Monday, March 17, 2014


 Dictatorship, be it benevolent or malevolent is anathema to Indians since decades. But for the internal emergency lasting 19 months during the tenure of Indira Gandhi [Unlink] who invited the righteous indignation of Indian citizens across the country, no ruler had/has declared internal emergency either before or after it. In the ensuing elections, after the emergency was lifted, Indian citizens saw to it that Indira Gandhi and her party were defeated at the hustings. That showed the attitude of Indian citizens towards dictatorship of any kind.
While we enjoyed democracy right from the very outset, except for 19 months period, our neighboring nations Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan were under malevolent and benevolent dictators.
When a person finds himself indispensable to rule a country that shows dictatorial proclivities coursing through his blood stream. Narendra Modi [Unlink], the Gujarat Chief Minister and the NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate does have such a notion. Ruling Gujarat for three consecutive terms, such a notion entering his blood stream is less surprising. Though Mr.Modi is hated and disliked by a minority community from the very day of the Gujarat pogrom in 2001 in which more than 2000 muslims were tortured, lynched and burnt alive while all nations across the world watching aghast, he is alleged to have extended all out support to the Majority community up till now and he has not cared to offer unconditional apology to the victims even at this juncture when India is poised to take a plunge into 2014 General Elections in which he is the Prime Ministerial Candidate of BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). The surprising, embarrassing and shocking thing in search of a sure seat to win the elections, he eyed Varanasi and accordingly after much hullaballoo made by certain senior leaders, the party to fullfil his wishes forced out Dr.Murali Manohar Joshi [Unlink] from Varanasi to Kanpur. Modi has been selected to stand from Varanasi which he demanded from the party leadership, the party was left with no other option except to say ‘yes’ to him. A politician,who is the Chief Minister of a State for three successive terms in the beginning not displaying the courage to contest from Gujarat and choosing Varanasi which according to him is a sure seat. Of late it is reported that he has decided to stand from Ahmedabad also. Reading between the lines, it was natural for everyone to reach a conclusion that he was averse to contest from a Loksabha constituency from Gujarat. Then came the news of him fighting from Ahmedabad. A dictator won’t have any faith among his own colleagues and his decision to contest from Varanasi at the outset is a fine example. His fear must have been due to his fear or apprehension that his so-called colleagues would stab him in the back, thereby ensuring that he would be defeated at the hustings.
Mr.Modi needs a sure seat to win, which he has found in Varanasi, since he believes in his indispensability. If not Varanasi, then comes Ahmedabad since he is convinced of his indispensability to rein the nation.
The most amusing thing is that leaders of regional parties from various states do entertain the hopes of finding themselves in the cosy seat of Prime Minister. Nitish Kumar [Unlink], (Janata Dal (U) and his bet noire Lalu Prasad Yadav(RJD) from Bihar, Mulayam Singh(SP) from UP, Mamata Banerji (Trinamool Congress) from West Bengal and Kumari Jayalalithaa (AIADMK) from Tamil Nadu, in short a long array of Prime Ministerial aspirants await us with both their hands stretched towards us.
Despite tall claims being made by Narendra Modi about his achievements in his own State of Gujarat, initially he had not the guts to fight an electoral battle from Gujarat fearing the unreliability of his colleagues. Now that his party has come out with a decision that he should contest from Ahmedabad also.

In the event of him being elected to the post of Prime Minister how can we, the citizens across India repose our faith in this gentleman and his democratic credentials. Are we in for a dictatorship in the short run, if not in the long run?

