Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sometimes she is a
naked, transparent lass
serene and tranquil
like an unveiled portrait,
or like her soft inner
palm pure and unblemished
or like a silently flowing stream
revealing the fishes,
crabs, water-snakes even
the pebbles rolling ahead underneath
with the silent flow of water
too clear like a transparent mirror.
There are moments when she
evolves into a charming
blonde attired in a translucent
silk costume with little, little blooms
appearing on her costume or
like a river partially
revealing the wonder world underneath.
At other times
she is like a forlorn lover
with dark clouds of thoughts of her lover enveloping her
or clad in dark costumes hiding
everything underneath
or muddied like a river violently
flowing revealing nothing underneath
or like an opaque mirror
which can’t reflect anything………...

Monday, April 29, 2013


Battle lines are drawn,
forces put on high alert,
across both sides of the border,
by the two rival nations,
national emergency declared by both,
emotions run high and,
patriotism at its peak,
across both sides of the border,
now an issue should be needed,
to cross swords against each other,
now an issue should have to be discovered.
That is the billion-dollar problem.


US seems to be at it again. Contrary to what Barack Obama, US President’s stated stand, a direct intervention in Syria seems to be an emerging possibility. Though President Obama perhaps drawing lessons from Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan preferred to tread cautiously in the case of Syria, US’s intelligence establishment  exert more and more pressure on him to intervene in Syria where the ruling regime and rebels are locked in a no-holds-barred battle since the last two years consequent to which approximately 80000 lives have already perished.
As an observer noted, unlike Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, Syria possesses sophisticated Russian-made radars, airplanes and surface-to-surface missiles and a more or less loyal army at Dr.Assad’s command. US will have to face a more determined Syria which incidentally has the support of Iran, which too supplies generous aid to the former so as to enable the latter to unleash a counter offensive against a formidable enemy like US.
Obama’s initial reluctance to intervene in Syria seems to be giving way to directly take on Assad’s forces on the pretext of Syria unleashing chemical weapons like nerve agents, sarin and vx which could result in seriously harming the innocent civilians. Relying on heresay reports would cause serious repercussions since the ultimate authority on the issue is that of United Nations.
Defence Secretary of US, Chuck Hagel, during a visit to Abudhabi hinted at a ‘game-changer’ in the case of Syria throwing the former’s ‘wait and see’ approach, seems to have resulted in ‘aggravating’ the situation.
US is already providing training to rebel forces camping in Turkey and thus preparing them to launch fierce attacks against the forces of the ruling regime under Dr.Bashar-Al-Assad. US is not content with that alone.
US apprehends the stock-pile of chemical weapons falling into the hands of militant entities like Al-Nusra and Al-Quaida elements who have connection with the hard-core militant elements of Pakistan. US is very well  aware that Al-Nusra and Al-Quaeda elements have sneaked into Syria in large numbers with the ultimate motive of capturing power fighting along with the rebels forces. Such an eventuality according to US, should have to be got rid of at any cost.
With Russia and China taking sides with Syria, US, with the support of Arab League countries will have to launch an all-out war in Syria, the repercussions of which are hard to imagine.
Plunging straight into a such an eventuality, US might find it hard to wriggle out of the situation if and when Assad is deposed. Unlike in Libya, US will have to deal with militant outfits like Al-Nusra and Al-Quaeda on the one hand and the powerful forces of Dr.Assad, on the other hand. Added to it, once intervened how long US forces would take time to achieve its aims of ousting Bashar-Al-Assad from power is anybody’s guess. Syria is not Libya and in the case of Libya UN had passed a resolution authorizing NATO forces to directly intervene in Libya. Accordingly the NATO forces along with Libyan opposition could effect a regime change though it took more time than anticipated. With the dust settling down in the general elections held in Libya, the power fell into the hands of an Islamic dispensation where peace in its true sense is still evasive. US had to pay dearly for its intervention in Syria with its Embassy falling under the attack of Ansar-Dine elements killing its Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other US employees.
The spectre of terrorism taking upper hand in Syria in the event of Assad’s fall from power haunts Syria too which US would find it difficult to deal with.
US’s strategy, it is reported, is that of creating a no –fly-zone over Syria first and launch aerial attacks which too could prove costly since unlike in Libya where certain areas are deserted, in the case of Syria most places are thickly populated where thousands of civilians could turn out to be the ultimate victims.
Put it mildly, wherever US had intervened in the past directly, it couldn’t bring about a durable solution be it in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. With domestic opposition turning more intense, US had to willy-nilly retreat after making a mess of the situation. In the case of Syria too the case will not be much different.      

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Rains of memories continue to pour down
into the vast reservoir of my mind.
The more the rains of memories
the larger the reservoir of my mind
as it’s of unlimited capacity
still the fears and anxieties of
the reservoir of my mind crossing the red mark
needles me incessantly whether it would cause
floods inundating an infinite area
with this torrential rains
showing no signs of abating
realizing fully well that the vast reservoir of mind
is of unlimited capacity.
See how baseless my fears and
anxieties are
for no apparent reason….? 

Saturday, April 27, 2013


After waking her up
with his thousand luminous arms
he held her close to him
planted thousands and thousands of
cool and warm kisses on her body
to find her fresh and happy
to cheer her up
like her papa showering
thousand kisses of love and affection on her cheeks
every morning
--------------Upon his incarnation from
a cool,  warm and affectionate friend
into a fire-spitting demon
he squeezed her forcibly
planted thousands of
of warm kisses sending a burning sensation
down her body
making her convulse in his hot embrace
which made her feel like
kisses of death.
-----------With the ticking away of time
she found him
full of remorse for his
thousand kisses of death
he planted around her in the noon.
She saw his face
turn pale-yellowish to crimson -red
a sort of helplessness
reflected in his thousand eyes
before going down for the day
with the promise of coming back
and wake her up
to hold her in his arms
and plant thousands of
cool and warm kisses
to make her fresh and delighted 
to cheer her up 
to find her in good spirits
by heralding a new dawn ……  

