Saturday, December 5, 2015



Till the other day
we were looked after
well by our protectors
and ensured our
safety from each other’s enemies. 
Plastered across the walls
on both sides of the streets
we smiled at the passersby
walking down the streets
or travelling by the
buses, cars, rickshaws
with appealing faces
with a glint of hope in our eyes
to exercise their franchise
each competing with the other.
Now that a fiercely fought battle over
and the dust settled
our so-called protectors
till the other day
turned away from us
leaving our fate to
the whims of wanton boys
who mercilessly tore us apart
and littered all along the way.
We have to wait until the next battle
for our godfathers to recall us and
plaster us across the walls of the
on either side of the streets.
Awaiting a resurrection,  

we remain…..