Thursday, June 30, 2011


It was due to my
ignorance son
sheer ignorance on my part.
The amount of hatred
you keep towards me deep down
in your heart.
The intensity of anger
you keep in the inner chambers of your heart
towards me though not
you display in front of me
the intensity of fear
still hidden behind the
veil of respect
you keep
all I iknow my son
all because of my ignorance.
My son I loved you,
I cared you
you are God Almighty's
first boon to me
hence I loved you more
still love you more
but while I cared you my
love remained a concealed
Even your Mother knows not
about that concealed wire
of love connecting you
true, even when you were
a child,
and in your teens
even after your teens
the dictator in your father
dealt with you brutally
beat you up mercilessly
even dealt blows on you
like some law-enforcers
giving vent to their anger
on criminals
I wanted discipline
absolute discipline
nothing short of that
and inorder to keep you from
jumping indiscipline
I built four walls of discipline
around you
all out of love my son
for your bright future
but when I came to know
it was my mistaken notion
and that it is too late
I was heart-broken
love was not for concealment
but for showering profusely
only by
loving like a gurgling stream that
I could shape your
future life
into a bright dawn
to a bright 'son rise'.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


At the end of each month
papa brings home a packet
with a tired smile which brings
pain to us.
Papa always sports
a pleasant smile, his invited smile
we all know
as there is nothing left
to him to have a hearty
He would hand over the
packet to Mamma
who heaves a sigh,
a deep sigh with a pensive
smile at each of us.
Papa slugs it out each
day for the hard-earned
packet to be handed over
to him as remuneration
at the end of the month,
the peanuts left for
him to look after
all domestic
our studies including
often we overhear him
complaining to Mamma as
days move on with
standard of living flying
up and up the tedious
task of making both ends
and about the mounting


Sometimes happy sometimes sad,
sometimes uneasy, sometimes turbulent
like a sea,
Each day different to
each one,
today, tomorrow, yesterday
day before yesterday
each has its own particularities
to each person,
Each witnesses and experiences
different faces, different
events, different encounters,
old ones, new ones.
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
sometimes uneasy, sometimes
turbulent like a sea,
Each day different to
each one
like mood swings.
Barring self-control
eternal happiness beyond
one's reach
beyond everyone's reach.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Like two rivers course thru
different routes
each of them travelled in
different directions,
an invisible bond always
enjoined them.
Different opinions
different perceptions
different view-points
different philosophies.
Both lived under
one roof
without getting married
marriage to them
was a bourgoise institution
no one interefered in other’s
freedom to them was the
sum total of one’s existence
something sacred.
Whenever they came under
one roof
they engaged in discussions
philosophical clashes
intellectual discussions
heated arguments
disputes keeping nothing
personal ,
strenuous efforts at arriving
at a common platform
undercurrent of all
differences being love
and freedom.
Whenever sex mattered to
they made love
but sex always remained
Intellectual pursuits
always gaining upperhand.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Day one was the day of
formal and informal introduction
in a jovial atmosphere
a merry go round around
the campus enjoying the
scenic beauty.
Day two brought about
a closeness among the lot
walked the talk to the
college in twos, threes, and
in droves, singles
only exceptional cases.
Day three, classes formally
began with each faculty asking
the batch
‘each introduce oneself
standing up’
self-introduction over
faculty got serious
but not the students
faculty got
asked the batch
to behave in high decibels
nothing more, nothing less.
Day four, saw each faculty
in a serious mood with
business as usual
as soon as the classes began
each reminded the batch
either sit quiet and
listen to the teachings
or to go out
clearing way for others to
listen to the classes
disinterested ones go
some to the canteen
some to the shades of
some merely walking the talk
without any purpose
mere walk the talk
here and there.
Day five, bring each gang
too closer
even not entering the class
go to the nearby cinema
or to the bar nearby
getting drunk, some smoking
ganja and enter the
psychedelic world.
Day six, hands on a
platter American bombing in
Afghanistan killing hundreds,
the news ‘boil the blood
of the anti-imperialist
and call for
a one day strike
shouting slogans order
the Principal to
close down the college for
for the day in protest
a visibly taken aback
principal immediately
gives into the demands
asking himself
what the hell is US
bombing in Afghanistan
to do with classes
going on in a faraway country like this.
Each day , each problem
intentional ones,
invented ones,
invited ones,
campus life has its charm and
thrill but the dangers lurking behind.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Once in a year Swami
came home clad in
saffron robes.
He was dark and bald
his forehead, chest and
hands pasted with holy
Swami never came to
home in broad-daylight
he waited for the veil
of darkness to descend
over the village
the reason still I'm not
aware of.
His visit to home was celebration
time for everybody at home
espceially grandma.
He never entered the rooms
he had a fixed resting
place on the verandah
and was comfortable there.
In the presence of
Grandma beside him he
was all delight, he never
sat while she was around,
Grandma had many things
to talk to him alway in
whispering tones.
My mother, aunties and uncles too
came to him, he had many
things to tell them always
in whispering tones
I was in my knickers those
days, a child with curiosity
Swami was very fond of me
he always called me to sit
by his side and gave me
sweets a dime a dozen,
and doled out sweet advices.
In the wee hours of morning
he melted into
the thick of darkness
without bidding a good bye
to me.
My Grandma, mother, aunties and uncles
knew when he went, where
he went, which they kept
a top secret I didn't know
why, still I know not.
Whether he would visit home
the next year, that also
remained a puzzle to me.


