaving deep sighs
recalling their yester years
at their beloved institution
recalling the principal and professors
recalling the love and affection
the faculty showered on them
they recalled with tear-smeared faces.
Barring a few of their faculty
who are no more
their pain and agony knew no bounds.
With the time ticking fast
all were in a hurry to renew their
friendship and like kids playing pranks
they recollected the
pranks each played on the other.
Seeking their present status
addresses and contact numbers
enthusiastically and with delight
they obtained from each other.
Former love-birds
the ones who turned life-partners
the ones who were
forced to get separated
for no fault of theirs
and about those
who are serving abroad
and saving hard-earned money
for the good of their loved ones at homes
far away in Kerala
all matters came in the course of their remembrances.
With the clock ticking 5PM
all moved to the meeting hall
their first gathering after a long span of twenty five years
at their beloved Alma-Mater
and got seated filling the hall.
With the organizers seated on the stage
it seemed the photograph
of Tagore with his
flowing beard, deep and
hypnotic eyes
was conversing silently
with each of them.
After the customary prayer
the speaker after speaker spoke
like fast-flowing rivers
the reminiscences
of the previous years flowed.
Humour, sorrow, agony,
pain and rejoice
all combined together
getting everyone in
the gathering drowned in the deep sea of
mixed feelings.
Everybody was seen comforting the other
when the speakers on
the dais recollected
the agonizing events of the past.
With speeches, songs,
dances performed by the kids of
a few of the gathering, mimicry
and monoact progressing
one after the other
everyone was oblivious
of time machine fast running…

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Butterflies keep on
merry-making inside my stomach.
From the very day
memories took birth
in the basements of my mind,
butterflies started merry-making
inside my stomach
upsetting my peace and tranquility.
As long as butterflies continue their hobbies
peace and tranquility would continue to be
mirage to me.
But with the passage of time
butterflies would turn out to be

my friends banishing their enmity. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014


