Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Every morning
after daily routine
before proceeding to the railway station
neither do I promise
nor assure my wife and children
if and when they plead with me
to reach the flat at the earliest.
This cosmopolitan city
known for its magnetic charm, care and affection
and its ability to prevail upon its children
to maintain peace and harmony once
is now like a disappointed, devastated mother
which is incapable to offer us no guarantee
to our existence on her lap
since a decade.
With the inflow of hardcore
terrorists, accidents 
frequent incidents of rape, explosions and heist  
snatch away the precious lives of
hundreds of thousands of citizens.
In other words
none knows for sure
the victims whom
no one can identify faceless preys in this
city of surging crowds like the inexorable flow of water
through the rivers, that too once upon a time.
No wonder
this city, our mother and foster mother simultaneously
displays a sullen and gloomy look, pondering over

the plight and predicaments of her children.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hopes dashed to the ground
castle of dreams broken down
Jasmine scent a thing of past.
Every good effort went in vain

For exorcising the ghost
suffering millions took up cudgels
against the dictator Col.Muammar Qaddafi
who like a leech, stuck to his throne
and ordered  his loyal
militia to ruthlessly
suppress the rebellion
which went on for
two to three months.
The civilians refused
to cow down to the machinations of
the wicked autocrat.
With courage and determination fought
to dislodge the man from the citadel of power
until scenting the jasmine flowers of victory
the stubborn Col.was finally caught, dragged and lynched to death.
The exorcising of the ghost
finally achieved heralding a new dawn.
Unfortunately the dust of euphoria subsided after a short spell.
With the outbreak of another civil war
the scent of jasmine faded away.

More than three decades in power
the ruthless, arrogant, authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak
found himself in serious trouble with the civilians
gathering at Tahrir Square
demanding his abdication from power.
On the orders of the dictator
his loyal dedicated army men
with sophisticated weapons
though triggered their guns
though threw bombs and grenades
which exploded at Tahrir Square
claimed thousands of lives.
The rebellion grew more and more stronger
until the person who
ruled more than three decades
had to bow down before the demands of civilians
and allowed himself to be their slave.
There too euphoria after a lull died down.
The rulers with authoritarian tendencies 
elevated themselves to the throne
civilians turned out be a
disappointed, disillusioned lot 
with military capturing the throne.
The scent of Jasmine exiled from Egypt too
within a short period.

The scent of jasmine
which enveloped Yemen
forced the then ruler and his cohorts
remain sleepless
with the consolidation of the suffering thousands
coming under one banner
and saw to it that
the dictator was ousted.
God alone knows
how long peace would prevail…

With Jasmine scent
already a thing of the past
even after three years
Syria finds itself in doldrums
with no sight to the civil war subsiding.
A despicable, hated, ruthless ruler
and his loyal soldiers on the one hand
and the amoebic growth of militant outfits
Syria finds itself
between the Satan and the rock
close to two lakhs killed
and millions fled for life
Syria is now a ghost nation
waiting for a power to exorcise the ghost of dictatorship.

Monday, July 28, 2014


In the course of my journeys
across the length and breadth of the country
the very sight of the rivers
filled my heart to the brim with joy
and ecstasy once upon a time.
The ever flowing rivers
made my mind full to the brim with
delight, serene and tranquility
my mind often travelled down my memory lane.
Right from my childhood days
reclining comfortably on the chair of my ancient abode
or taking rest on the river banks
together with my parents and siblings
it was our leisure time hobbies
and enjoy the cool and sweet breeze
which made us energetic and hearty always.
The very surface of the river resembled
a dark green wide carpet.
But we were aware that 
under the dark green carpet was deceptive
undercurrents - all once upon a time.
With the flow of time
the flow of the river too gradually
turned slow
with the sun showering fire on earth.
Destruction of mangroves on both sides of the river
by the ecological plunderers alongside
the sand-miners landed on our land
and forcibly took away lorries full of sand.
Nowadays while
travelling across the of the nooks and corners of the country
I often shudder
and with gnawing pain and agony
with tears welling up in my eyes
I tried in vain not to watch the drought-hit rivers
by deliberately closing my eyes.
It was quite natural that
the very glimpse of each river
often pulls me backwards and
which often prompts me to recall
the plight of our river…

albeit my reluctance….. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Vigour, courage and
strength are his weaknesses
and these weaknesses his plus points.
When an inebriated, skeletal figure
throws choicest epithets at him
and dares to take on him
like a frog challenging a speeding car
coming from the opposite direction
and acting as a blockade sitting in the middle of the road
consequent to which meets a tragic end.
Our hero, vigour, strength and courage personified
takes pity on the man runs away from him
forcing the skeletal bloke
to burst out laughing
as if the man of vigour, strength and courage
ran away from him out of fear and apprehension

