Tuesday, May 31, 2011


‘Come with me’ he asked her

‘No’ was her response.

‘Please come with me’

he pleaded with her.

‘No’ she replied.

‘Come with me’

he commanded.

‘No never’ she responded angrily.

'Come with me' - he thundered.

'Never ever' - she shouted angrily.

‘Get lost, you bitch’

he walked away in a hurry.

‘You get lost, bastard’

she too walked away in the opposite direction.

Each went his/her way

never to meet again.


Jumping the hurdles of
tests, interviews
each jobless youth in our nation
strives to reach No.1 position
within the
prescribed time-schedule.
Each youth burns midnight oil
to reach the first
spot in the race for
grabbing his/her deserving
The strong undercurrents of
dirty politics and recommendations
under the smooth surface
of the river of job search
only very few know.
The ones who are fatigued
get drowned in the process
with no one left to
extend a helping hand.
Here in this land of
cut-throat competition
in every sphere of life
the ones who head
straight into the
compartment of
life first, win the race
with others always
left outside the
Nepotism always comes first
while merit a poor third.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Summer virtually stoked us
forcing us to pray to
Rain God for monsoon to
set in soon.
The meteorologists forecast
a late monsoon which
drowned our spirits.
Our parched throats and sweating bodies
under the hot sun
gifted us sleepless nights.
Unexpectedly the
sky broke out one day
and cold, heavy
rain drops continuously fell upon
us and bathed the earth
and wiped away the remnants of heat
which thrilled us.
Our minds
made us dance like
a peacocks.
The torrential rain
lasted for five successive days
and the meteorologists
predicted heavy downpour
for a prolonged period.
Contrary to the predictions
of the meteorologists,
the sun once again made
his appearance.
With renewed vigour he started
casting hot spell once again
forcing us to be
awashed with sweat once more.
Meteorologists discovered
new reasons and explained
where and why the parameters went
wrong but there were no
takers for their explanations.
‘Like astrologers like
meteorologists’ - we told ourselves
Their late monsoon prediction
turning out early monsoon
the prolonged downpour
predictions coming to
an abrupt end
we found climate cycles
nowadays depend upon
nobody’s calculations or predictions
like fluctuating menstruation cycles of
certain ladies.
Those good old days
gone forever because
of our own undoing.


be it of physical injury,
be it of psychological problems,
be it of existential angst,
be it of anything,
causes distraction preventing thee
from concentrating on something.
For instance, a celluloid poem.
Maximize thy efforts to
divert thy attention
enjoy and immerse thyself in it
a story in the backdrop of
lush green landscape,
colourful gardens,
gurgling streams,
smoothly flowing rivers,
hills and mountains,
melodious songs,
different characters
their histrionics,
hearty laughter
on watching comedy scenes
keep thee away from
from all personal pains
making it possible for thee
to enjoy and
get drowned in a
different world altogether.
Try it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


A godown is a place
where grains, books and
other stationary items are
In the case of grains
if they are stored for
a prolonged time
like a pool of water
getting stagnant.
The grains go rot
and get wasted without
any use to anyone.
Similar is the case with
books and other stationary
all get lost by rats, snakes
and insects eating
into them.
Imagine a knowledge-starved
generation going
imagine a situation where
no outlets are provided
to children and youth
in the process their
latent talents get stifled
what a pity the situation
actually would be
like a godown where grains
go rot, books and stationary
items being eaten by
rats, snakes and insects.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Oh my God
pardon me for not coming
to you before
I’m coming all the way
from a distant town
exclusively to be in your
august presence.
I am delighted to be here
and offer my profuse
gratitude to you
for extending a chance
to be in your revered
Oh my God
I’ have heard o your benevolence
towards your devotees
who repose their faith
in you
and am here to
seek your blessings in
I’ m a businessman by
and by your grace
it is running somewhat smoothly.
But my God,
let me present my grievance
before you.
My business rival
running business just in front
of my business establishment
you know
he never goes to a temple
he’s an atheist
runs a more lucrative
business than I
he earns enormous
profits than I,
My God
shower your blessings profusely
upon me for a more
lucrative business than him
and please see that his
business collapses gradually
and make me the sole business
man in the area.
Oh God
with profound sadness
may I present before you
one of my grievances
that’s about my wife
who by ditching me
ran away with her
which was shock to
me, still a shock to
it’s true that I did
have an illicit relationship.
Is that a reason for
her to ditch me
you may sentence her
to maximum punishment
for the crime she
committed towards me
my children have gone
what all I save
they do squander lavishly
which is painful to
Oh my God
along with my humble
offering of lakhs of
money and ornaments please
do accept a long list
of my grievances
and make my life
prosperous and peaceful and
full of happiness.
Oh my benevolent God……….
Oh my God Omnipresent………


At the tourist resort of Deauville France the G-8 Summit came to an end the other day. Seven most developed nations plus Russia, US, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Canada, each nations’ leaders had already assembled in an atmosphere of cameraderie. This times G-8 Summit assumed much significance as it was held in the post-meltdown period. Arab Spring, Nuclear Safety and Climate Change must have been discussed and deliberated upon at Deauville.
Arab Spring is the latest phenomenon especially in North African countries in addition to West Asia and Middle-East included. The struggle for democracy is gathering momentum in the Arab countries of Libya, Syria, Yemen and the Summit would put pressure on Bashar-Al-Asad of Syria to provide necessary spadework for ushering in democracy in that country and to stop the repressive measures killing hundreds of civilians who are fighting for a regime change. Similarly Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen is continuing his reign of terror against a determined civilian population who are fed-up with his rule and who want him to step out of the saddle at the earliest. Similarly the Israel-Palestinian dispute is likely to come up for discussion among the members of G-8 countries.
The Summit took up necessary measures to extend financial assistance to the tune of $20 billion to Tunisia and Egypt for reconstruction works after revolution. It was from Tunisia that Arab Spring started where Zine-ul-Abidin-Ben-Ali was ousted from power by the Tunisians, then came Egypt under Hosni Mubarak.
The spark of revolution got converted into a wildfire soon and engulfed the nations Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain. Libya is still a burning cauldron where a solution still evades as Libyan ruler Col.Muammar Qaddafi holds on to power like a leech even after NATO launching attacks even killing some members of his family. He has not yet cowed down under relentless pressure by NATO even his personal losses do not seem to have affected his conscience.
On the question of nuclear safety Japan’s recent nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima-Daichi nuclear plant found a place in discussions, the G-8 nations extended sympathy to Japan for the unforeseen earthquake and Tsunami which shook the nation badly.
Wherever Summits take plac, be it of G-8, BRIC, G-77, climate change naturally take a place but it is pity that other than hot discussions, disputes and deliberations nothing fruitful emerges in the end.
Besides all these, all summits an occasion for holding bilateral talks between countries and at Deauville too bilateral talks had a place.