We, the world citizens are in a state of despair, fear and anxiety with more countries drifting towards wars and the castle of dreams of a peaceful world comes crashing down.
The so-called ‘jasmine revolution’ the seeds of which was sown across African nations, right from Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen are getting embroiled in civil wars against the dictators in whose hands the rein of power lay for a long time were challenged by the citizens of the latter countries - though much blood did spill along the streets of respective nations didn’t cow down, displayed their grit and determination and finally ensured ouster of those ruthless dictators.
Unfortunately, the euphoria which spread far and wide across those nations died down after a short spell. To their despair and disillusionment the democratic rule which they aspired for didn’t last long since the ones who succeeded the ousted leaders had no compunction to turn authoritarian within a short span and resultantly the citizens had to come out of their homes to the streets in thousands and gather under one umbrella, raising slogans against the former ones but the shining star of democracy remained beyond their reach.
Take for example, the situation prevailing in Egypt. After Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power who ruled with an iron fist for more than three decades and the Egyptian Brotherhood was elevated to the throne which had joined hands with the civilians who had fought against Mubarak. Mohd. Morsi of Egyptian Brotherhood stepped into the shoes of the former who promised early elections. But the wily leader of Egyptian Brotherhood who became the President but the dream of early elections didn’t materialize to the disappointment of civilians. The angry citizens once again appeared on the streets protested and demanded the resignation of Mr.Morsi, who declined to concede their demand. After repeated protests by the citizens the army took the plunge to oust Morsi and successfully threw out Mr.Morsi from power and was kept under detention. The army leader – Gen Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took over the reins of power promising to hold elections within a short period. After installing an interim govt he appointed himself as the Defence minister who promised early elections in Egypt. Whether General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi would keep his promise to the citizens is a million dollar question.
In Libya, a civil war is going on among various ethnic groups claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people including foreigners. A democratic government in Libya has turned out to be a pipe- dream.
Imbibing inspiration from a few African nations, Syrians too jumped to the fray and demanded the abdication of power by Dr.Bashar-Al-Asad in 2011 and an adamant, stubborn and stupid Azad has refused to budge and at present Syria has evolved into a burning cauldron. Syrians drawing inspiration from the sweet smell of ‘Jasmine Revolution’ has fallen into the hands of a dictator who is very much there and now terror outfits like Al-Queida, Al-Nusra, ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syira) have turned Syria into river of blood.
These are the mind-boggling, blood-chilling stories of certain African nations.
Now that United States has once again ventured to intervene in Iraq and has already begun bombarding the terror infested areas. US President Barack Obama has made it clear that US is poised to continue its mission in Iraq until the last terrorist is wiped out.
It was a conclusion foretold that US which was watching the phenomenal growth and influence of the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syira) under the leadership of Abubaker-Al-Baghdadi, a hard-core terrorist whose irresistible charm attracted a number militants to his fold  and went on a killing spree of Yazidis, Iraqi and Kurdish citizens unnerved United States which could in future pose a threat to US in future like the Al-Queida under Osama Bin Laden which created ripples the world over and in the history of US it was the first terrorist attack and they got panicky and angry. The Al-Queida elements struck terror in the minds of US citizens by reducing the World Trade Centre to a pile of rubble. A cautious US apprehended trouble from the part of ISIS since similar threats could affect US in future under the control of Al-Baghdadi who proclaimed himself the Caliph of Islamic State (ISIS).
United States, as a pre-emptive strike have unleashed its attack by bombarding IS controlled areas not only to rescue the Iraqi citizens but for its own sake. That was the reason behind Barack Obama’s determination that US would not withdraw from Iraq until the IS Islamic State is exterminated once and for all.
Iraq’s President Nouri-Al-Maliki has been removed from his post behind which is the hands of US and Iran and has chosen Hyderali Abadi, one of the Shia leaders replacing Nouri Al Maliki. Nouri Al Maliki has so far declined to step down but ultimately he will have to oblige the dictates of US authorities.
All said and done the situation in Iraq too is in a state of volatility.
In comes Ukraine a part of the former Soviet Union. Now that Soviet empire is a thing of past with Ukraine becoming a separate nation which too is mired in a crisis. The Pro-Russian citizens forming a big chunk of Ukraine which too has turned out to be a pain in the neck of Ukraine authorities. Crimea, formerly a part of Ukraine where Pro-Russians constituted a majority wanted to merge with Russia defying the Ukraine authorities held a referendum and to the delight of Russia, the Pro-Russian citizens secured a majority and became a part of Russia to the consternation of the then govt of Ukraine and the western nations. But Russian President Vladimir Putin stood firm and the threats of Western nations, US, Germany, France, Britain et al slapping sanctions didn’t have any effect.
After the successful annexation of Crimea the Pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine forming a major part of the latter especially those in the North and Eastern regions wanted to be an integral part of Russia.
In the meanwhile the former government of Ukraine which was formed on a temporary basis resigned and a new dispensation under the leadership of a strong man, the chocolate baron Petro Porshenko was sworn in who took a pledge not to allow another part of Ukraine going to be a part of Russia.
But the Pro-Russians of the North-Eastern parts of Ukraine vowed to merge with Russia.
Petro Porshenko who ordered his army to go on the offensive and launch ruthless attacks against the Pro-Russians owing allegiance to Russia especially the rebels of Donetsk and US and European nations offered massive support to the new leader. Those nations unanimously declared sanctions (in the words of former US State Secretary Hilary Clinton ‘crippling sanctions’) and had already been removed Russia from the G8 group of nations.
Of late, after discussions with the US and European nations Vladimir Putin has given assurance to them that his forces won’t enter Ukraine but on the condition that the Pro-Russians on the other side of the border are allowed to live peacefully. Anyhow the situation reminds one of a ‘Timber Box’. 
Almost one month has gone since the Israeli-Palestine conflict erupted. Israel without any compunction has already killed more than 2000 citizens of the Gaza strip under Hamas except for the intermittent ceasefires the situation remains volatile. Decades old rivalry – to be exact six decades continue to fester and still there is no sign of a permanent solution in sight. With both refusing to recognize each other intense clashes and wars are still on the cards.           