Friday, April 26, 2013


The ailing old man
remained happy and contented
forgot all his pains and worries
with her always by his side
as his shadow
showering copious rains of love and care.
With their children far, far away
and the feeling of being left alone
she always took extra care to
see him forget all his worries
and pains and the feeling of being left alone. 
Weaving a pleasant smile on her lips
she attended to all his needs
without him asking her and derived pleasure
to find him in good humour always
in the sunset of his life.
Though old age helplessness, illness
worries and pains needled  her
she always cared to conceal her gnawing pains
which even in her old age
remains like a scar in her life. 
All nights, after ensuring
him plunging into deep slumber
an outflow of pent-up emotions followed.
She recalled the days
she spent, cocooned in a shell
 the agonizing pain of being an unrequited lover
haunted her.
Despite her sincere wish
to wipe out from her memory that bitter past
‘HE’  always came to her uninvited
and made her sob like a child.
With tears pouring down her cheeks profusely.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Kerala visit kicked up an unnecessary controversy by the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and United Democratic Front (UDF) leaders rendering the man undue publicity. By raising a hullaballoo by these leaders, it was the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and in particular Mr.Modi who took advantage of the situation most. His visit to inaugurate the 51st Sree Naryana Dharmameemsa Parishath in response to the invitation of the Sanyasins of Sivagiri could have been treated as a trivial matter, if not a non-issue. The political leaders, belonging to LDF and UDF rightly boycotted the function to mark their protests over his presence at the function. Though it was right on their part, by invoking widespread protests and political mudslinging between BJP on the one hand and UDF and LDF on the other hand actually helped in raising the stature of Mr.Modi. It also helped BJP cash in on his much touted visit.
Right from V.S.Achuthanandan, A.K.Antony and Rahul Gandhi representing Left and Right – declined to participate in the function attended by Mr.Modi. That was their discretion and their conviction and ‘courage’ are laudable. True. But by opening the Pandora’s Box the shrewd politician in Modi gained much prominence among the majority community across Kerala.
Ever since the 2002 pogrom – the large-scale slaughter of a minority community allegedly by the covert or overt support of Chief Minister Modi. Mr.Modi has not yet apologized to the Quitbudheen Ansaris, Sakia Jeffreys of Gujarat which gave him the image of a ruler whose hands are tainted with blood of innocent victims. As long as he is not ready to sincerely atone for his alleged sins the politician in Modi will find it difficult to wash his hands off the blood of innocent human beings.
Why the Sanyasins of Sivagiri took the unanimous decision of inviting Mr.Modi? It is for them to respond. Mr.Modi had no qualms in quoting Sree Narayana Guru’s Oru Jathi Oru Matham Oru Daivam Manushiyanu (One Caste, One religion, One God for mankind) and those so-called devotees and other audience who listened to his speech in rapt attention and frequently clapped their hands throughout his speech. In other words ‘it was like Devil preaching scriptures’ others might have felt who are well aware of his tainted political past.
Be that as it may, to make a mountain out of a mole hill by the UDF and LDF leaders was absolutely unwarranted. Modi is after all an Indian citizen and he has the freedom of speech and expression as long as it won’t lead to chaos and he is vested with the right to travel across India. If Narendra Modi has been raised to the stature of the supposed Prime Ministerial candidate in the coming General Elections scheduled to be held in 2014, part of the blame rests on the shoulders of the both leftists and rightists like Indian National Congress and regretfully by the media. Modi drew more and more strength from their gratuitous “political” utterances often crossing the limits. His ‘national stature’ is partly because of his much trumpeted development programmes by unrolling the red carpet to the business and industrial tycoons. The sorry truth is that rural Gujarat especially the rural Saurashtra is still reeling under poverty.
Modi’s Kerala visit and the resultant controversy helped a lot in polarizing two major communities of Kerala which could tilt the scales in his and his party’s favour with the approach of general elections. 


City of Harmony
is a city where
harmony never exists. 
Embers of anger
embers of violence
embers of religious conflicts
refuse to die down
the more the quest for harmony and peace
the more intense the clashes and blood-shed
city of harmony experiences.               

Wednesday, April 24, 2013




Under the dark cloudy sky
in the thick frozen darkness
enveloping the land
how come this  garden
this garden alone
shines as in the day-time
displaying its world of colours
while the whole lush greenery
of the land
has turned dusky robbing off
the greenery of leaves, rivers and ponds
and colours of flowers............?
In the vast sprawling garden
shining under the frozen darkness
an angelic beauty is seen
tending her plants and flowers
unmindful of the thick darkness in her
brightly attired
star-studded white flowing dress.
Is this because the angelic beauty
radiates her luminous presence
exclusively for her garden of colours?
Wish she could radiate her brightness
all around the land
in the thick and dark cloudy skies….

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Like a kingfisher dives down to a pond
from nowhere
and carries its victim
between its beaks
and makes a vanishing
appearance with lightening speed,
like a mentally deranged
youth on a sudden impulse
loses his senses and
guns down innocent kids,
like a dictator shoots
down his innocent subjects cold-bloodedly
with no qualms whatsoever,
like an airplane
nosedives into a sea or an ocean
killing hundreds of passengers
on board instantly,
death snuffs out human lives each day
irrespective of young or old in split-seconds.
How ephemeral is human existence on earth?

Monday, April 22, 2013


The sense of alienation,
the angst,
and anger,
one undergoes,
in a metropolis or an alien country.
The sense of alienation,
one undergoes,
in his/her home,
which is more painful,
and agonizing,
which one would you prefer?......
Which one would you prefer?.....
Which one would you prefer?.,…


Gun-lobby in US had the last laugh when it came to the issue of Gun Bill. In spite of President Obama’s earnest efforts to ensure that the ongoing menace of Gun culture prevalent in US be contained, he couldn’t convince all Senators, both Republicans and a minority of Democrats, as they were determined to defeat it at any cost and they made it sure that it was defeated. It needs only commonsense to surmise that those Senators who voted against the Bill had done it to appease the National Rifles Association (NRA).
The government couldn’t garner the much needed 60 votes for its passage, instead the bill was voted down with 54 Senators in favour and 46 against.
The irony is that as President Obama said while 90 percent of the American citizens are in favour of controlling the Gun-lobby, it was quiet sad that the bill couldn’t go thru in the Senate owing to the stubborn attitude of a few Senators. As a result of the Bill not getting passed Obama got furious over the way certain Senators voted and reminded those Senators of the trauma, pain and sorrow, the parents, friends and relatives of 20 students of Newton school, Sandwick, Connecticut and 6 elders who were gunned down by Adam Lanza, a 20 year old juvenile, underwent. Gun-culture like a hydra squeezing America of its very essence baring its tentacles and prey on its victim. It has become common and prevalent - this gun-culture across USA - the blood-chilling incidents of gunning down teenagers, youth, old men and women by mentally deranged or  those acting on the spur of the moment, which could sent shivers down the spines of others.
Without taking this to account still the National Rifles Association (NRA) with the leg-up provided by certain politicians actively campaigning for the non-passage of the bill in the Senate.
Not because each US politician is quite aware of the dire consequences this gun culture poses to the society as a whole, but because he needs them in the long run especially when elections are round the corner. If they had the security and welfare of their citizens in mind they would not have sided with the Gun lobby. Instead they have certain ulterior motives. From the very day Obama was sworn in as President of America, right from 2008, Republicans had/have wasted no opportunity in putting blockades in his way. As a result his every good intention was is thwarted by Republicans in US Congress where Democrats are only a minority compared to the former.
With the bill getting defeated the National Rifles Association and a few Senators could very well have the last laugh. The Gun lobby can’t even imagine a situation of them being controlled by the govt since it would ultimately harm their business interests. 
As long as this abhorrent and reprehensible mindset prevails, US’s Gun culture is there to stay and the Newton School Sandwick type massacres are also there to stay. And Obama will have to learn with the filibustering tactics of Republican members, both in Senate and Congress.     

