Thursday, February 28, 2013


Like a tree sheds
its leaves quite often
and new leaves sprout
which is an ongoing 
process, a never-ending
like Sunrise and Sunset.
Tree of life
continuously sheds
the leaves of lives
due to old age, diseases
violence, cold-blooded murder, revolts, rebellion,
accidents, revolution, wars, suicides etal
and new leaves of
life sprout 
that too a never
ending phenomenon.
In short, Tree of
Life continues to play
a frequent game
of Life and Death
which is the sum total of
existence on earth    
which is a cyclical process.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The same old congested city
the same old long-winding street
with crowds like ants pulling
along to and fro
keeping no pattern.
Vehicles roaring past
blaring horns in opposite directions.
Dilapidated, multi-storeyed
buildings on both sides of the street
with broken, grimy walls.
Whenever I had walked
down the street 
(sorry, I have lost count of
the numbers of years
since I last passed along
this street) 
I had experienced the sense of a
pristine city emerged before my mind.
I stopped in front of a
double-storeyed building
old, dilapidated with broken
grimy walls or
stained with dirt
muddy, yellowish tinge.
Climbing up the ladder
I could listen the wooden steps
making a creaking sound.
The steps were always
like that, I reflected.
There were times on
climbing up the wooden ladder
made me feel frightened with its
creaky sound,
my heart-beats pounding incessantly.
I always feared, the ladder
would collapse anytime.
The wooden steps too
were old and ugly,
but the feelings of
fear and heart-beats
like drum beats
vanished gradually.
Now that
after a gap of several years
(sorry I have lost count
of the number of years)
here  I am once again.
I entered the corridor
engulfed in solid thick darkness
and walked cautiously, slowly
to the dinghy room
where both of them
Rahul and Eva lived.
To my surprise and astonishment 
the room which was
always kept alight
with a slice of light spread
outside through the half-closed door
during day time.  
To my shock and astonishment
the door was kept locked
with no light spreading outside.
Still I
dared to knock on
the door two to three times.
On hearing my footsteps
a stranger in the
adjacent room
came out and inquired:
‘Looking for Rahul and Eva’?
‘Yeah, yeah’ – with a
smile I shook my head.
‘Both left the room
two years back.
They’re somewhere in Andheri now.
Don’t know the exact location’ –
I hid my shock and pain behind a veil 
of smile.
Neither did I inquired him
anything nor did I
bid him goodbye.
Through the solidified darkness
I walked cautiously, slowly and walked down
the wooden steps of the ladder
shaking frequently
my mind was quite empty      
 and didn’t think or recall anything
about my friendship with Rahul and Eva
who were close to my heart
for several years
while living in the city.



