Thursday, December 29, 2011


My thoughts rush in
like inflows to a reservoir
my thoughts follow
no pattern
thoughts unrelated to each other
enter my mind
a dime a dozen per minute
thoughts like monkeys
in a tree
jump from one branch to another.
The more I try
for a pattern to my thoughts
the more my efforts fail.
My moods swing frequently
sometimes silent
sometimes delight
sometimes anger
moody at other times
all because I am a humanbeing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


On the auspicious festival of
a X’mas day
a beggar came to my house
begging for something.
He was emaciated and rib-caged
clad in ragged clothes
his long flowing grey hair
and equally flowing long beard
with shining eyes
I saw Jesus in him.
I looked at him with
all respect and worship
gifted him with
a good feast,
a large piece of cake
some money and clothes.
I had an inkling that
perhaps Jesus must be
standing before me
in disguise of a beggar
to test my love of humanity
especially my attitude
towards the poor.
The old man was
heartened by my hospitality.
‘May God bless you’ – he told me
in an elated mood.
I was also delighted
by his words of blessing
and when he bid adieu
I felt somewhat sad.
The next week too
the same beggar came
to my house and stretched
his hands towards me
folding his hands.
The X’mas day dawned on me
and I said to myself
‘it is the same old man’.
I gave him just a coin.
Within no time
he threw it in my face
and spat on the floor
and cursed me
saying ‘you will go to hell’.
On hearing his mutterings
I couldn’t help
mocking myself.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Confined to her room
she sat alone
lost in her thoughts
about him.
Neither did she
hear the hustle and bustle
of the city
nor she felt the
cool sea-breeze
blowing through the window.
For the last one month
life was a festival for her
he had come on vacation
and his love , care and affection
beyond words
their travels to Taj Mahal
the poem sculpted in marble
to Himalayan foothills
the scenic beauty while on tour
sight of great memorials
the celluloid poems
and much more
all she recalled
on thinking about him.
Once in two years
God has blessed her with
one month with him
and she prayed for
the days to follow
a zig-zag course
but to her horror she felt
the days were fast
running out.
To sit alone is something
unthinkable to her
and the moments with him
celestial moments
thus she felt.
What must be
he is doing now
might be sitting lost in her
while travelling by train
to the frontier.
Her eyes brimmed
with tears and she felt
a lump in her throat.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


The body politic has been
paralysed through
a lethal injection
by a coterie of culprits
at the higher echelons
of the society
who were catapulted
to the top post
by we the citizens.
To purify,
rejuvenate and regain health
of the body politic
at the earliest
is long over due.
It is time to throw
out the culprits
enconsced at the top of the ladder
and entrust the rule
of the nation
with the men and women
of integrity.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


My sun rises in the evening
soon after I wake up
my daily chores commence.
Facewash, toilet, tooth brush,
a clean shave and fresh bath.
Then make up, dressing and breakfast.
I proceed to the railway station
catch a local train to my
work place, my duty time commences
at nine ‘O’ clock.
Almost 8 hour duty and
soon after my return trip
to my apartment.
I slump into the bed
and wait for a deep slumber.
My sun sets in the morning
and let’s see in the evening.
Have a nice day.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Every year on a particular day
he flew in from the distant city
just to meet her
and to share his
joys with her.
Before proceeding to her city
once the city of both
he mobiled to her
about his arrival
and conveyed to her
where to meet and when to meet.
Every year their rendezvous
is the same place
a posh restaurant in a
posh locality of the city.
He over a bottle of beer
and she over a cup of tea
in the backdrop of western music
shared their experiences
during the one year gap.
This time too she anxiously waited
for his message with a thumping heart
before proceeding from his city.
But nowadays no message
is forthcoming from him
and her efforts to reach him
over the phone
proved futile
what all she heard was
the mobile to whom she was calling
has been switched off.
Her pain was beyond words
and her anxiety too
was gnawing.
Though not the message
didn’t reach her
on that particular day
she waited for him
for hours infront of the posh restaurant
where they used to meet
every year.
She recalled the last time
when both met
before bidding adieu to her
in the dim light of the restaurant
pressed his lips on hers
that was quiet unusual.
Tears trickled down her eyes
and both waved a happy good bye.
She knew not it was their last
sweet encounter.
Her mind was full of the
happy moments both enjoyed for long days
while he was in the city.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


One day in broad daylight
four strangers came to
our flat
all well-built, sturdy, muscular
in their early thirties.
They wanted Idikula
who was inside the room
reading something.
I called him
he came out and
upon seeing the four
his face turned grim
like a dying flower.
He told them to
wait for some seconds
and after getting dressed
he came out.
I sat flabbergasted
and looked at him.
He didn’t say anything
but gave me a sad smile
and he told me
he would be back
by the evening.
He didn’t turn up in the
evening nor in the morning
evenings and mornings came
and went
but no sign of him so far.
Totally distressed
I went to the police station
to lodge a complaint
and the police wanted me
to have them Idikkula’s photo.
There was none left.
The police was helpless
and told me how come
without an identity
they could trace him
in a big city like this.
They added such missing
instances are common in the city.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Come to me, hey traveler
come to me.
You are always welcome
I shall protect you
from the burning summer heat.
The giant green umbrella that
I am
since centuries
protected and still
thousands of travelers who
who pass along the way
infront of me.
I have never demanded any reward
from them
and never will I demand
any reward.
This is my life-long mission
and this will continue to be my
life-long mission and
I will enable the
travelers who come to me
to enjoy my loving care
and comfort.
But I know
for sure
those who
enjoyed my love
care and protection
will turn my eliminators
in the long run.
The winds blowing
from afar convey the message
to me about the impending
danger to our ‘tribe’
in these modern times.
But it will never deter me
from continuing my
life-long mission of selfless service.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The city is an island
of volcanoes.
All fuming volcanoes
about to be erupted
The volcanoes are
fuming but invisible
only when a volcano
erupts in the city
one comes to know about
Every morning the news of
a volcano erupting
somewhere in the city
welcomes us
it could be one, two
or three
all unpredictable.
Last night
a volcano erupted in
our neighbour Banerji’s flat.
The fact that
he was a fuming volcano
we came to know
only when we saw the red
hot lava gushing forth
down his flat.
Existence of silent volcanoes
in the city
bothers us not these days.
These are strange times
you know…. ?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Pile up your sins
in your backyard
set afire to them frequently
a heavy backlog will be the result
never allow it to happen.
Pile up, set afire,
and go on committing sins
as long as you wish.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Whither my flowers and
Whither my birds
and melodious music?
Whither my
green fields and thick
Whither my dear
and lakes?
Whither my hills
and mountains?
Whither my flaura
and fauna?
Man, you are the culprit
you alone are the culprit
you who defiled your
Mother Earth and squeezed the
essence out of her.
Whither gone that precious
ozone blanket
gifted to mother Earth
by a benevolent Sun?
Man, you tore away
that protective covering
you who spoil yourself
and the generations to


Some thoughts
some unusual thoughts
loiter around the
courtyard of my mind
like a horde of wanton boys.
Some moments
some unusual moments
needle me at times
delight me at some other
it all depends.
Some behaviour
some unusual behaviour
baffle people
and are forced to
call me
an abnormal case
an eccentric case
a nut case
so what?

Monday, December 5, 2011


“Ladies and gentlemen,
Please be calm, please be patient
your Super Star, heart throb of the millions
will be here in a
short while”
-someone announced through
the mike from the stage.
Since the morning
there was a heavy flow
of his fans
from the nook and corner of
the city
and the flow still continued.
Though a familiar face on celluloid-
screens, advertisements and
they were going to see him
the first time
and all waited with bated
“Ladies and gentlemen
be happy your dear mega star
on the way”
All the fans rejoicingly
clapped their hands
‘hurray, hurray’ rent the air
Yeah he has arrived by
a chartered flight.
Accompanied by the big guns
of the multi-storeyed
marble palace
his car sped along
the road
murmured each one himself/herself.
Though the illuminated
marvelous building
was worth seeing
for a long time
even from outside
and the large illuminated stage
they were anxiously waiting
for the scintillating star
of Bollywood to arrive
He was going to be the
cynosure of all eyes.
“Ladies and gentlemen
our beloved Super star
has at last arrived.
All keep the line
co-operate with the volunteers
to make way for him”.
Little angels with lighted
lamps and flowers lined
upon both sides
to accord a warm reception
to him.
As he came along with
the runners of marble palace
on his sides
the little angels showered
flowers at him
he was smiling
he was waving his hands to
thousands of fans
the fans returned his wishes
a few rushed to him to
bow and touch his feet
he was all smiles
and the organizers had a
tough time restraining the fans.
Clad in dark coat and suit
wearing a rayban glass
he looked so handsome
his swaggering style had
a dignity of its own
all appreciated him.
His escorters led him first
into the building
and after a few
he was led to the
illuminating stage
where chairs and tables
are arranged artistically
other honorable guests
too took their seats
he glanced at them,
stood up
shook hands with them
again got seated in his chair
‘King Ali – hurray king Ali – hurray
hurray reverberated the
He cast his glance
at the large gathering
with smile and pride
and as he sat there
waving hands
his mind travelled
several years back
he saw before him
a teenager walking
down the streets of
Mumbai, then Bombay
selling ‘snacks’
through his teary eyes.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