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Like commuters rush into a local train
like rivers in spate overflowing, inundating
vast areas making the land a sea
thoughts rush in handy
following no pattern.
The arduous task of arranging them in order
or brick by brick is time-consuming
forcing our nerves stretch to its limits.
No wonder
to impart a shape to this shapeless world
is something testing our patience
but the truth is, it though painful
is delighting as well, exhilarating as well
after everything is arranged and given a shape.
To derive the pleasure and sweet pain
we indulge in arranging our thoughts
in the cells of our minds throughout our life.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Unlike the war-ravaged countries of Middle-East and African countries we Indians draw immense pride in being a democratic country. Unlike the war-torn countries where rapes are occurring in lakhs and lakhs, our’s is a democratic country  and is believed to be a peace-loving one where everything is moving along a smooth plain and if one thinks along that lines it is utterly ludicrous, if recent developments are an indication.
India, the largest democracy, thus we are taught to believe on a daily basis witness mind-boggling, blood-chilling and outrageous rapes of women and children. In bringing out such cases our media plays a pro-active role and makes one ponder over the intensity and immensity of the menace. ‘Look, such things are happening in our country, See India has turned out to be rape-torn country where under the very noses of ruling mandarins, we mean the capital of India, Delhi, rapes are mounting in hundreds as the days move along compared to the menace occurring across other States’. True, India is evolving into a rape-torn country if not a war-torn country where incidents of rapes are running in lakhs.
Only four months have passed since a 23-year old physiotherapy student of AIIMS was brutally raped on a running bus by six thugs which forced thousands of citizens across the country especially Delhi spilling out into the streets where the girl-student was based who later succumbed to death in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.
For the authorities it was business as usual who were ‘shocked’, ‘alarmed’ and crocodile tears shed profusely and to placate the fuming citizens appointed a commission, with Justice J.S.Verma, as the Chairman,  known for his ability to stand by his principles and also renowned for his legal acumen. Justice Verma realizing the gravity of the problem submitted his report within a record time of one month which if implemented could have helped a lot in rooting out the evil. On the contrary India govt introduced and passed a Bill on Crime Against Women in Lok Sabha diluting the Verma Commission’s recommendations which provided many loop-holes for the criminals to escape the clutches of the law.
The incidents of rape didn’t come down as the govt had many other business to concentrate which helped the thugs roam freely through the streets of Delhi non-chalantly. They too went on with their businesses as usual.
This week, our nation witnessed two brutal rapes, one in UP and the other in Delhi. The UP girl after being raped was brutally murdered and her bereaved mother who gave vent to her anger was seen on television screens being kicked and thrown away by the men in khaki.
Whither our country is drifting to?
We are compelled to ask this question on listening to and witnessing the chain of rapes occurring across our country.
After Nirbhaya, the 23 year old physiotherapy student who was sexually assaulted on a moving bus and thrown away to the streetside along with her lover, now comes another equally shocking incident of rape of a five year old girl by a sex-starved demon in a locked room for two consecutive days badly damaging her sexual organs. 
If the residents in the first floor had not heard the child’s cries of pain, she would have been done to death and thrown away somewhere. The residents on hearing the girl child’s cries duly informed the so-called low enforces, so-called in the sense that with the enraged crowd spilling out into the streets to protest and raise slogans, a shouting lady was slapped by the Assistant Commissioner of Police who has since been put under suspension. With dust settling down don’t be surprised if he is reinstated with promotion in future.
The girl-child whose inner parts were grievously damaged was first admitted in Swami Dayanand Hospital where the treatment facilities are reported to be insufficient was later transferred to AIIMS after widespread demands by the citizens to get her admitted to a super-specialty hospital, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Her condition is reported to be precarious and doctors have set 24 hrs to inform if there is any progress in her state. She has since been shifted to a hospital in Nagpur, it is learnt.
Has India evolved into an accursed country? Has democracy turned out to be a liability rather than an asset? Are people losing faith in democracy? On going thru the ‘developments’ in various walks of life we don’t see anything to be proud of. Scams, scandals, industry-bureaucrat-politician nexus, poverty, corruption, unemployment and the so far hidden curse of rapes everything erodes our faith in our 66 year-old democracy.            


If life is an endless
train with umpteen compartments halting at every station
we are the travellers.
If life is a mirror
hold it up towards ourselves
and watch our countless manifestations.  
If ‘life is a tale told by an idiot’
we are all idiots.
And if life is not a bed of roses
it is not the rose plants to blame.
We should keep in mind the eternal truth while
plucking sweet-scented rose blooms
we might have to suffer the needles of thorns
piercing our skin, with blood oozing out,
if not careful.
For each rose flower
there are hundreds of thorns
in a rose plant.
I wonder whether there is a
rose plant without thorns ….
sometimes yes, sometimes no…