Close on the heels of French President Francois Hollande’s visit India, it was the turn of David Cameroon, Prime Minister of Britain with a team of English businessmen to India with the intention of improving business and trade relations with India and also for improving bilateral relations and to discuss happenings across the international arena. 
In the case of French President’s visit, it was the first visit with a purpose of bettering bilateral relations between the two nations, besides to give a fresh momentum to the development of Civil-Nuclear relations especially the controversial nuclear plant at Jaitapur at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.
It is interesting to note here that the very mentioning of ‘Civil-Nuclear operation’ is something which our Prime Minister Sardar Man Mohan Singh holds closer to heart. While former Pakistan Prseident (Retd.) General Pervez Musharraf was in power in sleep and while awake used to harp on the subject of ‘core issue’ of Kashmir. Musharraf had to step down making a way for a Democratic govt with his dream of the ‘core issue’ without being fulfilled or materialized. Our Prime Minister while asleep and awake is obsessed with the issue of ‘Civil Nuclear Co-operation’ right from the days of George W Bush, former President of US who cajoled him into signing the Civil-Nuclear Agreement. Much water flowed down the Ganges since then but the ‘core issue of Civil-Nuclear Co-operation’ opens its eyes whenever a President or Prime Minister of a developed nation pays a visit to India or whenever Dr.Singh embarking on his foreign jaunts, be it to Russia, US, France or Britain and for that matter any developed countries.
Though several matters concerning both nations as well as matters like the Afghanistan or the ongoing Civil war in Syria, which within a span of two years, has claimed the about eighty thousand lives with no solution in sight. The Arab Spring turning sour, the perennial issue of Israel-Palestine conflict and cardinal issue of global down turn of European and US economics etal.
The burning problem of the installation Jaitapur Nuclear plant has hit a road block with the civilians in the area especially the fishermen community strongly protesting and with the local men already determined to stop the work of the proposed plant at any cost since they are very well aware of the dire consequences in case the nuclear power plant turns to another Fukushima or Chernobyl in future as they know the tragedies awaiting them and the gen-next for a prolonged period. The untiring efforts of both Maharashtra govt and the Central govt to lure the poor citizens with huge compensation running into lakhs of rupees for the peaceful installation of nuclear power plant haven’t succeeded yet. The local community especially the fishermen community who constitute majority of settlers in Ratnagiri and adjacent areas have made it amply clear that they won’t fall for lakhs and crores as compensation and what is most important as far as they are concerned are their land nothing but their land.
It seems the Jaitapur nuclear plant is poised to have a peaceful death with the local community standing firm. And if the govts of both State and Centre are thinking in terms applying force to grab the peoples’ land and try to evacuate them forcibly, entire Ratnagiri will turn red with the blood of local inhabitants.
Writing about the visit French President and the core dream of Jaitapur nuclear plant the visit off David Cameroon, Prime Minister of Britain has been relegated to the back ground.
Mr.Cameroon and his entourage flew into India as already mentioned- the improvement of business and trade-relations. It is his second visit to India as Prime Minister of Britain. Besides improving business and trade relations, bilateral relations and developments in the international arena naturally became hot topics. India’s apprehensions after the withdrawal of coalition forces from Afghanistan was brought to his attention by Prime Minister ManMohan Singh. Cameroon gave an assurance to Dr.Singh that India need not be concerned in the event of withdrawal of coalition forces by 2014. A minority of coalition forces will be there to extend training to Afghan forces and that both would provide security to the Indian nationals settling in Afghanistan who are enagaged in the infrastructure development of the war-ravaged country.
Britain’s not so warm relations with Pakistan is looked upon with satisfaction by the Indian rulers. Further more, Britain’s stand of not interfering on the ‘core-issue’ of Kashmir, as the latter is an issue which needs to be settled by both India and Pakistan holding talks ie. no third party intervention is warranted on the controversial issue. Besides Cameroon demanded Pakistan to rein in the terrorist elements who have become a pain in the neck of India and he noted the internal security in Pakistan being endangered by the militant elements resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians in that country frequently.
Britain, as we are aware is not in good term with European Union, due to the consistent pressures EU exert on Britain especially matters related to economy. That must have prompted him to look towards Asian countries by improving relations with Asian countries.
Immigration policies across Europe being a hot subject recently with protectionist policies coming to the fore and as a consequence many immigrants from various countries in developed European nations are forced to return to their native countries. Indian diaspora too have been made to suffer due to the immigration policies getting harsher.
In the course of his talks our Prime Minister reportedly apprised of the concern of the Indian immigrants facing the strict migration policies and in response Mr.Cameroon tried to mollify Dr.Singh’s concern by making it clear that Indian immigrants especially students are always welcome to Britain and if, upon completion of their studies are free to take up assignments in his country. His assurances were music to the ears of Dr.Singh. There were reports that about 24 percentage of shortage of Indian students and that Cameroon had raised concerns over this problem.
The visit of two celebrities Francois Hollande and David Cameroon have held out promises of bettering relations with France and England, to put it mildly.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Witnessing a thaw in 
the bitter relations between the two neigbhbours,
witnessing the boundary lines demarcating
them getting blurred,
witnessing the fences from one
end to the other end being removed,
with great enthusiasms after a long spell
witnessing the swift flow of rivers of citizens
-          among them, relatives, friends, students, children
siblings, celebrities,  sports men and artists
to be precise
witnessing a swift and smooth flow of
peace-loving ones 
mingling with one another
each one embracing each
without any hindrances
a never-ending flow,
without any dark clouds
looming in the horizon.
He saw
a clear, cloudless, blue sky up above
for the first time since
the rivalry and fissures
developed between both
decades before.
The ambience of
love, camaraderie and harmony
engulfing everyone
both getting
dissolved and evolving in to a single river.
Everything he witnessed with
excitement, pleasure and
sitting on the sidelines.
The stream of pleasure
excitement and ecstasy came
to an abrupt end
with his wife awakening him
with a cup of black-tea
early in the morning.
The realization that
what all he witnessed was
a dream, a long-cherished dream
unfulfilled without bearing
fruits and cute, colourful flowers in this sprawling garden of
love and bonhomie……
He could hear a chain of ear-splitting explosions reverberating
across the land.


Monday, February 25, 2013


Like Gods or Godesses
adorned with beautiful garlands
and gold ornaments with
halos around them
kings or queens attired
in exquisite scintillating
and twinkling costumes
with crowns of gold studded
with sparkling gems
police officers in
khaki or thieves,
robbers or thugs
billionaires leading pompous lives
in palatial buildings
or beggars clad in torn
and grimy dresses with
begging bowls in hands
beseeching the unfamiliar
pedestrians or
commuters in the compartments
of long distance trains,
or locals or buses 
in front of temples, churches and mosques
and for that matter any
roles under the sun
sometimes even beyond the sun
ranging from heros, heroines,
villains or comedians
leading the audience
to worship, respect, fear, laugh
and even hate
everything depends
upon the roles we enact
as per the directions of directors.
Still we hate to believe
in the theory that
we are being controlled by
like slaves being
controlled and treated with punishment by kings or dictators
like whip-lashes, hanging
or being stoned to death.
It is our choice to
take up roles we like
none dares to slap his/her commands
or force us to do
something we don’t like.
Like every human being.
we too are human beings
choosing a career
or profession we like
to earn a living.
In the reel life
each could be anyone but
in the real life we
too are ordinary
mortals like any other
human beings
we are sometimes Gods or Godesses
kings or queens and their
worshippers or subjects
billionaires or beggars
thieves, thugs or robbers
and sometimes as villains

Saturday, February 23, 2013


During my leisure moments
reclining comfortably  in my chair 
I happen
listening to the trains blowing -
the conch shells far-away
it is sort of mild musical
waves flowing to me from afar
that much distance there between the
trains and me
which chugging along
either to the South or to the north
either to the east or to the west.
During those moments
it is my pleasure to
think about some possibilities in life
among the travellers
at least  one or two familiar faces
might be there in any of the compartments
sometimes singular
sometimes plural.
My imagination develops wings
and  like a bird flapping wings 
my memories fly back to the 
happier days,  
when I too was a regular commuter
in my younger days.
Those were times
when I had
several friends
and relatives
commuting with me.
Now that 
I am far, far away from
them a feeling of being
left alone haunts me.
Like the frequently changing scenes
in a poem portrayed in celluloid
those faces appear
before my mind
renew the camaraderie
I once had with them.
Sometimes, while
travelling through my land
those familiar faces
might be, must be recalling me
sometimes, yes sometimes
thus I wish, thus I hope
it is after all a pleasure and pain
at the same time.   

