Wednesday, January 26, 2011


reigned like a king
sending shivers down
the spines of his family members
the dictatorial trait
in him
his quick-temper
his authoritative tone
forced the members of
the family speak in
hushed tones.
His commanding power
stayed intact always
which made everyone
in the family obey
his ‘orders’.
Despite all these traits
each one in the family
as also those known to
feared and respected him
till the very moment he
breathed his last.
Anyhow his death was
freedom to them
a sense of relief from fear
talks in hushed tones
whispers, the gentle dignified
all melted away
like glaciers in summer.
But their respect towards
him stayed rock-like
as he remained still
the unseen patriarch.
Certain people are
like that,


Both of them
loved each other
intensely, passionately
right from their college
Both ventured into
the mainstream politics
braved lathis, batons and teargas shells
and water canons jointly.
His pain was her’s
her pain his
both shared
each other’s pains
both’s blood the same colour
Like both exchanging
each other’s secrets
in whispers.
College to full time
dedicated and devoted
both to politics
and both to each other.
Both had
to brave, defy
each other’s parents,
their betrothal
already solemnized
by their well-wishers.
Loved each other
shared each other
their privacies
not for others
to eavesdrop.
The nuptial knot
he tied around her
throbbing neck
gem of a life
to her
and his mind
jumped, jumped and jumped
with the pride of an owner
and he
always her pride
companion for life.
Their children
their pride possessions
pretty colourful flowers
in their garden of life
in their garden of their love
and both companions
for life.
somewhere, somebody
sits ,decides and writes
how far stream
of harmony should flow
where to chalk out
two separate paths
for both of them
when to start walking
and choose
each’s path
where to put an end
to one’s walk
albeit the gnawing pain
from then onwards one will have to
live in other’s inner
chambers of heart
or carrying beloved’s
soul in one…..
nothing but destiny……..


Andi Muthu Raja, former Telecom Minister has been arrested by CBI sleuths. The talks of his impending arrest was very much around since M.Karunanidhi came visiting Delhi to meet with Prime Minister ManMohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and it is reported that both must have briefed him the possible arrest of A.Raja. Furthermore the case against A.Raja is likely to come up before Supreme Court where CBI will have to explain what all have been done on its part for the progress of the investigation.
It is unlikely that the relationship between Congress and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) is not poised to sour for reasons best known to many of us.
The opposition BJP spokesman Arun Jaitely reportedly talked in terms of casting aspersions over the arrest at a belated moment. He opined that it should have been done earlier and why was the three years delay for putting A.Raja behind bars who had allegedly embezzled a behemoth amount of 1.76 lakh crore rupees in the allocation of 2G Spectrum.
Immediately upon his remarks spread out, the Congress spokesman Manu Abhishek Singhvi jumped to the fore and made it clear law will have to take its course and therefore the delay is natural and no use blaming the delay. Both are eminent lawyers of Supreme Court. While Arun Jaitely besides being a spokesperson is a mainstream politician and leader of the opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Manu Abhishek Singhvi is a mainstream politician in the capacity of Congress spokesperson and whether he holds any other position other than that, perhaps he too must be a Rajya Sabha MP.
BJP leader, Arun Jaitely, Kumari Jayalalitha of AIADMK, Prakash Karat, CPI(M) all have come out into the open with their own views and demands.
While Arun Jaitely, BJP spokesman and opposition leader in Rajya Sabha is very much particular that the demand for holding a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) probe stands and that the matter should be taken up in Budget session of Parliament which is very much around the corner.
Kumari Jayalalitha, AIADMK leader has no doubt that the arrest of A.Raja was a ruse to hoodwink the opposition and the entire citizens and as a close follower of the movements of her bĂȘte noire M.Karunanidhi, she told the press persons about Karunanidhi’s visit to Delhi and meetings with ManMohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on the matter of JPC probe she is quite adamant and to escape the probe UPA according to her is poised to find out a ‘convoluted reasoning’.
CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat is satisfied with nothing short of JPC probe on the 2G Spectrum issue and the Left Front has already girded up its loins ready to fight to the hilt.
The FIR on the Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society scam has been ready and 13 persons including former Chief Minister of Maharashtra has been included in the list of indicted.
On the CWG scam 2010, V.K.Shunglu, former Comptroller and Auditor General is also ready with his report.
Thus UPA 2 govt is poised to display before us its earnestness in putting an end to corruption thereby coming out with a shining image. How far it is possible for it to succeed in this venture is anybody’s guess as corruption has already eaten into the vitals of the body politic thus depriving the masses at the lower strata of the society, their minimum needs to cope up with day to day subsistence. Eminent journalist Vidhya Subramaniam of The Hindu in an article has pointed towards the glaring fact that while huge tax exemptions have been extended to the corporates those at the lower pyramid of the society are still left in the lurch. As an example she has pointed towards the minimum wages of Rs 100 to the Mahatma National Rural Employees Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) formerly National Rural Employees Guarantee Act and the govt is not at all bothered about increasing the wages for the ones at the lower rung of the ladder. Yesterday with much pomp and pageantry the 5th year of NREGS was celebrated in the presence of Sardar ManMohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Vidhya Subramaniam points to a fact that the NREGS scheme with minimum wages of Rs 100 could catapult the UPA govt in 2009 elections to a second term that with a brighter image. If some more benefit could be extended to them UPA would surely have a more brighter image. But no, our Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson - not only them but many other political parties are after fattening the corporates. Actually we need to be ashamed of our so-called politicians.
Look at the State govt of Karnataka. The BJP Chief Minister B.S.Yedyurappa is shamelessly clutching to his post even after allegations of his real-estate deals have come to the fore. Defying the directives from the top he continues to be well entrenched in his seat and his leaders’ helplessness deserves contempt.


Sun is brighter than
Freedom of speech
and expression
a quick flowing stream.
Neither do we feel
gagged nor blind-folded
still my friend,
why do we feel
we are under a blazing black sun
gagged, blind-folded
and suffocated?
Whether too much light
a curse upon us?
and a blessing upon
a miniscule?
I mean, the looters we watch
whose deeds we watch
through transparent
screens sitting helplessly?


White Pyjama, Kurta,
color ripe orange
Moti Babu as the
suggests reminding a bun
dashed to the home
far away from Kolkata
at least once a year
in the capacity of my
uncle’s close friend.
Moti Babu always pleasant
smiling, tongue-in-cheek
sent waves of joy
through the nerves
of all at home.
Moti Babu always talkative
knew my mother tongue
and spoke a like a
gurgling stream
flowing north to south
in front of our home.
Moti Babu, Uncle, I
we three
never rested at home
during day time
we went out
visiting nook and cranny
of the village
to the fascination of
my friends, uncle’s friends
seeing a walking, laughing
in Pyjama,Kurta.
Moti Babu waved to
everyone, all amused
and enchanted on watching the
once in a year phenomenon.
During nights
Moti Babu and my Uncle
breathlessly spoke about
their Calcutta days
their pranks and mischiefs
and secrets best known to
them while I went for
my daily nap.
Moti Babu brought me fruits
sweets, colour pencils and
story books
and to my uncle,
Bengali classics, English fiction
and Bengali dishes, ready-made clothes
of various colours
all glittering to my Grandma, aunties, uncles
and myself.
Moti Babu spent joyous moments
with my Grandma
called her ‘Amma’
the way my uncle called her
ran his fingers through her
snow-white long flowing hairs
lied on her lap
like a child
but that was all once
upon a time.
Moti Babu too was
gradually ageing
my uncle too
river of time continues
to flow
time a craftsman
versatile in creating
handicrafts on all
no escape from his clutch
Moti Babu started not coming
asked I to my uncle one day
replied he sadly, tiredly
‘Moti Babu is too weak
he is ageing know?
Like me, your uncle?
Uncle’s answer satisfied me not
‘Am I not ageing’ asked I
‘No,no,no, you are growing
growing tall’ – Uncle smiled.
But I felt indescribable sadness…….


Dr.Binayak Sen, the much acclaimed medical practitioner and Vice-President, Peoples’ Union For Civil Liberties Activist (PUCL) was sentenced to life-long rigorous imprisonment along with Piyush Guha, a merchant and an alleged courier and an alleged Naxalite Narayan Sanyal on Dec 24 2010. Dr.Sen was freed on bail two years ago and other two didn’t have the luck of coming out of prison at least for a short span. While Piyush Guha was languishing in a Chattisgarh jail, his parents died and in spite of that no reprieve was extended to him to perform the last rites of his parents. Similarly Narayan Sanyal, an aged and ailing person who is reportedly suffering from a serious disease was not given medical treatment by the jail authorities.
Their trials and tribulations in jail forced the PUCL (Peoples’ Union for Civil Liberties) to venture on behalf of a number of such persons harassed in jail since a prolonged period.
It is learnt that law of sedition came into practice during British rule to take action against freedom fighters and now it has already turned archive and applying it on persons like Dr.Sen are quite unheard of and it is high time such draconian acts applied on hard-core criminals.
Dr.Binayak Sen, a barefoot doctor served the middle-class and lower middle-class patients throwing away a lucrative profession and ever since he joined PUCL, he was looked with suspicion by the govt and the law and order authorities which ultimately landed him in prison.
Ilina Sen, Dr.Sen’s wife reportedly made it clear to the press persons in a press conference that even before the pronouncement of the verdict by Justice B.P.Verma of Chattisgarh Sessions Court about whom human rights activist and eminent lawyer Prashant Bhushan reportedly asked how a judge like Verma came to be appointed to the lower Judiciary - there was heavy police bandobust around Dr.Sen’s house. She reportedly pointed to her allegation that Chattisgarh govt had prior knowledge about the judgement that made her desperate and disillusioned.
Even Amnesty International took strong exception to the verdict and its observation goes on like this: “Many of the charges against Sen stem from laws that contravene international standards. Repeated delays in the conduct of his trial have cast doubts about its fairness. The life sentence handed down against him violates international fair trial standards and is likely to enflame tensions in the conflict-affected area”.
Ilina Sen’s desperation forced her to make it clear that she and her family did want to go out of India as she found the system here atrocious. If she still thinks on these lines it is not surprising that while a person of Dr.Sen’s stature is being harassed in a prison the corrupt elements in the citadels of power roam free in air-conditioned cars. The looters enjoy life while those who work for the downtrodden are being shadowed and jailed. When should we expect this lop-sided system to end in this so-called democracy? Whether the ruling mandarins think on the lines of whether those languishing in prisons if freed come to the limelight join the mainstream to be one with the looters.
These languishing ones after being sentenced to life-long rigorous imprisonment have no champions to advocate their causes among the mainstream political parties, it is alleged. They ought to fight for their freedom and should have of the audacity to demand imprisonment of the corrupt elements looting the country.
Power politics, muzzle politics, money politics and vote-bank politics should have to be done away with instead fight for those at the lower rung of the ladder is the need of the hour.
Poverty, corruption and unemployment on a large-scale have started instigating the masses in certain countries like Tunisia, Egypt and which next are eye-openers and we need not nurture a mistaken notion that our country is impervious to such mass uprising……


