Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Longing for his arrival
at the earliest
she sat on a concrete
chair in the railway
platform impatiently
listening to the announcement of
trains arriving and departing
for the convenience of
passengers and their relatives.
With each passing moment
with her heart pounding
like a temple drum beating
she awaited.
After waiting for almost two hours
she lost her patience
hopes and expectations dashed.
With the evening turning
into a golden sun
with the darkness slowly descending
she woke up from the
concrete chair
and walked down to
the bus station a few metres away
pondering deeply about
what went wrong with him
who was otherwise second
to none in keeping his promises.
In the thick darkness
the bus halted at the bus-stop,
she stepped down in her village again.
With her heart pounding
like a temple drum beating
running and walking
at last she reached her house
unlocked the door
locked it from behind,
switched on the light and fan
and slumped into her bed in despair.
As she lay thinking about him
with sleep evading her
the door-bell rang.
On hearing it
she jumped up from the bed
hurried to the door in delight
her heart pounding
like a temple-drum
her eyes getting wider
hopes and expectations soaring
even without looking thru
the key hole
she opened the door.
With shock running down her spine
with fear conquering her
the tall, dark, sturdy man
thrust his sharp needle eyes
straight into her eyes
unable to stand his sharp look
she fainted…

Monday, September 29, 2014


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is creating waves right from the day he was sworn in. He is his diplomatic best contrary to our apprehensions that he is more of a hawk than a dove. If we the citizens are thinking on these lines it is his fault, not ours. While in the opposition he availed of every opportunity that came his way in squarely blaming a few nations across the world especially our neighbouring country, Pakistan.
From the very day, he took the oath of office as our Prime Minister he did a somersault by trying to befriend the SAARC nations first followed by other nations.
His immemorable visits to Japan and the red-carpet welcome he was accorded by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Nepal where Nepal   government under Sushil Koirala in association with the opposition parties and the agreements signed both in the presence of Shinzo Abe and Sushil Koirala respectively invited widespread acclamation. Within hundred days of his government dignitaries from across the world visited India. Chinese President XI-Jing-Ping, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and representatives of various countries like John Kerry , the Foreign Secretary of USA Wangyi, Foreign Minister of China and other dignitaries the world over paid visits to India and were impressed by the hospitality of Mr.Modi.
Now that he is in America to participate in UN General Assembly meeting  (UNGA).
In the UN General Assembly meeting, Nawaz Sherif, Pakistani Prime Minister made it clear in unequivocal terms that Jammu & Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and wanted a plebiscite be conducted.
The very next day Mr.Modi shedding his hawkish attitude invited the Pakistani leader to sit across a table and discuss and debate the’core-issue’ of J&K. What Mr.Modi  wanted was not confrontation but a dialogue followed  by a consensus. Impressed by Mr.Modi’s speech, Pakistani National Security Adviser Sartaj Azeez regretted that the talks with Hurriyat Conference were to be held after the two leaders Mr.Modi and Mr.Nawaz Sherif addressed the UN General Assembly meeting. In the near future let’s hope that the two nations are likely to meet and discuss the contentious issue of Jammu & Kashmir and other matters of importance like trade and industry.
On the sidelines of UNGA meeting, Modi got a golden opportunity to hold meetings with a few nations like Sri Lanka.
Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lankan President as a goodwill gesture  has declared that 79 Indian fishermen imprisoned for crossing the maritime borders are set to be freed at the earliest after meeting Mr.Modi on the sidelines of UN General Assembly meeting.
After addressing the UNGA, Modi’s itinary was to address more than 18000 citizens at Madison Square at Chase Manhattan, Newyork. With immense pride he declared to the audience that 21st century belongs to India as sixty five percent of Indian citizens are young and hence India is blessed with human resources of educated, enterprising, dynamic Indian youth are of enormous potential. Compared to China, it is  to be remembered that majority of Chinese are graying and it is a constant worry for that country which also means India has all the wherewithal to climb to the number one position  in the near future.
Mr.Modi dwelt  on the point that by 2022  there won’t be any family without a home. Though his statement is music to our ears, let’s take it with a pinch of salt. Since our Independence day in 1947 Indian National Congress alone  and different alliances were in the saddle who like Mr.Modi promised many a citizen with bringing heaven to earth, none cared to mitigate the sufferings of the downtrodden. Mr.Modi himself while on whirlwind campaigns across India promised to wipe out poverty and related sufferings, there are dime a dozen of them among us after occupying the throne cared to look after the needs of Indian corporates. Whither gone his promises and assurances to the suffering millions of India.
In USA too, he took deep interest to hold meetings with Global Corporates first and invited them to invest in India.
Today and tomorrow he is the guest of Mr.Barack Obama and is likely to hold meetings with the latter to co-operate in making investments in India on a massive scale. As per the reports Mr.Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were excitedly  waiting to accord a warm welcome to Mr.Modi followed by bilateral relations, business, trade, industry in various fields.

All the best to Mr.Modi and his endeavours to cement a long standing relationship with US.       