Friday, February 22, 2013


It was drizzling
but the sky was not
Moon was peeping through
the window curtains.
Listening to the music
of the drizzle  
with her heart thumping with 
joy and excitement
impatience overpowered her to go
out and get a bit drenched by the  rain drops.
“Look, it is drizzling,
let’s go out and
enjoy the rain drops
touch us after a long  
spell of summer’ –  she whispered
in his ear sweetly.
‘Gone mad?
To get out of the room and
dance  in the
drizzle at these late hours?’-
he frowned upon her
muttering something
in a rough mood
she fell silent and sad.
She was
recollecting the
spring season in their
life when they were
two love - birds.
During those days
with the approach of evenings
both love-birds
after their office times
met at Wheelers’
at Church gate station
-          their evening rendezvous.
After sharing tea at
hotel Salkar
they used to catch taxis
and after getting down
both walking hand in hand
moved to the city’s
beautiful circular garden
their everyday resting point
and spent time
till darkness envelopes the city
and with the sodium vapour lamps
spreading their yellow lights.  
Sitting on the grass carpet in the garden
under a gulmohar with
thousands of bright and pretty red flowers
resembling shining jewels.
They did have many things
to talk about. Laugh about, think about the
future days with him resting
his head on her lap
oblivious of the vehicles
and crowd circumbulating
the circular garden.
Sometimes in the course
of whispering sweet nothings
it drizzled and both with excitement
and exhilaration
got drenched.
Embracing eachother
planting kisses on
each others cheeks
she recalled
what all he said
when he noticed
rain drops falling
on her forehead
and rosy cheeks.
‘The rain-drops makes
you more pretty,
prettier than a reality,
an angel – rain drops,
looking like diamonds.’
She used to get
embarrassed while he
showered praises on
her beauty and experienced  
immense delight beyond words.
Later with he
tying the nuptial knot
around her
and they undertook
tours to tourist resorts
as part of their honeymoon
both got drunk with the beautiful sights of
well-known monuments and pretty landscapes.
It took long to
come down to reality
with both of them
beginning to learn the
art of living and
with the flow of the
river of time
the love and
harmony between them
began to  lose its rhythm
slowly very slowly
and the distance between
them got wider and wider.
They became two parallel lines
in the course of
flowing river of time.
Listening to the music of drizzling
she got up and
walked towards the
parted the curtains
and glanced at the rain drops
touching the earth
in the moon-light. 
he had started
She felt kind of
hatred towards the
man who once had
all love and praises for her.
Like the rain drops
drops of tears
filled both corners of her eyes.           


Arab spring had its genesis in Tunisia, the North African Country in the year 2010. The widely acclaimed ‘jasmine revolution’ by which name the revolution is widely known across the world brought cheers to not only the Tunisians but the entire democracy loving nations across the world. Jasmine revolution which was a revolt against the autocratic government under the leadership of Zine-Al-Abidine-Ben Ali which lasted for a few months was made possible by the moral support extended by democratic nations across the world and the wide-spread publicity through social networking sites but the ultimate credit goes to the determination and courage shown by majority of Tunisians themselves.
As a result of the revolution the then autocratic Tunisian President Zine-Al-Abidin-Ben Ali’s, government was overthrown and a new dispensation had taken over. Soon as promised by the new dispensation a general election was declared and contrary to the expectations of many, the Islamic Alliance snatched power. Yet the hopes of majority remained high and they dreamt of new dawn and their discontents and disillusionments over the large-scale unemployment, widespread poverty, massive corruption, sky- rocketing prices of essential food items etc etc would be resolved soon. Their hopes and dreams were short-lived as the Islamist government in power was lukewarm in their approach towards burning problems staring at the masses.  With the ire and anger brewing again among the masses another rebellion was about to break out. In the meanwhile, the Tunisian Communist Party leader Shokri Belaid was assassinated supposedly by the allies of Islamist Government. The assassinated Communist leader was in the forefront of the jasmine revolution and was widely loved and respected by the Tunisians. The Islamist govt of Tunisia must have seen him as a potential threat to its irresponsible governance and that reason alone must have been the reason behind his assassination. Now that as a consequence of the Communist leader’s assassination it is reported that the Tunisian cities are once again on the war path. 
The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia served as a catalyst in other autocratic nations like Egypt, Libya, Yemen and even the gulf countries where autocracy prevail.
If in Tunisia it was almost a bloody revolution in Egypt where Hosni Mubarak was ruling like a dictator since more than three decades with an iron-fist suppressing all the movements against his government and was leading an ostentatious life along with his family. Drawing inspiration from Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia about which the Egyptians learnt thru media and social networking sites, the majority of Egyptians seething with anger and raging fury against the large-scale poverty, widespread unemployment, women enslavement, alarming corruption and bribery and suppression of freedom movements decided to gird up their loins and fight against the authoritarian President who had by their time amassed billions  of dollars and deposited in foreign Banks till they scent victory. It was a fight against decades, long dictatorship of an arrogant ruler and their one and only goal was establishing a democratic govt which could take care of their needs favorably.
At the Tahrir Square, lakhs of Egyptians gathered and shouted slogans against Mubarak govt and demanded his immediate abdication of power. An arrogant Mubarak defied their demands and took the decision to suppress the rebellion with the help of his police and military. The more the suppression which turned a bloody rebellion with hundreds and hundreds of rebels gunned down by the authoritarian forces, the more determined were they to fight against the govt till Mubarak was ousted from power. At last the rebellion which lasted for months with thousands and thousands fell to the bullets, grenades and even bombs. At last the dictator had to flee from the scene and but was caught and incarcerated. The man was until recently facing trial for the misdeeds and it is foregone conclusion that Hosni Mubarak is doomed forever.
Celebrations by the Egyptians went on for days and it took a long time for the dust of euphoria to settle down.
A temporary government was installed in the saddle to pave the way for a free and fair general election in order to form a democratic Egypt.
Accordingly, a general election was held under the supervision of the govt led by the army and with the connivance of army controlled govt, Muslim Brotherhood under Mohammed Morsi came to power.
Thought the army was supportive of Mohammed Morsi govt, his first step was clip the wings of the army.
From the very outset Mohammed Morsi, the incumbent President displayed dictatorial tendencies which was/is not to the liking of the Egyptian citizens. If Morsi , to follow in the footsteps of Hosni Mubarak his fate also will not be different. 
In Egypt too the Arab Spring has turned to Arab Summer.
Libya where the strong leader Muammar Qaddafi was for ruling since four decades along with his family members were ruling the roost with an iron-hand too fell a prey to the Jasmine Revolution. The frustrated and indignant Libyans who drew inspiration from Jasmine revolution rose in revolt against the dictatorial govt of the Muammar Qaddafi which the so-called Libyan strong man took lightly. He was that much confident that with the loyal military by his side, the revolt of the rebels would fizzle out in the end. His over confidence and complacency led to his ouster in the end.
Military with all its might armed with sophisticated weapons gunned down the civilians in thousands yet they didn’t lose hope but with more optimism were determined to oust Qaddafi at any cost. While thousands and thousands were cold-bloodedly massacred, UN passed a resolution authorizing NATO forces to intervene in Libya to put an end to the large-scale massacre of civilians. With NATO forces emerging on the scene the rebels with much more confidence, courage and determination faced enemy forces and NATO forces too played their roles and joined the rebels in fighting against the Libyan forces.
The emergence of NATO forces and their active participation shook the throne of Muammar Qaddafi violently and his loyal Ministers and military leaders deserted him one by one and sought asylum abroad. Qaddafi’s fall was imminent, his wives fled to Niger and two sons murdered and one of his sons while fleeing for life was nabbed by the rebels.
Qaddafi ran for life and tried to hide at several places and at last fished out from a tunnel by the rebels dragged him down the streets, tortured and at last gunned down.
Libyans too celebrated the fall of the infamous dictator for days and the euphoria lasted for weeks.
A new dispensation occupied power but it couldn’t fulfil the hopes and dreams of Libyans as terrorist forces had sneaked into Libya in large numbers who rampaged the nation leading the country into anarchy. US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his two or three sub-ordinates had to face the wrath of the militants and consequently Mr.Evans and his sub-ordinates had to fall prey to their wicked attacks which literally shocked the Americans. Libya is a nation with more than three hundred ethnic communities among them there were dissensions and they came about in the open later and played havoc across the country.
Arab Spring had to clear the way for an Arab Summer in Libya too.
In Yemen too the fragrance of jasmine reached and Yemenese too came out into the open and rebelled against the dictator Ali-Abdullah Saleh. The rebellion lasted for months and at last Saleh had to abdicate the power clearing way for a new govt. Nothing new has come out from Yemen so far. Whether Arab Spring would turn to Arab Summer there too? No idea.
Syria, since 2 years is in the throes of a bloody revolution with Bashar Al Assad govt on the one side and rebels, on the other side. Even at this time of writing this a bloody revolution is going on with more than 80,000 people already dead.    

