Friday, January 31, 2014


Ukraine was one of the States of the erstwhile Soviet Union. With the collapse of Soviet Union, thanks to Michael Gorbachev the proponent of Peristroika and Glasnost whose reign led to the formation of Ukraine, one among a host of other nations, all were the results of   disintegration of the gigantic Soviet empire, once a Communist citadel, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR).
Now that Ukraine like other States is an independent country and ever since the formation of Ukraine with a section of the citizens owing allegiance to Russia while the other section swears by its antipathy towards Russia and wants to be part of European Union.
Victor Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine is a ruler in good terms with Russia and its President none other than Vladimir Putin.
While a few States of erstwhile Soviet block chose to be a members of EU community, the latest one being Latvia.
Ukraine finds itself a nation being pulled into opposite directions while those of Western part of the nation want Ukraine to be included in EU and Eastern part yearns to be a close ally of Russia.
Ever since Ukraine became an independent nation the struggle for power between the West and East pulling in different directions began. The rulers who too are sometimes pro-Russia and pro-Euro community, the nation has in a sense ceased to be an independent country with a kind of anarchy prevailing across the nation.
Victor Yanukovych, a pro-Russian President is now caught in the web of a civil war threatening the very existence of the country with a big chunk of the population yearns to be included in the EU community.
EU nations have found it an appropriate moment to capitalize on the volatile situation spreading across Ukraine. Demanding nothing short of a fresh Presidential election and a power-sharing reform, groups of citizens have spilled over into the streets of the nation and has occupied the govt buildings making the position of Mr.Yanukovych vulnerable not only of Mr.Yanukovych, but the nation as a whole.
With a purpose to avert the turbulent situation, the President and the govt have appealed to the citizens on the rampage to cool down but the ‘art of appeasement’ has no takers who comprise the opposition activists. Yanukovych has assured the protesters to release those pro-EU men from prisons and declare a amnesty to all who have driven the State into the brink of an abyss. He has invited the representatives for talks and appealed to them to take up the posts of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the nation which too have been turned down.
Despite all these assurances the citizens have turned restive and it seems like the nation is moving into a civil war.
With Russia declaring support to the President and promising $ 15 billion aid package and EU community promising similar sorts of assistance it has virtually evolved into a proxy war between Russia and EU community.
In the meanwhile unable to control the turmoil and bring back normality, the President has reportedly gone on sick leave.
Mounting violence which have already made the situation more and more volatile, the demands for conducting a fresh Presidential election are mounting.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has squarely blamed both the EU community and US for driving the situation into such a pass. European Union leaders like Catherine Ashton and Jose Manual Boroso visited both Ukraine and Russia to help them to ease the situation as early as possible.

Will Victor Yanukovych choose to vacate the post of President and pave way for conducting a fresh election taking into account the enormity of the problem staring into his face. So far no hint has come out.            

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Bridges are built
to cement relationships
either distant or nearby
to bury the differences
or enmity between nations.
Bridges are built across
rivers and  canals
to facilitate movements for the
citizens to cross to and fro from
one side to other.
Bridges are built to
cement smooth relationships
between couples
who are at loggerheads with each other.
Bridges built over
rivers or canals for
the convenient crossing
of citizens and vehicles
Bridges built to
smoothen relationships 
between a couple
or for that matter couples
all are likely to
collapse in the course of time
hence bridges are
built again and again
unmindful of the
consequences awaiting the
nations, rivers or canals or couples.
In these days and age
all relations are
brittle and ductile like some metals.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Syria, Ukraine, Thailand, Central African Republic (CAR), all put together, in all these countries the demand for vacating the posts of the Heads of the countries is mounting since a long time.
Once catapulted to power rulers are sitting glued to their seats unmindful of the consequences. These rulers after being assumed power hold the reins of the army by befriending them.
Be that as it may. Let’s come to the Geneva -2 conference under the auspices of United nations, the govt representatives of Syria and the representatives of the rebels who are on a war path demand the abdication of the President who cares two hoots to their demands.
Almost three years have elapsed, since Syria knows no peace with fighting raging on between the army and police loyal to Dr.Azad and the protesters without a cease-fire killing almost 150000 civilians and the displacement of approximately 500000 Syrians who fled the country and pitched tents fearing for their lives.
In the very beginning in order to avert a crisis which could lead to a solution, UN entrusted Dr.Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General as the envoy to mediate between the feuding duo. Annan, from the very day he was entrusted with averting a blood-shed tried his best to bring the two factions who stood their respective grounds finally conceded defeat and resigned the post of UN envoy on a pessimistic note.
After Annan called it a day, UN with the purpose of deescalating violence and deaths of thousands brought in Lakhdar Brahimi as the UN envoy to chalk out a formula to avert the escalating violence in which thousands of civilians and the warring troops of the govt and the rebels laid their lives. Like Annan, Brahimi too jumped into the arena and through tireless efforts sought to bring out a rapport between the warring groups. Brahimi who entered the scene with optimism reflecting on his face tried day in and day out, prepared a formula to end the civil war spreading across the nation found himself on a wrong foot as both sides remained adamant and with a note of pessimism but without losing a tiny spark of optimism went on tour to countries who are supporters of Dr.Azad on the one and supporters of the rebels on the other hand tried in vain as both factions stuck to their respective positions. Still he is very much on the scene and is on an effort, a gigantic effort to chalk out a strategy.
At the very outset, ie when Kofi Annan was entrusted with the responsibility to bring out a solution the nation had not plunged in a civil war.
With the passage of days the fighting turned virulent which claimed more and more lives and still counting. Syria even went to the extent of using chemical agents like sarin, a ruthless action by all counts caused a mayhem in which thousands of civilians lost their lives, a majority of them innocent children, which invited international condemnation, United States and the EU nations collectively decided to declare a war on Syria but for the interference of Russia, the threat of a war avoided.
Syria on the advice of Russia agreed to destroy all chemical weapons under the supervision of United Nations. The representatives of Organisation for Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) came to the fore and destroyed thousands of chemical weapons in the possession of Syria.
With Geneva-1 conference fizzling out, now Geneva-2 conference has commenced on a cautious note and Lakhdar Brahimi succeeded in bringing both fighting factions sit across the table.
When the fight broke out in 2011 rebels comprised only the Syrian citizens but unfortunately the terror elements like Al-Quaida, Al-Nusra et al sneaked into the country from across the borders and have joined hands with the rebels to fight against Azad’s army. The entry of terror elements was looked upon with consternation by the international community b’cause, in the end the possibility of hard-core terror elements and extremists grabbing power from the Syrian opposition in case solution is worked out in Geneva which is only a remote possibility.