He always speaks for his
He always writes for his master,
He walks on four legs
wagging his tail whenever
the master is around.
He is always praises for
his master .
He is his master's voice.
His life-ambition
always is the well-being
of his master.
He barks and bites those
who speak bitterly
against his master.
He exists for his master
even if he is being kicked
around by the master
wagging tail
or tucking tail in between legs

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


She was my love
she was my one and only
Our red rose of love
spread fragrance around
us like a halo.
Inseparable we were
conjoined twins we were.
We wanted to be together
in life and death.
On coming to know of
our affair, our elders came
into the picture, enraged they were
we overheard them discussing
a forcible separation.
We wanted to escape
from the heartless world
to some unknown place.
A rock-like decision it was
one day while the world
went to sleep she eloped
with me to an unknown
and started a life of our
We knew they were after us.
Uncertainty had its charm
it had its thrill
it had its beauty
it was a walk along the
razor's edge.
We obstinately stuck to
each other and went on
with our life,
but it was short-lived.
In this world of overbearing authority
it is they who always call the shots.
They were the winners at
they spotted us in the end
took each of us away forcibly
and performed a surgical
which led each of us bleeding.
Still we bleed
we couldn't meet each other
since then.
We couldn't hear about each
other since then.
True, they could separate
us physically
our souls but not bleeds
our souls still united
no surgical separation is
possible for separating our
A reunion is certain
at least in next life.


Aung San Suu Kyi, opposition leader of Myanmar celebrated her 66th birthday two days before which was a low key affair. While North Africa and West Asia find themselves in struggle for democracy Aung San Suu Kyi the democratic icon of Myanmar finds herself in a piquant situation with virtually no nation acting as catalysts for revolting against a cruel, arrogant army supported civilian regime under the leadership of Thein Sein, the successor of Than Shwe, the power behind the throne who ruled Myanmar for decades. Even UN remains a mute spectator to the goings on in that country. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon should have interfered earlier even now it is not too late to prevail upon Thein Sein regime to pave way for a democratic regime at the earliest. The earlier the better.

It is reported that Thein Sein is more wicked than his predecessor Than Shwe and by unleashing repressive measures and killing, maiming and incarcerating thousands - typical of a malevolent dictator - he finds himself entrenched in the saddle.

In her 66 years of earthly existence, Aung San Suu Kyi could celebrate her birthday only 15 times outside the prison. Rest period she languished in jail often undergoing solitary confinement and house arrest.

In the 1990 election National League for Democracy led by this hallowed lady won a landslide majority but the army refused to step down and closed the doors for the fresh air of democracy to rush in. Furthermore in the ensuing protest the army then under Gen Than Shwe unleashed a reign of terror and killed and injured hundreds, many disappeared from the scene without a trace and put Aung San Suu Kyi in prison. It was a virtual suppression of a protest movement and it is shocking that even today many people thirsting for democracy are severely dealt with, killed, wounded, maimed and imprisoned. Going by the trend the Iron Lady could be put under arrest any moment any time. Her steely resolve and courage remains intact - still in a fighting mood, something heartening to the citizens across the world.

It is deplorable that eyeing the abundant mineral wealth of Myanmar its neighbouring countries like India and China keep cordial relations with the rulers of that country. Not even a finger is being raised against the despotic rule by these countries, even by so-called largest democratic country like India. As far as China is concerned even the rulers of that country know not whether democracy or dictatorship prevails there. To put it simply, self-interest has the top priority and to achieve one's goals extending an olive branch to a ruthless nation and its rulers India and China keep no qualms at all. The seasoned diplomats who cry hoarse against dictatorship keep silence citing the common refrain - 'It is that country's internal matter. We have nothing to do with that'.

Internal or external, integral humanism should have the upper hand, which none cares.


The wild horse of time
runs fast especially when he wants to
sleep more,
he feels sometimes.
He feels time moving at a snail's
at other times especially when
awaiting the approach of his beloved.
The vehicle of time must
have a stop particularly
when spending
his sweet moments with her,
he feels sometimes.
Time stands still like
a statue at times particularly
when he listens or sees
some unhappy events
or news.
Time always remains a mirage
to him, a mirage to every
Fools we, keep watches
time-pieces and clocks to
scale the progress
of time and walk
sit and sleep in
Time need not
a definition as no
definition is suffice to
define it.
By the by, what is the time now?

Monday, June 20, 2011


Red carpet rolled out
to the visiting dignitary
from the enemy country,
hands shaken lasting two
Hugged him warmly
displayed the gritty charm
garlanded him and a bouquet
presented to him
led him to the car awaiting
outside the airport
car sped down the well-tarred
serpentine route
straight to South Block
a 'please be seated' gesture by
the host dignified host
out came both with
beaming smiles and shaking hands
for a photo-op to
the waiting journalists
with video cameras
back to the refurbished
reception hall once again
all a formality sir,
nothing but a formality
a gritty charm behind
the facade of smiles
and camarderie
that same old enemity
behind the purdah of


This world is a vast sprawling
compound, doctor
unlimited is my freedom now
like a free bird.
Thanks a lot Doctor, for having
restored my sanity
my mind was a speeding wheel
Like a child devouring
a sweet fruit let me
devour the fruit of freedom henceforth
with that innocence of
the child.
Least bothered me, doctor
about the so-called relatives and
friends for not paying a
visit to me during my treatment
and after
for having ditched by them
as long as a vast sprawling
compound is this world
with many a generous and
caring man spread here
and there.
Neither am I a murderer,
thug, absconder nor
a cheat,
I needn't fear anyone
where-ever I am
in this vast sprawling
nor worry about that
social stigma stamped
on me.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The river was crystal clear
Its transparency was such
even the basement could
be visible to everyone.
Depending upon the force
of the flow, the pebbles rolled along
fish and water snakes
coming to the surface and
diving deep once in a while
even the people living on the
shores of the river
besides taking bath
fetched vessels full of
water to their houses
for drinking purposes.
Those were golden days
across the nation
a transparency revolution
prevailed thanks to
the good governance
displayed by the govt of
the day.
This transparency was ephemeral
selfishness and greediness
clouded their vision
scams and scandals
tarnished the image of
the govt.
In the meanwhile
the river once transparent
got contaminated and
polluted by the chemical factories
meandering along the shores.
This muddying of the waters
affected the people
living on the shores.
Like the govt, the river.
The trasnparency lost