Friday, April 19, 2013


Her mind a
fathomless sea,
Her patience unlimited
like infinity,
Her love so intense, 
and deep but hidden like, 
an invaluable treasure no one,  
will be able to locate which,
anyone can’t ever make out from her looks
appearance or demeanor.
Her revenge so intense that, 
it is a fuming volcano about to erupt any time,
spewing red hot lava and ashes, 
spreading a vast, unlimited area.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


be it newspaper, radio
television or internet
is a cocktail of news
which makes you shake
with sadness, shock and sorrow
it makes you
ponder over the way the
the world we inhabit moves along
it makes you
cry, laugh, sizzle, giggle
frown, excite and frighten, fret and fume.
be it newspaper, radio
television or internet
is a cocktail of news and we like a
group of confirmed drunkards, get inebriated
forcing us to
go deep into the enormity
and seriousness of
the problems confronting whole world
it makes you
it stretches your nerves to its limits
or makes you relax
on going thru a variety of items
like gossip and rumours,
that which persuades
you burst out laughing
aloud or whisper in the ears of
others the hot news flowing from the
tinsel world.
Enlightening news
from the world of art and literature
like music, melodious or rocking
an array of
different kinds of dances,
literature which
interpret various manifestations of human life
painting, sculpting and artisanship
which makes you
marvel at the beauty and
the blessed hands behind
their creations simultaneously.
In the end you get intoxicated with
multiple emotions you undergo
like the pace
with which the scenes
in a celluloid poem flashes along.
be it newspaper, radio
television or internet
is a cocktail of news
forcing you to cry, ponder,
worry, laugh, sizzle and
giggle simultaneously.
All said and done,
agonizing and frightening news
gains the upper hand over the
delightful news in the world we live in.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Don’t nurture the illusion that
I’m oblivious of your dark pursuits.
Don’t have the foolhardiness
to believe that
in the event of an encounter
you can take on me with your
arsenal of lethal weapons.
I never keep lethal weapons
will never keep them
they don’t have any place in my life
still you can’t score over me
you might feel it incredible
and utter foolery on my part
and might laugh at me
believe it or not
thru my dove of
peace, love and harmony
I am sanguine about conquering you.
It is my ultimate weapon
my one and only weapon.
Wish you could realize it
even at this late hour.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


From the sunrise of my life
 I had a hobby of
watching and enjoying  shadows
my shadows, others’ shadows
even the shadows of plants and trees
and their leaves and flowers engaging in
dancing on the whitewashed walls of my home.
Lengthened shadows,
shortened shadows,
and medium shadows, 
all shadows
in the sun and night.
Whenever my grandmother
saw me watching shadows
in the night or during the day
she wasted no opportunity
to admosnish me
not to look at shadows .
‘It is not a good habit, my child
watching shadows’ – she reminded me, reprimanded me
even pinched my ears frowning at me.
It was my pleasure to
run my fingers through
her silvery hairs reminding one of cotton wools
which looked like her pure white village dress.
She was too fond of me that
whenever she got something
new to taste, chew and swallow
mouth-watering mango fruits, bananas,
oranges, sweet and tasty eatables.
She would call me to the kitchen
while playing with my friends
would whisper to me – ‘Don’t
tell your friends, have it’
mango fruits, grapes, oranges ,
bananas, eatables…..
Despite her sweet advices and cajoling
reprimands and even pinching
when it came to the habit of watching shadows.
I continued to indulge in the hobby stealthily
without her being aware of.
It was something mysterious
the shadows moving to and fro  
watching them playing and
imitating me on the whitewashed walls of 
my home.
I began to hate shadows
and to fear shadows
of myself and others
since my grandmother’s death.
Though I hated them, feared them
since her death
once in a while my
eyes would cajole me to
watch my shadow
but in the next second
I turned back in hatred and fear.
But now in my middle-age
with remorse
I realized
I was running after shadows
still run after shadows
and as long as  I am alive
I have no escape from shadows.
Sometimes I feel
I am chasing shadows
since the sunrise of my life
which is true?...... I know not…


Contrary to expectations of a brutal majority, Nicolas Maduro, the Vice President of Venezeula whom Hug Chavez had chosen as his successor, scraped thru with a slender margin over his formidable rival Henrique Capriles represented by the coalition of Democratic Unity (MDU) in the elections held on Sunday to be the incoming President of Venezuela. While Nicolas Maduro polled 50.66% his nearest rival Capriles polled 49% plus giving a slender margin of one and half percent. 78.6% of Venezuelans exercised their franchise where the population is almost nineteen million. Henrique Capriles has disputed the result and has demanded a recount. It is worthwhile to recall here that in the previous election Mr.Hugo Chavez had scored 56% while Mr.Capriles, his rival polled nearly 40% a victory margin of 11% for Chavez over his nearest rival Capriles.
It is not only embarrasing, but alarming that even while riding on a sympathy wave soon after Chavez’s death Mr.Maduro could win the election with a wafer thin majority. It is a pointer and also a warning to the United Socialist Party of Venezeula of which Maduro is the leader Venezeuleans expect more from the current dispensation or else the Maduro’s party will have to clear the way for the opposition which has proved beyond doubt that it is a formidable rival which is in hot pursuit of power in Venezuela since more than a decade.
It is an open question that whether Mr.Maduro could come up to the level of his leader who since 1999 was in the saddle riding the crest of a popular wave. It is better we may throw the question to the future.
No doubt a huge chunk of elites of Venezuela must have tried hard to elevate Mr.Capriles to power whose interests, he represents with the generous support of a nation like USA which since Hugo Chavez came to power in 19999 is bent upon toppling his government at any cost. If US had failed in its attempts it was only because of Chavez’s huge popularity among the Venezueleans especially the toiling masses in the lower strata of the country and the lower middle class. His charisma played a greater role in snatching the love and plaudits from the afore-mentioned classes. Venezuela’s elite class but abhorred Mr.Chavez because he was an obstacle to their dreams of cornering vast resources of Venezuela. It is quite certain that they did extend massive support to these elites to ensure that the regime is toppled from the seat of power both overtly and covertly.
We must not but forget the sad truth that massive debt, rampant crime, devaluation of the currency resulting in inflation rate running beyond 25% and frequent black-outs also are reasons for the drop in popularity of the current dispensation. But that never eclipses the vast contributions to the downtrodden and lower middle classes of Venezuelan society by Chavez’s regime and currently led by Nicolas Maduro. For the upliftment of the masses Chavez initiated a slew of reform measures and we need not list out each of them here since political observers had written about them which I had mentioned in one of my blogs. And his love and sympathy for the suffering masses endeared him to them.
If Mr.Maduro is determined to follow in the foot-steps of his mentor with much more vigour, determination and courage a bright future awaits the entire Venezuela or if he deviates from the people- friendly policies adopted by his mentor, the future of Venezuela will be bleak. No doubt.
Let’s hope, this fifty year old former bus driver would do a lot for the betterment of Venezueleans with him taking up the mantle.       