Sentenced for life
confined to a prison
a doctor by profession
his efficiency as a
widely acclaimed doctor
the world over
he whose heart
goes all out for the
welfare of the downtrodden
he who is
never after money
unlike the run-of-the-mill
who swear by Hippocratic oath.
Before plunging into the
they who mouth
with service, selfless service
as the motto
are after piling up
as much money as possible.
He, who is a world-renowned
human rights activist
for whose cause
we have taken up cudgels
but no,
the so-called apostles of law
while letting the hard-core
criminals roam free
find pleasure
in keeping the apostle of
rights, equality and fraternity
in solitary confinement
caring two hoots
for our demands.


a moving skeleton
looking pale
like a faded petal
her collar bones projecting
like hump on the roads
hair dishevelled
like that of an insane woman
her breasts flattened
gave birth to an
anaemic baby
thirty days before
listening to a sermon
on the Television
the need for breast feeding
the child
for six months
for nurturing him
a bony baby.
Held the baby
close to her breast
the baby sucking out
but not milk
what he draws out
is but blood….
Sermons easy to deliver
nutritious food but
not the preacher’s duty
to donate.


The protests in Tunisia started on a low key. Nobody expected then it would snowball into a massive movement forcing the President Zine-ul-Abidin-Ben-Ali to flee the country seeking refuge somewhere, at last the Saudi Arabian kingdom offering asylum out of sympathy.
Though a change of govt, a nominal change, took place in Tunisia that was not enough for the protests and massive violence to subside. Still Tunisia is fuming and drawing inspiration from Tunisian developments, Egyptian crisis too is snowballing. There too the protest movement started on a low key only for a short while, then the movement gathered momentum and with each passing day the violence is heating up and it has had its effects. The son and his family who was chosen to be the successor to Hosni Mubarak has fled the country.
Last Tuesday the protesters took to the streets and braved water canons, tear gas shells and batons. Barricades turned out to be the next target and riot police did their maximum to take on the protesters. In the meanwhile the violence had spread into the interior parts of the country demanding Mr.Mubarak to bow down before them effecting constitutional changes, eradicating grinding poverty and demanding an end to the massive unemployment. The dictatorial trait in the man hesitates to bend as of late now 74 persons have been done to death. The country as a whole is now under the army though they have not turned offensive.
Anyhow knowing that he will have to listen to the demands of citizens the post of Vice-President has been filled by swearing in the Intelligence Chief as a first step in the direction of a change over and appointing the Interior Minister as the Prime Minister. The 82-year old dictator since occupying the saddle is in no mood to vacate his post even in the face of massive violence.
The main opposition Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6 Movement, the most powerful head of the opposition, the nobel laureate and former chief of IAEA Muhammed Elbaradi in cohoot with the protesters have demanded Mubarak to come to terms with the realities the dictator is in no mood to listen.
US President Barack Obama has asked Mubarak to make effective changes and adopt a democratic path. US State Secretary Hilary Clinton too has demanded Mubarak to listen to the masses but for the consequent 6th day today Egypt continues to flare-up.
The Tunisian-inspired uprising, it seems is spreading to other nations in Arab world and it is reported that Jordan and Yemen have started fuming. The fundamental reasons being poverty, unemployment and dictatorial tendencies.
In the event of Arab world as a whole flaring up one by one, the consequences are something beyond our imagination.


Somewhere in his
memory tree
one day
she built a nest
to his profuse pleasure.
He offered her
sweet fruits
she in turn sang
lullabies during nights
the secret pleasure
both kept to themselves
thus went on days.
One night instead of
lullabies which always
soothed his nerves
and lifted him
to profound charm
he heard her crying
before he reached
the spot
her cries came to an end.
Since then, he never saw
and he saw the
nest inhabited by
a giant bird with
irritating tone.
But his memories
always fluttered around
his most beloved love-bird
whose lullabies
flowed from afar
each night….
reminding one of a
forlorn song


Concrete jungles
melting under
the blistering sun
street-side walkers
under the burning sun
‘shiver’ with ‘summer fever’
some falling unconscious dehydrated.
The last drop of water
gets sucked out of
the drought affected
remote fields
by the blazing sun
like a body ripped apart
in a mayhem.
Sun-strokes like
leave sun-burns
over the helpless
under the afternoon sun
and the juice
of life is drawn out.
While the world gets roasted
by the sun
a few cocooned
inside the A/c rooms
men, women and children
enjoy the breezy moments of life
like hermits in the caves.


It is quite unfortunate that Pakistan, always eyes India with suspicion. It is not a surprising matter that since six decades on the ‘core’ issue of Jammu & Kashmir, both are at loggerheads even though several rounds of negotiations have been held since sixty four years. In the meantime three wars have been fought bringing huge loses to both countries. But the ‘core’ issue of Jammu & Kashmir remains ‘core’ issue without reaching any solution. But we believe in continuing bilateral talks and these bilateral talks help in a big way to proceed along somewhat smoothly. As the astute politician and former diplomat Manisankar Iyer recently mentioned the importance of ‘uninterruptable uninterruptability’ on the issue of talks between the two nations. Such talks would help in maintaining a level playing field and would prompt both nations to move ahead in future too.
Now that a trilateral talks between Pakistan, Afghanistan and USA is on the anvil Afghanistan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rassoul has begun a visit to Pakistan beginning Thursday. The trilateral talk is intended to bring Taliban into the mainstream. Since America had already shown tiredness after fighting in Afghanistan since 2001 without achieving their goals, barring deaths of lakhs of Afghans, property destruction besides human casualties on the sides of America + NATO alliance. Al-Quaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Sawahiri, whose heads US wanted most are still at large and now it seems they have won the game in case they are still safely embedded in their havens. Since the last two years US and allies were thinking along the lines of withdrawing from the scene for good. Still US is thinking along these lines, hence it has found a good friend in Pakistan – even otherwise too Pakistan is its all-weather friend – and now that time has arrived and the visit of Foreign Affairs Minister of Afghanistan to Pakistan for paving the spade-work for talks with the Taliban, who claims to be the rightful heirs to rule Afghanistan since a decade and more.
Furthermore Afghan President Hamid Karzai, though was in good terms with US of late, is not that friendly with US.
That too must have prompted America for holding a tripartite talks with Pakistan and Afghanistan to befriend Taliban. Moreover Pakistan is in bonhomie with Taliban and that cordial relationship with Pakistan would help to find a let-up.
The Pak Foreign Minister Sha Muhammed Qureshi is against including India in the ensuing talks and his argument goes on the lines of including only Muslim nations especially Organisation of Islamic Countries. Though India is a prime player in the development of Afghanistan – thousands of skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled workers are risking their lives in various fields like IT, education, health, infrastructure development etc. Many Indians had to shed their lives in the course of their service to that nation, still many go on serving in the face of risks to their lives from Taliban elements.
Even after all these Pakistan Foreign Minister insisting on not to include India in the talks is nothing but self-interest besides isolating India, entirely from Afghanistan. The triggering of suicide bomb explosion by ramming a vehicle packed with explosives into Indian embassy killing about fifty Indians was with the covert support of Pakistan intelligence agency – Inter Services Intelligence, it is a naked truth known to not only India but America, Afghanistan, in short the world over.
Isolation of India from Afghanistan as far as Pakistan is concerned is of another benefit to Pakistan. It can very well concentrate its forces on the Kashmiri border and can very well provide fund, training and logistical support to hard-core terrorists to infiltrate from outside the border posing a threat to India. Hence it is Pakistan’s all time aim to isolate India from Afghanistan with the support of Taliban elements, once and for all.


Her thoughts
follow no pattern
sometimes here, sometimes there
sometimes here and there.
Her thoughts follow
no pattern.
Each physical movement
does have each thought
her thoughts like
a speeding fan
at its maximum
they advise meditation
what for?
Let thoughts come,
let them go,
never care,
never try to rein in
let the thoughts
run free as long as they wish
then they will go
for rest like her going to sleep.