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Arvind Kejriwal, a novice in Indian political scene, seems like committing political suicide by casting aspersions against the media world. Mr.Kejriwal should have recalled that media too played a cardinal role along with the majority Delhites which did help him to don the mantle of Chief Minister of Delhi, though he was in the chair only for 49 days.
Moreover, Mr.Kejriwal ought to have taken some moments to recall the wide coverage he and his party AAP (Aam Admi Party) got by the print world as well as the visual media. Media world went an extra mile to elevate him and his party to greater heights by calling the latter a phenomenon in the Indian political horizon.
Actually what prompted him to throw mud at the media which once helped him get a prominent place in the comity of Indian politics?
In the print world, the newspapers carried several articles penned by many a gentleman or woman one after another who wrote in adulation of a different party which was on the way to fight against corruption, poverty, malnourishment and large-scale unemployment.
Similarly, newspersons in visual media spent hours to draw the attention of the new avatar and they vied with each other to applaud Mr.Kejriwal and his colleagues and persuaded him and the top leaders of the party to dwell upon the immediate agenda in the event of AAP (Aam Admi Party) being catapulted to the positions of power.
Contrary to high expectations the euphoria didn’t last long due to the waywardness displayed by his party colleague Somnath Bharti, who was the Law Minister under Mr.Kejriwal and by Mr.Kejriwal himself. The Delhi citizens might not have forgotten Mr.Bharti and his followers’ raid in the residences of Ugandan women in the thick of night charging them with prostitution. The issue didn’t come to a stop there, Mr.Bharti got engaged in a war of words with Delhi police Commissioner. Mr.Kejriwal in support of Mr.Bharti staged a fast at Jantar Manter demanding the suspension of three police officers. The steps taken by Mr.Kejriwal and Bharti was not taken kindly by a cross-section of Delhi citizens.  
When his govt was unceremoniously pulled down by both Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party, both the two sides of the same coin, both are always at the service of industrial tycoons especially when the elections are round the corner. It is not a secret that it was the Ambanis who covertly played behind the scenes in toppling down Mr.Kejriwal’s govt with the help of two principal opposition parties. The catalyst for such an action was AAP’s decision to introduce Jan Lokpal Bill in the Delhi Assembly. Apprehending the consequences, the panic-stricken opposition joined hands to overthrow his govt since the Jan Lokpal Bill if passed in the Assembly AAP could have spread a wide dragnet to bring the corruption-ridden politicians under its purview thereby put the latter behind the bars. The filing of an FIR against the Ambani brothers for hiking the charges of CNG from US $ 4.2 mbtu to $8.4 mbtu they ensured that by helping both Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party pull down Kejriwal’s govt.
With power gone, an angered and frustrated Kejriwal forgetting all the succour provided to him by the media world found a villain in the latter and started throwing tantrums against the media for playing second fiddle to BJP and Congress alleging that the media is caught in the paid news syndrome. How come Kejriwal cast aspersions against the media which provided him wide coverage since the party’s inception one year back and after that?
Addressing press persons in Nagpur his tirades against the media was covered by a TV Channel which were subsequently aired on other television channels and within minutes Mr.Kejriwal found himself cornered. His denial of the allegations against the media naturally angered Editors Guild of India. The latter in no uncertain terms took exception to the remarks made by Mr.Kejriwal against it.
Kejriwal, a novice in Indian political scenario, must tread a long path to come of age as a politician with conscience never leaving him. Now that he is only a ‘baby’ among the politicians his throwing tantrums against the media will have no takers. He should never forget the sterling role played by the media in propping him up to the Chief Ministerial chair within one year.

By inviting hatred and anger of the media his so-called lofty ideals won’t have any takers. 