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I am a bit late.
Though the driver drove
with maximum speed,
I am a bit late.
It was neither his fault nor mine.
But for the car was caught in
several traffic jams
for about thirty to forty five minutes
I could have reached
a bit early.
Even otherwise, we Indians
are notorious for not
keeping up time on the
matter of punctuality.
When it comes to
VIPs and VVIPs, it has
become a fashion
to arrive late, sometimes
for hours at a stretch.
I can very well read the
impatience and mockery
written on your faces.
Expressions often convey
messages, sad or happy, you know that.
Even trains, speeding along blaring horns
long distance or short distance ones
are often held up on the tracks
waiting for the signals
to turn green in the place of red.
I wonder whether there
are countries across
the world where punctuality
is the order of the day.
Could be yes or no.
Being like a frog in a well
I haven’t had the
luck to board a flight out of
my mother country
though such a desire is
lurking very much in my mind since years.
Pardon me,
let me come to the

topic before you people get bored….

Saturday, September 27, 2014


In his early days
he was innocence personified
like any child.
In those days he couldn’t
even stand the sight of
blood and was prone to fainting.
With the flow of time
he grew to be a
robust young man.
Bitter experiences, one
after another pushed him
to the abyss of a
ruthless, cold-blooded man.
Time gifted him a
dark mask and an
equally dark long, flowing gown
and took membership
in a hardcore militant outfit.
The innocent boy who
once fainted at the
very sight of blood
evolved into a cold-blooded assassin
and grew excited to behead
his victims one by one
thus drawing maximum pleasure.
His past never bothered him,
parents, siblings
and his erstwhile friends
gradually sunk into the dark sea of oblivion.
Now he has no feeling of guilt
to admit and confess
before the world that he

is a coward and continue to be a coward.

Friday, September 26, 2014


I have to tread a
long distance to reach
my destination.
I have to cover a serpentine path
littered with thorns, stones
and craters bare-footed.
Could I cover the long
rough path surmounting
all hurdles
to reach my goal
and realize my dreams.
Or will I fall
down on the  street side
like certain persons
without reaching destination
without fulfilling  dreams
long-cherished, colourful dreams
due to unbearable hot sunny
days and tiredness.
Will-power is something
which pushes a person 
to walk ahead, come what may.
Will-power is bestowed upon many

but not everybody.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


My thoughts are like a
revolving fan running at its peak.
The only difference being
whenever I wish to
stop the fan
I can switch it off.
But for my thoughts to stop
no switch is available.
I often feel like even while
I get drowned
in deep slumber
thoughts don’t have a halt.
While the fan is
blessed with a switch
be it ceiling fan
or a table fan for the
convenience of switching it on or
switching it off.
Such a blessing is designed
only for machines
but not for human beings.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


They have always told us that
ours is a party of the have-nots
the party stands and
strives for the welfare
of the toiling masses
it is high time both
they and the masses stood
under one umbrella
and gird up our loins and fight.
They have often
preached us that
it is time both we
and they grow up and
spread far and wide
they and we
take the plunge to
enlighten and exhort us to come down to
grass-roots level and ensure that we
consolidate and march forward
and our one and only
goal is to hold protest rallies
against the
ruling class who are
hand in glove with the
corporates who are exploiting us
on a daily basis.
Platitudes abound
but we are often
reminded to take up
cudgels and fight.
But the party remains
a child with stunted growth
even after years of its existence.
And the down-trodden
continue to languish
in famine, poverty,
malnutrition, lack of sanitation
facilities, pure drinking water
and lack of accommodation facilities.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Drops and drops of blood of their anger
spilt on earth making it red.
Drops and drops of
rain water of relief
fell on trees, plants
leaves and flowers
which ultimately fell on
earth making it wet.
Drops and drops of
honey of your love
fell on my lips
which made me
experience an other worldly experience
a celestial experience.
Rays  and rays of
Sun of a loveless
world fell on the
drought-hit earth
roasted it like
an egg making

our earth an unlivable place.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Soon after kidnapping him,
they blind-folded him
and led him to an unknown place.
With the red hot sun 
showering fire over the desert
he was shocked and embarrassed.
And he could listen to
his heart pounding.
After walking along the
desert two to three hours
they reached an unknown fortress
and confined him in a single room
and with a friendly approach
they told him that  
he was safe and comfortable
inside the fortress
surrounded by soldiers
ready to take on any enemy
whoever they were.
They served him
food thrice a day and in between tasty snacks.
They offered him books to read
and white-sheets to scribble
whatever he wished.
Their friendly approach and hospitality
enthralled him and was full of
gratitude towards them.
That which he couldn’t make out was
only one thing :
What for they had kidnapped him
and brought him into the fortress.
Their friendship grew
stronger and stronger
which lightened his
heart and wondered whether
he was experiencing
‘Stockholm syndrome’.
All went on well for two years
and one day a man in black
wearing black mask
came to his room  with a sharp  sword
in his hand
and threw at him an
long and flowing orange dress
and ordered him in an
arrogant and authoritarian voice
to put on the dress.
Only then he knew
his life was in danger and
it was sealed.
‘Come with me’ – shouted the man in black
surrounded by a few men in black
walked, walked and walked

along the desert.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014


There are certain blooms
opening their eyes
with the sun rising
in the eastern horizon.
The flowers with smiling faces
welcome everyone
with their warm, sunny rays.
With the time ticking away
flowers start to fade away
and with the sun
disappearing in the western horizon
after twilight they wither away.
There are certain blooms
opening their eyes 
with the moon and stars
beginning  to glimmer
with their smiling faces welcoming us.
With the moonlight shedding
its cool light
we experience sort of ethereal beauty
charming us.
With the time ticking way
and with moon and stars
about to make
a vanishing appearance
and sun appearing in the east
the night blonds shut their eyes

bidding farewell with anguish….             