The man
the man
who never could harm
a butterfly
the man
who never could
pluck a red rose
lest it could pain it
the man
who could never
hurt a blonde
so tender-hearted he was
the man
who always kept
a pet
who was his life-long
friend and protector
the man who could
just touch and feel the lips
of his girl-friend
so soft, so sensitive
so soft-hearted
was a dictator
the driving force
behind the holocaust
killed himself in the end.
Whether he aimed the
gun against his forehead
or consumed cyanide
or pleaded his girl-friend
to shoot him?
No one knows for sure….
Guess, who is he….


2011 seems to be an ominous year for the Arab world judging by the goings on in Tunisia and now Egypt. Tunisia continues to burn with thousands and thousands of citizens demanding the new govt under President Faoud Mebasa and Prime Minister Mohammed Ganouchi to vacate, paving the way for a people-friendly govt through free and fair elections. Tunisia’s case is one of the first in the Arab world and now drawing inspiration from Tunisia’s experience Egypt too has joined the bandwagon. Tunisia, Egypt and then which comes next is anybody’s guess.
What all prompted Tunisians are the same reasons that have provoked the Egyptian citizens. Grinding poverty.
Wide-spread poverty, lack of essential commodities, massive unemployment, all are reasons behind the peoples’ rage against the govt of Hozni Mubarak. ‘Down with Hozni Mubarak‘ placards - holding tens of thousands of citizens trooped into the streets of Egypt on Tuesday and since then they are enraged and demand his resignation. Water canons sprayed and teargas shells burst against the surging crowds who defied barricades and stopped water canon vehicles and forcibly threw out the driver braving batons of riot police.
This is not the first time Hozni Mubarak is faced with such a rebellion but this is the first time his government has reached a piquant situation as the rebellion is something to do with poverty and hunger. How is it possible for any nation to pull on while the citizens suffer from massive hunger and poverty for a prolonged period. Peoples’ patience has its limits and when the limit is broken then it is apocalypse with nobody capable of stopping it. The protests began on the national holiday honoring Egypt’s much feared police, it is reported. The April 6 movement has joined the protesters and how Mubarak can put an end to massive upsurge is an uphill task to judge. Tunisian happenings remain a catalyst to the Egyptian citizens to go ahead with large-scale protests.
Unlike Tunisia, Egypt is in good terms with USA and there is every possibility of Mubarak turning to the Super Power for help. Obama expressed pleasure while Zine-Al Abidin Bin Ali, ex-Tunisian President fled for life and sought asylum in kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but will he express the kind of pleasure if Hosni Mubarak were to flee Egypt? Never. America needs Mubarak badly due to various strategic reasons that is one of the reasons behind the man continuing in power since three decades. The Egyptian citizens apprehend that Hosni Mubarak would try for another term later this year. Otherwise chances of him fielding his son for the post of President is a matter of concern to them.
A month ago, Islamic Jihadists triggered a suicide bomb explosion in which about 20 people died, many maimed and injured when the suicide bomber triggered an explosion in front of a Coptic Christian church which led to the Christians take to the streets near Alexandria, a Christian majority locality. Almost after one month taking inspiration from Tunisian violence against mounting poverty, hunger and massive unemployment Egyptian citizens have joined the Tunisians and which will be the next Arab nation to flare up?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Republic Day
or any other day
he has to wake up
in the wee hours of
the morning.
Daily chores within minutes
then a dash to
the railway station
of waves of lightning.
To and fro waves
of local trains
he dives headlong into one
stuffed with ‘live particles’
Within minutes
heading outside
a dash to the workplace
a work uniform change
ready one, two, three.
No rest except in
the noon
again continuance of
the hard tasks
till the metropolis
gets draped in milky light.
Again a dash
to the waves of
lightning locals
diving headlong
reaching within
minutes to
the destined station
dash to his ‘Taj Mahal’
bath, food,
a ‘quickie’
sound sleep,
that’s all.
Republic day,
or any other day.


Our country goes to it 62nd Republic Day tomorrow with much fanfare as always. President Pratibha Patil will address the nation today stating the achievements in various fields and will casually mention the challenges like terrorism that too as always. The threat from outside the border is likely to be mentioned as also internal threats like rampant corruption, poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, non-empowerment of women, lack of educational facilities and health, all relevant even now. What all she addressed on 61st Republic day eve message are still relevant what actually she needs to do is a repeat parrot-like.Yes, changes taken place within one year and they are at the upper pyramid of the society. The gap between the haves and haves has widened and its not a phenomenon it is an ongoing process and the trickling down of benefits are nil to say the least. Corporate social responsibility is at its bare minimum with the greediness rising sky-top. An inclusive society is something good to be mouthed from the top of podiums by the ruling coterie that they are doing with much vigour but that apart nothing worthwhile is being done by them.The ruling coterie dances to the tunes of corporate tycoons for existence and it is a dark fact nothing but a dark fact and even while preaching sermons at the top of their voices they do practically nothing for the good of seventy percent of Indians who are on the border line and the ones below the poverty lines (BPL).Fuel price hike at least once in a fortnight, price spiral of food items and other essential commodities, with no corresponding rise in food products, onion prices at its peak expect assurances to the effect that the prices of essential commodities and food items would come down within a short period, in short assurances and assurances alone rent the air.One thing I know, even I do get bored when mentioning about the 2G Spectrum scam involving a swindling of 1.76 lakh crores, Rs 70,000 crores loss in CWG-2010 scam. Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society scam, the corporate - middle person – media nexus violating the age-old ethical values, please note the list never ends here.Corruption is ruling the roost and it seems as long as the ruling ones are a party to it, how is it possible to wipe out the grimy dark paints from the face of our country. Nominal healing touch won’t be of any benefit to the nation a strong political will is the need of the hour, but that is immaterial s long as the rulers are willful dolls of the business class. Actually the rulers are the corporate honchos but those at the top echelons of power always remain subservient to them.Each day brings with it new stories of stashing away of huge sums in various accounts in foreign banks by the elite of India and many more are yet to come out into the open. The Supreme Court has taken strong note of all these and to the Prime Minister’s stand that the names of the account holders cannot be divulged due to the bilateral understanding between the two countries.On going thru a newspaper, it was learnt that the total amount to the tune of $ 1456 bn of US dollars are stashed away in Swiss banks alone which could wipe out our nation’s total external borrowings totally. Whether our President on the eve of Republic Day while addressing the nation will touch upon this issue is a billion dollar question. In my opinion ‘No’ is the answer.First she unfurls the National flag, as the National Anthem is played, and a 21-gun salute is given. Next, important awards like the Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra are given away by the President, before the regiments of Armed forces start their march past.This time, BJP’s proposed hoisting of a tri-colour flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar has come up as an issue to take up cudgels against them. That apart in the years ‘scams’ and ‘cover-ups’ what else is there to dwell upon for our PM other than parroting the oft-repeated things?

Monday, January 24, 2011


Thru systematic pursuits
you enticed her.
Thru cajoling words
you conquered her.
Thru flames of lust
you squeezed the sugarcane
and drank mouthful
of juice
threw away the remnants
down the drains
and your thirst for her
died a natural end
thru indifference
you ditched her
and left her isolated.
no qualms whatsoever
you had
and no takers
for her unrequitted love.


It seems Jammu&Kashmir is heading towards another crisis. This time for an entirely different reason. For about six months the State had no peace, with citizens on the one hand and the Government at the other engaging in clashes and violence with separatists extracting maximum benefit. Citizens not wilfully played into the hands of separatists they were forced to enter into alliance with the latter as the police, paramilitary forces and army reportedly mounted bloody attacks on the citizens many gunned down, many captured, tortured, imprisoned, many silenced, which led to the citizens trooping to the streets and holding processions and shouting ‘go India go’ slogans. A sense of alienation took hold of them and they demanded autonomy for which the Indian government was not prepared for. Sensing the gravity of the situation, first the Centre sent a team of all party delegation to meet the people and learn about various problems plaguing them like lack of infrastructure development, massive unemployment among educated youths, non-empowerment of women, massive mal-nutrition and poverty, similar problems like that. Soon after, a team of interlocutors under senior journalist Dilip Padgaonkar, Educationist Radha Kumar and former Information Commissioner M.M.Ansari was formed and sent to Kashmir for an in-depth study and for finding solutions to lessen the problems nagging the citizens. They met a cross-section of people learnt about their problems tried to find their own solutions and continue to submit reports before the Centre.
This time BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) has stirred a hornet’s nest. Republic day is fast approaching. The Party this time has decided to unfurl a tri-colour flag at Lal Chowk which has unnerved the Centre and the latter is determined to scuttle their plans of unfurling ‘tiranga’ at Lal Chowk. BJP’s allegation goes on like this. The Central govt as well as the State govt fearing the separatists are not allowing ‘the more patriotic’ BJP to proceed on their declared objectives. Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh says, this is not the time for settling political agendas and the Central govt is determined to wean away the followers of BJP from hoisting the tri-colour flag at Lal Chowk.
Jammu bound trains filled with BJP men have been stopped and re-routed by the Railway authorities – trains from eleven States – amidst massive protests by the BJP cohorts. We are reminded of 1992s when saffron clad ‘karsevaks’ sporting tilaks on forheads and trishuls, swords and lathis (dandas) aboarding trains with the single objective of demolishing Babri Masjid while watching BJP elements rushing to Lal Chowk for unfurling tri-colour flag.
In Jammu&Kashmir preventive arrests have been going on and the govt is taking maximum precautions possible to avoid a showdown involving separatists, police, paramilitary forces and army.
BJP’s leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitely is angry over the steps being taken by Central govt and State govt to prevent Lal Chowk flag hoisting on the Republic day. He has pointed out an accusing finger at separatists and their ‘supporters’ for holding meeting at Capital and vents his wrath against the Central govt for not taking action against those indulged in ‘sedition’.
What actually in his mind is hard-core Hurriyat Conference leader Saeed Ali Sha Geelani an Arundhati Roy but Jaitely should have noted that the matter is still subjudice. Anyhow he chose not to mention the persons by name.
I am at a loss to know whether hoisting a tri-colour flag at Lal Chowk will amount to patriotism and whether Prime Minister ManMohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi are agents of separatists as alleged by the BJP?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


over the
violent reactions
of the irate citizens
the dictator
cast a net of
internal emergency
across the country.
People caught in a
state of asphyxiation
were fish out of water
shaking violently to escape the net
under the blistering sun.
Unfortunate fish
losing no hope
ripped and bit apart the net
came out
breathed fresh air
jumping into the
waters of freedom
forcing the
dictator flee
for life
outside the country.