Monday, April 15, 2013


At a moment the entire world is getting more and more concerned about the hardships and sufferings of the women in distress, last Thursday, in London G8 countries held a historic summit on the hot topic which should have got adequate coverage by the media the subject deserved but didn’t get it and it got drowned in the avalanche of the fears about a nuclear war erupting in the Korean Peninsula between the North and South Koreas and USA and in addition to it the ongoing blood-spilt in Syria which is threatening the very stability of entire Middle East.
The G8 Summit was held in London to discuss and deliberate over the hot topic of women being subjected to brutal rape and sexual menace, torture and murders across the world especially in the war-torn countries.
William Hague, British Foreign Secretary, a week before the summit had written about the subject which needs immediate and urgent attention of everybody concerned. It is unfortunate that the Summit couldn’t get adequate coverage by the media which had got drowned due to the looming war clouds over North and South Koreas and USA.
William Hague in his article points his fingers to the plight of women being raped, sexually assaulted, tortured and even murdered across the war-torn nations, majority of them inhabitants of  African continent where poverty, education, clothes, health and basic amenities of life badly needed by them. They are deprived of these on account of the devastating wars among different nations.
Mr.Hague had conducted a tour across the African countries to get first hand information on the trials and tribulations being faced by the suffering masses especially women and children.
He is very much concerned over the wretched situation prevailing among the women who always live in panic due to the threat of rape, sexual abuse and torture inflicted by the war criminals and the anti-social elements.  
He travelled from Rwanda to Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Libya to Sierra Leonne where lakhs and lakhs are undergoing this trauma. He adds that since 1996 in the Democratic Republic of Congo over 500000 rape cases were reported during the war.
Here he dwells on the immediacy with which these threats are to be attended to by all countries especially the developed nations like Britain and US.
He doesn’t hide the tragic fact that, in the search for a formula to bring to an end to the devastating wars and its aftermaths, the women’s issues of rape, sexual abuse, torture and murders are being relegated to the background. He is of the categorical opinion that without finding a solution to this burning issue which needs to be treated as a case of acute emergency, no lasting peace in the war torn countries is possible.
Turning a blind eye and deaf ears to the cries for help by these tragic figures would result in failure and no amount of efforts would help to bring about a durable solution. Unfortunately the issue of traumatized women is being overlooked.
Mr.Hague’s cites four reasons why the matter is not being given a proper attention which is badly needed at this critical juncture.
According to Mr.Hague the first reason is nothing other than the label of stigma attached to rape and sexual abuse. The womens’ fear of being ostracized by the society in which they pull on prevents them from coming forward, mustering courage, determination and will.
The second reason according to Mr.Hague is lack of evidence that if and when the issues reach a court which is vested with the ultimate authority to bring the culprits to book. Consequently the culprits always escape the scene and roam freely through the streets.
And the painful reaction according to Mr.Hague is the lack of funds to the UN agencies, local organizations and human rights institutions to extend a helping hand to the hapless women for whom life on earth is a chain of nightmares.
Besides the women’s issue is being treated as a secondary issue which should have got urgent and foremost attention. In order to meet this acute emergency a Summit represented by the foreign secretaries of eight nations to discuss and deliberate upon how to find a lasting solution to this perennial problem to cater to the needs of the suffering women whole developed nations reportedly have decided to create a foundation by generous contributions and also to create an International protocol with UN co-operation are essential. Mr.Hague sought a ‘wide set of practical commitments that include recognizing that rape and serious sexual violence are grave breaches of Geneva Conventions; greater funding and long term support for survivors and support for a new International Protocol that will set out agreed standards for investigating and documenting sexual violence’.  
The Summit wound up on a confident note representing eight foreign secretaries of eight nations (G8). Let’s hope for better results.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


One’s life is a bridge
over which he/she alone
has the monopoly
or put it mildly
the sole ownership
bestowed upon him/her which is  
already decided by one’s destiny
so be it.
-------The sunrise as a baby girl
attired in birthday suit 
then with the river of time flowing
evolve into a child
clad in baby frocks.
As a village lass in skirt and jacket
sometimes extending up to the ankles
sometimes getting shortened up to the knees
she was a village lass with
anklets tingling, tingling and tingling
with her every movement.
With her friends
most of them girls in their teens
the period
they indulged in colourful dreams, fantasies and
teenage love.
Time never stops
time keep on racing ahead
with lightening speed
and with the destiny demanding
she be uprooted from the sylvan surroundings
and be planted on the soil of metropolis.
She missed her childhood friends,
the wonderful world of greenery
where ponds, streams, rivulets
rivers and lakes, steep hills
and thick forests all she
lost badly.
During her first few months she felt like
a fish out of water
at the outset,
nostalgia, home-sickness
anything you might call it
natural it was.
Without she being
aware of a series of developments
on a daily basis  
and ear-splitting surroundings
she got evolved into a sophisticated girl
and she got accustomed with the way the
city moved ahead
surrendering to the fatal charm of the metropolis.
She had already bid goodbye to 
the glorious days she spent
in the sylvan surroundings she was blessed with once.
The  skirt and jacket gone
the everyday pilgrimage
to the rural temple gone
the anklets which
gave her movements tinkling
tinkling and tinkling gone
everything the village
had gifted her profusely  gone
now she,
you see 
she is a typical, sophisticated city girl
with her once long flowing hairs cut to size
she frequented the beauty parlours
and in the place  of jackets, skirts and sarees
her sartorial elegance underwent
incredible changes.
Now she is seen in
tight jeans and T-shirts, churidhars, salwar and kameez
pants and shirts, all colourful
and a number of friends,
all typical city youth.
She cares not what all she has lost
with she being planted on the
city soil
she cares not, cares not
cares not,
either pretending to be unaware of
or she gets no time
to reflect upon those old glorious days
while she was a rural lass….     

