Saturday, February 28, 2015



Dreaming of a new
bright dawn, I await.
each dawn is one
and the same.
Longing for a calm
and quiet life, I lie.
the words ‘calm and quiet’
are alien words these days.
Listening to the music of night
I lie with my ears glued to the pillow.
the roar of the
city like that of a lion
continues to pierce my
eardrums throughout the night.
Dreaming a peaceful
violent-free, harmonious life
I am being forced
to observe strife
among various nations

across the world……

Friday, February 27, 2015



He is healthy, strong and steely
Beware of him.
He is quick-tempered in his prime
vengeance writ large on
his face, with his eyes aglow
like embers
and a sharp weapon always
in his possession.
Beware of him.
He, in spite of all these
never takes head on anyone
without being provoked.
Provocation always leads
him to vent his suppressed emotions
like anger, vengeance and killer instinct.
Beware of him.
Never cross swords with him
which would ultimately prompt
him to go to the extreme.
Beware of him.
In a world where
violence, deaths in millions
and displacements
such persons are on the increase.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Now that greener pastures
are dwindling
fast day by day,
Now that visual beauty
of landscapes are losing
its beauty and glory,
with the greenery
turning yellowish
and the smell  of flowers
are fast running  out
reflections of the glory
and beauty are turning
ugly and shabby
imaginations of us
mankind are running riot.
Ethics and morals,
the charming blooms once
are being blurred and
get reflected in the
mirror of society like
the ugly sights

of landscapes…… 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015



While his ambition was
in the embryonic stage
he longed to be the primary
member of the party.
Upon nursing and nurturing
his ambition
he aspired for the post of
the regional leader of the party.
Ambition knows no
bounds and from the
post of regional leader he was
elected to the State council
of the party.
With his ambition soaring
high he worked tirelessly
for the prestigious post
of Chief Minister of his state.
As long as the flame
of ambition exists one
day he would be elevated
to the saddle of Prime Minister
and serve as
the driving force of the
steel frame of the nation.
As long as a person
abstains from taking
responsibilities of the nation
and consider it ‘poison’

it is time he keeps away from politics.

Sunday, February 22, 2015



In this crowded, congested city
the frog of time
jumps and jumps forward.
The frog needs no watch
but we, the human-beings
including man and woman
students and children
need watches around their wrists
for the purpose of knowing 
the time whenever they
want to go through it.
But the snail’s progress of time
was sufficient to
go through watches
across the villages of yore
where time was like a
stagnant pool of water.
Time needs no watch
but we need watches

around the wrists of each one.

Friday, February 20, 2015



Leave me alone, I love loneliness.
I don’t have a companion
either a pretty lady nor a vibrant youth.
Keeping the doors shut
switching on the lights and fan
and keeping the windows opened
a hectic schedule awaits me
by way of reading and writing.
Occasionally, yes occasionally
in the night
I walk to the windows and
enjoy cool winds blowing
thru the windows
and the moonlight and starry 
nights host me
a visual feast  as long as  I like.
When I feel like drowsing
I walk toward my bed.
Under the rapid revolution of fan
I lie and fall asleep.
Memories rush out
keeping no pattern
which move back and forth
make me pleasant and sad
everything depend.
Now that after treading
a long path full of thorns and craters
I am here.
In the beginning I did
have friends galore
and with the passage of time
they left me - one by one
leaving me in the lurch.
The boredom and agony of existence
pestered me for a prolonged
period and I have learnt
to fall in love with it with the days passing by.
Now I have come
to the realization that solitude
is my intimate

friend in the coming days……

Thursday, February 19, 2015



Lovers they are
lovers they remain
unmarried they are
but with married effect.
They neither held rituals
nor held ceremonies
since they didn’t believe
in such things.
They first met in the city
they fell in love in the city.
One day with mutual consent
decided they to live together.
Each of them remains happy and
never indulges in quarrels.
But they discuss
and argue about
matters aplenty in a jovial mood.
In the morning at sharp 9AM
they step down the stairs
and walk  down
the road to the railway station
to catch the train 
and return in the evening together.
After the supper
under the starry night
both come to the balcony
and their eyes capture
the visual beauty of the vibrating city
and listen to the hustle and bustle
of the city with
the trains and vehicles
running fast to and fro
and go  inside
read a lot and write a lot.
And with tranquil, serene
and peaceful minds
slump into the bed
and make merry
under the speeding fan.
And they get drowned
in the deep sea of peaceful slumber.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Digging deep down
into his mind
I could see his
true-colour which was
crystal clear.
Wish I could see
my true colour
be it crystal-clear
or not
as if I was
seeing the reflection
of my mind
everyone longs to watch.
Keeping a mirror
by each and every person
so that he/she is
able to notice his/her reflection
which would or could
make him/her happy or sad
depending upon the


Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Come to me
whenever you badly need
my presence beside you.
Write to me whenever
you feel like the hydra
of fear and distress
squeeze you and suck
the essence out of you.
Believe me I am here to help
you from all dangers.
Never hesitate to plead
with me to drag you away
from the verge of
the abyss of hunger, poverty
unemployment and empowerment.
Throw away your
lack of confidence in yourself
and always have the rock-solid belief that
there is an invincible force about to
incarnate one day to
destroy  the evils spreading

around us…..

Monday, February 16, 2015



On the strength of
my fearlessness
imparted to me by my elders
I walk down the path of life.
After all, our existence
on the face of the earth
remaining fearless
is better than remaining a coward.
Upon weighing the pros and cons
of the sum total of
my existence on earth
I often prefer to be
a man of courage
ignoring the dangers facing me
on my step by step movement ahead,
along the path of life with courage and conviction.
Cowards always wear
black masks of courage
and face their enemies who don’t need
masks of fear.
Treading the untrodden path of

life is always a thrill to me.

Sunday, February 15, 2015



Rivers keep on flowing
and one would wish
the rivers were to flow eternally.
With a gradual
halt, rivers get dried up in the
course of its journey
forcing the inhabitants
to face a slow but inevitable death.
Once upon a time
sorry, in our early days as children
we didn’t have
any kind of nightmares
of one day the rivers
would have a painful extinction with
the Sun day by day
showering rain of fire on earth
due to depletion of ozone layer.
Often I wonder
with days passing by
what would happen to
the organisms and the
sun-roasted earth as a whole?
Now that
unlike the days
our thoughts of a green earth
would exist till the
end of the world
we are caught in the web
of the fear of our existence
in peril and are in a
dead-hurry to bring down
the global warming….

That is something to cheer about….

Saturday, February 14, 2015



Fed up with the archaic laws
followed by some countries
across the world,
it is unfortunate that
the latter nations
continue to stick to the
despicable, cruel and ruthless practice
of awarding capital punishment
to the convicted criminals
without an iota of remorse and repentance.
True, the malevolent
dictators haven’t any
qualms in sentencing
the convicts to death
by beheading them in public
or stoning to death that too
in the presence of
the public or hanging
to death before a
mob to sow the
seeds of terror among them.
No wonder, these rulers
follow the horrible practice
but it is a shocking
practice which sends
chills down one’s spine.
When the developed nations
in all fields
providing care, protection,
education, health care,
employment etc etc.
These so-called democratic nations
by putting the
convicts to death
through lethal injections despite angry
reactions by those in some parts
of countries across the world
and even the citizens
of the developed nations
respond in anger for following
the acts of the government.
By preaching from atop the world
the priceless values of love, kindness, morals and ethics
human rights they immerse in

brutally punishing the convicts…….

Wednesday, February 11, 2015



On a December night
my father appeared in my dreams.
Unlike his quick-temper, anger and impatience
while he was alive
he was happiness personified.
He used to beat me up
mercilessly either for my apathy
towards studies or for playing my mischiefs.
this  moment
he seemed cheerful on seeing me
he glanced at me askance
with a beaming smile
‘Child are you happy
and satisfied?’
‘Yes Dad, I am happy
and delighted, I am cheerful.’
Though I was far from
satisfied with my life on earth.
His eyes went moist
embraced me and
planted kisses galore on
my forehead and cheeks.
Before looking up
to see him with teary eyes
he had played a vanishing act….
Like a child glued to my pillow
I wept a lot

How long I can’t tell……

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



A nation writhing in
excruciating pain
under rulers of various alliances
haven’t cared to alleviate
the gnawing pain
the nation is undergoing.
When would a bright
dawn of prosperity, 
equality and peace appears  
on the horizon which
the suffering millions badly experience.
Why rulers one after another
take care to embrace
the millionaires and
billionaires and ignore the
poverty-stricken masses.
A bleeding nation
awaits a protector
since decades having the generosity
to apply the magical potion
and treats the body politic
of the nation and cares to cure the

wounds and stop the bleeding forever….

Sunday, February 8, 2015



Uproot the thorny plants
of your arrogance.
Let the tender plants and flowers
smell love, peace and sacrifice
be planted in their place.
Never ever allow the plants
of anger and violence in your garden.
And herald the new dawn of serenity
and tranquility and
spread across the world over
and caress and embrace
each and everyone
so as to celebrate in the days to come.
Thus hope the majority
across the world.
But unfortunately a miniscule of
anti-social elements

continue upsetting the apple-cart…. 