Ever since the real estate scam came out into the open Karnataka Chief Minister B.S.Yeddyurappa knew no peace of mind despite his pilgrimages to various temples in Karnataka and neighbouring States like Kerala. Nowadays the so-called elite politicians and corporates irrespective of their corrupt dealings run to temples and churches, offer oblations and pray for peace of mind, which they want most but which they get less and less.
Yeddyurappa always sporting a tilak as a mark of obeisance and respect to God, nurses no qualms - even an iota of it - for indulging in corruption and amassing crores and crores.
The man reportedly caught red-handed in real estate scams involving his kith and kin even after repeated pressures by the opposition Congress and Janata Dal(S) led by the humble farmer from Karnataka Dev Gowda is not at all in a mood to vacate the saddle owning up moral responsibility for the dark deeds committed by him and his kith and kin. How is it possible for scams and faith in God go hand in hand is a question posed by common people like us.
Not only the opposition in Karnataka but by his own party BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) exerted pressure on him to vacate the throne but the man remained nailed to it with the stand that ‘come what may, the question of resigning from the post of CM is not in my agenda’. BJP’s opposition leader in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj was very much particular that he resign from the post of CM owning up responsibility, but our Yeddy didn’t cow down. Along with Sushma Swaraj BJP President and the topmost party functionary Nitin Gadkari though personally prevailed upon him to resign forthwith, Yeddy cared two hoots.
At last not the ‘culprit’ but the leadership cowed down before his position of continuing in the post. Yeddyurappa is a lingayat and the lingayat faction is a majority in Karnataka politics to reckon with, hence the leadership feared in the event of ousting him from the post of Chief Ministership, the ultimate sufferer would be the party itself. Hence the decision not to open the Pandora’s box. The party in the beginning demanded his resignation for getting involved in the land scam primarily due to its bĂȘte noire Indian National Congress was caught in the mire of scams and scandals. And BJP had taken up cudgels against those in the UPA alliance which was in the midst of Himalayan scams which are mind-boggling.
A.Raja, the then Union Minister of Telecommunications and Technology was caught in the 2G Spectrum scam which involved 1.76 lakh crores, such a huge scam Independent India had witnessed for the first time, Rs. 70000/ crores involved in the Common Wealth Games – 2010 scandal – Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society scam the amount involved so far not came out into the open and on a daily basis many a scam tumbling out for example, the stashing of black money away in foreign banks by Indian politicians and corporates, the list available so far not yet disclosed which the Supreme Court termed the theft money, Ottavio Quattrochi issue has been brought up once again by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, all vigorously raked by BJP.
BJP’s locus standi is in question as far as it hesitates to take action against B.S.Yeddyurappa.
Of late Karnataka Governor H.R.Bharadwaj has sanctioned prosecution of Yeddyurappa for his reported involvement in the land scam.
In the meanwhile BJP President Nitin Gadkari who is on a Chinese visit reportedly commented to media persons that Yeddyurappa’s land scam is immoral but the steps taken against him by the Governor is illegal. True H.R.Bharadwaj was a Congress man, but judging by Gadkari’s comment that Yeddyurappa’s action is immoral should be shown the door. Then only in future BJP’s demand for a JPC probe will have a logic.
Mudsling on the issue of corruption by two involved parties carry no water, in short.
In a clumsy atmosphere like this, this writer is of the opinion that the corruption games are here to continue.


One afternoon
accompanied by the
blazing sun
her lover came to
her apartment
bathed in sweat.
She greeted him
took him inside and hugged him
switched on the
ceiling fan
they stood in embrace
for several minutes
at a stretch
exchanging kisses, kisses
and kisses.
The anxious, curious sun
mulled peeping into
inside the room
he saw she
with her cherry lips
wiping away her lover’s
the sweat beads
both almost naked
both bemused noticing
the peeping
sun made a flashy
disappearance from the scene
dark clouds gathered
in the sky in no time
accompanied by cool winds
the temperature came to a
the atmosphere turned
a heavy downpour followed
accompanied by lightning and thunder
both enjoyed the moments
thanks to the generosity of
the sun.
But her lover had
to leave her
albeit with a tinge
of sadness
before her husband
but no sign of
thundershowers subsiding
he had to go
awashed with showers
of kisses
by generous rain….
He came awashed with sweat
went awashed with
See, the pranks
played by the sun….


Multi-fanged sea-snakes
called waves
biting the sharp
projecting rocks
fangs after
fangs biting repeatedly
hurting themselves
committing suicides
a la suicide pact
The hermit
cocooned in the cave
oblivious of the world
of hullaballoo
since ‘centuries’.
That happy state of mind
calm and serene
that transcendental
relaxed existence
never sad, never worried
a smiling pleasant face
No shock, no pain
let the ‘bastard’ bleed
who ever he is
who cares?
Who cries?
Ambience, quiet and poised
sylvan settings marvellous
verdant hills, flowers
paddy fields
cool breeze
sparkling lakes
running village girl
with anklets jingling
smoothly flowing river.


Apart from the official bonhomie, both US and China after entering into serious talks both had to take divergent views on several matters. Chinese President Hu Jintao and his US counterpart took entirely different stands on matters relating to different matters concerning bilateral relations.
For instance on matters relating to Human rights violations in China though Hu Jintao agreed partially with Obama, like ‘yes some violations are there’ like casual remarks he made it clear that his country would not brook any external interference over such matters. While US President raked up the issue actually what was prominent in his mind was the 11 year term imprisonment of Nobel Prize Winner for Peace 2010, Liu-Xia-Bao in a Chinese prison. But no, China chose not to make any reference to it, on the other hand didn’t outrightly deny human rights violation charges. True, in the top echelons of the Communist Party of China (CPC) differences of opinion exist over human rights violations and it had already spilled out into the outside world while Party plenum was underway about six months before. Economic freedom alone won’t suffice with more and more Chinese citizens demanding more individual freedom, freedom of speech and expression, freedom to organise one day the leadership will have to cow down to internal as well as external pressures. It is not China alone facing human rights problems wherever individual liberties are curtailed, for example Myanmar, Sudan to be precise wherever dictatorship prevails, the demands for freedom are raised.
The other issue, both countries touched upon was Chinese currency Yuan. US treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wanted nominal rise in value of Chinese Yuan as against China’s existing policy. He reportedly advised China for reining in inflation the nominal increase in exchange value is a must. Actually China’s policy of depreciation of its currency adversely affects America causing trade imbalance between the two countries and that is the actual reason behind his advice to China. How far China will go in the direction of American advice something worth watching.
Both have entered into export deals worth US $45 billion including sale of 200 Boeing aircraft which would help US by the way of helping 2,35000 employment opportunities in US.
Tibetan issue also came up for discussion between both nations. US prevailed upon China to enter into dialogue with Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama and wanted Chin to do all that is possible to protect the cultural and religious identities of Tibetans. China might have given a patient hearing to American advice and that is all, as Dalai Lama is considered as the proclaimed enemy of China and will in no way enter into a dialogue with the Tibetan Spiritual leader. Moreover China’s annexation of Tibet led to Dalai Lama fleeing Tibet to India while Pandit Nehru was India’s PM. The Dalai Lama issue was the primary reason behind China attacking India in 1962 without any provocation from India’s part. Now China considers Tibet to b an integral part of it that US also agree and we can very well take it for granted that China won’t succumb to US pressure.
Taiwan issue is another core issue between China and America. China won’t take it kindly to either India, US or any other nation extending logistical support to Taiwan and in the event of that China will lodge its protest then and there.
The visit of Chinese President to US is certainly poised for a give and take measure with either China or US walking away by emerging a single beneficiary when the chips are down.
Either China or US has conveniently or both have collectively cared not to dwell upon the North Korean imbroglio and the Pakistani turmoil for reasons best known to each. North Korea is China’s little brother and Pakistan though as US and China are aware the epicenter of terrorism it is of strategic importance to both. Human rights, human rights violations all serious words worth mouthing the ugly bewildering words ‘terrorism’ ‘explosions’ and ‘assassinations’ both hesitate to talk much about.


He said:
Behind the curtains
the blonde stands
He continued:
Through the wedge of the curtain
she can very well watch us.
H e said:
We are in love
she is playing
hide and seek
mischievous she.
I gave credence
to his words
my yearing to see
his lady-love
one day we saw
the curtains removed
only the window-sill
and the naked white room behind
no movements, no shadows.
He said:
She might be hiding
she always plays
hide and seek
elusive, elusive, elusive…..
I replied:
Illusion, illusion, illusion.