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Like a football being kicked
right, left, centre and above
we, human beings
are being kicked
right, left, centre and above
by an unknown power,
like a rat is being tossed
here and there by a cat several times around
and draws maximum pleasure
and swallows the prey
and satiate its hunger,
like the pretty garden of life
is being trampled upon by
an autocrat and draws sadistic pleasure
on the surface of this Earth
these strange times make

a mince-meat of every living-being.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Upon winning first rank
in the Civil Service Examination
he evolved into an
overnight celebrity.
His parents, siblings,
relatives, friends and well-wishers
on listening about his marvelous victory
hundreds of well-wishers
in all walks of life
flocked around him
presented him with precious gifts
made him elated  with joy and delight.
Those from afar rang him up
and offered him heartfelt congratulations.
Media people rushed to him
had interviews with him
and his photos with his family members
got published in all prominent newspapers.
Flowers of appreciation showered on him
and wished him a bright future in his career
throughout his service period.
Ministers and top political leaders
with bouquets in their possession
appreciated him, handed over gifts to him.
Gifts of recognition piled up before him.
After undergoing mandatory training 
at Mussorie alongside his colleagues  
he came back to his native State
and the govt appointed him
in the higher echelons of power.
Everything made him more and more humble
and he was humility personified.
But unfortunately
his days of glory
and feelings of elevation were short-lived
with the Ministers at the helm
shoot off missiles of their orders one by one
be them good or bad
the alternative being obeisance
to those who commanded

otherwise face the Music….. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014


After a prolonged period of drought
on a fine morning,
spring dawned on her life.
With the arrival of a handsome youth in her life
making his jovial entry
lifted the veil of melancholy covering her life.
From the very day
I started living in this residence
together with my family
I had made it a habit watching the lady
whose face reflected an air of melancholy.
She was residing alone in her flat.
In the morning
at about 9 AM
she proceeded ahead
to the nearby station
and returned at about 6 PM in the evening.
After switching on the lights and fan
she changed her dress and wore a nighty.
After about one hour
she closed the doors and windows,
and lay on her hammock and entered
the world of sleep
while the whole city remaining awake.
One day
she came along with
a handsome youth
with the both in sweet, pleasant smiles and laughter.
It was the first time since I arrived in the city
she was seen delighted.
For a short while they lived happily together.
One day bidding adieu to her
the youth left after a short span
and plunged her again into
a shell of melancholy.
Who was the
handsome youth
and where did he go?
With the spring gone,
drought in her life
made its appearance and plunged her into
a veil of sadness.
Will the spring make a return again
with the cycle of life turning a full circle?

Will drought last for a long spell? 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Is innocence a crime?
Are infants criminals?
If not, why they are
being bombarded,
gunned down,
or mined?
What crimes the warring 
nations find in them
and reduced them to pulp?
At a time the war between two nations
is being categorized in the list of crimes
is there any justifications behind
taking a plunge and indulge in wars?
How come they
dare to fight it out
and squeeze the very honeyed essence of existence
numbering about millions of
citizens across the world 
majority of them kids
who do not
know the meaning of life
who do not know
how to dream about their future, ambitions, imaginations
and even fantasies.
I am at a loss to know whether
the rulers of the
warring nations don’t
have innocent kids
who too perish in the blood-bath?
Is innocence a crime?
Are infants criminals?
And what for
they are not allowed
to grow under the care, love
affection of their parents?

Monday, July 21, 2014


We are proud of being the incarnations of
Florence Nightingales
hailing from a South East nation
for the last two years.
With the eruption of a civil war breaking out
between forces belonging to
the reigning nation and hard-core militant outfits
spilling rivers of blood
and vast areas of properties including cultural heritages
being bombarded and devastated by the
ruthless rulers and equally ruthless
militants forcing the
civilians cocooned in their residences
and lakhs of refugees fleeing
to other nations across its borders.
We are held hostage by rough militants
since the last one or two months.
With explosions and loud cries renting the air
we with our empty stomachs with prayers
fearing we too might be bombarded
by the soldiers loyal to the government or by the elements of terror.
We curse ourselves for boarding flights to this nation
for earning a livelihood,from our land of origin.
Our parents, siblings,
friends and relatives
must be praying to the God Almighty
for our safe passage to our land of birth.
We can very well
fathom the depth of their angst
with all communications broken
and our contacts lost.
The explosions can destroy our hospital
killing us all
we are shivering with fear by hiding
in the basements of the hospital.
Like us the patients too are trembling
with fright including the seriously ill struggling for life, praying to God.
Which power can rescue us from this hell?



