Tuesday, January 5, 2016



I like the surging
waves of crowds of this city
I love to be a part of it.
One among thousands,
a faceless being.
It rids me of false sense of my identity
of my excessive pride,
my hubris.

I love the hustle and bustle of this city,
the spell binding noises,
piercing  my ear-drums,
the wild music.
The louder my voice
the louder my laughter
the higher the wild music,
like the incessant thunder showers .
it drowns my false sense of my loud voice
at its peak which could sink
the wild music of this city.  

I love the high-rise buildings of this city,
the multi-storeyed noises
that top - of the - world feeling
when I stay rooted
on the balcony of the top-most floor.
The thick concrete
forests along the
length and breadth of this metro,
reminds me of the top hills,
the verdant hills,
the verdant landscape,
the azure streams,
lakes and ponds
the ocean of paddy fields
which ONCE adorned my far-away village.
The concrete forests bereft of greenery 

fills me with the scent of nostalgia.

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