Dawood Gilani alias David Coleman Headly to escape extradition to India and for a reduced punishment had already started spilling beans before the trial court in Chicago. I don’t find anything shocking coming out of his mouth up till now. That the Mumbai carnage of 26/11 was the handiwork of Lashkar-E-Taiba-ISI nexus is nothing new about which we had received information earlier. He was a part of LeT and he had all support and encouragement from it was as clear as daylight. The other day he deposed before the Judge that Lashkar leader Muhammed Hafeez Saeed provided all necessary instructions and help to him to move ahead with full speed which he also wanted. Now that he has come out with another information, - some would like to call it startling – that one Mr.Choudhary Khan was the Prime mover, the master brain otherwise behind the 26/11 carnage. Choudhary Khan is the same person as Major Iqbal an army officer in Pakistan’s ISI about whom Headly had deposed before. That Iqbal is the same as Choudhary Khan is known to us only now.
Headly, for the purpose of striking at the important landmarks in India especially Mumbai, the economic nerve centre of our country had paid many visits – about which our rulers had no idea – to scout for identifying the landmarks, he took photographs of such places which later provided easy routes to the ten assassins from Pakistan who came to India by sea-route and stormed landmarks like Hotel Oberoi Trident, Madam Cama Hospital, Leopold Restaurant, Taj Intercontinental, Nariman House, Chatrapati Sivaji Terminus station other such important landmarks held many of the occupants hostage, about 166 shot dead point blank and maimed a number of innocents for life thus satisfying the thirst for blood of the ISI-LeT elements.
India’s dream of extraditing Mr.Coley won’t be acceded to by the US as in the beginning he was working as a double-agent. Anyhow US allowed the Indian Intelligence agencies to fly to US and to grill him and that process is already over. Our agencies could extract from him many valuable informations is a welcome news.
On the one hand while David Coleman Headly is spilling beans on the other side Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir reportedly made it public that 26/11 carnage was outdated. Arrogant, audacious and deplorable to say the least. How come the man telling before the world such nonsense and if what all happened on 26/11 had transpired in his own nation what would have been his reaction if such a response came out of a person of neighbouring nation? It is a conclusion foretold that David Headly’s confessions and other investigations won’t serve any purpose in booking the culprits, all of them Pakistanis.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Recently I met a man,
whom I was meeting the
first time in my life.
With a broad smile
he came to me
extended his right
hand in my direction
though flabberghasted
I too extended my
hand towards him.
We shook hands
he with his wide smile
I with an embarrassed look.
His approach, body language
pleasant face all
hinted a simple
truth that
I am known to him
since millennia
which was embarrassing
and astonishing.
With his evergreen
so it seemed to me
he patted my shoulder
and said
‘thirty years have brought
about tremendous changes
in you,
I know for sure
changes both internally and externally.
The signs of that youth is
nowhere seen in you
please recall those
that lean and lanky youth
energetic and vibrant
that thick growth of
hair like bushes
that casanova smile
all disappeared
this bulky figure
with the enormous paunch
this bald head reminding
one of a mirror under
the Sun
these wrinkles
these pepper-salt
moustache and long flowing beard
this tiresome face
yes, vast changes
already seems to have
caught up with you’.
On saying all these
I saw not a trace of
sympathy or grief
that evergreen smile
still adorning him
his age always
With the same embarrassment
with the trembling voice
I asked him
‘Who are you actually?
He burst out
laughing and I saw him
transforming himself into a

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Before his death
father told me not
to follow in his footsteps.
he advised me to
carve out a
niche for myself
and become a success story.
I had always seen in
him, my role-model
that is why I still
worship him
and adopting a diversionary
which would bring
me success in the end
is a befitting tribute
to my father.
Father followed a path
of his own
and I follow my own
but the reality is
the meeting point
the confluence is
one and the same.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


While in his prime
he began his career
as a worker
in a factory.
He had a number of
friends then all his
well-wishers and
each one a labourer
like him.
He was single then
and had no idea about
the girl who was
waiting in the wings
to be his life-partner
one day.
That was not his concern
his concern only his job
and his friends.
They were free-birds
not chained by a
married life and
that was a thrill
in those times.
A wide friend circle
erased the word tediousness
from the lexicon of each.
Life to enjoy, enjoy
to the brim like
popping up a bottle
of champagne.
His employers watched
his performance
put him always on the
wheels, prepared appraisal
reports, and got impressed
by his hardwork.
Employers’ pen-tip
decided his
climb up the ladder
step by step he climbed
up each rung
and with it his responsibilities
wide, friend-circle narrowed
Once a single, gradually
the she-bird waiting in
the wings flew to him
a family born
and two little guests entered
their life.
The rented room vacated and
purchased a flat in the city.
Bird of time flew.
Two-three rungs left
to climb up
the time for introspection
on completion of most
of the ladders
he knew with a sense of shock
a climb down was inevitable.
The time to recall
the good old days
by that time arrived
his friends whom he
held close to his bossom
had disappeared somewhere…….


Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh’s popularity rate across the nation though showing a downswing, he is popular the world over. He is least concerned about his popularity rate going down inside the nation but he always makes it sure that he is widely welcomed and respected outside. And that approach has paid great dividends even popular international publications have included in their list Dr.Singh’s name in shining letters.
During his visits to foreign nations – within seven years of his rule he has already covered as many nations as possible struck bilateral relations with each of them. FDIs signed, trade and industrial deals sealed, entered mutual financial assistance and winning wide applause and appreciations returned to the nation with his head held high. The great doctor has already won the stature of a statesman which is not a little thing.
Great, to say the least.
Two weeks before Dr.Singh paid a visit to Afghanistan. A friendly nation since years, impressed Afghan ruler Hamid Karzai and won his heart by offering an assistance of US $ 500 million. The visit assumes significance because it was in the aftermath of the capture and killing of Al-Quaida leader Osama Bin Laden by US forces deep inside the Pakistan city of Abottabad. After the killing of Osama, US forces mull a withdrawal to America which is not to the liking of India. This news came out in the diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks accessed to by India’s National daily, ‘The Hindu’ about which no talks however transpired between Afghanistan leader Karzai and Dr.Singh. In the talks held between both India and Afghanistan offered more assistance to Afghanistan in the infrastructure development and welcomed mutual talks between Afghanistan govt and Taliban. With high note of satisfaction the Doctor returned and soon after celebrated the completion of two years of UPA II rule. Actually nothing noteworthy was not there to celebrate about which all know the Congress leaders including. Besides the first year, the second year brought shame to the govt many a scam and scandal exposed each including millions of rupees for instance the 2G Spectrum scam involving a mammoth Rs. 1.76 lakh crore rupees, the CWG scam of Rs 70000 crore, Adarsh Housing Society Scam, the list is countless all involving millions.
In the course of his speech addressing a large audience, mind you all Congress men, on the occasion of completion of UPA 2 rule, our PM cracked a ‘joke’. Yes it was nothing but a joke by declaring that corruption would be severely dealt with. Since the very beginning of UPA I govt enetering the saddle our Prime Minister missed no opportunity in declaring that or promising that corrupt elements would be dealt with severely otherwise on the matter of dealing with corruption ‘zero tolerance’ would be adopted. Under his very nose all scams and scandals broke out with him remaining a mute spectator and to deal with each scam and scandal, the greatest court of the land had to interfere. If now a number of alleged culprits are cooling their heels in Tihar jail it is because of the interference of judiciary. The acclaimed economist is nowhere in the picture.
Dr.Singh also misses no opportunity in proclaiming before the world that our economic growth is very much in the vicinity of 8.5% and that is a welcome sign.
He also maintained that National Food Security Act is very much in the pipeline. Ever since the implementation of Food Security Act was talked about two years have already elapsed is another ‘great’ thing.
Our economy is in a shambles. Inflation is mounting. Whole-sale price index shows 2-digit growth. Prices of essential commodities too aggravating. Simultaneously scarcity of food items is affecting the common man badly. No single step seems to be contemplated to tide over the crisis, except platitudes.
And our PM has flown to African countries for a one week visit. Visiting each African State is a welcome step, nobody disputes it. Dr.Singh has promised US $ 2 billion help for the overall growth of African nations and winning laurels he is expected in India within a week. Very nice.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Clad in a ragged cloth,
chewing tobacco
sitting cross-legged
outside the slum
the slum-dweller
oblivious of all the cacophony
happening around
looked up at the
top floor of the multi-storied
He felt like his head
squirming which frightened
him a bit.
He recalled those days when
he as a construction
labourer along with his
fellow slum-dwellers
were engaged in construction
work of that building.
Then he as if he was
the owner of the
building could pass
through each room, each
floor of the multi-storied
building with none left
to stop him.
Upon completion of
the work
ended his freedom to enter
the building
he became a total
outsider, an outcast
like his fellow workers.
The fat cats who were nowhere
in the vicinity of the building
came and each occupied each
they looked down upon
him and his friends with
contempt and hatred.
A man appeared at the
balcony of the top floor.
He looked down upon the
slums and slum-dwellers
like nasty ugly hated lot.
His head too must be squirming.
The man at the balcony
who looked like a pigmy
spat in the direction of
the slums and slum-dwellers
the poor slum-dweller hung
his head in shame and pain
with a deep sigh
like a defeated soldier.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. While going through yesterday’s The Hindu, India’s national daily, I was literally startled to read about a diplomatic cable accessed by The Hindu thru WikiLeaks about Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister before her December 9, 2008 assassination fearing for her life approached US for security during her whirlwind tour to campaign for Prime Ministerial elections. What actually compelled her to contact then US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson to ventilate her apprehensions was soon after her arrival from abroad a suicide attack launched by unknown elements targeting her killed almost 140 supporters. Even before she had forebodings about attempts on her life from inside the establishment, then under the rule of General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. Upon speaking about it Anne Patterson, then American Ambassador could not agree with her and according to her it was not from inside the establishment but the real threat to Benazir’s life was from Taliban and Al-Quaida elements. Benazir retorted then and there that Taliban and Al-Quaida elements were hand in gloves with establishment and without the latter knowing there would be no attempt on her life.
While going through the news item, what took me by surprise and embarrassment was that a nation’s former Prime Minister being forced to seek the protection of a third country. That set me thinking about the frightening atmosphere prevailing in Pakistan then and now.
Soon after Benazir’s violent death a visibly shocked former Prime Minister, leader of Pakistan Muslim League- (Nawaz), Nawaz Sharif approaching America for protection as he too apprehended a violent attack. It is noteworthy here that Nawaz Sharif and (Retd) General Pervez Musharraf were not on good terms since several years.
Two leaders, that too, two former Prime Ministers seeking protection by US drives home one bitter truth. A nation virtually in the grip of a formidable ruling establishment as also hard-core terrorist elements.
Naturally my thoughts riveted around our own country India. India too is a target of terror elements, they might strike us any moment, anywhere but Indian leaders approaching a third nation to provide protection is beyond question. Why? The answer is quite simple. India’s quest for self-respect and confidence in its power to take on those who are out destroy the national and social fabric, on the other hand leaders of Pakistan’s National parties lack confidence and faith during the days of Benazir and Nawaz Sharif it was the case. There a civilian govt exists for namesake, actual control is in the hands of Army and their writ runs there. The terrorists have gone a step further, all the Pakistani rulers’ own making.


The twilight Sun remindful
of a red-circle was about to
go down the western
The giant gulmohar like
a spelling mistake
displayed glittering red spring like
Under the red shade of
the gulmohar
in a concrete bench with
tired sunken eyes sitting
along he was casting
empty looks.
The sprawling sanatorium
cries of pain, agony and
lamentations could be heard
The veil of darkness
like a serpent was swallowing
the last vestige of twilight
at last draping the surroundings with
a dusky blanket.
Bulbs opened their
eyes inside the sanatorium
and he woke
up from the
With intermittent painful
coughs and gasping for
breath walked inside
and lay on his
cot still gasping.
Suppressing the severe pain
in the chest, shut
his eyes.
Upon recalling his days
of glory
with family members
including his wife and
children, friends and
relatives, loved, respected
and worshipped him
who in his hour of
helplessness and deprivation
deserted him
and left him in the
Tears ran down
the two corners of his
He gasped with deep effort
coughed out blood and phlegm.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


First glance, magnetic
First smile, attractive, fascinating
First words sweeter than honey
First touch hair-raising
First pain ecstatic
First moments immemorably
sweet and painful,
First separation tear-jerking
First reunion, meeting of two love-birds
First betrayal, the last betrayal
a double whammy
and the story continues…….


