Saturday, January 31, 2015



With fire in his eyes
tears ran down his cheeks
like red-hot lava of anger and agony
flowing down and spreading around
like the eruption of a volcano
just like frequent thunders breakout
after years of fretting and fuming.
On noticing his red eyes
and tears like red-hot
lava flowing around
we were frightened
and to escape from his sight
we ran away and hid
behind giant trees and tall walls
when will we escape from
his intimidating looks
and remain calm, quiet and serene?

No idea…..

Friday, January 30, 2015



In the evening 
after the sunset
the shining stars 
blinking and smiling
appear up above.
Listening to the roaring
music of the violent sea 
I lie flat on the sea-shore
glancing the stars
except during
the raining season
with dark clouds hovering above
engulfing the entire
land in the dusk.
Waves followed by waves
vehemently lash against the rocks
like somebody hitting his/her
head on solid-rock
out of despair, anger and frustration
I lie on the sands of
the sea-shore
with the waves washing my
legs for hours together.
Listening to the rock music
of the  tumultuous sea
until I gradually slip
into drowsiness
I wake up from the sea-shore
and go home awaiting

the next evening…..

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



In these days of
biting hunger and poverty
they claim  we are
free from harsh times
and are living in prosperous times.
In these days of women
being treated like slaves
they boast about the
empowerment of women
being on the rise and
draw applause from across
the spectrum.
In these days of children
begging for alms with bowls in hands
they don’t have any reluctance
to assert about the oft-repeated
claims that our children
are climbing the ladder of education.
In these days of the nation
moving to the ditch of debt-trap,
they claim about the
growth trajectory achieved by the nation.
In these days of widening
gap between the haves and have-nots
with the haves sky-rocketing
and the have-nots even without
a square-meal a day
they derive pleasure and
satisfaction when mulling
over the number of millionaires
and billionaires increasing by light years.
In these days of corruption,
nepotism, communalism,
parochialism and underworld
thugs and terrorism climbing atop
the mountain posing a
threat to the very existence
of the life of billions
they remain diffident

and detachment…. 

Friday, January 23, 2015



Keeping my head high
I walk down the path.
Shedding my inhibitions and prejudices
without fear or pain
I walk down the path.
Though it is two years plus
since I stepped down in this city
I don’t have even a single friend
though it was painful and boring
to be an alien in this city in the early days
now I am impervious
to all sad feelings
I don’t need a friend or companion here
am happy to be a city-man who leads a
lonely existence.
I am accustomed with
my life in the city 
and lead the life of a hermit.
I know one day I will have to leave this city
like a plant being uprooted
and re-planted somewhere else which
too like this city might be strange to me….    

Monday, January 19, 2015



What purpose it would serve
in keeping your hands clean
washing away the stains in your hands
as long as the stains continue to stick on to your
Even if you emerge clean
washing away all the stains
if you indulge in your sins the next moment
what purpose it would serve?
In a sinful world like this
but for a few
all remain sinners
much water is essential
to wash away all the stains of our sins.  
It remains an impossible and difficult task.

Friday, January 16, 2015



Under the speeding ceiling fan
I lie tired
right from the noon.
The exhausted fan 
working overtime wreaks its 
anger and vengeance
spitting fire on me
making me restless 
and extinguishes
my flame of desire to have a sound sleep.
The windows are
kept open
let in heat waves
of the searing summer Sun make me
thirsty, keep my mouth dry
despite drinking profusely since hours. 
The intensity with which
the needles of summer Sun
penetrates me and I convulse
with excruciating pain.
Now I pray for the Rain-God
to bless me with torrential rains
and the fun is that
each monsoon drives me angry
and sad after raining non-stop 

disturbing my peace of mind and patience. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015