Bashar-Al-Assad, would have been a renowned ophthalmologist if he had stepped into a pair of new shoes after throwing away the old pair of shoes worn by his father Hafiz-Al-Assad, the notorious autocrat who let loose a reign of terror across Syria with an iron hand. He was like a king cobra on prowl spreading its fang and bite his victims.
Dr.Assad, the junior, instead of following his profession stepped into his father’s shoes and with a streak of authoritarianism running through his veins rules Syria with an iron fist and going on with his father’s ruthlessness, venality and determination from the very day he assumed power and since 2011 is on a venomous mission of annihilating the rebels who are determined to kick him out from his throne and subsequently his soldiers went on a genocide snatching 150000 and more civilian deaths. Millions displaced from their abodes yet the blood-shed continues with no sign of peace in sight. A son who has inherited his father’s genes finds no escape from choosing a reign of terror across the length and breadth of the country.
Otherwise what explanation one has to offer to the massacres of lakhs of his own country men.
Nowadays we the citizens across the world seem to have forgotten that blessed inspiring, charming slogan ‘Jasmine’ Revolution.
With Iraq on the boil, Ukraine about to fall into a civil war, Boko Haram, the militant outfit on a killing spree across Nigeria, more than 200 young children held hostage according to their will and pleasure, the Palestinian Hamas involved in deadly conflict with Israel causing the murder of a number of Hamas citizens majority of them innocent children for no fault of theirs’ – our world is heading to a towering inferno.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


If I was not a book-worm
If I was not a man of letters
I f boredom like a curse
was fallen upon me
I f I was not confined to a room
with none to cultivate friendship, camaraderie and love.
I would have been

thrown out into a ditch of insanity already. 

Friday, July 18, 2014


The city, once my foster-mother beckons me not these days.
Her inability to offer guarantee to one’s life
if he/she mulls over catching a train or any vehicle
and for that matter keeps her silent, gloomy and frightened
due to her helplessness
since the hydra of
terror, violence and apprehensions spreads its tentacles
across the length and breadth of the
hapless foster-mother.
There was a period when the city and her
children basked
in the glories of peace, non-violence and harmony.
her tremendous growth makes one baffled
the advent of the monster of terror,
violence and apprehension goes on strangulating her
she never welcomes any one to her lap
reaching from faraway lands risking their lives
in order to have their daily bread
by toiling hard throughout the day taking no rest.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I can sense a
protective covering around me
whenever you are by my side.
I can experience
the agony and ecstasy
whenever I am around your arms.
I can recall the gone days in our life
whenever we rewind our past
driving us to get drowned in the sea of nostalgia.
I can feel the glories and ordeals
our ancestors underwent before we made our presence
on the surface of Mother Earth
from the books and documents available to us.
I can experience with shudder
the generation next will have to suffer
the catastrophe with our earth heading
to evolve into an unlivable place

owing to our own undoing…. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Our benevolent king
kept no time-schedule or deadline
for travelling under the moonlit, starry nights
astride his white horse.
The benevolent king
despite keeping the deadline
and the routes for travelling
under the starry, moonlit nights
astride his horse
kept his secrets close to his chest.
We, his loyal subjects lay on our cots for hours together  
waited and hoped to listen to the ‘tuck tuck tuck’ steps of his
white horse everynight.
Though we were ignorant about
his dead-lines and the routes he chose.
Still expectations and hopes
never allowed us to fall in the sleep,
we lay glued to our cots.
 Our despair and sorrow
forced us to push into the verge of abyss
we continued to listen to the steps
astride his white horse every night.
One day to our shock and agony
news of a malevolent king from the neighbouring country
astride his black horse
and long array of his soldiers with sophisticated weapons
conquered our country overpowering
our king and catapulted himself to the throne
and let loose a reign of terror across the country

consequently sending the lightning shivers down our spines. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Flowers are withering away
alongside the plants.
Rivers, rivulets, streams
and ponds dried up.
Unable to withstand
the red hot sun
the verdant landscape has already vanished.
And the fields get burnt by blazing sun
and they develop cracks.
Scarcity of grass and water forces the farmers
to dump their cattle at the abattoir.
The farmers unable to repay the loans
they availed of from banks and shylocks
attain solace by the kisses of death.
The melting glaciers cause the water levels
of the oceans to rise threatening the
submergence of island nations below sea-levels.
With the famines like sharks and whales
reaching out to swallow us, the victims - the Homosapiens.
One day our Mother
Planet – the Earth
will turn into an alien planet

with none remaining alive…..  