After holding several rounds of talks about more than fifteen of them,to settle the boundary problems  between India and China, no progress has been achieved so far. Both nations are genuine in their approach to hold discussion on the question of the drawing a boundary line to the satisfaction of both since decades, no solution has so far been reached on issue of boundary. Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister like Xi Jin Ping is of the same view that without achieving ‘peace and stability’on the territorial disputes other issues seem irrelevant. And on the question of crossing the rubicon the leaders of the two nations have decided to pick up the thread of talks left early during UPA govt. Talks are bound to continue till the very end of five years of Modi rule, taking into account our past experiences. Our former National Security Adviser M.K.Narayanan   and Shiv Sankar Menon must be laughing wherever they are on the issue of the bone contention, ie the boundary issues. After holding one round of talks both agree to disagree and fix another date to hold discussions but the issues are back to square one. It is not because of lack of sincerity on the part of each nation but both are at a loss to untie the Gordian knot. 
For instance, on the question of Arunachal Pradesh China remains stubborn even while it continues to be part of India. Arguments and disputes have already occurred between both nations on the issue, it seems to be out of question at least  a step is unlikely to take place to cede Arunachal Pradesh to China. The latter is of the view that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of it.
Even while before Xi Jin Ping was about to board the flight almost six hundred Chinese soldiers tried to encroach into Ladakh’s Chumar province. Upon locating them Indian soldiers followed by the people inhabiting that part of area have put up a human wall to prevent the Chinese from trespassing.
Xi Jin Ping after spending three days in India have returned to China yesterday after investing $ 20 billion in various sectors which too is meager as India had expected $100 billion of investment.
Narendra Modi, it is widely known is a show guru and as a departure from protocol Xi was appealed to land at Ahmedabad where he was accorded an unprecedented reception. Even while at the auspicious occasion of Modi being sworn in as PM leaders of SAARC countries were invited which too was first of its kind. Anyhow it was a welcome step and we should appreciate him since it provided an opportunity to engage in discussion in an atmosphere of cordiality and camaraderie.
Let’s come to boundary dispute between India and China. If and when India and China allow the status quo remain as such t would be something better. It is very difficult to settle the issue even after holding several rounds of talks held so far, how is it possible to arrive at a formula. It would be better allowing the boundaries remain irrelevant instead of harping on the former problem and divert the attention to improve bilateral ties and let trade and investment flourish. If China insists on Arunachal Pradesh as its property India under no circumstance will be ready to accept China’s demand even if a war breaks out between both. Even if China includes Arunachal Pradesh in its map as its integral part, intensity of enmity is likely to aggravate between the two nations. Like Pakistan since 1948 continues to claim J&K as its part and already fought four wars, India has unequivocally told them categorically that J&K is an integral part of India.
Same attitude can be expected from India on the question of Arunachal Pradesh if at all China continues its demand to claim the ‘ownership’ of Arunachal Pradesh.

Friday, September 19, 2014


His eyes are wide and red
invoking fears
in the minds of onlookers.
He is stout and
his hands long
which hang below his knees.
His moustache thick and
beard long and flowing
and looks like a hermit.
He is very tall
approximately more than  
seven feet which reminds
one of Gulliver in Liliput.
Fearing his big size
and red eyes, thick moustache
long flowing beard
and eight pack body
no one dares to challenge
him for a duel.
But facts remain facts
no exaggeration whatsoever
what he lacks
is even an iota of
courage  to face even a

weak and skinny person.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


In the misty night
of December
under the glittering
stars and moon
they walk down the tarred roads.
The youth in groups
children with their parents,
friends, lovers with hands in hands,
husbands and wives
all in a jovial mood
all living in the flats
on both sides of the road.
Only one person
who keeps no friends, no family
walks along the straight road
to and fro several times.
After spending one or
two hours down the road
the night-walkers
one by one
sneak into their flats
with the city lapsing into a sleeping mode.
Even after the road
turns calm and quiet but by
occasional walkers
walking fast into their flats
the man continued to
walk to and fro
caring none
like his strange
co-walkers who too
cared him not
he moves along looking ahead.
Is he living alone?
If he lives with his family
Why is he keeping
moody and aloof?
-One day I was
asking myself.
One night
at about 1’O’clock,
I saw him climbing up the stairs
and unlocking the
doors of his flat
switching on the light and fan
he closed the doors from inside
changed his dress
and clad in his dhoti
slumped into his mattress
spread over the cot.
He was like a puzzle

which I couldn’t unknot. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


After a prolonged spell
the dark, clouded sky
opened up with
rains keeping on pouring down.
The reluctant showers
came down, though belatedly
could provide relief to
the drought-hit Earth,
the humankind, animal kingdom
and other living beings.
Nowadays the seasons
keep no time-schedule,
cyclic though they are bound to be
they come sometimes early, sometimes late.
Man’s hopes and dreams are
kindled each season
rains approach us hesitatingly.
Carbon emissions continue
to penetrate the ozone layer
deforestations wipe away
the lush greenery
the hills being plundered
and mined on a regular basis
melting glaciers causing
the water levels of the oceans rising
seasons upset the apple-cart

and the weather cycles following no pattern. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


