Friday, November 20, 2015



In India if 26/11/08 was the handiwork of Lashkar-E-Taiba, one of the hard-core militant outfit of Pakistan, our neighbouring  country, in 13/11/2015 it was a premeditated suicide attack orchestrated by eight Islamic State (IS) militants the nightmare of the whole world which outranks even Al-Quaeda. The IS militants targeted six landmarks frequented by ordinary French civilians mowing down 129 of them and  wounding more than three hundred. The condition of the 99 innocent civilians continues to be critical, who were shot at by the IS militants. They were either gunned down or blew themselves up when the French forces chased them. One militant, it was reported, managed to escape.  Francoise Holland, French President, declared a state of emergency, and as per latest news pouring in from France,  almost 115000 forces are deployed across the country who remain vigilant apprehending further attacks. Today ie. 18/11  unconfirmed reports state the master-brain behind the attack Abdel Hameed Abooudi has been either killed (or killed himself) by French forces. As of now the forces who are frantically in search of IS terrorists across the country, two terrorists were killed and the former continue their search unabated. This is the second suicide attack in France, the first one being the killing of 12 cartoonists and injuring 11 others by the militants who rampaged the office of Charlie Hebdo, the French newspaper.
A ‘death cult’ as one newspaper termed IS, the savage outfit is hated and feared by the nations the world over. Though US, France, Russia, Britain, Saudi Arabia  are relentlessly bombarding its haven the IS has not yet been suppressed instead it grows  from strength to strength with more militants from various countries joining the ranks of the ‘so-called Caliphate’ headed by   Abubaker Al-Baghdadi , the self-declared Caliph of IS. Its elements can strike at any place, any person or a gathering anytime it targets even now.
The Western nations including US and Britain are to share the entire blame for the birth of this Frankenstein monster. Now they find themselves cornered. If they had desisted from declaring a war against Iraq and indulged in larges-scale massacres and destroyed properties including  cultural heritages thereby wiping out  the entire Mesopotamian civilization on false grounds that Iraq  occupied weapons of mass destruction. If US had desisted from providing logistical weapons  and ample funds  to the Free Syrian Army which ultimately went into the hands of then budding IS, the scenario which we are faced with ie the formation Islamic State, (the dreaded  terror outfit) which carved out portions of Iraq and Syria, could have been avoided. Now that the responsibility of eliminating this terrorist hydra has fallen into the  hands  of not only US, Britain, France and Russia, but the nations across the world.
As long as this monster is allowed to spread across the world no nation on the face of earth is not likely to enjoy rest or relaxation. This outfit continues to haunt us and will continue to haunt the entire mankind.          



Riding the crest of popular wave
he found himself
catapulted to the throne of
leader of the nation.
A visibly moved he,
sporting a beaming smile
addressed an ocean of cheering crowds
waving hands, displaying ‘V’signs
delivered a prolonged speech
driving his subjects drunk with joy  unbound.
Like his predecessors who one by one
occupied the saddle
riding the crest of popular wave
made themselves endearing
to hundreds of thousands of masses.
They too delivered
fiery speeches with sugar-coated
pledges and promises
to wash away the grime of corruption,
terror and violence 
elevating the masses to
a plain of sky-high dreams,
happy days of prosperity and hopes a plenty. 
Unfortunately the suffering millions
found themselves taken  for a ride.
Now a new man in the garb of
a benevolent leader
in whom they reposed their full faith
who were not even cautiously optimistic
the one and only reason being 
public memory always remains short.
Election after election, ruler after ruler
who made false promises of new dawn
pushed their subjects to the abyss
of hardships, poverty, deaths
thereby  snuffing out

the flames of sweet morrows. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015



In the spring of her love,
-deep-down in her heart
I dip not once, but umpteen times
deriving maximum joy and pleasure.
In the spring of my love
-deep-down in my heart she takes dip
not once, but umpteen times
deriving maximum joy and pleasure.
True, destiny played a cruel game,
way back and we
find ourselves separated
and are at different corners of the Globe.
she continues her dip
in the spring of my love
not once, but times galore
deriving ecstasy.
I too continue taking dip
in the spring of her love
not once, but times galore

deriving ecstasy. 

