Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My river of life,
gentle, blue, transparent-
flow, sometimes calm and quiet,
pebbles, swift movements,
of fish coming up to the surface,
then going down,
other organisms moving,
to and fro,
visible to the naked eyes,
stars and moon,
reflecting underneath on starry nights.
My life,
gushing forth at,
other times,
reminding one of an avalanche,
even pebbles underneath,
being rolled to the front,
force of flow,
that intense.
My life,
muddied and opaque,
with nothing visible,
to the naked eyes,
restive and violent,
like a boiling sea.
My life,
sitting on the banks of my life,
drawing water lines,
on water,
like a child building,
sand castles on the seashore,
being frequently washed away,
by waves,
leaving the child disappointed.
Unlike the child on,
the sea-shore,
building sand castles,
washed away frequently,
by waves,
leaving him frusted,
with smiles stamped on,
my lips,
continue I,
drawing water lines,
transparent or muddied,
no matter,
know like my inner palms,
my water lines are not there to stay,
ephemeral, quite ephemeral,
like a foolish act,
continue I non-stop,
my life,
the human life as a whole,
ephemeral, quite ephemeral.

Monday, August 30, 2010


We Indians are a peculiar lot. There is a saying among us. ‘Only when one feels like relieving himself/herself, he/she frantically searches for a suitable place to do it. Till then no one cares a damn. In the past in our land especially in the rural areas sanitary facilities were nil and hence during morning times our elders had cultivated the habit of rushing to the banks of rivers, streams, canal or rivulets and hiding behind thick pandanus, mangroves or trees, relieve themselves and perform the purification ceremony in the rivers, streams, canals or rivulets. Occasionally even after the morning hours since ‘nature’s calls’ are quite unexpected. Sorry sir, what had already mentioned is still prevalent across our incredible nation which is on a ‘high growth trajectory’. Undertake a visit to various parts our nation - cities, towns and even remote corners of the country sides. Even in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, we very well come across people shamelessly defecating in the open, blaming them is a great sin because when no sanitary facilities are available they are left with no choice, but to satisfy their ‘biological necessities’ keeping no shame if the circumstances prevailing across our great cities on these lines. Just imagine the plight and predilections of those in the remote areas. Even in the first half of 21st century, two to three years back an estimated figure of 567 million Indian citizens are devoid of sanitary facilities. Still harping on the ‘quantum jump’ in various fields is something reprehensible as also laughable.

I was compelled to pen the adage prevailing amongst us since even on sensitive matters affecting the nation which need urgent attention and follow-up our leaders dither quite often. Our rulers, opposition leaders, media personalities, political commentators all belong to the same group. Range of the moment decisions and patch-ups for the time-being, then forget the whole matter when a new development occurs somewhere there also range of the moment solutions then the slumber or waiting for something new to come to the fore seem to be a daily phenomenon. As one among the citizens of India in one way or other I do share a part of the blame.

Kashmir went on the boil two-three months back, yes, even before it Kashmir was somewhat in turmoil but for the last two-three months Kashmir turned out to be the pain of the entire nation. Violence erupted on a daily basis by the restive citizens of that State, men, women, youth and even children getting embroiled, paramilitary forces and police on the rampage even firing at a mob or somebody seen under suspicious circumstances even school children falling to bullets. Such incidents inflamed the already simmering tensions followed by more and more violent clashes and deaths demanding independence to Kashmir even integration with Pakistan slogans rent the air with clerics and other separatist leaders like Hurriyat Conference both moderate and hardliners like Mirwaiz Omar Farooq and Sayed Ali Sha Geelani, JKLF under Yasin Malik apart from the mainstream parties like PDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) under Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti. Many parties have already come out with many suggestions like an economic package, more employment to the youth, autonomy within the framework of Indian constitution.

A lull is visible, and that in no way is a sign that the simmering problem has been solved for ever, even our rulers and for that matter no one believes.
No follow-up after that whatsoever a sensitive issue remaining elusive.

In came another one in the ‘guise’ of Common Wealth Games and corruption on a large-scale by its organizers as reported by the media. Even a national news channel like CNN-IBN termed it ‘Corrupt Wealth Games’ and the attention of the news media as a whole turned to the new-found victim with the easiness to tear it apart to the whims and fancies of each. Corruption at all levels should have to be attacked ‘tooth and nail’, no doubt, and as far as Common Wealth Games is concerned our media emerged the best performers. But for their vigil and exposing of the irregularities the important event would not have caught the attention of the rulers at the helm. Even Sheila Dixit, who was reportedly on the defensive on a particular moment lost her cool towards the media upon facing allegations has now come out with tall claims and predictions that CWG is going to be the greatest sports event ever. Listen Shri Mani Shankar Aiyer.

The same media - not all – but a major section chose to be silent over IPL scam follow-up and as P.Sainath, Rural Affairs Editor ‘The Hindu’ pointed out the other day media owners who benefit a lot from IPL by way of advertisement revenue have discovered ‘silence’ to be the best option. An ugly instance of ‘paid-news syndrome’ prevailing across the media-world. Sainath came down heavily on Press Council of India (PCI) for not disclosing the findings after the enquiry entrusted upon it keeping in mind the vested interest of newspaper barons.

A shameful example of the double standards of our media.

Now that yesterday’s newspapers have reported another Maoist attack in Chattisgarh reportedly killing 6 jawans. Forgetting the rest which need follow-ups, the rulers, other party leaders, political commentators last but not the least media will have something to comment on the latest Maoist offensive. Permanent solutions are not anybody’s business, range of the moment decisions and patch-ups most easy and here we proceed……..