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Believe it or not
such  things are possible in life,
Believe it or not 
anything is possible in life.
Would you believe me
or take it with a pinch of salt
if I disclose a secret in my life?
Believe it or not it so
happened in my life, sorry our life.
In the prime of my life 
I happened to meet a blonde
in her twenties
while both of us happened to be in
the same compartment of a
long distance train.
Though I wished to
inquire many things to her
she too might have
attempted to share her
countless feelings with me.
Both of us
thru innumerable glances
conveyed abundant messages
the initiative didn’t come forth from both of us
a barrage of inquiries
for reasons unknown to both of us
got locked in our tongues unable to
come forth
though both of us
hoped to nurture the plant of love
and hoped to see our sweet dreams
bearing flowers, if not fruits
both of us shrugged away
from watering the plants of mutual attraction.
It was not because of
lack of courage or
anyone being discouraged
or due to shyness or
the apprehension of someone
eavesdropping, so I believe.
While our train
raced ahead thru a long dark tunnel for more than
five minutes
I and she like magnets
locked in a passionate embrace and
innumerable kisses
feeling each others lips
which spoke of thousands and thousands of love
we did care to utter anything.
With the train coming
to the world of light
both of us like
two strange bed fellows
pulled away from
each other of course
with smiles on our lips.
Still we desisted from
uttering even a single word
to each other.
Both of us might have
had a notion than
love or mutual attraction never
needs words.
Somewhere along the way
she conveyed goodbye
by waving her hands at me
and forgot not to gift me flying kiss.
I too responded
by waving hands and a flying kiss.
Deep down in my heart
I silently conveyed my heartfelt wishes.
Believe it or not
it so happens in life
and for that matter
anything could happen
in our life.
Both remain unaware
of each others’ whereabouts
perhaps she must be my neighbour in
the suburb  
or else she might be
in a faraway land.
Such things could
happen in our life
believe it or not…

Friday, April 12, 2013


From the day
I was blest with the
boon of thinking
from the day I was blest
with the boon of
from the day, I got
sensitive to the happenings
around me
from the day
I started mixing my
fantasies and realties
from the day
my thoughts, imaginations
and fantasies
evolved into a pattern
from the day
I was blest with the rare virtue of
putting my feelings into white sheets
from the day
I started scribbling
little little things first
then big, big and big things
I have always cared
to ‘keep a flame of
madness’ in a corner
of mind
and am extra-conscious
to keep that flame intact…….  
PS : Courtesy to Paulo Coelho     


Sudipta, you were a budding flower nipped in the bud
by ruthless elements
Sudipta, you too had cherished umpteen dreams
of a nation being led by a compassionate dispensation
in the corridors of power in Delhi.
You dreamt an egalitarian society
where everyone is treated as equal
you always kept a flame of revolution intact in your mind
you need not worry as lakhs are there
to see that one day
your dreams would be fructified.
Red Salute to you, my friend.

In West Bengal, Mamata Banerji came to power riding the crest of a popular wave two years back. It was a historic win since she could bring down Left Front Government which had ruled the State for 34 years uninterrupted. Fed up with the rule of Left Front Government of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee the masses voted enmasse to Trinamool Congress led by (Mamata Banerji)  bestowing her party with a huge mandate which was looked upon with surprise, astonishment, embarrassment and prolific plaudits.
Since Jyoti Basu became Chief Minister of West Bengal in the year 1977 - he too entered the Writer’s Building riding on the crest of a popular wave - West Bengal was under the control of Left Front led by Communist Party of India (Marxist) for more than three decades. The Left Front could enjoy massive popular support for a long period both under Jyoti Basu and his successor Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee for a prolonged period till the latter went out of his way to bring in corporates like a multinational, Salim Group of Indonesia and Ratan Tata to set up shops in Nandigram and Singur against the wishes of peasants and farmers who were the backbone of the Left Front for a long time. Bhattacharjee’s overzealousness to bring to the State industrialization at any cost resulted in the forcible evacuation of these toiling farmers from their lands which forced them to turn against the LF govt led by the former. Before plunging into a decision by holding consultations with the representatives of farmers, peasants and share croppers he naturally invited the wrath of the former and which forced them to organize large- scale protests and rallies against the alleged move which was responded by brutal suppression unleashed by the law and machinery under the control of the State govt, which resulted in rivers of blood spilling down the streets both at Nandigram and Singur.
When the situation turned bad to worse the whole of Bengal erupted in anger and protests which was whole-heartedly supported by the writers like Mahasweta Devi, intellectuals, film personalities like Mrinal Sen and Aparna Sen and people from all walks of life who came forward to join the deprived ones and the farmers which was capitalized by Ms.Mamata Banerji taking up the cause of evacuees who were evacuated from their lands where they and their children were pulling on since generations.
It was natural that the people, the ones who worked tirelessly for the left parties, who stood with the leftists thru thick and thin since decades reposed their full faith in the latter who sent the leftists to the Writer’s Building turned tables on the latter and swore to bring down their ‘enemies’ at the first available opportunity and ensured the fall of the govt on the day of reckoning. That moment came and they did what they ought to have done ie, they brought down their ‘enemies’ and elevated the new found protector to the seat of power. And that protector was Mamata Banerji who took up their cause when they needed it badly. Unfortunately,soon after Mamata came to power her blind opposition to (Communist Party of India[Marxist]) led her to go on a witch-hunt against her enemy, which resulted in mass arrests incarcerations and even murders.
Without she being aware of herself she was turning to be an authoritarian which made her act ruthlessly against whoever indulged in innocuous criticism.
Soon after occupying the saddle she turned against the Communist Party of India (Maoists) who she had befriended during her movement on the issues of Nandigram and Singur and went on a massive hunt which resulted in the killing of a number of Maoists who were hiding in their safe havens in West- Midnapur, Lalgrah. She saw caricatures on her as unpardonable insult to her and displayed the audacity to arrest the caricaturists by assaulting them and even imprisoning them for weeks. A college Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra was incarcerated for drawing a caricature on her in a social networking site.
Another instance was while addressing a rally a poor farmer stood up and asked her, what all good measures her govt had done for the poor farmers like him. The poor farmer had never ever imagined even in his wildest of dreams, he would be branded as a maoist. Mamata threw tantrums and asked the security personal to arrest him then and there and take him into custody. He was even denied bail for him ‘crime’ of inquiring such an innocuous matter.
While addressing a group of college students with CNN IBN’s Sagarika Ghosh acting as moderator she walked out in a huff, fretting and fuming while facing questions by the students. Sagarika Ghosh’s effort to pacify the lady didn’t pay off.
Of late the alleged beating up and subsequent death of Sudipta Gupta, an SFI activist under police custody shook entire Bengal. The State witnessed massive protests by the students and they flocked into the streets in thousands demanding an independent enquiry. Mamata’s expected reply was it must have been an accidental death. The cavaliar approach of a Chief Minister to such a sensitive issue enraged the entire student community and soon the State plunged into chaos .
Adding insult to injury was her petty remark that  Sudipta’s family would be extended adequate compensation.
On hearing such an offer Sudipta’s father and his sister got enraged and responded angrily by saying that what they wanted was an enquiry by an independent agency and they had even knocked on the doors of West Bengal Governor M.K.Narayanan as they didn’t expect justice from Mamata. It was like a slap on Mamata’s face when Sudipta’s sister told the former that Sudipta was not the bread winner of her family. And her father mocked the Chief Minitser asking whether she could bring back his son alive.
Within two years, Mamata’s rule is getting on the nerves of the Bengalese if she is bent upon going on like this what would be the future of West Bengal where luminaries like Rabindranatha Tagore and Satyajit Ray lived?
As a repercussion to Sudipta’s alleged murder, Amit Mitra, West Bengal’s Finance Minister was manhandled by the alleged activists of Students Federation of India at Delhi Mamata too was heckled by them while they came out after finishing the annual plan for the State which had a domino effect in West Bengal resulting in massive violence allegedly by the activists of Trinamool Congress. Now it is free for all in West Bengal.     