Syria is in doldrums and it will continue to be in doldrums, and if and when the governance falls into the hands of Syrian opposition which is in collusion with the terrorists the fate of the country is anybody’s guess. Terrorists always have a propensity to fish in troubled waters and their games continue in other nations as well.          

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Awaiting her arrival
we would sit with our fingers crossed.
Enthusiasm and impatience
would conquer us until her arrival.
Nowadays she often keeps no punctuality
still we are fairly certain that
one day like a pleasant surprise
she would appear before us in all her glory
driving us happy and cheerful.
Her arrivals are always 
celebration times for us and
we sing and dance
along the streets and indulge
in merry-making.
We would look around each day
and enjoy the colourful pictures
she paints on the wider canvass called our land.
We would often pray to her not to leave us ever
and be with us
making our life hilarious and exhilarating.
Like her unpleasant
arrivals violating punctuality
her departures too are unexpected
driving us sad and desperate.
From the very day she leaves us
we would sit with our fingers crossed
for her next arrival.
Between hope and despair
the pendulum keeps on vacillating
from left to right and right to left non-stop
pendulum always
keeps on moving non-stop.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Recent developments in Delhi involving Aam Admi Party (AAP) led by none other than Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister cum founder of the AAP deserved to be condemned. With the euphoria coming to an end, citizens across India who are its well-wishers had to hang their heads in shame. The party’s humility cleared the way for arrogance, a majority of supporters have commenced a rethinking on the AAP’s capacity to bag at least 10 seats in the run-up to 16th General Elections out of the proposed 300-400 seats, which the party has decided to contest, thanks to its way of dealing with things confronting the nation. True, soon after assuming power, the party, as already promised to the Delhites cut electricity tariff by 50 percent, made necessary arrangements for supply of nearly 700 litres of water free of cost thus drawing applause of many, including those who owe allegiance to the party across the nation. 
Within no time the party which started on confident note gradually started showing hubris combined with belligerence.
As everyone knows the recent raid conducted by its Law Minister Somnath Bharti along with some of the party’s followers at the abodes of a few Ugandan ladies late into the night invited condemnation by AAP’s followers and opponents alike. Mr.Bharti’s tiff with Delhi Police Commissioner over the issue was deplorable, to put it simply.
Delhi police coming under the jurisdiction of Central govt is answerable only to the Centre had no ‘locus standi’ to conduct a late night raid at the abodes of women of Ugandan origin charging them with drug peddling, how come the AAP govt of Delhi dared to jump to the fore?
The incident invited wide-spread condemnation by the Central govt as also the women’s protests and even by the media. 
Even in the face of widespread blame Delhi Chief Minister himself along with his supporters held a dharna insisting expulsion of the policemen involved in the incident. The person holding the mantle of CM should not have ventured to lead a dharna while the people of Delhi wanted his attention to look into their grievances and taken decisions to alleviate their sufferings.
Calling himself an anarchist on which he was proud of, it was most unbecoming of a party chief cum its Chief Minister to indulge in what he and his followers did at Jantar Mantar. His siding with Law Minister Mr.Bharti invited the wrath of many, including his well-wishers from top to bottom. A Chief Minister keeping a clean image ought not to have stooped to such a low level. A Minister in the UPA govt bluntly termed him mad before the media.
When one is drunk with power, he goes to very great lengths to establish his credentials and calls himself and his party a different one. If all parties go on claiming themselves different, it transforms into a joke.
If this audacity on the part of Kejriwal and his colleagues are not willing to mend their ways, it will in the short run itself turn into a non-entity or a freak. If that be the case, Indian citizens’ remaining hope will no doubt turn pitiful.
Let’s hope Mr.Kejriwal and his colleagues won’t forfeit the faith that his followers reposed in him as they have many good things to implement for the welfare of the Aam Admi. An immediate matter they have to take into account is the foundation of an ideology otherwise it will go the way of parties formed and disintegrated in the not so distant future. Turn the leaves of vast volume of history AAP will certainly come to the way of those who disintegrated in the 70s and 80s. Even Jayaprakash Narayan’s concept of Total Revolution which created waves across the nation is a forgotten story now.                  

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Life in the city is
cacophonous - believe it or not .
Loneliness torments one
even in the midst of
milling crowds – believe it or not.
Whether inside the shell or outside
like a tortoise sticking out its head
you or I can’t escape the boredom
 we undergo in the city – believe it or not.
Every emotion, be it love,
sorrow, pain, joy, delight,
ecstasy is available of course for 
a price in the big bazaar
called the city - believe it or not.
City is an enchantress
who beckons everyone 
irrespective of status – whether
a billionaire or a beggar into her lap
and tends them all
with love and kisses galore- believe it or not.
You and I are faceless
in the city of millions
no one knows other
in the true sense of that word - believe it or not.
Crisis of identity is the hallmark of
a city from which a city man/woman
never, ever can escape - believe it or not.
For a village product
who was born and
brought up feels like a fish out of water – believe it or not.
Travelling down memory lane  
the village product

heaves a sigh  -believe it or not. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014