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Blowing conch-shells from temples’ premises,
at inauspicious moments,
‘holy-men’ inflaming the religious passions,
of the worshippers,
to take up cudgels against the ‘enemies’,
ringing church bells,
the priests preaching to the flock,
to launch crusades against the ‘enemies’,
clerics exhorting from inside the mosques,
calling upon followers,
to launch ‘jihads’ against the ‘infidels’,
---------mothers being pushed out,
of the houses into the streets,
by their progenies,
and making love with their spouses,
women being set ablaze,
demanding more dowries,
children being sexually abused by paedophiles,
quite unexpected,
on calm serene, tranquil days,
like bomb explosions,
a world where,
everything or
is possible.
So what?.
I hope
a day would come
when conch-shells being blown from temples’ premises,
church bells being rung,
exhortations from inside the mosques,
for a peaceful, serene and a tranquil dawn.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hoping against hopes,
she lied down, her ear glued to
the pillow
for the music of crickets
from afar,
needles of loud roars
greeted her piercing her tympanum
she lied down convulsing
in excruciating pain.
She lied down on her back,
keeping eyes wide open,
hoping against hopes
for a beautiful verdant
thick green forests,
vast paddy fields
quietly, shyly flowing stream
each side lined-up with pandanus,
like a silver line,
dividing the sprawling fields.
she saw,
sky-rocketing concrete forests
all around,
a hazy metropolis,
smoke billowing out
into the atmosphere.
Aloud she cried,
aloud she burst out laughing
to reach her loved ones afar.
Her cries,
all returned, ‘undelivered’.
Woke up from the bed
took two valium tablets,
gulped them down,
and slumped in the cot.
Seconds ticked past
drowned in the ocean of slumper
she lay
followed by a chain of dreams
the cherished dreams of
crickets chirping
beautiful verdant landscape,
thick green forests,
quietly, shyly flowing,
sparkling stream,
resembling a village lass,
like a silver line,
dividing a vast paddy fields,
children in ‘birthday suits’
diving into it
swimming along
disturbing the tranquility of the stream.
Everything she enjoyed
her heart full to the brim with joy and delight.
Life though not worth living
life certainly worth dreaming.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Elsewhere I had written not once, twice or thrice about the Great Indian Circus called Indian political scene. An event be it a song, dance, film, sports or a speech however popular and attractive, if telecasted repeatedly begets boredom, irritation and disappointment to the viewers. Similar is the case here. Here I am compelled to touch upon an event enacted in our Parliament, characters almost the same heroes, heroines and comedians, and thanks to television sets in our guest rooms across the nation which telecasted live the entire ‘circus’. During the session each day the parliamentarians perform - often creating pandemoniums and rushing to the well of the house, shouting against each other, often trading unparliamentary words, followed by wild gestures and even manhandling, staging walk-outs forcing adjournments for a day or for an indefinite period thanks to the relief of the viewers.

This time it was an uproar by a major section of the parliamentarians over the ‘core’ issue of ‘pay hike’ demanding five times the present pay by two Yadavs and their followers. Trebling the pay hike ie. three times the present one which was satisfying for the majority - nice personalities they are - along with hike in various allowances, free air travel to the MPs and their entire families such little little comforts squeezing millions of tax-payers - here the viewers slumped in the ring-side seats. Parliament members’ wage-hike never demands discussions, bargaining - collective or otherwise or negotiations, they decide it, implement it and amicably settle all problems unlike employees working in banks, insurance companies, railways, airlines, software companies etc. They present demands first on the expiry of the settlements, get rejected by the negotiating authorities, then work to rule, pen-down strikes, token strikes and when all steps fail are forced to give notice for indefinite strike and only on that occasion a man in the garb of Labour Commissioner – a government employee appears on the scene, bilateral talks follow in his presence and though the matters don’t get settled, strike threat being deferred for the time-being. Such threats, strikes and negotiations continue for two to three years or more and finally a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) is arrived the employees being forced to accept a nominal increase – peanuts to be precise - in salaries. Implementation takes further time and finally gritting teeth and with charming smiles both sides shake hands and disperse for the moment. A respite of sorts for the time being.

Members of Parliament, irrespective of the colours, principles and policies are unanimous except the Left MPs on one issue, the ‘core issue’ of wage hike. No dharnas, no fast unto deaths, strikes, all being done smoothly and settled amicably to the delight of the members.

Pity my country, majority of our MPs are millionaires a few are even billionaires still their greed and selfishness know no limits. They don’t care the stark and naked truth that income of 78 percent of our citizens is twenty rupees a day and the dream of a poor citizen is at least one square meal a day. It is estimated that approximately 800 million citizens are living below poverty line. Those who are entrusted with the task of making demands in parliament for the cause of the poor ones across the nation with whose votes such MPs are catapulted to seats of comfort and power care their ulterior motives and selfish, greedy goals.

Furthermore on the matter of corruption, amassing crores of rupees disproportionate to their income majority of our MPs have criminal cases pending against them.
Nothing matters to such elements as long as their pockets are heavy and they nurture a notion that as long as they are endowed with heavy pockets stashed with money in their pockets they can escape the hands of the law reaching out to them and they roam freely across the country by first-class air conditioned coaches in trains, air-travels, all for free.

Many of them must not have even heard about the respected revolutionary whose life was fully dedicated for the cause of downtrodden and while fighting for them braved lathis, assaults and bullets often ending up in prison AKG alias A.K.Gopalan as he is fondly called. While a decision was taken in Parliament to hike the wage of an MP from Rs 350 to Rs 400, AKG reportedly decided not to accept the hiked amount saying ‘not for this we are elected to Parliament’. Similarly our first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad who took a decision to allot half his salary for the cause of the people across the nation.

Flip through the pages of history and let them learn about selfless great men and their simple lives.

In the first half of the 21st century we have found ourselves in an abyss with People’s Representatives running after material comforts, pomp and pageantry occupying the seats of power flanked by ‘Z’ plus security coverage keeping no qualms whatsoever.

Indian tax-payer, the average citizen is ultimately the loser. That is our destiny.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Peripatetic was she
wherever she was,
my mobile reached her,
river of love flowed
towards me always
with a frantic ‘roaming, roaming’
knew she the worth of each paise
unlike me,
Sweet, soothing and warm,
elated I would sit,
a train of thoughts
took me to distant,
unknown lands of happiness
and delight
Never she cared to call me,
wherever she was,
messages of greetings,
flowed from me always,
like a cool breeze,
on auspicious
Never ever cared she,
to respond.
Mind would travel
back to the days
we spent pleasurable.
Memorable moments were they
moments we shared and enjoyed.
But see,
she has no past now,
believes and lives in,
‘never a call being
made by you, why?
‘hectic schedule you see
hectic schedule,
and get in touch
whenever you wish
her stock response.
Pilgrimages she likes,
it is heard,
on a pilgrimage,
to the foothills of,
seeking divine blessings,
Divine bliss.
manifestations countless,
and she,
a living manifestation.
An enlightenment,
but too late.
the hallmark of
modern times.


Past a crime,
present ideal,
press not the rewind-button,
nor forward-wind,
future shocks,
Alwin Toffler,
you fool
you and your ‘Future Shock’,
ashamed of you.
Present is ideal
live the present
enjoy the present
walk the talk
walk when you talk,
talk when you walk,
crack jokes,
exchange kisses if you wish,
mind you don’t talk the past,
nor the future,
live the present.
Plight of the blue planet,
forced disappearance of greenery
along with the colour world
of flowers.
Poison runs thru,
Earth’s veins,
asphyxiating its children,
to death.
Melting glaciers,
the poisoned blood streams,
Mother Earth’s protective blanket,
torn asunder by its own children like suicide – bombers,
making way for the merciless sun,
rape the Mother Earth,
roast alive its innocent children,
forcing a generation,
turn Moorsaults,
forcing each,
trigger the button
aiming each other.
Camu’s laughter
reverberates throughout.
Live the present,
you fools,
walk the talk,
you fools,
sorry sir,
we fools never rewind.
Past a crime,
Fututre a sin,
A sin,
A Happy Onam…
Not a belated one.

