Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sprawling compound it is,

Entrances two,

Exits cum entrances.

No gun wielding policemen -

At both ends.

Simple, pure, fearless democracy.

Compound sprawling it is

Buildings puranic (ancient).


Tile-roofed, white-washed,

Grimy both.

Buildings criss-crossing

All houseful

Cob-webbs embellish - 

The walls and the ceilings lavishly.

Cars parked hither and thither

Keeping no pattern,




Motor accident claims tribunal

Sub-Registrar office,

Taluk office,

Police-station adjacent,

Police jeeps

Always on the move blaring sirens,

Khaki-clad men,

Looking around,

Searching and restless their eyes,


As if on the look out for


Compound sprawling it is.

Anthru’s tea-stall still there

Anthru, the tea vendor

Busy with tea making always,

Cooking vadas and banana roasts

Facing the heat.

Red-eyed, dark man -

Pakru, still the

active, vibrant supplier,

energetic he is throughout.

His shirts and lungi muddied

Pakru, the carrier,


tea, coffee, vada, banana roast

One office to another

Kind of shuttle service.

Pakru the energy-provider,

Pakru the energy source.

Compound sprawling it is






Men in dark,

Women in dark,

Lawyers they are.

Courts always silent.


Always serious, gentle

Lawyers in dark ropes,

Chain of dark islands

lined on the wooden chairs,


impregnated with bundle of lies, truths,



Courts houseful,



Witnesses - PWs, CWs

Onlookers, well-wishers,



Compound sprawling it is

Passersby always on the move,

in groups and singles,

types various,


my own business-wallahs,

Moving straight to the other end.

Compound sprawling it is.

Jackfruit tree, its greenery-


Grandpa, centuries old,


Silent, eyewitness

Provider of shades to the needy,

Free of cost,

Generous Grandpa,

Caring Grandpa,

Loving Grandpa,

Cares he everyone,

No one in return.

Poor Grandpa.

Like poor Mahatma on the Court hall

witnessing all with his toothless smile.    





After a lull - uneasy calm before a storm - for about one week violence has hit Jammu&Kashmir once again. If things are moving along these lines this State is bound to be on the boil in the coming days too with no end in sight.

 Six persons killed and hundreds of protestors injured in a violent clash with police and CRPF men demanding the fate of 17 year youth Farhan of Kreery who was alleged to have been caught by the police who is reported to be under police custody. It is reported that curfew has been climbed in the violence hit areas.

Violence extending upto several days on account of the alleged encounter deaths of five young men who were reportedly wooed by the security forces to the border areas.


No repercussions of a terror attack this, as per the reports emanating from media, this is an internal one and hence the penchant for targeting or finger pointing the handiworks of terror elements by the rulers at the State and Central level has to be taken by a fistful of salt. Squarely blaming alien elements always won’t carry much water and they are bound to delve deeper into the multiple aspects the recurring internal violence which are needed most.


Dr. Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of Jammu&Kashmir and leader of National Conference by his repeated failures has proved beyond doubt his inability and inexperience in tackling the worsening law and order situations and it would be better if he is willing to step down and hand over the reins of the State to his father Dr. Farooq Abdullah who had already proved his mettle in dealing with the multiple issues plaguing the State. Dr. Farooq Abdullah is now a Central Minister, Minister of Non-Renewable sources of Energy. It would be an apt step if their portfolios are swapped, keeping the interest of the problematic State. An inexperienced youth Dr.Omar Abdullah is, his integrity no one doubts, but that is not enough to run a State where the law and order situation remains volatile.


 Add to these are the havoc and mayhem unleashed on the State by the hard-core militants sneaking into the State from across the border aided and abetted by the Pak army with the overt and covert help of Pak government.


But what we need to look into at this particular moment is the reasons behind the recurring internal violence.


In this context it would be better to turn our attention to the words of peace-loving political commentators and experts on the issue of Kashmir and a minority of State level political players.


The underlying reasons behind the despair, frustration and anger prevailing among the youth need to be taken care of. More employment opportunities, more developmental works, empowerment of young Muslim women, providing them food, education, health facilities, employment- all these steps would if implemented in letter and spirit would help to alleviate innumerable problems affecting those sections.


Unfortunately what we witness today in J&K is a plethora of political parties like PDP(Peoples’ Democratic Party) headed by Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti, BJP(Bharathiya Janata Party) headed by Nitin Gadkari, NC(National Conference) headed by Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah, INC (Indian National Congress) headed by Sonia Gandhi- all pulling in different directions. In the perpetual race for scoring points, what they always tend to forget are the basic problems of the citizens who remain always peace-loving. Patience has its limits, they can’t remain eternally patient and peace-loving on witnessing their own kith and kin being gunned down by the law-enforcers and terming such incidents fake encounters pushing them to live in perpetual fear and uncertainty and political parties jumping to the arena in the guise of saviours actually to cashing in on the situation, put it simply, to fish in troubled waters, shedding crocodile tears.

Otherwise why can’t they as CPI(M) MLA Yusuf Tarigami asks, sit across a table in an atmosphere of cordiality and deliberate upon the steps to tackle the various issues social and political and evolve a common strategy. Being the sole MLA of a Communist Party his words have no takers hence nothing positive is likely to emerge.


Peoples’ Democratic Party is always at loggerheads with National Conference, Indian National Congress and Bharathiya Janata Party and equations are likely to change depending upon the circumstances. For instance Congress and PDP become allies occasionally, National Conference and Indian National Congress become allies as of now, leaving PDP in the lurch, in politics equations always do not remain the same. ‘Marriage of convenience’ in other words. Equations or no equations what all political parties need to adhere to is the welfare of the people. Suppression always leads to more suppressions and a chain of suppressions follows.


Political mindset should have to change for the better, mud-slinging, race for one-upmanship should have to be avoided at any cost.


Each moment the State falls into internal turmoil sitting comfortably in Delhi and pointing accusing finger at any of the militant unit in the neighbouring country does not wash. Such finger pointing will have not much takers always.


Thursday, July 29, 2010



Quite simple,

Upwards you look,

Watch the multi-storied structures

Of avarice, greed and selfishness

in perpetual race to hit the skies

big cats, big fish, big guns -

cocks and hens driving down

the serpentine paths

searching broiler chickens.

Look straight,

For a split-second,

Downwards you look,

Watch the

Surrealist paintings of,

Poverty, hunger and starvation

Even deaths,

Crawling pictures of

Helpless, hapless.

Look straight

Around you look,

watch the montage of

Selfishness and selflessness, dreams and ambitions,

Relentless struggles for existence,

Chains of poverty, hunger and starvation,

To be unshackled.

Repeat the exercise,

Once, twice or thrice,

if needed repeatedly.  