In the land of raging
in broad-day light
an irate mob
armed with lathis and whips
trooped into a building
of corruption
ransacked everything they came across
in the building
whipped and beat up
mercilessly the occupants
-the incarnations of corruption -
and flushed them out
within no time
set ablaze the building.
Defying the law-enforcers
and all obstructions
they marched to the
next building of corruption
ransacked everything in
the building
whipped and beat up
incarnations of corruption
flushed out the occupants
set afire the building
and headed towards the next building.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Every evening
I visit the sprawling
garden close to the
To the accompaniment
of musical sea-winds
the dancing flowers
spreading their fragrance
which steal my heart
everyone’s heart.
Even after the sun
clad in auburn clothes
getting ready
to take a prolonged dip
I am reluctant to
leave my beloved flowers and
musical sea-winds.
Caressing the flowers
listening to the musical
I spend a part of my
night in the garden
forgetting all my pains and sorrows.
Even after I am gone
to my apartment
my heart often
craves to go back to the
garden and spend my
time among the dancing
flowers listening to the
musical winds…..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


These are times, strange times
when the greenery around
the earth is fast disappearing
variety of pretty blooms are
fading away, rivers, lakes
ponds and streams are getting
dried up, bio-diversity is getting
These are times, strange times
when green-house emissions are shooting
up, the sun is getting angrier
and angrier turning
Earth into a barren lady
and the only blessing we have
is a boon of dreams of
a marvelous earth, where
greenery, flowers, bio-diversity
smoothly flowing rivers and streams
ponds and lakes full to the
into a beautiful world indeed
but far from reality.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We do have a tainted
who have pushed our
nation into the abyss.
We do have an untainted
who with grit, determination
and courage try with
all their might to lift
our nation out of
the abyss.
We do witness the tug
of war going on between
the tainted and untainted
and we wait with
our fingers crossed to
in whose hands
the ultimate victory lies
-the tainted or untainted?

Monday, November 28, 2011


With the fall of dusk
that day
a glow-worm flew in
to the room from outside.
With curiosity etched
in my mind
I caught the glow-worm
and held it in my hand.
I could see it emitting
light between
my fingers
and after a few minutes
I let it free
but no, it rested there
without flying.
With a pleasant surprise
I was watching it
emitting light around
then I saw a
number of glow-worms
flying in and all of
them rested here and
there on my body
like stars in the sky.
They rested there
and I watched them with
a sense of wonder
and a bit of my embarrassment.
As the time ticked away
I fell into a deep slumber.
When I awoke late in
the morning
all of them had disappeared.
But in the evening
with fall of dusk
all of them flew into
the room emitting light
and rested here and there on
my body.
I wondered whether I am
the sky on earth.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Ever imagined the
angst of parents, siblings, wife
and children of a
soldier who is one among
the protectors of our volatile frontiers?
Ever listened
to the prayers of them
before the God with
folded palms across their
chests for the safety of
their dear one while
on duty from the attacks of the rival
forces from across the line of
Ever listened to
their thumping hearts while
the forces across the border
engage in cross-firing?
Ever imagined the
train of nightmares passing
along their minds in disturbed
Ever heard or seen the
loud and helpless cries of his nearest
and dearest when a dark
message reaches their ears
from the border?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


In the morning
of his life
Aaron’s Dad and Mum were
in England
and he in the
little village of faraway
native country India
where his Grandpa and
Grandma were his constant
Aaron loved his Grandpa
Grandpa’s shadow was always
following him
the gap between the age of both turned irrelevant
both of them were
close friends
both played pranks on each other
they played elephant
and mahout
Grandpa was always the
Aaron the mahout
And the mahout sat astride the elephant
Grandpa carried him over
his shoulders frequently
holding his Grandpa’s fingers
Aaron walked around the
house talking little, little sweet
during nights
while walking along the
Grandpa showed Aaron the twinkling
little stars and moon in the
Aaron always slept with
his Grandpa
Grandpa was love
Grandpa was caring
Grandpa was protective
he was everything to
One day
from far away England
his Dad and Mum came
to India
to take him away to
Aaron made a hullaballoo
he was not willing to
bid adieu to his Grand parents
it was beyond his imagination
but Dad and Mum
were firm and forcibly took him away
to England,
with that came to an
end his happy days
with Grandpa and Grandma.
That was a turning point
in the morning of his life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My secrets are kept
in the dark corners
of my mind
which are transparent
to me only
to me only
never ever will I
allow anybody to light
a torch into the
secret corners of my mind
just as he/she never
allows others to
explore his/her
secrets embedded in
his/her mind.
Secrets are a part
of human existence
the exceptions being
innocent ones.


On Sunday 36 million of Spanish voters marched to the polling booths to elect a new govt. It was a foregone conclusion that the ruling socialists under the President Jose Louis Rodrigues Zapetro is going to bite the dust after eight years of consecutive rule. Though the Socialist Party implemented a few popular measures on the economic front it was an abject failure like most of the European countries such as Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal where the incumbent rulers were forced to quit due to the precarious economic situation.
As anticipated by observers the Conservative Popular Party of Mario Rejoi romped home with 186 seats to his party’s credit out of a total of 350 seats. The socialists had to be satisfied with a meager 111 seats the first time in History its tally has gone down to such a poor level.
Socialist leader Zapetaro’s austerity measures like five percent salary cut, pension freeze, raising of retirement age from 65 to 67 years and other spending cuts invited the wrath of the people which led to his humble performance at the hustings. Five million unemployed youth are a big burden to any govt coming to power.
The European recession has almost badly affected most of the Eurozone countries and Spain is no exception.
The Conservative Party too has to walk a tight rope like its predecessor, the Socialists and people had expected that the Conservative Party would do something for their betterment. But the victorious leader Maria Rejoi has made it clear that we have no magic wand to reduce the mounting debts of the country and hence austerity measures are here to stay.
The people are disappointed and disillusioned at the current state of affairs and they find no way out of the helpless condition.


Egypt is on the boil again. This is the second time within a period of one year that country is caught in a turmoil. First it was Hosni Mubarak, former President, the arrogant dictator, who ruled Egypt for more than three decades versus Egyptian majority. He ruled with an iron hand, suppressed many a rebellion led a life of pomp and pageantry while unemployment, corruption, price-rise, famine, malnutrition et al was on the rise. Economy was in a shambles and the nation as a whole got fed up with his style of functioning. The citizens were waiting for a chance to rise in revolt against the dictator and they got it in handy with the arrival of Arab spring. Tunisia was the first African country to fall against the might of Tunisians. The infamous ruler of Tunisia Zinual-Abidin Ben Ali tried his best to counter the revolt of Tunisians but he had to bow out of power unable to stand the might of tens of thousands of Tunisians. Tunisian revolution was later popularly known as ‘Jasmine Revolution’ which worked as a catalyst for the people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and a few Arab countries. Imbibing spirit from Jasmine Revolution the Egyptian citizens unitedly rose in revolt against the Mubarak govt and the majority of citizens gathered at the iconic Tahrir Square and led the uprising. Mubarak with an iron fist tried to suppress the uprising with the help of army but the citizens braved all sorts of repressive tactics and their struggle lasted for eighteen days. In the end Mubarak who ruled the country for more than three decades succumbed to the pressure of citizens and fled the country conceding defeat.
Later an interim military govt took charge of the affairs of the country.The interim govt promised the citizens to hold an election at the earliest and they believed the assurance of military council.
As the days passed along the Military Council displayed its true colours. Like Mubarak, like the Military Council. The citizens actually fell in council’s trap ad taking the military council’s assurance for granted they dispersed from Tahrir Square. The military bared its dictatorial tendencies and went on intimidating and suppressing the citizens.
Though they were taken aback in the beginning the nation as a whole decided to unitedly fight against the military with determination and courage and converged at Tahrir Square.
Military adopted strong arm tactics against the youth, women and old who assembled at Tahrir Square, tear gas shells, rubber bullets and water canons were employed to disperse the crowd. Though they temporarily withdrew, later surged to Tahrir Square and raised slogans against the Army. The Army turned more aggressive and they fired at the people and within a short period killed more than 35 and injured 1700 people. At the time of writing this a violent uprising is going on and it could be aptly termed ‘Jasmine Revolution No.2’.
It is alleged that elections are scheduled to b conducted on Nov 28 but the Army’s intention is to do away with elections so as to cement its position. The word is anxiously watching the shape of things to come in the near future.