Friday, August 20, 2010



Sun set ahead,

of schedule,

in our apartment.

Saw me the window

and door closed

baffled for a moment

knocked once, twice, thrice,

then pushed,

sorry, locked from inside.

‘Mr. Kutty inside?’

No idea…

eyes entered the room

through the key-hole

aghast I stood,

heart missed a beat.

In the semi-darkness,

no moon and stars shining

up above

Mr. Kutty aged 40,

fully naked


to the tunes of a lullaby sung by

an unknown mother

to soothe the nerves of

an orphan.

Outside the apartment

city as usual

with the descending of

darkness and

as if to overpower it

awashed with light within seconds

roar of bulleting local trains,

hooting sirens

play vanishing tricks

without rest

faceless crowd

hurrying down streets

in singles and groups.

Eyes entered inside

through the key-hole

once again.

Mr. Kutty, aged 40

still dancing to the tunes

of the lullaby sung by

an unknown mother 

To soothe the nerves of

an orphan.

…………….Walked away from there

Felt like not disturbing him

down to the streets and 

walked  the path

at last reaching an air-conditioned beer parlour


that of a faded-moon-lit one

candles glowing on each table,

each one in his/her

own world,

ordered a chilled-beer and

potato chips 

waiter in white uniform

spotting turban

politely, respectfully

filled the designed glass

emptied it in one gulp

cigaretting I sat   

half-an-hour gone

inside the faded moonlit


Then back to the room


windows and door opened

stars and moon glittering

up above

Apartment now,

World of light.

Mr.Kutty, aged 40,

clad in pants and shirt

combing hair in front

of the mirror

spotting me

slumped in the sofa

A ‘warm hello’ thru the mirror

‘late today you’?

Kutty aged 40

glint in eyes

‘yeah, my friend, a bit’

‘Happens’- in came response

kept the shoes under

the sofa

standing under the fan 

spent a few minutes  

‘Okay friend, dinner ready,

waiting me

see you then’-

Kutty, aged 40 replies

and walks away

‘a walking enigma’ –

told me myself.         

Thursday, August 19, 2010


In the troubled, turbulent waters of



he wrote,


like a rudderless boat

floats around

with the wings of  

waves forcing you

back and forth,



and downwards,

and you

helplessly, restlessly 

floats around,

like a football being

kicked and tossed around

in the turbulent waters. 

And like an orphan,

stands I rooted like a tree



braving the giant towering waves

whip lashing me

ready to be carried away

or to be blessed with,

your safe


on the shore.            


Whether internal or external, in an era of turbulence and turmoil a step in the right direction to calm the waters is indeed welcome by all peace-loving citizens.


Not only India, almost all nations around the world are caught in the web of violence, instability, ethnic rivalries and clashes, xenophobia, regional chauvinism etc. Yes, it is a frightening web.


As we are all aware of, our nation almost on a daily basis is confronted with many headaches be it in Kashmir, North-East and the so-called red-corridor infested with Maoist revolutionaries, threat from across the border, infiltration of terror elements into our country not only from across the Kashmir border even across from the North-Eastern side ie. Myanmar and from across the Nepal border. Kashmir permanently on the boil, even during Independence day while Chief Minister Omar Abdullah while addressing a crowd after the traditional flag-hoisting, a suspended policeman reportedly ‘gifted’ him a shoe from a distance. His father Farooq Abdullah is reportedly happy that on a special day like Independence day a citizen by ‘gifting’ a shoe to his son Omar has joined the elite club of George W Bush, Asif Ali Sardari and P.Chidambaram – all honored like this in the past.


Frankly speaking, in this era of turbulence and turmoil each nation is undergoing nightmares, knows no peace and harmony but each craves for such an ambience to prevail across the world. Bitter experiences in the form of internal violence by terrorist outfits, bombings, suicide-bombings, killing hundreds and hundreds of civilians that too on a daily basis in Pakistan affecting the very existence of that nation – once a promoter of terror elements aided and abetted by its authorities to take on India, its neighbouring country, to upset the peaceful atmosphere in the Kashmir Valley as also the entire India now finds themselves in a piquant situation as the same terror-outfits have finally turned against its Creator. Now the ruling Pakistani leaders though with much reluctance have turned towards the nations across the world to help them in fighting terror prevalent in their country. Even its ‘all weather friend’ USA terms it ‘the epicentre of terrorism’ joining hands with other nations holding the same opinion.


In the backdrop of such a pathetic situation, now affecting other nations also, Russia has convened a summit of four nations, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is the initiator of the summit with Sergi Lavrov, Foreign Minister assisting him. Pakistan is represented by President Asif Ali Sardari, Afghanistan by Hamid Karzai and Tajikistan by Emomali Rakhmon.


All the four nations are victims of terrorism and drug menace hence unanimous in their views in fighting the menace and rooting it out from the respective nations. Chechniya is a thorn in the flesh of Russians and only less than a year has elapsed when two Chechniyan women suicide- bombers got exploded in a train in the busy hours killing hundreds of innocent citizens. Pakistan’s case already pointed out. The situation in Afghanistan in other words “Afghan imbroglio” is already known to everyone across the world. Taliban militants with ruthless precision target any spot they like and love to hit and these elements still hold on to ‘archaic’ rules and implement verdicts according to Shariat laws, such as hanging in public, stoning to death, beheading and point blank firing reminding medieval periods. Even US, British and NATO forces combinedly found it an ardous task to eliminate those elements from the soil of Afghanistan. Remember the war commenced in 2001 and ten years already elapsed terrorists still on prowl and committing maximum destruction. Still a positive step, though a small step, is a welcome one and hence the Sochi summit has its own significance.

While talking about Afghanistan joining the pact against narcotics it is worthwhile to note here that there the drug empire is reportedly run by Abdul Khali Karzai, the elder brother of President Hamid Karzai. On account of the same reason Hamid Karzai signing the pact is something worth watching in the days to come.


Tajikistan once a part of erstwhile Soviet Union like Russia too is a terror infested nation. About six months ago Tajikistan also came under a violent uprising and authorities had a tough time tackling it.