Friday, March 14, 2014


With Crimean Parliament passing a resolution, Crimea has become a part of Russia, amidst threats of Western countries to desist Russia from referendum which is just a formality. Crimea, once part of Ukraine, where the Russians constitute a majority and it was a conclusion foretold that with Russia taking the initiative Crimea is posed to be a reality. Russia has dispatched 3500 soldiers and 36 war planes as a precautionary measure to protect Crimea in case the Western nations intervene militarily. It is almost certain that in spite of throwing countless threats to retreat, Russia stands firm since Crimea is a part of Russia as of now. Mr.Vladimir Putin, Russian President, a difficult nut to crack, will under no circumstances cow down and withdraw from Crimea. Putin’s iron-fist has instilled courage among the Crimeans who are enthusiastic to be a part of Russia. Even in Ukraine, Russian speaking citizens are in large numbers, Ukraine faces an existential threat.
After forcing Victor Yanukovych flee from Ukraine to Russia who still claims he is the legitimate President, its self-styled Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and President Oleksandr Turchynov have taken up cudgels against Crimea holding a referendum. The incumbent so-called Prime Minister of Ukraine travelled all the way to US to force Russia from withdrawing from Crimea which according to him is an integral part of Ukraine. US authorities, who under no circumstances take a plunge for a direct showdown with Russia which is a powerful and determined nation in the able hands of Vladimir Putin. Instead, US has adopted a diplomatic route by entrusting John Kerry, US State Secretary to meet his counterpart Sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia. His repeated appeals do not have any takers on the issue of Crimea seceding from Ukraine and join Russia, the former turns to the Western nations asserting that Ukraine is a sovereign, democratic nation. Ukraine’s argument that Russia has no business to intervene, Russia argues that the Western powers especially US have no locus standi to preach the sanctity of democracy since many authoritarian nations are being propped up by the US and other Western powers. US, though claiming to be a greatest democracy has always valued its self-interest most sacred. It is notable that US which keeps no self-interest on the issue of Ukraine won’t launch a war with Russia which is a powerful nation under powerful and determined leader Vladimir Putin.
A war between US and Russia means the break-out of third world war. Furthermore it means the disappearance of mankind and all species from the face of earth. A total wipe-out of the entire mankind is a certainty since across the world third world war is believed to be the total extinction since both Russia and US are nuclear powers. As somebody said it won’t be able to even capture the pages of newspaper and electronic media breaking out news of third world war since both nations are aware of the consequences of a third world war. Apart from flexing muscles and arm-twisting nuclear powers keep away from launching war against each other. No doubt, as already said, apart from flexing muscles and arm-twisting a nuclear war is a distant possibility as long as these weapons evade the reach of terror elements. Supplying funds and sophisticated weapons to the friendly countries are likely but when it comes to nuclear weapons both the nations are found in the same boat. Hence cold-war is here to stay, don’t know how long, it is difficult to predict.
Nuclear powers can argue, quarrel and throw mud against each other it is going on currently and will go on and those who see nightmares of a third world war need not be frightened on that count. While the first and second world wars did appear on the front pages of newspapers, a third world war if at all it happens will never appear on the front pages of newspapers, no breaking news will appear on electronic media since within seconds of the war breaking out everything will be wiped out from the surface of the earth. Look how dangerous is our life on earth in the coming days. Of course we tread on a dangerous path since if and when the nuclear weapons reach the hands of hard-core militants it is almost certain that they won’t have any reluctance to destroy our beautiful earth since what awaits them is Heaven.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


US sponsored resolution on human rights violations is scheduled to be introduced at United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) shortly. The members of UNHRC will discuss, debate and deliberate upon the issue and chalk out the future course of action after putting it into vote and move accordingly.
In the meanwhile more and more cases of human rights violations are reported by Channel 4 of Britain. Callum Macrae, serving Channel 4 who has produced a few documentaries which are mind-blogging and blood-chilling like Sri Lanka’s killing fields and No fire zone in the Killing fields of Sri Lanka. The new one which too exposes the ruthlessness with which Sinhala speaking soldiers dancing over the bodies of ‘lady tigers’ of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam which was caught in a mobile by a person happened to be in the hands of Mr.Callum Macrae. Mr.Macrae handed over the clip to British Tamil Forum which displayed before everyone to have a firsthand knowledge of the atrocities committed by Sri Lankan soldiers.
Sri Lankan authorities took umbrage against Mr.Macrae for playing the role of one who is siding with LTTE. Mr.Macrae has since denied it and he asserts that what all he has brought to the fore are facts and blame showered on him by the Sri Lankan govt is unworthy of any comment.
While Veluppilla Prabhakaran, the self-proclaimed leader and his followers had committed large-scale violence and slained many Sinhalese including top leaders in the higher echelons of power according to the latter were intolerable and the Sri Lankan govt was left with no other alternative but to fight head- on against the Liberation Tigers. After Prabhakaran was finally shot dead by the army in the penultimate year of the war, the threat by the LTTE somewhat came to an end.
Only after the wiping out of LTTE, the heart-breaking stories of innocent citizens falling preys to Mr.Rajpaksa’s men, who chased the women, tortured,sexually abused and finally shot them dead for which Rajapaksa govt is charged with human rights violations. The cruelty and the way which Velupillai Prabhakaran’s 12 year old son was eliminated was unbearable. The scene is still etched in the minds of the world citizens.
With the reports of human rights violations pouring in, United States and other members of United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) squarely blamed Sri Lankan govt which the Rajapaksa govt denied but have no takers, a US sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka is scheduled to be put to vote on March 28.
In the meanwhile Chandrika Kumara Tunga, former President of Sri Lanka who took a long leave from politics is set to return, according to a few media reports.
Before taking a plunge to active politics she has advised Rajapaksa govt ‘to uphold democratic values to save itself from international interference’. 
‘If Sri Lanka wants to save itself in Geneva, the Sri Lankan govt and its people have to conduct themselves in accordance with universally accepted democratic norms and standards’ (Meera Srinivasan, The Hindu) on the sidelines of her meeting with Ranil Vikrem Singhe, the Opposition leader of United National Party.