Monday, November 21, 2011


in our neighbourhood
a local thug
a confirmed drunkard he was
smelling of nauseating
country liquor
woke up his sleeping
wife and three children
late into the night
beat them up mercilessly
hurled blows on them
twisted the hands and
fingers of wife and children
till they cried out of
excruciating pain.
With cigarette butts
he burnt their faces
and bodies
and on watching them
writhing in pain
he gave out a beastily
his ferocious eyes turned
into two red glowing balls
nobody in the
neighbourhood dared question
all but gritted their teeth
sitting in their shells.
He came out of the
house like a victorious warrior.
Meanwhile a gang wearing masks
surrounded him with lethal
finished him within
and vanished into the darkness
thus ended a dark chapter
it all happened recently.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


On a summer day afternoon
while the sun was showering
fire from the sky
with an empty burning
stomach like a furnace
I was caught in a traffic jam.
I didn’t have not even
a drop of water to quench my thirst
my mouth was going dry
my throat was going dry
my vehicle was shivering
like a fever patient
needles of fire pierced
my skin
I got drenched in sweat
and was at a loss to
know what to do.
My front, back and sides
were jammed with vehicles
all waiting for the signal
but no
after about an hour
I felt tired like
a faded flower under the
burning sun,
darkness like a black ribbon
covered my eyes and
I was slowly losing
my consciousness
when the vehicles started
blaring horns
yes, the signal had turned
I was helpless
to start the engine.
With my head resting on
the steering wheel I sat

Friday, November 18, 2011


Walking down the
long-winding corridors
of his heart once
I saw and reflected upon
the words, events and pictures
engraved on the walls
of his heart.
The more I saw the
more were left to see and
reflect upon
at last conceding defeat
to myself
I came out with the
conclusion that
no one can’t fathom the
entire depth of one’s heart
or for that matter anybody’s
still we boast about
our findings that we
have gone through one’s heart
in full
on the contrary what
we see and reflect upon
is only a tip of the ice-berg.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


In the flotsam and jetsam
of city life,
where thousands and thousands
of faceless crowds
like floating logs in
a river move on
he too is a faceless wonder
absurd and meaningless
his existence in the city
a dangling life
to be precise
a floating man he is.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


She was from a poor family
and he from a rich
aristocratic background.
Though a pretty girl
he made her his
life partner not out
of love or affection.
He had no love or affection
left in him
never did he knew the meaning of it
a heartless business man
he was.
He saw a slave
in her
equivalent to a maid-servant.
He commanded her to do
this or that
he wanted an abiding wife
in her.
His foul language were
deafening and painful to her
yet she bore it like a poor cow
whenever he wanted her late
into the nights
he approached her with
the foot-steps of a beast
and a mechanical transaction
was the result.
The needling pain she
felt was intolerable
yet she kept quiet
in the darkness, her tears
nobody saw.
In the far away village her parents
led a happy existence
thinking she had a good
time in her husband’s house.
They knew not the sufferings
underwent by her
poor they were
she the progeny
of poor parents.
The business man husband always
found fault in her
he slapped her right and left
but she had nowhere left
to escape
as she was a caged bird.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The old man used to
come from somewhere.
No one knew from where
he came from.
Every evening brought him
to the street side.
He was lean and frail
with disheveled silvery hair.
He glanced at everyone with
his twilight eyes
it looked like he was always
never serious he was
his looks were blank
hence he failed to return
the smiles cast at him
by the evening walkers.
No one had seen him talking
to anyone
none had witnessed anyone
approaching him
every evening he was rooted
at the exact spot
like a milestone or
a lankymark.
With the dusk descending
he used to vanish somewhere.
To my surprise and embarrassment
one day he came not
I asked myself why?
None seemed to bother about
his absence
but the silent connection I felt
towards him set me thinking
about his where abouts.
Everyday on passing through
the street,
I expect him
days and weeks have elapsed
his signs are not seen.
Still I hope
one day he will surface
and I await that day.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Stars in heaven are
calm, quiet and always
in harmony.
Blinking their eyes
they often keep on
casting smiles at us from the clear
night blue sky.
They never clash
They keep no egos
sparks of anger never
fly around them
immortal they are
unlike the stars on earth
stars on earth are mortals
they keep on clashing
with sparks of anger
flying around
rivers of cold war
flow among them round the clock
jealousy is their hallmark
behind their smiles to each other
the race for
one up-man ship
persists like a leech
the glamour each exhibits
is hollow and artificial.
Behind these shining stars
dark spots of ego spread
like moles
all are after accumulating
lakhs to crores
their greed know no limits.
Mortals are always like
no reason for wonder
after all.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


We, past, present
and future
are like three pearls
tied up by a string
worn by the mankind.
I, the present
always sit in the
lap of the past
with my legs stretched
towards the lap of
future like a bridge.
We are interlinked
will continue to be
like three interlinked
flowing into the ocean
called Universe.

Friday, November 11, 2011


On watching the dried
on witnessing the felled
on experiencing the
searing heat of the
sun and thinking about the
depleted ozone layers
on looking at the levelling
of paddy fields
where concrete structures
are rising
on passing thru the
drought affected areas
across the nation
on the disappearance of
once rich flora and fauna
on witnessing the sea-levels
rising which threaten the
very existence of
nations below the
the mercury levels of
my anger and sorrow shoot up
and am shuddered at
the future of mankind.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


The roaring tiger
sped past piercing the
darkness like a bullet
through the thick of
Barring a man and a lady
all others dropped into the depths of sleep
some waited for sleep
to bless them wrapped in
woolen clothes in
the berths.
The man and lady
sitting close to each other
his hand resting on her
lap were all talks for
the entire day and even
What all transpired between
whether they were man
and wife
or love-birds
none knew for sure.
The night passed
the day bloomed
all woke up in the morning
but I was flabbergasted
when I saw the man
sitting alone in the
I waited for sometime
but the lady was
nowhere in the picture
gathering courage I asked
him about the lady
who was with him
till late into the night.
His nonchalant reply
was :
the lady got in some
where along the way
and got down some
where along the way.
I found his answer
and I felt something
fishy in his body-language.
Whither vanished the lady in the
deep darkness?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Life could be a
simple sentence
at times.
It could be a complex
sentence at other times.
Life could be a paragraph
with exclamation marks
question marks, semi-columns
and full stops.
Sometimes it could be
a page or a book
without any punctuation
marks not even a
full stop at the end.
If Saramago were alive
we could have asked
him straight away
Infinity, he would
have given a curt reply.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


His covert and overt
actions of commission
and omission landed him
where he deserved to be.
Behind the bars
whatever comforts he had
outside deserted him.
Cosy-bed, air-conditioned room
hot and cold water
and sumptuous food
three times a day
all came to a halt.
He had to while away
time like a baby inside
the womb of prison.
On the mat spread over
the bare floor he shared
his pain and angst with
his co-prisoners.
They repented their wrong-doings
consoled each other
and hoped a day would
come when all could
be released
and doors of the prison
would be wide open to
the vast world of freedom.
Until then continue to
undergo punishment for
their undoings.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Steps and missteps
falls and loud cries
mamma consoles
papa consoles.
The kid stops the cries.
Holding mamma’s
or pappa’s fingers
steps and missteps
once again
falls and cries continue
consolings too continue.
Cries turn to smiles
repeat of steps, missteps
thus goes on for
days together
till steps turn right
and missteps bids bye
to mamma’s delight
to pappa’s delight
to kid’s delight.


Needles are sharp
let them not hurt
the tender walls of
your mind.
Moral pricks are heavy like a giant
let them not crush
your conscience.
Take care while
plucking a rose
thorns could pierce
your fingers causing
them to bleed.
Wipe out the stains
on your persona
let it be
pure and clean always
and free from all sins.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


A diplomat lurks
somewhere in the recess of my heart
and when the situation warrants
it rises to the occasion
and avoids a friction
between two persons.
But when I am
confronted with a situation
when somebody gets on my nerves
the ether of diplomacy
I lose my temper
catch the enemy by the
punch his nose and reduce it
to pulp
it could be
the other way also
but diplomacy is
the scape-goat.


I see a burning candle-light
at the end of the tunnel
held by a someone
could be a man or
I am not sure.
Let the candle light
continue to burn
at the other end of the tunnel
It is the symbol of hope
hope and nothing but
Let not winds blow it away
let no one snatch it away
let not a single drop of
rain fall on it and
force it to die away.
Let me light up a candle
at this end of the tunnel
and hold it
as long as I am