Thursday, February 21, 2013


There were moments galore
in her life
whenever he was by her side.
Like a protective covering
she used to recall a
giant banyan tree
in front of her street-side house
on the other side of the street.
The banyan tree,
a large green umbrella
provided shade to
lots of pedestrians and villagers alike
who in the course of a tedious journey
used to take rest in the shade of the umbrella
to escape from the searing sun raining fire from above.
It was her hobby, watching them
through the window sills
right from her childhood, teens
and a part of her youth
thinking over the great relief
provided to them
by the mammoth umbrella.
Lying by his side in the thick of nights
she lay sleepless, while he got drowned
in deep slumber, recalling the picture of the
giant green umbrella
far away in her native village
did reflect in the mirror of her mind frequently
which is a museum of
bountiful memories.
The feelings of love, care
and protection provided
by him overwhelmed her
with joy and like a dancing
enchantress enthralling a large audience
she lay rejoiced with her hand around him.  
Now that he is
far, far away from her
she feels like a
lady left alone in a desert
under the burning sun.
And though the giant
umbrella - the banyan
tree which stood with its head held high
with pride and delight
already disappeared
from in front of her street-side home
which was uprooted
in the name of infrastructure development in later years
which she happened to
learn from the letters reaching
her from her siblings
once in a while.
The picture of the banyan
tree still appears before her
like an uninvited guest
making her weep like a baby
in her moments of solitude.
He, the banyan tree
of her life once
who provided her love,
care and protective covering
often appears in her dreams
and consoles her
with a beaming smile:
‘I am with
you. Don’t worry ,dear’.
The dreams always makes her
cry with tears pouring
down her cheeks….      