Prime Minister Dr.ManMohanSingh met Mahinda Rajapaksa on the sidelines of BIMSTEC meeting at Myanmar’s capital Nay-Pi-Taw and held discussions concerning US sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka.           

Monday, March 10, 2014


George Walker Bush, in the sunset of life, is spending his moments of joy and happiness at his Texas Ranch in US with his family members. The former Republican President, though God fearing, had no qualms in declaring a war against Iraq in 2003 even after he was warned not to launch it on the false assumption that Iraq under Saddam Hussain was piling up weapons of mass destruction. Hans Blitz, the UN representative after conducting detailed inspections had concluded that no weapons of mass destruction were detected by his team and even after UN prevailed upon Mr.Bush not to intervene in Iraq and declare war against it didn’t listen to the Supreme Body’s advice, bombarded the nation killing millions of Iraqis, maiming as many, forcing as many to flee the nation to neighbouring nations and seek refuge, destroying properties worth billions of dollars thereby wiping out Iraq’s precious monuments of cultural heritage, made a mess of entire Iraq and finally couldn’t come across any weapons of mass destruction.
Mr.Bush had to face the wrath of his own countrymen who slapped the entire blame on him for wasting billions of dollars, thereby draining the exchequer, later plunging the nations to the brink of an abyss. The gentleman President, inspite of the wrath of his people didn’t have an iota of conscience that what all he committed deserved contempt. Saddam Hussain, the then ruler of Iraq according to him and his father Sr.Bush was the incarnation of Satan. Mr.Bush wanted to finish Mr.Saddam off and in the course of the war his soldiers with help of Shias – Saddam’s enemies all of them - fished him out from a cave in his native village of Tikrit, where Mr.Saddam was hiding and imprisoned him.
Saddam Hussain was a Sunni but Shias constituted a majority in Iraq.
Later a puppet govt was installed who pandered to the wishes of Mr.Bush, under Noorul-Al-Maliki, a Shia.
After installing Mr.Maliki as the head of Iraq, he constituted a trial court to question Mr.Saddam Hussain and his confidents like Tariq Aziz. The trial in fact was a mockery and the result was a foregone conclusion. The court after the hearing sentenced Mr.Saddam Hussein and his confidents to death and led them to the gallows one by one.
With the wrath of his people across his nation reaching its crescendo, Mr.Bush was left with no option but to put an end to his ‘mission’ and his armed forces were taken away to their near and dear in US. They were accorded an emotional welcome. The kith and kin of the dead soldiers showered thousands of curses on Mr.Bush for leading them to face death in a cold-blooded war.  
Iraq which was virtually reduced to a rubble evolved into a frustrated nation in shambles and Sunnis were on a killing spree against the Shias, their enemies.
Each day brought out blood-chilling stories of suicide-bombings killing hundreds of citizens, most of them Shias.
In the beginning Iraq killings and destructions captured the front pages of print media and a wide coverage in the visual media.
With days passing by, the daily reports of suicide-bombings claiming hundreds of lives turned unworthy of reporting with many other stories from other nations capturing headlines.
The citizens across the world too lost interest in Iraqi mayhem, which is not surprising, with hot news- stories standing in the queue drawing attention.
Nowadays how many of us are on a follow-up to see or hear the happenings in Iraq? Only a few.
Even yesterday 82 persons were done to death in Iraq which was reported in the inside pages of print media which not at all was given any prominence by electronic media.

Mr.George Walker Bush must be a happy man nowadays. Let him enjoy the coming days too for bringing the situation to such a pass.            

