Saturday, June 7, 2014


It was a fateful day in her life.
It was an immemorable day in her life.
It was a dreamy day in her life.
It was a glorious day in her life.
It was on the very day
the Minister clad in a white dress
flanked by his security and his followers brought her here
under the warm sunlight and planted her.
He delivered a passionate speech
amidst thunderous applause
which elated her spirits sky-high.
After planting her here
he watered her which warmed her heart and soul.
With the Sun getting more and more hot
he predicted in the course of his impassionate speech
that a day would come
she would grow up taller and taller
and would provide shelter to the passers-by.  
With the Sun getting more and more furious
since a long period.
The Minister was dreaming of a green earth 
to the solace and satisfaction of the generation next.
With the passage of days 
her flames of hopes and expectations were
gradually getting dimmer and dimmer
with none taking care of her
none available to provide her the elixir of life.
The Minister
though speeds through the street
with escort vehicles providing security
never cares to throw at least a glance at her.
Now she with a
stunted growth under the blazing Sun

spends her days fearing the inevitable.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Call me what you prefer
a river
a long-winding path
an endless chain
with neither a beginning nor an end
call me what you  prefer
a delightful mother
who goes on fondling you on her lap
a ferocious animal
bent upon preying you
an ecstatic lover
who holds you in a
warm, tight embrace
planting kisses galore
a saint in meditation
who is impervious to pain, sorrow or happiness.
You might call me TIME
who keeps on racing ahead
a spoiler, a healer, a well-wisher.
Call me what you like.
I am always where I am
I am always what I am
neither a runner
but standing frozen like a statue.