Friday, November 4, 2011


I saw a dream, an awful dream
an unforgettable dream
some time back.
Those were summer days
sun, the burning touch
was showering fire over earth
and in the sweltering heat
we ran for shade
but no
the trees were bereft
of leaves and looked like skeletons
the rivers, lakes
ponds had gone dry
the winds had stood still
we were being roasted alive.
As a last resort
one day we prayed to
Rain Goddess
to bless us with heavy downpour
and make the earth a
‘liv-able’ place
let the trees and plants
sprout with leaves
let the water levels in the rivers
lakes, and ponds rise
to the brim.
Rain Goddess listened to
our prayers
dark clouds formed
the dark clouds
painted the landscape black
the serpent of surging clouds swallowed
the blistering sun
and in anticipation of
a heavy downpour
we awaited with bated breath.
But violating
centre of gravity
it rained upwards like a fountain
but not a single drop
touched the earth
to our shock and horror.
After a while the
Sun came out of
the mouth of the serpent
of darkness and started showering
more and more
fire over earth once more.
What a dream?
what a strange dream
that I saw……?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Recently I enjoyed an
absurd drama penned by ANONYMOUS
and enacted by several faceless
in the backdrop of a bleeding nation.
It is the story of a funny
septuagenarian ruler and
his several subjects.
The funny septuagenarian ruler
boasts about his honesty
a dime a dozen times a day
indulges in tall talks about
the vast progress the nation
achieved under him
while the exact opposite
is the truth.
Majority of faceless characters -
his subjects
pull on below a subsistence level
a naked
tragic truth, it is.
His words and deeds
always differ
mouths platitudes galore
no one but seems to
attach much importance
to his claims and promises.
The gentle man of
honesty always
speaks out loudly against
the tainted, corrupt
ones in the nation
simultaneously keeping
the scam-tainted ones
in his own cabinet.
Never does he dare
to kick out the scoundrels
fearing a shaky throne
nightmare of an ouster from power
haunts him every now and then.
Lightening of terror strikes the nation
the entire national fabric torn to smithereens
hurting the heart and brain of
the vast nation starting to bleed.
Sometimes they happen
under his very nose
a ‘visibly’ shocked ruler
never fails to
assure his panic-stricken subjects :
the scourge of terror
will never ever
shake the nation and
be calm and poised.
Soon before the heat
and dust is settled
another chain of blasts
rock the nation.
Then and there he
starts mouthing platitudes.
The drama was a visual
treat to watch and as a
humble citizen I recommend
fellow citizens to watch
and enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Her presence is inebriating
words honeyed
her touch electrifying
breath rejuvenating
her melodies are lullabies
lullabies are soporific.
Her kisses hilarious
her embraces orgasmic.
Her absence is death to me
and she is everything
to me.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Like the confluence
of rivers
the junction is a
confluence of four routes
where hundreds gather
for multiple purposes.
One is reminded of a
but no, the junction is
not a market.
One day he too
reached the junction
after traversing a long way
rooted like a statue
he stood there
looked around several times
to watch the milling crowd.
Whether to return to the
place where he came from
or catch a bus to
he was on the horns of
a dilemma.
While pondering over
various options
he saw a red face
speeding along from the
south to the north
no second thoughts
decided he to board it.
The bus screeched to a
halt near him
he board it
within seconds with a
tremor and
the bus sped along.
Where to get down,
no idea
he told the conductor
to give him a ticket to
where the bus reaches
its destination point.
Reclining comfortably in
his seat
he looked outward
enjoyed the landscapes
until he started snoring
in his sleep.


I wonder whether the Brussels meeting of 17 European nations could find a way out to solve the economic chaos and bring about relief to the recession hit Europe particularly Greece. Thus believe these European nations who gathered at Brussels and after marathon talks arrived at a solution. It is true that soon after chalking out the solution European markets soared by five percent which had its reflection across the nations. But how long? Whether the trend is going to persist or after the euphoria settles down whether it will be back to square one.
The marathon talks which lasted into the early hours of last thursday discussed and deliberated upon the crisis and finally emerged out with a three pronged solution. First, to wipe out 50 percent of Greek debt second, to recapitalize the banks third, to strengthen European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).
100 billion Euros will be pumped to rescue Greece to rescue it from giant debt thus helping to reduce the GDP from 180 to 120 percent.
Certain well-known economists nurse doubts and apprehensions as to how the bailing out of banks by imposing austerity measures could solve rather than aggravate the situation.
European nations met at Brussels and after much hair-splitting finally arrived at a solution as the last resort. If the last resort goes awry then no escape, they are well aware of.
A distinguished economist and Nobel laureate based in US keeps this apprehension that whichever nation that imposes more and more austerity measures thus putting a heavy burden on people bailing out banks is likely to fail ultimately. For instance he points towards certain examples like Iceland which allowed the banks go bust and concentrated on widening the social safety net. Such a step had its salutary effect in Iceland. On the contrary imposing more austerity measures for bailing out banks will find it very difficult to wriggle out of the situation in due course.
Greece under George Pappandreau is in turmoil as it is forced to follow the conditions slapped on it by IMF, European Central Bank and European nations. Five 48 hour strikes already witnessed by Greece including students and teachers, schools and colleges, transport services, post offices, railways, hospitals, doctors and staff etc to protest against austerity measures making their life a burden. Instead of that if Greece like Iceland were to concentrate on widening social safety net today’s problems could be solved. But no, Greece is determined to perish. Let us keep solidarity with the hapless citizens of Greece.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Too steely is his body
that it is not possible
to extricate oneself from his
Too rough and fierce
his face
that frightening is his
Too sharp are his eyes
that one can’t stand
his blinding looks.
Too furious he is
that one can’t even mull
engaging in a duel with him
too tender is his character
that one fails often
to measure the intensity
of his boundless love.
Too sad it is that
all go wrong in judging
Too patient we must be for
the spring of love to gush
forth from the depth of hard rocks.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This conch-shell is
a gift to
me by mother
which is a store-house
of dreams, imaginations
emotions and musical
waves of the seas.
I often sit with it
glued to my ears
listening to the emotional
flows, the whisperings
of stars
the soliloquy of a
lonely moon
the musical waves of
the seas
and the collage
of dreams.
Sometimes I blow the
and let out the dreams
imaginations, emotions
and musical waves.
The more I blow
and let out
the more come inside.
The amount of joy
and delight
I am at a loss
to describe.
Let me sleep with the
conch-shell close to
my ears and pass
through beautiful dreams
emotional flows
whispering of stars and the soliloquy
of lonely moon.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Inside the dark, dinghy
room of the thatched house
with mud walls
the skeletal frame
is lying on a ragged mat
on the floor
struggling hard to
breath, writhes in gnawing pain
coughing out sputum
and phlegm in a
clay-pot kept beside
his head.
The stench of death
pervades the surroundings
the bird of life
flutters impatiently inside the
frame for an early escape
all a matter of hours
or minutes.
He with nobody beside him
fights for his life single-handedly
knowing in his heart of
hearts that an orphan
is always an orphan
caught in the web of death.
The spider of death
could approach him any
time soon.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Mother sea is calm and quiet
in the morning.
Her cool embrace elevates
me to a level of sublimity.
The morning visitors
only a few
some morning walkers
they are in ones, two or groups
others take rest in the
concrete chairs watching
the infinity.
As time ticks away
morning visitors desert the
marine drive one
by one
and the marine drive turns
almost alone.
Sitting in the 13th floor
of the office
I can watch a slice
of the sea
like the edge of a sharp sword
shining brightly
under the blazing sun.
With the time ticking
fast with the approach of
the evening,
Mother Sea turns impatient
and violent
the reason only she knows.
She darkens her face
she turns mad
visitors come in droves
waves and waves of anger
lash the shore angrily
like serpents beating their heads on the rocks.
The street lights bloom
vehicles hoot and toot
behind her down the
tarred road.
Islands of glow-worms
of light glimmer far away
giving the crowd of
evening visitors
visual treats
and under the night
stars and moon perform
dancing shows on the baseline.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The house is cute, spacious and royal
always calm, serene and peaceful
set in the sylvan
surroundings of the village
situated on the river side
its both sides lined with
thick greenery
churches are there, temples are there,
mosques are there
the ambience harmonious
no clashes, no violence, no blood letting
unlike in the city
which is noisy, vibrant
and throbbing round the clock
while the village sleeps
city never sleeps
always agile, always alert
always on the wheels.
Like in the villages
temples are abundant
churches are numerous and
mosques are aplenty.
Unfortunately harmony misses
communal clashes, violences
and blood-shed disturb the camaraderie
arrows of clashes
pierce the heart of the
city and force it
to bleed.
As a man who spent
both in village and city
I can’t hate both the
city or village
I like both, I love both
since I know both are
special in their own way
features, yes, different
that is natural.
Splashing streams, ponds
and lakes widespread in
the village
all give it an enchanting
appearance, a look of embellishment
while the city’s parks
gardens and beaches bestow
it with a look of megapolis.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Phase I
In my childhood
I was both a headache
and a pleasure to my parents
I played pranks
not only on my
near and dear ones
but whoever I came into
contact with.
I cried a lot, cried
aloud to meet my needs
and I wrested them
from my parents forcibly.
I disrupted my parents’
sleep very often
in the night
sometimes I was showered
with sweet words
sometimes dad or mum
out of anger pinched
or thrashed me eventually
raising the volume of my cries.
Vibrant and energetic always I was.
I was not at all moody
if I were moody
that would have been
painful to them, painful to all.
My parents virtually celebrated
my varying moods ranging
from delight, antics
stubbornness and cries.
Phase II
In my teenage
I changed altogether
I made many friends
both boys and girls
with some girls I romanced
watched my changes daily
in the mirror.
The sprouting moustache
hairy growth in
my private parts
all enthralled me
and I tried to be as much romantic as

Phase III
In the youth
I evolved into an angry
revolted against the
violated conventions
lived the way I liked
cared no one
never hesitated to take
on anyone who dared
maturity was something
unfamiliar to me.
My youthful spirit
never lasted for a prolonged period
I bid bye to the youth
evolved into a matured man
an adult in the true
acquired a new outlook
on life
had wife and
Now I look forward to
all what lie forward.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


In the sunset of his life
the old man watched
the auburn sun vanishing
from his sight
while sitting alone in
the balcony with a
deep sigh.
Each sunrise my birth
Each sunset my death
he reflected.
He loved sunsets more
than sunrises
and he was enchanted by
the sunsets.
Each day evening he watched
the auburn sun like a dying candle
burning, disappearing down the sea
felt pangs of pain in his heart.
One day
while sitting in the
with an agonizing heart
he watched the sun slowly
diving down
felt like jumping down
from the balcony
like the sun in the
sunset of his life.
He climbed on the
and took a plunge
from the twenty first floor
and landed on the ground
with a heavy thud.