Friday, March 7, 2014


With Hassan Rouhani assuming power in Iran, of course with the blessings of Iran’s Supreme Head Ayatollah Ali Khameini, none was sure that Iran-US relationship would undergo a sea-change within a short period. Even US must have felt that the policy followed by Mr.Rouhani’s predecessor Mahmood Ahmedi Nejad who was a bitter critic of US would go on unchanged on the issue of nuclear enrichment. Contrary to US’s calculations, Mr.Rouhani, known world-wide as a moderate leader, wanted to establish warm and cordial relations with US and with that purpose in mind, he got in touch with US President Barack Obama over phone and made known his desire to discuss and debate the issue of scaling down Nuclear Enrichment from 20 percent to five percent. A visibly delighted Obama agreed to contact him after holding talks with the leaders of Britain, France, Russia and China, all permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany.
And as a first step in the right direction all got together at Geneva and indulged in serious talks with the foreign minister of Iran, Javad Zarif decided to bring down nuclear enrichment from 20% to 5% following which the P5+1 countries decided to lift sanctions partially, imposed on Iran when Mr.Ahmedi Nejad was in the chair. The partial lifting of sanctions was a breather for Iran which badly needed.
Iran agreed for an inspection by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and following which IAEA members flew to Iran and conducted inspections at Iran’s nuclear sites so as to ensure that Iran kept its promise of scaling down nuclear enrichment from 20 percent to five percent and that it was not desirous of entertaining a plan to develop nuclear weapons. Yukio Amano, Chairman, IAEA informed the P5+1 nations about its verifications - upon addressing a Press Conference.
On the sidelines of an IAEA Conference at Vienna, Austrian Capital,Foreign Minister of Iran, Javad Zarif flew to Vienna to hold talks with the five permanent nations plus Germany which began on Wednesday lasting for three days.
The IAEA meeting is being attended by 35 members at Vienna, Austria from Wednesday to Friday.
Fun is that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a visit to United States expressed his concerns of Iran developing nuclear weapons and in the event of Iran developing nuclear bombs Israel is feared to be its first target. Israel still nurses fears about Iran assembling nuclear weapons with the one and only purpose of launching them aiming Israel. Even US or for that matter its allies never nurture that fear or concern as of now.
Israel which is on a perennial conflict with Palestine, the genesis of which dates back to 1948, more than six decades, still considers Palestine its enemy.
Mr.Obama on a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, the other day made his position clear to Netanyahu that Israel should take tough decisions to bury the hatchet between it and Palestine. Mr.Netanyahu, a hawk, retorted in no uncertain terms that seven rounds of talks have already been held and the last round is to be held in April.
In this connection what Mr.Netanyahu had to open his mind was Iran’s plans of developing nuclear weapons. Though other nations take Iran’s assurance for granted, Israel still makes known its fears public. Mr.Netanyahu’s concern is in case Iran evolves into a nuclear power its first target is none other than Israel since Iran shares warm relations with Palestine.

It is everyone’s conviction that the Vienna talks between Iran and P5+1 nations would turn for the better and Iran could very well expect further lifting of sanctions.             

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Before fleeing to Russia, the ousted President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych - who still insists that he is the President of Ukraine - was certain that in the event of the rebels who were bent upon ousting him, Russia under President Vladimir Putin would come to his rescue, stuck to his chair and when the rebellion broke out ordered his forces to suppress it ruthlessly, which consequently claimed the lives of   90 rebels. Though Russia was very much with Mr.Yanukovych, it kept a low profile for a while. The European Union and the US had warned Mr.Yanukovych of the dire consequences in case he was about to take on the rebel forces, they would not wait and watch but would intervene. With the Western nations threatening to force Mr.Yanukovych out of his chair, were getting ready for a bloody battle, Russia too took their warning seriously.
Russian forces under the orders of Mr.Putin, held a massive drill on the other side of the border in preparation for a showdown before entering Crimea, a part of Ukraine as many Russians were present there and in order to keep up their morale, surrounded Crimea.  Mr.Putin who was keeping a low profile suddenly rose to the occasion and in defiance of the threats posed to him by the Western nations, Putin ordered his forces to enter Ukraine in large numbers and keep a vigil.
Putin’s offensive which was quite unexpected made the Western nations to backtrack and their stern warnings of intervention put to rest so as to avoid a war between Russia and them.
The offended Western powers turned defensive gradually and decided to open a diplomatic route and thereby hold a meeting in an atmosphere of camaraderie.
The retreat of Western powers cooled Mr.Putin’s tempers running hot, prompted him to order his forces return to the borders keeping some of them inside Crimea and Kieve, Ukraine’s capital.
An uneasy calm prevails upon Ukraine with the leaders of rebels in the seats of Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk and President Oleksandr Turchynov. Mr.Yanukovych who is safe in Russia recently wrote to Mr.Putin to oust the leaders of the rebels from power and force them to return his chair back. Russia has not responded to his demand so far which does not mean that Mr.Yanukovych has been left in the lurch. His friendship with Mr.Putin is cemented by the help rendered to him by Russia and vice-versa. It is Russia’s desire and determination that the rebel leaders forming an association with the EU community are not allowed under any circumstances.
Ukraine going the way of Western nations are not to the liking of Russia as the former was once an inseparable part of former Soviet Union. What must be up the sleeve of Mr.Putin? Will Yanukovych return to his post ousting the rebel leaders who are on friendly terms with Western powers.
One truth has been certainly taken for granted. Russia won’t ever allow Ukraine be a part of EU community.