Apart from eliminating terrorism and drug menace, agreements on power generation, transport and overall infrastructure development, economic and trade co-operation and providing a safe route for transporting ammunition to Afghanistan to take on Taliban and Al-Quaeida elements – accords on the overall development of the region reached amicably in the framework of Shanghai Co-operation Organisation.

Next conference is reportedly to be held at Tajikistan.


Let the whole world wake up and plunge into a joint venture in the coming days, for the creation of a more peaceful world devoid of hatred animosities greed, selfishness and treachery to make the world a better place to live in before it is too late.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


colour of beauty
is black.
Hair well-combed,
sandal paste,
on the forehead,
dressed in
fresh, starched white
keeps on smiling broadly
pleasant faced,
service minded, it seems.
………Buyer and seller
Seated in front
in separate chairs
boss in white,
casts broad smile at both
and they return it.
Identity cards
of both essential
seller shows his card
okay, nothing wrong
buyer’s turn now
okay, nothing wrong
Boss’s duty complete
for the time-being.
Buyer’s name
signature, thumb-impression
a must
another one standing near the boss
Gets it all done.
Formalities over
seller leaves the place for good
But the buyer waits
He has to wait
No idea sir….


devout Muslim he is
on fast
throughout the day
keeps his mind and body pure
being Ramdan, the holy month
visits mosque
five times a day
as is the custom
does ‘namaz’
breaks the fast
in the evening
keeping schedule.

devout Muslim he is
runs a business chain
doing brisk business
all running flourishing ones
hence the profit boom
Inshah Allah
employees happy
employer happy.

devout Muslim he is
on fast these days
being Ramdan the holy month
visits mosque,
five times a day
does ‘namaz’
keeps his mind and body pure.
devout Muslim he is
always on the move,
being a real-estate broker
visits plots
for sales, purchases
meets different people
buyers and sellers
all needy these days
being a period of
real-estate boom,
Rahman, the broker
too on boom
purchaser on boom,
seller on boom
all on boom.
All something hilarious.
All said and done,
Rahman the real estate broker
devout Muslim he is
gets done all well
to the satisfaction
of all the clients,
demands his pound of flesh
like Shylock in Merchant of Venice,
from the purchaser and seller alike
no compromise whatsoever.
devout Muslim he is
on fast through out the day
being Ramdan, the holy month
visits mosque,
keeps his mind and body pure
does ‘namaz’
five times daily
breaks fast
keeping schedule,
Inshah Allah,
happy man he is,
a happy Ramzan, Rahman.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ever since I saw you
In the midst of the crowd
like a butterfly
fluttering around
a red rose in a garden
Mad after you I was.
I recall the day I saw you
at the sea-shore
under a glittering star-lit blue sky
attired in an angelic costume
like a bird flapping its wings
or a gyrating princess wearing a white cap
with madness shining in my eyes,
me running towards you
for giving you a warm hug and a kiss,
and you
within a split-second,
melted into the thin air,
leaving me alone at the shore
desperate I went.
One day
in broad-daylight
under the azure sky
with sun eyeing you from up above
saw you
In the guise of a lotus flower
In the middle of
a blue, transparent, calm lake
my heart beating fast,
jumped me into the lake,
disturbing its calmness,
setting of ripples and
them forming wider and wider circles
at last caressing the boundaries of the lake with
love and affection
swam I with all might
to reach you
reaching arms-length from you,
sunk you into the bottomless lake
leaving me sad and a sense of loss
overpowering me.

Another day
during channel surfing
came across you
in enchanting colours,
singing melodiously
dancing rhythmically
and within a split-second
vanished you, somewhere
into the background
leaving me frustrated.
Desperate, frustrated, disappointed
my days passed by
in a blue moon,
appeared you in my dreams,
“Dear, how long I was waiting
for you, you know?”-
asked I to you.
“But dear, you see I am blessed with an owner,
and am happy and well
under his care and love”
was your response.
“No, you are mine,
mine only
won’t let another one own you”
shivering words and queering lips
extending my hands
tried me reach out to her
ecstasy flashing in my eyes,
I woke up. But she was nowhere around.


A section of our media personalities, political leaders, scientists, intellectuals and educationists are the products of foreign universities - USA, UK and for that matter any of the foreign nations. Though educated abroad, each belongs to different schools of thought. Going abroad in pursuit of higher studies, is something great and those who get the opportunities are really lucky. That in anyway does not belittle the significance of getting educated in one’s own country and we have had the luck of producing persons of calibre like our former President and world-renowned scientist A.P.J Abdul Kalam who is anyone’s envy. Indigenous education is also great and in this connection I would like to stress the importance of creating enormous potentials like inviting eminent scientists, professors and scholars in various fields as visiting faculty to India and provide proper coaching to our students who always aspire to scale new heights. So be it.

Let’s categorize our political leaders, media personalities and intellectuals into two sections.

The first category though educated abroad are/were India-centric and their attention always centred on India. Means, India’s development in various fields, science & technology, betterment of infrastructure facilities like irrigation, transport facilities like roads and railways, electricity, health, education etc, and India’s social development particularly the uplift of those at the lower strata of society.

Take for instance, Father of Nation, Gandhiji who went to UK in pursuance of higher studies successfully emerged as a barrister and then went to South Africa where he pursued his career for a while. Meanwhile India was in the midst of freedom struggle seeking freedom from the colonial yoke and upon his arrival he without any hesitation plunged into the struggle and within a short while evolved into the foremost leader of the Indian National Congress and the masses along with other leaders rallied behind him, such was his personal magnetism. He adopted a new path of struggle, that of non-violence and later civil-disobedience. He braved the onslaught of the ruthless British forces and soon turned to be an inspiration for the freedom fighters. “Simple living and noble thoughts” was his mantra and he practiced what he preached.

The rest is history. Though pursued his studies in a foreign university that in no way distracted his attention- his patriotism.

As father of nation, his everlasting advice to each Indian is “whenever you see a poor and helpless person anywhere, your foremost duty is to wipe out his tears”.

Like Gandhi, our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi’s right-hand man pursued his studies in UK and came out as a barrister. Panditji too upon his arrival in India joined the freedom struggle movement and was always in the forefront of the movement. Though born and brought up in an aristocratic family that background in no way pulled him back from the freedom movement.

Like-wise a number of eminent persons had flown abroad like USA, UK, France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland for undertaking studies came out in flying colours to the pride of our nation some even chose to settle abroad, as attractive careers with bright prospects made them feel at home in a foreign nation. Sadly a few among the lot nursed bitter thoughts towards their country of origin and even went to the extent of berating, belittling and deriding their motherland through words and deeds.