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Unlocked the door
thrown open the windows and doors
switched on the lights and fans
broomed and cleaned the rooms
and verandahs
removed the shibboleths of
spread across the ceilings
and walls
removed the bed-sheet and
spread a new one
gone to hiding the
spiders and lizards
still open the doors and windows
ambience pervaded by an
'old-era' smell of memories
the smell of memories
failed to be driven away
by the speeding fans, windows and doors
sly glances cast thru
the doors and windows by
the moon and stars
rushed inside the cool winds
shadows played in the winds
I will keep the windows
and doors opened throughout
the night
lie over the bed
dreaming of my yester years
here the sense of secuirty
casts its net unlike in the city
which denies it totally
at last I am back at my
ancestral home
where I spend my childhood
and adolescent days
listening to the sounds of rustling
leaves and crickets chirping
let me sleep peacefully
enjoying that 'gone-era'
smell of memories until
I go back to the city.


The unknown spiritual environmnetalist
distressed over the prolonged
contamination of the holy river
known for its spiritual legacy
went on a fast unto death
one day.
Neither the govt of the day
nor the politicians
the public at large
cared not the declining
health of the fasting
spiritualist as days passed by
resulting in danger to his life.
The public wrath turned against
the govt when it was too
however it was forced to
get him hospitalised
where he fought a futile
battle for life
and breathed his last.
A govt on the defensive
immeidately ordered a probe into
the death of the unknown
whose name by that tiime
turned out to be bywords
of sacrifice and martyrdom.
Having ordered a probe in
to his death
let's await the ressurection
of the spiritualist
at the earliest.
Mind you,
anything too grave could
be solved by probes and
probes only.
Even the polluted river known
for its spiritual legacy
could be solved by instituting
a probe.
Probes are solutions these
Anywhere, everywhere


Globalised financial approach and weakening of socialism have led to the emergence of identity politics according to Prakash Karat, Communist Party of India (Marxist) General Secretary. He was speaking at a national seminar on 'Re-reading Marxism' in Thrissur, the other day pointing out that politcial movement adopts an all encompassing approach, according to Mr.Karat. Non-governmental organisations and voluntary organisations with financial assistance from abroad cater to the needs of identity politics which touches upon certain divisions of society and leaves many things untouched, according to his observation.

He attributes emergence of modernism which nurtures identity politics thus weakening political movements. What he tries to drive home is political movements cannot be replaced by identity politics.
It is obvious that what was weighing in his mind was the recent agitation launched by civil-society members against corruption by distancing themselves from political parties.

In the same day's paper ('THE HINDU' dated 17-6-2011) the noted journalist and Rural Affairs Editor of the daily P.Sainath vehemently attacks the movement of civil-society members. He points out that in the previous assembly elections to five States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Assam and Puducherry a high polling percentage was reported and these States elected peoples' representatives to five assmeblies, what is in his mind - he makes explicit reference to the peoples representatives in Parliament - they are all representatives of people - they are all represntatives of various political parties he asks whether they don't have a stake in the smooth functioning of the govt. But he evades from the simple truth that civil-society members too have taken up cudgels against corruption on a gargantuan scale be they from upper middle class or not have the right to intervene where political parties fail. If the political parties were united against corruption on a massive scale many skeletons tumbling out of UPA closet an Anna Hazare, Shanti Bushan or Prashant Bushan would not have come to the forefront. There must be somebody to cast the first stone against a govt's apathy towards corruption and the politcial parties should have come to the fore and jointly corner the UPA II dispensation but they were not pro-active in their response about which even Sainath's observation that a few months before there was a massive rally at capital Delhi staged by 9 Central trade unions lakhs and lakhs from various walks of life even Congess-led INTUC too partook in it inspite of it being pro-govt about which even BBC and Reuters reported. True. That's that. No follow-up action was forthcoming after that. It was simply a token protest against the govt's failure to act on various fronts like price-rise and scarcity of food items which drew urgent attention.

A united and prolonged action is needed from the part of political parties till the govt cow down under relentless pressure.

It should be borne in mind that inclusion of five ministers in the draft Lok Pal committed never means that the govt as a whole is represented by these five ministers be they got elected or not. Moreover Sainath knows better than a common citizen like me that almost one-third of the members of Parliament are crorepatis and millionaires who don't have an iota of concern towards the present plight of the country that find itself in.

What Prakash Karat mentioned about identity politics weighed heavily in Sainath's mind also. In other words a confluence of opinions.

Friday, June 17, 2011


In the heart of the metro
in broad -daylight
two underworld guns surfaced
like a bolt from the blue.
Riding a mobike the two
professional guns were
chasing a victim
riding a mobike.
Neither the law enforcers nor
the victim were aware of
the two thugs
chasing the victim
who was in a jubilant
mood humming a tune for
having achieved something
that day.
The reason best known to
him, perhaps the chasers too.
The goons in hot
pursuit of him were watching
his movements closely from behind
within seconds they closed in
on him and whipped up
their pistol
shot him point-blank from
With a feeble cry
with a whimper
the victim dropped dead
and the underworld goons vanished
into thin air without even a trace.
Onlookers stood motionless and
watched the chilling sight
who were caught unawares.
The mudered victim it was
later learnt was an investigative
journalist in his


Turkey-Receep Tayyip Erdogan ramps home

Receep Tayyip Erdogan has been elected Prime Minister of Turkey the third consecutive time with a thumping majority. But his dream wresting a two-third majority didn't materialise and as a result a change of consitution is not that easily possible. His Justice and Development Party (AKP) could wrest only 326 seats out of 550 and for re-writing the constitution 367 seats are needed. Though percentage-wise AKP fared better than the last time cornered almost 50 percent this time.
He lifted the economy to a better shape, rate of unemployment reduced which won him acclaim and got the mandate to rule Turkey the third time.