At last, it seems like a cease-fire accord has finally reached South Sudan after marathon discussions in the presence of mediators IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development  ) succeeded in bringing together the govt forces under Salva Kiir and the rebel forces led by Reik Machar the expelled Vice-President around the negotiation table in a hotel at Adis-Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
More than a month long conflict which many thought will escalate into a civil war like situation has been nipped in the bud by signing a cease-fire accord between the two warring factions.
If IGAD’s determination to bring together the two warring factions had failed South Sudan would have fallen into the hands of a civil war which could last for years, which many apprehended has been averted at the last moment.
While negotiations were going on both factions entered into disputes and arguments threatening everybody that the talks would fizzle out before reaching an amicable solution.
If that were to happen, South Sudan would have fallen into the hands of power-mongers affecting the already suffering citizens. The situation which in the beginning had political dimensions would have turned into an ethnic conflict with Salva Kiir’s Dinga tribal community and Reik Machar’s Nuer tribal community.
Thousands ruthlessly massacred and more than 5 lakh displaced who were left with no alternative but to flee for life, would have evolved into a towering inferno.
During the talks the rebel faction, demanded the release of detainees which the govt faction stoutly turned down.  On that score the talks reached a dead-end but through the tireless efforts of the IGAD negotiations continued again and finally reached a ‘solution’- a cease-fire accord.
Still the govt faction nurses serious doubts about the recurrence of the rebellion. There is substance in its concerns since not only the govt forces but the international observers fear such a grim possibility.
The final settlement of the crisis was the dreams of many nations like China, India et al, as South Sudan is a gold mine of oil which several nations rely upon. Besides that these nations have invested thousands of dollars for the country’s growth which is the youngest as also the smallest of nations.
South Sudan, after its secession from North Sudan has a long way to go for its development in the fields of infrastructure like electricity, irrigation, construction activities, education, employment and health care. For that to happen what the nation badly needs is the prevalence of peace and harmony in the years to come, thus inviting investment in various fields by the friendly countries. South Sudan came into existence after a prolonged fight by its people since due to the merciless exploitation of its wealth by the authoritarian President Omar Al Basheer who is included in the list of war criminals in the International Criminal Court (ICC). Omar Al Basheer after exploitation of the wealth of the South utilized the income for the welfare of North Sudanese leaving the Southern side high and dry. This led to the suffering millions of South to rise in revolt which was ruthlessly suppressed by the forces loyal to Omar-Al-Basheer. The relentless fight of the South Sudanese continued unabated till they scented victory, thanks to a group of African leaders who played mediators.
The next round of talks is to be held on 7 February 2014.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


City life is
often an elongated
procession snaking
along the road shouting slogans
at the top of one’s
voice, holding flags, throwing the fists
in the air.
Traffic is help up
crowds of pedestrians
stand rooted on the
pavements unable to
move to the left
right, front or back. 
Shops and commercial 
establishments though
kept  open are practically
empty with the owners and employees only present.
Same is the case
when VVIPs land
from capital city
pay visits to the State
amid heavy police bandobust
and traffic control
force life difficult for the common man.
A VVIP’s life is invaluable
while that of the common man
is a big zero.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


On the way I could
witness life in its crude form.
On the way I could witness needles of
biting cold piercing the young and old alike,
claiming the lives men, women and children
for lack of woollen blankets
to cover their bodies.
On the way
I could witness
famine and hunger
stalking and choking
the refugees to death who
fled for life from their native land
where civil war was
tearing apart the lives of lakhs of innocents.
On the way
I could witness
the inmates of the refugee camps
crying aloud for food, water and medicines
but no good Samaritan
turned up to provide them succour.
On the way I could witness
media-persons visiting them
talking to them
taking pictures of
them and informing the
world over about the
plight of the refugees.
On the way
I couldn’t meet any
politicians whom the refugees
voted to power reposing
their faith in them.
In the meanwhile they were celebrating
and partying spending lakhs
while the furnace of
hunger was burning

the refugees’ stomachs.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


She entered her bedroom.
Switched on the light and fan.
Walked toward her bed
and lay supine on it.
Her eyes first got fixated on the ceiling fan
speeding at its peak.
‘This speeding fan
is my mind itself’-
she whispered to herself.
Her eyes wandered
around the room.
Her eyes caught
the attention of
angelic girl-child on the wall.
She beamed a
smile at the angelic girl-child
who, too was casting
an innocent smile at her.
‘Once I was like
her. An angelic girl-child’ – she soliloquized.
‘Wish you were my
child’ – she was talking to the child.
The lurking mother in
her seemed delighted and tender emotions
conquered her.
The hot air of the speeding fan was unnerving.
She woke up from the bed
and walked toward
the window and threw it open.
Stars and moon cast
happy smiles at her.
The cool, warm breeze 
blowing from outside
was exhilarating to her.
Mom knocked at the door.
‘It is time to sleep.
Switch off the light’ – her mom spoke out
to her in a serious tone.
An obedient she came back
and switched off
the light and threw her into the bed.
The cool warm breeze
was still blowing
exciting it was.
The moon and stars
came beside  her
and like everyday
they were friendly towards her.
Cool, warm breeze
slices of moonlight 
entering thru the window
everything enchanted and enthralled her.
She could see 
the angelic girl child
sending her innocent smiles
thanks to the moonlight……  
she couldn’t take her eyes off from the child
until she fell into

a sound sleep…..   