Even a few of our left leaders like Jyoti Basu and Prakash Karat, studied abroad, came back and joined the national mainstream. Though Basu disappeared from the scene, Prakash Karat, an Edinburg product is very much active in left politics and currently he is serving as General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Similarly many political leaders holding diverse political opinions are also active in the political mainstream. Our Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Home Minister P.Chidambaram, Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy, all had their higher studies abroad.

Apart from politics leading icons in the media world, and in the field of economics, industry, IT et al are products of various universities abroad.

I was prompted to write this piece after going through the weekly column ‘Parallax View’ in Sunday Express of 15th August 2010, our Independence day by Vir Sanghvi. Sanghvi is a great media personality every one knows who had his schooling and University education in Britain. He wrote this column for the newspaper from England.

The title ‘Why the Empire came back to its vassal state’ makes serious and amusing reading at the same time.

Thirty years back while he began his schooling there, Indians were viewed by the British men in derision. India was then in a pathetic condition and according to Sanghvi India’s economic scene was quite dismal. And also famine and hunger at its worst.

Sanghvi’s English writings were looked upon with amazement as his English was that much good and his colleagues used to ask him ‘how come you Johnies write this well?

Gradually their mindset began to undergo tremendous changes. The arrival of Indian professionals from Uganda and South African nations who were forced to flee Uganda due to the ruthless reign of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and for other reasons. These professionals were very adept in their professional skills as also their amazing proficiency in English.

The economic reforms kick-started during the rein of P.V.Narasimha Rao and his Finance Minister ManMohan Singh, Singh currently is our PM and the neo-liberal reforms initiated by him in 1990’s according to Vir Sanghvi, totally transformed Indian economic scene by encouraging Foreign Direct Investments and providing more facilities for industry by loosening controls according to Sanghvi. The conversion of a centralized economy into a decentralized one had its positive effects according to Sanghvi.

He marvels upon the facts that today Britain’s most richest man is L N Mittal, a proud holder of Indian passport.

Sunil Mittal, another Indian also is very much in UK and Sanghvi forgets not to mention that he runs a global empire there and he owns a flat in UK not for making money out of England. The man is a well-known industrial icon in India. Sunil Mittal is believed to be the master-brain behind paving the way for spreading a red carpet welcome to the US multinational retail giant Walmart to India through backdoors to the detriment of small-scale retail chains in India.

He mentions some other groups also like Hindujas, all quite nice – simply put. India’s ‘quantum jump’ in growth, Britain looks upon with amazement and according to Sanghvi the recent visit of British PM David Cameroon with a group of businessmen was primarily intended at eyeing India’s commercial market. Put it mildly more than a bonhomie Britain has found a dumping ground in India for their products. This is not Sanghvi’s opinion but treat it as this reader’s opinion.
Centuries back Britain in the guise of East India Company landed in India with their cohorts befriended the local heads and regional satraps and slowly, very slowly began to swallow our nation bit by bit adopting the wily policy of ‘divide and rule’. Means, pitting brother against brother and forcing them to engage in a bitter fight and after the prolonged fight when two sides get tired force them to hand over the reins to the East India Company heads under the control of Britain. In the end India got converted into a vassal State ruled for centuries by Britain squeezing the essence of an entire ‘nation’. That paved the way for freedom movement lasting for centuries forcing them to flee. That also is history.

Yes, India has undergone tremendous progress, look at our GDP growth rate, booming economy, sky-rocketing share-market, progress on the industrial front, IT scene, all music to our ears.

But a few always prefer to look from above, concentrate on the top of the pyramid, not the bottom. At the bottom level what all Vir Sanghvi witnessed thirty years ago remains the same. Poverty, hunger, malnourishment, starvation and agriculture scene still in shambles, yes remains same.
A major section of students hailing from elite families right from their childhood days join elite schools and under the hard and severe coaching of teaching faculty and with the care and encouragement of their parents join universities abroad and successfully come out. They are the most wanted in various government departments and private firms and with not much difficulty get absorbed in the aforesaid departments and firms earning lucrative salaries. What they ought to learn first in their school days, sympathy for the downtrodden unfortunately get ignored and they always remain out of touch with Indian reality ie. the total neglect of the masses. I don’t cast aspersions on all such fellows but majority of them remain out of touch with contemporary Indian problems.

Britain too prefers not to care the bottom of the pyramid, they like any other developed country need an ideal dumping yard and India fits into that category. Along with the changing times the modus operandi too changes be it that of US, UK or any other developed nation. Today as an eminent writer put it, ‘a remote control’ device is enough to colonize a developing country like India and fortunately for some it works well. So what? Even our rulers have no protests or objections. I don’t think they are aware of the dangers lurking behind. Here lies the significance of another freedom struggle.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Roman Polanski,

ace- film director

Oscar winner

one day

‘hammered’ girl

aged 13

the chap still being

celebrated the world over

Thus report media.

World-class actresses

change male-robes

World-class male actors

change female-robes

a dime a dozen per day

all glittering stars in the

tinsel world,

just to taste the difference


liked, loved, even worshipped

across the world.

Thus report media.

Silvio Berlusconi

billionaire, media baron

Prime Minister of a nation,

notorious for being a womanizer

still continues his hobby

Thus report the media.  

Than Shwe,

Myanmar dictator,

military junta head -

red carpets being unfolded

before him by,

nations far and wide

while a lady freedom fighter

languishes in solitary confinement

since a long time

Thus report the media.

Jacob Zuma,


South Africa,

Dark, plump, sturdy, baldie, in specs,

In suits and ties,

one day

made it with a female

AIDS - wholesale dealer

unprotected act it was

no precautions he took


throwing all restrictions into the air

Thus report the media.

acclaimed they all

celebrated they all,

worshipped they all,


Heads of world nations

vie with each other,

in the race of befriending,


the gentlemen

Thus report the media.

An ordinary man

When found with

An ordinary woman,

in a compromising position 

the story alters,

moral police appear

on the scene


both find themselves

behind bars

hated, spat-upon and crucified.

Thus say the media.

A woman with an empty stomach

if found waiting for

a ‘client’

standing at a street side

here also the story alters

finds herself in

‘wretched’ category list.

It is high time

all tried to be great

money wise

power wise,

fame wise 

get lost, if not        




The melodious voice in the background follows like this :


Parvathy after a prolonged absence is back in her home State, back at her home on the shores of sacred river Pampa.


While in USA, whiling away her lone moments inside her 25th floor apartment always longed fort the proximity of her near and dear ones, parents, sisters, cousins and close relatives. Emotional and sentimental she is even in her early 30’s she sobs sometimes hiding her head over the pillow, her mind flooded with memories. Her dreams of her beloved ones take wings and flies with the ease of a bird flapping its wings in other words swim through the space effortlessly like she swam through river Pampa with sisters and cousins.

