Sunday, September 27, 2015



Work, work, work
he prefers to be always on the wheels.
And he knows how to put
his subordinates to be on the wheels.
Work, work, work
he comes out of the office
late in the night
with his brief-case
walks toward his car
turns the ignition key
starts the car and
speeds past to his flat
miles away.
Work, work, work
obsessesed with work
his wife  receives him
with a gloomy face and tears
welling up in her eyes.
By the time he reaches the house
his children will be fast asleep.
‘Work, work, work -
you have nothing else to ponder about.
Neither about two children nor about
your wife.
You are a stranger to our children
at such an early age’
-she sheds tears.
He cares two hoots to
her tears and complaints.
Work, work, work
he wakes up early in the morning
completes his routine work
have his breakfast
his wife with her sombre face
arranges his tiffin box
and puts it in the brief-case.
Well-dressed, scenting perfume,
he walks toward his car
starts it, drives straight  to his office
and starts the day’s work
before the lenova with his
finger playing music on each letters.
Work, work, work
obsessesed with work.
One day when he
reached the flat late into the night
and to his shock
he found his flat-empty 
and a lady  staying 
in the adjacent flat
handed over the keys to him
saying ‘they are gone’.
Where? When, why
while entering the flat
and switching on the
light he asked himself.
With an empty stock 
his stomach like a furnace

he couldn’t sleep through-out the night. 

Friday, September 25, 2015



Rapes have spread like an epidemic across India. The only difference being that compared to North Indian States, South Indian States are trailing far behind Northern States. Until recently Delhi was the epicentre of rapes.
Now that it has spread to Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar and a number of States.
Delhi turned out to be a rape capital since decades and it was frequently testing the patience of Delhites and continuously so.
Whenever the issue of widespread rapes across Delhi, the unfortunate incident of a gang rape of a physiotherapy student who was studying at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) comes to our mind. The incident in night of December 16, 2012 when she along with her boy friend boarded a bus in which six people, all friends were travelling. It was not in the thick of night, only 9 ‘O’ clock approximately. The girl was brutally raped on the running bus by each one among the culprits. And when the girl resisted with all her might they too turned brutal and violent nearly took her to the brink of death. The wicked rascals after being gratified threw the girl and her boy-friend who was tied up by ropes to a corner of a street.
The whole Delhi came to know  about the shocking incident, every member of each house irrespective of girls, men and women, youth and even children poured out into the streets and went on the rampage, sloganeering demanded those at the helm of affairs to bring the culprits to book and take measures to award them capital punishment and nothing short of that.
They were nabbed in no time and incarcerated. The issue went to the court and after trial, barring a juvenile who was among the culprits - the most ruthless among them were sentenced to death. The No.1 accused one Ram Singh took his life by hanging while he was in the Tihar jail. 
Meanwhile, Government appointed former Chief Justice of India Justice J S Verma to inquire about the prevailing rapes and suggest measures to put an end to this epidemic as early as possible. Justice Verma within a stipulated period submitted his report in which he suggested a long list of stringent measures to be taken in future to put a full stop to the inhuman crimes of rape.
The girl in the story though struggled with death until the last moment had to succumb to her serious injuries in a Singapore hospital. In her memory, the government decided to implement ‘Nirbhaya’ for the safety of women in the society but to no avail. Even in Delhi a number of incidents occurred, most of them gang rapes, and the culprits roam around the streets scot-free. Even on the other day a 9th class student while on her way to her house after attending school was abducted and forcibly pushed into a car drove around the city and was raped by two youths in their early 20’s ruthlessly and left her there. Though a case was filed whether they would be nabbed, no one knows.
One month before two ladies were shot dead by two youths for not withdrawing the cases against two sex-starved men in Uttar Pradesh.
Mulayam Singh, father of UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is always alleged to be by the side of the culprits  wherever such incidents take place. Is he a human being? - the question is better left to the civilians to give an answer.
Such incidents are not confined to a Delhi or a UP but as I have already mentioned it is prevalent across India. Not a single day passes without the incidents of rapes happening somewhere in India.

It is high time the ‘so-called’ responsible rulers rose to the occasion.           