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Time – ten minutes to 11 pm
city, slowly lapsing into 
but for the occasional
hooting and tooting of
vehicles speeding down the street.
Basking in the glory of starry, moonlit light
bathing in the street lights
the street lay like an elongated snake.
Shops by the
sides of the street,
had started downing shutters.
A few already shut
after hectic business
throughout the day.
The fruit juice vendor
too was about to close
his shop for the day.
Suddenly as if like
a bolt from the blue
a girl driving a kinetic Honda
appeared on the scene.
The Honda
screeched to a halt
 in front of the shop.
Clad in a dark -  blue suit
parked the vehicle on
the street side
stepped down
walked to the shop
ordered a fruit juice and
looked around.
She espied
the presence of four to
five youths in jeans and T-shirts resembling
cowboys watching her
in the premises of the shop.
She could overhear them
passing lewed comments.
Cool and calm she was
like a lake.
She pretended to be
oblivious of their obscene comments
and heard earful of their obscene comments
yet, she cared not
and enjoyed the fruit juice
without any sign of
fear or apprehension.
Cool and calm
she stood non-chalantly
sipping the sweet juice.
Mistaking her silence
for fear and submission  
they moved closer to her
and enquired her whereabouts.
Silence was her response.
In the meanwhile
one among them dared
to touch her shoulder and
each of them began stalking her.
They mistook
her silence for consent
and each one
started pressing her body with force.
With the hepless vendor
looking on aghast
like  a mute spectator.
He couldn’t ask the youths to leave her alone .
In split-seconds
losing her cool
she evolved into a
ferocious tigress
clenching her teeth,
clenching her fists
hit, kicked, punctured
and reduced each one into
a heap of pulp and
forced them to flee from
the scene for cover.
With a cool and calm face
like the calm and cool lake
she returned to the shop
made the payment
bid bye to the vendor
gifting him a smile.
The vendor was
virtually speechless and
like a statue he stood.
She walked towards her Kinetic Honda
and turned the ignition key
sped along the street
humming a tune….  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Congress President Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul Gandhi who was recently consecrated as the Vice-President of the Party, whenever they get a chance to speak about Prime Minister Sardar ManMohan Singh they do have thousand tongues and the enthusiasm to extoll his virtues as one of the best Prime Minister of India. Both Sonia and Rahul despite being the top of leaders of the Grand Old Party, ie the so- called Indian National Congress are reluctant to take up any ministerial post including Prime Ministership since both are aware of their limitations. In order to camoflague their limitations they have discovered a short-cu ie.t, by canvassing the most loyal ones to take up various prestigious positions in the party. Knowing this psychology of the Nehru-Gandhi clan, a number of sycophants have flocked around them each one competing with the other in drawing the attention of Sonia and her family members Rahul, Priyanka and even Robert Vadra, Priyanka’s better-half. These sycophants even go to the extent of prostrating before them t please them and thus to grab plump posts in the party and the Government.
Soon after the 2004 general elections to the pleasant surprise of party emerging as the single largest party in Parliament, President following the precedence invited the Supreme leader of Congress Party. Mrs Sonia Gandhi whether her party was interested in forming a Government. A delighted but confuse,d Sonia with an aim to to stop the emergence of NDA alliance to come to the front, on a war-footing cobbled together an alliance with the active support of many anti-BJP parties including the Left front which also had cornered almost 61 members, in the history of the Left Front it was a massive total. With the then Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist), Comrade Harkishen Singh Surjit who played the kingmaker to help the Congress and its allies to form a government. The alliance was named UPA (United Progressive Alliance) and the Left Front decided to extend support from outside. .
Due to the large-scale protests by BJP leaders against Sonia Gandhi occupying Prime Ministerial post, the reason being she is a foreign product and she being already reluctant to hold the prestigious post, Sonia had to face a herculean task of finding a loyal personality, the face of Sardar ManMohan Singh appeared before her who was more loyal than the King. She entrusted him to take up the mantle. Dr.ManMohan Singh an Oxford product and also was the Finance Minister of the P.V.Narasimha Rao government to be the apt person to hold the post of Prime Minister.
Under the Narasimha Rao govt, ManMohan Singh, in his capacity as the finance Minister in the Rao govt had stolen the limelight as the one who did away with the socialist economic policies followed by the previous governments and initiated liberal economic reforms with the intention of attracting Foreign Direct Investment, most of them Multinationals to open shops across India by deregulating the economy. In the capacity of Finance Minister and with the total support of P.V.Narasimha Rao (some are of the opinion that the credit (discredit?) goes to Mr.Rao for initiating neo-liberal reforms by providing  a favourable climate to foreign investors to put up shops in the country.  License Raj was abolished and govt controsl were brought to the minimum.
Sensing the enormous potential of large-scale investments in India, the multinationals were in a hurry to invest in the country.
In this connection it is worthwhile to recall the speech of ManMohan Singh just before presenting  his first budget before the members of Parliament in1991, the need to initiate neo-liberal economic measures doing away with economic policies followed by the former govts, he spoke passionately about the plight of the lower strata of the society including the farmers who constitute 60% of population and millions and millions of poor and lower middle class. Large-scale poverty, malnutrition, lack f better health care facilities, women’s plight, large-scale unemployment, lack of sanitation facilities  lack of education facilities and the sad plight of those millions who don’t have roofs over their heads.
The erudite scholar and economist in him saw neo-liberal measures as the panacea for the overall betterment of Indian society. Through neo-liberal reforms he dreamt of a high growth trajectory which would improve our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and with the GDP at its highest foresaw vast improvement of the economy which would lead to a trickle down effect that could naturally raise the standard of living of the poor. In other words ‘inclusive growth’ which he still continues to harp on.
Now that eight years have elapsed and the result we witnessed and still witnessing is a the corporates growing exponentially cornering a huge chunk of benefits with the blessings of the govt and about 70% still suffering from poverty, large-scale unemployment, malnutrition, women enslavement, lack of sanitation facilities, lack of education facilities, lack of pure drinking water, the gigantic problem of millions without covers of their heads. Whither went his ‘inclusive growth’? Whither went his ‘trickle down’ effect? He won’t have answer.
After all,  what all India witnessed and still witnessing are scams and scandals, corruption at its peak involving lakhs of crores of rupees draining the exchequer.Sky-rocketing price rise of essential commodities. The 2G Spectrum scandal involving Rs. 1.76 lakh crores of rupees, coal-gate scam involving 1.85 lakh crores, Common Wealth Games, scam involving Rs.70000 crores, Adarsh Housing Scam -amount involved is alarming and several other scams and scandals. Besides these, the law and order problems at its worst, women and girls always under the threat of gang-rape especially in the capital city where rapes are occurring day by day (the rape Capital in the world). With about 10 percent billionaires and remaining 90%  struggling against odds finding it difficult to make both their ends meet.
Still Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi harping on the ‘enormous growth the nation has achieved and eulogizes the Prime Minister - the weakest PM India has witnessed. Loyalty always pays…..