Monday, July 14, 2014


With the explosions
reaching nearer and nearer
with explosions piercing
our ears intermittently
we were left with
no other alternatives
except to flee for life
leaving our belongings
then and there.
Looking for a safe place
we covered hundreds of miles.
after a number of days we
reached the outskirts
of a neighbouring country
tired, devastated disheartened and frightened we were.
Like any other refugees
who had pitched their
tents before our arrival
we too pitched a tent nearby.
Hunger was taking our toll
resulting  in the death
of a few of our near and dear
on the way
what we were badly missing was
at least a square meal once in a while
if not daily.
After pitching our tent
we could hear with fear
the loud but compassionate sounds of
helicopters flying above our heads
dropping food packets.
We could see from inside our tents
refugees in other tents coming out
and fighting for the food packets
like stray dogs fighting for a crumb of bones.
Hunger doesn’t
have caste, creed and religion.
Hunger knows not the
meaning of love, friendship or compassion.
After finding out the reason behind
the crawling out of
the refugees from
their tents in hundreds
we too started sitting with our 
ears glued to the ground
for the occasional arrival of helicopters
with food packets.
We too started
fighting with other refugees
for at least a food packet to
satiate our hunger.
We hate our government like anything
we hate our enemies - the militants
who are bent upon ousting the
autocrat ruling our country.
What we need is peace
What we dream is peace
What we want to lead
is a peaceful life with at least a square meal a day
which are eluding us.
Instead of that

what we undergo are a chain of nightmares. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014


physical and mental,
both are being enacted
on the stages 
across the countries
the world over
that which are visible
before us are physical violences
like Shakesperian tragedies
or for that matter any tragedies,
violences that which are enacted in the
minds of people
I mean mental violences
are performed in the minds
of the citizens across the world.
Mental violence finds
its expression
like black humour finds its source,
in the works of certain
artists, writers or intellectuals.
Can we come to the point
that the mental violence

evolves into physical violence?

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Under a scorching sunny day
down the busy Broadway
four (or five?) young men or (women?)
undertook a streaking.
Like a flash of lightning
making the onlookers spellbound
with unbelieving eyes
they stood rooted like statues
unable to even identify 
those four (or five?) young men (or women?)
Was it a hallucination?
Or flashes of lightning
melting into thin air
just before a heavy downpour
they couldn’t make head or tail of it.
With the onlookers
coming to their senses
each glanced at the other
with big question marks
glimmering in their eyes inquiring
whether they actually went thru
a sleight of the hand feeling, a magical feeling
none could respond with conviction.
Where did (or didn’t?) they come from?
Where were (or weren’t) they heading to
even today it continues an unsolved puzzle….  


Thursday, July 10, 2014


He always yearned
to take a bath in the limelight.
What he badly missed was a platform
and a sea of audience to listen to his words in rapt attention.
He had a mountain of views
and ideas under the sun and occasionally beyond the sun
to ventilate his feelings at the top of his voice.
After weighing the pros and cons
he chose a political outfit albeit politics
though it is often said is the last resort of a scoundrel.
‘It is better to be a scoundrel’
rather than a non-entity in the society – he believes.
Politics, after all, is a lucrative profession

which needs no capital. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Knowing her
pastime of fondness
towards her garden
bearing colourful blooms
he brought her various
plants and gifted it to her.
Reading his love of flowers
she would present him
bunches of flowers to make him hale and hearty.
Reading her attachment towards him
he would pour in
elixir of love in abundance
to get her inebriated with love.
Aware of her longing
for sunset he would give her company
to Marine Drive and
enjoy the sight of the waves of the sea
lashing the sea shore.
They are moments of the
Sun in his ochre robe
slowly taking dip for the day.
Knowing his love of
Sunrise she would wake him up early in the morning
and would walk to the sea-shore.
They would wait for
the appearance of
silvery Sun smiling at them.
Enjoying the warmth and brightness of Sun
both would get locked in embraces
and thousand kisses.
Come Sunday mornings
he would give
her company to the church
to attend the Holy Communion.
Whenever he aspired to
go to the temple
she would accompany him
and would wait for him

outside the temple.