In the 1970s, the revered Marxist leader Pramod Das Gupta, who dedicated his whole life for the growth and development of CPI(M) across West Bengal worked among the masses - the downtrodden, farmers and the middle-class – exhorted them the need to consolidate under a single umbrella and get ready to fight against the wealthy which constituted only a minority and prevent them from exploitation of masses. Pramod Das though not a theoretician but an organizer worked at the grass-root level and built up CPI(M) brick by brick, layer by layer, into a huge  edifice.
Pramod Das Gupta was ably supported by Jyoti Basu from the very beginning in the build-up of CPI(M)  and in 1977 the party trounced all other rightist forces like Congress by a huge majority and under the leadership of Jyoti Basu, entered the Writers Building,  assumed power as the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Pramod Das Gupt a went on with his mission of organizing the party cadres until his death who remained a bachelor throughout his life. Unlike today’s arm-chair CPI(M) leaders who have never taken care to plunge into the grass-roots level, instead they write articles in their mouth-piece Peoples’ Democracy and other leading newspapers believing that it would lead to the consolidation of the masses. Well-educated all of them the General Secretary Prakash Karat is a product of JNU and Edinbourh  University, UK, Sitaram Yechury , a product of Jawahar Lal Nehru University, Brinda Karat, who strongly advocates womens’ causes, Subhashini Ali, the daughter of Captain Lakshmi, S Ramachandran Pillai though a Keralite but based in Delhi and other leaders, none has taken care to champion the causes of suffering millions by working at the grass-roots level but by penning the causes of people at large.
Jyoti Basu , an able administrator he was and an organizer too was in the saddle for almost 34 years in succession could have continue d in the chair but for his failing health due to old age decided to retire from the post of Chief Minister.
After Jyoti Basu, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee held the mantle, his first term ran smoothly but for his hurry to bring in corporates like Tatas and multinationals like Salim Group, Indonesia for the high voltage growth of West Bengal proved his undoing and had to hand over power after its resounding defeat at the hustings. Mamata Banerji, Trinamool Congress leader, whose anger towards CPI(M) is notorious and now she finds herself in the Chief Ministerial chair of West Bengal. Now that Ms.Banerji occupies the chair at Writers Building, CPI(M), the huge edifice built by Pramod Das Gupta and Jyothi Basu is in a shambles since the farmers, share-croppers and intellectuals all turned against the Party on which they relied upon.
In Kerala too, A.K.Gopalan aka A.K.G who devoted his life to the growth and development of Communist Party of India first and CPI(M) later after the historical split in 1964, the masses reposed great faith in him, flocked around him, who vowed to follow the path of A.K.G till the end of their life. If A.K.G was an able dedicated organizer as he wanted always to be among the masses, E.M.S (E.M.Sankaran Namboothiripad) was both an organizer and theoretician simultaneously. The masses especially the down-trodden extended all out support to them and as a result in the first election through ballot paper in 1957 Communist Party of India assumed power with E.M.S as the Chief Minister.
After the times of Pramod Das Gupta and Jyothi Basu in W.Bengal and A.K.G and E.M.S, if one dares to speak out the stark truth that their absence caused the disintegration of CPI(M) began is nothing, he/she is true to the core.
From the top rung to bottom rung, sort of cynicism prevails and except for Tripura which is ruled by Manik Sarkar, CPI(M) leader and except Tripua, CPI(M) of West Bengal  and Kerala is in a pitiful condition. In Indian political scenario once CPI(M) was a force to reckon with but today even the media itself cares not to take the leftists into account. Communist Parties of India (and other Leftists) though formed in 1921, after splits after splits are facing a stunted growth. Only one year old Aam Admi Party (AAP) besides capturing power of Delhi, in record time has been spreading across States and has decided to field 300 to 400 candidates in the 2014 General Elections.

On the other hand, unlike AAP, the Leftist leaders find pleasure in writing fire-brand articles and while away time. No wonder the Leftists are mainly confined to only three States of India. 

Monday, January 20, 2014


Like a student
learning his lessons
assimilating all that he reads
emerges successful scoring higher marks
drawing appreciation of his teachers;
like a mountaineer
scaling steep heights
until he conquers the summit and
displaying the ‘V’ signal
celebrates his feat in front of the world;
we are in a race to
head into a crowded train
sans knowing where
we wish to get down
sans knowing the
ultimate destination
travel day and night
and with the train
coming to an abrupt halt at
its destination point 
we step down
and trumpet our ‘victory’ 
before the world
for no apparent reason.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


It was the very outset of spring time in their life.
It was time to enjoy the juice of glory
poured to the brim of a magical glass.
Both of them travelled by the train of glory
visited beautiful landscapes
offered prayers at holy places
of worship 
visited monuments of repute hand  in hand
spent their honeymoon nights at expensive suites
pretty gardens frequented
by the newly wed couples
and they took
flights to foreign nations
met with a menagerie
of people and landscapes
and they returned to their
native place by the flights and trains of glory.
the spring in their life would last for ever
thus they thought oblivious of the rotating seasons
summer, autumn, winter.
They knew in their
hearts of hearts
no season wouldn’t 
remain static
they preferred not
to think about it
rather they dared not.
With  Spring gone
in came autumn
leading them to
turn  desperate
the rotation of
seasons reflected on them
but they pretended
not to.
They wished if spring
were always with them….



Yesterday’s dastardly suicide bombing killing 21 people, 13 of them foreigners while they were having a dinner at a prominent hotel in Kabul is a pointer to the shape of things awaiting the hapless  govt of Afghanistan headed by Hameed  Karzai, the incumbent President. The attack, no doubt, was carried out by Taliban, the militant outfit, ever since US announced its intention to withdraw their forces by the end of 2014.  After leading the nation to the brink of chaos withdrawing from the scene is reprehensible, to put it mildly. US should have shown the courtesy of wiping out the hard-core elements of Taliban and bring the nation a nice plan to live in. Not only US forces but the NATO forces should have to take up the responsibility of maintaining peace in the war-torn nation.
Having eliminating Osama-Bin-Laden while he was leading a luxuroious life along with  his family at Abottabad, Pakistan and several other militants and militant heads, who were embedded in safe-havens along the harsh terrains of Paktun-Paktun-Khwa previously known as Waziristan. US and NATO forces are thinking on the lines successful completion of their mission their assumption is ill-founded. Ten years of (2001-2011) relentless war virtually brought Afghanistan into a shambles. The distorted picture of the nation is being brought back to a shape, an initiative taken up by has been taken over by  a few well wisher nations like India which have extended support to the Afghan govt in cash and kind. Not only pumping cash but by sending skilled and unskilled workers who work on a war-footing to develop the infrastructure facilities like transportation, irrigation, electricity, constructing buildings etc etc. In the event of a drawdown of US forces Indians are the most vulnerable with Pakistan and Taliban joining hands not only to topple the govt but to pose security threat to the Indians. Hence the drawdown of forces of US and NATO forces is sure to force Indians out of the country. Pakistan is sitting with its fingers crossed.
Election time is only three to four months away in Afghanistan. Taliban forces are poised to subvert the coming elections in Afghanistan. It is a foregone conclusion that in the place of Hameed Karzai, the incumbent President, another ruler is set to occupy the saddle and with change of chairs, a positive change at administration level is not at all foreseen as the Taliban is mobilizing its forces with the intention of upsetting the apple-cart.
Today, a national newspaper has reported that US govt and other top-rung leaders and enforcement agencies are in a state of panic as a number of splinter groups of terror created out of Al-Quida owing allegiance to it, along with terror outfits from Lashkar-E-Toiba, Tehriki-Taliban Pakistan and India. All are set to strike anytime even in the midst of tight security. A ‘super power’ ie US once walked with its head high who believed that no terror groups pose a threat to the nation while many other nations were reeling under terror strikes killing hundreds, anytime, anywhere US sat comfortably and with hubris that it was not going to be affected by any terror attacks – mild or serious. 
With the twin towers of World Trade Centre got crashed by suicide bombings and reduced to a heap  rubble claiming the lives of approximately three thousand citizens to the horror of the ruling elite, all Americans including nations the world over, set the US thinking and it became obviously clear that terrorism is a global phenomenon and there need be a collective effort to wipe out the evil  once and for all. Even now after the destruction of the twin towers of World Trade Centre in 2001, US citizens are still panicky. Now that with the ‘home grown terror’ looming large ,the US elite and citizens across the nation look at  every stranger with fear and apprehension.
US must be knowing very well that in the event of withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan, the citizens and foreigners are likely to lead a nightmarish life.
US could bombard that nation and wreak destruction within a short period but they should also take into account the reconstruction of the war-hit nation. For that to happen it would take years, otherwise, it should be generous in continuing to be in Afghanistan until the last militant is rooted out from the soil of Afghanistan.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