In this fast-paced world
patience is not a virtue
instead a burden to
city dwellers like us.
Instead, impatience is the hallmark of our times.  
In order to catch up
with the speeding local
train of life
one his to be impatient and ruthless.
Like fire-flies, citizens are getting attracted to
getting attracted to huge fire flames
and in the process
dedicate their lives to
the fire-god.
In a mad hurry to
rush into the over-crowded
local trains
forgetting the trials and
tribulations of other ones
struggling to throw
themselves into the train
within seconds of it
leaving to the station
we must be faceless, heartless
and soulless to find our space
in the congested
trains of the city.
In a dehumanized
world like this
we can’t make way for others
we can’t  becompassionate and humane.
Each for himself, or herself
is the philosophy ruling each 
is the philosophy of our time.
To have a taste of leisure
we do have to   
reach our little dinghy nests
elsewhere in the suburbs.
After a hectic and
tiresome journey in a
crowded local train
we reach our nests
in the thick of night.
Witnessing on a daily basis
the commuters as well
as the ones who cross
the tracks in a mad hurry
to reach the other side
being caught between
the rails or run over
by speeding trains. 
We are immune to
the tragic scene e of mangled bodies
and get along with our
lives with frozen minds.
We the ones who providentially
escape the tragic fate,
with uncertainties of  life
not even bothering us, 
to be frank, we don’t even
get the time to ponder over our
Life in this cosmopolitan
city to us is colourless,
meaningless, odourless, brittle and
ductile ..
and we have learnt to
live with it….    

Monday, February 18, 2013


Moments aplenty in
her life when she mulls
differently about the
same subject at different
The moment the glass house of her love-affair
collapsed into smtihreens
when her beloved lover
left her in the lurch
the needling pain of
unrequited love made her bleed.
She thought of her fate, her destiny
shaped already by
an unknown force
and sought solace by whispering to herself with a deep sigh:
‘this is my fate, this is my lot’.  
She decided not to have
any affair with anyone
in future.
The moment a newcomer entered her life
who was all love and care for her
she began to think 
every happening in everyone’s
life is quite accidental
and lost faith in destiny
being shaped already by an unknown power.
Moments there were
when she was left
alone in her shell and
whenever she reflected on  
the definition of life
she found it a jig-saw puzzle
otherwise, a mystery and a Gordian knot.
Her memories being ephemeral
she could and can think differently
about the same subject
at different times.
It is a blessing bestowed
upon her by the unknown power
which she hated once, but loves and believes in it  now.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


With the approach of
the twilight of sun in the western horizon
 in his ochre robe taking a
dip in the sea.  
Marine Drive
the Necklace of Mumbai
was turning to a glowing beauty
enchanting and enthralling.
A lover gone mad with joy
at the sight of her lover
-          the blue-starry sky above
she was in a
delightful, inebriating mood
with the waves flowing
in  a hurry embracing
and caressing the seashore
playing hide and seek games.
Witnessing the enchantress rejoicing
at the sight of her lover
the star-lit, moon-lit azure sky
we the regular evening visitors
at Marine Drive
were enjoying the
love scenes of the  scintillating
glowing sky and the sparkling enchantress,
we felt like he was beckoning his
eternal lover to him.
Sitting on the sea-shore
with the sparkling waves frequently kissing our feet
many of us were on the sea-shore.
Love-birds, couples
men and women alike
were in a joyous mood.
All of a sudden
a sensation overwhelmed us.
The enchanting beauty and
the sparkling city around us
were going up, up and up
like the men and women
in an elevator
being lifted up, up and up above.
Embarrassed, amazed and 
aghast we did have a feeling like
moving up, up, and up above
along with the dancing,
rejoicing, enchantress
being lifted up, up and
up towards the
glowing stars and shining moon.
We shed our fear,  
 Amazement, astonishment
and replaced with enthusiasm
delight and curiosity
were moving closer to
the scintillating heaven up above.
All in a fit of 
delight and exhilaration
touched the stars and
exchanged thousand kisses
and sweet whispers
in the blinding light.
Now, after that
immemorable experience
touching and kissing the sky
we asked ourselves
whether we were being elevated to the sky
or whether the sky
was coming towards us
us to exchange warm
kisses and sweet whispers
we are still in a wonderland feeling.  
Everything seemed
like an enigma,
enigma, enigma…………………….         

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Before plunging into
the quagmire of politics
the Supremo demanded
his invaluable
and long-cherished jewels
of truth, virtues, principles
and integrity to be pawned.
After much hesitation
he shed his
invaluable jewels
one by one and offered them
before the Supremo.
In return a pleased Supremo
gifted him a book
of lies, corruption, loyalty,
hypocrisy and the
most expensive 
jewel of  a mask  and taught him
art of hotly presenting and driving home
his arguments to the media personnel.
Being a pastmaster in the art of
speaking fluently like a swiftly flowing river,
being blessed with
a baritone voice,
Supremo was all
praises for him.
He spent a fixed period
as a probationer
and got the
order of permanent
appointment in the
party in which
he had to perform
his roles to the satisfaction of
the Supremo and other leaders
as and when required
So what?
In return for his
valuable jewels
of truth, principles
integrity and honesty
he is not at all
a non-entity
unknown to others
till recently.
But an entity
respected and worshipped
by lakhs of followers.
Having attained all
the materialistic pleasures
a life of pomp and pageantry
an ostentatious living
endowed with the power
to take on anyone
he is a pleased man now.
in his lonely moments
a vacuum engulfs him
sort ‘Inheritance of Loss’
so what?                        