After seven years of intimacy
in the college
each went in opposite directions
without bidding adieu.
Neither you nor I
couldn’t expect
reunion in the rest
of our life.
If such a reunion
had occurred
nothing but a miracle
or consumption of magic potion should
have taken place.
We never exchanged any
promises, assurances
or an exchange of addresses between us
our dreams which lay hidden inside the dark
corners of our mind
didn’t materialize due to our own volition.
Seven years in the same college
still no contacts
all something inexplicable.
walking down the memory lane
we might be recollecting
those sweet, pleasurable
days we spent.
In our classes, college campus,
sitting under the shadows of trees
discussing our predicament
sharing our secrets  and sorrows
about the invisible 
walls of caste and community
visiting the college canteen
sitting face to face
over a cup of tea.
And once in a while we watched
a celluloid  poem 
in the cinema nearby our college.
Now that we must
be spending our days
in different parts of the world 
with each other’s family

it is better not to try to meet again.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Doors and windows remain locked
from outside.
The gate too is locked
from outside.
It is an exquisite building
its owner is still a
stranger to the neighbours.
He looks serious always.
He answers in monosyllables
that too without even a polite smile.
His whereabouts are not
known to anyone in the neighbourhood.
He remains reticent always.
The man has kept no time-table
to visit his house.
Sometimes he comes driving his car
accompanied by his servant.
A curly, burly, dusky youth the servant is.
The owner, sometimes comes
once in a month.
Sometimes, once in three months
and sometimes in six months.
After unlocking the gate
they walk straight to the house.
Then they keep the doors and windows opened.
The servant scrubs
the floors of every room
then removes the cobwebs
keeps safe the premises
allows winds to enter
the rooms through the
doors and windows
so that the old
irritating smells pervading
the atmosphere are blown outside.
Then the doors and windows are closed
after driving outside
the gate also is locked from outside
and drive away to somewhere.
One day
out of curiosity
one person in the neighbourhood inquired:
Is this house for rent?
Is it for lease?
Is it for sale?
Is it for your children?
All answers in monosyllables.
The person in the
neighbourhood was wondering.
‘Then, what for this house’?  - he was asking himself.
On his return to his

residence he was laughing aloud….    

Sunday, September 14, 2014


The euphoria has been subsided. Now it is time to face realties.The National Defence Alliance (NDA), especially Bharathiya Janata Party, is busy analyzing the causes of why and how it emerged second in the recent by-elections held in different States. Be it a Communist party or Indian National Congress it is good to have a soul-searching and self-criticism. Then only another repeat performance can be avoided.
Amit Shah, though a self-proclaimed Chanakya of BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) could lure the majority community of UP thereby securing 71 seats  out of 80 parliament seats in the general elections 2014 which need not be construed that the party’s future is bright and praise-worthy. Complacency need not last for a long time and for the party to grow in the long run the party and its allies will have to ensure that the common man (Aam Admi) and those who are at bottom of the ladder irrespective of caste, creed and religion and by bringing them under one umbrella, though a tedious task, should have to ensure that only through mobilization of the electorate, the party could achieve what all it sets its eyes on.
The proof of BJP’s influence is gradually declining in the by-elections held last month.
Now that another round of by-elections are about to be conducted to certain State assemblies, the party is holding its breath. It’s a kind of litmus test for BJP and allies. If it is supposed to lose its influence among the electorate once again conceding defeat and is giving credit to the opposition parties especially Indian National Congress, the less said the better.
True. Only hundred days in office is a short time and five years are left to achieve its aims, it is no time for complacency. In the 2004 general elections when the ‘India Shining’ slogan was at its peak, people unseated the National Defence Alliance led by BJP. The then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee bowed out of office and NDA had to wait for another ten years. Lal Krishna Advani, the then Deputy Prime Minister soon after made it clear that it was the complacency of BJP and its allies which led to the defeat of the NDA alliance and his analysis must be a lesson for the alliance at least in future.
While Buddhadeb Bhattacharya was donning the mantle of Chief Minister of West Bengal, he too had to bow out after elections due to complacency. Without holding talks, without getting the assent of the farmers and share-croppers, without holding talks with opposition parties he unilaterally decided to invite TATA and promised land and other facilities to start a car factory which was named NANO at Singur. A multinational firm, Salim group of Indonesia was also given a green signal to open its shop at Nandigram. The famers and share-croppers had to be evacuated forcibly to facilitate TATA and Salim group to construct a factory there. Much blood spilt down the streets of Bengal by adopting a heavy hand thereby killing many, thus ensuring that the farmers and share-croppers were evacuated. Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya defied the protests of all including farmers and share-croppers which was not to the liking of Trinamool Congress under Mamata Banerji who stood firm with the struggling farmers who were once staunch supporters of the Left Front. The victims had to suffer beyond description which she capitalized on. She was supported in her mission by the writers, intellectuals, artists, film-makers and social activists who held protests and demonstrations along the streets of West Bengal. Consequently in the elections which was on the anvil trounced Mr.Bhattacharya at the hustings clearing way for Mamata Banerji to occupy her chair at the Writers Building. Thus came to an end 34 years of LDF  rule.
Now come back to NDA alliance. Another round of by-elections, almost 33 of them representing various Assemblies and two parliament election across different States are to be held soon.  The results are a pointer to the shape of things to come.
Two States Maharashtra and Haryana are going to Assembly elections shortly. It is heard that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided  to take the plunge and campaign in these two States showcasing Gujarat’s development trajectory. 
Two fronts, NCP-Congress alliance and Shiv Sena-BJP alliance are scheduled to fight it out in Maharashtra. And in Haryana, BJP-INLD alliance is scheduled to take on Congress. Whether in Maharashtra, the NCP-Congress has been ruling for 15 years at a stretch and in Haryana Congress in alliance with splinter parties have been in the saddle for ten years have to be ousted from office remains a moot question.