To fulfill his objectives he aims to win the co-operation of all political parties, media, scientists and other professionals to reach a national consensus on controversial matters. It is almost certain that he would reach out to foreign nations and would tirelessly try for a better relation with each of them. And his long cherished dream of joining European Community will gain momentum in the coming days.

10th SCO Summit at Astana

Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO's) summit commenced in Astana, Kazakhstan on 15th of this month. Apart from the six members, observers from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan as dialogue partner aspiring for observer status are also participating. The matter of extending memebrship to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan would be considered seriously as these three nations have been seeking membership since a long time.
And Moscow in a bid to rein in China one of the members, sincerely hope for providing a membership to India. It is reported that Afghanistan is certainly poised to occupy a prominent place among the member states in the wake of USA's plans of withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan. In case of such a possbility materialsing SCO wants to be cardinal player in Afghanistan. But there are talks of US forces not withdrawing from Afghanistan not in the immediate future and some experts are of the opinion that in the guise of countering terrorism American and NATO forces are likely to be entrenched in Afghanistan for a prolonged time.
the wo
Another important topic sure to be discussed is the curse of terrorism as all members the world over are victims of this nightmare and earnest attempts are to be taken to eradicate this evil from the face of the earth.

SCO hs plans to be a bigger force than ASEAN and APEC and the necessary spadeworks could be expected in this summit.

Turmoil in Syria

Hundreds of civilians are falling prey to bullets in their fight against the autocratic rule of Bashar-Al-Asad. Neither Asad nor the protestors for democracy are willing to make a climb-down and hence the fight rages on. Media reports that even soldiers who are suspected of defecting to the protestors' side are caught and shot dead in Syria. Its former well-wisher France has turned tables on Asad and wants him to vacate at the earliest. The only nation which supports Syria at present is Iran. Asad, the man who justified the Jasmine revolution in the early days must not have thought that he too would have to face the heat in later days.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Suicide bombings
reverberating explosions
ceaseless firings
violent deaths
dismembered bodies
maimed lives
rivers of blood
the beast the whole world
fears, abhors
unite against
fight against
TERRORISM is that beast.
About it
all the summits speak
eloquently in unison
wish all differences were
discussed and unanimous
solutions reached among nations in an
atmosphere of camaraderie.


Curse of loneliness
bored him to death.
He wanted company,
He wanted friends,
He wanted them,
He liked their presence,
'Come to me' - he shouted
through the mobile.
'Come to me bastards' - he
shouted at them.
The curse of loneliness
bored him to death.
Whenever alone
he went restless
he cigaretted and cigaretted
to the last puff
stuffed the ashtray with
cigarette butts.
He wanted company,
He wanted friends,
He loved them,
He liked them
whenever with them
he rejoiced.
He played cards with them
he chatted with them
cracked wits with them
He needed them
he hosted them
he hosted cock-tail parties
cock-tail parties daily.
His bank balance diminished
day by day.
He didn't care
he didn't have second thoughts
he didn't introspect
he lived in present
he never thought about
Number of cock-tail parties grew,
Number of friends too.
He never told them about his
diminishing bank balance.
He kept the secret to himself
when the balance reached
zero level
its bottomline
he started borrowing
lenders aplenty in the begininning
but with the repayment not
forthcoming in time
lenders smelt a rat.
They turned colours
they displayed true
Friends started deserting him
one by one
his calls
went unanswered.
They hid from his
reach, they evaded him.
With the rent coming
to a stop
landlord's respect vanished
and he showed him the door.
Nobody to extend a helping
left in the lurch
he wept and wept
and started begging.
Now he is not alone
always among the crowds
in the streets
but now he craves for loneliness
craves for an escape
from the madding crowd
far from the madding

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Conscious of her
bewitching beauty
she took an excessive
pride, an inner-pride
and wanted to be the
cynosure of all eyes
and craved for everyone's
'You are at times sensuous, cerebral
at times insane in your dishevelled flowing
hairs and glowing eyes
depending upon your varying
'You look marvellous" - her
husband would praise her
whenever he was taken in
by her aromatic presence
would pounce on her
like a beast
and would throw her into bed
crush her forcing her feel
suffocate under his weight
but she enjoyed his strength
and would call him ' you
beast' in her ecstatic moments.
Standing alone in the
she enjoyed the silent
tranquil, azure sea
it reminded her of a
blue wavering carpet spread on the
and the strong winds blowing
played pranks with
her flowing hairs and her
scintillating dress
it seemed to her the winds
like a lover of her sensuous
body was embracing and caressing her.
The opposite side o balcony
displayed a different picture
of surging faceless crowds
on the rush in the broad
Once in a while she would
don a purdah
stepped down to the streets
and moved through the
crowds she could
see sturdy Arabs in thick
moustache and bulgan raping pretties
with their sharp eyes,
after a while would return
to her apartment sweating
With the glowing curtain
of daylight lowering
with curtain of darkness
lifting up
and exiled by the
city lights
the sea would go insane
restless and turbulent it would with
thousand tongues
of rustling waves lash
against the shore
she would also turn
restless like the mad
sea, she would become one with sea
even embarrass her husband
and children
she would enter her
writing room
and in the shade
of table lamp
on a white sheet
she would start scribbling her
madness methodicaly
throughout the night
till sleep conquered her.


The hot topic of discussion among most of our political commentators and media figures is the pre-emergency like situation of 1975 prevalent in our country today. The raging war against corruption by various quarters - Opposition, civilians and Team Anna Hazare - not supposed to be connected with any party - including only civil society members, Baba Ramdev who has since ended his fast has vowed to continue the fight against black money amounting to 440 lakh crore rupees stashed abroad, an 'India against corruption' situation is very much in the atmosphere.