The snow white kitten lay on her lap
enjoying her warmth and affection.
Like a mother
fondling and showering
kisses on her baby
singing lullabies
in her/his ears
making him/her fall asleep
she would often lift the
kitten and  rain kisses on him/her,
in the process she experienced
the fulfillment of a mother’s dreams.
The kitten shadowed
her wherever she went 
they would sometimes
play hide and seek for fun’s sake.
She would often lapse
into sort of gloom and silence
on pondering
over her impending marriage with a
handsome youth
bidding farewell to everyone at home
including her kitten
her dearest friend  at home
 to the bridegroom’s abode.
That painful feeling
often made her eyes
go moist and a lump in the throat feeling
overpowered her.
At last
she would turn philosophical
about the ultimate truth
nothing other than life.
In the life of everyone
separations and reunions
are part and parcel
of one’s existence.
she would draw solace

and fall into deep sleep….

Friday, January 17, 2014


Genesis of Thailand imbroglio dates back to the early 2000s when Thaksin Shinawatra was catapulted to the Prime Minister’s office. His unpopular rule, rampant corruption, accumulation of billions of rupees and widespread human rights violation, neglecting the genuine problems of citizens angered a majority who decided to unite and revolt against the govt of Shinawatra and his followers widely known as ‘red-shirts’ and his loyal army and police fought against the rebels belonging to Opposition who are popularly known as ‘yellow shirts’. In the ensuing clashes, both ‘red-shirts’ and ‘yellow shirts’ suffered heavy casualties.
At last with the ‘yellow shirts’ laying siege to his office defeating ‘red-shirts’ loyal to the Shinawatra govt, he had no choice left but to flee the country handing over the rule of Thailand  in the hands of his sister Ying Luck Shinawatra. He sought refuge in Dubai and is currently watching the developments going on in Thailand where the beleaguered govt of Prime Minister Ying Luck Shinawatra is the incumbent PM.
Mass protests of forces, loyal to the Opposition leader Suthep Thaugh Suban is bent upon toppling the govt of Ying Luck Shinawatra.
With Ms.Ying Luck, now under siege of the rebels had dissolved the Parliament and announced fresh elections which was turned down by the fighting citizens owing allegiance to Opposition and Thai Election Commission.
The Opposition was in no mood to show mercy and Ms.Ying Luck appealed to them to accept her requests, but her requests turned down by the Opposition decided to announce a shutdown by blocking roads and other important landmarks. Thailand is now in a state of shutdown.
The Opposition leader Suthep Thaugh Suban demands a non-elected council to govern Thailand, in the place of a new Parliament and the resignation of Ying Luck Shinawatra which she has declined. She has decided to stick to her position come what may.
With the Opposition and the govt holding on to their positions the blockade continues in Bangkok where 12 million citizens are on the warpath. The shutdown has entered almost one week with no positive results emerging which make life miserable to millions. Anyhow, they are determined to end the rule of Thaksin clan.
Going by the developments in Thailand,  Ms.Shinawatra has to bow down to the increasing pressure of the Opposition. Ultimately she will have to follow in the steps of her brother Thaksin Shinawatra who is in self-exile in Dubai. Thai people are fed up with the ruling class, ie The Shinawatras , billionaires they are for whom the problems being faced by the millions are not a matter of concern.
No mediators have turned up to bring both contending parties to a negotiating table to chalk out a strategy to end the deepening crisis.

It’s a wonder that the Ying Luck Shinawatra remains adamant and stubborn without bending to the pressures of majorities. These days, it seems, after tasting power most of the rulers of different countries are sitting glued to their chairs.    

Thursday, January 16, 2014


In this age
devils appear as Gods
and it’s a herculean task
to distinguish between both.
In this age
wolves are seen in the garb of lambs
and are preying their victims
in the broad day light
since it is a tedious task to
identify between both.
In this age
politicians appear as our saviours
spit fire from the podiums
and demand the govt
of the day to alleviate the sufferings of
the downtrodden
and their baritone voice
reverberate  across the nation frequently
in between they stealthily amass wealth
and fill their coffers.
In this age the so-called
teetotallers argue for prohibition of liquors
spread their message among the
people citing the adverse effects of the liquor.
In this age
in comes the night they
reach their homes
enter their private rooms
gulp down a full bottle of the liquor
slump into the bed
and get drowned in deep slumber.
In this age the so called
‘ideal’ couple
who are made for each other
indulge in extra-marital affairs
hiding their secret affairs from each other.
In this age of self-deception
who does have the locus-standi
to cast aspersions on each other?     