Whether a drastic change is about to take place is the million dollar question now. Anyhow, BJP and its allies will have to  sweat it out overcoming all roadblocks in its way.   


My mind is a bloating paper 
which absorbs within split seconds
the ink spread on a piece of paper.
Or that which is otherwise
indelibly imprinted on the
soft walls of mind.
An exciting cricket match rouse our spirits
but the gruesome sight of
a man being shot at point blank
and done to death is blood-chilling.
The sight of an exquisite beauty is always welcome
but we chase a skinny woman
who begs with bowl in her hand
at least to have a square meal each day.
The sight of a cute danseuse
dancing to the appreciation and inviting
applause by each one lifts our spirits inside a packed auditorium.
A melody queen
performs melodious songs 
thus persuading the grand audience to
enjoy her songs.
But street singers
too could catch the attention of
the passers-by like us, the common men.
A pick-pocket
being nabbed for the
crime of stealing money
from some around whom crowds throng
kick him dealing hard blows
one after another
compete with each other
till he turns like a vegetable or lynched to death.
The life in a city
which is two sides of the same coin
it is always

like a multi-faceted man or woman. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


In this country of millions
I am not alone.
In this part of the country
where thousands of citizens
spend their lives
I am not alone.
And for that matter
wherever in the world
I am not alone.
But the burning issue
of being left alone
or the agonizing problem
being left alone
what matters is the
crisis of identity
what matters is the
faceless crowds.
What matters is the agony of existence.
In any city, that which you or
I experience is the
lack of recognition, the quest for recognition
for which many
people crave for and go to very great lengths
In order to carve out
a niche for themselves among the citizens.
Either aim for
being famous  or notoriety.
In this world of
those who lead a movement
to force the colonialists
flee from the nation
or persons of administrative  acumen
or accomplished writers
and artists in various fields across the world
or the wicked rulers
who fought to the hilt
and fight to the hilt against the citizens
like Hitler, Mussolin,
Idi Amin et al, malevolent dictators they were
who too must have
nurtured the ambitions
of turning notorious abound
like one irrigating poisonous plants or trees.
Crisis of identity,
quest for recognition,
agony of existence
are among the
several problems of

the new era needling the mankind….

Friday, September 12, 2014


In order to measure
the depth of the sea of my heart
I dived deep into its bottom
unfortunately I had to return midway
due to acute suffocation.
In order to climb up to
the steep mountain of
my ambition to conquer the top
by walking up through
the harsh terrain
cautiously, very cautiously
and by taking all precautions
but with more than
three-fourth of it covered
I was forced to climb down
since I was tired
to take even a step upward
and I returned without
completing my mission
cautiously, very cautiously.
I recall my childhood days
crying loudly for the moon
holding the hands
of my father or grandfather
mistaking the moon for a toy.
The more I tried to reach
to the secret of Universe
the less I could learn to

satiate my thirst for knowledge…

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Letters, like sharp needles.
Words chiseled.
Words act as bullets at some points in life
which could penetrate the body of the enemy.
I cast a glance straight into his eyes.
I could read the confidence in his
eyes on facing me.
But he was disarmed.
How could I aim my
gun and trigger it in quick succession at him?
A man who is my proclaimed enemy
with self-confidence glimmering in his eyes
ready to face the bullets 
which could rip apart his body
thereby felling him and finishing him off.
I withdrew from the scene leaving him.
Words are not to be 
directed against a person on personal grounds.

I was learning a lesson…

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


In this period of
rapid industrialization and IT revolution,
in this period of
large-scale job opportunities,
in this period of
massive inflow of people especially the youth 
from the remote areas to take up jobs
in different reputed institutions,
in this period
the youth are running pillar to post
in search of accommodation facilities
somewhere, somehow in the suburbs
at a time the ‘pregnant’ city is likely to explode 
and its inability to beckon each one into her lap
the only choice left to the new entrants
is to grease the palms of the real estate brokers
who find certain areas in the outskirts of the city
or the areas outside the city limits for these youth.
The youth who are aliens
will have to get accustomed
with the unaccustomed city, its outskirts
and beyond the outskirts
to cope up with their difficulties
so that an implosion as well as explosion is avoided
and the youth learning to lead

a life on this ‘unaccustomed earth’ to earn a living.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Smt.Sushma Swaraj, our Foreign Minister, is now all praises for Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister. During the time of electing Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate, it was heard that she was  not on good terms with him, instead she was all for supporting L.K.Advani  who was supposed to have nursing an ambition to stand for the post of Prime Minister.
But the wind was blowing in favour of Mr.Modi as the Sangh Parivar strongly advocated for him. Sangh Parivar, like it or not, is the supreme authority and its decision is said to be final and binding for all in the BJP.
Smt.Sushma Swaraj along with the supporters of Mr.Advani had to bow down to the ultimate decision and as a disciplined and loyal member of the Parivar stood with majority albeit reluctantly.
That is now an old story. Upon the installation of Mr.Modi as Prime Minister after winning a massive mandate, Mrs.Sushma Swaraj was allocated the portfolio of Minister of Foreign Affairs.
After assuming the charge she is on a hectic schedule like her boss, Prime Minister Mr.Modi.
She has already visited Singapore, Vietnam and Bangladesh, met the leaders of those countries discussed matters of importance to all countries mentioned above, discussed and deliberated upon the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) as per mutual understanding.
Mr.Modi too is having a tight schedule and as a man standing for maintaining warm relations with nations across the world especially South East Asian nations, he began his foreign jaunt from Bhutan, Nepal and Japan and is scheduled to fly to US, hold discussions with Barack Obama to improve bilateral relations, improve business and trade between both the nations on the sidelines of attending United Nations General Assembly meeting. The UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) meeting is likely to provide the spade work for establishing friendship with various nations, especially neighbouring nations like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. Unlike his predecessor, Dr.ManMohan Singh, Modi’s foreign policy approach is ‘Look East-Asia’ first. That was visible even while he was sworn-in as Prime Minister. The leaders of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation) nations were invited and they took great interest in attending the swearing-in ceremony and was the first of its kind  in the history of India. .
Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Mr.Modi are for pushing for maintaining warm relations with South East Asian countries first and talks with these countries are expected to progress in the coming days.
A number of nations have already sent their leaders or representatives to India, like the visit of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abott and in the dialogue that followed, both chose the opportunity to ink the agreement of Uranium purchase by India from Australia, a long term approach for improving the education sector and other business agreements. US Secretary of State John Kerry, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmer are a few of them.