The melodious voice continues :


Husband leaves early in the morning to his office, driving his car down the streets and is expected to return only in the night. Till he returns she is alone in her flat, mind flooded with memories, being an introvert prefers to be inside the flat always and her long lonely moments inspire her to pen poems, all nostalgic smells of her land, river and verdant surroundings.


Badly missing one’s dear ones, something painful and needling and craving for their proximity, care and love, all natural. “Isn’t that’s so”- the voice asks.


The prolonged absence, away from home and the shocking news of a few dear ones departing to their heavenly abode unbearable to her and she sobs uncontrollably. Helpless she would lie on her bed, pondering over her immemorable moments with the departed soul, the moments she relished with them. Such sorrows would last for days and the heaviness of the heart gradually starts to subside. But a loss is a loss and the vacuum remains to be there for ever.

“Such is the way of life that human beings have to contend with at any point of time in life” – thus goes on the philosophical soliloquy of the melodious voice in the background, with a painful tone.  

No that she is back in the company of her most beloved father, mother, sisters, cousins, aunties and close-relatives, what she misses most is the proximity of her loving and caring husband who couldn’t make it to Kerala along with Parvathy. The only relief being though it is a temporary phase, a reunion certainly after a gap of one or two months. Parvathy can very well come to terms with it. Particularly in the modern era of cell-phones and internet.


Parvathy’s memories are closely connected with the sacred river Pampa, ever flowing crystal clear Pampa just in front of her home.


Her childhood days always come to her on watching Pampa flowing like a shy village lass in her anklets. First in the company of mother, sisters and cousins, she took her first dip in the river. ‘Where is that little child gone’? – Parvathy would ask herself sometimes with puzzle in her eyes. ‘She is still with you, Paru still a part of you’ – Her Ammoomma (Paru’s Ambotty) the one who was most dear to her seemed like whispering in her ears, she felt so. That made her elated and delighted. But Ammoomma’s departure from her life was the most shocking and painful loss to her. (The camera focuses Parvathy unsuccessfully tries to suppress her painful feelings notwithstanding tears run down her cheeks. She tries to cover her eyes with her palms.) After the holy dip in Pampa in the company of her beloved ones, visit to the nearby Siva Temple, Lord Siva’s darshan, all praying with folded palms across their chests, the sandal paste and flowers, thulsi, koovala, chethi….then the customary obeisance before Nandikeswara, Siva’s vehicle (bull) a few feet away praying before him asking for whatever boom one wished to achieve, believed to have materialized like a long-cherished dream getting fulfilled.

Walking along the shores of Pampa with sisters and cousins, all would share the days they spent together for hours in the river swimming and playing to hearts’ content and as punishment for spending too much time swimming in the river, the scoldings and thrashing they had to undergo by their parents though past incidents still worthy to be cherished, the melodious voice lowering her tone like a whisper goes on : Parvathy unlike others more emotional, sentimental, hyper-sensitive still keeps the habit of weeping, sitting alone at a secluded place and that hyper-sensitivity remains her companion.


Walking along the shores they felt like replicating the past, all decided together without their parents’ consent, grown-up they are now, dived into the river, swam and played to their hearts’ content for hours without, wiping out the wetness of each’s hair and body and in wet clothes walked to the temple, prayed before Lord Siva, Parvathy’s a ever loving Siva and once she prayed for Siva’s Parvathy, if not Parvathy at least his Ganga, as usual walked towards Nandikeswara bowed down before him each secretly poured out their sorrows and wishes still remaining unfulfilled, walked down to the shores of Pampa once more each sat in a row and oblivious of the surroundings sang a devotional song like little children singing songs aloud.


They saw parents coming down from houses in search of them concern flashing through their eyes all walked up and on seeing them shivering with cold and also in fear, parents’ laughter knew no bounds.


‘Still thinking you are those kids of yester years’?


Parvathy, sisters and cousins gave them company by laughing aloud.


‘But note kids, Pampa you see today is quite polluted and her sacredness and purity, our wishful thinking.’ While uttering those painful words, Parvathy’s father’s face also turned grim and painful.

‘But Pampa is Pampa, father, it is our rock-like belief that matters.’ – Parvathy’s face reflected love and devotion to Pampa, the sacred river.



Saturday, August 14, 2010


Each year,

this day

you fly to me from somewhere

Perch on the shoulders of my memories

Touch and kiss my

lips, cheeks

and with no parting word,

fly away somewhere

leaving me alone.

My teary eyes watch you

vanish from sight

set my memories alight

precious moments we spent together -  


shower of kisses

On your cherry lips,

chubby cheeks,

fingers moving through your flowing


locked in embrace,

as long as we wished,

the moments I lifted you,

in air,

your shy, giggling face,

while I bent over you

showering kisses umpteen

that unforgettable

Invaluable ecstatic moments

of sweet pain

confluence of sweat-streams,

dissolve into one.

Pleasurable moments

we spent together

Calling me ‘my naughty babe’

The motherly touch

and warmth.

One day

bidding no adieu

developing wings,

flew away from me

leaving me alone.

Each year,

this day

you fly to me from


Perch on the shoulders of

my memories 

touch my lips, cheeks with your

beak, love and affection abound

I experience.

The enormity of my pleasure


Bidding no adieu,

fly away you

leaving me tearful, alone.

Where are you my love, now?

Friday, August 13, 2010


A politician is always ambitious. Natural. A political leader especially the top-most leader of a party cannot be faulted for nursing ambitions of becoming Prime Minister or Chief Minister of a State. The one who lacks ambitions belongs to a rare species. Such rare types are also there, but their numbers are dwindling day by day and even a few face threats of extinction. Pity them. Well. When a politician known for his or her simplicity chooses crooked and wily ways to reach the top, then there is something wrong with him/her.

For instance, Mamata Banerji, the supreme leader of Trinamool Congress. It is widely known across the entire political spectrum her antagonistic approach to Communist party of India (Marxist) since decades. Why her anger and hatred have turned against the ruling left front under the stewardship of CPI(M) something puzzling and baffling it is. Okay. Be that as it may. As the leader of a prominent opposition party her attitude is justifiable. Dreaming of dislodging the govt. of West Bengal under the Chief Ministership of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, her bete noire, and taking up the mantle also understandable. And she could cash in on certain wrong political steps of LF govt for example Singur, Nandigram which left thousands of grass-roots level workers getting angered, frustrated and ultimately turning against CPI(M) led Left Front. The Left Front govt reached a point of no return upon facing the wrath of the peasants and share-croppers and regrouped under the leadership of Mamata and a cross-section of intelligentsia. Nandigram project and Singur project had to be shelved mid-way facing the massive onslaught of the masses. Left Front govt’s glorious days over and then bad omens began to spring up with more and more party workers, followers deserting it and joining the Mamata bandwagon.