Flocks of tourists
like migratory birds
land in the country
with back-packs
and cameras hung
around shoulders.
Take pleasure drives
around cities, towns and
rural areas
leaf thru brochures
click click click
cage themselves in
five star hotels
take to drinks
spend pleasurable
ecstatic moments
with call girls
spend three
to four nights
take a few notes
and fly back.
Like one taking a
swim across the sea
from one end to
the other end
a superficial one
no diving deep into
the bottom
and discovering the latent
secrets, truths
so far hidden
upon reaching their
pen travelogues
sponsored by
so-called accomplished
publishing houses
made into book forms.
With all kinds of
plaudits by
so-called well-known
thus stealing the
the sincere, hardworking ones
roam around
months if not years
visiting every nook and
cranny of the country
learning, imbibing
historical books
like delving deep into
the sea
tracing down
the latent truths
so far hidden
and producing
a life-time achievement
of a precious gem
but none left to leaf thru.
Courtesy : Orhan Pamuk


This is a historic moment in the history of Republic of Sudan, Africa’s largest country and in the Arab world.
As everyone had expected, Southern Sudan has chose to secede from the North with a whopping majority in the historic referendum held three weeks before. Southern Sudan is inhabited by Christian where as Northern Sudan inhabited by Muslims.
Since 1983, Sudan was plagued by civil war which lasted for almost twenty two years. The civil wars ended at the initiative of Col.Omar-Al-Bashir, the Head of Sudan. Then it was decided once and for all to end the civil wars and decided to hold a referendum by 2011. Accordingly in the first of January 2011, Southern Sudan voted enmasse and the results started pouring out the other day. The Southerners voted with a staggering majority for secession and it was on expected lines.
Col.Omar-Al-Bashir in a bloodless coup in 1989 dethroned the then ruler under whose rule the civil wars were raging and proclaimed himself as the President of Sudan.
In the first few years Col.Bashir’s rule did display a satisfactory rule and through macro-economic reforms which changed the face of Sudan for the better.
But later his greed for power resulted in grabbing each powerful position by pushing every one out and through widespread bloody executions ruled like a ruthless dictator.
Darfur conflict brought about large-scale violence which resulted in millions of citizens dead, equal numbers displaced as a result Darfur knew no peace for years.
Col.Bashir’s violent rule and innumerable murders came to the notice of International Criminal Court (ICC) and it issued a summons to him to stand trial on 4 Jun 2008. He rejected the summons and IIC issued another summons to appear before it. He was charged with massive rights violations and genocide.
It was a historic summons issued to one ruling head of a country the first time. The whole Arab world joined him in rejecting the summons and as of today it stands.
Sudan is blessed with natural resources like petroleum and crude-oil and China and Japan are the major export partners of both.
Col.Bashir for a short span maintained cordial relations with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al-Queada. He even went to the extent of inviting Osama-Bin-Laden to Sudan. US took strong exception to it and went on with the decision to impose sanctions against Sudan. Col.Bashir on being aware of dire consequences in the event of sanctions by US and its allies prevailed upon Osama-Bin-Laden and Islamic Jihadists to leave the country.
Now that North Sudan and South Sudan are poised to come up, the decades long rivalry is likely to come to an end. As per the news pouring in Juba a sleepy town of Southern Sudan might be the new cabinet.
How long the dictator keeping all powers to himself will continue to hold on to power with the sword of Democles in the form of summons of International Criminal Court over his head remains a billion-dollar question.


Each Sunday
on her way to
church to attend
the Holy Communion
together parents
and siblings
her complaints to
herself went on like this:
‘Why the hell all keep
a close watch on
am I a pretty little
doll or a Princess
worth watching?’
Attending the Holy
she kept mum
nothing to pray
nothing to confess
before the priest
was in a dead hurry
to reach her room
and get confined
within four walls
of her home to
escape the ‘watchful eyes’
of her family members.
While alone
talking to herself
and watching the painting
of Infant Jesus
held close to the bosom of
Virgin Mary
the umpteenth
she got bored with
her claustrophobic existence
woke up from
the bed
and complained to
herself about her
her prison-like
walls surrounded
by walls
walls within walls
as in a womb.
She wished to be
like a free lady
demanding her to be
free from chains.


Ever since the son
left for the distant
unknown land
mother started waiting
for his return
from the same day itself.
Years of waiting
and waiting
mother each day.
Dreamt her son
paying a surprise
visit to her in
each dream
inebriated she with
her heart pounding
with pleasure.
showered with gifts
of kisses
mother showered him
with gifts of warm
all in her dreams.
One day
unexpectedly she
received a telegram
from her first flower
of her life with her partnership
for life -
her better-half.
‘Mother await me
expect me any time
soon’ – went on the cable.
No dream
but a reality
her heart jumped with
Mother visualized his
‘how is he now?
Happy? Well-placed?
Would he be with
me the entire life?
Will he fly
afar again?’
Images flashed
across her eyes.
At last
one day afternoon
waiting on the portico
saw she four
gun wielding khaki-wallahs
rushing to the house,
‘Is he your
_ son here?
Be honest, tell the
The red-eyed ones
eyes wide and protruded
stared at her…
Something tumbled down
inside her heart
she stood statue-like
with two channels of
tears rolling down her cheeks…..


Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao is on a three day visit to Nepal, India’s neighbouring State. Though India is considered a big brother watching the developments in Nepal most often rulers of Nepal visit India while Indian rulers visiting that small Himalaya country is very rare. Nepal is not US, China, Russia, France or Britain, we are very well aware of.
Nepal though free from violence ever since the malevolent dictator King Gyanendra was ousted from power, the political situation in the country is still in a volatile otherwise in a fluid state.
The Royal rule ended after Maoists and the citizens of Nepal unitedly went on the offensive and in the ensuing violence lasting for several days the ruthless dictator was forced to vacate the throne, remember, he is now one among the ordinary citizens of Nepal. Licking the wounds he had reportedly made vain attempts to stage a come back with the support of pro-Royalist elements among the political countries and that is another truth.
A malevolent dictatorship like colonialism not to the liking of people. After keeping a low profile for a while their dissatisfaction and disillusionment grow gradually and they adopt various ways for displaying their anger, protest, agitations, non-violent and violent means to force the dictator or the colonialist out of power and succeed in their efforts to establish democracy. Our neighbouring country Myanmar is under a military dictatorship where also majority are dreaming a day for the end of military rule, thus paving the way for democracy. Aung Saan Syuuki with the support of majority of citizens are on the war-path but military’s iron-grip has not so far loosened.
If history is a pointer to truth, one day the military howsoever mighty it might be will have to flee for life one day. In a democracy, drawbacks might be many, individual freedom and freedom of speech and expression etal would help to rectify each drawback and address the various problems of the citizens. A democratic ambience provides each citizen with the right to breath fresh air of freedom and expression which frees each man and woman from a state of suffocation.
Turn to Nepal. Immediately after ousting King Gyanendra from the throne Nepal went to polls under the UN auspices and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) cornered a large chunk of seats thus clearing the path for the first Maoist rule of Nepal under Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda. The beginning was on a strong wicket but truth remained truth. The other parties Nepali Congress under the then leader Girija Prasad Koirala who was part of Nepali rule for years, Communist Party of Nepal (UML), Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum, Nepal and other little entities were not much in good terms with Prachanda’s Maoist Party and were waiting for a moment to kick the dust of trouble in his Party’s direction. They were blessed with such opportunity when the Chief of Army Rookmangud Katwal was allowed to continue in his post even after the expiry of term under the orders of President Dr.Ram Baran Yadav. In protest against the President’s decision Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) led by Prachanda tendered his resignation from the post of Prime Minister and his decision led to a chaotic political situation.
Soon after another election was called for but nobody emerged with absolute majority turning the situation into a state of flux.
Madav Kumar Nepal took over as acting Prime Minister. He is still a namesake Prime Minister actually with no powers.
To form a govt, a stable one, efforts were on to elect a new Prime Minister, but tussle for power among each party reached a dead end. Each round of counting to elect a leader ended without a positive result, ie. none got majority then began the withdrawal of each leader from the arena of contest starting from Prachanda.
In the end Ramachandra Poudal of Nepal Congress too withdrew from the scene, now efforts are on a hectic note to find one. More than one year has elapsed this way and the coming one is the seventeenth round. Most probably a National government under the leadership of Prachanda forming an alliance with Nepal Congress, UML etc is the possibility.
Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao’s three day visit and her upcoming meeting with Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, Foreign Minister Sujatha Koirala and Maoist leader Prachanda is something to do with it. Wait and watch.
Nepal is a nascent democracy hence for the nation to be stable democracy, no surprise is there that such travails and tribulations are common and it would take some more time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


In the fairy land
of monumental corruption
big fish feeding
on the faeces of
roam around the streets
spreading the stench
of excreta
where multi-storied
blocks of excreta
are built.
People ran helter-skelter
unable to stand the stench
raising a hue and cry.
A Minister of integrity
ordered the stench emanating
buildings to be bulldozed
then and there.
The next day
he lost his chair
as per the orders
of the King
the very existence of
King himself resting on the
shoulders of the big fish
the ones who dare
to touch them
get lost in the wilderness.