Going by the turn of events, neo-liberal policies ‘seem’ to be ‘irrevocable’ since the Left around the world especially those loyal to Marxism-Leninism have gone down with the flow of time. But we can’t say it for sure since with wheel turning full circle, changes can’t be wished away.            


Like a terror attack
hitting a vulnerable target
at an unexpected moment
claiming the lives of
hundreds of innocent persons
devastating properties
worth lakhs of rupees
a calamity
like floods, landslides, even tsunamis
snatching away the
lives of a number of civilians
irrespective of caste,
creed or religion
at an unexpected moment
inundating vast areas
swallowing trees, huts
and buildings and heritage sites
making a mess of everything 
the only difference being
if one is a terror attack
the other is due to nature’s fury.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Embarrassed and aghast
two foreign tourists
either a couple or two love-birds
got stranded at
the bus station for one or two hours.
They saw a few passengers
with their baggage wearing worried looks.
Patience has its limits.
The stranded foreign tourists
walked towards
the passengers stranded at the bus station
and with pleading eyes
inquired one of them
who couldn’t make out head or tail of
what they were talking looking askance.
On listening to their inquiry
one among the passengers
came forward and explained to them:
‘It is strike today across the State, friends
vehicles are kept off the roads
banks, hotels, business establishments
all not functioning’.
‘What for the strike?’ both were asking in a chorus.
Their eyes widened
with question marks flashing across their faces.
Looking at each other
looking alarmed
they stood like statues.
‘Strange are the ways of our land.
If the leader of a party or union
calls for a strike
even for a minor reason
their supporters get ready
and order the establishments
to down their shutters, otherwise face
the consequences,
and force the vehicles not to ply’.
-He was laughing behind the fa├žade of sadness.
After hours both of them got down
and walked down the
lengthy road reminding one of a desert.
The ‘abandoned’ street lay melting
under the fire-spitting sun.
‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ (treat your guests as gods) –
-each one roared into a
laughter behind which was pain and sorrow.
‘I feel my stomach
has evolved into a furnace’ -
though laughing,
one was seen breaking out
into a roar of laughter.
‘Mine too’ – the other
one responded

that too burst out laughing loudly…

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Sometimes, I talk to myself
without any lip-movements
and without facial muscles moving.
Sometimes, I cry to myself
without tears filling my eyes
or without any change of expressions.
Sometimes, I laugh to myself
without letting anybody listen to my laughter.
Sometimes, I sing to myself
without allowing others to hear 
enjoy or making mockery of myself.
Sometimes, I fly up the sky without wings
in the starry nights
to touch a star or moon and
return to earth making merry
without anybody watching.
Sometimes, I drive a vehicle down the roads
full of craters or potholes
jumping the obstacles like humps and hills
like an expert driver
without knowing driving, in my dreams.
Sometimes, I swim against
the currents when the rivers flowing fast
and reach my destination at the earliest.  
Sometimes, I walk over an ocean
like I walk along a street without getting drowned

that too in my dreams. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Like a bolt from the blue
was your appearance
in the temple premises.
Each day during my evening walk
you are seen in
the surroundings of the temple
clad in a grimy white shirt and lungi.
Like dark clouds of gloom enveloping your face
smoking beedies one after
another facing the idol of the temple
with no respect or devotion
leaning against any of the cars parked
nearby the temple
smoking beedies one after another
without noticing any of the devotees
frequenting the temple
to pray and pay obeisance
to the god.
You go on
with your daily routine
of smoking beedies
as if to vent your anger towards the God
clad in grimy white shirt and lungi.
I see you everyday
 sitting on the verandha of the building
nearby temple drowsing sometimes
with the dark clouds
of depression conquering you.
You looked like a
man drowned in meditation.
None has been seen
talking to you
either out of fear or pity
you too not taking care to talk to anyone
I don’t know how long
you will be in the temple surroundings
in the evenings or throughout the day.
I know not from where
you get your daily meals
to keep you away from
an empty stomach
since I haven’t seen you
begging anybody.
Like a bolt from the
blue you may vanish to somewhere one day
without anyone taking care to think
about your presence or absence
from the temple premises.  
So what?..............