Quite simple

The exercise

Keep fit both the

Body and mind

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 David Cameron, incumbent Prime Minister and leader of Conservative Party, UK, accompanied by British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, industrial barons, influential business men and a few eminent personalities in the fields of arts and sports, arrived in India on Tuesday for a two day visit. The visit obviously is to warm up the bilateral relations in various fields such as economy, terror menace and climate change affecting nations the world over.

 After a prolonged period of New Labour Party rule of Britain, first by Tony Blair, followed by Gordon Brown, who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer under Tony Blair, David Cameroon’s Tory Party and Liberal Party’s Nick Clegg who incidentally is the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain joined hands to form a Ministry, thus ending a long period of New Labour Party’s tenure at the helm.

 At this juncture, it is worthwhile to dwell upon the reasons behind the decline and fall of New Labour Party which came to power riding the crest of popular wave in 1997. 

 Tony Blair, then at the peak of his popularity appeared a promising and enterprising PM both at National and International levels. Even this writer who was looking from afar had a great regard for him and appreciation toward the man vibrant, energetic and with a rare skill to present his words, such was the power of his oratory skill which earned universal admiration and acclaim. Gordon Brown who was his junior and successor was only a pale shadow lacking the charisma of Tony Blair though adept in handling the finance portfolio. 

 The grapewine has it that David Cameron, though a Tory man saw in Tony Blair, a leader worth imitating and yearned to be a Tony Blair of the Conservative Party. Such was Blair’s charisma, stamina and the ability to attract and fascinate the masses. 

 Then why he failed on all fronts his popularity taking a downward swing with the passage of time?

 It all started with him turning out to play second fiddle to George Walker Bush, the then Republican President of USA who by that time attained notoriety across the world as an arrogant, overbearing, stubborn ruler. I am at a loss to make out why Tony Blair fell to the ‘evil charm’ of a notorious American President even against the wishes of British people. 

 A full-time Prime Minister evolving in due course as a part-time one his main function or ‘portfolio’ being the mouth-piece of the President of a self-proclaimed Super Power. A subservient, ‘always at your service’ man. 

 I think it all started since 9/11, the incident which shook and shocked not only USA but also the entire world.

 Tony Blair, lost no time in joining hands with a fretting and fuming President of USA and offered allout support to Mr.Bush in taking on the master brains behind the plot and bringing them to justice. Al-Quaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and his deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri were the prime suspects and with a vow to nab them dead or alive, USA, Britain and their allies plunged directly into a war with Afghanistan under Taliban rule then being the prime target. The war which started in 2001 still on course, and Osama Bin Laden and his main accomplice still at large, Bush Jr. and Tony Blair nexus except saving the purpose of ravaging the entire Afghansitan, massacring millions and millions of innocent Afghan citizens and millions fleeing the land seeking refuge in the neighbouring nations. Bush vacated his seat on completion of his tenure without his dream of nabbing the most wanted criminals materializing. Barack Obama, his successor who too is treading the path of his predecessor with regard to the matter of nabbing Osama ‘dead’ or ‘alive’ till now has not yet succeeded, of late desperately searching for an exit route evolving a face saving device by 2011. Laden or no Laden, who cares?

 The war on Afghanistan followed by an equally calamitous one, in Iraq in 2003 ignoring even the UN directives Bush-Blair company in alliance with the NATO allies in search of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) converted the entire Iraq to a heap of rubble, Saddam Hussein sent to the gallows after a mock-trial and after getting tired of everything installed a ‘puppet civilain govt’ under Nouri-Al-Maliki in the end. 

 The net result being the citizens of US and Britain spitting fire on their respective heads angered by their autocratic styles. With world-wide condemnation, adding fat to the fire.

 Both leaders’ popularity rate took a steep decline and they attained notoriety in their nations. In came the Global Meltdown in 2008, first in USA and it spread to other nations including Britain like wildfire. The nations which held free-market policies dearer to their hearts suffered the most being unregulated economies but the ones with regulated economies even sharing the after-effects though to a lesser degree thanks to globalization. Life turned out to be nightmares to the citizens of US, Britain and all other market-driven economies and the hapless citizens’ wrath turned against the leaders and their anger reflected at the hustings paving the way for their ultimate defeat.

 Tony Blair once celebrated across Britain unable to bear the indignation and repeated demands for quitting his post was forced to cave in making way for his Junior also bete noire Gordon Brown who also proved to be a disaster. By that time New Labour Party reached its nadir and despite Brown’s last minute efforts to turn the tide in his Party’s favour, it was too late.

Tony Blair in his deposition before the Chilcot Commission appointed for the purpose of enquiring about the whole Iraqi fiasco stood unrepentant and still he stands by his justification for attacking Iraq without an iota of remorse like his then counterpart George Bush. 

 The election came at the exact time, a hung assembly resulted, with no party capturing absolute majority. David Cameron and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democratic Party joined hands and a coalition govt. under Mr.Cameron put in the saddle. 10 Downing Street this time welcomed Cameron and his wife Samantha and their progenies.

 David Cameron’s visit to India assumes much significance in the context of Britain feeling totally isolated from its erstwhile friend USA. Gordon Brown during the last months of his tenure had to face humiliation in USA with the denial of White House in response to his request for an appointment with Barack Obama. It was reported that though he tried five times for the appointment  with US President, all proved in vain. He had to return desperate and humiliated man. Imagine the grief of the then British PM for leaving US empty-handed.

 Of late on the issue of oil-slick at the Gulf of Mexico and the failures of reputed oil giant British Petroleum to contain the slick, US President turned his ire against it and in a fit of rage reported to have mouthed foul language which was in bad taste with the British government and its citizens getting enraged and unnerved. 

 Cameron’s tall appreciation of India and his encouraging words are music to the Indian leaders, no doubt calling India the ‘future Super Power’ which is on a high growth trajectory an economy forging ahead with super speed and his recalling of age-old friendship between both countries, all heartening and dearer to Indian ruling elite particularly the corporates. 


Foreign direct investment in various fields, strategic ties furthering the cordial relationship, the promise to provide India with 60 Hawks for 500 mn pound sterling and partnership between BAE and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore to cooperate in manufacturing sophisticated weapons, trade development, increasing the present 50 bn pound sterling investment with in a short span bring cheers to the lips of Indian leaders.

Cameron touches upon the welfare of 2mn Indian citizens working, studying and earning in Britain enabling them to scale new heights and also providing opportunities for remittances favouring their beloved ones at home.

 Apart from economic co-operation, both countries could do a lot to do to help alleviating the looming threat of global-warming adopting various measures. 

And on the issue of terrorist menace both countries hold the same opinion that both are victims of terrorism and hence a joint effort to contain the menace is also on the anvil.

 On the sports front he happily, rejoicingly touches upon the coming 2012 Olympics in London and the Common Wealth Games commencing this October at New Delhi.

 David Cameron’s visit to India, if proceeded on the expected lines would prove to be a historic one, equally beneficial to both countries by promoting ties and inking of pacts on various fronts, economy, climate, health, education and strategic ties.  