Ever since Fatah party led by Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas led by Khalid Mishal joined hands Israel lost sleep as both Fatah and Hamas coming together was beyond wildest of its dreams. The very name Hamas is anathema to Israel and to wipe out the movement it is still willing to go to any great lengths as Hamas movement continues to be a nightmare to Israel. While Hamas governs the Gaza strip the Fatah movement controls the West Bank – How is it possible for a country like Israel to recognize Hamas which considers the Hamas movement a terrorist organization which is out to destroy the very existence of Israel? Hence whenever a chance befalls, I mean here, a provocation from the part of Hamas, Israel takes the opportunity to strike hard killing hundreds of Palestinian citizens.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a state visit to US, its well-wisher of all times. The man together with his wife arrived in USA on early Friday and a meeting with Obama was a certainty.
Even before Mr.Netanyahu reached US, US President Barack Obama put forward a suggestion to Israel to defuse the crisis that exists since decades between Israel and Palestine. There is nothing new in the suggestion and it was done in cavalier way. That Israel should come down to the pre-1967 period, please note here, the position before the six day war fought between Israel and the Arab nations and the annexation by Israel of West Bank, East Jerusalem and part of Gaza strip, thus widening its influence. Obama appealed to Israeli government to return the annexed lands to Palestine thus enabling both Israel and Palestine to come to terms. Obama’s suggestion was summarily rejected by Netanyahu not at all surprising it and Netanyahu made it clear that there is no question of returning the captured lands as a large number of settlements have already risen up there and the question of demolishing them and vacating the places don’t arise.
Obama, or for that matter, even God Almighty won’t be able to prevail upon Israel and hence the possibility of ending the decades long strife between the two nations is out of question. The Republicans of America too are against the proposition of Barack Obama and they have extended whole-hearted support to Netanyahu.
Even before meeting each other one man putting forward a suggestion and the other man rejecting it outright sans any discussions the man from Israel together with his wife paying a visit to US must be a pleasure trip at the expense of his country.

Friday, May 20, 2011


A good theoretician need not be a good organizer. A good organizer need not be good theoretician. A good organizer could be a good theoretician but nowadays such cases are very rare.
I here refer to leftists especially communists.
For a Communist party to grow into a giant tree, good organizers and good theoreticians are essential. For instance in India communist parties displayed high growth during the times of A.K.G, EMS, Basava Punnaiyah, P.Sundarayya, Harkishen Singh Surjit, Rajeswar Rao, P.K.V – the list is endless.
The scenario is entirely different now. Today also we have umpteen leaders in Communist parties but it is a sad reality that leaders exceed supporters. Yes you can take it with a pinch of salt, still the case is not much different. Leaders even at the national level as well as at the regional levels don’t have much grass-roots level connections. A Prakash Karat – he is party’s General Secretary. A Sitaram Yechury and for that matter many other leaders are least bothered about coming down to the masses and fight for their causes by leading them from the front. Instead they remain confined within the four walls of A.K.G Bhavan and pen statements and articles a dime a dozen on a daily basis and get them all published. These published articles mostly in English have in fact not much readers majority of Indian masses are not well-versed in English. Polit-Buro meetings and calling press meets never help the growth of a communist party. That was why the famous Marxist ideologue of England Eric Hobbswam called Indian Communist leaders ‘coffee house intellectuals’.
In the recent Assembly elections to four States and one Union Territory the leftists performance was dismal and they had to encounter a declining trend in comparative stronghold of Kerala and Bengal especially Bengal.
Kerala unit of Communist parties escaped from an abysmal state due to the organizing capacity of one leader. – V.S.Achuthanandan.
Now that leftists have to begin from the bottom level to reach a respectable position in Indian politics for that both organizers as well as theoreticians must have to gird up their loins and fight.
About other parties the less said the better. Even the ruling National Congress down the regional entities ideology is not at all a botheration. They are after power and to hold on to power the so-called UPA alliance is willing to go to any great lengths and at present we are witnessing such a scenario. In the place of ideologues the most prominent among Congressmen are a group of species called party spokesmen and spokeswomen. What all we want to hear from the party these species provide it in ample measure.
As eminent jurist V.R.Krishna Iyer said ManMohan Singh though straight-forward is inefficient. Once a good economist, today manager of dubious dealers. He has become a binami statesman under the thrall of dollar economy.
Krishna Iyer asks : ‘Where were you before coming to India? The world bank economy would have made you familiar with the US economy.’ Jusitce Krishna Iyer launches missiles of questions in the direction of Prime Minister who finds pleasure in keeping mum 24X7. No amount of criticism is going to move the heart of the gentleman Doctor? It is like hitting the wind.


Your loneliness
is my loneliness.
You know loneliness is a
frightening beast
staring into one’s eyes
that beast frightens me now.
Your loneliness
like an infection
slowly enters my system
and extracts even the
last drop of my joy
from me.
Spare me some moments of
joy for me
sweeten my lips with your
gentle touch
push away the burden of
boredom to the abyss
and open the floodgates of
delight and joy.
Even if you continue to
live in your own world of
like a hermit
and remain impervious to
my needs
mind you,
I won’t leave you
and get locked in another
one’s embrace
as I can very well
sense the depth of your love
towards me,
other man’s touch
smell of his sweat
his broad-smile
offers of love
all I detest.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


World is an advertisement
Either in the night
or in the day time
take a walk down the
streets of a city preferably
in a star-lit, moon-lit
Banners, posters, flex-boards all along
business-establishments in
every nook and corner, surging
faceless crowds
be it in multiplexes,
shops, beverages, banks
be it everywhere, the
case is same.
The world is an advertisement
Trains blaring horns
buses, cars, auto
taxis plying along
hooting and tooting
signals red, green and yellow
flashing round the clock,
the city pulsates
the city throbs
the city vibrates
people like flies to
enamoured of
catching advertisements of various
with celebrities playing the roles
of ambassadors
rush to the city
throng the business establishments
and empty the pockets
‘where words are from
heart let it be louder’
thus goes an advertisement.
World is after all an
advertisement film.
Commercialism is the catchword
these days and we
fall for it,
like it or not
even a smile an advertisement these days.