While witnessing a hot debate on the hot topic of Capital Punishment participated by celebrities from various walks of life on a national TV channel about one or two months back in the back drop of the hanging of Ajmal Kasab, one of the ten assassins who alone was caught alive by the security personnel in connection with the 26/11 massacre in Mumbai there were divergent opinions from the participants for and against awarding of Capital Punishment. The subject of debate itself was – whether Capital Punishment be abolished or not. While a few vigorously advocated for the practice of Capital Punishment to stay, a few others strongly argued that capital punishment be done away with once and for all from the statute book. Even certain Congress leaders like former Minister, seasoned diplomat and Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Mani Sankar Iyer spoke against the barbarian practice of capital punishment and he took the opportunity to point out the fact that around 150 nations across the world have already done away with the practice of capital punishment deeming it as a despicable and deplorable practice in modern times. More and more nations are mulling the pros and cons of withdrawing capital punishment from their statue books in the changed circumstances, he noted.
While human rights activists and a few politicians vehemently opposed the application of this uncivilized barbarian practice of taking away a convict’s life and instead argued for commuting the death sentence to life-long imprisonment depending upon the intensity of the crime he or she is charged with.
It was something unbearable and intolerable for a few who vigorously demanded that the practice of capital punishment should stay in our constitution. A lady who is the leader of rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party, who is incidentally a Supreme Court lawyer, insisted for the perpetuation of death sentence in true letter and spirit. In this connection she didn’t hesitate to point out that USA which is the most developed and civilized country in the world still maintains the practice of awarding death sentences to the convicts.
Ina sharp rejoineder one of the participants in a mocking tome contested the lady’s contention that the most developed country in the world that is USA is still an uncivilized nation. He charged US with bombarding to death millions and millions of innocent people and pointed out instances like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. The lady didn’t have any weapon in her arsenal to take on him, she stuck to her stand that death penalty should not be taken away from our statute book. The name of Afzal Guru who has since been hanged came up during the debate and there was a ‘big fight’ for and against Afzal Guru’s death penalty. Afzal Guru, the alleged conspirator in December 13, 2001 Parliament attack has since been led to his gallows after the President rejected his mercy plea. Those who argued for commuting his death sentence citing benefit of doubt recalled that he was allegedly not given an efficient legal representation. Be that as it may, the man is no more, but the relevant question of whether the death penalty be abolished or not in our country.
Former President of India Mrs Prathibha Patil was learnt to have commuted 35 death sentences to life-imprisonment . She didn’t reject any mercy petition that came her way while enconsced in the chair of President of India. For her kind gesture towards the convicts I think she will be remembered with respect by the ones who escaped gallows.   Her term is already over and new person has taken charge and he has within a span of three months rejected the mercy petitions of two convicts and both sent to gallows in utter secrecy by the govt of India, it is alleged.  Afzal  Guru who hailed from Kashmir was not  even given a last minute opportunity to meet his wife Tabassum and their two children by the govt of India, it is reported by the media.. And there was no claimant from Pakistan for the last remains of Ajmal Kasab whose funeral was held in the Yerwada jail premises where was led to his gallows.
On asking why Afzal Guru’s body was buried in the jail premises in utter secrecy, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde reportedly responded to the media that the govt apprehended threats to the law and order situation in Kashmir valley. Anyhow the gentleman’s Ministry had the generosity to intimate the matter to his family through speed post which his family received after everything was over.
It is high time we deeply pondered over the relevance of death penalty in our country in the first half of 21st century, the country which gave birth to Shri Buddha, Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

Friday, February 15, 2013


I often wonder, if there were no pro-active media and social network sites what would have been the outcome of the (infamous) the brutal gang - rape of a 23 year old physiotherapy student by a gang of six persons on a running bus in capital which we call New Delhi. The budget session of the parliament was going on with the members of the ruling UPA alliance and the Opposition engaging in a political jamboree, to be more apt political circuses as usual. Even before the political leaders stealing the show, infuriated, agitated Delhites, flocked the streets of Delhi demanding harsh punishment be meted out to the six thugs involved in the tragic episode. Men, women, youth, students and even children raised their angry protestations at the top of their voices. The entire Delhites came out voluntarily irrespective of any caste, creed or religion and demanded the immediate arrest and incarceration of the gang of six. With the rulers in the corridors of power and other sundry politicians ventured to take up the issue but the entire politicians had to face the wrath of the protesting Delhites. They booed and jeered at the leaders forcing them to depart from the scene.
With each day passing by, our peoples’ faith in politicians is quickly dwindling. Each dawn brings with the reports of scams and scandals – no political party an exception – indulged in by the so-called law makers, so-called protectors of our coveted democratic traditions, values and ethics. The masses losing faith in the political party leaders and even in our cherished democracy and getting cynical is a sad commentary of the state of affairs prevailing in our country.
First came Anna Hazaare with his India Against Corruption movement, then appeared the ‘Godman’ Ramdev demanding immediate confiscation of crores of rupee of money allegedly stashed abroad by the Indian VVIPs including politicians and industrialists and the underworld. Ramdev and Hazaare had to retreat midway pushing the citizens into despair and disillusionment.
Delhi, since  decades are not at all safe for women, incidents of rape and murder breaking out everyday with politicians and law and order machinery allegedly caring two hoots towards the occasional protests and agitations by the disillusioned citizens.  With their patience touching their nadir they turned fretting and fuming volcanoes since years.
The volcanoes broke out one day which was inevitable with reports of the heinous crime of the gang- rape flashing through electronic, print media and social networking sites. The red hot lava of their anger and fury shook the ones who are in the saddle and frightened them and were forced to initiate immediate measures to put an end to the ongoing criminal activities of the anti-social elements who are a minority in any society.
The rulers after facing the heat of the entire Delhites and citizens across the nation are a shaken lot and they will continue to shake with fear and apprehension and are forced to shed complacency. Hats off to those who took part in the One Billion Rising across the world.