Let Cameron’s Look East policy yield positive results in the days to come.               

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


In the twilight zone of her life,

Alone, aloof and moody,

Reclining in her settee,

Or slumped into her bed,

Fondling his memories throughout,

precious moments with him,

Finds solace and salvation

In her cocoon.

The first time they met,

The temple,

Surrounded by flickering oil-lamps,

The first glance,

Exchange of unlimited sly glances,

First smile,

Exchange of boundless smiles,



The first moment they exchanged words,

Regular meetings,

At a secluded place,

First kiss,

Shower of kisses,

First dedication,

The surrender

The first pain,




Immemorable all.

Sands of time swept away

under their feet,

both knew not.

Promises exchanged not,

Tears shed profusely though,

Pangs of separation,

No adieu,

Yet saw, heard

A train chugging past,

Through unknown lands

Still like a peacock feather,

Kept by a child somewhere

In her book,

For her and only for her to see

That much possessive she was

Now his frequent -

Appearances in her dream

Wearing characteristic broad smile,

Still he in the,

Prime of his youth,

Whisperingly she inquires the secret behind,

His evergreen youth,

‘you too that cute charming girl’- replies he, 

Spends pleasurable moments,

Playing pranks,

Cracking jokes, laughing aloud,

Then as usual, the hide and seek game,

She running after him,

He hiding somewhere though,

Elusive, remains he always,

Desperate she turns,

Tears trickle down the corners of her eyes,

Once again falls into slumber,

For him to comeback,

Just to be with him,

Albeit in her dreams.   

Monday, July 26, 2010


Head of Myanmar Military Junta General Thanshew’s impending visit to India is being anxiously and enthusiastically awaited by India. General Thanshew, the Military dictator is likely to be accorded a red-carpet welcome by our government. The mineral-rich neighbouring nation promises enormous potential for our country, it is reported. Another neighbouring country, Peoples’ Republic of China is already one of the trusted friends of that nation. Now that with the visit of General Thanshew, both China and India are going to engage in a healthy competition to extract maximum benefits from the mineral-rich country.

As far as India is concerned some other important reasons lie behind in keeping the military ruled country’s leaders in good humour. The cardinal one being Myanmar remains a secret haven of North- East based terrorist organizations especially ULFA’s hard-core terrorists. A bonhomie with Myanmar would help a lot to deport those elements into India who are bent upon wreaking mayhem in the North-East. An improved and robust relationship with Myanmar could provide India with a golden opportunity to nab those militants and bring them to justice.

With Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Founder leader of Bangladesh, Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman who was ruthlessly assassinated by a section of military personnel in a bloody coup, occupying the saddle who keeps a warm and cordial relationship with India right from the beginning unlike her predecessor Khalida Zia, the first step she had taken was the deportment of India’s most wanted hard-core terrorists who had directed all their activities from the Bangladeshi soil against our nation.

Non-interference in other country’s internal affairs is supposed to be a violation of hitherto observed international norms and principles. India also holds the same view point and our nation is supposed - to be more correct - believed to be, against any nation interfering in our internal affairs. Thus we are made to believe.

Non-interference in a country’s internal matters is not desirable or cannot be allowed. With our hands on our heart can we state before the world that we are free from any interference by any country? Believing it is a kind of befooling ourselves. Back channel interference and intense pressure by a ‘so-called’ super power is widely known across the spectrum. Most often we succumb to the pressure of USA to hold talks with our neighbour and traditional rival Pakistan and discuss issues of concern to both countries. US always wants Pakistan, its ‘all weather friend’ to be kept in good humour to fulfill or materialize their ulterior motives. With such ulterior motives in mind the US rulers knowing fully well Pakistan’s antagonism towards India and its connivance with terrorists by generously funding those elements providing training to them and all logistical support, still continues to pump in billions of US dollars. A nation notorious across the world as ‘epicentre of terrorism’ continues to be nurtured and nourished by the super power.

The self-proclaimed greatest democracy on earth still keeps no qualms in maintaining harmonious relationships with military ruled countries when such relationships suit its interests. Otherwise what reasons it has to point out for keeping a warm relationship with Pakistan while it was under the dictatorship of General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf and other such dictators.

Preaching the greatness and sacredness of democracy and its coveted values frequently and simultaneously sustaining warm friendships with even the ruthless dictators is laughable to say the least.

On learning about General Thanshew’s visit to India this week US reportedly expressed its concerns and took time to advise Indian leaders to insist upon establishing democracy in that country.

USA’s apprehensions have nothing to do with dictatorship prevailing in that country and establishing democracy there and if that was the case why it keeps up friendly ties with a few other dictatorships for protecting its long-term interests in mind.

Same is the case with India, World’s largest democracy. Be it democracy or dictatorship, its own interests occupy the front seat, sermons and platitudes notwithstanding.

Similar is the case with each nation big or small, developed, developing or under-developed, each has its own interests to protect.

America’s concerns in Thanshew’s ensuing visit to India to warm up ties and signing pacts in different fields have to do with some other reasons. China poised to become the most developed country in the not too distant future is already a trusted friend of Myanmar which incidentally is also India’s neighbouring country. Strengthening of ties among East Asian nations are detrimental to USA’s interests, thus they feel and fear. Such a comity of relationships they can’t ever digest keeping in view, their dreams of continuing at the topmost position always.

All said and done, one sad truth persists. Aung-San-Syuuki, the crusader for democracy in Myanmar since decades still languishes in solitary confinement for the last 15 years while a minority runs the country with iron-hand with the Nobel laureates and her Party NLD (National League for Democracy) which enjoys a majority support left in the lurch. With no end to military dictatorship in sight, the Myanmar citizen’s cry, still a cry in the wilderness.

Thinking on personal lines in the present global scenario means in the era of neo-liberalisation – though showing a declining trend now – each person in our daily life looks upon the other one as a tool to achieve his/her selfish motives with no sincerity or love whatsoever in mind. Sort of utilitarian approach is gradually gripping the world. Same is the case with relationships between nations.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Lord Shiva, the Almighty

Atop the Himalayas

In padmasana

Both hands resting over the knees

His attire a leopard skin

Wrapped around the waist 

Reaching upto the knees.

Flowing dread-locks

Upto the shoulders

A golden serpent around his neck

As ornament.

His body a steely frame

A macho

Ash- pasted on his forehead, third eye in its middle,

Ash- pasted as well on his hands and chest

Serious and rough expression throughout.

Lord Shiva

His three eyes shut

In meditation

Smiling Goddess Parvathy

Always by his side

Dedicated and devoted to him.

Ganga, the fountain of love

Flowing down the dread-locks

To earth

Crystal clear and pure her love

Elixir of life, her love

That too in abundance.

Lord Shiva

The macho figure,

The cosmic dancer

Earth shaking, powerful rhythmic movements his.  