It is a characteristic of writers especially freelance journalists to look at things with a different perspective and arrive at their own conclusions. For instance, the recently concluded elections to four States of Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Union territory of Pondicherry. The results poured in from each State became a subject of careful study and still conclusions are being arrived at by these writers. True a freelance writer’s success lies in reaching conclusions by looking from different angles.
Look at Kerala results.
Post-poll surveys and exit-polls gave results which pointed towards contrary results as against the results which came out on the counting date. Barring one or two, all predictions went awry and such trends are natural in the world of post-poll surveys and exit polls carried out by different agencies. Be that as it may here, I do not want to go to the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of such things.
A few writers looked at the results with different points of view and arrived at interesting as well as startling views. For example some are of the opinion that, yes, there did exist a VS factor (read V S Achuthanandan) otherwise the Left Democratic Front would not have come near the 70 mark out of a total seats of 140. If that factor was not there Left Democratic Front would not have gone that far due to the anti-incumbency factor. Some point out that no anti-incumbency factor was visible this time in Kerala, that is because of good governance provided by the LDF. Furthermore they go to the extent of making their views amply clear that if there was no factionalism in the party, LDF would have romped home this time. Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the party is squarely blamed for his inefficient handling of Kerala and Bengal matters. However in the end United Democratic Front led by Congress won by a wafer-thin majority of 2 seats. And Kerala has reputation experimenting with fronts alternatively this time too the case is no different.
In Tamil Nadu both post-poll surveys and exit-poll surveys went absolutely wrong. They had predicted whichever party came to power it would be by a few seats. Upsetting all calculations Kumari Jayalalitha’s AIADMK alliance romped home capturing a large chunk of seats relegating the ruling DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) alliance to a poor second. The rampant corruption by Kalaignar govt was stated to be the reason behind its dismal performance. Ever since the news of 2G Spectrum scam broke out in Tamil Nadu, average Tamilians began to think differently and according to the freelancers people’s anger towards DMK alliance came in handy for Kumari Jayalalitha’s AIADMK alliance. Some are of the view that it was not out of love and worship of ‘Amma’ that people voted for her, that it was negative votes which worked in her favour. On the matter of corruption Jayalalitha too was reportedly not far behind Kalaignar. West Bengal produced a result, a handsome win for Mamta Banerji’s Trinamool Congress – Congress alliance. This result – this result alone – was a forgone conclusion and here only the post-poll surveys and exit-polls proved cent percent correct. Even before that all observers across India and Bengal were aware of the shape of things to come hence no matter of surprise to anyone even the Marxists. Singur and Nandigram came in handy for Mamata, she could very well cash in on them. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s unilateral decision to go ahead with globalization and Foreign Direct Investment disregarding the opposition of peasants and share-croppers,forcible occupation of their land to help Tata and Salim Group of Indonesia, the resultant rebellion and blood-bath unleashed all fury against him and it was too late when ‘enlightenment’ dawned upon him. The grass-root level workers of the party, the left intellectual, artists and writers turned against Left Front govt enmasse and it is a naked truth that their ire against the Left Front has still not disappeared. Party Polit Bureau was hand-in-gloves with Buddha on the matter of FDI and globalization and therefore there is no point in casting aspersions on Buddha alone. Karat-Yechuri nexus should squarely take up the blame along with Buddha for bringing the LF to such a pass.
Assam gave a sweeping victory for Congress where even a scope for an opposition leader is absent. Tarun Gogoi has scored a hatrick win Assam as it is his Party’s third consecutive win.
Puducherry produced an unexpected verdict, this time to the shock of Congress. The breakaway group of N.Rangaswamy secured majority ending the rule of Valsi Raj there.
On weighing the pros and cons many would come to the conclusion that the man of the series this time is V.S.Achuthanandan in cricketing parlance.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Mallayya’s wife went
mad after his accidental
death in the course of
a train journey.
Mallayya, a sturdy, thick, dark
man, with a huge pepper-salt
moustache was soft-spoken
liked and respected by
Though he took to drinks
once in a while, he was
not at all a drunkard.
Mallayya’s wife, a lean, black
woman with a nose-stud and
a chain around the neck
was a silent cat always
confined to her apartment.
Their two sons were born after
years of prayers and offering of
oblations to God.
Both Mallayya and his wife
cared and loved them and attended
to all their needs.
In the mornings Mallayya
before departing for work,
woke them up and held
each of them close to
his chest which was
a heartening sight to
all neighbours.
Days of glory ended ever
since Mallayya met with
the train accident and
succumbed to grievous injuries.
His wife went mad and
no amount of treatment
could cure her.
Both sons stopped studies
and went astray.
Inside the silent apartment
two ash-coloured
cats appeared as permanent guests
and they like gate-keepers
sat at the window
and stared at the passers-by
reminding one of
death, death and death
Chest beatings, lamentations,
and throwing utensils
always heard from the background.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Innocence is the hallmark
of a baby.
Innocence has its inherent
beauty, charm and flavour.
But life-long innocence
has its defects.
A man with the name
of Innocent need not be
and if he is innocent
he is a mentally retarded
The man with the name Innocent
could be an artful dodger
and he could b caught
with his pants down
somewhere if followed.
A baby steps into the shoes
of a little child,
little child into a teenager
a teenager into an adult
with the movement of
With the child reaching
his teens
the mask covering his
plays vanishing tricks and
to call him innocent then
is something uncalled for.
The mask of innocence vanishing
is a great thing
not a sin
as it does mean
he/she is grown-up.
A parent always wishes
his/her child to be a
grown-up figure
for that matter all parents.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


His mind a raging sea
His pen-tip a
sharpened tongue
his pen with an acid refill
his words corrosive
his mind steps up
attacks on a filthy regime round the clock
his ivory tower in the
midst of common men
his voice thunderous explosions
his presence
always in the forefront for
exploited masses
his mind is that of
an aesthetic revolutionary
the poet in him never
withdraws into a shell
keeping aloof
from everyone.
His presence, a thorn in
the flesh of rulers.
He, who is always fearless, courageous
and resolute.