While the war on corruption and blackmoney rages on our Govt - UPA II - is in no mood to come down for a solution, necessitating team Anna Hazare to go on fast once again. The drafting of Lok Pal Bill agreed to by the Govt representatives and Team Hazare with the passage of day's is being watered down by the UPA II govt citizing flimsy grounds. It seems the Govt is deliberately slowing down the pace of the drafting of the bill - filibuster in other words and as somebody termed aimed at tiring out the civil society members. Also there are plans to drive a wedge among the civilian members by dubious means.

What one is tempted to ask often is if our Prime Minister is clean, honest and above suspicion why the Govt is backtracking from moving ahead with including him also in the proposed bill.

Now that Team Hazare is on the offensive and the Govt arrogantly try to go ahead with the diluted version of the bill without consulting the five civil society members in the coming session of Parliament.

Branding Anna Hazare as the mascot of RSS is something ridiculous and it won't be taken att its face-value by any other than Congressmen.
The coming days are pointers to the shape of things to come and the plan to table the Lok Pal Bill in Parliament unilaterally is not that easy.

Congress spokespersons are speaking arrogantly and audaciously against a movement which is bent upon exerting pressure on the incumbent Govt to root out corruption from the body-politic.

Anna Hazare is not Baba Ramdev, he is a true Gandhian and a rights activist since years and berating him before the eyes of public won't wash.

Indira Gandhi in 1975 similarly berated Jayaprakash Narayan and his movement, incarcerated him and political leaders across the board by promulgating emergency, muzzling the press and letting loose repressive meausres. After nineteen months Indira Gandhi was forced to lift emergency was lifted due to national and international pressure. What all transpired after that, everything still etched in the minds of majority of today's generation.

Our media is strong, judiciary is strong, opposition leaders are on the war mood, the common citizens have turned tables against the present govt. To slap an emergency - like situation by repressive measures is not that easy in a large nation like India. The logic that UPA II emerged winner wresting majority of seats (?) is something laughable. And that the opposition should be patient to wait till the expiry of the present dispensation is ie 2014 is also laughable and amusing. It is time for the UPA managers to introspect and evaluate the situation patiently and it would be better not to precipitate things further.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Factory is in the
where human emotions
like love, happiness,
excitement, anger, jealousy,
vengeance etal are
manufactured, bottled-
up and transported to markets.
Emotions like love, happiness,
excitement etc are
manufactured in small quantities
since the raw-materials
for manufacture
are rare and expensive.
The case is entirely
different on the matter
of raw materials
anger, jealousy,
vengeance are manufactured
on a large-scale
since the raw-materials
for the manufacture
of such emotions are aplenty
and hence cheap in the
All manufactured emotions
are transported to the
and are put up for
sale like beverages shops and other stores
but the prices vary depending
upon demand and supply.
Scarce items like love,
happiness, inspiration,
excitement being
in hot demand and scarce
in supply are expensive and
are sold at exorbitant prices.
Other emotions being easily
available are sold at cheap-rates.
These days markets rule
the roost hence
even emotions are on sale
both wholesale and retail
in the markets.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


My mind is a
bloating paper
which absorbs
the images of what I see
the lines I read
the voices I hear
the rhythms I learn
meters and rhymes
the mixture of emotions
my sensitivities
and pains
my dreams
and nightmares
all indelibly imprinted
on the inner wall of
my mind,
never ever to be erased
a blessing
and curse
the same time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Everyday they come
Everyone they should have
to come.
Becuase it is their duty.
Each come wearing different
Each should have to shed
her clothes in the private room
and have to don the
orange saree plus blouse.
All slender beauties
All with same walking
remind one of the daughetrs
of same parents.
All enter the visitor's room
at sharp time.
Each walks stylistically
like moving mannequins.
With the vsistors streaming
each rush to each visitor
with folded palms
a sweet good morning sir/madam
depending upon
the gender
Each guides each visitor
to chairs arranged methodicaly.
These girls but always
on thier legs
whether they are fatigued
or not
nobody enquires.
Some visitors feast on them
some feel pity on them
according to their states of
With each month coming
to an end , they are paid
peat-nuts, take away
home to feed their dear ones.
And one would wonder
the infinite possilities
of market economy.


Each day he comes to us
with a warm welcome
we too offer welcome to him
with much delightment
and respect.
He keeps on moving
second by second
minute by minute
hour by hour.
With him reaching
midway he gets deadly feverish
which affects us even from a distance
and we dare not going
near him.
With him crossing the
midway hurdle
the mercury level goes
down automatically.
With him wearing an ochre rob
reaching the
sea he turns totally
bids adieu to us for
the day
and takes a dip in the
sea, a prolonged dip
that is
somebody spreads
dusky blanket over us.
Then onwards we start
awaiting his arrival
the next day in silvery white
with his wide-smile and shining


Our Prime Minister is in a desperate need for a magic wand. Mind you we do have umpteen magicians in our land and if anyone among them shows the generosity he would work wonders and would solve the problems nagging our country within a matter of seconds. It seems he entered the saddle only yesterday otherwise he would not have uttered the magic wand and all such nonsense.
Prime Minister Dr.Singh is at the helm of affairs since 2004. Now it is 2011, seven years have already elapsed still he laments lack of a magic wand to root out corruption and myriads of rpoblems staring in our face.
When he was put in the saddle as PM of India he took vow to root out the corruption from the body politic, he took a vow not to allow any tainted persons neither scam-tainted nor who were charged with criminal cases to be included in his team of Ministers. Please try to recall the names of Ministers in his cabinet then and their antecedents. It would be something funny to say the least. Please recall the brouhaha in Parliament orchestrated by the Opposition to throw out the scam tainted and those with criminal cases pending against those Ministers and the formers' continuous boycott of Parliament.