---------------Unlike Krishna,

The blue God

Effeminate in appearance,

Calm, serene, pleasant,

Ever smiling,

Charming, enchanting and seductive his looks

The heart-throb of women

Their eternal lover.

Beauty personified

Mischievous his smiles

Mischievous his looks

His antics,

His pranks,

His flute, a magic wand

His music mellifluous and soothing,

With magical powers,

Like his magical ways,

Dearer to them, dearest to them.

His ‘rasa leela’ with Gopikas

Vying with one another

To be with him

In the garden of Vrindavan

Among colourful and fragrant flowers.

----------------Lord Shiva wake up from your meditation

See the frightening demons, the forces of evil

Dancing around you,

Lord Shiva the Cosmic dancer,

Your earth shaking powerful rhythmic movements

Open thy third eye

Spit fire on the forces of evil,

Reduce them to ashes,

Exorcise their deadly spell,

And save the world.

Lord Krishna, the eternal lover

Aim your Sudarshana

At the forces of evil,

Take away their wicked heads,

Bring us peace,

And Universal harmony.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Round the corner.
Land, a furnace
lava of adrenaline
Flews in full glow,
Reach far and wide
like hot liquid gold
summer sun rips apart Mother Earth.
-----------Butterflies in their stomachs,
leaders on whirlwind tours
Polite and smile as always
But restless like a violent sea
Waves of tension lashing against shore of minds
Common man enthroned
Once in five years,
Leaders prostrate before him
Once in five years
Media in full steam
Both visual and print
Like wrestlers fighting it out on the ground,
Upper hand to whom…..?
‘Paid news hydra’ baring tentacles,
Snatch crores, millions and billions.
Somewhere a mirror reflect the scenario
Round the clock
Regret no one there to watch the reflections
Supporters in ‘full steam’
Professional vote-beggars
Abundant in the market
Highest bidder wins the draw of lots.
Rubinas and Azharudeens
‘Slum-dog Millionaires’ only on celluloid
Millions of Rubinas and Azhars
Still excrete on the rail-tracks and road-sides
And no roofs above their heads,
Screaming with hunger
Begging and beating the bellies.
Slumdogs always remain slumdogs
Danie Boyle, thanks a lot to you
For turning the camera in their direction.
----------------------------------PSLVs launched periodically
‘Mission Accomplished’ chorus
Reverberate periodically
High growth trajectories
Leaders projections abound
Elated they are
Sub-Saharan Africa-
Twenty six of them
Bundled together trailing behind-
the largest democracy
On the race for No.1 spot in poverty competitions
410----421, an eleven million edge,
not that huge,
Largest democracy hits the No.1 spot
Elections round the corner,
Exercise your franchise-
Advices, exhortations and pleas in plenty from above,
To whom?
To all….?
That is socialism.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Venue: Kabul, Afghanistan
Date: 20/7/10

A landmark international conference of nations and organizations numbering 70 under the auspices of the Secretary of State, USA, Hilary Clinton and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The nations and organisations represented above are main donors to Afghanistan and the conference primarily intended for a meeting of them under one umbrella to chalk out future course of actions, deliberate upon them and also reflect upon past actions and developments.

Main actors included Anderson Fogh Ramussen, NATO Secretary General former Prime Minister of Denmark and obligant of US, worth recording here Barack Obama taking a flight to Turkey as the latter was staunchly against his appointment as NATO Secretary General, a sweet diplomatic approach of Barack Obama after much persuasions could prevail upon Turkish Premier, Receep Tayyip Erdogan and thus Anderson Fogh Rasmussen elected to the coveted powerful post.

Then follows India represented by S.M.Krishna, India’s Foreign Affairs Minister, one of the donors to Afghanistan, for its overall development by providing it with skilled and unskilled man-power ranging from doctors, engineers, IT Professionals and labourers also financial assistance.

Then Pakistan represented by its External Affairs Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Pakistan, incidentally is the con-joined brother of Afghanistan as claimed by President Hamid Karzai one year back and hence inseparable. A surgical separation is the only way out to separate the twins but due to the complications foreseen by the best surgeons and also due to the lack of consent by both Kabul and Islamabad, it is out of question at the moment. They prefer to be as such and they are happy and elated too. Good.

Anderson Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General for the maintenance of ‘stability and peace’ achieved so far rules out total withdrawal of NATO forces opting to be on the sidelines and occasional patrolling through the streets of Kabul and surrounding vulnerable areas. Leaving midway is not that advisable, fearing a back to square one situation. Further US and NATO forces believe in the overall stability, peace and welfare of Afghanistan and its citizens.

With the gradual progress towards stability- since the welfare of Afghanistan is their Prime motto- a scaling down of forces, that also will be a gradual process to be considered later.

S.M.Krishna, India’s Foreign Affairs Minister also dwelt mainly on the stability, peace and welfare of that nation and its people as a whole. Beforehand he pointed towards the need of handing over power to peace-loving Afghans that continues to remain their long standing demand since 2001 after all 9 years already elapsed but on one condition that is none other than keeping away the militant outfits, the most venomous of them being Al-Quaida elements. He also took time to point out one naked truth, now that all militant outfits plenty of them they are, have adopted the modus operandi of Al-Quaeida hence quite difficult to distinguish between the latter and other outfits. He forgot not to make dig at Pakistan without naming it the need to check the infiltration of terror elements from across the border.

His counterpart from Pakistan seemed not to comment on his remarks pretending to be Krishna’s comment not applicable to Pakistan after all he is well aware Afghanistan is the con-joined brother of Pakistan. Same blood runs through the veins of both of them.

Hamid Karzai offered Afghanistan’s enormous mineral wealth spread across a vast area valuing lakhs of US dollars to friendly countries like India, other nations which would in the future help it to rebuild it and thus making it to the top. Many countries however, reportedly expressed their fears of investing in the war-ravaged country due to the rampant corruption staring at the face of Afghanistan, its official community the main culprits. And that was the reason why Hamid Karzai in the course of his talks to those who were attending him to route all funds at the government level.

Hilary Rodham Clinton, one of the principal architects of this landmark conference made it to Kabul after first visiting Pakistan, listening to the nation’s problems, friends they are and offered further assistance under the Kerry-Lugman plan. She utilized the occasion in demanding Pak rulers to nab Osama Bin Laden and his accomplices who according to her are very much safe in Pakistan. She made it clear that nothing short of their capture would satisfy her and her nation and she was very particular on that matter as she was the Senator of NewYork on that fateful day 9/11. “Nab the guys and hand over to us”- she demanded. Hope her demands would be met by her friendly nation at the earliest as that nation and its ruling elite are ‘reliable to the core’.