His mind a raging sea
His pen-tip a
sharpened tongue
his pen with an acid refill
his words corrosive
his mind steps up
attacks on a filthy regime round the clock
his ivory tower in the
midst of common men
his voice thunderous explosions
his presence
always in the forefront for
exploited masses
his mind is that of
an aesthetic revolutionary
the poet in him never
withdraws into a shell
keeping aloof
from everyone.
His presence, a thorn in
the flesh of rulers.
He, who is always fearless, courageous
and resolute.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


In the hilly mountain terrains
to flush out my
all-weather enemy,
I along with my all-weather friend
bombarded and
killed thousands of innocents.
Our search went on
for a prolonged period,
but all our efforts
proved in vain.
My all-weather friend
for whom I loosened
my purse strings
for he was starving
for funds most of the
time in a year.
He showed me his
gratitude in abundance
true, a friend in
need is a friend indeed.
My love and belief in
him was immense.
The ever elusive enemy
proved a head-ache to me,
he continued his
treacherous ways of wreaking vengeance on me
sitting pretty
in his hide-out
my search to locate
him my determination, resilience
and constant efforts went
on unabated.
And I was shell-shocked
in the course of my search
to find out
that my all-weather friend
whom I loved and cared
for since a long period
was providing asylum
to my all-weather enemy
since a long time.
Whom to believe
whom to disbelieve in this world
I am at a loss to
find out,
my anger knows no limits.

Friday, May 13, 2011


In the new house
in the faraway city
what she missed most
was her lunch time guests.
At the old house
during lunch time
they made it a point
to visit her fluttering
wings chirping.
Everyday she would distribute
rice among them
which they emptied
then looked at her
with gratitude
and would fly away
to some unknown place :
From where they came from
where they went after
visiting, all remained a
mystery to her.
Language of the birds
and language of human
beings entirely different
still she could decipher
something, if not all
from their body language
an chirpings.
The day the decision to
shift residence to
a new apartment in the city
the first thing that
entered her mind was
her lunch time guests.
Their everyday visit
at lunch time,
their flapping wings, chirpings all
missing her was
something unbearable to her.
But she had to learn
with the new circumstances
and she had to part
with them.
On the very first day
at the new apartment
during the lunch time
a gnawing pain needled
her when the memory of
her lunch time guests
visited her.
‘They would come one day
in search of me’
she would whisper to herself
and she awaits…..


In the immediate aftermath of Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands of US, it became a hot topic of discussion not only in India but the world over. As it was Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted Al-Qaida head by US who was a nightmare to not only America but all nations across the world, the topic of discussions still continues and it would be alive in the days to come.
Immediately after his death our national TV channels grabbed the subject and they were literally competing with one another in holding discussions by inviting defence experts, media personalities, writers and intellectuals shining in various fields the possibility of India launching an American model stealth operation in Pakistan thereby settling scores as the number of fugitives baying for India’s blood are many. The hawks talked about the need for conducting such operations while the doves among the lot cautioned patience.
Indian Army Chief V.K.Singh and Air Force Chief P.V.Naik made it amply clear that India was on par with America in launching a stealth operation in Pakistan and immediately on reaching the news in the ears of Pakistani leaders, Pak Foreign Secretary Salman Basheer warned of ‘a terrible catastrophe’ on India if the latter were to follow the US. Our Army Chief and Air Force Chief talking in terms of launching a stealth operation however make sense as when it comes to the heart of the mater here I mean it is our defence forces who are at the receiving end in the event of Pakistan unleashing a war on India. Hence their remarks are understandable but what they forget was the truth that it is Pakistan not the Pakistani citizens who will be the ultimate sufferers. Like the peace-loving Indian citizen, the average Pakistani citizens always yearn for peace and they prey to Allah for peace always.
Indian Prime Minister ManMohan Singh always talk of going more than halfway for peaceful talks with Pakistan on contentious issues. His subordinates especially Foreign Minister S.M.Krishna, National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao all talk about remaining engaged with Pakistan always. While our army, navy and air-force brethren if and when a war breaks out with Pakistan remain in the forefront risking lives these very important personalities are very well protected by security coverage and therefore war clouds looming large on the horizon by the acts of the neighbouring nation don’t matter to them.
As somebody has written about Pakistan a lost country because of its encouragement of dreaded terrorists which like a Frankenstein Monster turns against them after wreaking havoc in the neighbouring country a weak civilian govt go at the helm and an India-centric army. Our nation will have to remain vigilant throughout. Pakistani authorities behave as if they have nothing to lose since they have gained nothing and what they have gained is a bunch of hard-core terrorists. Imagine the plight of peace-loving Pakistani citizens who virtually feel suffocated between the terror elements and India-centric authorities.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was a little child
my mother fell ill
and she was shuttling between
hospital and bed most
of the time.
My father’s days were hectic
he knew no rest
his primary duty being
taking mother to hospital
and back
mother’s care and affection
which I needed most
in that little age
badly missed me.
As if to compensate it my auntie
donned the role of my foster - mother.
She cared me, loved me, looked after me
and attended to my all needs
as if I was her own child.
I saw my mother in her
I wanted her presence always
knowing my needs
she looked after everything
bathed me in hot water
took me to nearby temple
pasted sandal on my forehead
dressed me in beautiful clothes
fed me with nutritious food
and took me to the local
nursery every morning and
brought me back in the
Such a loving, caring auntie
was a blessing to me, boon to me
and I loved her like
Others at the home my grandma
father, my younger auntie, my uncles
all had a soft corner towards me
and I found life quite pleasant.
My life went on in the
midst of loving and caring faces
those were festival days in my life.
One day
four-five persons, all well-dressed
came to my home from
all strange faces
all accorded a warm
reception by the elders in the home
I saw all ladies
except my grandma
helping my auntie
dress in pretty
shining costume
her face shone
like moon
she looked pretty in the
but I couldn’t make out
what was going to
She glanced at me
with a beaming smile
and I wanted to ask her
what was it all about
the huge gathering around
her prevented me from
asking anything.
Everything seemed like
a dream to me
a puzzle to me
somebody called her
into the next room
handed over a tray with
cups of tea and variety
of eatables
and she accompanied
my auntie up to the door-step.
My auntie with shyness glimmering
in her eyes
her hands were trembling
with nervousness
her forehead full of
beads of sweat
and the strange faces sitting
in the portico
casting measuring looks
at her.
The young handsome
chap among them
looked at her stealthily
with a mischievous smile
while picking the tea-cup
from the tray
she gave a stealth
glance at him
and rushed inside.
The relatives and neighbours
made fun of her
in whispering tones.
She was all shyness
and within half-an-hour
after conversations with the
elders assembled at the
portico bid farewell.
Since then my auntie
was always in dreams
smiled to herself and
when I reached her
she showered kisses on me
eyes shining with tears .
I got new dress
everyone in the house got
new dress
all glanced at me
and cast meaningful smiles
but the meaning I couldn’t
make out.
The day everyone was
waiting for approached
a smiling spring dawn it was
a large gathering
relatives, guests, friends
all came with gift packets
my auntie dressed
in fascinating costumes
that handsome man
all in smiles
accompanied by dear and
near ones,
entered the beautifully decorated shamiana
all I watched with
curiosit y
both she and he
sat together
my heart beat faster.
Then both exchanged
tied the nuptial-knot
exchanged rings
he took hold of her hands
my heart again beat faster
everything was over within an hour.
After the feast
it was time for her
to leave
I wept and ran towards
she profusely kissed
me, tear drops touched my face
and the earth.
In a garlanded car
both drove away
I stood alone
and that day
for the first time
I knew ‘what is loneliness’.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The enemy was a one man army
marshalling all troops
gathering strength and courage
we marched straight to
take on him
on seeing him at a
distance we felt embarrassed.
He was empty-handed
He was calm and quiet.
‘Hands up’ – on approaching
near him we commanded him in unison.
We trained our weapons on him
He stood non-chalantly.
We watched his eyes
glowing red.
His fierce look seemed
too ferocious.
The red glowing rays
thrust us like needles
making us convulse.
Kind of numbness overpowered
our weapons fell to
the ground
and we stood frozen.
‘Hands up’ – he ordered.
It was a deafening explosion
‘get lost, I say’ –
That deafening
explosion once more.
With thumping hearts
we ran away within
Still that glowing red
eyes followed us
like a nightmare.