Monday, October 24, 2011


The prolonged period of
darkness gone with the wind
with the pathetic end of
the ruthless dictator
who consecrated himself
the ‘King of Kings’
who called the nation
his personal fiefdom.
The ruthless dictator
mercilessly dragged out of
a drainage pipe
and shot at point blank
and hooked to a truck.
The truck speeded along
bruising him all the way
till he breathed his last
before thousands
who rejoiced, celebrated and went
But sir,
could we say everything
has gone along the right path
could we say the Sun
of democracy has shone
while the nation is in a
fluid state.
How long the euphoria last?
Any idea?
The dust of euphoria will have to settle down
one day for sure
the fluid situation won’t
continue, sure.
Someone will come forward
to take over the mantle,
whether he too will have
a streak of a
dictatorial tendencies in his genes
no one thinks that far.
All are drowned in the
rejoicings and celebrations
over the end of the wretched
dictator for the time being.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Love-birds are dime a dozen
in the city of Mumbai.
The more the love-birds
the more the voyeurists
like paparazzis are after
With the warm red sun
slowly sinking down
in the Western horizon
stars and moon take over
the charge
and along with them appear flocks
of love-birds and voyeurists
along the beaches and parks.
Love-birds choose convenient
straight away engage
in amorous activities
passions, need outlets, you
what they are after is
gratification for the day.
They care not the voyeurists
who without any iota of
watch the love-birds’ “games”
from different corners
with eagles’ eyes
with turbulence of
a sea under waists
the voyeurists along with
gratified flocks of
love-birds empty the
beaches and parks for
the day with sense
jealousies and loss.


The 48th hour strike observed by employees belonging to various sectors like schools and colleges, public transports, hospitals, post offices, banks and government offices virtually paralysed Greece , the other day. It was the fifth 48 hour strike this year and second since June.
The reason : fresh wave of austerity measures in the making in Greek Parliament at the instance of the ‘troika’, European Union, International Monetary Bank and European Central Bank for releasing the next tranche of loan amounting to 8 billion Euros. Fresh wave of austerity measures like reduction of public sector salaries, pensions invited the wrath of Greek citizens who grouped under one umbrella and went on the rampage clashing with Greek police who used tear gas canisters and other rough measures to suppress the mass demonstrations and violence. Almost 125000 citizens participated in the demonstrations paralyzing the entire Greece and besides that 70000 citizens congregated at Syntagma (Parliament) square, while the Greek parliamentarians were in a hurry to enact the bill on imposing fresh austerity measures.
In spite of widespread protests, demonstrations and violence, Greek Parliament enacted law imposing further austerity measures at the bidding of European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank to reduce the public debt which is mounting leading the nation to the verge of bankruptcy.
The billion-dollar question however is with the entire citizens being squeezed how long Greek Prime Minister George Pappandreau can hold the wrath of the people.
Greek being entirely paralysed and even the garbage collection at a standstill for days whether a ‘Greek spring’ is on the anvil. Even while Germany and France are struggling to tide over their economic crisis, it is worthwhile to note that European recession is widespread among 27 of its members how long a dependant Greece could hold on under precarious circumstances. Take it for granted that Greek citizens will citizens won’t sit patiently tolerating belt tightening measures of Greek government. Greece will be in flames shortly with people remaining impatient over their predicament for a prolonged period. The Greek tragedy began from the very day Greece joined the European Union and a return to the past is not that easy.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Come down, come down
little stars come down.
Let me touch you, let me kiss you
let me feel the brightness
of you, let me feel
the warmth of you.
Come down, come down
little stars come down
listen to my pleas
fulfill my dreams
let them materialize.
Come down, come down
little stars come down
I like you, I love you
I adore you twinkling
little stars.
Far away from you
I stand, helpless I stand,
I don’t have wings
to fly up and reach you.
Had I the wings, had I
developed the wings
I would have flown
to you, touched you, kissed you
felt the brightness of
you, felt the warmth of
Comedown, come down
little stars, blow me kisses
and in your luminous
embraces and fulfill
my long cherished dreams.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The flowers of my memories
are pretty like you.
The flowers of my memories
are fragrant like you .
The flowers of my memories
are incarnations of you.
The flowers of my memories
easily fade away like you .
Wish you and flowers of
my memories were
ever pretty, ever fragrant
never fading incarnations
as long as both of
us are alive.


Emergency dropped
like a bombshell
to the horror of
citizens across the
The dark clouds of
emergency obstructed
the appearance of the
sun of freedom
and a pall of
gloom descended over the nation.
Voices of dissent stifled,
freedom of speech
expression and movement
Those who revolted against
the dictatorship
suppressed, killed or maimed
and thousands incarcerated
for indefinite period.
The stench of corruption
spread across the
country and the dictator with
an iron fist ruled
the roost.
Sparks of revolution
made magical appearances
around the nation
pamphlets of exhortation
to revolt against the
ruthless rulers
distributed by youth
in hiding
to the shock of the
ruling mandarins.
Air of revolution hung in
the air like the wall of
and it was only a
question of time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am the Sun
you the Moon
I am the star
and you the planet
I am the lender
and you the borrower
I siphon funds to you
in return for nothing
I am the universal banker
and you the universal borrower
I am self-sufficient round the clock
and I am a storehouse of inexhaustible funds
and you the dependant
while humanbeings never
aspire for my proximity
they aspire for your closeness
but they respect me
from a long distance.
That is my only solace.


Minorities in most parts of the world are a suppressed lot. Be it in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan minority bashing is a perennial problem eluding solutions. There is no point in singling out a particular country on the matter of suppression of minority.
Of late, Egypt’s Copt Christians who rose in revolt at Tahrir Square had to taste the bitter fruit at the hands of Egyptian authorities where registration for poll has already started. Tanks mowed down the revolting coptics in the process twenty four of them were crushed to death which sent shock waves around the world. Means, with Hosni Mubarak’s ouster Egypt has not returned to normality. We will have to wait for the completion of elections, after that only whether a return to normalcy could be expected or another round of flare-up is in the offing is to be expected.
Let’s take each nation one by one. First let it be Sudan, Africa’s largest country. Decades of rebellions and govt sponsored massacres of Animist Christians finally led to the division of the Muslim nation. The Christians at last succeeded in forcing the Sudanese authorities under Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir to cede the Southern part of Sudan to Christians almost one year back. Thus resulted in the formation of South Sudan which doesn’t mean that the problem has ended as territorial disputes still exist between the two nations as also the abundant crude oil wealth of South Sudan is still a bone of contention. What I was driving home is the decades old rivalries between the Animist Christians and majority Muslims resulted in the secession of the Africa’s largest nation – Sudan.
Even Saudi Arabia, the Sunni majority nation is not free from minority bashing. In the Kingdom, Al-Qatif, an area peopled by Shia Muslims are violently suppressed by the ruling authorities. It is widely known across the nations that Sunni’s and Shia’s are always at loggerheads.
Moreover Shia majority Iran, bĂȘte noire of Saudi Arabia’s the Sunni majority is providing necessary assistance to Shia’s at Al-Qatif.
Iran too is not free from minority bashing. In Iran the Christians and peace-loving Bahais are brutally dealt with and on a daily basis news of suppression and violent deaths are pouring out.
As long as minorities continue to seek refuge in these countries – they have nowhere to go – it is their fate to be subservient to the authorities and bear all kinds of cruelties at the hands of authorities.

Monday, October 17, 2011


The theoreticians like
the organizers
come down to grassroots
and like the medical practitioners
reading the pulses of
they too should read the pulses
of citizens
like the organizers.
They should inject the spirit of revolution
into the veins of citizens
and arouse the embers of fighting spirit
dormant in them
and prepare them for a
consolidated action
against the corrupt elements
sucking out the blood of
those at the bottom line
of the pyramid like parasites.


A blinding flash
followed by a powerful
ripped through the glass panes
cracked the walls
as also the ceiling
and the marble-tiled
as if an earthquake
shook the building
The inmates got frightened
and ran out of the
buildings screaming
and congregated outside
fearing another thunder-like
spell-binding explosions
which could crumble
the building
into a heap of rubble.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Oh, my beloved
I know not where you are
where ever you are
recall the days
we spent lovely
moments together
the days we whispered sweet little things
in each other’s ears
the days we spent locked
in embraces
with our lips locked together.
Oh, my beloved
recall those days
we kept our love affair
a secret
not because we feared anyone
but because of our selfishness.
Oh, my beloved
recall those days
you handed me a
red rose each day
the fragrance of your love
I felt it inexplicable
and to keep it from
fading away
I dipped its stem
in a bottle filled
with water.
Oh, my beloved
recall the shocking
when a fellow peeped
into our secret life
and spilt the beans
and turned out the
secret affair into a
public secret
which like a wild fire
spread and
reached everyone’s ears
robbing away the sweetness
and charm of our affair.
Oh, my beloved
recall the fateful day
your parents plucked you
away from my life
whether you know the excruciating pain
I felt that day and
the moments I writhed in pain.
Oh, my love
since that fateful day
I know not where
you are
where you were whisked
but I know for certain
the flame of our love
would continue to burn intact
till the end of our life
eternal it is
yes eternal it is…..