In the eventful years
as a fire-brand revolutionary
he tied the nuptial knot
around her neck
a namesake wedding
it was.
The party was banned,
his life a hide and seek game
once in a while
out of nothingness
he appeared and disappeared
before her
plunging her into momentary
And her mind often a restlessness
raging sea those days.
He never made compromises
with his principles
never did she ask him to
bow his head before any one
and seek pardon
his courage she always adored
and appreciated.
Years in wilderness
at last the ban on party
he came out into
the open world
then too restless he was
often caught in the web of
fighting for the
rights of the masses.
Married loneliness was
a curse befallen on her,
never did he care about it
all his will and pleasure.
With party expanding
and with party seizing power
comrades of yester years
turned greedy, power hungry
deviated from the doctrines
values and policies.
The hydrae of
revisionism and sectarianism
coiled around the party
squeezing the essence out
of the organization and his
will to fight
the flame of revolution
lay embedded like embers
covered with ashes.
One day he told himself
‘fed-up’ and threw in the towel.
Restless days came to an end
his mind still restless
tried he to drown them
in the world of books
and unclouded, transparent
poignant memories.
True, she turned happy
knowing well his mind was
still among the masses and doctrines
his presence beside her
matter of happiness,
though both had entered
the golden light
of life
and golden jubilee
of their wedded life
enacted once again by
exchanging garlands
and sweets distributed
celebrating in the presence of
two sons, a few comrades and relatives
both became man and wife
the second time.
The namesake first wedding
still etched on the walls of
the minds of both.


Before the might of the masses, a dictator however mighty he is will have to flee for life at some point in his life. Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidin Ben Ali too followed the age-old truth, fled for life to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after 23 years of authoritarian rule. The masses got fed up with his corrupt rule and their anger snowballed into agitations, protests and violence, plunging the whole nation into chaos. At last the North African country succeeded in ousting him from power. It is said that in the history of Africa this is the first time a ruler had to flee his nation seeking asylum in another Muslim nation.
Saudi Arabian rulers considering the exceptional circumstances did provide asylum to Zine El Abdidin Ben Ali and his family which has been confirmed by Saudi sources.
Before fleeing the country he signed a decree handing over power to Mohammed Ganauchi, the Prime Minister for the post of President but Constitutional Council rejected the decree and appointed Tunisian Speaker Foaud Mebasa as the acting President until further orders. Though Mohammed Ganauchi promised Tunisians a rule free from corruption and assurance to reduce the price rise, there were no takers for it and was asked to shut up.
Zine El Abidin Ben Ali got enthroned in power in 1987 ousting the then regime in a bloodless coup. In the beginning he started on a positive note, introduced liberal reforms bringing cheers to the lips of his countrymen. But gradually he deviated from his progressive policies and programmes and corruption became his hallmark and began a rule of repressions which at the outset the masses took it in their stride, everything has its limits and as their life turned for the worse organized themselves and agitation progressed on a gradual note.
Across the whole country restlessness spread especially capital Tunis, violence and clashes aggravated and Ben Ali found it an ardous task to continue in the saddle.
Capital Tunis has virtually turned into a flashpoint the whole countrymen angry over Saudi Arabia arranging an asylum for Ben Ali, the streets of Tunis turned into a battle ground with police arrayed against the fighting people. Deafening explosions and gun shots rent the air as per the reports streaming in. Be it a dictatorship or democracy if the rulers unleash, anti-people measures both the dictator and democrat will have to pay heavily for it. That is happening in Tunisia also and it is not a matter of surprise, embarrassment or apprehension.
The President of the greatest democracy, US, Barack Obama has welcomed the ouster of the dictator and has lauded the Tunisian people for the ‘dignity’ and ‘courage’ they have displayed. Tunisia could very well expect massive support in the form of funds and innovative technology in the coming days to sustain democracy, in the North African country.
Tunisia is still flaring up, with looters on the rampage and the police and army armed with special powers to shoot to death such elements and already about twenty people have been reported killed.
Let Tunisia come out of the deep pit into which its former ruler had pulled it down and let that devastated restless nation return to normality at the earliest.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


replete with amorous, erotic
tales of Royals
kings and queens
alike in the secret
royal recesses of
which were not
dirty linen to
be washed in public.
On the contrary
kings in the company
of his consorts
and queens engaging in
sexual games
with kings and
courtiers alike
were celebrated
even respected
and worshipped.
Nothing left
to be washed
in public
as Royal acts
but sacred acts
as far as
the subjects were
with the passage of
media as well as
key-hole writers
care not the
of penning
sexual profiles of men
in power
please read,
political leaders.
Even a Prince
- such species, these days
few and far between -
bedding a maid-servant
though hot news
he too remains
Royal celebrity
respected and worshipped
not only
across his own fiefdom
the world over
even Royal salute and Red-carpet reception
awaiting him.
Washing dirty linen
in public
is reserved for
dirty men
whose names
already dirtied
the only consolation
for them being
not much is
left to be
talked about
outside the narrow
confines of
each’s little circle
the more dirtied he/she
the less dirty he is
ask a beggar
nothing left to be
for them
like the Royal ones
of gone eras.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Sun and earth
both melted into one
forming a confluence
of two rivers
like man and woman
becoming one
forming a confluence.
In the torrential downpour
of love, pleasure
and ecstasy
both he and she
get drowned
in the non-stop showers
cooling the hot, roasted surface
of earth
thus wiping out
the intensity of
from the face of
earth as well as
below the surface which was
blistering under
a burning sun
for years together.
The rain continues
a day would come
when man would pray
for the sun to rise
once again
enabling him to
come out of his
removing his blanket
of protection from chill
to welcome the
warm sun rays
once more…..


Vagaries of climate affecting nations are not a new phenomenon. Ever since man started ecological plunder, climate cycles turned topsy-turvy. El-nino and La-nino are only two technological terms coined by meteorologists and scientists, nothing more than that. The coming years are sure to bring about unimaginable consequences affecting nations irrespective of their geographical locations. We are witnessing on a large-scale these days worst disasters affecting certain countries. Even after experiencing worst calamities by each nation no one seems to be learning good lessons to come out of the abyss each has fallen into. The developed nations care not the plight of those ones which in the absence of support in the form of funds, innovative technologies by the former cannot afford to escape the dire consequences of natural disasters. The developed ones themselves do not seem to have the generosity and political will to rescue themselves for instance, the most developed nation, the super power America had to suffer hurricanes like Katrina which brought about calamities of the worst kind losing human lives, roads, bridges and communication lines for months together. Did America learn much from such a calamity? No is the answer despite the political will of certain rulers, the anti-climate change lobbyists, most of them industrial and business barons concentrate on accumulating the maximum even while the nation is on the verge of sinking into the depths. A disaster management of sorts is absent everywhere, nations mull such things when they are affected the worst soon it comes to a lull, easily forget such things. Otherwise decisions taken on the spur of the moment. If things are allowed to go on such lines we can very well assume the enormity of problems waiting in the wings. Droughts and other such calamities will be common phenomenon spreading across nations. Similarly disasters other than manmade disasters, like earthquakes which are likely to affect any nation causing millions of casualties.
The new threat staring in the face of each nation is massive floods, each day we learn from visual and print media, floods spreading to vast areas, its levels rising to gigantic proportions damaging properties to the tune of billions of dollars, houses, roads, bridges, telecommunication lines all sinking killing countless numbers of human beings irrespective of rich and poor alike displacing lakhs waiting to be rehabilitated. Brazil, a fast developing nation is undergoing such a calamity wiping out vast progress made in various fields and Brazilian ruler Dilma Roussuff works on a war footing to minimize the damage due to the calamity which the country is experiencing after a lapse of four decades.
Australia’s third largest city Brisbane too is caught in the quagmire of floods there too properties worth $2 bn have gone down the drains, buildings, houses, roads, rail, telecommunication lines etal have come under rising water. The human casualties as in Brazil are yet to be calculated both dead and survivors. In Brazil as per the reports pouring in 500 are feared to have died who have already been fished out several are to be found out as also survivors if any. Both these nations will have to wait for months to bring the situation to normality that too after the disaster is over. But no signs yet of increasing water levels subsiding.
Our neighbouring nations Sri Lanka and China too were recently caught in the grip of floods and there too vast destruction of properties and lives took place even our own India apprehends such an eventuality as the calamity could strike anywhere across the world. Many manmade disasters and some beyond his power.


Vagaries of climate affecting nations are not a new phenomenon. Ever since man started ecological plunder, climate cycles turned topsy-turvy. El-nino and La-nino are only two technological terms coined by meteorologists and scientists, nothing more than that. The coming years are sure to bring about unimaginable consequences affecting nations irrespective of their geographical locations. We are witnessing on a large-scale these days worst disasters affecting certain countries. Even after experiencing worst calamities by each nation no one seems to be learning good lessons to come out of the abyss each has fallen into. The developed nations care not the plight of those ones which in the absence of support in the form of funds, innovative technologies by the former cannot afford to escape the dire consequences of natural disasters. The developed ones themselves do not seem to have the generosity and political will to rescue themselves for instance, the most developed nation, the super power America had to suffer hurricanes like Katrina which brought about calamities of the worst kind losing human lives, roads, bridges and communication lines for months together. Did America learn much from such a calamity? No is the answer despite the political will of certain rulers, the anti-climate change lobbyists, most of them industrial and business barons concentrate on accumulating the maximum even while the nation is on the verge of sinking into the depths. A disaster management of sorts is absent everywhere, nations mull such things when they are affected the worst soon it comes to a lull, easily forget such things. Otherwise decisions taken on the spur of the moment. If things are allowed to go on such lines we can very well assume the enormity of problems waiting in the wings. Droughts and other such calamities will be common phenomenon spreading across nations. Similarly disasters other than manmade disasters, like earthquakes which are likely to affect any nation causing millions of casualties.
The new threat staring in the face of each nation is massive floods, each day we learn from visual and print media, floods spreading to vast areas, its levels rising to gigantic proportions damaging properties to the tune of billions of dollars, houses, roads, bridges, telecommunication lines all sinking killing countless numbers of human beings irrespective of rich and poor alike displacing lakhs waiting to be rehabilitated. Brazil, a fast developing nation is undergoing such a calamity wiping out vast progress made in various fields and Brazilian ruler Dilma Roussuff works on a war footing to minimize the damage due to the calamity which the country is experiencing after a lapse of four decades.
Australia’s third largest city Brisbane too is caught in the quagmire of floods there too properties worth $2 bn have gone down the drains, buildings, houses, roads, rail, telecommunication lines etal have come under rising water. The human casualties as in Brazil are yet to be calculated both dead and survivors. In Brazil as per the reports pouring in 500 are feared to have died who have already been fished out several are to be found out as also survivors if any. Both these nations will have to wait for months to bring the situation to normality that too after the disaster is over. But no signs yet of increasing water levels subsiding.
Our neighbouring nations Sri Lanka and China too were recently caught in the grip of floods and there too vast destruction of properties and lives took place even our own India apprehends such an eventuality as the calamity could strike anywhere across the world. Many manmade disasters and some beyond his power.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