You must have noticed
God men
and for that matter God women
asking for bitter fruits
in a garden
but not the sweet fruits.
You must have watched
God men
and for that matter God women
asking for sharp thorns of
plants in a garden
but not the attractive
beautiful flowers,
you must have noticed
God men
and for that matter God women
asking for all the sorrows
of mankind on a platter
to them
instead have pleasurable moments
for mankind.
Having mouthed all such
you must have watched
the God men
and for that matter the God women,
enjoying all the pleasurable
things in life
sweet fruits, variety of
beautiful, attractive flowers
and all the luxuries of
while the mankind continue
to suffer as before.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


In the dark alleys of
people groped for light
to shine in their eyes.
They prayed to God
day and night
to have mercy on them.
In the thick darkness
they wandered hither
and thither praying
for sight
tears trickling down their cheeks.
A powerful light at last
struck their eyes
blinding was it
too powerful it was.
Still the men continued wandering
hither and thither
the rays penetrated
their eyes still blinding them.
They continued praying
continued weeping
but no, nothing came
of it.
With our patience and
belief in him gradually
drying up
we demanded God to
gift us sight and
he obliged….
People are getting more and more demanding
these days
even before God.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


No more festivals in her life
and no more celebrations
No more lullabies in her life
all a burden to her.
No more Gods in her life
and no more temples
the vey thought of God
irritates her
and no more prayers.
No more frocks to purchase
those pretty frocks already purchased
for her beloved babe,
given away to kids in orphanage.
Since her childhood
she loved songs
breathed songs
sang songs, all melodious
for herself
for others
for all and for her angel
since her birth.
Now she hates to sing
yet she sings
all with mechanical overtones.
Loneliness was her proclaimed
enemy once,
she always wanted company
of her beloved
since her little cute babe
left her
she learnt to live-in
the island of memories
and recalled
the pranks of her
little kid, her innocent smiles
her little, little songs.
Now she kisses her
scents her memories
scents her presence
in the lonely moments of
The kisses,
the caresses
the fondling
all to the fond
memories of her little angel.