There is a misconception in the Sangha Parivar that seeds of communalism can easily germinate, grow up across India and can reap rich harvests within a short span. Agree. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Narendra Modi could win hands down in the previous election held in May 2014. The complacency among the leaders of National Defence Alliance (NDA) led to a somewhat poor performance in the bye-elections held in various States last month. Bharathiya Janata Party was forced to emerge with number two position which was something surprising and embarrassing to its leaders.
Indian Communist Party, I mean United Communist Party of India, too nurtured a similar misconception that it could reap rich dividends in a country like India where hundreds of millions of people live below poverty line. Even after more than six decades the chasm separating haves and have-nots are more and more widening. After India achieved Independence on August 15, 1947 several parties and alliances ruled the country and the expectations of a bright future remains elusive.
Amit Shah, the recently elected President of Bharathiya Janata Party who is referred to as a modern Chanakya was selected by Mr.Modi, our Prime Minister, to campaign in Uttar Pradesh for the general elections who worked tirelessly for the massive victory of the party in the State proved his worth when the results came pouring in. Out of the 80 seats, BJP after a long gap emerged with 71 seats which was a pleasant surprise to the party and a double whammy for parties like Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and last but not the least Indian National Congress which could win 44 seats only which was the lowest ever tally since independence.
Amit Shah’s trade secret was to drive a wedge between the majority community and minority communities there by snatching a major chunk of seats in UP.
Amit Shah has already started a whirlwind tour of the States which are getting ready for the elections shortly. They are Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana. The cards Mr.Shah is expected to play are already known to the average citizens. His trump card, no doubt will be the replication of Uttar Pradesh by adhering majoritarianism.
A visibly pleasant Modi, our Prime Minister, too is playing his cards and that is to lift those who are still in the abyss of poverty by introducing various reform measures. On independence day addressing the hundreds of thousands of people across the country and dignitaries he took the opportunity to make it known to the people across the nation like Pradhan Mantri  Jan Sadharan Yojana by which helping every Indian who doesn’t have an account in a bank to open one in any of the banks, provide them with RuPay card, accident insurance cover and life insurance. Already nearly two crore people have been brought under the scheme out of a target of 7.5 crore citizens.
Mr.Modi has outlined some reform measures to extend maximum help to the farmers. His aim to introduce infrastructure development which is his pet project, the railways, irrigation, electricity, transport and education, maintain warm relations with foreign nations and invite them to invest in India on a large scale. ‘Come, make in India’ is his new advice to industry and business circles belonging to various countries. He has already visited Nepal and signed agreements and established friendly ties in various fields beneficial to both. He has been to Japan last week and was given a red-carpet welcome by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. During his five day visit there both the PMs discussed matters of importance to both countries like economy, trade and industry, civil-nuclear energy and he interacted with Japanese industry circles and coined a new slogan ‘no red tape, but red-carpet’ to lure them to invest in India.
He is expected to visit US, Vietnam and Australia in September-October-November months respectively and is likely to mingle with the heads of friendly countries.
While Amit Shah is trying to play majoritarianism which is his trump card in the ensuing elections to Assemblies of certain States, his right hand Mr.Narendra Modi(or left?) is busy with his Prime Ministerial obligations to give a face-lift to India on a war footing,by evoking popular measures which if implemented would be of great benefit to the people of India.

Through unprecedented economic development within a span of five years, people would benefit on a grand scale and with the people emerging out from the abyss of poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, sanitation problems, accommodation problems, slavery of women, rapes, covering both majority communities as well as minority communities Mr.Modi can ensure that the nation is likely to undergo a sea-change. Otherwise just opposite could be the result, I mean the bitter fight between majority (Hindutva) and minority communities like muslims. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


They are two strange bed-fellows
though man and wife.
They are two islands
each far away from the other
in the vast expanse of the ocean of life.
In the morning none has noticed them
leaving the flat together to their offices.
Whoever gets ready
or whoever is urgent to go
either he or she steps down the stairs
and enter the road leaves first
to catch the train.
Whoever arrives first in the evening after
the day’s duties unlocks the door.
Since both of them keep keys
either of them can unlock the door.
Those who live
in the neighbouring flats
none gets time to seek
the welfare of others.
Who cooks the food 
who serves the food
who washes the vessels
who fills water in the vessels
nobody knows
and that’s none of
the business of others.
This is the age of nuclear families
none needs to teach others about it.
Nuclear families are
here to stay as the joint family
system is a story of the past.
Joint families have already collapsed
like a pack of cards.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hardcore militant outfit Islamic State (IS), deadlier than Al-Queda, has snatched away the life of an American journalist Steven Sotloff close on the heels of the beheading of James Foley, a freelance US journalist who were captured by the outfit, one in 2012 and another in 2013 which has sent shock waves among the citizens the world over. On recalling the cold-blooded way with which those two journalists were killed send shudders down the bodies of all of us, the world citizens.
On recalling the killing of Steven Sotloff, another picture, a heart-rending one emerges before us. In spite of the polite appeals and prayers of his wife to self-proclaimed Caliph, Abbobakkar-Al-Bagdadi to set her husband free which was displayed on the television channels world wide. Those appeals and heartfelt prayers of his wife were enough to melt even the persons who are basically unemotional. Instead of her pleadings and prayers the response was just the opposite. It must have excited the terrorists and they might have celebrated the beheading of Steven Sotloff with much fanfare.
‘Maximum City’ authored by Suketu Mehta, is a matter of factly written story of Mumbai by touching all aspects of the cosmopolitan city. In the book which is a fairly large work a huge chunk of the said book deals with underworld of Mumbai.
A number of young men who are loyal to their masters, most of them living abroad with pomp and pageantry whose signals  guide the young men to fish out the victims and do away with them without showing any mercy whatsoever.  
The victims often plead with the trigger - happy youth to spare them from death, which actually intoxicates and excite these underworld youth if and when or even otherwise the victim begs the underworld ‘incarnations’ by sparing their lives actually are doing them a favour since his parents and siblings for whom he is the sole bread winner.
Such pleadings often lead the underworld youths travel down the memory lane, who were not blessed with such love, affection and care right from their early days of their life and a number of them were orphans and therefore in a hurry to deprive the victim’s family of his livelihood and ruthlessly trigger their guns and shoot them point blank there by enjoying maximum satisfaction.
These underworld youth and the militants of the terror outfit Islamic State (IS) are moving along the same wavelength.
Islamic State (IS), is the Frankenstein Monster which was provided with financial assistance and logistical weapons by United States itself, as the famous defence analyst Brahma Chellany noted in one of his articles, to fight against the Bashar-Al-Asad, the Syrian President, thereby helping them to oust Azad from power, then the name of the Islamic State (IS) was Free Syrian Army. The same forces have turned against United States now and Brahma Chellany’s assumption that Islamic State (IS) have gradually evolved into Frankenstein Monster is absolutely correct which nobody would like to disagree.
It was the same scenario in Afghanistan in 1989. To drive out Soviet Union from Afghanistan, US without weighing the pros and cons of such a step extended a helping hand to Al-Queda led by Bin Laden. Funds and lethal weapons were generously supplied in ample measure to them to force the Soviet troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. The same hard-core militant outfit, ie; Al-Queda later turned against the USA and like the Frankenstein Monster, turned against its creator were the first to strike US by demolishing World Trade Centre and reducing it into a pile of dust in 2001.
And now Islamic State (IS) has turned out to be the principal enemy of US.