Hamid Karzai, Afghan President is pretty sure about regaining the total control of the country by his police and soldiers by 2014. Let us also share his optimism

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Neither do I like to be
your salad,
Nor cheese
Want to be myself,
Nothing else,
Steamroll me not,
Not such a type, am I
Very difficult nut to crack.
Want to be myself
Hence friends.
Both keep away from me,
For your sake.
For my sake.
Mind your business.



Excuse me, boss
A bit late today
Not my fault, boss,
Local held up on the tracks,
between Mahalaxmi and Mumbai Central.
Signal failure, boss
Took time for the red to
Turn green.
Happens, boss,
Not my fault.
System failure, Boss
-----------Thank you, Thank you very much
Kind of you,
Very nice of you
Great man you,
Grateful I remain.


Excuse me, boss
A bit late today,
Not my fault, boss
Locals very crowded,
Alarmingly crowded,
Like Kosi river in spate
Tried my best
To head into each of them,
Futile all,
Locals are ‘crowd-pullers’
Boss, all you are aware of
You much senior to me
In this crowded,
Congested city,
The hustle and bustle,
Hoots and toots,
Concrete forests everywhere,
Pickpockets, thugs and goons,
Prostitutes, fornicators, paedophiles,
Underworld on the prowl,
All you are aware of boss.
---------Thank you boss,
Thank you very much,
Kind of you, very kind of you
Nice of you
Great man you,
Really great.
Grateful to you,
Grateful I remain,


Excuse me, boss,
Couldn’t make it yesterday.
Not well
Rainy season, know?
Cold and cough.
Polluted and congested city this.
Couldn’t make it boss.
Medical certificate?
Medical and fitness both-
All with me boss,
Available both in plenty,
Can purchase on a
Whole-sale basis…
Quite cheap, boss,
Quite cheap,
Free-market blessing, boss
Sounds funny yeh?
Unbelievable? Yeh?
Truth, naked truth, boss
-----------Thank you boss
Thank you very much,
Kind of you boss
Very nice of you,
Great man, you
Very great,
Grateful I remain.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Pity them. Political commentators, observers and analysts, despite bitter experiences from other side of the border still stick on to the need of extending an olive branch to the neighbouring country's leaders, be them President, Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister or Interior Minister, anyone there who deliberately forces us to play into their hands.
Yes, I am referring to the Foreign Minister level tasks held in Islamabad, between Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Minister of External Affairs and S.M.Krishna, his counterpart in India.
On completion of the talks between the two, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistan's External Affairs Minister who by his various vitriolic statements already has proved before the world his uncivilized nature, spewed venom and falsehoods on the Indian leaders, while Krishna was very much near him went to the extent of comparing India's Home Secretary, G.K.Pillai to LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) leader Hafiz-Al-Saeed, the evil brain behind the 26/11 Mumbai carnage which led to the massacre of 166 persons which shook entire world.
A leader of the stature of External Affairs Minister of a nation stooping to such depths though alarming, with regard to Qureshi's case not alarming or surprising as he has already attained notoriety by statements he makes from time to time.
A nation obsessed with nothing but the 'core issue' of Jammu&Kashmir since decades and nothing else to talk about after inviting Indian ministers and diplomats to sit across the table to talk and discuss issues of importance is not only be-fooling India but even those nations which exert pressure on it to settle the disputes between both amicably.
Almost two years already lapsed since 26/11. The initial outrage and protests still reverberate across India and our Home Minister P.Chidambaram at almost all press-conferences speak in no uncertain terms about 'we will continue to keep our eyes on their balls' still do the same apparently with nothing positive emerging.
His recent visit to Pakistan to attend the SAARC Home Ministers' conference and on the sidelines of which his request to provide him with the voice samples of the elements who were making frequent telephone calls to the ten assassins wreaking havoc in Mumbai from 26/11- 29/11 and that nation's leaders promising to provide India with the samples is sitting pretty with his 'binoculars' expecting it anytime soon. The dossiers he provided them with as per their demands are countless and Pakistani leaders 'dissatisfied' with them still keep on demanding them. I think they are literally forcing not only Mr.Chidambaram but the entire Indian citizens from top to bottom. And our leaders, unfortunately have not the guts to declare or state- "we are not bound by your constant demands."
Foreign Secretary level, Home Ministers level, Prime Ministers level, Foreign Ministers level, talks all held almost in quick succession, but all back to square one.
Now that US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton is expected in Pakistan in a few hours from now and Indian leaders who always want to be subservient to her nation are waiting for a favourable attitude from Pakistan at her behest. And just hours left for her visit, Pak Foreign Minister in his characteristic arrogant tone has made it public that he is not prepared to undertake a pleasure trip to India to pick up threads left at Islamabad, during Krishna's visit. He wants something 'positive' - he in no doubt keeps J&K in mind his only 'core concern'.
The bloke is really a funny character or like comedian in films and for that matter his colleagues. One day they speak diplomatically the next day they speak something opposite not at all consistent in their views and approach not only towards India even towards US and nations the world over.
It is a foregone conclusion that an extra-constitutional authority as always arm-twists the rulers of Pakistan and worth to mention here that this extra-constitutional authority most often usurps authority from the civilian leaders holding the entire country to ransom. Be they extra-constitutional or constitutional they are always the masters or the final authorities.
S.M.Krishna's next flight is to Afghanistan to attend the 'donors meeting' please note here it is Afghanistan in the presence of Hilary Clinton. He is certain to weep and beat his chest complaining about Pakistan's adamant attitude to Hilary Clinton at least to derive some sympathy from her.
We have Pro-Left, Pro-Right, Middle of the Road commentators and analysts to speak and write about Regional, National, International matters and all of them are united in their views when coming to the matter of peace at any cost , nice the most important thing however is the ability to 'see things as they are'. Being a Pro-Left should in no way detract them from pointing accusing fingers towards a Leftist country if they deviate from the policies expected of them. Same is applicable to the Pro-Right and Middle of the road groups.
A polished view or analysis ultimately won't serve any purpose and we the citizens are presently witnessing such a scenario.
A nation. In perpetual turmoil. Epicentre of Terrorism. Militant outfits aplenty. Suicide bombings all the way. Nightmare of all nations including its so-called friendly nations like US and China. Leaders- helpless or pretend to be helpless. Reins always in the hands of Army. A nation- which want neither peace nor stability. Torn apart by its own progenies. Poor, helpless, peace-loving civilians. Pity them.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