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


After a long spell
he paid a visit to
us once again.
To our fear and horror
he cast  his burning eyes around.
Eyes blazing
he spat fire on us
making us sweat profusely.
Even our clothes turned 
wet as if we were
walking under a torrential rain
without any cover over our heads and body.
Our ponds, lakes, wells
and rivers began to
lower their water levels alarmingly
forcing some of them turn dry.
He burned not only our beautiful gardens
but our fields and plantations
since our canals too went dry.
Severe drought
devastated our crops
which was our main source of livelihood.
He remained silent throughout
not even a whisper came out of him.
After a prolonged spell,
he would visit us and repeat his
performances, mercilessly
cold-bloodedly and with too much vigour
once he is gone… 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In this city loneliness
is a needling pain to me.
In this crowded, congested city
even amidst the crowds
I find myself trapped in loneliness.
Don’t be mistaken
when we come across love-birds
moving ahead
with one’s hand around the other.
The next day
he/she can be seen moving along
with another lover.
Believe it, it is the hallmark
of a city barring
a few exceptional love-relations.
Our kind of love
we happen to meet in our
village is pure,
transparent, dedicated and
devoted towards each other.
No matter young or old alike
undergo gnawing pain
since they are
never free from eternal loneliness
being deserted by their
sons and daughters in the city.
If one says meaning of love
in the city is hollow and superficial.
In these days
villages are evolving into
cities just like
flashes or with the speed
of light years
the meaning of true
love is turning barren
incredible it seems.
But that is the truth, the whole truth
nothing but the truth, the ultimate truth.
Nothing remains static
changes, changes, changes
every second, every minute, every hour.
Need not nurse apprehensions
we are losing our
rivers, lakes, ponds, greenery
birds, flowers and bio-diversity
all the blessings showered

on us by Mother Nature.

Monday, January 13, 2014


It was a golden period in our life.
It was a glorious time in our life.
Father, mother, myself
and my siblings.
All under one roof.
Affectionate, caring father
equally loving and protective mother
all under one roof
music of harmony spread the ambience
and the surroundings of our home.
My childhood, boyhood,
teens and my youth.
On successful
completion of my studies
I began applying for jobs
sent applications to
different institutions at different places.
Finally an institution
a reputed institution
sent me a call letter
requesting me to appear for a test
and if I emerged successful
then an interview
and in the interview
if I emerged in flying colors
the appointment letter
then and there delivered to me.
A top of the world feeling
overpowered me.
On getting selection
I became a part
of a Metropolitan city
where I felt like an outsider
rather a stranger
milling crows , vehicles
trains, buses, cars, autorickshaws
tonga vallas
all flowing like rivers
to and fro journeys
the first one month
was a tormenting experience.
Like a girl losing
her virginity
my identity bid farewell to me
and  identity crisis stared in my face.
Concrete forests,
flats and companies spitting fire
into the sky, oceans of slums,
all suffocating to me.
I mulled returning
to my native land
where I was a familiar
face to the
natives of my village
where I experienced
glory at home
and across the village.
But I nipped the bud of desire.
I had to
since I couldn’t depend upon
my parents the entire life
decided once and for all to continue
my existence in the city.
Parents, siblings and my
first lover who deserted
me and got married to another person
which was painful
to me for long period.
With days flowing like a river
I got accustomed to my city life 
cultivated many friendships
life moved on a smooth plain.
Time never stops.
Like me my siblings too
got appointments in
different cities
leaving parents alone.
Old age loneliness something unbearable
we all knew, but were sad and helpless
since existence is supreme to
myself and my siblings felt
faceless in the crowded city.  



Aam Admi Party (AAP) led by Arvind Kejrival, incumbent Chief Minister of Delhi has brought cheers and hopes to a lot of common people who are bathing in the glory of the victory of the former. The Party’s appeal has spread across the nation with more and more people flocking to the party and joining it keeping their hopes and dreams alive. It is quite surprising that within one year of its formation it has found itself in the saddle in the State of Delhi which is seen as a phenomenon by all and sundry. If one wishes to call it a phenomenon because within no time after the Ministry was sworn in the Govt under Kejrival commenced to implement its promises one by one and it still goes on, to the concern of the main competents which contest in the parliament elections, ie the ruling UPA alliance and its opposition ie Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) which are working hard to capture as many seats as possible in the ensuing General Elections scheduled to be held in April- May which is only three and half months away. It is surprising why the two main oppositions are getting panicky over the unprecedented growth of Aam Admi Party within a short time. AAP has already decided to contest at least 300 hundred seats to the LokSabha.
If one calls it a phenomenon, he or she cannot be laughed at.
Aam Admi (the common citizen) has been witness to murky scams and scandals, widespread corruption, unemployment, poverty, sky-rocketing prices of essential commodities, lack of sanitations, ecological plunder in the process affecting the rich bio-diversity about which we took pride, dearth of drinking water, thus making a mess of everything when the citizens got tired of the previous govts and their hated rule, the citizens were naturally dreaming of a protector in the form of Arvind Kejrival and his colleagues.
This is the time of euphoria. Hence we must be cautious of the coming days and the new entrants into AAP fold. Their antecedents need be or should be probed and if found fakes never allow them any place in the party. Wearing a cap on the head with the inscription AAP in black letters, claiming that he/she belongs to AAP cannot be taken at its face-value. Many fake elements may join the new party who wants positions of power and plush posts who may indulge in corruption, nepotism, scams, in short, exploitations of every kind should be shown the door then and there.
Otherwise, Aam Admi Party of the Aam Admi could turn to be another party like Congress or BJP.
Euphoria will not last for a long period and it would come to an end anytime, if not in the short time, in the long run.
History of every party, for example, Indian National Congress, BJP and regional parties which at the time of their formation, swore by a clean, transparent and dedicated parties to the masses.
If Aam Admi Party wishes, always to be clean, transparent and dedicated to the masses it should proceed cautiously, otherwise, it may go in the way other mainstream parties.