The exasperated Obama, US President has ordered his forces to bombard and thereby wipe out the last terrorist from the soil of Iraq and Syria.         

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Enchanting and enthralling, she is
seductive and inviting her eyes and lips
heartthrob of hundreds and
thousands of us, the gents, she is
youth, middle-aged and even the old
sensuous and sweet her lips
just a kiss
a sweet kiss
enough to get bewitched by her honey-dripping lips.
Forgetting everything we fall flat before her
and in other words we are enslaved by her proximity
forgetting the surroundings
forgetting our duties
forgetting our responsibilities
towards our wives and children
we continue to enjoy
and derive maximum pleasure.
Our women on hearing about a lady
enslaving their life–partners
got furious, agitated and pained
went to the authorities
and kept them abreast of the
‘witch’ squeezing the essence of their men.
Those in power assured the ladies
to take necessary steps
to keep the enchanting beauty in  check
though willy-nilly;
Yet we can’t back-track
from our from the hallowed lady
jumped all hurdles and are
flocking around her
since we can’t find an escape route
since we are enslaved by her.
Despite listening to the
appeals and loud cries of
our wives and children

we remain rock-solid.

Monday, September 1, 2014


‘Defiance, not obedience is the answer of an American to prohibition’ – wrote a renowned US writer in one of her essays. As a citizen I am of the view that these lines are applicable to all nations especially democratic nations. A citizen needs only commonsense that by slapping prohibition across the nation or any of the states of nation, people who are prone to liquor consumption do have a penchant to violate the rules and go in pursuit of illicit liquor which is available from those who indulge in distillation by stealth across the state or the nation as a whole. As a respected, former judge of High Court of Kerala observed yesterday, the sale of illicit liquor is likely to become a cottage industry and in the place of foreign liquor and arrack, illicit liquor is poised to flow like rivers around the state or nation which could harm the health of drunkards.
I have seen in Mumbai sale of illicit liquor by those who live in chawls (chawls are small houses reminding one of matchboxes arranged in a straight line) where confirmed drunkards frequent on a regular basis without fearing any law enforcers. Those who can’t afford to visit foreign liquor shops, they frequent chawls which sell illicit liquor for cheaper rates. The owners of the chawls don’t have any other ways to earn a living. These people are from the inner areas of Maharashtra who came in search of jobs years ago and were appointed as employees of textile mills about two decades ago. These textile mills had to close down due to labour problems and the labourers were left with no choice but to sell illicit liquor through their chawls. They are very well aware of the fact that the thing they sell is very cheap but is poisonous too adversely affecting the health of the consumers. But with guilty conscience they serve liquor to the customers frequenting the chawls. In Mumbai and elsewhere in Maharashtra there exists no prohibition still this is the state of affairs prevailing there.
With total prohibition coming into effect in our State one need not have an iota of doubt that spirit from the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is certain to flow into Kerala thru borders where there are no one to check the vehicles carrying large quantities of spirit. The other day a TV channel brought to everyone’s view an unmanned border in Karnataka through which anyone can smuggle spirit, foreign liquor or for that matter any banned substances without any apprehensions.
With festival season approaching Kerala the flow of spirit, foreign liquor and pan masala, cannabis(ganja) etc are likely to play a leading role thereby providing intoxication or inebriation creating waves across the State.
We did witness a tragedy in Kerala years back, through the consumption of illicit liquor which claimed the lives of a number of people. And the culprits are still languishing in prisons.
If and when the prohibition coming into existence on the stipulated date, our hopes and prayers should always be that such replication of the tragedy must not visit again the Keralites, the tourists or ordinary mortals. Sorry I am not optimistic.

Remember the well-known American writer’s words – which I quoted at the outset of this article.