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Sitting by the side of
the rectangular pond
filled to the brim
with calm, quiet and serene water
the pond resembled a prism
or to be more apt a mirror
reflecting the blue sky up above
in the afternoon
I bent over and saw myself
being mirrored by the pond.
I hoped and wished
for a transparent, pure, tranquil mind
which unlike the  
calm, serene, quiet pond
without any ripples
 is unfortunately a  tumultuous
roaring sea
since a prolonged time.
I saw fish and
coming to the surface and
diving to the bottom intermittently
like children playing pranks
but without disturbing
the serenity of the lucky pond
I recalled the days
while I was a child
throwing pebbles at the water 
creating multiple ripples
which I later repented.
Enjoying the cool
breeze flying over
the green paddy fields
I sat beside the pond
atoning for my innocent sins.
Sitting beside the pond
to my shock and arrant confusion something
heavy fell into the pond from nowhere.  
My eyes  went moist
 on watching the
multiple ripples in the pond
disturbing the serenity of it.
My eyes wandered around
in annoyance to find out the culprit.
I saw a child running faster
to nowhere like a butterfly
fluttering its wings flying away.
My mind travelled back to the city
from where I came to my home
the other day for one month.
traversing long distance
and the sea where the whole time
life is like a turbulent sea with
countless waves speeding to the shore,
hitting the rocks and speeding back
with double the force
only to return with much vigour  and strength
I waited for the mild ripples to vanish
as I wished to see serene pond again
which could soothe
my tormented, agonizing mind at least
for a while….
But what baffled me was
the little child who played with prank
by throwing something heavy into the pond
who disappeared with lightning speed……
Was he myself of the yester years…………..?     

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The city was literally burning
and the citizens literally melting
with an angry, agitated Sun
showering fire over
the city through his thousand
red-hot eyes.
These are his times
I mean, the searing Summer.
With the atmospheric temperature
gaining the upper hand
over the body temperatures
Sun was literally striking
with citizens convulsing with
Sun burns and Sun strokes.
Our prayers turned to 
the Rain God
to have some mercy on us
by spreading a thick dark
blanket of clouds
thus obstructing the
unrelenting sun
from raining fires thru
his thousand eyes
which are red-hot
and blinding.
Rain God must have
heard our months long
non-stop prayers
after a long spell
he showered
his cool, loving
and caring honey drops
over our city lavishly.
Through the windows
mind you, all windows
and doors are kept on
these days
since the sun began to
cast his fiery spell
with fans contracting
madness by showering
hot waves over us
not affectionate and cooling embraces.
I watched with delight
the drops of love
cooling the city as a whole
four hours together.
At least for today night
we citizens can sleep
what about tomorrow?
No doubt.
Sun with revenge
in his thousand red-hot eyes
will start raining fire
over the city
literally burning it
literally melting us citizens
‘cause, these are his times.
I mean the Summer. 

Monday, April 8, 2013


Ever seen a garden
without blooming flowers
of different complexions
showcasing a world of variety entertainment?
Ever seen a village
without a river, a canal, or  
a stream gurgling forth
or at least a pond filled with azure waters?
(even while remaining aware of brutal raping of
our ecological blessings by the plunderers
to gratify their greeds on a regular basis)
Ever seen a town or city
without serpentine roads lined at both sides
with buildings, crowds and vehicles
‘full of sound and fury’ signifying many things?
And for that matter
ever seen a village, town or city
without temples, churches
and mosques where devotees belonging to
different religions offering prayers?
Ever seen a State or Country
without a namesake govt?
Friends, I was asking to myself
in the thick of night
while lying sleepless
under the speeding fan…..

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Like an unstoppable
express running apace
beyond  destination
jumping all  hurdles
since time beyond remembrance
I move on.
I am neither God
with the power to guard
you against evils
like diseases, natural calamities,
wars, earthquakes nor famine.
Am neither your enemy
endowed with power to
punish you for the
deeds or misdeeds you might
commit any time in your lives
nor a beast on the prowl
preying any victims
in the forests and beyond their borders.
I don’t know who I am and what I am
I wish, I could.
Like an unstoppable express running apace
beyond destination
I keep on screeching
along or chugging along
hooting sirens non-stop
I keep on moving apace
apace and apace…
beyond destination
from time beyond remembrance….
No amount of force would suffice
to pull the chains in each compartment in me
to bring me to an abrupt halt.  
I don’t know who I am and what I am
I wish, I could.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Daily afternoon, after lunch interval
when the Sun was in his prime
it was her pleasure
to stand by the side of
the window of 13th floor of her flat
gifting herself, to the winds blowing from the sea
a slice of which was visible to her
which looked like a glistening blade
under the searing Sun.
Parting the rose-window curtains
to have a glimpse of
a slice of the sea
glistening like a blade 
and the coconut vendor
standing behind a pile of tender coconuts
attired in tucked a dhoti
a banyan and a towel
tied tightly around his head
with a sharp knife in hand
ready to serve sweet tender coconut juice
to the passersby
who were short in number during  day time
just one, two or three
she knew him and was a familiar
face to him since years.
Whenever she walked out
of the flat
she would approach him and seek
his welfare and about
his family in a hamlet in faraway Kerala. 
Upon seeing her
he would pick out
a tender coconut from the heap
knife the top of the coconut
serve the sweet , tender
nectar like juice, inserting a straw into it. 
In the evening the calm
sea of the day time
would evolve into a
violent beauty
with the waves lashing the shore
which reminded her of the roar of laughter
by the violent beauty
with the crowds of
visitors walking to and for
in singles and pairs
in groups cracking joke or secrets, politics, family matters, love
days developments  in the city
and everything  under the sun
simultaneously enjoying the
violently dancing beauty
with the reflections
of the stars and moon
dancing along with her.
The leaves of
the of the tree of time withered 
away unawares 
and one day a usual
parting her window  curtains,
she peeped thru the window.
To her shock and embarrassment
the coconut vendor
and his pile of tender
coconuts were not there  
and the sea was unusually
violent like her turbulent mind.
The coconut vendor never
came back
yet she like the Mother Sea
continued to peep through the window
expecting him one day.
Though he was none to her.
The sweet taste of the nectar
he had served her
she will never forget……