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



It is better not to marry.
It would be better we
enter into live-in-relationship.
No horoscopes, no auspicious moments,
no temples, no churches,
no nuptial knots,
no exchange of wedding rings,
no wedding sarees
no dowry
no reception,
no children.
A time might come
when we get fed up
with living together.
After a ‘golden hand shake’
after exchanging beaming smiles
I and you bid good-bye  
and depart in search of more and more 
greener pastures.
Life itself is a
continuous pursuit of
greener pastures.
Sometimes we might
come across each other,
smile at each other,
shake hands and enquire
about each other’s welfare.
even share bed at a
convenient, comfortable place.
It is better not to marry.
It would be better
we enter into live-in relationship.
After all what is the need

for chaining ourselves? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015



My mind is a sea
sometimes cool, tranquil and quiet.
Sometimes the same
sea boils, roars and turns violent
depending upon my
fluctuating moods.
With the sun rising,
with the landscape peaceful
cool breeze  flows from the sea
which is pleasant during morning times.  
With the sun moving
slowly and gradually to the west 
the sea turns  hot-tempered
and boils under the blazing sun
and roars with rolls of waves
lashing their heads
on the rocks on the shore and retreat.
And return  to the sea-shore
with more vigour, anger and strength.
My mind at times
evolves into a violent sea
when something unpleasant,
inviting wrath gets on my nerves.
True, my mind is a sea or like a sea

it all depends upon my fluctuating moods….

Saturday, September 19, 2015



Colours of memory are different.
They could be black,
white, red, green, yellow,
violet, saffron,, vermillion
-the list is endless.
You and I give
different meanings to
different colours of memory.
They are always subjective.
Colours of memory are like
variety entertainment
displayed by a sprawling garden, 
which do not mean
this life is colourful,
bestowing abundance of
blessings upon you and I 
and for that matter
anyone on the face of earth.
Colours of memory do have
colours of joy, sorrow,
agony and gnawing pain.
Be it day, be it night
colours of memory always

accompany us like our shadows…..   

Thursday, September 17, 2015



Many a time I have seen her
in the metro at different places,
different moments.
Enthralled by her bewitching beauty
an intense desire
overwhelmed me, overtook me
to get in touch with her.
Many a time upon seeing her
our eyes get locked
she would hang her head
without even casting a smile at me.
Many a time I find time to pursue her,
with the intention of
knowing her whereabouts,
where she goes, where she resides,
where she works if she works somewhere,
each time she performs a vanishing act
pushing me to the ditch of disappointment.
Is she a character from a fairy tale,
is she my illusion
sometimes I feel.
Once, when our eyes met
she cast a smile at me,
a captivating, bewitching,
fascinating smile it was
and it was no surprise
that I was elated, rejoiced
and elevated
to an ethereal world.
When I crossed the street,
to have one or two sweet words with her
she hurriedly caught a taxi
and sped away……
Now I feel
whether like me
she too is pursuing me.
Anyhow I am sure
we would meet again in the metro
at different places,
different moments……..


Wednesday, September 16, 2015



A nation is burning
since five years.
Civilians are fireflies
in the war-torn country.
Millions already burnt
millions continue to
plunge  into the towering inferno.
A war-ravaged country,
any war-ravaged country for that matter
is like a convict
being led to the gallows.
Due to sheer luck
millions find escape-route
before turning victims
from frequent explosions and raging fire
and run away for life
leaving all their wealth
and other belongings
jumping the hurdles
built by other nations
facing all odds and pitch tents
fall prey to poverty, famine, diseases,
ultimately finding 
solace in tragic deaths.
Ignoring the precious lives of the people
‘BIG GUNS’ jump into the fray
and while one extends support the war-torn country
another takes up cudgels against the latter
Life of millions are of
no value to those so-called

‘BIG GUNS’……  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015



None has seen a
sea weeping
but, dear friends,
a sea too weeps
like a mother, like a child.    
These days Mediterranean
is continuously weeping.
But she is helpless.
When Aylan Kurdi,
his brother Galib,
such hundreds of Aylan Kurdis,
Galibs and their parents
while fleeing for life by boats
and when a few sink
into her very depths
she weeps
ceaselessly weeps 
continues to weep
since boats continues
to drown with the refugees 
who flee for life to safer countries
some deny permission to
them and chase them away,
while some embrace them 
provide food to them
distribute sweets to them
arrange accommodation for them.
Mediterranean is a 
witness to everything

but incessantly weeps…….