Saturday, October 15, 2011


With the onset of sunset
six friends coming from
different corners of the city
meet at the coffee house
in the heart of the city
and are seated around a
round table.
Being daily visitors
all are familiar to the
man at the counter as well
as waiters on duty.
The youth discuss many things
under the sun
beginning from regional
national and international
but what all they talk
about are not known to those
familiar to them.
Arab spring, Libyan fights
Syrian massacres, European recession
Occupy Wall Street Movement
down to food inflation
starvation deaths, malnourishment
women empowerment, infrastructure, sanitation
the hydra of corruption
whirling around the
national wealth, and squeezing the essence
terror attacks
down to regional
matters, all come up
for their discussions, debates
while they sip the
hot tea or coffee.
In a world where there
are no dearth of
subjects to be discussed
and deliberated upon
they know no boredom.
After the fading away
of twilight
before the blanket of darkness coming
down enveloping the city
the street lamps
start flickering
banishing the darkness
they bid bye to
each other
with the promise of
meeting again the
next day.

Friday, October 14, 2011


‘Who is John Galt’? Anybody knowing? Some must be knowing. Some might be knowing.
We’ve to find John Galt. The man who stopped the motor of the world. Is it a silly thing? None would say.
Let’s go to the nook and cranny of US in search of the so-called John Galts. Not even a single person could be found why? Such persons never exist.
Even John Galt was a fictional character. Never in the history of mankind John Galt was born. Never in the coming days such a person will be born. And for that matter not even a Hank Rearden, Dagny Taggart and Francisco D’Anconia will be born. Such fictional characters are likely to born again.
What is laughable is that many business barons of US are nursing a belief that they are John Galts. What is laughable is that Laissez Faire Capitalism is not existent across US. Even Ayn Rand, the advocate of Laissez Faire Capitalism and the creator of John Galt had believed that such a system existed in US in the 19th century. Not before that. Not after that. It was not even existent in the whole of 19th century according to her.
Still the so-called advocates of Laissez Faire (Hands off) think on the lines of themselves being John Galt.
True. Ayn Rand who was a rationalist. She did neither believe in the existence of God nor rebirth of the soul. If at all rebirth of soul is a reality her soul would have turned in her grave on listening to such non-sense. The business tycoons and their supporters of all times the Republican party (GoP) hubristically call themselves as the incarnations of John Galts.
As nobel laureate Paul Krugman wrote : They are not John Galts, not even Steve Jobs. They amassed money through foul means. They piled up money not like Hank Rearden or Dagny Taggart piled. The latter, yes, they are fictional characters proceeded along straight lines and developed their business empire.
The Occupy Wall Street movement by the middle-class citizens is gaining momentum. They have occupied Succoti Park at Chasemanhattan inviting the attention of all to their present plight.
One is reminded of Arab spring in this context. This is going to be American spring.
The greed and lust of the US tycoons with the support of Republicans must end. They’ve even gone to the extent of calling Barack Obama ‘a socialist’.
Yes, Occupy Wall Street against Wall Street Journal being run by another tycoon. The disillusionment of the suffering middle-class should go. Must go for ever.


In the sunset of life
left in the lurch by their children
who were in faraway cities
cared them not, visited them not,
contacted them not
as the parents to them were
worthless garbage waiting
to be buried somewhere.
The old age couple
with none to look after
not even a home nurse
to care them
decided out of helplessness
to sell
the property to a realtor
and seek refuge in an
old-age home
where such old-age couples
are aplenty
they too joined their
Often travelled down memory lane
their delightful moments
with their children
the strenuous efforts they
undertook to look after the
their studies from kinder-
garten to famed universities
all brought tears in their
The only solace being
on sharing experience
with other old age men
and women all had to
pour out the same story.


In the sunset of life
left in the lurch by their children
who were in faraway cities
cared them not, visited them not,
contacted them not
as the parents to them were
worthless garbage waiting
to be buried somewhere.
The old age couple
with none to look after
not even a home nurse
to care them
decided out of helplessness
to sell
the property to a realtor
and seek refuge in an
old-age home
where such old-age couples
are aplenty
they too joined their
Often travelled down memory lane
their delightful moments
with their children
the strenuous efforts they
undertook to look after the
their studies from kinder-
garten to famed universities
all brought tears in their
The only solace being
on sharing experience
with other old age men
and women all had to
pour out the same story.


In the sunset of life
left in the lurch by their children
who were in faraway cities
cared them not, visited them not,
contacted them not
as the parents to them were
worthless garbage waiting
to be buried somewhere.
The old age couple
with none to look after
not even a home nurse
to care them
decided out of helplessness
to sell
the property to a realtor
and seek refuge in an
old-age home
where such old-age couples
are aplenty
they too joined their
Often travelled down memory lane
their delightful moments
with their children
the strenuous efforts they
undertook to look after the
their studies from kinder-
garten to famed universities
all brought tears in their
The only solace being
on sharing experience
with other old age men
and women all had to
pour out the same story.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


May I relish the sweet
moments of teenage love
cherished by me
for a long span in my life.
May the dark thoughts
in the corridors of my heart
turn into bright thoughts
by a cute lass
waiting for me since a
long time.
May the sharp arrows
of criticism aimed at
me by my critics turn
into pretty, colourful, fragrant
flowers of appreciation.
May I have a magic wand
to wipe out the
scum of evils widespread
in the society.
May I have a
kind and loving heart to spread the
warm light of generosity
and delight among
the citizens across the nation.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Listening to one of
the mellifluous songs
sung by him several times
he came down to earth
from above
embedded inside a star
like a pearl hidden
in a shell
to have a glimpse of
the blessed singer
whose heart rending rendition
aroused a sublime
feeling in him
that much enamoured
and drunk with joy he was.
The versatile singer of yester years
was reluctant
to go up as he
yearned to be with
everyone on earth
but he whose mission
in earth had already
keeping his gnawing pain within him
he vanished into the
blue sky with tears in his eyes.
The rejoice he felt
never left him and
shared his
exuberant feelings
with his comrade
stars with the pride
of a melody king who
conquered the world with his
beautiful renditions.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In my make-believe world
everything is beautiful
attractive and fascinating.
The snow-capped mountains
the melting snow under
the warm sun
flowing downwards like
frothing milk.
The beautiful seas and oceans
the waves lashing the sand-filled
sucking the feet of the
the sea turtles, fishes and strange and giant creatures.
The blue transparent rivers
mirroring the basements,
the gurgling streams
reminding me of a
village girl moving along
wearing anklets
the splashing lakes
through which boats sail
the deep thick green forests
under which shadows
dance in the cool breeze.
Everything beautiful
attractive and fascinating
in my make-believe
Wonder, the sea-change
all the aforesaid have undergone
in the modern times of global warming.
Pity it, quite pity….


The fast unto death of Irom Chanu Sharmila, the human rights activist of Manipur has entered the eleventh year. Her main demand, repeal of Armed Forces Special Forces Act (AFSPA) still stay in force due to the adamant attitude of Central government. The draconian act confers the armed forces with proceeding according to their will and pleasure.
Irom Chanu Sharmila, who refuses to take food since eleven years is arrested frequently and freed and force-fed through nostrils to keep her from dying. In such eventuality the Central govt knows all Manipur would flare up within no time as all citizens are behind her. AFSPA has already claimed many innocent lives, most among them were youths. Such incidents have firmed up her resolve to continue her fast till the repeal of the Act.
Now that Chanu Sharmila’a fight for the repeal of the draconian act is widely known across the world and the country and all the citizens barring the ruling regime which is a stone hearted entity, the human rights activist of India have decided to fight for her cause.
An Anna Hazaare team could within a matter of days inspire passions of citizens and could prevail upon the govt to enact Jan LokPal bill in the Winter session of Parliament. Irom Chanu Sharmilla’s cause likewise should enter the soul of the nation and shall prevail upon the obstinate and stubborn govt to repeal a draconian act which is in force in certain parts of the country like North Eastern States and Jammu&Kashmir.
If our human rights activist and a pro-active media could come forward much earlier Chanu Sharmilla would not have suffered such intolerable hardships since eleven years. It is high time all rallied around her and determined to fight demanding the repeal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act. To drive a stubborn govt bow down to the incessant pressure is the need of the hour to save a lady from intolerable hardships. And big HURRAY to Irom Sharmila for her rock like determination.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Godowns overflowing
like reservoirs in spate
grains rotting
but nobody to take
care of.
Under the mountain of
food inflation
millions are crushed to death
as many suffocating
under its weight.
Mandarins in the corridors
of power least bothered.
Plans of grains
to be exported are
on the anvil
and the mandarins
proceed with the decision
Since years talks of the
survey of citizens
under below poverty line
and above poverty line
are the talking points.
While grains overflow
while millions are crushed to death
while millions struggle to breath.
Under the weight of mountain
of flood inflation
the paradox of
grain exporting
gains momentum.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is my road
know not where it ends
know not whether it is endless.
It has its curves, ups and
downs and craters galore.
Ever since I learnt to walk
I started walking down
the road
not knowing where it ends
not knowing whether
it is endless.
How long I should have
to walk?
Know not
the one thing, only one
thing I know is
one day I’ll get tired
at a certain point
where I will have to put an end
the certain point already
decided by somebody
not me
I can’t have to put an
end to my walk
on my own volition,
its pre-destined.
The curves, the pot holes
ups and downs
never scare me
it is all part
of the journey
just like walking
along smooth plains.
For the moment
let me continue my
I know uncertainty
has its glory too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