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I haven’t kept any
record of the number of days
you gifted me the red roses.
‘My heart’ – you told me the first
time you gifted me the red rose
sorry ‘your heart’.
I haven’t kept any
record of the number of days
we kept our lips locked
enjoying honeyed moments.
I haven’t kept any
record of the number of stories I had told you
and depending upon the various moods and themes
the stories conveyed
I could read the moods
reflected on your face
smiles, laughs, love, agony and sorrow
while you were listening
in rapt attention and with deep interest.
I haven’t kept any record
of the number of times we melt into one.
I haven’t kept any record 
of the number of times
the dusk of gloom conquered you
the reason for which you refused
to reveal with teary eyes.
Now that you are beyond my reach
I am very well aware of the
reason behind the shadow of darkness
falling over your face.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Ever since Fatah movement led by Mahmood Abbas and Hamas led by Khalid Mishael joined hands and decided to fight for a common cause, ie the establishment of a strong Palestine state, the existential angst of Israel which was formed in 1948 grew more and more worse. It was Israel which celebrated when the West Bank and Hamas turned bitter enemies in the year 2007.
The ire of Hamas leaders naturally went against Mahmood Abbas when he decided to befriend Israel. The enmity lasted for several years which ended recently with both factions deciding to bury the differences and cement a strong relationship between both.
With them reaching a rapport Israel sensed danger and was looking for a pretext to enter into a war thereby crippling the hard-core Hamas elements and they got it in handy when three Israeli teenagers were alleged to have been kidnapped and were found murdered.
Israel which always believe in the dictum ‘eye for an eye’ pledged to go on a confrontation with Hamas since it was very much certain that the culprits were Hamas elements. The alleged kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers occurred when they after attending their bible classes at Jerusalem returned to their residences at West Bank settlement. Though Hamas played innocence and denied any role in the kidnapping and killing of the Israeli teenagers the latter was ‘cent percent sure’ that the wicked murders were committed by Hamas people.
Soon after the ruthless act a teenager belonging to Hamas went missing and Hamas authorities went on a war footing to trace the boy and later found the charred remains of the teenager. From there began the build-up of a showdown between the two enemy countries. It is worth recalling that Israel has not yet ventured to recognize Palestine as a sovereign country albeit a number of nations have already recognised Palestine.
It was Hamas which went on launching rocket attacks which angered the already belligerent Israel. Within no time Israel started aerial bombings killing innocent Palestine civilians. Compared to Hamas Israel’s defence preparedness is lethal with sophisticated weapons and it even posses nuclear weapons.
Before venturing to direct rocket attacks which were intercepted by Israeli missiles thereby neutralizing the rockets minimizing the death toll of its citizens should have recalled that Hamas’s ability to take on Israel was nowhere near Israel.
Each day Israel went on bombarding Gaza strip killing hundreds of civilians and destroying properties worth huge amounts. Thousands of civilians have already fled and sought refuge in the make-shift tents built up by United Nations. Israelis had no qualms to even pummel those areas too and kill the refugees who have lost all their belongings. Ceasefire and ceasefire violations have become the order of the day. Still peace talks continue at Egypt by renowned ambassadors of peace who are genuine aspirants for a durable peace. 
Now that more than 2000 Hamas civilians including children have been ruthlessly killed, a long lasting solution seems to be elusive.
Israel, a nation formed in 1948 which was carved out a substantial portion of Palestine from the very outset of its establishment knows no peace. The paranoia lingers on with Arab nations surrounding it launched several attacks against it and one is compelled to recall the historic 1967 war. It is true many former Arab countries have ended their enmity and established diplomatic relations with it.
Still Hisbollah like elements, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria are waiting in the wings to rise against it.

US from the very beginning have extended a helping hand which is often called the God father of Israel and financial assistance worth billions of dollars is willing to provide assistance to Israel in cash and kind and ready to reach to its succour. With United States providing liberal assistance, Israel has built up a strong nation. Yet the paranoia still lingers on….                   