And the can of worms opened in his second term ie from 2009 which had its origins during the first term - 2004-2007 - the 2G Spectrum case, Adarsh Housing Scam, CWG Scam, ISRO-Devas tie-up, the corporate middle-agent politician nexus - an endless stream of scams and scandals. In almost all the cases the greater court of land had to interfere pass necessary orders and now we find the main villains put behind bars.

Midnight swoop at Ram Leela Maidan

Baba Ramdev, a saffron clad sanyasi along with his thousands of supporters launched a fast unto death, demanding that the lakhs of crores of rupees stashed abroad in various banks by the bureaucrats and politicians be brought back by the govt. On his return from Ujjain to Delhi four Central Ministers rolled a red-carpet welcome to him and at the airport itself all of them tried their level best to prevail upon him not to go ahead with the fast but Swami Ramdev was adamant decided to go ahead with his fast along with his worshippers and followers. Many of his demands it is said were absurd.

His and his followers assembling at Ram Leela Maidan was by non-violent means, they never took to arms and used violent means still the govt first caving into his demand later turning down them and in the dead of night police and commandos surrounded them and used force to remove them from the maidan, arrested Ramdev and and air-lifted him to his Ashram at Haridwar. Even those who were against him joined hands and protested strongly for using force to make the followers flee from Ram Leela maidan many of them lathi-charged and fired tear-gas shells without any provocation. Our Prime Minister must find that it was an extreme step, but was unavoidable. Ramdev has started fast at Hardiwar and in soldarity with him Anna Hazaare entered on a fast at Rajghat on 8th of this month.

Dayanidhi Maran in the dock

Union Textile Minister Dayanidhi Maran too has found himself in the dock over the sale of Aircell to Maxis Malaysia. The former promoterof Aircell, Sivasankaran spilled the beans before CBI that during his tenure as Union Telecom Minister Mr.Maran had allegedly arm-twisted him and forced him to sell Aircell to Maxis which was later used for running his domestic business.

The well-known political commentator and Charted Accountant S.Gurumurthy had penned details regarding Mr.Maran's role in the sale of Aircel to Maxis and he reveals that and FIR regarding it was reportedly presented before Dr.Singh who kept it under wraps for forty four months without taking any action. Mr.Gurumurthy chides Dr.Singh mentioining that while the latter is mouthing 'zero-tolerance' on corruption the Maran affair is being kept untouched.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The deaf know their
disability and
and are pained over it
pray to God for the
gift of hearing
The dumb know their disability
and are aware of their helplessness
and pray for the boon of speaking.
The blind know their disability
and aware of myriads
of their obstacles and helplessness
and pray to God for the
precious blessings
except the rulers and
as they play deaf, dumb and
blind to the hardships
of their subjects.
They don't have pain
helplessness and feel obstacles
being neither deaf
dumb nor blind.
The politicians are par
excellent than even the
versatile actors in the
tinsel world.


I shall show you God Almighty
in all His glory.
I shall show you Heaven,
beautiful gardens
sweet fruits
angels fluttering around
blessed human-beings
all living in harmony and
I shall show you Hell
the sinners being lined
before the firing squad
sinners being roasted alive
in furnaces
deafening explosions
sinners being thrown to
the sinners being hanged to death
in public
the sinners wailings sending
shock-waves down the spines.
I shall lift to you
up to the sky.
I shall lift to you to
the world of twinkling stars
and moon,
they would touch you,
shower kisses on you
the stars believed to be
the souls of departed ones
they would thow halo
around you.
I shall take you to
the very depth of the
I shall unravel the hidden
hidden treasures,
pears, corals, emeralds, turquoise.
Have faith in me.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Sun didn't set that day
He neither moved westwards
nor eastwards
southwards nor northwards
remained static in
the middle of the sky
to the embarrassment and
astonishment of all.
The blazing sun spat
fire on earth
continued to spit fire on
make life hell for the human beings.
Needles of time but ticked
away as usual
but sun remained static
in the middle of the sky.
Lovers and couples got
young and old worried
thieves and robberers
astronomers and astrologers
scientists as a whole
they were at a loss to
find out the reasons.
Sun didn't set that day
that led to apprehensions
among the human-beings
pondered over whether
Sun would remain static
for ever.
Sun didn't set that day,
he remained static in
the middle of the sky
needles of time ticked away
as usual.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


On a dark, nasty morning
to his utter shock
he learnt that
his power of taking
exact measurements
his power of
making accurate prophecies
his power of
performing miracles
his power of magical cures
all lost
which forced
all his supporters,
believers and
losing faith
in his super-human
deserting him for ever
and that made him
withdraw into a shell
reflecting upon when,
where and why
like one among thousands
got trasnformed into an
ordinary man.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


He was a voyeurist once,
as he didn’t have a lover
those days.
With the Sun going down
in the western horizon
and darkness making
feeble attempt to envelope
the city of lights
and partially succeeding,
he visited parks, beaches
and restaurants.
He watched lovers sharing
body and mind
their sexcitement turned out
to be his sexcitement
he too dreamt of finding
a companion of the opposite sex.
He went on a hot search for
and finally befriended a girl
from his neighbourhood
cajoled her to accompany him
to parks, beaches and restaurants
she was more than ready
as she too was a girl
with thirst for the ultimate experience.
Thus the voyeurist in him
transformed into a ‘player’
frequented parks, beaches
and restaurants with her
holding her hand, pressing
her hand
and despised the species
called voyeurists who drooled
at them.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Woke up early in the morning
prepared a cup of bed-tea
daily chores completed.
In the meantime,
Sun appeared in the east
darkness fled
shirt and pants ironed
and worn.
Walked straight to the
railway station
waited for the train
platform seemed less congested
surprising, it seemed.
Train arrived in time
got into the compartment
absence of familiar faces
and less congestion
were surprising.
Train reached the junction
in time
all platforms less congested
that too surprising.
Crossed the overbridge
and came out of the
roads cris-crossing
like serpents mating.
Roads too less congested
that too surprising
walked along the roads
reached in front of the
Office found closed.
Stood frozen for a while
like a statue otherwise
‘sir, why here today?
Today Sunday know’? – a waiter
in the nearby hotel inquired smilingly.
With a grin went back
to the railway station.
‘Happens sometimes’
someone inside pacified.