There is a saying. Charity begins at home. We almost on a daily basis, political parties advising their opponents, I mean the opposite party leaders advising sometimes in fun, sometimes sarcastically to their rivals and vice-versa 'first set your own houses in order'. This is a universal truth. In other words we have universalized it since in every field while casting aspersions on other, each one, knowingly or unknowingly paying not much attention to his or her own inherent or ongoing problems finds time to persuade or compel the other one to right his or her wrongs and come out clean.
Here I am compelled to begin this piece, since I have been watching the developments happening across the world.
Be it US, UK, France, Germany, China, India, Pakistan, for that matter any nation are often confronted with myriad problems, both domestic and external and all of them are virtually struggling to withstand them and their efforts ending in partial successes and partial successes not always though. Abject failures and total victories rare but not in its entirety.
Examples galore. Take for instance US, the 'sole-Super Power'- thus they claim.
Since the last one decade or so, tha nation on a regular basis is faced with several problems, both external and internal, especially since 9/11. Sometimes I am persuaded to think in lighter vein, that nation's penchant for intervening in the internal affairs of other nations even going to the extend of plunging into military conflicts often unnecessarily with the sole-intention of asserting its supremacy in the world arena.
Vietnam, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, presently eyeing Iran to be the next victim even while struggling hard to wriggle out of Iraq and Afghanistan finding not much success, often tasting defeats and even losing their soldiers on the war-fronts to the bewilderment of their own citizens, often the citizens of US get angry over its rulers proceeding along the lines of indulging in armed conflicts with other nations and they are forced to take to the streets chanting anti-war slogans and demanding resignations of their ruling leaders. While US was bombarding Vietnam, massacring millions of poor citizens there with lethal weapons the foremost among the anti-war protests staged across the nation around the world were US citizens themselves.
Hawks and doves alike never admitted their mistakes, never repented their actions still the same case goes on with 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama seeking justifications for his actions, please note an armed intervention in Iran is a near possibility, even not having the farsightedness of a defeat at the hands of Iranians. Lyndon Johnson, John F Kennedy,Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Henry Ford, George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr., now Barack Obama toeing the same lines - even rulers before them too striking belligerent postures.
It is worthwhile to note here often domestic problems matter most to citizens of any nation, particularly their attention concentrate on the economic front. The foreign policies of a country are secondary to them.
The 2008 global meltdown which upset many an apple-cart, especially those nations which embraced free market policies suffering the most starting from US itself. Its after-effects still remain a huge problem facing all those countries which let loose the market forces to rule the roost. Unregulated economy virtually crippled the economic fabric of those nations with millions going homeless, millions going jobless, with unemployment rising to alarming levels, number of investment banking institutions and corporates crumbling, health-care and education fronts in shambles. The meltdown even went to the extent of spreading to the Asian nations which function in a regulated economy in a globally integrated atmosphere. As Amartya Sen points out in his much acclaimed 'Argumentative Indian' Globalisation is not a new phenomenon. It was here and hence blindly opposing it is not justifiable. But what is worth mentioning here is that unlike in the past Globalisation in the contemporary world scenario, unfortunately has turned out to be a bane. Its negative points outweighs its plus points actually. Going by the turn of events across the world, we can very well come to the conclusion. Globalisation anyhow is here to stay. No let up from it really.
I started with the popular saying : Charity begins at home.
When each country's citizens are concerned with basic necessities of life, their existential problems come first. And if the rulers of respective countries are not willing to take the universal truth into account, ultimately they will have to face the wrath of the people and will eventually have to vacate their seats to those leaders who are willing to take the citizens' concerns into account.
The recent change of guard in Japan, Yukio Hatoyama giving way for Naoto Kan, in Australia Julia Gillard overthrowing Kevin Rudd, in Philipines Benigno Aquino III replacing Gloria Arroyo, are a few examples. The above-mentioned if after occupying the saddle are following in the foot-steps of their predecessors their fate will also be the same. That is what is going to happen to the UPA II govt. of India if they are bent upon following the unpopular policies which they audaciously follow and implement now. A coherent consolidated opposition will naturally emerge by 2014. That is an inevitability.


Always on the move,
Hectic his schedule,
distances he covers,
stones he lays,
ribbons he cuts,
speeches he delivers,
promises he makes,
countless per day.
Always on the move,
Hectic his schedule,
distances he covers,
escorts he has,
Two cars in front,
two in the back,
guards gun-wielding always,
"what a speed"- exclaiming pedestrians,
Always on the move,
hectic his schedule,
distances he covers,
We the subjects ,
contended we are,
happy we are,
self-reliant we are,
penniless our pockets,
because of our beloved leader.


Objective type.
One question
choices four,
Are you
1) an atheist
2) a theist
3) An agnostic
4)None of these
Deadline is there,
matter of seconds.
Am I a theist,
Yes? No?
Yes and No?
Am I an atheist?
Yes? No?
Yes and No?
Am I an agnostic?
Yes? No?
Yes and No?
None of these?
Yes? No?
Yes and No?
Deadline is there,
matter of seconds.
Theist ticked No.1
Atheist ticked No.2
Agnostic ticked No.3
None of these- ticked No.4
But the correct one?
All sat confused,
Valuation completed.
Teacher happy.
With bated breath,
we looked askance at each other.
All happy.
All options correct.
Success cent-percent.
Still confused,
puzzled we were.
Teacher, how is this so?
Stood up we exclaiming.
Smiled she broadly
Children, the answer is subjective,
You know?
'My God'- we all looked upwards
with teacher joining us.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Early 1980's.
Mumbai - Nariman Point.
Employees rushed out of their offices at sharp 5PM, after a hectic day. I too left the office at 5PM along with my colleagues, waited for the lift in the 13th floor and went down to the ground floor within seconds. I walked out of Jolly Maker Bhavan 2, lit a cigarette puffed it smoke blew out of my mouth and nostrils while walking down the pavement.
Roads and pavements already crowded with employees rushing to their destination points, to catch locals, buses and taxis.
Not much in a hurry and not that slow, in uniform speed, I too walked down the streets and pavements to my destination point - the Church Gate railway station. The gentle evening winds blowing from the vast Arabian ocean nearby, waved my pants, shirts and long hair flow backwards. Enjoying the winds I moved ahead.
After covering a straight distance, I turned to the right, bought two or three evening editions of newspapers from a newspaper vendor to flip through after I reach my abode at Matunga road.
Vehicles, double-decker buses, taxis, lorries, hooting sirens rushed along sky-high building lining both sides.
In front of Bhaktavar building an unusual, appalling sight caught my attention. A foreign lady tourist, young and pretty she was, in jeans and tops being dragged down the street by a middle-aged blackish fellow, stout he was, in white shirt and brown pants, his thick moustache too I took note of forcibly dragging her. She was imploring him, beseeching him, to let her go scot-free - her dazed looks and pleas heart-rending but he was in no mood to let her go his steely grip it was that strong and his laughter sadistic. A sadistic pleasure he must have been deriving. No one took notice of the sight, all in a hurry to reach their shelters and the indifference, detachment and cynicism, characteristics of a cosmopolitan city. Hence not surprising.
A hapless lady tourist from an alien land she must have been entrapped by some rackets and he must be a link in that chain so I thought. Mumbai, then and now, is a haven of rackets and underworld goons.
To my shock, I came to know, the fellow was a Keralite, he was speaking Malayalam and was heard mouthing choice epithets to the foreign lady without caring or looking anywhere and the helpless lady tourist not knowing Malayalam was imploring in English. The language barrier notwithstanding, her dazed looks, her constant appeals, on the verge of breaking down any moment, eyes already welled-up, more than sufficient to an outsider the pathetic situation she had found herself in.
'You bloody bitch, odious wench, you thought I am a fool? I'm not going to let you free. I'll fuck you right and left as long as I wish. I'm going to screw you bitch, the entire night, You don't know me, who am I?' - while going on with his epithets, all in his mother-tongue, he was laughing like a demon. I felt ashamed of being a Keralite.
I watched the entire sight in helplessness. A youth in his early twenties, not even in my mid 20's, my indignation knew no limits. Impotent rage is the apt word.
'My brother why can't you let that helpless lady free. You know, she is from an alien country with nobody here to take care of her, please have kindness towards her'.- I was speaking in my mother-tongue.
His expression changed for the worse, his sadistic laughter gone, turned his ire towards me. Being a Keralite like I thought it fit to make a humble plea to him.
'Who are you to intervene in this'? mind your own business, you idiot. Get lost'- he roared.
Not a human being he was. A monster- I felt.
'You bloody bastard. Don't you have a sister at home?'- in anger I spat in his direction and walked away.
In the meanwhile he was continuing to drag her down the streets.
No law-enforcers in sight. No moral policing. Morals, ethics and values all on leave. Rulers busy filling their coffers idling away time in their cosy seats in the air-conditioned cabins.
I walked away gritting my teeth to Church Gate station, my destination point. From there I had to catch a local to Matunga road.
Mind you, the incident was in the early eighties. Almost three decades gone. Imagine the vast changes the city has undergone. Population multiplying day by day. Terrorism, communalism, regional chauvinism, all ruling the roost. Law and order at its worst. People living in constant fear. Their sleeps vitiated by nightmares. Integrity, moral values, ethics and principles - stories of a bygone era.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Like a sugar-cane vendor
crushing a bunch of sugar-cane
in his machine,
They squeezed us,
juice extracted,
handed over it on a platter
to the tourists.
"Nice, sweet, very sweet"-
Praised they in chorus
"It's our blood and sweat sirs",
We lamented in exhaustion.
Our cries,
Cries in the wilderness.