Political leaders are adept in the art of double-speak. Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi is no exception to this ‘universal truth’. Since the UPA I came to power in 2004, Rahul has never wasted an opportunity to acclaim the neo-liberal reforms initiated step by step by our Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh. Almost nine years have gone since he came to power. If UPA II could come to power in 2009 it was not because of Congress’s sole efforts, but much credit could be given to the Leftists who literally arm twisted the former and Co. into introducing   pro-poor reforms in the forms of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme and massive debt waiving of toiling farmers across India especially those in the Vidharbha and its adjoining areas in Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh etc, by extending support from outside. This truth was overshadowed and overlooked by the electorate of India not because of their faults but because of the curse of infighting in CPI(M) (Communist Party of India – Marxist) which was the strongest among the Left Front  in terms of strength in Parliament. The aforesaid fact was the main reason for their debacle in the 2009 general elections. The Left Front which had a strong mandate in pushing the ManMohan govt to do a lot for the poor had a massive strength of 61 members in Parliament, had to satisfy with a meagre strength of 16 in 2009 general elections.
When elections were round the corner Congress came out with an oft-repeated slogan of hamara hath gareebee ke sath (our hands are with the poor) and its leaders could succeed in grabbing the poor into its fold who are perennially vulnerable to the machinations of Indian National Congress and Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP), the two strong contenders for power since years. 
Now that the Left Front is still in a weak position since their debacle in 2009 due to its on undoing by which what I mean is that leftist leaders have not come to forefront to spread their influence in most of the States especially in the Hindi-belt. As Atal Bihari Vajpayee had said once ‘the route to Delhi is through UP’. Unfortunately in the poverty-stricken States in the North like UP, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh and even Gujarat which is being acclaimed as a developed State by Narendra  Modi and his party , millions and millions of poor are below poverty line, they are the most harassed, they are the most neglected, they are the most ignored, most of them still starving, illiterate, malnourished, subjected to sexual harassments, torture and murder, unemployed and unhealthy.
Why the Leftists still shy away from spreading their base in those States if not why are they unable to expand their mass bases even in the first half of the 21st century.
If they were able to succeed in exerting influence among the suffering millions across these States they would have flocked around them,no doubt.
Millions of Indians, especially the poor and middle-classes who bore the brunt  of carrying over their shoulders the ruling UPA or the Opposition BJP or the fence-sitters like Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and innumerable splinter parties who nurse no ideology or their only ideology remains one or two Ministerial posts at the centre. The more the Ministers, the better.
Rahul Gandhi who stands thru thick and thin with Dr.ManMohan Singh and his Co. for initiating the neo-liberal reforms on a war-footing, now speak for the poor and Aam admi (common man). Through the ongoing reforms whether he is nurturing the optimism that India’s poor and middle-classes would benefit. If he keeps an iota of conscience will he be able to stand by the Prime Minister of India. Not because this writer is totally against neo-liberal reforms, but Rahul and his mother Sonia Gandhi in their capacities as the top leaders of the Congress should have seen that the interest of the masses are properly taken care of.  
Addressing the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) conference, three days before he spoke passionately for the poor and middle-class (Aam Admi) and if that be the case what is left for him to point a finger at any measures initiated for the welfare of these categories. He might point out CBT (Cash Benefits Transfer) and Food Security Bill. Without a moral prick would he say the recently introduced Food Security Bill in Parliament is better than Universal Public Distribution System and in this context please note that he sixty percent of Indians are living in rural areas. It remains to be seen how much the rural poor would benefit from cash benefits transfer (aap ka paisa aap ke sath) slogan. Whether it is likely to succeed in rural India? I doubt it. Since I have been for good part of my hitherto  life in rural India, I am very well aware of the difficulties faced by the poor and a middle class citizen like myself. Rahul should have known that how far a poor man or woman should walk or travel by bus to reach a bank in a village in rural India, especially North India. And to draw a meagre sum waiting for a beneficiary through his bank account the process is too convoluted.
On the one hand Rahul raises his hand in Parliament even for Foreign Direct Investment in Super Retail Market like Walmart, Carrouf and the likes. Since the UPA II came to power in 2009 Rahul has not at all backed out from voting for all reforms bills allegedly harmful for the common man and most  beneficial for the business and industry tycoons. Sometimes I wonder whether he lives in India or in moon. Why? You might ask? Whether this so-called Congress Vice President, not aware of the widening gap between the haves and have-nots across India? What response he might have to offer? No idea.
True, as he said to the press persons after the conference the absence of miracle man is India’s bane. During the last four years we saw a number of skeletons tumbling out of the cupboard like the infamous 2G Spectrum scam, Common Wealth Games scam, Coalgate scam, Adarsh Housing scam and scandals – all cost a huge loss to the exchequer literally draining the latter.
As per recent media reports, an advancement of Lok Sabha elections along with elections to Assemblies in a few States is possible.
Apart from Indian National Congress and Bharatiya  Janata Party, two strong contenders, in the absence of a third alternative it is likely that either Congress or BJP would come to power with the support of fence-sitters who are the king-makers in  a poor democratic country like India. Business as usual would go on. Either the UPA III govt or the NDA alliance under BJP is a near certainty. In the event of UPA III being elevated to power it is possible that Dr.ManMohan Singh is there to score a hatric. On the other hand in the event of NDA being elevated to power the new man in waiting Narendra Modi is certain to be catapulted to the prestigious post. He has already stitched his Prime Ministerial coat.
A hung Parliament is almost a certainty. Hence a coalition govt too is a certainty.
Rahul Gandhi as usual will continue to harp on double-speak. He always want to keep aloof from any prestigious post in a UPA III govt. Responsibility becomes an alien word to him when it comes to issue of holding power. Nice man.