Whenever a new issue breaks out in the international arena, the media world seize the day - the old one however prominent is relegated to the background to the surprise and embarrassment of the news watchers. With the advent of Jasmine Revolution, rebellion broke out in Tunisia in the year 2011 citizens across the world over watched it with curiosity and apprehension. Close on the heels of Jasmine Revolution it spread as a catalyst to other Arab countries like Libya, Egypt, Yemen and a few other nations ruled by malevolent dictators, and citizens across those countries drawing inspiration from the Tunisian victory determinedly fought against those dictators like Col.Mohammed Qaddafi, Hosni Mobarak and Ali Abdul Saleh  were dethroned and new dispensations took charge for a while, yes for a while. After ousting Col.Qaddafi, Hosni Mobarak, Ali Abdul Saleh and other dictators Libya fell into the hands of anarchists, Egypt fell into the hands of leaders of Egyptian Brotherhood and ruler of Yemen Ali Abdul Saleh. Barring Yemen and Tunisia Libyan atmosphere turned into a shambles due to hundreds of tribes who fought against each other and by this time militant outfits like Al-Queida, Al-Shabab and other terror outfits. After Hosni Mobarak was forced to abdicate power after three decades in the saddle, imprisoned and underwent trial by the government led by Mohammed Morsi, leader of Egyptian Brotherhood. With him catapulted to power he turned audacious and arrogant and the demands of lakhs and lakhs of citizens to conduct democratic elections, he rejected their demands outright. Egyptian politics once again fell into a quagmire and citizens across the nation gathered at Tahrir Square protested and repeatedly demanded him to conduct elections thereby welcoming a democratic country. The army took the side of the citizens and warned Mr.Morzi to step down or face the consequences. Morzi was adamant and defiant. An exasperated military led by Al-Ataf Al-Sisi staged a coup and forcibly ousted Morzi and incarcerated him. In a sense the former army head after resigning from the post of army head assumed power as President of the country which means authoritarianism still prevails in Egypt. If and when a democratic election is conducted Egypt knows no peace.
Though the scent of Jasmine Revolution spread to Bahrain its rulers with the help of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia its authoritarian rulers ‘erased’ the hilarious smell of Jasmines in the beginning itself. Saudi Arabian rulers too apprehended the wrath of Jasmine Revolution and to prevent it the govt doled out millions of dollars as bonanza to its citizens as well as skilled and unskilled persons from abroad to gratify them, thereby plucked and destroyed the plants of Arab Spring and flowers at the earliest.
Likewise the citizens of Syria derived inspiration from the victory of Jasmine Revolution in certain countries took the plunge to oust its authoritarian ruler Dr.Bashar-Al-Azad tried to suppress the rebellion but the citizens were determined to force him out. The more Dr.Azad remained adamant the more the citizens stuck to their stand and intensified the struggle. Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of United Nations was entrusted by UN with the task of playing the role of mediator to prevail upon Dr.Azad and the leaders of the Opposition to reach an amicable settlement. Although Mr.Annan tried his level best to bring about a rapprochement between the two warring sides he miserably failed in his attempts and bowed out of the role of the mediator. In between these developments millions of innocents were murdered by the army and as many were displaced bringing the country into a mess. After Kofi Annan bowed out of his role, UN appointed Mr.Lakdhar Brahmi, the renowned mediator to intervene and appeal both the ruling junta and Free Syrian Army the opposition and despite his ceaseless efforts to avert the blood-shed too came a cropper.
Gradually Syria plunged into oblivion and nowadays we are not at all hearing anything about Syrian struggle.
In its place new developments were born like the Islamic State (IS) led by Aboobaker-Al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Islamic State leader and he himself appointed as Caliph. US with the intention of wiping away the ruthless militant organization from the face of the earth started bombing and killing innocents as well as militants. Unfortunately the Islamic State remains still defiant.
Similarly in Russia developed crisis after crisis after Crimea was annexed by Russia with majority voting in Russia’s favour in the referendum held by Pro-Russian citizens. Then came Ukraine and there too clashes between pro-Russians and pro-govt citizens with the Ukraine govt led by Petro Porshenko, the iron-fisted chocolate king thereby reaching a collision course between the Ukraine govt and Russia. The western powers took sides with Porshenko and imposed somewhat ‘crippling’ sanctions against Russia and G 8 countries expelled Russia resulting in G 7 countries.
And in Pakistan terrorists belonging to Tehreek-E-Taliban Pakistan stormed into an army school at Peshawar and killed a number of children which invited the wrath of entire world.
Last week in Nigeria, Boko-Haram, a hard-core militant outfit, gunned down 2000 citizens and in the history of Nigeria these mammoth numbers are first of its kind.
With Syrian issue relegated to the background more and more developments all blood-chilling and blood-curdling are the order of the day in certain countries.
What I am driving home is the apathy of the world media to forge ahead ignoring to hold a follow up as to where stands Syria now where the civil war broke out in 2011. Similarly many other prominent issues nagging the world are aplenty which are thrown to oblivion like garbage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015



In the grip of the civil war
the nation burns.
Thousands and thousands
killed like fire flies to the fire.
Thousands and thousands flee
to the nearby country as refugees
and set up tents.
Many died of
diseases with none to
look after them.
Mediators after
mediators appeared on
the  scene to plead for a cease fire
by inviting the leaders
of the ruling side
and the leaders of opposition
but to no avail.
When will the carnage
and mayhem end
all peace lovers
look above and
pray to God to rescue

them out of the towering inferno.

Sunday, January 11, 2015



This is an easy path to the city.
The path is but narrow
with potholes and littered with waste
thrown by those living on both sides
of the path.
Yet numerous
people choose to walk along
this narrow, nauseating path 
with their faces covered by towels.
It takes less than five minutes
to reach the noisy street.
Those who
detest the narrow path
littered with pollutants and potholes
walk down the main
road to reach the city
though it takes more
than fifteen minutes.
With none to lodge
complaint to concerned authorities
or unwilling to take the initiative
the narrow path evolves into
a heap of nauseating pollutants.
Still, for many the narrow path is dear…..           