The roar of the beast
terrifies us,
All voices get drowned in its roar,
The shape of the beast,
set off ripples down our spines,
Gigantic, with a wide,
sharp tongue,
Horrifies us.
The sight of the beast,
running towards us
in thirst and hunger,
baring its tongue,
disarms us, forces us
to surrender meekly,
without even a whimper,
followed by a line
of little beasts.
With its sharp, wide, tongue,
lifts our tents
within seconds,
and fill the belly of little beasts.
Our helpless cries, always cries in the wilderness.

They turn benign once in a while,
little students in uniforms,
followed by their masters,
with sympathies abound,
visit us.
They serve us sumptuous feasts,
pat on our backs,
our children watch them
with blank eyes, emaciated
they are, skinny they are,
Eat everything greedily
sumptuous feasts,
sweets following,
greedily, yes greedily.
Dreams they must have had
wings of ambitions they must had,
"Wings of fire" they must have had,
No let-up, though.
Their cries, like cries in the wilderness.

One day we saw a young woman,
In her torn salwar and kameez,
in dishevelled hair.
Her face bruised and lips bleeding
Entering a police-station.
Crying she was.
Half an hour gone.
We saw her returning to the crowded city street,
Her expression stony,
Like a mid-air explosion
a sudden impulse,
in a fit of rage and frustration,
She stripped herself off-
her salwar, kameez and shawl
In her bra and panties
talking loudly to herself,
gesturing wildly
frightening sight it was
her entire body too bleeding,
Down the roads she walked
swiftly to nowhere,
a visual feast to the passers by,
and commuters,
All in good humour.
Media men with their cameras followed her,
In a hurry to capture the sight,
without even leaving the minutest details,
the channels flashed the entire sight repeatedly,
The plight of an Indian woman,
the sight an eloquent one
Her cries like cries in the wilderness.