Monday, August 11, 2014


The previous day
it was the same.
Today it is no different
Tomorrow it seems to
prolong unabated.
and fear
likely to persist
with no end in sight.
Both neighbours
crossing swords with another since years
spilling blood on both sides
from across the borders
claiming lakhs and lakhs of lives
mostly innocents
except for a minority of troops
the drama goes on
with no hint of
the curtain is about to fall down.
Though the Dove of Peace
with olive branch
between its peaks
bringing hopes of a new dawn
it’s forced to withdraw
with injured mind and soul
wounds, despair and disillusionment reflecting on it’s face.
Will there be an incarnation of a Messiah
who could find and cure - eternal cure -
for decades old festering sores
none can nurture hopes
and dreams of never fading flowers
never wilting flowers
at a time the heartless world is drifting
towards wars between different nations. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


He came alone.
The very day on which
he made his presence felt on Earth
by screaming aloud.
Besides his claimants, his
close relatives and neighbours
eagerly, enthusiastically and with boundless joy
rushed to the home
to have a close look  at the new born baby
and share rejoice with his parents.
After his arrival on earth
his relatives, neighbours and well-wishers
brought with them colourful
babasuits and expensive gifts
and handed them over to his parents.
In his early days at home
sucking his mother’s breasts
and sleeping were his main hobbies.
To draw his mother’s attention
his technique always was screaming aloud.
Like the proverb
‘charity begins at home’ 
he started learning lessons from
his parents and others at home.
They introduced themselves to him
Dad, Mom, uncles, aunties and siblings one by one.
Though it seemed his learning process
was harsh and hard initially
with days progressing
months progressing and years progressing
he learnt to pronounce
each one with clarity and style.
Besides calling his near and dear
he was taken to kindergarten to learn more
and the teachers there taught
him and his colleagues more and more lessons
with more and more love, enthusiasm and encouragement.
Then came LKG, UKG, primary school,
upper primary school, secondary, higher secondary and so on.
With time ticking by
he grew from a baby
to childhood, teenage, youth, middle age
and in between he got a  job and got
married followed by becoming
the Dad of his children.
After middle age
one day he would grow old
would spend his retired life happily
with his wife and grand children
and one day, he too
would go alone

to his heavenly abode…

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Like a diseased person
since a long time 
with none to take care of
his/her immediate needs 
he/she is literally unable to wake up
urinates and defecates
on the dilapidated crater-filled floor of a hut
with none to look after his/her needs.
Holy river Ganges like the dying patient
is a diseased river since decades
with chemical factories on both sides of the river
‘defecating’ effluents sending a nasty odour
forcing us to throw up   
under the very nose of those
who are entrusted with looking
after Holy river and taking care of her
and moving towards the verge of extinction
with foul smell spreading a vast area.
Despite its plight and predicament
pilgrims and worshippers rush to the Holy river
and with rock-solid faith
in her supernatural powers to heal and wash away their sins
take dip in her
and attain salvation. 

Friday, August 8, 2014


Held upon the tracks of life
I am impatiently waiting for the red signal to turn green
to forge ahead.
Like an athlete jumping hurdles
to reach his/her finishing point
I am forbidden to jump
the hurdles which reminds
me and warns me of dire consequences.
Sometimes only for seconds or minutes,
sometimes for hours together,
I am condemned to
wait for the red to turn green.
I’ve lost count of the red signals
so far in my life and how many left ahead
for them to turn green
to reach my destination, no idea.
The inordinate delay
for me to pursue my
onward journey often gets on my nerves,
since the delay begets
impatience and boredom.
I can’t recall any smooth journey
in my life without red signals
which always play obstruction tactics.
Red and green intermittently do have
prominent roles to play

in this drama called my life. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Like walking down the
corridors of life
like walking down the
corridors of your alma mater
after a lapse of several years
like walking down the
corridors of a fortress like bungalow
we are being  overwhelmed
by bitter and sweet memories
the colours of which cannot be wiped out
even if you go to any great lengths
since they are deep and engraved  
on the soft walls of your mind
or indelibly imprinted.
That much memorable they are
or try to fathom the depths of your mind
you can bring to the fore
those which lay dormant since a long period.
Even if you like it or not
we people dive deeper into the depths
of the sea of memory.
in the  recesses of your mind
countless of fresh memories are
arranged which can easily be remembered

unlike those of the distant past.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