In our colony
cats are ubiquitous
like Gods.
Seen in the premises
down the streets,
types various
black, white, brown
ash, yellow
a wide range of them.
Roofless they are
owners nil,
free like free birds
unlike dogs
which are owned
nursed, nurtured
and caged
living in all luxuries
but without freedom
thank God.
Cats roam along
the streets,
cat-walks interesting
do no harm to anyone
always calm
meow, meow, meow
at times.
Lucky they are
blessed with nine lives.
Are they
God’s messengers of peace
to earth?


Jared Boefner is not a new phenomenon. He is not at all a phenomenon. As the gun culture of US has a history of decades if not centuries over the years it has grown to epic proportions. Though US is comparatively free from terrorism due to its stringent anti-terror laws, its internal threat of gun toting and cold-blooded gunning down of hundreds are increasing due to lax gun laws across the nation. US President Barack Obama in his book ‘Letters from my father’ has somewhat vividly mentioned about the gun-toting young ones in his early years. From time to time we are learning about shocking and painful news of children gunning down other children, college students involve in killing spree in the college campuses both teachers and friends alike, strangers too involved in such dastardly acts all killing themselves in the end as also certain families being put to death by the heads of their families then killing themselves often we people get astounded sitting faraway in our lands where such acts are very rare. Even Indian residents in US also engage in such acts but those outside US for example India, Pakistan, et al are forced to resort to such steps due to financial problems. But for the Americans though financial problems matter, such problems contribute not much to taking to the gun. For them it is like playing toys by children or as a character in one of Shakesperean dramas laments ‘as flies are to wanton boys, Gods kill human beings for fun’.
Why this nation stands apart from other countries on the matter of gun-toting I think it is due to the ugly side of capitalism and as a result the lax gun laws as many point out since centuries. Added to the loose morals and ethics certain people are confronted with existential angst which drives them to depression or other psychological disorders often forcing them to talk to the gun. The tinsel world of Hollywood contribute very much in children, youth and other elders playing with fire and of lat the global meltdown of 2008 adding to the woes of tens of thousands forcing to take own lives.
Jared Boefner nearly killed Democratic congress leader Gabriella Giffordes shooting her point blank and murdered six others in cold-blood. Such news is blood-chilling to we people but what about majority of Americans where such acts are a dime a dozen. Giffordes is progressing well as per the news streaming in and it is a providential escape for her from the jaws of death.
The Gifford incident at Tuckson Arizona has taken a new turn with democrats throwing mud at Conservative Republicans. In the November Senate elections the Republicans, particularly Sarah Palin reportedly carried out scathing attacks against M/S Giffords which provided grist to Jared Boefner to pull the trigger, allege the liberals. Sarah Palin counters it by arguing that during election times such offensives are quite often and after it is over both parties shake hands and proceed along smoothly.
Of late President Barack Obama has flown to Tuckson to apply healing balm on the wounded psyche of Tucksons and to pay a visit to M/S Giffords thus applying the healing touch.
Is that enough is the question that is nagging some. It is too late, the govt put an end to the gun culture by enacting legislation otherwise the cruel game will go on as such. For that it is essential for both Democrats and Republicans to join hands and move along the right path.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I saw him
inside a restaurant.
In the candle-lit -
was sipping
cigaretting along with it
blowing smoke-rings
into the atmosphere
reminding me
of a writer
enjoying pop-music
reaching from the background.
I espied him
seated in a circular park
with a lass
sophisticatedly dressed.
I found him
in a jovial mind
in her company
his face
that of a
Watched him
sitting alone
on a concrete chair
nearby a violent sea
watching waves
lashing against
the rocky shores
watching the vast
expanse churning out
her violent restlessness
the noise
reverberating around
his face then
that of a philosopher.
I met him
inside a temple
bells chanting
chorus of
drums thundering
he was
devotion and dedication
City in different facets
Man in different facets
Each multi-faceted.


In an interactive session with students of Lucknow University and Ram Manohar Lohiya University, Rahul Gandhi made some interesting comments as General Secretary of All India Congress Committee as also the leader of National Students Union of India (NSUI) at Uttar Pradesh. The youthful leader missed no opportunity in squarely blaming the UP govt for the backwardness of UP and Madhya Pradesh in the fields of education and health. The charming leader conveniently forgot the fact that even very much before Bharathiya Janata Party, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party wielding power in both Uttar Pradesh govt and Madhya Pradesh Congress was very much entrenched in the saddle since Independence. For decades together the party ruled these States and the names of BJP, SP and BSP were quite unheard of then. While in the fields of education, health and infrastructure development these States were lagging very much and because of these reasons the mushrooming of regional parties came into existence pushing Congress far far behind. Mr Gandhi kept mum on that subject not because he was quite ignorant of the facts, playing ignorance and innocence is the hallmark of each political party. Mr.Gandhi too tread those lines and we people need not be surprised or embarrassed on that score.
To a query posed by a student why during the period of Indira Gandhi she could very well contain price-rise and corruption why can’t the present dispensation contain that. It is however a matter of dispute that Indira regime could contain corruption and price hike. How come the student who posed that query came to that conclusion is something puzzling let’s leave the matter to the majority. Well, Indira Gandhi could rule with a firm hand and her empathetic approach toward the downtrodden was well known that is also true but on the corruption front her tenure marked a steady decline as also erosion of values. But she was not to be blamed for it as she was very much surrounded by sycophants who forced her deviate from the straight path.
Let’s come back to that poser to Rahul by the student on the matter of corruption and price-hike during Ms. Gandhi’s tenure. His answer to which was quite amusing. Without any moral prick he answered that then it was the Congress regime, please note, Congress single-handedly was managing the State of affairs but now it is a UPA government means, today’s govt is a conglomeration of various constituents. If his remarks to student’s query are being taken a strong exception to by any power constituents that would turn out to be a headache to the Congress forcing Mr.Gandhi to backtrack from his comment if at all he is taken seriously.
Mr. Gandhi exhorted the students to join politics thereby they would get an opportunity to save the motherland. A student’s poser to him whether to choose politics as a career is not a correct option, he responded by saying that politics is a sacrifice. That might be the reason behind him choosing politics as a sacrifice, who knows?
He had something to mention about why China is surging ahead of India even while both countries achieved Independence almost at the same time. Mr.Gandhi replied in his typical style that India is a democracy where individual freedom is the hallmark but in China though economic freedom is prevalent individual freedom is still a distant dream.
Going by his interactions with the students of UP that which he entertains most is his dream of going back to the old days of Congress gaining power to rule with absolute majority if possible five fourth majority both at the Centre. Something worth dreaming about and let him have nice dreams of gaining majority of seats both at Centre and the States. One fact remains.. That is nothing else than even some States where Congress alone is ruling with absolute majority are not quite different from the States like UP, MP, Assam on the matter of corruption and price-hike. Mr.Gandhi seems to be quite ignorant about it. Pity.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Know not your name
know not your whereabouts
where you came from
know not where you
leave for each day.
Daily I see you
daily I watch you
early in the morning
on the silver chariot of
Sun you leave the
little house
where you live alone
whether the house is your’s
or somebody’s
don’t know.
Daily I see you
daily I watch you
standing behind the
window curtains
know not
ever you saw me
watching you
know not.
In the crimson chariot
of the evening
you return
the house gets basked
in light
the little tower of light
it turns out
daily nights
I see you in the portico
you never become
a hot topic of discussion
among papa, mamma and I.
But I know for certain
they too watch you.
Migratory birds we are
never permanently
build we our nests
once we will have to
fly on the wings of
whether you too
are a migratory bird
everything uncertain
should I call it
glorious uncertainty?
No I can’t.
This uncertainty is
painful to me
unbearable to me
know not
whose turn comes
Whoever comes first…
what not?
Let’s switch off the
lights together one day
we switch on the lights
together each day….
before flying in different directions
in the end…..