The killing of Al-Quaida leader Anwar Ali Awlaki in drone attack is a god send for US, after the murder of Al-Quaida Chief Osama Bin Laden in another drone attack. The modus operandi was the same – the killing of both was by US drones. Awlaki, the US born Al-Quaida leader based in Yemen was a nightmare for US since a long time. And his killing led to the organization a headless one. In a sense US can heave a sigh of relief. On the other hand it would lead to aggravation of threats to US security. Knowing this truth very much in mind US would further tighten precautionary steps to avoid and take steps to avoid another 9/11. US Intelligence is always alert and the alacrity with which the intelligence moves ahead would doubtlessly blunt the sharpness of vindictive terror organizations unlike India, Pakistan, Afghanistan etal whose security systems are in tatters.
The shock of 9/11 sent ripples across US and that shock and fear still linger in the minds of authorities as well as citizens. Never in their dreams Americans apprehended such a tragic eventuality till 9/11 happened in its soil and it was due to its overconfident complacency that whereever terrorists were poised to strike US wouldn’t appear on their radar. But the unexpected happened. On the morning of 9/11/01 three to four airplanes aimed the world famous World Trade Center and crashed with huge explosions reducing the towers into a heap of rubble. The crash resulted in the killing of around 3000 citizens which sent shockwaves down the spines of authorities.
The resultant anger and vengeance on the part of US leadership forced it to chase the terrorist organizations beginning from 2001 in Afghanistan. It is a naked truth that after the 9/11 no other terrorist organization couldn’t even go to the neighbourhood of US as its security system was moulded into an iron frame. Even though that is salutary that country is not from the fear psychosis and it won’t and it can’t in a world where terrorists rule the roost.
True, Anwar-Ali-Awlaki is done to death and the episode is bound to inflame the vengeance and determination of militant organizations. And America’s fear psychosis is there to stay…..


Mumbai by night
is thousand times
prettier than Mumbai by day.
Mumbai by night is a
seductive enchantress under
the moon and stars and
with its raunchy magnetic
eyes beckons all
irrespective of rich and poor.
Mumbai by night
continuously sizzles, throbs
and vibrates
embracing each.
Mumbai by night is a
scintillating lady
with thousand eyes
glowing under the moon
stars and halogen lamps.
Mumbai by night
the danseuse with its
rhythmic steps and pelvic thrusts
intoxicates all and
lead them to the verge of
Since a decade or two
Mumbai shakes violently
and sends shockwaves down
the spines of Mumbaites
occasionally, yes occasionally.
Otherwise Mumbai by
night is a heaven
to all
heaven to all.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Doors are open
so are windows
lights are on
so are fans
no sign of life felt inside.
A X’mas star is hanging
twinkling it is
it reminded of an orphan
no signs of life felt inside
curiosity grew like
a mountain.
The gate wide open
walked the cemented path
reached the courtyard
its walls are tidy
no cobwebs seen.
Peeped through the window
yet no life seen inside
no foot steps heard
mustered ample courage
entered the portico
stepped inside the drawing room
saw two garlanded photos of
an old man and a old lady
on the wall side by side
but no sign of life felt
no foot steps heard
‘who’re you’?
I looked around aghast
none seen around
felt like an oracle
can’t you hear, man?
Looked round aghast.
My eyes ran in
the direction of
the photos
flabberghasted I stood
saw me both frowning at me
with eyes wide open
I fled for life

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Day in and day out
She thinks of him
Day in and day out she nurses dreams about him
Day in and day out
she reminisces him
Day in and day out
she cherishes the precious
moments with him
the days they went to
attend grand functions
the days they
celebrated festivals
the days they discussed future
plans for their children
the days they reminisced
their pre-marital and post-marital
love life with sweet nostalgia
the days they undertook
long distance pleasure trips
the moments they engaged in quarrels
followed by immediate cease fire.
Now that in her old age
she eagerly awaits the day
when she reaches
him in heaven.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Behold Thee Hey billionaire
could I throw you a query?
While at the top of the pyramid
you look beyond or look below?
Without you opening up
let me answer myself.
You always look up
you never look below
you always aim high
you always crave to pile-up more.
Could you please come down for a few moments
have a look around
witness the millions die of starvation
millions on the brink of starvation
millions of emaciated poor
like an ultra-modern painting
millions of beggars stretching out their dirty hands
to the passersby
know I know you won’t ever
your heart won’t melt
your eyes won’t well up
the greed in you
urges you to reach the top
no reason whatsoever to point out.


Months back three bomb explosions shook Mumbai killing and maiming several people. It was the umpteenth time Mumbai was exploding by terror attacks. The responsible one’s expressed shocks and vowed to bring to book the culprits and also found a new villain in the neighbouring country. Not only Mumbaites but all Indians knew without any second thoughts that it was due to security lapses Mumbai fell victim to terror attacks. Our arm-chair turned politician cum Prime Minister Sardar ManMohan Singh as usual issued a strong statement after expressing shock. The statement was as follows ‘the scourge of terrorism will be crushed at any cost’. He never missed to assure the hapless Mumbaites that no other terror attack would happen anywhere in the country.
Four months after in Delhi at gate No.5 of High Court in the peak hours of the morning a brief case exploded and as a result fourteen people succumbed to death, body parts strewn around and about 100 innocents maimed or injured under the very nose of mandarins in the corridors of power. The recorded statement in the recess of ManMohan Singh’s mind again worked. ‘The culprits will be brought to book and meted out harsh punishment’. The echoes of his assurances at Mumbai four months back that no terror attack will ever happen anywhere in India were still reverberating across the land. Not much progress in nabbing the culprits would make any headway except some arrests were made in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorist organizations like Harkatul-Jihadi and Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibilities for the attack and that’s that.
Sardar ManMohan Singh is nothing other than a puppet in the hands of somebody sitting behind the scenes. He could very well shine as a party spokesman like Manu Abhishek Singhvi or Manish Tiwari. In that respect Singhvi and Tiwari can learn a lot from ManMohan Singh in making statements.
Mr.Singh’s words and deeds never match. Except mouthing platitudes dime a dozen nothing of substance he could perform in his capacity as Prime Minister since seven years.
Last week he had been to NewYork to attend UN General Assembly meeting. He flew with hands full of issues to present at General Assembly.
Let me list them out. Terrorism, economic slow down, UN reforms changing with times, support to Palestine cause.
While abroad he is a different man all together not that helpless Prime Minister in the home country. He can speak to very great lengths about the scourge of terrorism threatening the entire world. He would even advise all countries to take all preparations to wipe it out from the face of earth. He would even suggest various measures to contain violence from the soil of each country even while his country is in the grip of terrorist menace.
Being an economist he could very well speak about economic slow down threatening the world the second time after the 2008 meltdown. This time Eurozone crisis and the crisis threatening US as also Asian countries.
Since a long period he was demanding timely reforms to be brought to the UN including expansion of UN Security Council in the wake of changing power equations across the nations.
At a time Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has applied for UN membership he has extended all support from the Indian side. But like the sword of democles US veto is threatening the Palestinian dream. European nations like France, Britain, Germany as also Russia are supporting the Palestine cause and as long as US is bent upon vetoing, Palestinian hopes will remain immaterial. At last nine out of 15 members of non-permanent security council vote for Palestine, it could gain entry as an observer state. That’s all.
I wrote about these issues while discussing ManMohan Singh as Prime Minister of India. His rule has converted 75 percent of Indians living under poverty line and that tragic truth alone is sufficient to prove that Dr.Singh is a total failure as Prime Minister of India. Under an economist such a state of affairs should not have happened.
That is ManMohanSingh in India and abroad.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Prejudicial you can be
inhibitions you can have
love you can
hate you can
love to hate you can
greedy you can
selfish you can
sexual jealousies you can have
possessive you can
angry you can
vindictive you can
all because
you are a human being
even the so-called
sages in these changing times
are just human beings
with all weaknesses.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Down the
pretty garden of your
listening to your mellifluous
caressing the beautiful
sensing scent of various
feeling pleasant pain
of the thorns
enjoying the fragrant, cool breeze
I walk.
I feel like dancing through
the pretty garden devouring
its beauty
I pray to God Almighty not
allow to whither away
the thick greenery
and flowers
till death do us part.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Even after several days
in captivity under the terrorists
Even after ultimatums after
ultimatums to the govt of the hostage
to settle their demands
including a hefty amount as ransom
Even after the rejection of
all demands by the stern
govt of the gentleman in captivity
the captors, here, the dreaded
turned more friendly with
the hostage
hosted him a grand feast
which was something surprising
and pleasant to him
a spark of hope glimmered
in his eyes
and the friendly captors
provided him a cosy bed to sleep.
They assured him of their
decision to free him
from his ordeal the next day
the man rejoiced like
anything thinking about
his impending freedom
and freedom he achieved
even without him aware
of it.
In the deep sleep
one of the terrorists
released his soul to heaven
and thus a promise kept.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