Monday, November 9, 2015


Nepal the small, land-locked Himalayan country is one of the unfortunate nations in our neighbourhood which is in doldrums unlike Bhutan. After years under monarchy, majority of Nepalese revolted against the former, especially during the tyrannical rule of King Gyanendra which literally suffocated the masses. Much blood spilled over the streets of Nepal and hundreds of thousands laid down their lives for the coming generation. The uprising was led by the banned Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) under Pushpa Kamal Dahl ‘Prachanda’ in 1996. After continuous onslaughts by the masses against King Dhyanendra’s forces the Nepalese ensured the bowing out of the former. ‘His Highness’ turned out to be one among thousands or was stripped of his entitlements which he and his predecessors enjoyed for decades.
The Maoists played a prominent role in ousting him from power. Elections followed, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) bagged majority of seats and under Prachanda a democratic government occupied power in 2006. He had begun to rule Nepal with other parties joining as constituents. 
Though Prachanda was an organizer par excellence, as an administrator he was an utter failure.  Without completing his tenure as Prime Minister he had to step down from power on May 25, 2009 and the then President of Nepal Ram Baran Yadav held the reins of power for a while.
Nepal’s rule subsequently came under Baburam Bhattarai of CPN (Maoists) Madhav Kumar Nepal and Sushil Koirala of Nepalese Congress. None could provide stability as a result which another round of elections declared.
In the ensuing elections held in 2015, United Marxist Leninist Party (UMP) emerged first Nepalese Congress came second and CPN (Maoist) a poor third followed by other entities.
Though India preferred Sushil Koirala’s elevation as Prime Minister of Nepal it was K.P.Sharma Oli of United Marxist Leninist Party (UMP) who is a bitter critique of India.
Since nearly a decade, Nepal was bereft of a Constitution owing to the bitter wrangling among the political parties. It was after the Supreme Court served an ultimatum and set a deadline the parties deliberated on a war-footing and finally came out with a Constitution followed by constituting a Constituent Assembly.
The Madhesis and Tharus which form a substantial part of ethnic population who are settled down at Terai region bordering India accusing the government under K.P.Sharma  Oli, for sidelining the former they went on a blockade of trucks which is still going on leading to crisis in Nepal. Health Services, Transport services, domestic needs, all badly in need of fuel find the government in a quandary. Though China evolving into a good Samaritan supplied them with fuel which was sufficient only for a short term the removal of blockade alone is the lasting solution. In the meanwhile Mr.Ohli put the entire blame on India which irritated the latter. Oli retracted his charges immediately and went on to declare that Nepal wanted a good and warm relationship with India.
The Deputy Prime Minister cum Foreign Affairs Minister Kamal Thapa had paid a visit to India last week in connection with the blockade and the difficulties his small nation faces in various departments. While drafting the constitution itself, India had advised Nepalese leaders to take each section of the population into account. If they had heeded India’s advice such a misfortune could have been avoided.

Now Oli government has climbed down from their stand and talks are reportedly going on in full steam. Let’s hope for the best.    

Thursday, November 5, 2015



Cricket, it is said, is a game of
glorious uncertainties.
Life, I mean, existence
too is a game of uncertainties
inglorious uncertainties.
Though a man/woman finds time
to condole the death
of others known to them
he/she hesitates to ponder over
his/her own death.
When, where, how
his/her ‘silent visitor’
approaches each of them
with whispering foot-steps reaches he/she
and orders to follow Him.
Both he/she knows only one truth
the certainty of His arrival at any time, any place
and due to any cause.
If each thinks
about the time, place and cause
uncertainty looms large
       on the horizon of each one’s mind.
Yes, existence is a game of
glorious uncertainties
if only a man/woman is prepared to
accept the truth with equanimity…..