The cold war is likely to continue again….     

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


With 16th the General Elections two months from now, a churning process has already begun in the largest democracy ie India. Churning process per se is common with elections getting closer and closer, our nation is infested with a huge number of political chameleons, a species mushrooming across India.
Enemies turn friends, friends turn enemies, many of them fence-sitters who never bother about ideologies, ethics, values and genuine democratic credentials and what all they are after is power and pelf. When the party which gains a larger number of seats is invited by the President inquiring if it is planning to form a govt. the Party which in all probability is inclined to buy time at least one or two weeks to canvas the fence-sitters and for cobbling together the much needed number of seats and parade them before the President and ensure that the coalition do have a majority in the Lok Sabha and the President gets satisfied and waves green signal to form the govt. If the main party single-handedly emerges victorious – it need not run after the fence-sitters and avoid horse-trading to form a govt, a stable government which with the flow of years is turning immaterial and impossible with regional parties mushrooming across the nation. There was a time Indian National Congress could provide stable government from its very inception until the 80’s and it gradually lost its power to form a single party govt. The one and only way left is to approach regional parties to extend a helping hand. These parties are promised plum posts in the govt and are provided huge packages they demand, for the growth and prosperity of their respective States.
These are times of regional chauvinism and they are sure to widen their influence with the approach of each election.
Be it Indian National Congress or Bharatiya Janata Party, both are unlikely to form a govt without the support of regional parties which are bothered about the welfare of their respective States and by aligning with INC or BJP, try to extract maximum from the govt of the day by arm-twisting it. Without bowing down to their demands, a govt can’t run its full course.
Recently the Left Front which do not deviate from their ideologies have brought under its banner Janata Dal (S), AIADMK, Janata Dal (U), Samajwadi Party(SP), Biju Janata Dal (BJD) etc to fight it out in the General Elections by taking great pains. Except Left parties, all other parties, all regional outfits, need not be with the Left Front since what all they aspire for are plum posts in the corridors of power such parties – political chameleons - all of them without an iota of guilt or conscience switch their loyalties, either UPA or NDA, whichever emerge with the large number of seats but are far short of the required 272 + seats.
But for a number of positives our democracy has evolved into an accursed one with the political chameleons ruling the roost in the Indian political scene especially after the elections. This curse is a blot on our democracy and is likely to tarnish the image of the nation among other democratic nations across the world. 
The political churning is in full swing and a clear picture is likely to emerge within two or three months.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014