In the interiors of
a remote village
under the blazing sun
an emaciated woman
gave birth to a skinny baby
it was a female baby.
She made her presence felt
with a loud cry
though skinny she was.
As she lay by the
side of her mother
searched her mother’s
breasts with its tender hands
reminding one of rose petals
and though she sucked
mother’s nipples for the elixir of mamma’s love
nothing came out of
the flat breasts.
Its father
the woman’s husband
burst out in anger
on hearing the incessant
cries of the baby
he took it forcibly
from the hapless mother
bundled it
carried it somewhere
whether he sold the
baby for peanuts to somebody
whether he threw it out
perhaps in the nearby
or strangulated it
and buried somewhere
mother knew not
she heard the begging voice
of the new born from afar
like an oracle.
‘Mamma, Mamma’.
Not a drop of tear
came out of her eyes
they were quite dry
like a desert under
the scorching sun.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Much has been spoken
Much more has to be spoken
Much has been written
Much more has to be written
Much distance travelled
Much more has to be travelled
Much has been seen
Much more needs to be seen
Much has been heard
Much more has to be heard
My ambitions are soaring
my longings have
no boundaries.
I know my limitations
are umpteen.
That doesn’t mean that
my aspirations need to
be limited.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Memories smile with
tears in eyes
scent of love smiles
with tears in eyes
first smile
the first touch
first kiss
first breath
first pain of pleasure
bring tears in
her eyes
keep your eyes close to
the ground
and listen to the
winds bearing sobs of
a jilted lover and
his tear drops
all getting mixed up
with river water
which carries the mission of
flowing with delights and agonies of all
to the lap of Mother Sea.


We built a memorial for
in remembrance of your
services to our Alma-Mater
to perpetuate your name.
Deep down in the hearts of
we can’t bear
the flowers of your memories
gradually fading from the midst
we wish your name to
shine for ever
for generations to come
even after we are gone.
We won’t allow
the flame of
the lamp
you lit
from dying down
with a whimper.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


He came wobbling along
late into the night
as usual
dealt heavy blows
on the door
instead of pressing
the door bell .
Somebody opened the door wide
no hello
no good evening
no hai
passed between the two.
The somebody led him to
the bed as usual
he fell flat on
the bed
started sleeping without
the pungent odour
of the liquor
pervaded the ambience
his snore polluted
the silence in the
The somebody disappeared in the
after bolting the
door from inside.
The somebody awoke in
the wee hours of
the morning daily as usual
cooked breakfast and placed
it on the table
for him as usual
and left the room early in the morning
keeping the door closed
from outside
but without locking.
He woke up late
in the morning as usual
completed his routine as usual
had his breakfast as usual
dressed up as usual
and went out in style as usual.
Nothing seemed to have passed between
the somebody and him
each day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Business in a dull shape
debts mounting up
borrowal of funds
for running a flourishing
business meets a sad end.
Investing funds in business
tantamount to adding
a tablespoon of salt
in the sea.
Ever since the multinational
retail giant opened
shop next door
his small scale business
started declining.
Either to rise up like
the multinational giant
to compete
which is immaterial
or to call it a day.
Better jump to the
open mouth of big fish.
Let it swallow down its throat.
Survival of the fittest
is the after all prevalent truth.


Since decades Afghanistan has been caught in the web of wars, terror attacks and ethnic clashes. Peace and normality remained a mirage in that hapless nation. Innumerable assassinations and terror strikes remain the order of the day. After the withdrawal of the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1989, Taliban regained control of Afghanistan leading to an array of mind-chilling killing and destruction of historical monuments which were not only the pride of Afghanistan but the entire world. Taliban’s dogmatic approach adhering to Shariat laws, forced people tremble with shock and fear, women forced to be indoors always denying them education and employment. Shariat laws adopted punishments reminding one of medeival times like beheading, hanging in public, stoning to death that also in public amputations, whip lashing etc sending shock waves down the spines of the common citizens. Taliban rule of Afghanistan will remain a blot in the history of that tragic nation.
Taliban rule came to an end in the backdrop of 9/11 – the suicide bombings of the twin towers of World Trade Centre in US which resulted in the outrage of US govt and citizens that led to a declaration of war on Afghanistan. US suspected the hands of Al-Quaida elements under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden who was provided asylum on the outskirts of Afghanistan by Taliban. America was determined to wreak vengeance on the Al-Quaida elements and in 2001 the very year WTC was reduced to rubble on Afghanistan. The ferocious attacks killed lakhs and lakhs of people. Taliban elements and civilian including properties worth crores destroyed and even after continuous wars under George Walker Bush and Barack Obama lasting more than ten years, the destructive forces couldn’t be destroyed. Resistance fed them with power and strength true, ‘the Taliban government’ brought down true, which was replaced by Hamid Karzai who has not yet been able to contain mounting violence, the suicide bombings and assassinations continued unabated. Even Kandahar Governor and Hamid Karzai’s half-brother Ahmed Vali Karzai fell victim to suicide bombings by Taliban elements which was a hard blow to Mr.Karzai.
After locating Osama Bin Laden at Abottabad in Pakistan and killing him on the spot in the wee hours of night and dumping his body in an ocean US lost interest in continuing the fight and mulled withdrawing its forces from the war scene. Due to the unprecedented economic slow down and because of the Presidential election scheduled to be held in 2012 in which Barack Obama is the Democratic party candidate US thought in terms of withdrawing its forces. Likewise other Western nations one by one due to internal pressures started withdrawing from the scene.
US Government took initiative in Afghan govt holding peace talks with the so-called ‘Soft-Taliban’ thus driving a wedge between hard and soft Talibans. In the meanwhile Hamid Karzai too took initiative in holding talks with soft elements of Taliban for which the former President of Afghanistan Burhamudheen Rabbani appeared on the scene.
Meanwhile with multinational International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) making arrangements for massive withdrawal Taliban elements intensified their attacks on various targets especially their hated enemy Americans. On Sep 13 US embassy was targeted by suicide bombers killed a few and destroyed a part of the embassy.
Later on Sep 19, two self-proclaimed Taliban envoys with one hiding a bomb inside his turban gained access to Burhamuddeen Rabbani and in the guise of holding peace talks exploded killing him on the spot. With Rabbani the head of HPC (High Peace Council) downed a prime link between the govt and Taliban got snapped.
Now with the impending withdrawal of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) the accursed country is in for a civil war which could bring about unforeseen consequences. The suspected culprits behind Rabbani’s assassination the Pakistan based Jalaludheen Haqqani network with the prodding of ISI (Inter Service Intelligence), the Pak spy agency are bent upon wreaking maximum havoc in the neighbouring country. The helpless hapless citizens of the accursed country are the worst sufferers in the dams to come. What about Hamid Karzai’s future in a turbulent atmosphere? Beyond imagination

Monday, September 26, 2011


One fine day
a man came to me
to measure the level of
his pleasure
using my newly invented
which I invented after
strenuous research.
Promptly I did measure
the level of his pleasure
and charged a fee.
Quite satisfied the man
and he went way in a jovial mood.
He came back
another day
sad he was
dark clouds of agony and sorrow
reflected on his face
and pleaded with me
to measure the level of
his agony and sorrow
promptly I did take the
and demanded my fee
he didn’t make the payment
instead burst into
a wild laughter
a shocking one that was
hurled sharp stones of choice-epithets
‘you know I was playing
agony and sorrow
and am quite pleasant today.
He threw away my
‘Mind you
enough is enough
no machine needed to
measure one’s emotions
unlike taking temperatures
Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar etal.
‘At last have some commonsense man’
he counselled me
and briskly made
a walk out.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Sitting idle
whiling away time
I long for your proximity
though I know it
wouldn’t ever happen
even my mobile can’t
reach your ears
you are that much far
and that you can’t ever
return from your present abode
I long for your proximity
hoping that a miracle
could happen one day
that you would be with
me once again
similar to our golden
you would render your
sweet melodies in my ears
lifting me to a sublime world.
We would walk the talk
as before
under the moonlit nights
to the sea-shore
listening to the music of
the waves
enjoying musical breeze
lying flat on the beach
for hours
devouring the beauty of
twinkling stars and the
full moon in the azure sky
feeling your lips
whispering sweet
melodies close to my ears
why you left me dear
to a far away world
leaving me alone?
Now under the candle light
sitting idle
whiling away time
your memories alone my
hoping for a miracle
I await.