Six decades, to be precise sixty five years gone by since India became independent. Many govts, many Prime Ministers and Presidents came and went within these sixty five years. Do you think our nation has come up to expectations of our people, the answer will certainly be a firm ‘No’. Still bragging about the phenomenal growth of the nation, ie. almost in every sphere of life has become the pastime of our rulers whoever they are. There are many takers for their claims, with as many non-takers. Similarly there are as many left with no opinions, like floating logs they never think too much, they don’t think too much, the growth whether it is praiseworthy or dismal is not their business. So be it.
With claims and counter claims on the upswing, let me list out a number of factors ailing this nation for the last six decades.

1) Poverty
Poverty has reached enormous proportions with millions finding it difficult to make both ends meet. Those in the Northern belt of India, far outnumber those in the south. A starving population is bane of country our rulers - Central govt as well as those ruling the States can’t escape blame for it. It is not because they are unaware of the state of affairs but they are least interested in alleviating the sufferings of the starving millions as they are caught in the race for filling their own coffers. They
shed crocodile tears for the poor especially during election times and that’s that.
2) Malnourishment
With poverty itself baring its tentacles talking much about undernourishment has actually no meaning. Providing nutritious food for the poor especially children finds a cardinal place in the agenda of the govts but there ends the story. Watch the malnourished children are emaciated lot reminding us of refugee children of Sub-Saharan African countries still the tall talks of phenomenal economic growth reverberate across the nation.
3) Women Empowerment
How nice to hear it. Women Empowerment. Like the starving children the sight of skinny unhealthy women slogging it out in the fields and construction sites of Northern India is pathetic. Through the National TV channels our govts advertise the need for breast-feeding the children from day one to six months at a stretch are displayed without an iota of moral-pricks. Here too the tall talks of women breaking the ceilings women being empowered, women being provided with new clothes better living condition abound. That’s it.
4) Save the girl child
Save the girl child too is much trumpeted about. Our girl children especially of North Indian States lead a pitiful existence. What all they need most are nutritious food, clothes and education at the expense of the govts. But majority of them are unable to go to schools, work in the fields with their masters or stay at home looking after their siblings wearing ragged clothes.
Apart from all these the female infanticide is the order of the day, as the parents find it quite difficult to provide better conditions for the girl children when they are grown, and marry them off when they attain puberty. Dowry system is still widespread across India and many young women fall prey to the cruelties of their husbands and in-laws. Lack of education is one of the prime factors contributing to their sad plight. While the girl children of rich homes march to schools in style the poor girls remain helpless spectators. Still, the save the girl child slogan is widely trumpeted.
5) Unemployment
Unemployment is a curse besetting our nation. Lakhs and lakhs of educated unemployed youth go astray, many even joining extremist forces. While those with hold on higher echelons of power easily grab jobs – merit not a criteria in our country – those with no one to clutch upon are left in the lurch. Youth with doctorates, post-graduation and graduation for the sake of finding a job are even willing to work as peons and even sweepers. Many are already in the field.
6) Corruption
According to Transparency International India ranks 87th position among nations. The evil of corruption like a python has whirled around our nation forcing it to suffocate. Scams and scandals involving hundreds of millions are day by day tumbling out of the cupboard. It seems we have seen only the tip of the ice-berg. While millions are starving many big guns through nefarious methods amass millions and celebrate life in royal style in our nation. The neo-liberal reforms have done more harm than good it has in fact squeezed the essence out of our national fabric making life comfortable and luxurious for the corporate honchos. The gap between the haves and have-nots go on widening and in the process while a minority benefit the majority continue to suffer and starve. No remedial,measures are in sight and that is not at all the business of the governing class.
7) Sanitation Facilities
Almost 667 million poor live without sanitation facilities across India. Please note this estimate is after more than six decades since India won independence. The numbers are increasing not decreasing with corresponding increase in population. Even in the cosmopolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai this is the case. Govts which ought to have looked into the pathetic state of affairs have displayed a criminal apathy to the need of the hour.
8) Roofless Millions
Millions in India live without covers over their heads. No accommodation facilities are on the anvil. Here too crocodile sheds tears over their plight and vow to make their living conditions better. We can very well witness poor spending their nights in railway platforms street sides and make-shift tents. So what? Our nation shows a ‘high-growth trajectory’. High-growth in what? Don’t ask difficult questions.
Compared to all above our farmers are a bit better positioned notwithstanding suicides.
9) Price Rise
Add to the woes prices of food items and essential commodities are rocketing day by day. The frequent hike of petroleum prices lead to the price rise of the above items and common man find it difficult to manage his domestic affairs in a satisfactory way.
10) Black Money
It is estimated that 440 lakh crores of black money are stashed abroad in various banks in the names of politicians and bureaucrats. Opposition parties rake up the issue and raise a hullaballoo demanding steps to bring back the unaccounted money stashed abroad and government has not so far done anything to bring the money back.
So what? Our nation is ‘prospering’ – claim our ruling class. See we have almost achieved 85% economic growth. Our Prime Minister spends six months in India, six months abroad. The downswing in popularity at home is being compensated by upswing in popularity abroad.
Really wonderful…..