You must be feeling that
like a peripatetic
I am travelling
from one country to another, everyday
or like a person snaking
along from one TV channel
to another one 24X7
like a monkey jumping
from one branch of a tree
to another branch.
I am always on the
move from one place to another
or that I am inconsistent always.
Believe me I am always consistent
and continue to be consistent
but you, yes you
who are always on the move
and continue to move around me.
A never ending process
which prompts you to believe that I am
like a peripatetic
or like a monkey
or a TV browser.
To the accompaniment of
Universal Rhythm
you keep on moving
from one place to another.
Illusion, delusion, hallucination,

so to put it precisely.  

Monday, August 4, 2014


Like a child
indulging in merry making with his toy car
his prized gift which his father presented to him
on his birthday.
Like an iron-fisted ruler
dominating his subjects
with the sledge hammer
of arrogance and hubris
thereby terrorizing them
with a mistaken notion that he is
the Super power
who reigns supreme
seems like, we the world citizens
have something to experience delight
and boast about.
And a lot more to shed tears.
While the child’s happiness
reflects his innocence
that of the iron-fisted ruler
pushes us to undergo
a long chain of nightmares over the
wicked deals of the dictator.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Holding her lifeless baby
close to her bosom
she was weeping uncontrollably.
My dear,
I did have a dream for you
I did have countless dreams
exclusively for you from the very day of your birth.
I built multi-storeyed skyhigh dreams
which I nurtured and nourished
for you, my gem.
Never, ever I did have any
premonition that eagles
the friends of death
the perpetrators of death
would fly around us to pick your life away,
still, I like a hen
keeping her chicks under her wings
upon espying a red signal from near or afar
you were always under my care.
my honey,
the determined, mindless,
heartless, soulless
eagles would fly around us
and forcibly squeeze away
the life of my beloved one, my pretty love
my one and only pretty love, overpowering me.
It would have been
better if those forces of evils
had snatched away my life too…..

I would have offered no resistance…..

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Driving down the street
along with her husband she knows
He is very much in the town.
While the car is speeding along
her eyes get wider and glistening
and wander along the streets to have a
glimpse of Him.
Always she fails to spot Him.
While they were lovers in a faraway city
discussing future plans,
He used to tell : ‘ In case you become
the property of another person in future
there ends our relationship.
However you will continue to
shine like a gem in my soul throughout this life’.
She knew the chance of Him becoming
her life-partner was a distant possibility
since both of them were children of different communities.
It would be an ardous
task to break the barrier separating them.
He could measure the depth of her heart and dilemma.
With the car speeding along the streets 
with her eyes getting wider and glimmering
while they wander down the streets around one day
with blanket of dusk clearing the way for the approach of night
the street lights open their
eyes and banish the darkness.
Her husband was saying with a smile
‘I shall bring Him in front of you one day
Don’t worry’
with her husband patting her back
she remained stunned.
How come he came to

know of her love-life?- her eyes turning moist. 

Friday, August 1, 2014


Loneliness can be a penetrating pain
for us sometimes.
But it could be a blessing in disguise occasionally
especially for those engage
in writing, reading or meditation.
No wonder
in this city of sound and fury
loneliness is a priceless commodity for all of us.
loneliness breeds boredom but
helps and inspires the citizens to come out of their
shells and melt in the faceless crowds
or mingling with friends or colleagues
thereby keeping away from boredom.
With the approach of night 
and with the citizens going for sleep
until the next dawn awakes them
the citizens lay stuck to their pillows
they could enjoy and listen to the
music of local trains
moving ahead through the suburbs with
rhythmic music
kind of music ie. the kissing of
the wheels over the rails

otherwise the music of iron.