Saturday, January 10, 2015



Bhupinder Singh Hooda, former Chief Minister of Haryana was alleged to be a prominent advocate of Khap Panchayat which claimed hundreds of innocent lives, both young men and ladies, who fell in love and fled their native land to escape a certain death by the hands of their close relatives or the members of Khap Panchayats. This kind of blood-chilling killings are named ‘honour killings’. Khap Panchayats and ‘honour killings’ are prevalent in Northern States, the epic centre which is supposed to be Haryana. The gentleman Mr.Bhupinder Singh Hooda who belongs to Indian National Congress strongly supported Khap Panchayats with a view to canvass votes thereby capturing power in the State. In the last Assembly elections however his party had to bite the dust at the hands of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
If a girl belonging to a rich family falls in love with a poor boy and run away to a distant place and get married and settle somewhere as man and wife, the heads of Khap  Panchayats or the parents or siblings of the boy and girl get angry and are on a chase to fish them out at last succeeding in their search. They plead the boy and girl to return to their native place promising them to marry them off infront of a holy place at an auspicious time and the vulnerable boy and girl go with them to their land and are brought before the Heads of Khap Panchayat. After a namesake trial they sentence both to death and kill them either by hanging in a public place or beheading them that too before the larger public or stoning them to death before the very eyes of a big crowd with an intention to sow the seeds of terror.
Despite the media or human rights organizations give vent to their anger, anguish and protest the so-called Khap Panchayats – kind of primitive organization – go on with their cruel deeds and hundreds of youth – both ladies and young men are done to death ruthlessly.
The other day there was a report from Musafarpur, Uttar Pradesh, a girl from a rich background being stoned to death by the father and her brother for fleeing her house with her lover who is from a poor family and caught red-handed. The girl was done to death by throwing bricks in the name of ‘honour killing’.
As a citizen of India I would appeal to our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi to ban the Khap Panchayats which is tantamount to a primitive institution and let those young men and ladies fall in love and get married. Mr.Modi should ensure that at least spare sometime to look after the well-being of those at the bottom ladder of society like he caters to the industrial development and Foreign Direct Investment. By leaving the poor in the lurch and concentrating all energies for the welfare of the ‘big fish’ our nation has no chance to prosper. And it is certain that National Democratic Alliance will have to tread the path of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) under Dr.ManMohan Singh.           


Friday, January 9, 2015



Ever since you entered my life
I had had a notion that 
‘now that we are
part  and parcel of
a delightful
and cheerful life
from the very day
our life
together is here to last until we
do depart from this life.’
The euphoria but didn’t
last long
and with each day passing
we  sensed a gradual
moment towards a point
of no return.
Like a flower wilting
in the evening of its life
our flower of a life
too were wilting even before the evening
and our relationship
drifted apart and we got separated.
In these days, unfortunately,
the days of living together
as man and wife
are turning a thing of an old story
a sad story
and a never to
return to the old days of

loving and caring.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015



I am safe and happy
in your hands.
In you I find a protector.
When demons are about
to surround me
courtesy your invisible power
drive away the demons to faraway lands.
Wish you could wipe away
all the evil spirits
from the very face of the earth
to protect us the mankind
and other living beings
and turn the Earth into a

different planet. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Emboldened by his words of courage
shedding the last
remnants of fears and apprehensions
I took the plunge and
went straight to confront the enemy
who had already
girded up his loins to
fight against anyone
whoever he was.
Upon seeing me summoning
courage walking straight in his direction
to take on him
he roared  like
a lion upon seeing a lesser enemy.
Still sticking on to
the words of my guide
I went and jumped closer to the enemy
and he who was
audacious and arrogant
turned into a deflated balloon
just by a sharp needle of boldness.
If at all I am indebted to anyone
he is the one who imparted words of

courage and blessed me with victory…

Monday, January 5, 2015



It was like a ritual.
Once in a year
he along with family
made it a point to
visit his parents
and spent pleasurable moments
with his father and mother 
and his children with
their grandpa and grandma.
 His wife persuaded her
mother-in-law to take
rest and in the place of her  mother-in-law 
she took up household chores.
Children’s presence made their
grandpa and grandma
quite cheerful and they played 
hide and seek games
and made merry.
After spending two weeks
he along with her and
children ensured their
presence in her family
and made it lively by
playing pranks on each other
their grandpa and grandma including.
Those were happier days
and after spending
one month both in his
and her houses
it was time to bid goodbye
and all shed tears down their
cheeks caressing and embracing each other.
And with grandma and grandpa
leaving the earth to
their heavenly abode for good
both his house and her house
turned ‘orphanages’ and
they sold the properties
belonging to them
and their connection with
their houses on the land got snapped
The annual ritual of
visiting their parents

came to the inevitable end. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015



Wearing jeans and top,
with her hair shampooed and leveled
and high-heeled sandals
like a young man
she was walking down
the footpath of the
metro watching
both sides of road
lined up with shops, banks, saloons,
hotels and crowds walking along
vehicles speeding to and fro
tooting and hooting.
If she were in a village
she would have been
the cynosure of the villagers.
But in a metro
where hundreds of both
genders walking along
clad in modern  dresses 
including top and jeans
nobody could spare time
to notice her
and for that matter
many other blondes
while the unfortunate
truth pained a few
for lack of identity
a few drew happiness and pleasure for not
anyone unable to

distinguish them.