Now AAP is the only party which sticks to the dream of transforming, in other words washing away dirt on the face of the nation and a tarnished image. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Stars foretell.
The astrologer has
no direct contacts with the stars.
He receives messages
through the medium like
the  archangel.
Medium conveys the
messages to the astrologer.
The common man/woman
don’t have any communication
with medium.
An astrologer’s calculation
could go awry
so are his predictions.
His calculations could
be right.
So are his predictions.
To the client
he predicts what are
in store for him/her.
Some clients are
informed of a bright future awaiting them.
The jubilant client after placing 
a hefty fee on the astrologer’s table
seek his blessings
and leave the astrologer’s office.
Some clients are apprised
of a bleak future
making them sad and desperate.
‘Don’t worry. I shall
explain what to do and
what not to do.
Follow my instructions’ -
he consoles them.
He takes out
a white  sheet and
prepares a long list of solutions
to ward off the misfortunes awaiting him/her.
‘Follow the instructions
in this  sheet without fail. Never
delay my suggestions’ – he warns them.
A relieved client
places a hefty fee on the table
and seek his blessings.
From the next day onwards
the client with his hard-earned money
starts preparations.
He/she visits temples of worship
take a dips in holy rivers
wash away his/her sins
performs the rituals indicated  in the white sheet
one by one.
He/she performs everything
to ward off the evils
and reaches home after several days
of course with an empty purse.
Even world wars could
be settled amicably.
Why not a trivial matter?
Twinkling gems up above

must be enjoying.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


She is a distressed woman
she is an impoverished  woman.
Her hairs brownish, dry and disheveled.
Her eyes blind-folded
Her hands are tied behind her back
a representative of
impoverished women
across the world.
Her mouth is gagged
ears shut by solid lead
her shoulder bones project, prominent
resembling an arch.
Her breasts are flat
her stomach too is flat
both looking like plains.
Her flat stomach
is burning with hunger
with none taking
care to provide succour.
Her hands and legs 
are slender
looking like the twigs of
a bush or tree.
Her clothes are shabby.
Unlike her hands
her legs are not tied.
Of what use with
her legs remaining free.
Despite all her plight
she keeps on moving
unaware of the directions she takes.
But she keeps on moving
oblivious of the
dangers on the way…
It is her fate

It is her destiny…..          


On the one hand civil war rages on killing thousands of human beings. On the other hand, intense round-the-clock negotiations go on between the two warring entities on a cordial note.
South Sudan, world’s youngest nation, only two years old, since it seceded from North Sudan after a protracted struggle by the citizens belonging to the Southern part of Sudan and popularly known as South Sudan, who felt neglected and exploited since a long time against the forces loyal to the govt under Omar-Al-Basheer, the dictator who is wanted International Criminal Court for massacring millions of citizens of Darfur.
The citizens of the Southern part of Sudan after suffering neglect and exploitation by North Sudan plunged into a bitter struggle after their patience reached to the rock-bottom. Omar-Al-Basheer was deadly against the southerners’ demand for an independent State primarily due to the oil-wealth of Southern side which his govt forcibly exported to other nations like China and those who established friendship thereby amassing abundant wealth and utilized for the progress and prosperity of the Northern side ignoring the southerners’ who were undergoing large scale poverty, mal-nourishment, famine , death, unemployment, lack of education facilities and health care which the southerners’ found difficult to endure. Their patience after reaching its nadir they decided once and for all braving the forces of Omar-Al-Basheer and in the process lakhs and lakhs of them fell like fireflys.
The struggled went on for a fairly long period and naturally the attention of world turned towards and all were alarmed by the wide-spread deaths of countless of innocents who demanded Basheer to stop the genocide once and for all and asked him to keep away from and get ready for a solution in a cordial atmosphere with the leaders of the Southern side.
African countries who were keeping warm friendship with Basheer prevailed upon him to amicably settle the festering situation. African leaders flew to Sudan and made him agree to a discussion between the warring parties with them willing to donning the role mediators.
After marathon talks between Omar-Al-Basheer, President and the leaders of rebels in the presence of the mediators like the then President of South Africa Thabo Mbeki (if my assumption is correct) and other prominent African leaders, rebels finally saw light at the end of the tunnel.
Thus came into existence South Sudan, the youngest nation under the Presidentship of Salva Kiir who appointed Reikh Machar as the Vice-President.
Intitially the rule of the nation went on smoothly to the delight of citizens of South Sudan. They had more to cheer up since the main oil-wells are situated in South Sudan than in the North which they exported to nations like China, India, Malaysia et al.
The importing countries had much at stake, still have much at stake to help maintain the smooth running of the govts of both Sudans.
That was the reason why the exporting country ie South Sudan advice calm, restraint and maintain a peaceful atmosphere when power struggle broke out in Sudan with the ouster of Reik Machar from the post of Vice-President by Salva Kiir. Mr.Machar, to wreak vengeance on Salva Kiir evolved into the rebel leader and orgainsed a rebellion to throw Kiir from power and decided to occupy the former’s saddle.
In no time the armed rebellion got worse and the nation caught in the mire of civil war which killed thousands and displacing approximately 200000 citizens. Even know fearing for life more citizens are fleeing the nation. Meanwhile to arrive at a rapport between both the Inter Government Authority for Development acting as the peace broker, are meeting at Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
At the very outset, of the negotiating leaders, the President of North Sudan govt and the rebels disagreed on the release of 11 detainers which the rebels are not willing to accept. They remain adamant on the issue and talks ended in deadlock. Despite this the mediators have not lost hope and are going on tirelessly to reach a  rapport but the civil war continues to rage on in South Sudan with both claiming victory over the capture  of Juba, the Capital of South Sudan and Bor, the nerve centres of South Sudan. Ironically, even Omar-Al-Basheer too has come forward to hold talks between the representatives of the govt and the rebels.