Monday, September 14, 2015



For the last five years,
you were the ruler
and we were the ruled.
While you were in the throne,
we did ensure that
you must be prevented
from enacting legislations
by blocking them
be them good or bad for our citizens.
We were like an irresponsible opposition
and made a mess of everything.
Now it is our turn.
We are the rulers and
you the ruled
for the next five years, if god permits.
We are sure,
you will be determined
to flummox us,
and obstruct us from
enacting several legislations.
Filibuster, in American parlance.
Be it you or us
whoever hold the reins of power
the ultimate sufferers are our citizens.

So be it……

Thursday, September 10, 2015



a young man started
scaling the highest mountain of knowledge.
His one and only
aim was nothing but
conquer that mountain
before others forge ahead of him.
With the passage of years and years
reaching the half-way mark
his store-well of strength,
will and determination
gradually started drying up
which forced him to
abandon his mission
return to the point
from where he began scaling
up the mountain.
Like a rich man turning bankrupt
due to unexpected collapse of his business
the person who dreamt of conquering the
mountain of knowledge
could never fulfil his ambition.
Conquering the highest
mountain remains beyond the approach of each

person on the face of earth…….  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015



Faces and names
we like or detest
refuse to leave us
though we want them
vanish from our memory
which however
disappear from the recesses of our mind
like a few sentences
written over the sand of the sea-shore
are wiped  away by
the surging waves within seconds.
Faces and names
we love, like hate or fear
however are etched on
the walls of memory
in other words
our minds like bloating 
papers absorb them
within split seconds.
Beauty or personal magnetism
are not the criteria
If so,
how come rough,
wicked and wily faces
stick to the walls of our minds.
There are no apparent reasons
to explain why such a
puzzle or could we call it phenomenon
lingers which is subjective

subjective only…….



Elections are round the corner in Bihar. Ruling Janata Dal (United) led by Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav apprehending a defeat in the coming elections took the initiative to form a Grand Alliance taking into account the expediency of the moment. Shedding personal animosities Nitish Kumar (JDU) developed intimate relationship with his former  betenoire Lalu Prasad  Yadav, leader of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) who was Chief Minister of Bihar for fifteen successive years and both invited Mulayam Singh Yadav, leader of Samajwadi Party (SP), Janata Dal (Secular), Indian National Congress, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) of Sharad Pawar which later left the alliance squabbling over the number of seats allotted to it which was followed by the Samajwadi Party (SP) for the same reason.
It was the growing clout of Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar which had prompted these parties to group under one umbrella with a determination to defeat the former at the hustings.
It was a conclusion foretold that the so-called Grand alliance named Janata Parivar would not last long and that which would disintegrate before or after the crucial elections.
It was not ideological affinity which prompted them to gather under one umbrella but casteist politics which played a prominent role. And because of the same reason it is not likely to last, thus believe political observers.
The election of Mulayam Singh Yadav to lead the Alliance from the front was a Himalayan blunder. The man is notorious for swimming with the current, in other words he is the number one fence-sitter or in other words an opportunist among the regional parties in India. Since National Democratic Alliance (NDA) under Narendra Modi of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Yadava parties be it Samajwadi Party (SP) or Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), or Janata Dal (United) (not a Yadav party) which was once in good terms with Bharatiya Janata Party (agreed) these parties since the very beginning are bitter enemies of BJP. Bharatiya Janata Party and parties belonging to the Grand Alliance detest seeing eye to eye.  
Mulayam, the gentle man who was elected unanimously to lead the Grand Alliance didn’t have any qualms to break away from the Alliance for the simple reason that his party was not allotted the number of seats it demanded and it is worth remembering that Samajwadi Party is not a force to reckon with in Bihar.  Anyhow Lalu Prasad Yadav, who incidentally has turned out to be his close relative and Sharad Yadav are compelling Mulayam not to leave the alliance for the sake of keeping the BJP at bay. Whether he is likely to listen to their appeals remains a big question mark.
BJP has in the meanwhile formed a cohesive unit and is sensing victory in the ensuing elections.

Though the Left Front, consisting of Communist party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), Forward Bloc and Revolutionary Socialist Party keeping a distance from both the Janata Parivar and BJP have decided not to jump into the fray but to no avail. They are not even marginal forces in present day Bihar.