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Its a big house, a divided house
its a divided house, a cluster
of islands.
It is a cluster of islands
with many rooms.
Many rooms, many members
each an island lonely island.
Each room, each occupant
communication among occupants
but nil though all are brothers and
Its a big house, a divided
Each with own TV, own computer
own A/c, own phone, both
mobile and landline, own
Food not prepared, but ordered
and brought from a city hotel
as and when required by each.
Each wine and dine with friends
likes and dislikes, it all depend.
It’s a big house, a divided
each an island, a cluster
of islands
all calm and silent
but not serene or tranquil
but silent like a graveyard.
A big house, a divided
house, like a nation
the only difference being
the house is silent
the nation full of
sound and fury.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Recently Ram went to meet
his former professor
after a gap of several years.
The handsome youth of
yester years looked tired, emaciated
wrinkled and greyed.
But his memory was too sharp
and penetrating like a needle.
The moment he saw Ram
he recognized Ram
and gave Ram a beaming
smile and a warm embrace.
Ram felt elated.
both talked a lot about days
at the University,
Ram’s old classmates also
about Professor’s family life
his wife and children.
What Ram wanted from
him blessings from his
old teacher
which he got in abundance.
An inebriated Ram
went straight away
to meet a Godman in
saffron robes.
Ram was first meeting him
but had heard a lot
about him and his magical powers, the miracles
he performed.
The Godman’s right
hand always caressed
his beard
as if his magical powers,
his midas touch all came
from his long, flowing
thick, dark beard and was
smiling non-stop.
Ram felt bewitched by
his luminous eyes
his sharp stunning
glance which seemed magnetic.
Immediately upon meeting
him Ram folded his
palms and prostrated
before him and prayed
from the heart.
The Godman with his entrancing
smile touched Ram
and that touch was
He convulsed like
an epileptic patient for a few seconds.
Godman too blessed Ram profusely
which lifted his spirits
Ram went straight to
a temple,
With folded palms he prayed
before the bejeweled
shining idol,
prostrated before Him
with the belief that God
had showered
unlimited blessings upon him.
Ram left the temple.
The next destination was
a Chief Minister
surrounded by many worshippers
with folded palms and touching
her feet,
Ram too with much
effort reached her
palms folded and touched
her feet.
Pleased she looked at
Ram, his pensive look
as if he was going to weep
inquired his grievances and
Then and there she
ordered her subordinates
to do the needful
Ram’s life-long
ambition of becoming a
rich man met.
‘Long live the Chief Minister’
-Ram prayed.
‘Hell with the teacher, Godman and God’
-he muttered.


Angela Merkel’s visit to India
German Chancellor Angela Merkel came and went in good humour. Both Merkel and Prime Minister ManMohan Singh touched upon various important subjects such as defence trade, security, research and education. Apart from all these, they discussed Af-Pak problems and terrorism in detail. On the matter of terrorism both nations shared common and serious views as it is prevalent the world over. In the contemporary world, there are few nations not affected by terror threats and it assumes No.1 position in the talks among countries.
Naturally the recent flare-ups in Pakistan was a topic of serious discussion. In the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden’s capture and killing by US terrorist attacks intensified in Pakistan. Not a single day passes without suicide bombings killing many innocents also destruction of properties. Pakistan Taliban the dreaded terrorist organization is the main culprit behind these attacks. The army and the civilian govt both seem helpless in containing the menace. It is a wide network, please read Pak Taliban, better organized consisting of hardcore terrorists always prepared to strike at will.
Of late, besides terror attacks NATO bombings killing innocent civilians are on the increase and Afghan President Hamid Karzai has angrily asked NATO forces to put an end to killing of innocents. It is not at all a surprise that in the talks between Ms. Merkel and ManMohan Singh, Pakistan and Af-Pak relations came up for discussion.
So far so good.
But when ManMohan Singh raked up the issue of election of a new chief to head International Monetary Fund. Ms.Merkel maintained a studied silence. He took up the issue of European nations choosing their men to head international institutions and took a strong objection to it and demanded that the best available man from an outside nation be chosen as IMF Chief.
A clever Angela Merkel distanced herself from the demand, she being a European is understandable.
On the question of permanent seats in United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for India and Germany both joined hands. When the chips are down, who is likely to be the IMF Chief – Christine Lagard, Finance Minister of France or anybody from an Asian Country? Or some other dark horse? Most probably a European himself or herself….
Yemen on the boil
The fight for democracy in Yemen has assumed dangerous proportions. Rivers of blood flow through the streets of Yemen especially capital Sanaa and second largest city Taiz as a result of violent clashes between Yemeni forces and tribesmen. In spite of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh applying an iron-hand by ordering his forces to train guns on the protestors fighting for democracy they are determined to oust him from power. Al-Quaida men have joined the protesters in fighting Yemeni forces, please note, Yemen is a haven of Al-Quaida elements and Saleh a close friend of US, the latter keeps mum on the violent goings on in Yemen. Several months have elapsed since the revolution broke out in Yemen, it was soon after the Jasmine revolution in Tunisia followed by Egypt. While writing this the fighting rages on and going by the trends in other Arab countries Abdullah Saleh will have to bow out of his position in the not too distant future. Await.
Libyan Conundrum
Jacob Zuma, South African President is back in Johannesberg after his failed mission in Libya. A rapprochement between the beleaguered Col.Muammar Qaddafi and Libyan rebels ended in a fiasco. Qaddafi is in no mood to abdicate his post and the rebels not willing for a ceasefire despite Zuma’s persistent efforts.
The stark truth is that Qaddafi’ army strength has reduced by 80 percent and many of his loyalists have defected to other nations.
It is reported that five Generals, two Colonels and one major who have defected to Rome held a press conference and revealed that now only five Generals have left behind and Qaddafi’s position is getting weaker and weaker everyday.
The continuous barrage of NATO forces, their presence on the soil of Libya all are pointers to the fact that Qaddafi’s strength is waning.
There is no surprise that the man with an authoritarian streak in blood is desperately holding on to power even after his loyalists are defecting wife and son succumbing to death, widespread damage to properties including his palace knowing that he will be left with no option except flee the nation in the end.