Aditya Sinha, former Editor-in-Chief of Indian Express sometime back in his weekly column Reductio Ad Absurdum wrote about the possibility of a quid pro quo arrange between Pakistan and US on the issue of Osama Bin Laden. That Pakistan was very well aware of Osama’s whereabouts and that it would be willing to point to his whereabouts so as to enable the US capture Osama in the place of Mulla Omar who is on good terms with Pakistan. Sinha’s observation that Pakistan was eyeing Afghanistan and if Osama’s handing over to US could satisfy the US it would be more than willing to go to the extend of committing the ultimate.
Now that Aditya Sinha’s prediction came true, Osama’s hide-out pointed out to the US by the military and ISI, its intelligence wing. The contention of Pakistan that it was not at all aware of the capture and consequent killing of Osama cannot be taken at its face-value since the whole operation - ‘Operation Geronimo’ - was conducted at Abbottabad two hours from Islamabad near the Military Academy. Osama along with his four wives and 23 children were staying at a posh luxury mansion under the very nose of the Pakistan army men. US had never in its dreams thought about the most wanted terrorist heading a life in a luxury mansion deep inside Pakistan. It was bombarding difficult terrains of North-West Frontier of Pakistan thinking that Osama was on the run and must have been moving from one safe haven to another haven. Ten years went by but US remained in the dark about the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden.
Since 9/11 plane-crash of twin towers of World Trade Centre by terrorists, US pumped US $20 billion into Pakistan for rooting out terror elements. Pakistan instead utilized the amount for nurturing terror activities. India’s contention that Pakistan was the epicentre of terrorism had no takers in US and it considered Pakistan its all weather friend.
Now that America has come to grip with realities and has decided to stop all kind of financial assistance a way of choking the all weather friend until it is convinced of Pakistan’s innocence on the question of Osama Bin Laden. How come such a conviction to be achieved as it is crystal clear that Pak was the provider of sanctuary to Osama.
With intermittent drone attacks turning out to be a nightmare ISI head Shuja Pasha and one more prominent authority air-dashed to US and they must have informed the US authorities about Osama’s hide-out. Since then US forces were after him and were watching all movements in the vicinity of the mansion where Osama was safely entrenched and US waited in the wings for the most opportune time to pounce on him.
On May 1, within forty five minutes, to be exact 38 minutes American commandos swooped down to the mansion and within a matter of seconds the whole operation was over. Osama shot dead, along with two others, his body airlifted and later reportedly arranged a water burial in the sea according to Islamic customs. It is incredible that the Pak military didn’t come to know of the whole operation.
The hullaballo over US intervention by Pak authorities their protests and all are an eye-wash going by the way the whole episode unraveled.
Why this nation even while the terrorists are making a mince meat of innocent civilians continue to harbor hard-core terrorists by providing them sanctuaries. It is a haven of seven internationally dreaded terrorist organisations and dreaded terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim and Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafeez roaming free through the streets is mind-boggling.
Now that Osama has been done away with US continuing in Afghanistan for a long period is a distant possibility and next Presidential elections in America is fast approaching Obama will have to be pre-occupied with campaign for second term hence Mulla Omar appearing from somewhere is a possibility. Most probably Pakistan will enter into an alliance with him to have a grip on Afghainstan.
Pak’s antipathy towards India is well-known and in case things go on expected lines. Indians in Afghanistan will have tough times ahead and what Pakistan mostly aim at is ouster of Indians from Afghanistan.
What must be the guid pro quo arrangement other than this?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The nuptial knot tied
and the oath taken:
Until death do us part.
My parents gave him
what all he desired
what all he wanted
what all he demanded
gold, more than he demanded
cars two, not one
hot currencies
and I with my sensuous
body for his life-long
Delightedly, cautiously
he verified the gold in the
first night itself, counted currencies
once more
drove the cars for a
immensely happy
demanded my body
late into the night.
With pleasure
I slowly, gradually
undressed with raunchy looks
before his
naked, wide, shining eyes
saw him sweating with
and like a beast
bedded me with
all his strength
literally lynched me
both of us bathed in sweat
the game went on
till both were gratified
till both were tired.
This went on for long days
honeymoon and all
and in the course of
he lost interest in my
went after more sensuous
ones, greener pastures
came very late into the
night, drunk
and I got angry,
I was pained over
the unrequited love
demanded I my gold
cars and currencies
demanded them then and there
and seized them back.
I went with another
with a different
‘Until divorce do we

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


At last they fished him out.
Alas, their long-cherished dream
of netting him alive
not materialized.
So what, true to their
vow, they fished
him out at last.
With fire in blood,
With fire in eyes,
With fire in each cell,
they were after him.
You know his men plane-crashed
their twin towers of
WTC ten years back
and 3000 caught under the
rubble which boiled
their blood like anything.
That day they vowed
to capture the culprit
the evil-brain behind
vowed to bring him to justice.
They bombarded difficult terrains
the borders of Afghanistan
where he was supposed to be hiding in
safe havens,
alas, lakhs of innocents
lost their lives in the process
in the heavy bombardment
and they still apologise for it
they pray for their souls.
And after ten years
that fateful day came
the big catch
his lifeless body caught in the net.
They rejoicingly trumpetted
the hot news the world over
and celebrated for
the mission accomplished
the dead fish thrown to the fishes
into the ocean
and that was the end
but they know
they have yet to
forge ahead
root out the last evil
from the face of earth
and bring permanent calm,
permanent peace, permanent
that’s our mission
eternal mission.


It was a defining moment in the history of Palestine when the Fatah party led by Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas led by Khalid Mishel after years of animosity buried their differences and move ahead jointly for the cause of Palestine. The representatives of Fatah party and Hamas Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyah respectively met in Egypt under the mediator, the present dispensation of Egypt to iron out their differences to move jointly in future. Naturally the coming together of Fatah Party and Hamas was not to the taste of Israel as it considered Hamas as a terrorist organization. But behind the coming together of Fatah party and Hamas it was the untiring efforts of Mahmoud Abbas.
Most probably it is the recent Arab spring which proved to be the catalyst behind the ironing out of differences between the two organizations. Arab spring brought about vast changes in thinking across the Arab world and that reflected in Palestine also.
Literally the animosity between Fatah and Hamaz did result in weakening the cause of Palestine and as long as they remained proclaimed enemies, the one nation which was overjoyed was Israel. Not only Israel but also its all time well-wishers US and European Union. With the joining hands of the two organizations which was long overdue besides Israel, both US and European Union took it badly.
Hamas, it is to be remembered is a strong organization consisting of hard-liners. Its strength could be surmised by its winning the elections cornering a majority in 2007.
Since then intermittent clashes and one war occurred, a fiercely fought one, between Hamas and Israel. In the war termed Operation Cast Lead, Israel bombarded the Hamas held areas killing more than 1400 citizens which was deplored by the international community. It was Egypt, then under Hosni Mubarak which opened the way for the refugees to flee the country to Egypt then.
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister widely known as a hawk is a permanent head-ache to the Palestinians and his taking strong exception to the burying the differences of Fatah party and Hamas is understandable.
It is certainly good for the cause of Palestine that the new found bonhomie of two organizations has brought about.
US and European Union instead of conniving with Israel should prevail upon Israel to bury the hatchet and recognize the existence of a Palestinian State thus bringing peace to the region. It is to be remembered that since 1948 the area has known no peace, thousands laid their lives both of Israel and Palestine.
Furthermore US and European Union should have to throw away their inhibitions and should contribute to the utmost of their capacity for the rapid progress of Palestine and play the roles of mediators in the Middle East.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


One day unexpectedly, quite unexpectedly
our colony known for peace
plunged into a wild fire of
its origin, no one knew for
as in every riot, somewhere
a spark developed into a
many innocents got caught
in it
friends turned foes
women raped, children
abused and tortured, many
fled for life to faraway
areas, residents robbed off
but from which part
of the colony the spark
erupted, no one knew for
The mayhem lasted for
two-three days
gradually the wildfire
got doused
our colony turned into
an area of graveyard silence
the residents with bruised
came to know of the origin
of the spark
and was stunned.
It was lit by outside
elements with communal
who instigated a section
littered the area with
pamphlets containing
riot-inspiring messages
the robbery, rapes,
torture, all their handiworks
since then
our colony never knew
intermittent clashes
of the day
now we have after all
learnt to live with it.
Pity, violence snatched away
our identity, that precious gem
and peace
for ever.