The Civil war in Syria is likely to last for an indefinite period with the govt forces under Bashar-Al-Asad and Free Syrian Army sticking to their guns. The G1 and G2 meetings held at Geneva having failed with the UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi playing the role of mediator whether a G3 meeting is a possibility, no one knows for sure.
Who is the real culprit or who are the real culprits? Bashar-Al-Asad? The Free Syrian Army? The P5 +1 nations – US, Britain, France, Russia  and China which are endowed with veto power in the UN Security Council or Germany? All of them, I would say. Russia and China having vetoed US sponsored resolutions whenever US planned military intervention in Syria to oust Bashar-Al-Asad from power since US considers Dr.Asad who is ruling Syria like a dictator massacring lakhs of civilians. Russia and China maintaining cordial relationship with Syria cannot even imagine a scenario with US locked in a conflict with Syria. Both Russia and China know, within no time the conflict will develop into a war with Syria with US forces pounding the embattled country.  Both Russia and China provide sophisticated weapons to Syria which the latter often launch against the Free Syrian Army causing loss of lives and destruction across the nation. It has been reported that more than 150000 Syrians, majority of them innocent civilians already massacred and five lakhs of civilians having crossed the border leaving their belongings and seek refuge in the nearby nations and pitch their tents.
While Russia and China provide logistical support and funds to the govt forces, US and Arab League countries especially Saudi Arabia arm the Free Syrian Army with modern weapons to fight it out with Asad’s forces.
Instead of arming Syria and rebel forces by US, Russia and China and take a plunge together to bring back normality across Syria it would have been heartening.
If all P5+1 nations unitedly tread along the path of amity and harmony to prevail upon both the warring factions to declare a ceasefire once and for all and enter into a dialogue and set the terms and conditions in an ambience of friendship and cordiality to end the animosity between the warring factions so as to reach a rapport between them it would have been better.
Syrian govt or rebel forces won’t dare to enter into another clash, if the P5 +1 nations join hands to enforce the terms and conditions with UN playing a prominent role.
Otherwise the Civil war is poised to enter a new phase with rivers of blood flowing across the nation.

US, Russia and China have in fact vested interests or ulterior motives to prolong the war for reasons best known to them. If these dominant nations could play a positive role in ending the civil war which is already on the threshold of fourth year with no sign of ending the conflict one is inclined to squarely blame US, Russia and China, ie the dominant players involved in the war games, the fate and plight of Syria would have been different today and he/she can’t be accused of casting aspersions on Russia and China.                   

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Rev. Jessi Jackson, American Civil Rights Activist who fought along with Dr.Martin Luther King Jr once against the discrimination of African Americans visited India last week. Rev. Jackson flew straight to Kolkata, in commemoration of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, the fire brand freedom-fighter who fought against the colonial regime of Britain. Media-world especially the electronic media caught in the election fever either ignored his visit or didn’t deem fit to cover Dr.Jackson’s visit to India.
On going thru Jackson’s speech majority of Indians would be pleasantly surprised about the ground realities facing the nation.
In the course of his speech he dwelt on the fact that both US and India, the largest democracies though taste freedom, social and economic inequality still stare at the faces of both nations.
He had no qualms to point out that though India is a fast developing nation economic inequality grips the nation with the wealth being cornered by a few and a vast majority still remaining at the bottom line. Jackson did make it amply clear that ‘too few have too many, too many have nothing’.
Rev. Jackson invited the attention of citizens gathered at the function that ‘poverty breeds terrorism and terrorism leads to fear’ among the people the world over. True, poverty breeds terrorism to a large extend but among the terrorists, even highly educated youth too play a prominent role especially those groomed by the hard-core militant outfit Al-Qaeda. They are imparted the message of Islamic Fundamentalism and are brainwashed which prompts them to play havoc across countries massacring hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens by launching sophisticated weapons and suicide bombings.
He talked about various nations which are on good terms with US exporting various items for the growth of US in return for massive investments in those countries. As far as India is concerned it exports ‘brains’ to US by which he meant highly educated Indian youth fully conversant with science and information technology are lured to US by offering lucrative emoluments. America’s tremendous growth in the field of science and technology is driven by the Indian youth.
While talking of India’s fight for freedom against Britain, both Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose chose their own ways to liberate the nation from the colonial powers. While Mahatma Gandhi chose non-violence to force the colonizers flee the country, Subash Chandra Bose chose armed revolution against the British. With both adopting different methods to liberate the nation it was not at all a blood-less revolution. Much blood spilt before India achieved freedom - Rev. Jackson pointed out.
India still has to tread a lengthy road to bring prosperity and social equality. Rev. Jackson like a typical Indian citizen has studiously gone through the stark realities facing India and we must be grateful to him for paying a visit to India and make everyone aware of our duties and responsibilities for the steady growth and prosperity of India.

It is unfortunate that with the nation caught in election fever his message did fail to attract a broad spectrum of audience.