Friday, February 6, 2015



Digging deeper and deeper
into the soil
until we found
water springs forth
to the excitement and cheers of all.
Both those at the bottom of the well
who made the ‘mission’ successful
and the onlookers above
our ecstasy found no limits.
Many a time out of
disappointment and impatience
we mulled putting an end to the mission
of digging and digging
deeper and deeper into the soil
we found our tireless
efforts turning infructuous.
Still, out of strong will
and determination
we made it possible
at a time scarcity
of water turning the earth into a desert
a sad story across the world.
we are happy for the time being
how long is the question
which stares straight into our eyes…
as of now
we are happy, hilarious

and ecstatic…..   

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Good Morning…
unroll the black carpet
welcome the vehicles
let them move along
in opposite directions.
Business establishments, bar-attached hotels,
super-speciality hospitals,
cinemas, ready-made  shops, saloons and parlours etc etc
lined up both sides.
Pedestrians in hundreds
walk down the footpath.
None notices the other.
Each ones is pre-occupied
with his/her own business.
Some to the hotels
some to the hospitals
some to the bar-attached hotels,
some to the clothes, bazaars, some to
the saloons and parlours
all in a hurry, typical of our city
like other cities
Let the life go on
Let changes enliven the city.
Let me move along
with my hectic schedules.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



either good or bad
often prefer to play
hide and seek games.
often good or bad
are arranged in a
haphazard manner in the inner recesses of the mind
and are reluctant to
come out into the open.
either good or bad
often hesitate to escape
from the inner chambers of mind
often making our life
sweet or bitter
depending upon the context

of one’s own life….

Monday, February 2, 2015



From a tea vendor to the Prime Minister is certainly a matter of pride. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is such a person. From such a person, the upper-middle classes to lower middle classes and the lower strata of society naturally expects many favours when he is catapulted to the chair at helm. Even while he and his party won three times and he was unanimously elected Chief Minister of his home State, Gujarat. The erstwhile - tea vendor after assuming Chief Ministership turned pro-corporate by inviting ‘big cats’ like Ambani, Adani, Tata and many other billionaires, millionaires and crorepatis to invest in Gujarat. While they turned more and more fatter and those at the bottom of the ladder turned more and more leaner.
His trade-secret always is whenever elections are round the corner he turns pro-poor and offers them promises galore and takes a pledge to lift them from the ditch of hunger, poverty and under nourishment and unemployment at the earliest.
The poor always take the promises for granted and cast their valuable votes for the ‘Lotus’ and ensure his victory at the hustings.
After winning the elections and becoming (Chief Minister of Gujarat) and Prime Minister of the nation he suffers from ‘selective amnesia’ and instead corporates, both Indians and multinationals abroad visit India and plead with them to invest in various areas offering attractive ‘packages’.
Like during the Assembly elections in Gujarat, 16th General Elections Mr.Modi was entrusted with the duty of campaigning for the party by conducting whirlwind tours across the country by the BJP leaders (if not all) and Sangh Parivar Heads at Nagpur and subsequently at their behest he was selected for the post of Prime Minister in case Bharatiya Janata Party emerges victorious.
Bharatiya Janata Party under Narendra Modi chose to canvass votes about six months in advance which attracted lakhs of electorate to listen to the oratorical skills of Mr.Modi and got attracted to him. In addition to that he chose to begin his canvassing by shedding crocodile tears over the plight of poor and took the pledge to better their future if he was elected as the Prime Minister.
Believing his words they voted en masse for him to ensure his victory.
Thus Mr.Modi assumed power at the helm of the nation.
Soon came Assembly elections for five States and there too he took out his trump card of talking about the hunger and poverty of those at the low strata of society. 
Now that Delhi is caught in election fever and it is going to be a bitter fight between BJP and Aam Admi Party.
Mr.Modi the other day jumped into the election campaign along with his supporters. Though he chose not to name AAP on reading between the lines, we can very well come to the conclusion that he was making a reference to the AAP. In a scathing attack he pointed his finger to the treachery by the bitter enemy by resigning after 49 days in power and for not implementing virtually nothing for the poor and middle-class .
Modi’s trade secret of shedding tears for the poor men, women, children and middle class and his promises to wipe away their hunger, poverty, unemployment and assurances to them that all roofless people of Delhi would be provided with accommodation.

 How come we take his words for granted?