It’s a long, straight lane
resembling a black scale.
Tarred, not so wide
not so narrow.
Each side is lined
with residential buildings
adjacent are they
each carrying nuclear families .
Nuclear families occupy
each residence.
Father , mother, two
children - the list ends.
Early in the morning
they leave their residences
driving their cars
with their children
with school bags over their shoulders.
Down the bustling streets
to various places in the city
after dropping their children
in front of their schools.
Employed are the parents
and all return with their
children by late evening
when the twilight sun spreading yellow
shining blankets
covering the lane as a whole.
Neighbours though they are
none cares
the other, exchanges not
even gifting a smile to each other.
Strangers they are
strangers they remain throughout
in the true sense of that term.
All are like nomads
living in their rented houses.
Most surprising and embarrassing
are no house remains vacant even
for a single day.
With one family
vacating the rented building
another occupies it the next moment.
All nuclear families
as usual.
None bids farewell to none
not even the
residence one occupied for
months, a year or two.
With the fall of
silence pervades along
the lane.
But the televisions in all houses
open their eyes
and channel surfing in full
swing going on.
News, music, serials,
all according to the
wishes of the occupiers.
One interesting sight
though is the  name of the lane
-          ‘FRIENDS  LANE’
How come it is
christened ‘FRIENDS LANE’
the name in
white with blue background
 etched on
a short board?
fastened on both sides of the lane.
After all what’s in a name?

Thursday, February 14, 2013


she brought
a fragrant rose flower
and gifted it to me.
In return I held her close to me
locked in an embrace
I felt her honeyed lips
exchanged kisses galore
her wide smiling shining eyes
her radiant looks
chubby cheeks
cherry lips
felt like she was prettier than
the soft petelled
fragrant rose flower.
While returning to my shell
with her invaluable gift
-          the pretty rose flower
it seemed like I was
taking her to my shell.
Love is eternal, I believe.
Hence after a gap of
umpteen years
since our agonizing separation
for  me and also for her
everyday is a Valentine’s day.



After a prolonged
scorching summer of
discontent, disillusionment,
raging fury,
After a prolonged
wait for a new dawn.
After prolonged prayers
to the Rain God.
At last He heeded our prayers.
It rained heavily
it was a heavy down pour
lasting for days
across the land
washing out
the last drops of
blood stains
of innocents and guilty alike
from the whole body of the land
the earth rejoiced  
like a peacock
spreading its wings.
Spring arrived at last
with our jasmine gardens
giving birth to
jasmine flowers
with smiling eyes
the smiling fragrant
jasmine flowers
seemed like the
heralding of a
new dawn, a new spring.
Overwhelmed, overjoyed
we danced around
in circles
for days, for weeks
for months.
Smell of jasmine
flowers transcended the
boundaries of our land
the fragrance
spread with a message 
of the impending Spring season
to our neighbours
intoxicating them
,inebriating, exhilarating them
they all hurried to
the streets and
danced around in circles.
Drawing inspiration, energy
vigour and courage
they fought against the forces of evil.
Forces of evil
had to flee for life or got incarcerated
wherever the fragrance reached.
………………The new Missihas
who were enthroned
contrary to our
hopes expectations and  dreams
appeared in their 
true colours after the euphoria subsided.
They, like the
Frankenstein Monsters
turned against
the masses who
fought along with them
dashing all our
hopes, expectations
and dreams to the ground
like the collapse of a
pack of cards
or breaking 
the castle  of dreams
built of decorated glasses.
Now that
the scorching summer
has returned again
our jasmine flowers
have faded
and are about to wither away soon.
Restless we are
we want our
jasmine flowers back
we want our dreams
come to fruition
till then we won’t
rest and sit idle
like mute spectators.
Fight to the hilt, we will   
Till we scent VICTORY……….


Resigned to his fate
he lay.
His mind was a
calm, serene, tranquil sea that night
within seconds
he got drowned into a sound slumber.
No thoughts, no dreams
no hope of miracles about to come to his rescue
in the last moment
he was a calm, serene
tranquil sea 
without a single ripple
disturbing that tranquility.
The demon of uncertainty
was staring at him
since the last eight years
He was a violent sea.
The Tsunami of thoughtwaves
rose to the sky and lashed against the rocks and tall structures .
Uncertainty like a python was whirling around him
squeezing him, suffocating him to death .
Each day he pondered
over his kith and kin.
That glorious days of
yester years
in his native land
blessed with magnificent landscape
that nostalgic feelings
drove him mad
often he hit his
head on the walls of
the cell
restlessly walking around the room
his hair disheveled
resembling a lunatic.
Cursing his fate
he wept, laughed
and roared.
With tears
flowing down his cheeks.
He wanted an answer,
‘Yes’ or ‘No’?
No one was there to
answer his queries
his queries, cries
laughs , all left unanswered.
……………….. After a lapse of
eight years
that evening, he got
the answer,
‘a big No. No.No
no let up’.
The noose was about to tighten
around his neck
the next morning.
At last his gnawing
pains slowly, slowly
slowly subsided
like waves of the
violent sea returning
slowly, slowly, slowly.
the sea turned calm
serene and tranquil.
After a sumptuous last supper
after offering his
prayers to God almighty.
He lay on the floor
with a smile sans pain.
He thought nothing, he
dreamt nothing
drowned in a sound
sleep, like a baby sleeping in the cradle
he lay resigned to his fate.