Monday, July 7, 2014


In pursuit of her proximity
I ran fast, walked fast,
and jumped many a hurdle.
Fatigue, tiredness, agony
thirst and hunger
all turn immaterial
when a goal is set.
I am optimistic
still optimistic
one day my purpose
ought to be materialized.
Life is a game of pursuits
one’s aim
one’s dedication
one’s devotion
relegating all other matters behind.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


What the stars foretell?
Stars foretell umpteen things.
Not all predictions need be true.
Some go right
but many go awry.
What the stars foretell?
Stars foretell many things
love, hate,
wealth, penury,
vigour and strength
friendship and enmity
the lists go on.
Not all of them need be true
but many go wrong.
Knowing all these facts
we go through, “what the stars foretell
this week for you”
in the inner pages of
a newspaper or magazines.
Funny….. really funny……

Saturday, July 5, 2014


It was a meteoric rise. It was an incredible nose-dive. Within one year of its formation it could draw the attention of the whole world. Majority of citizens across India - most of them middle class citizens and those belonging to the lower middle class - got attracted to the new party.
AAP(Aam Admi Party) leaders, through their dedication and sincerity spread far and wide across the nation was in the vanguard against massive corruption, poverty, unemployment, millions of masses without roofs over head, lack of sanitation, scarcity of pure drinking water, sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities and food – all eating into the vitals of national fabric fought against government in the citadels of power through peaceful demonstrations. Leaders and followers of the party visited each household and those without covers of their heads drew the attention and apprised them of the immediate need of changing the shape of the body-politic.
Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisodia and a number of leaders made the people aware of the murky political situation prevailing across the nation and could succeed in bringing the latter to its fold. The citizens who were suppressing their anger and indignation since decades at last got a savior to fight for them. The excitement and enthusiasm with which they flocked to the leaders of Aam Admi Party were inspiring.
The bye-elections to the assemblies of five States were round the corner and the party under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal decided to contest from New Delhi with vigour, spirit and determination mobilized the citizens as a first step in the direction. Even AAP members of other States caught trains to New Delhi to contribute their mite and invoked the Delhi citizens to exercise their franchise and catapult the Aam Admi Party to power. The citizens of Delhi with courage and conviction cast their valuable votes in favour of AAP at the hustings since they were reeling under the pressure of corruption, unemployment, poverty etc since a prolonged period.
With the counting of votes nearing its end, to everyones’ surprise and delight AAP came second, the first being BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) but without the majority to form a govt.
The Congress got relegated a poor third and to prevent the BJP from cobbling together a govt the former decided to extend its support to AAP to run the Union Territory of Delhi.
Thus a party of one year old was elevated to power with full of promises.
With Arvind Kejriwal in the chair of Chief Minister, a group of his colleagues held the positions of various Ministries, the govt proceeded ahead implementing a host of reforms. Mr.Kejriwal’s unnecessary hurry proved his undoing. True. He could provide seven hundred litres of water free of charge to those who were suffering from scarcity of water, cutting the power-tariff to half bringing cheers in the faces of Delhites those were good times to Delhites.
With him taking up tabling of Jan Lokpal in the Assembly, Indian National Congress(INC) which was extending support to his govt from outside decided to withdraw support to his govt since the leaders of the INC were apprehending framing of charges against them for the massive corruption indulged in by them. But Mr.Kejriwal, the young man in a hurry remained stubborn, tabled the bill in the Assembly. With BJP and Congress members voting against Kejriwal was left with no choice except to step down after 49 days of AAP’s holding of power. Later he even went to the extend of offering unqualified apology to the Delhites but they couldn’t and wouldn’t wanted to share the blame with him.
Within three to four months, approached General elections and AAP wanted to field candidates across the States. And it did. But with rumblings within AAP and many resigning from the party as they got fed up with the party the party could garner only four seats, that too from Punjab. Delhi which made him Chief Minister and blessed his party once, turned their faces away from him and his party and was pushed into a big zero.
Nowadays, even the party’s name not coming up I wonder what actually happened to Mr.Kejriwal and his colleagues.

As Jairam Rmaesh, the Congress leader put it ‘the AAP can’t be called a party but it is a collection of inividuals’. His statement has been proved right.