“The rapid growth of global markets has not seen the parallel development of social and economic institutions to ensure balanced, inclusive and sustainable growth” Jorge Heine and Ramesh Thakur
Celebration days are here again. The season is fast approaching. For the last few days the market place was agog with auctions involving crores on a large-scale. In the competition for the best, better and good, the bidders fought a hard battle and it is a pity that some went unsold and the most pitiful thing is that they were once very much valued in the market place. Imagine the pain of the unsold ones among them, some once led their respective countries, then they even in their wildest of dreams didn’t think a day would come when they would be left in the ditch or thrown out as unwanted ones. On the other hand who never did entertain the thought of getting auctioned for rather fabulous sums walked away with crores stacked in their pockets. True, every dog has his day.
Cricket lovers across the country are in high spirits, even school drop-outs turning Sachin, Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag et al playing cricket in every nook and corner of cities, towns and even remote corners of rural areas. Great. These little ones run with bats and balls play with empty stomachs as they are left with nothing to fill their stomachs.
So what? They don’t have any complaints as they are used to such situations since early days.
Seventy percent of Indians pull on with below US $1.25 a day with food inflation poised to hit the ceiling, even the salaried class find it hard to pull on each day.
So what? Billions of dollars piled in the hands of a few while 70 percent of Indians are finding it difficult to make both ends meet and the most deplorable thing is that a govt which proudly harping on high growth trajectory pointing 8.75 to 9 percent GDP growth and sky-rocketing stock-market (sorry sir, the temporary phenomenon of sky-diving is witnessed, with the news of repo and reverse-repo rates about to be liked along with that FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) apprehending such a scenario withdrawing their investments after scams after scams, scandals after scandals and corruption plaguing a whole nation becoming hot topic among aam admi and independent observers alike.
Upon going through the daily goings on one thing is for sure and that is nothing other than the dark truth that our country is a rich country, crores and crores pocketed by a minority that too with the knowledge of the govt of the day.
Neo-liberalisation has already evolved into an unwanted thing but not in India. Globalisation though attacked by several quarters should not be treated as a hated thing. Though globalization has its bad side, the other side is a much wanted one. Here I quote Jorge Heine and Ramesh Takur in their article, ‘The darker side of globalisation’ : ‘The outright rejection of globalisation and a retreat into autarky is neither practical nor desirable : who wants to be the next Myanmar or North Korea? As one wag has put it, opposing globalization is like opposing the sun coming up every morning and about as fruitful. Equally though who wants to be the next Iceland, Greece or Ireland? The notion that endless liberalization, deregulation and relaxation of capital and all border controls will assure perpetual self-sustaining growth and prosperity has proven to be delusional. Imagine a nation well confined within four walls without any connection with other ones like N.Korea. North Korean dictators as well as Myanmar dictators always look at liberal democracies with suspicious eyes fearing coup de tat and attacks by other nations always keep a close vigil even while maintaining limited relations with one or two countries. North Korea compared to its neighbouring country is way below on the matter of progress on various fronts.
The other day I happened to read an article titled ‘The dark side of globalisation’ penned by Jorge Heine and Ramesh Takur, two faculties of Waterloo University, Canada about whom I have already mentioned. Both have already published a book with same name – ‘The dark side of globalisation’.
As suggested by the name of the article and the book they have kept a safe distance from two extreme ends of globalization. At one end of the spectrum are N.Korea and Myanmar and at other end are Greece, Iceland and Ireland. Depending too much on globalization they point out the crisis into which these three have plunged, they suggest a golden middle-path. Such a path is ideal for India but our modern day economic pundits can’t digest such an approach the two extremes are very much evident and we the common citizens including those below the Below Poverty Line are the ultimate sufferers. Under the present dispensation we don’t envisage a change for the better.
The IPL auction that we just witnessed under the very nose of our enlightened rulers is just an example each of us could very well witness the absurd drama called auction and the crores that changed hands at a moment the country is caught in the quagmire of scams and scandals involving 2-4 lakh crores of rupees.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Positive thinker
as always was
all advices.
‘Don’t throw away
this delicate gem of a gift
called life
and break it
into pieces.
Life has a meaning
and continue to give
it a meaning.
Never think on negative
never B -ve.
B +ve always.
Life on this beautiful
is a boon of God
remember always.
Enjoy it
please, please don’t
throw away the
precious delicate gift
and break it into pieces
like a glass bowl thrown
against the hard rock
of adversity
on the wayside.’
All said and done
why the gentleman
with no apparent reason
threw away the precious
the glass bowl of life
against a hard rock
and broke himself
into pieces one day?
Still an enigma
without any answer
so far
like this life itself
ever elusive…..


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national executive meeting held at Guwahati concluded yesterday, the 9th Jan 2011. The Guwahati meeting attended by the prominent leaders of the party, passed a five page resolution which was moved by Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha. Almost all the leaders who attended a rally after the conclusion of the meeting made scathing attacks against the Congress party, especially its undisputed head Sonia Gandhi and ManMohan Singh, the Prime Minister. They touched upon various scandals like Bofors scam, CWG 2010, 2G Spectrum issue and Adarsh Housing Society scandal in short scandal after scandal tumbling out each day. The party has singled out corruption, as the main issue to fight in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The party is certain of winning the 2014 General elections and how it came to the conclusion that it would win hands down is a mystery, must be its wishful thinking.
Be that as it may, BJP has sharpened its attack against a single figure that is none other than Sonia Gandhi in the national executive meeting. Bofors scam came out into the open during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister, BJP points out. Till then the ‘Mr.Clean’ of the Indian politics evolved into ‘Mr.disaster’ of Indian politics with the opening of Bofors Pandora Box according to BJP.
Gandhi family’s shady relationship with Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrochi was revealed as also the Party’s involvement in Mr.Quattrochi pocketing crores of rupees in the Bofors scam. That Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and wife Sonia Gandhi too piled up crores allegedly came up and BJP alleges that with the power enjoyed by the Rajiv Gandhi govt in the first place and the subsequent Congress govts helped the Congress Party. Please note Gandhi family came out of the clutches of allegations. It is alleged that Ottavio Quattrochi who was very much caught in the net of Indian and international investigating agencies was given a smooth escape route by the Gandhi family at the outset and the subsequent Congress govts later. With the connivance of the sycophants in the party, the Bofors scam which involved 64 crore rupees came to a dead end to the relief of Sonia Gandhi and the Italian business man the wheeler dealer Ottavio Quattrochi. This man who was caught in the net was allegedly rescued by the Congress govts of that times. Furthermore the commission which Mr. Quattrochi deposited in a bank account in England which was frozen at the behest of ManMohan Singh govt was defrozen and within no time the out and out crook that Quattrochi was, siphoned away the money.
As per BJP’s allegation Sonia Gandhi too keeps accounts in foreign banks and the details of which are slowly pouring in. The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal’s findings have virtually landed her in a catch-22 situation.
BJP goes on to allege that if 2010 is ‘an year of scams’, 2011 is going to be ‘an year of cover-ups’ for the Congress.
All said and done that what actually bothers me is something embarrasing. That is nothing else except the grim truth that the BJP which fires salvos against Congress in general and Sonia Gandhi in particular was very much in the saddle from 1998-2004, a period of six years which was sufficient and more for digging deeper into the Bofors scam which came out into the open way back in 1987.When the power reached very much in the Party’s hands, why the govt under Atal Bihari Vajpayee govt kept mum and it is worth while to notice that those leaders like Sushma Swaraj and L.K.Advani who are vocal in castigating Ms Gandhi were very much part of the Ministry. Actually which force put a hurdle in the path of Vajpayee govt proceeding against the Gandhi family and the multi-crore Bofors scam? While very much in power keeping mum and while out of power turning the wrath against the alleged involvement of Gandhi family in the Bofors scam to put it mildly is ridiculous.
Another thing which the party leaders conveniently hid was the alleged corruption indulged in by the Yeddiyurappa and Reddy brothers of Karnataka govt. While touching upon corruption it doesn’t behoove a party to see only one side of the picture culprits whoever they are should be brought to book. Otherwis the party loses its locus standi in the game of mudslinging.
It is a matter of embarrassment that the party in its two day deliberations forgot to dwell on terrorism which demands attention from all parties irrespective of their status.
Hinting only kickbacks and singling out a person to spit fire at don’t wash, BJP in short has a long way to go if it aims at capturing power in 2014 means it also has to come clean on many fronts.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ever since he left
without bidding adieu
to anyone
memories started to haunt her
remaining defiant to
be ‘exorcised’
plunging her into a world of
While he was very much
and visited her house
as an unpredictable guest
sometimes with her husband
both of them were intimate
her joy knew no bounds
though his presence
in the house
often led to ‘fracas’
between she and he.
He remained drunk
it was for him an ‘elixir’
for inspiration
to pen poignant, piercing poems
though not agreed in the open,
she felt he was true
but always worried
over his frail health.
His fondness toward her
was so intense that
upon arrival at the house
he used to administer
fond slap at her
his way of displaying
and she responding by
telling loudly, seriously
‘don’t touch me’
suppressing her smile
that would lead to
another fond slap
forcing her keep mum.
His intense love toward
her she knew well
but more than love
she saw in him a mischievous elder son
a son always playing nuisance
often angering her
but gritting teeth look
at him like a ferocious tigress, though for
a second
his poems she avidly
she read only his poems
in which she found
flames of love, anger, despair
and frustration
pithy all of them
often wondered whether
those acid lines came from
the mind of the
man with the frail body.
She often discussed it with
her husband
her intellectual companion for life
but never talked to him
a man who lived the
way he loved
caring two hoots to those ones
disgraced him.
She could never disgrace him
instead loved and worshipped him.
With him leaving her
leaving all
one day
she wept not
though her eye turned teary
and reddish
face stony, cloudy
about to burst out
ready to be drowned
herself in a flow of tears.
The moments with him
often quarrelling
occasionally sharing moments of love
a passionate kiss or two quite unseen
a secret both kept
to themselves
all began to haunt her