Last month or so at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Syrian Dictator Bashar-Al-Assad called on the former at Kremlin. Immediately after the invitation Assad flew to Kremlin, met Mr.Putin shook hands and went straight into the heart of the matter. Syria and Russia are on good terms, but for Russia Mr.Assad would have tasted defeat at the hands of Syrian rebels, the hard-core Al-Nusrat, branch of Al-Quaeda and Islamic State (IS), the hardest and much - dreaded militant outfit the world over. In between their talks most probably, one on one meeting Russia prevailed upon Mr.Assad to hold immediate elections in Syria.
They were not supposed to have dealt with two or three cardinal issues concerning Syria and let me mention one by one.
1.      1.  In  more than four and half years of civil war, up till now millions of innocent Syrians perished for no fault of theirs due to incessant bombardments (even chemical weapons were freely used which choked to death lakhs of civilians including children. The world as a whole rose in protest and condemned the merciless massacre of civilians especially children. The pictures of several children who were choked to death were blood-chilling, blood-curdling and heart-breaking.
US even went to the extent of condemning the horrendous criminal act of Syrian authorities the former nearly declared an all out war against Syria Except for the immediate arrival of UN on the scene which took necessary measures to avert a large-scale war, it would have been a certainty. On the request of UN, an international organization, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which was formed with a mission to inspect chemical weapons and defuse them wherever they were piled up and freely used was sent to Syria and with the latter’s co-operation defused and destroyed the chemical weapons. The organization was awarded Nobel Prize for peace soon after.
2.     2.   If millions perished in the war, as many fled for life leaving all their belongings, to various countries including European nations and the outflow of refugees continues. In the mad rush to escape gruesome deaths more than 3000 of refugees including children were drowned in the Mediterranean sea. A mind-boggling picture of Aylan Muhammed, a 3 year old child who got drowned in the Mediterranean and whose corpse landed on the shores of Turkish waters was displayed on both the print and electronic media which still sends a shudder running down our spines.
3.     3.  Millions of dollars worth properties were destroyed the pictures of shattered buildings were shown on media – both print and visual.
These three hot issues requiring immediate attention and solution seem to have been sidelined by both Assad and Putin.
Instead, sensing a tragic defeat of Syrian dictator who was gradually getting isolated due to desertions by the so-called militia who stood by him. Russia militarily intervened in Syria and is fiercely fighting the Syrian rebels and Islamic State (IS) forces.
Anyhow  heeding the suggestion of  Vladimir Putin soon after landing in Syria Mr.Assad declared elections within six months. Laughable indeed. Syria is in a shambles – millions dead, millions fled the clashes still going on how is it possible to conduct elections, especially an independent election. The civilians left in the country are only a few in numbers and even these ones are mulling escaping the country for good.
Last Friday the representatives of US, Russia and Iran met in Vienna and deliberated on the steps to arrive at a solution to bring to an end the perennial war. While America insisted on a democratic Syria sans Mr Asad both Russia and Iran, the latter too is a potential ally of Syria are not insisting Mr.Asad’s removal. Anyhow Iran is of the opinion let Mr.Asad continue for a short span and grant him a breather before stepping down. US couldn’t digest that solution and sees thru the ploy that Iran places.

Would Syria be a democratic country at any point of time in future where the hard-core Al-Nusrat and IS elements continue to pose a threat to the nation. Pity, it is a free for all hapless nation. 

Monday, November 2, 2015



Hurdles, hurdles all the way
many a hurdle jumped
countless await to be crossed.
A short relief after each hurdle
it’s better than no relief.
Hurdles, hurdles all the way
many a hurdle jumped
countless await to be crossed
if a man/woman with much effort
crosses all the hurdles.
Then lie a long path
sans without hurdles
straight at times
long winding at other times
hair-pin curves at another times
Relaxation not allowed
and no turning back permitted
albeit the path is
littered with sharp stones,
thorns and pot-holes
barefooted is each man/woman.
Hurdles, hurdles all the way
many a hurdle jumped
countless await to be crossed
intricacies of life are strange
none knows what is yet to follow
each second, each minute, each hour
human beings are in a state of
suspended animation.
Hurdles, hurdles all the way,
many a hurdle jumped
countless await to be crossed….