Mamata’s game worked, and like a miracle CPI(M) began to lose its bastions one by one, for instance Left Front’s taste of defeat at hustings in the 15th General Elections badly mauled they were, followed by defeats in the by-elections to some Assembly Constituencies and local-self govt elections. LF leaders though expected a marginal defeat actually were badly humbled - all beyond their expectations. The leaders gradually got a wind of the shape of things to come, plunged into the arena for damage control exercise on a war footing still they like the political commentators remain skeptical. In the midst of a such a storm about to uproot the party and its coalition came out a report about CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat in an interview with British based Marxist expert and historian Eric Hobswam, the Front’s chances of a possible defeat in the Assembly elections less than one year from now at the hands of the opposition parties of West Bengal especially a Trinamool Congress- Indian National Congress alliance.

The demise of veteran CPI(M) leader Jyoti Basu at a critical juncture in Bengal politics, though ailing for a long period due to age-related handicaps was also a blow to an already mauled CPI(M).

Mamata, though elevated to the post of a prestigious portfolio as Minister of Railways without caring much for the portfolio which led to a series of rail disasters by way of sabotage by militants and due to other reasons opted to spend most of her time in her home State scenting victory in the Assembly elections of West Bengal scheduled to be held in 2011. She is still very much in Bengal taking no notice of her portfolio with the entire opposition and a few among the ruling coalition at the centre fretting and fuming but the gentleman at the helm of affairs Sardar ManMohan Singh on a vow of silence actually fearing her reaction widely known for throwing tantrums and impulsive behaviour.

Her negligence of the prestigious portfolio condemnable and deplorable by all standards.
Added to it was her recent alliance with the Maoist citadel not in anyway justifiable that too with the moral support and participation of respected women of high stature like Medha Patkar and Bengal’s pride, Mahasweta Devi. Both of them in their capacities as renowned personalities one in the vanguard of environmental problems affecting the country and the latter as literatteur par excellence as also working amongst Dalits for years, in my humble opinion most unbecoming of both. Both of them joining Mamata Banerji at Singur and Nandigram against the govt was warranted and laudable that in no way are justifications for participating at Lalgharh rally aided and abetted by Maoists and their followers.

Left Front govt coming to grips with the basic problems are chartering a course corrective path, the two cultural icons on coming to terms with it should have taken a ‘wait and see’ approach. Nowhere could we read their complaints, expressions of disagreement or grief over Mamata’s allegedly criminal negligence of her portfolio at the Centre and the loss of lives of hundreds of citizens in the rail disasters due to sabotage and other reasons. Actually two well-known personalities were playing into the hands of a political leader, her whims and fancies and her sky-high ambitions and dreams of entering the Writer’s building at any cost.

Adding fuel to the fire ie. extending all-out support to a disillusioned lot, yes, I refer to Maoists and their Dalit followers here not a correct approach instead seeking meaniful solutions to alleviate their sufferings are the appropriate steps.

To force a party to bite the dust at any cost in the coming elections adopting wily and crooked ways do not behove any political party particularly unbecoming of a leader of the stature of Mamata Banerji.


You said:
‘Scribbling black letters
On a white sheet
Convey not
Eloquent messages.’
Letters, blue, black, yellow,
Red or green
All convey messages,
Forget thee not.
In the beginning was word,
Continuation of the past,
continuation of the present
each not stands apart
independent of each other
interdependent all.
Forget thee not.
Words like pictures,
eloquent in their own way,
moving images on screen
be them of news value,
entertainment value,
or informative.
In the beginning was word
Forget thee not.
Like an old emaciated cow
Being traded
Or sold to an abattoir
after squeezing her essence.
Our mother
On getting old
Helpless and sick
kicked outside
the home,
leaving in the lurch,
can we ever imagine about it
even in our wildest of dreams?
Forget thee not,
word and picture
both important
in their own way.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



 Mummy, Pappa, made for each other. Their mutual love and harmony truly marvellous. 


Mummy, cute, wheatish, medium-built, not that fat, not that lean, height too medium. Though in her late forties still looks young. Smiles bewitching attractive, seductive, enchanting, well-dressed, a treat to watch in her sleevless blouse, glittering saree, cropped hair, spot of vermillion in the parting on forehead, busy always while at home, frequent mobile contacts, and visits to other friends’ apartments all high up in the ladder, high society ladies all. Mummy smokes, drinks but God-fearing she is, have a pooja room and fond of pilgrimage to temples far and wide.




Handsome guy, always well-dressed, like Mummy pleasant throughout, nothing to worry about, top-class executive in a prestigious firm, though of humble origin, with not much ado, yes with not much ado, as if in a magic finds himself at the top of the ‘career building’. All thanks to her dedication to her better-half secret behind her husband’s success, position and power. Thank God, she is great, his Supreme Deity.




Evenings always great, memorable, eventful. Both drive down the serpentine streets, past hoots and toots of vehicles, passing crowds moving down the pavements, jumping signals, buildings, small and tall, left and right.

Clubs, parties, all high-society guys, gents and ladies cracking jokes, playing games, carroms, chess, billiards, table-tennis, women in groups, sharing tall talks, derisively mocking at the ones at the lower strata of society, little sweet talks praising each other’s glittering costumes, the mobile talks and secrets shared during the day.


Then all inside the lighted rooms, decorated with luxurious items, dining table, chairs around, sofa sets leaning against the walls, all flock under the same roof, while the city roars outside immersed in light under streets lamps, share drinks, get inebriated, piercing smell of malboros pervading the ambience, the exhilarating music, partner dances lasting for hours enjoying each moment, half-conscious, half-blank, make merry to each’s heart’s content.


Then each come out, move towards cars parked in a criss-cross pattern, drive dangerously, sometimes even knocking down innocent pedestrians albeit escape with nominal compensation.


Daughter, through the window watch occasionally her parents reaching late into the night intoxicated, sometimes she cares not, all their personal and private matters. Her private room that is in the upper floor a blessing in many ways. Enjoying rock music, watching televisions, reclining pleasurably in the sofa set smoking, drinking and dancing.




Daughter keeps always aloof from them and they never care to interfere in her personal matters. Love, dating, friends, boys or girls. She cares not, they care not. Mum and papa really sweet.


In the nights with her silent visitor approaching from stealthily and in his embrace enjoys her moments, pleasurable moments, with nothing to fear about and no one noticing. So what if someone notices? Asks she herself.


If papa and mummy can, why can’t I? Role-models they are. And she a typical city girl.