One day,
In the broad-daylight,
While city was reeling under
sweltering heat,
A few khaki-wallahs,
Reached our colony,
In a jeep.
Went on a hunt,
to each tent,
fished out a youth,
Bholaram, his name,
the red eyed demons,
Beat him, kicked him around,
punched him,
Rained thundering blows on him,
And reducing him to pulp,
Threw him into the vehicle,
And drove him away.
His parents, wife,
children screamed helplessly
beating their chests
Nothing heard of him
since then.
Their cries like cries in the wilderness.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A fortnight ago our National Security Adviser and former Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon flew to China not in the capacity of NSA but this time as the Special Envoy of Prime Minister ManMohanSingh, spent three days there, had a nice time also and returned in good humour of course after keeping the key dignitaries at the helm of Chinese foreign affairs also in good humour. As a former Ambassador to China, Mr.Menon keeps a special rapport with them and as this was already known to our renowned PM ManMohanSingh, Mr.Menon was chosen as Special Envoy to meet with Foreign Minister of China Yang Jeichi and Dan Bingguo, State Councilor of the People's Republic of China, who is also a key dignitary in his own right and our National Security Adviser, a master in Mandarin might have conversed with them in Mandarin apparently in Chinese style. As we are already aware, his visit to China was neither a pleasure trip, sight-seeing and tasting Chinese foods, in military parlance, it was a sort of pre-emptive strike.
Pakistan President Asif Ali Sardari was scheduled to fly to China and being aware of it, our PM deemed it appropriate to depute his envoy Mr.Menon beforehand to prevail upon China to desist from engaging in further nuclear co-operation and China had already exported two nuclear reactors to install at Chashma-2 in Pakistan which in the long run prove defying the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) meet at Christchurch, NewZealand from June 21 to 25 as China had already given a commitment to its neighbouring nation.
What all transpired in his talks with China were related to other matters of importance and India's apprehension of the export of two nuclear reactors to Pakistan neither did picture in his discussion with Chinese leader nor did they care to hold a discussion in detail with Mr.Menon. And in his own words a clever man he is just made a casual mention and the Chinese leaders cared not to mention even a casual one. That's that. While speaking to media Mr.Menon reportedly hinted at India's apprehensions but 'a wait and see' taken on the above. Our National Security Adviser sitting in Delhi is keenly watching the movements of Chinese authorities.
China and USA travel along the same wavelengths with regard to their approach to Pakistan, their motives also the same, ie. to keep India under check. Hence knowing absolutely well they are feeding a serpent which won't hesitate to bare its venomous teeth anytime. An 'epicentre of terrorism' that Pakistan had already turned out even that nation's rulers are leading a precarious existence. Then why two nations, one a developed one and the other in the not too distant future is poised to reach the top continue to provide all assistance both in cash and kind - we need not delve deeper and deeper into it. And that reason is nothing but the need to keep India under check by keeping it always in toes.Yes it is fact that both China and Pakistan during Sardari's visit signed new treaties especially with regard to combating terrorism and also develop economic and trade co-operation.
Alas, Pakistan, a pastmaster in ignoring a peace treaty at anytime it deems fit and India's experiences on the said matter a good example here to point out. Pakistan's deceits, tactics and strategies have boomeranged on it with terror elements in that country turning against their god-fathers and it seems Pakistan in the long run if things proceed along these lines is likely to face disintegration. Signs are looming on the horizon with Punjab govt. ruled by Shabaz Sherif of Awami League - he is the younger brother of Nawaz Sherif feeding and encouraging a section of hard-core terror outfits wreak havoc in Pakistan. Pakistani peoples' inherent dislike and hatred towards USA is widely known the world over even the Time Square bomb planting by a US based Pakistani youth Shahbaz Faisal is reported to be the progeny of a Retd. Liuetnant General of Pakistan. Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) agency's covert assistance to the Taliban and Al-Quaeda militants along the harsh terrain of North-West Frontier Province (Paktoonkhwa) bordering Afghanistan is known to USA and a fuming, fretting US is likely to strike hard in Pakistan that also an imminent possibility.
In this context China too is prone to fall a prey to the Pak terrorist outfits' machinations especially at Uguiar province of Zinjing where minority Muslims for the last few years are up in arms against Chinese forces.
President Sardari with his two daughters as scheduled visited China last week close on the heels of ShivShankar Menon's visit. He had a warm meeting with Chinese President Hu-Jintao. His two daughter's also were with him to exchange pleasantries with Chinese President as they are reportedly very fond of the gentleman. In the course of his visit he held courtesy calls with prominent dignitaries and signed several treaties with them. Both Mr.Menon and Sardari left to their respective countries in good humour.
Warm hand-shakes, exchanging pleasantries and sumptuous dinner, sharing jokes when everything is put in place who else is left in this world without delight and humour.
After all Chinese leaders are really great and for that matter all the Statesmen around the world. It is worthwhile here to note that our Indian leaders always do keep a soft corner for our neighbour China,for instance our Forest & Environmental Minister during his visit to China about two months back even didn't hesitate to cast aspersions on his colleague in the cabinet P.Chidambaram and his Ministry for nursing a 'paranoid approach' in the matters relating to China while attending an International meeting on Climate change. His remarks against a prominent Ministry of India incensed both the ruling and opposition parties. An embarrassed ManMohanSingh grabbed Jairam Ramesh by his collar and ordered him to tender unqualified apology to the respected Minister of Home Affairs Mr.P.Chidambaram and the untiring efforts Jairam Ramesh took to have an appointment with the HM, I think he ever won't forget in his life-time.
Both USA and China always have a great regard to India, thank God, when the question of India's demand for a permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council keep mum though India had extended whole-hearted support to China to be a permanent member of United Nations Security Council years back. Great indeed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


The other day I wrote about the northern tip of India, Jammu&Kashmir, India's sorrow and perennial headache due to frequent incursions by the hard-core terrorist elements, the havoc they wreak upon the State ostensibly in connivance with the separatist elements owing allegiance to Pakistan. In the beginning if it was confined to the entire State of J&K, in due course its manifestations began to reflect across other parts of India like our Capital NewDelhi, financial capital Mumbai, India's Silicon valley of Bangalore, Pune in Maharashtra, Gujarat creating a terror-psychosis across whole India. The hard-core Hindutva elements also contributed their 'mite' at Malegaon in Maharashtra, the Mecca Masjid at Hyderabad in AndhraPradesh, Samjhauta Express bound for Pakistan by planting bombs and explosives. A lull of course was there with the Centre and States turning more vigilant, the Intelligence agencies going more pro-active, resultantly the terror elements keeping a low profile. India still is in the grip of terror, for example the manifestations of terrorism getting reflected across other States even the once unaffected Kerala alarmingly the terrorist hydra was baring its tentacles without the knowledge of our govt., its law-enforcement dept. and Intelligence agencies. Even youth were recruited in large numbers by the militant outfits, provided them with training and even without the knowledge of their families sent across the border to fight against their own land along with the militant elements of Pakistan. A few of them while sneaking to India under the cover of darkness apparently with the help of Pak Army men were gunned down by Indian Jawans to the shock of citizens and our rulers.
Kerala, once was well-known for its secular approach with people living in harmony, Hindus and Muslims peacefully co-existing like brothers and sisters gradually turned into a communal hot-spot. With Hindus looking at Muslims with suspicion and hatred and vice-versa.
Actually who were behind this vertical divide between Hindus and Muslims - among them sub-groups like Nairs, Christians, Ezhavas, Dalits, thus go the list. Natural. Even India as a whole is a number of groups, sub-groups, combined together, people speaking different languages, their heritage, geography, all diverse to be specific Unity in Diversity as is widely known. The whole fabric, political and social is in doldrums now, with the Centre and States frankly speaking the rulers and bureaucrats, in the corridors of power sharing the blame equally.
Back to Kerala. The recent unfortunate and shocking developmens across once calm and peaceful state with militants chopping the hands of a college professor in broad-daylight allegedly for hurting their communal sentiments while preparing question paper for an examination, thus inflaming the communal passions of a community angering the citizens across the social spectrum. Police went on a search for the culprits involved in the incident, some caught and many others still at large.
Compared to other deplorable developments, the Malayalam Professor's case is a lesser crime. The sawing of the brake-pipes of a passenger train allegedly by communal elements at Nilambur, planting of explosives in the Express train running between Shornur-Nilambur, at Mavelikara and planting of three hundred gelatins and fuse wires in a bus especially on the occasion of our Vice-President Hamid Ansari's visit to Kannur district, all within a gap of 2-3 days. It seems things are running out of hands and what all are going to affect our State, forcing the people to shudder. How is it possible for Keralites to undertake travels, long distance or otherwise without fear and apprehension with dangers lurking at unexpected corners- our rulers will have to ponder over and expedite steps.
The vote-bank politics of all political parties helped the fissiparous tendencies of communal elements grow sky-level eventually and thus our State has plunged into the abyss of communal clashes and hard-core militancy. Our political parties not heeding the warnings , advices and admonitions of independent thinkers adopted a line of appeasing communalism still continue to appease those elements to garner large chunk of votes for gaining power. Now those elements are demanding their pound of flesh and Kerala thus witnesses this tragic scenario. In the 15th General elections 2009 we witnessed such a scenario shameless appeasing of the communal elements by both LDF & UDF alike. People, alas could see through their game. Whether our so-called secular political parties will desist from such gimmicks and I can't as a citizen predict anything awaiting us.
The only way out is not to encourage or get into the trap of vote-bank politics for the sake of capturing a few seats by aligning with the communal elements which will in the long run turn Frankenstein monsters.