With the untiring efforts of the mediators, (IGAD), let us hope the protracted issue ends on a peaceful note. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


He is a dictator.
A butcher in the literal sense.
The nation his abattoir.
His subjects
his sacrificial lambs.
He can’t stand rebels.
Rebels, rebellion,
tolerance, remorse, pain
all absent in his dictionary.
He demands loyalty.
Loyalty pays rich dividends.
He is a fiddling Nero
and nation’s stomach
a burning furnace.
Poverty, hunger, famine, malnutrition,
all alien words to him.
But patience has its limits
with patience reaches its zenith
when the citizens are pushed to the wall
they’ve nothing to do but fight
with their back on the wall.
Fear clears the
path for courage, valour and unity.
Subjects regroup under one umbrella
subjects turn fighters
valiant fighters.
Regardless of consequences
with arms in their hands
they march to
the dictator’s fortress
surrounded by forces loyal to him
who keep alert with sophisticated weapons.
Violating all obstructions
citizens march ahead
braving bullets, grenades, bombs
and tear-gas shells.
Bloody clashes break out
between the dictator’s
militia and the determined
rebel fighters
thousands court martyrdom
but such tactics never
force them to move backwards
and escape the scene
and until victory does visit
the power of citizens
overtake the power of
loyal forces of the dictator
and storm the heavy fortress
where the dictator is wining and dining
enjoying the scintillating dances of
his pretty, sensuous dancers, with singers in the background.
The outcome of the rebellion
reaches its logical conclusion
A new dawn emerges on the horizon

greeting the nation spreading warm rays of a jubilant sun.….

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Breaking news
appearing on media
especially visual media
are sometimes
worth enjoying
sometimes shocking 
interesting, surprising or embarrassing.
Like a child playing
pranks on his/her
parents, siblings or friends
in these times
nature too plays
pranks on us
pleasure, sadness,
wonder or shock.
Seasons – spring,
visit us untimely.
Two years ago
spring paid a visit across our land
vast fields of jasmines bloomed
fragrance spread all around
we got drunk with the beauty and scent of
jasmine blooms.
It was an occasion
for celebration across our land  
since the arrival of spring season
was on an unexpected time
wonderful time for all of us.
The euphoria
but came to an abrupt stop
sending sadness, shockwaves and despair
down our spines.
Spring gave way to 
scorching summer
forcing the flowers of
delight fade away and
fall on earth.
It is the same story again.
Whither vanished
the infinite fields of jasmines?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Spreading everlasting light
along the dark alleys of life
we move ahead
driving away the
children of darkness.
It remains our
permanent mission
since time immemorial.
The more we cast light
down the dark alleys of life
and chase away the
children of darkness
the more we realize
there are countless of them.
Knowing the sad truth
we go on with our mission
more vigourously, courageously and determinedly.         


Amid internal turmoil since a long time, Bangladesh went to polls on Sunday and on monday the results declared. The ruling Awami League emerged victorious with a three-fourth majority. Jatiya Party bagged 33 seats and other smaller entities got a few seats.
If one assumes, rather than the political rivalry, it is the personal animosity between the two ladies, leaders of the two prominent political parties of Bangladesh, ie between incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Opposition leader Begum Khalida Zia, the assumption is partially true.
If somebody argues that it is not political rivalry that contributes to the murky situation in that country since not only Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP) led by opposition leader Begum Khalida Zia, the Jama-et-Islami which is a pro-Pakistani outfit and their 18 ally parties and Sheikh Hasina the incumbent Prime Minister, the leader of Awami League, there is substance in that argument too.
Even before announcing the elections Bangladesh witnessed large-scale violence which claimed hundreds of lives, as a consequence of widespread clashes between supporters of those belonging to the govt and the followers of the opposition parties especially Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the main opponent of the govt and Jama-et-Islami.
Soon after assumption of power after a long gap, Sheikh Hasina assumed power with a determination to bring to justice those responsible for the brutal murder of her father, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, the founding father of Bangladesh, the first Prime Minister who led the liberation struggle against Pakistan with the support of India, its neighbouring country and succeeded in liberating the East Pakistan which we all know in the name of Bangladesh, along with all his family members barring Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana, both sisters, who were abroad then, through a bloody military coup led by the Army Chief Zia-Ur-Rehman, along with a group of junior military officers. Thousands lost lives as a consequence of the bloody coup and Bangladesh turned into a sea of blood.
General Zia who assumed power as the self-proclaimed Head of Bangladesh, ruled ruthlessly and imprisoned many Awami League leaders and after summary trial shot dead or led to the gallows. He sanctioned immunity to the junior officers who were his participants in the coup. Major Zia too was ousted from power and Bangladesh came under the rule different military leaders. He too met the same fate at the hands of those who plotted against him and threw him out from power by assassinating him.
And after a lull the sun of democracy dawned on Bangladesh and then it was the turn of different political parties, mainly Awami League under Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh Nationalist Party under Begum Khalida Zia.
Sheikh Hasina’s determination to bring to justice the accomplices of Mujibur Rehman partly succeeded.  A few Army officers soon after the assassination of Zia-ur-Rehman foresaw the fate of Zia and they flew abroad and sought asylum elsewhere. Those responsible for the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman who were captured in Bangladesh were tried by a special court and after the trial the court found them guilty and sentenced to death. Soon after, unmindful of the largescale protests and violence  unleashed by the opposition, especially the Jama-et-Islami, the culprits were led to the gallows.
Since then Bangladesh knows no peace. And the turmoil continues.
The BNP, Jama-et-Islami and their allies, 18 of them altogether, soon after the announcement of General elections 2014, demanded that a poll-time care-taker govt be formed before the elections to which the govt replied in the negative. Instead, the govt agreed to install a National govt which the opposition too rejected outright. The former announced boycott of the elections and they announced 48 hour blockade across the State resulting in widespread violence claiming hundreds of lives. Followers of both the govt and the opposition clashed at several places and it still continues.
Soon after the massive victory of Awami League and its ally Jatiya Party, opposition grew restless and declared another 48 hour bandh demanding the scrapping of the elections and the results. They are unlikely to succeed in their efforts to scrap the elections as the ruling Awami League led govt has followed necessary constitution process.
Another govt under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina is a near certainty and its massive victory was a foregone conclusion. Since, of the 300 seats to The Jatiya Sanghsad (Parliament) it emerged victorious with 231 seats as the Opposition and its allies boycotted the elections. Unlike in the previous election the turnout was low to exercise franchise, a meager 22 percent. In the previous election the poll turnout was a record 87 percent.
 The billion dollar question that stares into the face of the world at large remains unanswered – when will that nation return to normality?