Once in a while he comes from a distant city. No time schedule. No one inquires, no one enquires. Once in a month, once in two month, six months, all depends. Papa, Mummy not bothered. Sister not bothered.


Lonely moments he spends listening wild music, he likes, loves, after two or three pegs, consume drugs which lift him to a psychedelic world, mobiles working overtime, calls from the distant city, his friends both girls and boys, all sophisticated, sometimes feels like inquiring his sister’s well-being, for him the only one somewhat, yes somewhat, special to her. Dreams, occasional dreams, emotional dreams rare true but they visit him in his loneliness in a drunken state the face of his silent weeping sister born to accursed parents like him, her plight and bleak future paining him. He too in his loneliness sheds tears and after a short-while tears get dried-up. Papa and mummy - hatred wells within him




Dark, stout, tall figure, in safari visits the bungalow once in a while only person, papa and mummy hold in high esteem both walk up to the gate a warm welcome befitting a VIP being  accorded to him they bow down before him and touch his feet.


His swaggering style serious smile, confident looks, all fill them with respect, dedication and devotion.


Papa’s boss. Papa’s  God in the guise of a boss. Mummy’s God in the guise of her beloved’s boss.


Drawing room. Cordial talks over three or four pegs, can be more, depends, boss casts his bewitching eyes on Mummy, Papa pretending not noticing the scene. “Let them have fun” – he whispers to himself. Mummy’s shyness, biting her lower lip, her looks also raunchy, Papa sensing the mood of both tell both, ‘have a nice time’ and retires to his island of loneliness. No. What else follows don’t feel like penning, read between the lines.


A cross-section of a high-level society barring exceptions a permissive society, where values crumble, ethics erode, ‘borders’ getting irrelevant, greed, avarice and selfishness overtaking all things sacred, where only status, wealth and power matter, nothing less, nothing more.    

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Her ward-robe,

Color world it is.

Array of clothes

Sarees, churidhar, salwar&kameez


Arranged systematically.

Perfumes gushing forth

on opening the


Her pride and delight know no bounds.

Memories too gush forth

From that colorful world.


with no sarees, churidhar

worth the name,

the dreams she saw,

and fondled,

many a time a day,

for at least a cheap cloth,

could afford it not.

Parents, siblings all

Helpless, hapless.

Envy and sadness.

Watching her friends in colors

Tears she shed profusely,

With nobody seeing.

A colorful world

of costumes,

remained her obsession,

And now

owner of a whole world,

garden of colours

her own sweat and blood,

her ward-robe,

her pride, her delight.       


Two nations, two democracies, one largest, one greatest, India and America respectively.


America, the greatest one is developed No.1 in the world though on the down swing and the presence of competing nations to wrest the number one position its main headache. China till a month before said to be the third economy in the world has overtaken Japan, another Asian country and China’s neighbour, relegating it to the third position. India it is said an emerging economy. Making claims right or not, remain anybody’s right.


US fell into a ditch – the fact swept under the carpet for short period from the eyes of the world and with the 2008 global meltdown bared the truth, the stark truth, ugly truth, shocking truth not only to a section of Americans but to the entire world. Republican rule under George W Bush, its economic mantra of free-market, neo-liberal policies and consequently all hell broke loosen and castle of tall claims collapsed like a pack of cards and the bubble bursting ultimately. Grand Old Party’s (GOP) unregulated economic policies pushed the American economy into the abyss and the then esteemed President in the ensuing election bowed out of office after 8 years of misrule, happy and contented along with his coterie. Fed Bank head Alan Greenspan, the introducer of free-market economy too joined his master.


Repeated and repeated, several times to be frank, I feel kind of revulsion on writing this once more. The question is naturally bound to arise from certain quarters. I know that. So be it.


Mantle fell upon the Democratic party President and naturally the burden of lifting the economy fell upon his shoulders. The man and his team of economic experts like Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers, collectively took a decision to lift it from the abyss, they knew it a tedious task – unveiled a stimulus package to the tune of US $ 879 bn and pumped into the system. The amount comparatively not a big sum paved the way for a partial recovery.


But no. For the man who was confident of providing a fresh face to the economy by regulating the economy hither to on a free run, had to face and still faces hurdles in the form of stiff opposition of the Republican stalwarts whenever he mulls steps to alleviate the overall sufferings of the citizens.


In the case of healthcare reforms that would enable 32 million citizens enjoy the benefits, unemployment insurance, financial reforms, taxing the rich - in almost every field, Republicans appeared villains, still playing villains.


They are against the raising of taxes from the affluent sections of the society, affirmating that it will ultimately increase the deficit and the same Republicans go hammer and tong against taxing the affluent sections. According to noted economist and Nobel laureate, charging 2% taxes from the affluent sections would come around $ 700 bn which would enable those at the lower strata and middle income group a breathing space. Ballooning deficits are nightmares to the Republicans and they are favouring reducing the taxes to the rich and that is the most funny part. On the question of their opposition to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, President’s and his party’s intention of introducing carbon taxes are also anathema to the GOP. It is a public secret that industrial lobbies work overtime to throttle the plan of introducing carbon taxes by the govt. Their greed for profit is that much notorious that these lobbies care not for the General X, who are set to be the ultimate losers. By funding Republican Party coffers, they calculate, they can ultimately thwart the carbon-taxing reforms.


Hurdles abound, President Barack Obama treads cautiously and all his good intentions are berated and opposed by the opposition.


Economist and Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman however taking to account the all-out efforts of Republicans to scuttle Democratic party government’s good intentions paints a dark picture ahead for US pointing out lack of funds for bettering transportation facilities resulting in unlit, unpaved roads and the streetlights being switched off, lack of better schooling facilities, and teachers being laid off.


The largest economy ie. India, though claimed to be a regulated economy even if possible and easy, has gone to the extent of exempting taxes to the tune of more than 5 lakh crores to the industrial barons at a moment, the food security of 800 million poor citizens starve and perish across the nation. And the food items amounting to lakhs of metric tons of food items are rotting in the godowns which if properly kept safely would in a greater way benefit the starving millions. Corruption on a massive scale has already eaten into the vitals of our nation and the one being unfolded in the name of Common Wealth Games supposed to commence from Oct 3, 2010 less than two months from now. The regulated economy ironically is alleged to be a part of the scam and many other scams. What explanations, what justifications left for these kinds of deplorable tendencies. Even those responsible at the helm are still not willing to sack the head of a mammoth sporting extravaganza allegedly involved in the ‘game’. Cheer up friends. We are products of a regulated economy with no opposition worth the name and stamina to take up the issue with all seriousness and force the govt to throw out those corrupt elements.