Sunday, September 6, 2015



When a train derails
on its way to
a particular destination
or when a nuclear plant explodes
without displaying any sign of a snag
and snatches away the lives of thousands
or when an air-plane 
catches fire midway in the sky
or nose-dives while landing
robs away hundreds of invaluable lives
or when a war or rebellion breaks out
which could last years and years
in the process killing crores and crores
of innocent lives,
man is bound to share the blame
and each one has to atone for it.
But when an
earthquake violently shakes a land
claiming hundreds of thousands of lives
or when a Tsunami unexpectedly 
towers over a country or countries
and sows the seeds of maximum destruction
in terms  of lives of innocents and loss of properties
when nature vents it fury in the form of  
eruption of a volcano throwing out red-hot lava
flowing down a vast area
forcing thousands to flee for life

who is to blame…..?

Saturday, September 5, 2015



Look, the child is sunk
in the sea of deep slumber
face down the sea-shore.
Clad in his glittering,
exquisite red shirt
and tight blue jeans
and black shoes
he might have reached the sea-shore
without informing his elders.
See, he is always fond of 
the vast expanse of the blue sea 
which must have prompted
him to run away to the sea shore from home.
No one knows when he
reached the sea-shore.
One thing is certain
it was hours ago.
Wandering down the sea-shore
for a long time
under the blazing sun
he might have got tired and exhausted.
That might have led
him to fall asleep on the sea-shore
face down on the sand.
‘Aylaan, Aylaan, Aylaan’ -
somebody, perhaps his father or
some other elders from home
was heard calling him in a frightened voice
which was approaching nearer and nearer
from a long distance.
Naughty Aylaan might have
played prank on his elders.
In the meanwhile 
a glum-faced, shocked  
soldier came near him
and saw his  lifeless body.
No gentleman, he hasn’t bid farewell to the world.
He’s sunk in deep, deep, deep sea of slumber.
Sure,  after sleep he will
wake up with a smile in his lips
‘See, I was playing
pranks on all’ – it would be his response to all.

Thursday, September 3, 2015



Driving down a tarred road 
of an unknown village
enjoying the greenery all the way
he came across a board – ‘Drive in Parlour’
with an arrow painting
towards a building a few feet back
which seemed like  beckoning him.
Though a teetotaler since fifteen years
the scent of nostalgia overpowered him,
enveloped him
while recalling the days
he had spent with his close friends 
in several bars and toddy shops
got intoxicated and danced with them
singing aloud.
While on his way
to maturity and subsequent marriage
he decided to put a full-stop
to his wayward life.
But now after fifteen years
on his way through
the unfamiliar, beautiful
landscape of the village
which enthralled him, enchanted him  
a temptation took hold of him
to visit the ‘Drive-in-Parlour’.
his conscience red-flagged him
but the temptation meant temptation
even Jesus had fallen a prey to it
thus wrote Kazantzakis.
He applied the break
and halted it in front of the Parlour.
Cars were parked in the parking space
must be owned by different
visitors to the Parlour and
the watchman led him to a convenient -
place to park his vehicle too.
After coming out
gifting a smile to the watchman
the smell of toddy, fish fry
fried chicken and beef fry….
welcomed him while  even before entering.
And inside he saw his friends
of yester years
who too had pledged to be teetotalers
enjoying merry moments
who were in high spirits
and they, upon seeing him
looked at each other
‘Now that, I am caught with
my pants down
now than they too are caught
with their pants down

let me enjoy the maximum’ – he was talking to himself……. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015



Upon the assumption of power
by an overbearing ruler
barring a few
an inexplicable fear reflects in the eyes
of each citizen.
He remains panic and paranoid each moment
and takes a back foot  
be he a writer, artist
or intellectual.
They can be poets,
novelists, painters or essayists
and for that matter
who pen or sculpt or paint
conveying the message of freedom,
the thirst for freedom.
Those who exhorted us the citizens
to be the torch-bearers of freedom
suddenly withdraw into their shells,
fear gripping them tightly.
The dignity and
greatness of democracy
are put on the back burner
and that
immemorable dictum -
Of the People, For the
People, By the People
the quintessence of   Democracy
is being sucked………….